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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now, "special report" online, if you haven't been there, it begins in six seconds. this is a fox news alert. a police officer shot in sun set, louisiana. two other people were injured. but there are conflicting reports they wereshot or stabbe. and at this hour 8 people reportedly being held hostage inside a mini-mart. >> the suspected shooter has barricaded himself inside and a standoff with heavily armed officers is underway right now. that officer was injured was airlifted to a hospital but his condition is unknown. right now police are not sure why the gunman opened fire. we're going to keep you updated as the story develops. and this is a fox news alert. "on the record" is coming to you live from virginia from the scene where a reporter and her cameraman were murdered. they were gunned down and a third person was shot.
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it all happened live on tv. the murder, a disgruntled former reporter at the virginia news station where the murder victims worked. the murder of allison parker and adam ward also playing out on social media as the killer posted the video he took of committing the two murders. vester lee flanigan went by the on air name of brice williams and fled the murder scene driving 175 miles before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life. we have live team coverage. but, first we go to fox news correspondent rick leventhal, rick? >> former coworkers describe him as off kelter, bizarre and threatening. the sheriff called him disturbed and his former bosses called called 911. he became agitated slamming doors and threatening people. adam ward, one of the victims today, videotaped flanigan's tirade. and flanigan told him to lose his big gut and flipped off ward's camera. 6:had 5 this morning adam
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ward had hesitate camera back on his shoulder, doing a live shot with reporter allison parker in virginia. parker was interviewing vicki gardner the local chairman of commerce about tourism. he pointed and waited for pan back. that's when he he began shooting, firing at least 15 rounds, killing parker, who tried to run, killing ward, and wounding gardner who is now recovering in stable condition at a local hospital. we know how this all played out, greta, of course, because flanigan shot video shooting the gun with his right. after flanagan fled the scene he tweeted about what he had done. a 23 page manifesto to abc news claiming the murders were retaliation for the charleston church shootings. saying hollow pointed bullets had his initials on
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it you want a race war bring it you white [bleep]. praised the virginia texas shooter and the columbine killers and saying he had had a victim of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, bull idea at work picked on for being a gay black man. yes, it will sign like i'm angry, i am. i have every right to be. when he i leave this earth the only emotion i want to feel is peace. the church shooting was the tipping point but my anger has been building steadily. i have been a human powder keg for a while just waiting to go boom. of course, seeing the shooting play out on live tv was shocking especially for people in the control room including adam ward's fiancee who was producing that morning show and the franklin county sheriff who was watching it live on tv. >> it is really stopped me in my tracks this morning, like many viewers, i was watching this morning's broadcast, and couldn't understand really what was happening myself at that time. >> it's emotional for you?
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>> very emotional. >> well, a few hours after that shooting, a state trooper was on i-66 and her license plate reader got a hit on flanagan's vehicle. she followed him, called for backup. and, when it arrived, she tried to pull him over. he fled. it was a short chase. and then he lost control of the vehicle and crashed. when the troopers approached the vehicle, they found flanagan dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. allison parker was 24 years old. adam ward was 27. they were just starting their careers according to a statement from wdbj said both had big plans and bright future cut short in the shattering attack here this morning. greta. it's unbelievable, two going to work and you expect the day would be so much different. >> yes. >> we talked about chris hurst, his girlfriend was one of the people who was murdered. chris hurst, his co-anchor is jean, and she joins us tonight. jean, thank you for joining us. >> you are welcome, greta.
