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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 27, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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world. o'reilly at fox word of the day, do not be a teratoid when writing to the factor. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, big news for the 2016 gop field as donald trump surges to new heights in the polls and proclaims this is not about a man but a movement. welcome to the kelly file, i'm megyn kelly. today the well-respected quinn pea yak university releasing its first national polling on the 2016 race in nearly a month. donald trump maintains his number one spot and widens his lead. rounding out the top five are dr. carson, former governor jeb bush and senators mayor corubio
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and ted cruz. hillary clinton is still number one but took a ten-point hit in just the last month. and the word that first comes to most voters mind when they hear her name according to this poll is liar. that's not good. for mr. trump, it's arrogant. for jeb bush it's bush. okay. all this as the focus in the race turns to guns and god. we've got it all covered for you tonight with charles krauthammer, mark thiessen, and toni perkins. but we begin with karl cameron with the latest from washington. >> trump has had one of the best weeks yet. he head lined a chairman of commerce lunch today that drew 1800 people and shade this amazing reaction is more than just him because he's tapped into a silent majority, a phrase that richard nixon used.
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this is a movement. when you see bush al 30 0 people and they're happy and we have 17 or 1800 people, there's something happening. there's something happening. >> trump's national lead is bigger than ever. in the latest poll he's at 28% to ben carson's 12%. the rest of the field is in single digits. trump also topped the key polls no way category. 26% of republicans say they won't vote for hill, bush is second in that category with 18%. trump is hoping to drive bush's negative tys even higher. >> there's a reason he doesn't use his last name. it's not going to work too well. we had a lot of problems with that last name. the article that jeb's funding is drying up. you know why? because he's losing so badly to me. >> mr. trump made a big dealing
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of signing up a new co-chairman. social conservative sam clovis. the des moines register published a leaked memo when he was working for perry six weeks ago in which he slams trump for trump's faith. his comments reveal no foundation in christ which is a big deal. trump said he wasn't aware of the e-mail but suggested the fact that clovis is with him should speak for itself. trump likes to talk about his book, "the art of the deal" and he describes it as his second favorite book behind the bible. he repeated it's a personal matter and he's not going to be specific. >> joining me now, syndicated columnist and fox news contributor dr. charles krauthammer who is the author of "things that matter." charles, it's great to see you tonight. >> good to be here. >> donald trump leading by the
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highest anybody has had in the entire race, and what he said there was there is something happening. and there is, is there not? he's stumping the pollsters and taking the voters along with him. >> there's no doubt that he has a very strong constituency. now it's up to 28%. the question is how far can he expand beyond that. i don't think anybody really knows. but as we heard in the cameron report, when you have a very large number of republicans who say they will never support you, it does put a ceiling on it. and you've got to remember this. there is a huge gap when where trump is and where number two, that's ben carson, and all the rest are in single digits. we're now in a field of 17 people. and in a field of 17, at 28%, you're the king. the question is what happens when the field inevitably whittles down and you're down to the finalists, the two or three
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or four finalists. you don't win with 28%. and the question is when those others fall away, the single digits, where does their support go to. and that i think -- sorry. >> what are they trying to say, those 28% who are all behind trump at this point? what are they saying? teasen was on the other night saying it's not just anti-washington. it's anti-politician if you look at trump, carson and now fiorina rise in the polls. >> it's anti-politics in the sense. it's as if a badge of honor is never to have been in government. but it's more than that. it's a way of saying that there is not a dime's worth of difference between the parties and we want somebody who doesn't -- is not high bond one way or the other. and look, a lot of this is simple style. i mean the one thing about trump is he may not be a politician, but he's a very successful extremely expert reality