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>> jean, you know, i don't even know what to say to you, what to ask you. i mean, so very difficult for you in so many ways. first, it's someone you knew. then it's someone you work with fiancee and you have got to do your job. what do you say tonight to the viewers who are watching? >> well, first of all, it's been a very, very surreal day from the phone call i got this morning at 10 after 7:00 we need you to come in allison and adam have been involved in a shooting. i had no idea at that point that they had been fatally shot, gunned down at point blank range by a former coworker of ours, no less. so, coming in to work, of course, when we found out the news, when i you found out the news, we were all crying and hugging one another. my co-anchor chris hurst was there. he lives with allison parker. the two had been in a serious relationship since january. so, hugging him and consoling one another and then in the next breath my boss is saying we need to get out on the air and do a special report. how do you do it? you know how it is, greta. you just do you go on the
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air with your makeup not looking great but and voice shaky. you have a job to report what's going on and what's happening. we knew at this point that this gunman was on the loose. we wanted to get that information out there. here is what happened. and let's find this guy. >> did you know the killer? did did did your work time at the station overlap with his? >> it did. he was at the station for a little under a year, i believe. and he was let go in 2013. so just two years ago. so i you knew him. did i know he him well? no. i do know he had a lot of problems and complaints against people at the station. he always seemed -- always felt, in his words, that people were out to get him. that they were somehow against him, which really wasn't the case. we work with a diverse group of people in our newsroom. and, in my opinion, people were not out to get him. but, from the words that he wrote in that manifesto you talked about, it seems that he was troubled and that's
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what he thought. it's interesting, too. vester flanagan, we knew him as brice williams. and i wondered, did he hide his legal name and identity when he applied for the job to hide the troubles he had had in the past with anger lawsuits, and volatility. we were all afraid when he left. he had to be escorted out of the station by police. and we were told to, if we see him, to call police because it was clear he was angry at the station and the people who worked here and was volatile. so in a scary way, when i heard it was him. i wasn't surprised. i can't imagine what it is like for chris hurst tonight. we saw his twitter account and saw his tweets as he wrote about his fiancee. i can't even -- i imagine the newsroom is just grief-stricken tonight. two members of your team.
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>> i know, two members of our team gone and then two additional members deeply affected, are mourning flowers on her desk from adam. today is her last day at the station. she just accepted a job in charlotte. today her last day and adam had sent her flowers. she has a bouquet of flowers on her desk with a bouquet from adam. he was excited i talked to him last week leaving tv news and two other jobs set up in charlotte to start a life with our producer in chearmt. they just found a new apartment. he said i'm going to stick around and go to the virginia tech game a week from sunday because is he a huge hokies fan. you talk about allison parker and chris, those two started dating shortly after christmas. two peas in the pod. two very motivated
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20-somethings who wanted to do everything they can to get the story and be the best they can on the air and learn and come to any hour of the day or night to cover a story and just that motivation and determination to do a great job. and they always had fun together. chris said something to me today in the newsroom. he said alison brought out this side of me you normally he don't show. like she drug him along to a pint night, for example, those nights where people go to a restaurant and they do a painting, something he ordinarily wouldn't do. she got him into heeking and kayaking and just kind of the silly, fun side of him. and he -- i think we're all in shock. he is certainly in shock. he was in the newsroom for several hours this morning waiting to get the clearance to leave because in the morning hours we were all told not to leave the television station because there was a threat that a gunman was out there, potentially targeting others of us that work at wdbj 7. so a huge loss. huge loss. >> of course, if this could
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get any more wicked, i don't know if it can. bringing a camera. and then posting the video on facebook, which he did. but you have also got adam's fiance in the control room watching her fiance get murdered. yank of a more vicious thing to do to anybody. >> i can't either, greta. it just goes to show all of us how troubled this guy was. who does something like that? i mean, this was clearly planned and from everything i'm hearing, this was planned out. thought this out. he rented a car, according to state police earlier this month, and then left his car at the airport which, by the way, is a stone's throw from here at the tv station. and, apparently, he took the rental car today to make his escape. so this was something -- it wasn't something, at least it doesn't sound like something that was spur of the moment as he described as you said in that
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document, a powder keg, i believe, waiting to explode. this had been eggs escalating. he had a lot of anger. he had a lot of mental issues. and, yeah, who does that? who posts that? it has to be someone -- i can't even imagine. i have not looked at his twitter account. i have not watched that video. i don't think i will. i don't think i want to see that. >> well, the whole nation is mourning tonight, as you might imagine. thank you very much for joining us. i know that this is a difficult night in particular for you to get up in front of a camera. thank you very much. >> thanks, greta. >> this is a fox news alert. a police officer shot and a standoff underway in sun set, louisiana. kadn's john arnold is live in sun set. he joins me live on the phone. john, what's going on? >> as of right now, we just talked with the sheriff of saint landrieu perish. the altercation started with a domestic disturbance where
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a man stabbed two women inside of a house. after that point, a police officer, when he responded to the situation, he was shot. since then the officer has been air lifted for medical, as of right now, they are not too sure as far as the extent of his injuries. they haven't released that information. and after the police officer was shot, the man then drove his vehicle three blocks, ran into a restaurant/gas station where everybody was able to make it out safely. but the man then barricaded humself into a back office with an iron bar and as of right now, the sheriff's department says they are trying to break into that door. they are throwing in tear gas. they can hear coughing and sneezing. right now they are trying to get negotiators, family of the man that can try to convince him to come out and end this. >> john, what, the police officers was air lifted. they don't know anymore about his condition. obviously if he is air lifted, that's not a particularly good sign, other than he is getting quick medical care. but sounds like he is pretty seriously injured. >> as of right now, since they said he was shot, we asked if they could be a little more specific, whether it be chest, torso,
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leg, what's the case. they said they couldn't release that but that he had to be air lifted. so from that like he said it sounds like it has to be pretty serious. right now all the agencies are keeping a tight mouth about releasing any more information until the suspect is taken out of the building. >> john, thank you very much. and we're hoping the best for that officer tonight. as well as the two stab victims. john, thank you. now back to our other breaking news. we're live from the scene of the double homicide. a tv reporter and her photographer murdered live on the air. short time ago "on the record" ted williams and i we walked the area so we could get a better idea of the scene where allison parker and adam ward were murdered in cold blood. >> this mountain lake is so peaceful and peaceful now. but to think that at 6:25 this morning, it got so violent. >> yeah, greta. the peace and the tranquility of this mountain exploded and it exploded with the depths of two,
4:14 pm
wonderful reporters that were just trying to do their job. >> you know, but, you know, the thing about the area, is this is a tourist area. i mean, it's a very peaceful lake, but this is a wide open place where they were going to do their report on tourism. and you could even see over here, which is where the scene of the murder is, it's over across the street. it's still sealed off. but you can see that these were just -- these were just stores. people come to go use these beautiful lakes and they get their boats there. they rent their boats. that's what they do here. >> yeah. when you talk to people here, this is the last place that they would have anticipated and expected that their peaceful tranquility would have exploded the way it did this morning. >> the truck is still -- the satellite truck is still there and i have talked to people here. and there is no security here. you don't need the security. i mean, they simply were doing their live report this morning. and you just walk right in. there were no gates. there was nothing. you just walk right in and you do your report on
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tourism. and the unthinkable happened. >> and the unthinkable, like you said, happened. there is is the big question, initially why? why? but it did happen here, unfortunately. >> ted, a lot of concentration on the two tv journalists who were murdered vicki gardner who is in the hospital tonight, people we talked to. everybody knows her around here. everybody loves her around here. she is a fixture here. >> everybody saying what a wonderful person she is. and what a wonderful person these two reporters were: greta, you kind try to make sense out of this. you and i have been to many of these kind of rodeos, unfortunately. and when we think about it, these two reporters were only doing their job. and they didn't even -- and could not even see it coming, greta. >> you think the unfortunate thing that will probably unfold the next day or two we will find out a lot more about the killer and what signs there were. this guy didn't suddenly
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wake up today and decide he was going to kill two innocent people and shoot a third. regrettably there is going to be an awful lot of signs. >> we have a 23-page sort of like manifesto that has been put out. that's going to talk about him a lot. he tries to use these racial incidents that have taken place elsewhere. >> people had to know about it that's the problem is that people had to have known about it i'm not blaming the people who didn't shoot at anybody. it's like, you he no, people had to know about it? >> yeah. but these were two innocent victims of circumstance. they was stalked by this guy, as far as i'm concerned. the roanoke station is about 30 miles away from where we had the smith mountain lake and the sad commentary for him to then film it and to publicize the death of these two wonderful people, it's a very sad incident, greta. >> this is just a tourist site. unbelievable, a tourist site with two tv reporters and interviewee. ted, thank you. straight ahead our griff jenkins just spoke to several people who actually
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know the murder victims. and also we have more on the killer's bizarre manifesto. more live from the scene iny' virginia. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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continuing coverage as yord comes to you live from moneta, virginia. we are live at the scene the unthinkable, reporter and cameraman were murdered on live tv. alison parker's and adam ward's tv news family speaking out. loved by the people they work with with day in and day out. "on the record" griff jenkins spoke to some of those colleagues. >> when you found out what had happened, were you shocked? did you have any thoughts about it? >> yes and no.