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television star. >> he's not boring. >> and his campaign is the greatest reality television show ever done. now the question is, will that win you an election and will it make you a good president. that's a separate question. but in campaigns which are now so dominated by what's called free media, he is the master of it. >> who else -- is there anything else on the gop side who has the "it" factor? look back when president obama was running. he was up against somebody who was very powerful and expected to get the nomination, hillary clinton. but barack obama had the "it" factor to penetrate the lens and connect with people. is there anybody on the gop side who has the potential to do that other than donald trump? >> look, nobody can compete with him on the "it" factor. the question is when people go to the polls are they going to say i've been highly entertained, i like this guy's style but i don't see him with a finger on the button and do i
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really want him to be the one who is going to be running our policy when we know he's had so many contradictions in policy and has such trouble talking about policy. i mean in the end people are going to have to decide if they want boring and serious. >> they've had a lot of that. you want boring and serious, you've got it. a lot of options for you. >> six months out boring and serious won't play. on the night of an election, i think serious, boring is going to work. but look, it isn't as if nobody else has any charisma at all. >> the image of the republican voters going into the booth like boring and serious number one. let me ask you about the positioning in the polls. obviously donald trump way at the top. ben carson number two. but the people who are down, jeb bush were governor walker is down, rand paul is down, mike huckabee is down, obviously rick
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perry. all those folks are down from the last time. i know it sounds crazy to even ask this, but are jeb bush and scott walker on their way out? they were the front runners not long ago. >> scott walker was the most hurt. bush i think has the infrastructure to hang in there. and in the end i think he will be one of the strong finalists. but look, there's one number in the poll that i think people haven't remarked on and that's favorability. and this that is the key. as i said, in a campaign where the 17 candidates will end up at a very small number, that's the long term predictor of where we're going to go with this. in other words if your favorables are very high, you may be low today as the number one choice, but if you're the second choice, the third choice of all of the others who will be dropping out, that will serve you in the long run. and on the favorability numbers,
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it's a very interesting result. walker is minus one, meaning the unfavorables outweigh the favorables. cruz minus six, trump minus 12. rubio plus 14. i think he's the one who has -- among republicans his numbers are 72 to 3. and i think that tells you he may be the last man standing. and he is not boring if you listen to him. and if you take him seriously. >> we'll see. >> he's not trump. he ain't trump but nobody is trump. >> that's for sure. great to see you. >> my pleasure. well the issue of gun control was also hot on the campaign trail today after the father of a young reporter killed on live tv came on the kelly file last night to call for tighter gun laws. >> this is not the last you've heard of me. i got -- this is something that is alison's legacy that i want
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breaking tonight, new details on the mad man behind yesterday's execution of two journalists on live tv. an attack that not only shocked the country but touched off a new debate on gun control that carried into the campaign trail today. we've got our panel here on that. but first to trace gallagher in our west coast news room with the new information on the shooter. trace? >> megyn, federal authorities confirmed on july 10th the shooter legally bought two .9 millimeter glock hand guns inclulgd the oi. despite his emotional problems, he passed a background check because there was nothing in his criminal history to stop the purchase. he put a deposit down for the guns two days after the shooting at the church in charleston. that's the attack the killer
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claimed in his manifesto that pushed him over the edge. he also chose the same weapon as the virginia tech shooter, a person he admired. 20-plus pages of internal memos from wdbj tv detail the killer's erratic and aggressive behavior president at one point told to seek mandatory counseling for anger issues and he initially complied but was later fired for poor performance. police had to escort him out of the building. listen. >> on the way out he handed a wooden cross to the news director who was at that time damage dennisson and he said you'll need this. he made a doctoring toir comment to adam ward as he left. >> the killer claimed his fellow employees discriminated against him for being gay and black, accusations found to have no merit.
9:15 pm
in his car police found a gun, more ammunition, a wig, sunglasses and a black hat. at his apartment complex police also learned he was apparently aggressive toward his male neighbors who then filed a lengthy list of complaints with the landlord. megyn? >> thank you. well it has only been about 36 hours since that attack took place and so far almost every presidential candidate has addressed the shooting in some way. the father of alison parker, the young reporter killed was on this show last night vowing to push for tighter gun laws. >> i'm not going to let this issue drop. this is -- you know, we've got to do something about crazy people getting guns. i'm going to do something, you know, whatever it takes to get gun legislation to shame people, to shame legislators into doing something about closing loopholes and background checks and making sure that crazy people don't get guns. so, you know, this is not the
9:16 pm
last you've heard of me. this is something that is alison's legacy that i want to make happen. >> our fox news digital news editor. almost every single candidate weighed in on this today and yet is anything, anything likely to happen when it comes to guns given the power of the nra in the country and the polls which show, according to the latest cnn poll, 61% believe tighter gun laws will not reduce violence. >> not only do a majority believe they won't reduce violence, after the last major push, after the school shooting in connecticut in 2012, guess what happened to public attitudes about gun control. they went sharply against. as more gun control discussion has taken place in washington, has more politicians have tried to harness sorrow, heartbreak, outrage at tragedy into restrictions on firearms, people think increasingly it's more
9:17 pm
necessary to keep the government from taking people's guns than it is to worry about gun control. >> so where do you come out on this if you're a republican? because you look at the republican voters, they're overwhelmingly supportive of guns. 88% favor the background checks and republicans favor this 81%. but still no one ever pushes for it on the gop side and it doesn't get done. >> look, there are of course background checks. what is called the gun show loophole is what relates to whether or not you can sell a gun privately. ask you sell a gun privately to somebody else or give a gun as a gift without undergoing a federal background check. >> that only affects a sliver of the guns. >> we're talking about a sliver of guns. obviously not the gun in this case. in each of these cases, the law that is proposed, you have many democrats run into this space saying gun control. even before the shooter had been captured they were already
9:18 pm
talking about it but but they proposed things it wouldn't have addressed and that ge gates the argument. >> chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> also with us, founder and executive director of the accountability project and dana loesch. let me start with you, da me ki. what could have been done in the case so this guy would not have passed a background check? >> some of these background checks are not as strict as we think. we use the term background check loosely. the loose or the lax laws actually have more murderers, gun murderers than any other part of the country. the states with the looser laws have more murderers. >> you tell me if i'm wrong. you look at the federal standard and the bar is very high to get something on your record that would disqualify you from passing a background check. yet a federal law has to have
9:19 pm
you committed to a mental institution. that's really all at the federal level. is that standard among the states? >> you two situations, a mental health situation, a crisis in america and a gun crisis in america. and there are lobbies who are preventing both of these from affecting change. we don't have standards for mental health, we don't have free access to mental health. >> and we're not going to. that's just the truth. they don't -- they haven't changed a thing about mental health, even in the wake of sandy hook. you tell me, dana, what could happen -- i mean, you're a very pro second amendment person. what can we do to make sure the psychos don't get the guns? >> we can follow the laws that we have on the books. the case of virginia tech, that particular murderer in that case had gotten in trouble. he had to seek mental health. he had to go and undergo these
9:20 pm
mental health checkups weekly and nobody followed up on it. he sort of fell through the cracks. for instance in charleston, which you and i discussed last night, you had the murderer in the charleston case who passed a background check because the government failed to properly document and they failed to properly enter him into the system correctly. and it should be noted that background checks are not full proof. there's no conclusive studies out whatsoever that show that they reduce crime. now in terms of federal standards, in charleston, roof should not be been able to purchase a gun because he's charged with a felony. >> criminal history, that's a problem. >> it is a problem. >> but it's the guys like this who haven't quite gotten to the point where they've been committed or really officially identified as a problem who keep getting guns. and the problem is no me ka, because of what happens is people on the left have argued we need a very high standard for commitment.