4:21 pm
there t. was always new working with him. like i said he was capricious. he was very hot and cold and very temperament ive. i know he was very bitter when he was let go here. but to take something to this level, no one -- you could never expect that. >> you know, trevor, you and i were talking because i am a reporter. martin is my photographer, like you, there is a special relationship when you are in tough investigations. people act crazy. so would you say he was on the temperamental side? williams, for that side of scenario, not great with pressure? >> very much so. i think so. just reflecting on certain incidents, you know. you would never expect one to take it to this level, of course, but it's -- he was just a loose cannon, i guess is the best way to describe him. >> and, josh, same question to you. you know, when you found out what had happened, what were
4:22 pm
your thoughts? >> disbelief. you never want something like this to happen. and i just was in disbelief when i found out who it was. i couldn't -- you know, my interactions with him always thought he had a chip on his shoulder, but never, never thought he would do much about it. >> shane dwyer is one of the reporters here. shane, what are your thoughts? >> you know, it's truly tragic. alison was one of my first friends when i moved here. i just graduated in 2014. new reporter coming out. i was nervous when i came out. she sent a huge long email places i should check out for living. she was wonderful. she didn't know me. she didn't know who i was. she took so much time out of her day to do that and, friends. we were close friends. she -- her desk is inside next to me. and i had my own personal
4:23 pm
thing where i don't wish people happy birthday over social media or facebook or text if i know i'm going to see them. i knew eventually i was going to see allison. i knew it would be a couple days after when i wished her a happy late birthday. i never got the chance to do that. >> heart break, too. she had a very promising relationship too. what you can tell me about that. sitting next to her you must have insight. >> she was one of the top notch reporters here. even when we were hanging out. she got off and we sometimes would hang out in two hours in between. grab lunch. she was always working on what she needed to do. making calls. always had her head in what she needed to do as a professional. always thinking about what is going to do the best for me. what is going to be the best for the station and what is going to be the best for how she can serve pee people here. this is where she grew up in martinsville had 5 minutes down the road in our viewing area. people watch her. it's indescribable. i mean, people know her. that's the one good thing about our station is i'm the new buys, even being here a
4:24 pm
year. people know faces. they know people for a long time. and viewers get very connected to people very quickly because they see that face every morning. and just to have that happen on air and for alisyn to have to go through that and our viewers to have to see that as well. it's really tough. >> how are you doing? this looks like it's hard for you. >> it is. right now it's kind of ebb and flow. imauto good for a couple minutes. i was in the newsroom for a while answering as many questions as i could and i would have to take a couple minutes off. i have been talking to my parents and other people. offering support. everyone here is offering great amount of support. i'm trying to do whatever can i to help this out. this is stuff on everyone here. i'm just doing what he you can to do it. today is my saturday since i work on the weekends. i came in first thing in the morning when i heard about it obviously this is what i rolled in, you was just doing what i can to help out everyone else. >> a lot of heavy hearts here at the station and the community coming out as well. other employees told me that the day that flanagan was
4:25 pm
fired, february 1st, 2013, was described as a tense situation. that it was quite a spectacle. he cleared a desk and made a big scene which the police had to crag him -- drag him out. police remained for days over the weekend february is 1st was a friday because they didn't know if he would come back. but you when we asked folks why today, why target this live shot? we're still trying to investigate that. greta? >> griff, thank you. >> and the surviving victim of this vicious shooting is vicki gardner. i i have spoken to people in this area, and everyone knows her. they say she is a fixture in the area, involved in every charity and event. a coworker who knows vicki gardner goes "on the record" as our coverage continues live from money nita, virginia.
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especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include, gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. this a fox news alert. "on the record" coming to you live from mow nita, virginia, where two tv journalists were murdered and a third woman shot. the killer disgruntled bryce williams. he turned the gun on himself. leland? >> >> greta, vester flanagan, bryce williams, legal name vester flanagan died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound a couple of hours ago, bringing a very violent end to what has been an incredibly sad day.