9:21 pm
it used to be lower. trump was talking about this earlier today. in new york city you got a bunch of crazy people on the streets because they've been let out of institutions because there's no money. why is it so hard to get a designation on these people that would disqualify them? >> part of it has to do with funding. we're not funding mental health care. that's a crisis in america right now. we're not fighting for stricter gun law prevention. i know, dana, you're passionate about this. we have one mass shooting a year. >> het let her respond. >> false. >> it's a federal statistic. >> i'm not aware of where you're getting the stricatistics. we just spend a trillion dollars on obamacare and seriously argue that e wither ht spending enough on mental health. >> we're not. >> so what are the trillion
9:22 pm
dollars go? you're going to get partisan with it? that has nothing to do with it. the fact is we have a criminal problem and in every single area with the tightest gun restriction you have the highest homicide. >> that's not true. >> i did write the book on it. you did not. >> you did write a book on it -- >> every fbi uniform crime report from 2003 to 2014 absolutely proves my case. >> end of story. >> i got to go. i apologize. i appreciate the passion. i got to go. look at that, the magic of tv. sorry. you got to laugh, right? espn benched a baseball star turned analyst after he shared a message comparing radical muslim to nazi. and now a top congressman is calling that benching a disgraceful show of political correctness by espn. brian kilmeade is here with his special brand of humor. plus, donald trump has been
9:23 pm
courting evangelicals on the campaign trail and there's no polling suggesting it's paying off. tony per kins is next
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developing tonight, the mainstream media may be targeting donald trump on a new issue after polls show the republican front runner picking up support with evangelicals. ap survey out of south carolina showing trump at 30% with this key voting group. and not long after that wu released, trump started taking what some media outlets are calling gach what questions about his faith. here is one example. >> an old testament guy or a new testament guy? >> probably equal. i think it's inkred, the whole bible is incredible. i joke very much so. they hold up the art of the day. i say my second favorite book of
9:27 pm
all time. the bible is something very special. >> tony perkins is president of the family research council and earlier i asked him what he's hearing from the evangelicals. tony, good to see you. what do you make of it? a lot of the folks say how could donald trump be leading with conservatives given his prior positions, some of which i mentioned. >> well, megyn, donald trump is the result of a republican leadership here in washington, d.c. that has been playing political footsies with barack obama rather than fist a cuffs. and people are tired of it and that includes evangelicals. they're tied of the lip service and they want action. donald trump is promising that. whether he delivers on that and whether he continues his conversation with evangelicals and correcting the miscommunication that he's been sending is yet to be seen. >> it's interesting to have a
9:28 pm
man lik openly admits he doesn't remember if he asked god for forgiveness. he says, i'm not sure i have. i just go on and try to do a better job from there. but i don't bring god into the picture. versus you've got marco rubio up there, mike huckabee. >> evangelical voters are more complex than people give them credit for. they vote for someone who they feel confident will lead this nation forward. >> did you ever get behind a candidate who used to support not only abortion but partial birth abortion? >> i would have a difficult time, unless i see evidence that there's some change. now i will tell you, i've been in politics, i've held public office, known a lot of politicians. past performance is a pretty good indicator of future performance. not all the time. there can be a change that takes place that can explain a tra transformation. but in most cases, what you've
9:29 pm
seen in the past is what you'll get in the future. josh dugger who has troubles in his past as a 15-year-old which were well-documented in june, and i had my interview with the dugger family, he worked for the family research council. and when that emerged as fact, he resigned. he basically agreed to part ways. now it has come out that while he was in his post, so note while he was 15, but while he was working with you guys, he was cheating with his wife, he's had onion line porn addiction. he admitted to it. porn stars are coming out saying they had interludes with him. people are looking at not just dugger but the family research council and groups like yours saying hypocrites, hypocrites. what do you say? >> i am grieved and angered over josh's choices and actions. this is a painful reminder and warning that living without
9:30 pm