4:30 pm
it all began at about 6:30 a.m. local time with a local television crew doing what they did every morning, going out and telling a story. this one was about local tourism and the video that you are looking at was not taken by that local television crew. it is a still picture, taken from a video posted by the gunman in the seconds before the shooting. obviously we are not going to show you the shooting of these two people. according to police, it was committed by bryce williams, a former employee at this station who had a litany of complaints against the station. filed a number of discrimination complaints, about races and social media after the killings he ranted about the two people he shot. one of them alison parker, 24 years old, the reporter on the story. adam ward, the photo journalist, a young man who was engaged to a woman at the station, his fiancee was a producer on the show that this happened during.
4:31 pm
meaning that the woman that he loved watched the man of her dreams die and heard the gunshots that killed him. parker, the reporter, was dating an anchor at the station who later tweeted that they were in love and had moved in together. after the shooting, flanagan fled, first in his car, then in a rental car that he had stashed at the roanoke airport. somewhere in that time, he faxed a long manifesto to abc news, talking about the shootings in 23 pages saying things about a race war possibly and saying that he had been aggravated and finally the powder keg had been blown because of the charleston church shooting. there is a third victim in this case. vicki gardner smith who was a woman with the chamber of commerce who was the interview ye in interviewee that we saw. she is in stable condition and expected to recover. if there are words in the english language to express the sadness and in some way
4:32 pm
the senselessness of today, i don't know what they are. >> leland, neither do i. i don't think anyone of us does. leland, thank you. the surviving victim that leland was just speaking about was vicki gardner. she was the head of the local chamber of commerce and just doing a live interview about tumor in the area when bryce williams opened fire. vicki was shot in the back and underwent surgery. the report tonight that s. that she is capable. imchairman for the chamber of commerce. nice to see you, sir. >> good to see. >> you first of all she is your friend and coworker. how is she doing? you were at the hospital all dale. >> i was at the hospital most of the day. vicki has come through surgery well and is going to make a recovery, he believe and praying. her family is with her. other family has come in. vicki he is a champion, she is a fighter. she is positive and that's going to help her. >> was she conscious today? were you able to talk to her at all? >>. no the times that i was there she was in surgery or in surgical recovery and so.
4:33 pm
>> and how is her husband? >> he is strong. he is a great guy. he is very strong and very positive. >> you know, when i came to this community, when i mentioned her name, all the people around here, everybody knows her. >> yeah. >> why does everyone know her? >> vicki gardner is the single greatest champion for smith mountain lake. she has been the executive director for 13 years and has done so much for this community. she is vibrant. she is positive. she is a visionary. i had a meeting with her yesterday at 4:00. and unfortunately, it was interrupted by something else of a similar nature but vicki was there dreaming and planning and we were planning of some big things that she has got working. she is a visionary. she is the single greatest champion we have at the lake. we are going to champion for her now. >> it's sort of interesting if you think about it the interview was this morning at 6:25 which meant she probably had to get up at 5:00 in the morning in order to come out. and i mean to talk about this. beautiful lake and all the things that she championed. she had to get out of bed early this morning to come
4:34 pm
do this. >> this morning she got here at 4:50. >> 4:50? why so early? >> she had two sets. actually there was an earlier recording that she did. and then, what's interesting is it's no coincidence that it was vicki gardner that was here at 4:50 and not me or some of the other people here. she is our champion at the lake. >> you know, it's just such a heart break for everybody to think of these two young people just starting off on their career. i you realize that the camera was moving to a different career. 27-year-old young man and 24-year-old young woman and this guy is so vicious, so evil. >> yeah. you know i got a email from vicki at 4:32 this morning saying in the subject line it said i'm going to be on the air channel 7 and told the times and this wes the message she gave me tune in, exclamation. mark. we have seen the bad. stay tuned because we will get to see the good people have in this community,
4:35 pm
particularly, beautiful lake. she was talking about our 50th anniversary of the lake, which happens next year. and stay tuned. because the good is going to come out of this tragedy. >> pastor troy, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> and that disgruntled former tv reporter who turned the gun on three innocent people, including murdering the two tv journalist had a long and troubled history. he even sued former employers claiming racism and sexism. find out more about this killer from the "on the record" legal panel. that's next. the neurotransmitters in your wake system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. have you ever thought, "i could never do that"? have you ever thought... you just didn't have anything left in the tank?