integrity has destructive effects upon people that you care about and people that you love. and to that point of those who would say, look, let's just jet son this moral standard that is falling out of favor in our culture today. people may not have a care or a concern for a moral standard until they're hurt by those who fall short of a moral standard. i bet tonight watching your program there's a husband, a wife, a teenager, a college student whose spouse or parent was among the 30 million plus names that were on the ashley madison list. they're hurt, they're broken. they feel betrayed. and ask them if they want to live in a society that rejects any moral standard. i would say they would probably say no. but the good news is there's hope, there's healing for them that god loves them. in fact god sent his son jesus to this earth to die for them. and he himself was bedoppler radar. he understands what it's like to be betrayed. i would simply say to those who have been hurt by those who have
9:31 pm
broken that standard and betrayed them, that's help and healing. >> it really rubs people the wrong way when the person who sinned is somebody who espouses family values and lectures others about their family live stooil. >> no question. >> you've said if you make this your profession, your life's calling, you are held to a higher standard. >> you are. but we have to realize the bible -- and i embrace the bible as the word of god. it says we've all fallen short. we've all sinned. we cannot use that as an excuse to live in sin. we have to turn from that and exbrace god's way. does that mean we're perfect as we accept him as our savior? no. we're all prone to fall. i've been a marine, a police officer, a politician and a pastor. i have seen first hand the devastating effects -- and i used to think, how could a man ever do that? how could a woman ever heat on
9:32 pm
her husband? how could a husband do that to his wife. you know what, unless someone is daily walking in a relationship with god and working to keep himself or herself from the influences, it happens. >> tony, i appreciate you coming on and talking about it. >> okay, megyn. actress kirstie alley is creating a political stir with her remarks on the 2016 presidential race. still looks angry. very angry. he can't hear us. and up next, see what inspired hillary clinton to inspired hillary clinton to compare some rep ♪ love in the nation, what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love is strange
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we all feel the calling to build something great. ♪ hillary clinton goes on the attack in the key battleground
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state of ohio calling out republican presidential candidates by name on the issue of women's health care, even likening some of their view to those of terrorists. watch. >> extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world. but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> marc thiessen is a former chief presidential speech writer for george bush. so, marc, you tell me, as a former speech writer, whether thatentirely planned. >> that was entirely planned. she's looking down at her tex. this is a line that someone wrote for her and she wrote for herself and thought that would
9:37 pm
be smart to say. the hypocrisy is unbelievable. in february when scott walker was accused of comparing public worker unions to isis, the left went -- i'm quoting, if scott walker thinks it's appropriate to compare working people to brutal terrorists, he's less qualified to be president than i thought. lil' clint just compared half of the american electorate to al qaeda. >> what a difference the candidate makes. now the dnc has come out and said, instead of trying to manufacture outrage by twisting her words, these republicans should stop pushing extreme policies. >> well, i think you're going to hear the word extreme quite a bit from here on through november of 2016. i agree with marc.
9:38 pm
it was -- this was not anything but a planned offering on behalf of hillary clinton. look, she -- and it worked. because we're not talking about e-mails tonight. we're talking about women's health care. this was what moved the debate -- it actually has the republicans engaging her on an issue that she thinks, and i think democrats and i think will help them in november. republicans will disagree with that. but we're actually fighting over her language on health care and the gop being extreme on women's health. and that's a lot better for her than the usual thing we would be talking about, servers and e-mails. >> skvery tricky on a day when get the news that the word they think of when they hear hillary clinton is liar. >> we're talking about hillary clinton comparing half of the america people to osama bin
9:39 pm
laden. 46% of americans consider themselves pro-life and 52% of americans think we should defund planned parenthood. she said that anyone who holds that position is the moral equivalent of osama bin laden. >> no 53% think this planned parenthood should receive funding and 42% think they shouldn't. but his point is not lost, joe, that nearly half of the electorate wants the money taken away and she just called 42% of the electorate terrorists. >> she said that you don't expect extreme positions coming from a candidate for president of the united states. >> she said the t word. the t word was in there. >> it was in there. but look, first of all, if we're going to talk about words that go over the line, there's a guy who is the front runner in the republican party right now --
9:40 pm