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to take care of my heart.s that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar. "on the record" is coming to you live from mow nita, virginia double homicide. the disgun tell. vester lee flanagan who went by the on-air name bryce williams had a very troubled history with the tv station. >> he was a former employee of wdbj 7 and on the air went by bryce williams. >> eventually after many incidents of his anger come
4:40 pm
to the fore, we dismissed him and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> and after the murders, williams took to twitter to claim reporter alison parker once made racist comments and that cammeron adam ward once complained about him to human resources. the "on the record" legal panel is here. former prosecutor katie phang and former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney telwilliams. katy, first to you, this man had raised trouble before. had sued people. not necessarily that's an indication that he is a trouble maker. if the suit is of no value, that's a really good sign. >> i think he was incredibly litigious person putting aside he clearly had mental health problems. and the reality is he ended up suing several times, several news stations and they ended up settling the lawsuits. i think that kind of empowered him to think that he had some validation behind claims that he was
4:41 pm
being harassed and discriminated against. that's not to suggest that maybe those things didn't happen, greta and ted, but the fact that he took the time to allegedly carve the initials of his victims on the hollow point bullets that were used to kill alison parker and adam ward is incredibly disturbing. his 32 page manifesto suggest he was honoring the columbine shooter. the virginia tech massacre killer. he looked to people and worshipped them and wanted to be able to pay honor to them by what he did. and there really no other signs from what we can tell that would have led people to think that he was going to do something like this. >> you know, ted, i can hardly wrap my hands around this one. killing two people who, i mean, innocent people, shooting a third person, and for what reason? to then put a bullet to your head? and i mean to torment these families and destroy these lives and to scare the newsroom and to, you know, all these people who love
4:42 pm
these two? i mean, it's just so hard. and i'm sure, i mean, it sounds like there were a lot of signs that this guy was pretty ugly and was going to do something bad. >> yeah, you know, greta, and katie, i heard katie use the word troubled. we have used the word troubled, crazy person. >> i think evil. evil. >> greta, there is some evil people in the world. and when you look at the manner in which he methodically found a way to follow these people to this smith mountain lake, during the course of this interview to be able to film that and to be able to shoot at these people and shoot and kill these people and wound one person, this is a very troubled person but maybe just an evil person. >> you know, katie, he raised a good point. the fact that he was so methodical and you figure this one out. the stocking, getting the cameras. he wasn't seeing a bunch of flying elephants. this guy was just plain old wanting to kill somebody.
4:43 pm
>> the fact that he had lined up the rental car to switch them out so he could evade the police is a huge sign of a conscious decision in terms of what he was planning to do. i would find it to be interesting. whether there were people that were able to be around him that detected that he was planning and premed tailgating the kind of murder that he committed it is unfortunate that he died from a self-inflicted gun wound. if he had survived he would have been prosecuted for first degree murder. he would have been looking at the death penalty without a doubt. he wrote in his manifesto that he was, quote, a powder keg waiting to go off to go boom. and, unfortunately, there was damage. there was death, and luckily, someone survived this but tragically you have two incredibly young promising lives that were snuffed out. >> indeed, ted, katy, thank you. and as at a time can i has has -- katie has noted two lives cut short. a fellow journalist who once
4:44 pm
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>> you can hear people in the newsroom crying. that's really hard. >> holding back too. >> it's really hard to even comprehend had. we cover these things all the time. tough know the people. what happened. >> i cannot tell you how much they were loved. alison and adam by the wdbj 17. >> adam 27 and alison 24. >> throw anything to this
4:49 pm
girl. >> you could hear this girl coming down the hallway. >> she is professional so much fun and so kind. i lost my dad back in january and she was one of the first people to do come with condolences that came to my home and brought food and comfort. that's just who she was. >> tonight, the community and the wdbj news family deals with extreme sadness, one woman shot, two of the tv station's young colleagues viciously murdered. journalist knee on gillary worked with alison when she was not so long ago. deon goes "on the record" from augusta, georgia. you assume like everybody else you have a broken heart tonight. >> yeah, good evening to you, greta. it's fully hitting me. i have been talking to former co-workers from when i worked in harrisonburg who
4:50 pm
also knew alison. this could have happened to any of journalists working out in the field doing what we love to do every day. >> what was she like? >> she was just. we she was a light. great spirit. she would crack jokes. it's funny. she was a skinny girl but she loved to eat. she always loved jimmy johns and there was an ice cream shop that was probably like a block or two from the station and in between newscasts a group of us we would walk to go get ice cream and just talk about our future and our dreams and our goals. and, you know, just talk to each other and just, you know, have that bond, that camaraderie. >> do you know what her dreams and ambitions were, what she wanted to do with her life? >> she was doing it. you know, she was from martinsville and in the roanoke area. she grew up watching wdbj,
4:51 pm
the station that she worked for. it was her dream to work there one day and she was living out her dream. and, you know, she achieved her goals and she worked hard for it you know, when we worked together, she was an intern, it was her had last semester in college. she would just always -- she was always motivated and she always worked hard to try to get that first job out of college, which a lot of people who are in the journalism field no it's not very easy to get your first job but once you get that first job you are on your way. she was able to do that. >> you know, deon i didn't know her and i don't know most of the murder victims that i cover stories. but each one, you know, when i get to know them through their friends and through their pictures. it's just such a heart break. here is a 24-year-old woman, just doing a morning live shot today, and now look, now her life is gone, her family, her fiancee, her boyfriend and adam, i mean, it's just terrible.