>> can you be more specific? can you give me a key word? >> i'm just saying like, look, one, it's obvious that in at least this election cycle for some reason it's that kind of language that is creating controversy. >> that is interesting. that's an interesting point. so we'll -- does every candidate in this race get held to one standard and -- you know, donald trump says he thinks he's -- it's okay with people. so is it now okay for her to do it, marc? can people be outraged when hillary clinton says something like that in. >> they can be outraged but i think it looks desperate. it seems to me she's saying to myself, my campaign is in trouble. outrageous stams seem to be working for trump. maybe they'll work for me. keep in mind, this is on the heels of just the other day when she was making jokes about her e-mail server saying she wiped it with a cloth and snap chat because the messages
9:41 pm
disappeared. now she's comparing a good half of the electorate to terrorists. this is not a candidate what that is ready for prime time. she is not her husband. >> i actually think there's a significant change. they're joking about the e-mails. yesterday she was out trying to engage trump, trying to get into a back and forth with him. today it's the rest of the gop field. i think you're going to start to see sort of an agrez uf get in a fight with the republicans. >> great to see you both. >> good to be with you megyn. breaking news -- not really. but after repeated attempts we've managed to make brian kilmeade smile. he's here next on kirstie alley's political surprise, curt shilly's controversy and why watching crazy cat videos might
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or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. well, a top republican congressman is now defending a former red sox star benched by espn for a controversial tweet. the network ditched former all star pitcher curt schilling from his gig doing analysis of the little league world series, this a f he after he retweeted a gra. now congressman king said it was a disgrayful show of political
9:46 pm
correctness. earlier i spoke with bill kilmeade. good to see you. >> great to see you. first off, thank you. if you talk about charles barkley, dennis rodman, the most outspoken people in sports, always been curt schilling. he was one of the first guys to say everybody who is pitching again, i'm on steroids. i'm a republican, that's the reason i didn't get in the haul of fame. when he came out and made this statement, somewhat of a retweet that 5% to 10% of muslims are extremist, in 1940 only 7% of germans were nazis, it created a quick uproar, deleted it quick and then espn went ahead and said for doing that, we're going to stop you from broadcasting little league world series, which unless you have a kid in the game is boring anyway. i'm happy that the kids are playing sports on a national network pretending winner doesn't mat ptermatter.
9:47 pm
it's fantastic. so it's a mini suspension for him. and he says, i'm going to take it down. i went and asked where did he get the study from. if you mix and match various sites, maybe it matches up. i think we've learned one ning in news. any time you say nazis or hitler, it's never going to work out. they hired him megyn to be an outspoken, an outspoken person, they want him to be himself. you're going to keep reigning him in -- >> the kids were happy to have him. he admitted i was 100% my fault and i accept my suspension. kirstie alley seems to have come out as a republican in hollywood. >> and she did it the most courageous way possible. she came out and said, look, i know who i'm going to vote for and i know who's going to be the
9:48 pm
vice president. it's not going to start with a d and have an e and an m in it. it's not going to be a democrat. it's going to be a republican. >> i'm confused. >> i am too. but i got to tell you, kirstie alley, evidently she's having a rough time because she's in a brutal reality show in britain where you go back to elizabethton times and serve men. it's a time in our history where everyone was named elizabeth. she's gotten mocked heavily and coming out saying, listen, i am not crying myself to sleep. do you really think i should attack someone for agreeing with me or disagreeing with me. idiots attack, friends respect. >> she sort of gave hints of this back in 2012 at the gop convention saying, the u.s. media is so biassed in favor of the democrats. she said i love his speech and i
9:49 pm
don't care what anybody thinks. funny as hell and on point. clint eastwood turned her. >> we're not done with brian yet. he's back to tell us why crying an cat videos make us feel a lot an cat videos make us feel a lot better. woah woah marge... you're not marge? i'm sorta marge. an cat videos make us feel a lot better. we both drive a stick, we both like saving money on car insurance, and we both feel integrity, such as, that of healthcare in the america of the us and therefore. yes. thank you. no. no. please, stop! sorta you, isn't you. start with a quote from esurance and get a set of discounts personalized to you, not someone sorta like you. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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brian is back now on why crying is very good for why crying is very good for you. >> here it is. if you wonder why people feel better when they cry, you're not alone. the people at the institute in the netherlands, a university, they probably wouldn't have accepted us. but they have decided to study why people feel better when they cry. and the good news is they don't know still. and the bad news with landing on the moon, we're out of things to study. let's be honest. they wanted to find out. we have two movies. we have a group of 60.