4:52 pm
>> yeah. it's definitely terrible. you know, and at one point in my career i was a morning reporter and i did live shots constantly in the morning, a two hour morning show, a two and a half hour morning show. and you have, some would say, a false sense of security. although you are out in the public and anything can happen, but, you know, we put our lives on -- in harm's way every day to get the story. whether it's a hard news story or something that is community based, something she was doing this morning about tourism. it's just unfortunate that, you know, you just don't see these things happen. you don't see these things coming. >> deon, thank you for joining us. coming up, murdered tv reporter alison parker could have been anyone's sister, daughter, friend. alison parker in her own words. you will hear from her next.
4:53 pm
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this is a flrt. we are back in moneta, virginia, at the scene of the homicide of two young journalist. "on the record" griff jenkins outside wdbj studios in roanoke. griff? >> greta, we are learning more about february 1st, 2013, when vester lee flanagan was fired. he was fired for inability to perform well in his job as well as not working as a team member. now, you can see obviously security is here and that's exactly the way it was the day that flanagan was dragged out and they had security here for the days after because they didn't know if he was going to retaliate. i want to bring you to the scene here, a makeshift memorial has begun to erupt. as folks know a local newscast is like your family, you see them morning, noon, and night. and a lot of folks turning out just hugging and crying and offering their condolences to the station here. and they are literally folks coming out and putting these balloons and these flowers
4:58 pm
because they are hit as well. let's listen to alison parker in her own words. >> the most thrilling thing i have ever done, i took a trip to the grand canyon with my family and we went horseback riding down the grand canyon, and it was supposed to be a guided tour and our tour guide said oh, i will catch up with you, and he never did. and once we got to the bottom, the horses just took off because they had done that run so many times, they knew exactly where they were going, but it was a very bumpy ride, very scary, and my parents were praying that i was holding on and was okay but we made it and it was really fun and i will always remember it. my hobby is white water kayaking, it's something that my family does all the time, especially when it gets warmer but we have done it when it is cold outside, too. there are plenty of really awesome places to go. the smith river, dan river, a lot of places in the
4:59 pm
martinsville henry county area that my family likes to go on. it's really thrilling, really exciting and can't wait to do it this summer. something viewers might not know about me is that i come from a family that absolutely loves the arts. my mom works for piedmont arts for martinsville. my dad was on broadway back in the day. i played trumpet and french horn in high school and continued to support theater events. you can see the entire interview, alison parker posted at a lot of heavy, heavy hearts here at wdbj, the station that was shocked just after 6:00 a.m. today. we will continue it investigate every detail and why this senseless tragic shooting happened this morning and how vester lee flanagan knew to be at that location about 40 miles away early this morning. we'll have full team coverage and a lot more so
5:00 pm
stay right there. we'll see you tomorrow night "on the record." the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we are seeing tourism. we want the people to come here to say that. [gunshots] screams] >> another horrifying crime captured on live tv. a television reporter and cameraman murdered by a former reporter at a virginia station. we will have the inside story and a viewer warning. it is just awful. >> sit down. sit down. you weren't called. sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> no, you don't. you haven't been called. >> i have a right to ask the question. >> go back to univision. >> donald trump and univision jorge rams go at it in


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