9:53 pm
we'll have them watch the movie. see who cries, who doesn't, see how they feel. one is called "life is beautiful." and the other is called hachi, a dog's tail." he dies. so they put it up. 60 participants. 28 cried. 32 did not. 32 said i feel the same as i went. in 28 got out and said originally i feel bad, then i started to feel better, and then i felt bad and better at the 90-minute mark. which means nothing except it remind me of one thing. it is okay to cry. and sometimes you do feel better. and i don't need a study. for example, do you remember this moment in stripes when the great bill murray said this to a group of guys trying to pledge their way into the army. >> who saw "old yeller"? who cried when "old yeller" got shot at the end. nobody cried when old yeller got shot? i'm sure. i cried my eyes out.
9:54 pm
of course, the dog was crazy. they had no choice. they had to shoot him. >> speaking of that, i had a similar experience when i was pregnant with my first chile child. i tried to take in positive information which is very difficult when you work in news. but i tried. i shut down hemmer. you're dead to me, hemmer. >> it's hard to do. >> i didn't watch anything violent. i went so far as only try to download positive, healthy, happy movies and i made a choice of "my dog skip". >> not good. >> let's just say it doesn't end well for skip that is not a movie that won't bring you tears. and it doesn't bring you to tears, you're one of the heartless 32 people like those who didn't cry in "life is beautiful". >> we should combine forces and ban dogs from movie. >> what? >> can we do that? >> here is a movie that made me cry harder than any other. >> what? >> "bridges of madison county". >> didn't see that. the end, the hand on the -- come
9:55 pm
on. the men are acting too manly to admit. but you knew you were in tears. >> what about rocky 1? >> i cried at most of it. it doesn't take much with me, believe it or not. last but not least, you love cats. who knew this about you. and cat videos. >> it's two income the afternoon. and i'm saying to myself i don't have the energy or the bounce in my step. and i'm wondering where is the coffee? i have the coffee, i still don't have the bounce in my step. and i know the reason why. because a study finally revealed if i want to feel better, i would be watching that. cat videos evidently make people feel happy, silly cat videos which by the way is silly. why would a cat use a record when they can use a dvd? it evidently releases the oxytocin in your body so you don't need the caffeine or the sugar or the milk on your teeth. >> it's the cuddle hormone. that's what they call that it's not the thing. why don't you just cuddle with
9:56 pm
somebody rather than watching the caton record player. >> you know why? >> why? >> we're irish. irish do not have the cuddle gene. you ever try to custody well an irish person? they just want a beer. we do not. be honest. we don't have the cuddle clean. >> brian kilmeade, everyone. >> we don't cuddle. >> he is a charmer. sorry, dawn. >> that's my wife. we shook hands this morning before i left. >> we'll be right back.
9:57 pm
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what what movie makes you cry? follow me on twitter at megyn kelly. let me know. my dog skip, i'm telling you. you will not survive that one. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. tonight, donald trump continues to surge in the polls. >> we love you, mr. trump. >> they love me. >> can the rest of the gop field keep pace? 2016 candidate marco rubio is here with reaction. >> the whole thing i had with the spanish journalist, if you call him a journalist. >> then trump takes a shot at jorge ramos on the campaign a trail. >> it never erupted. he erupted. >> here with reaction. >> i know people have raised questions about my e-mail use as secretary of state. >> plus, hillary clinton should be worried. we'll tell you the very harsh words that voters were using to describe her. and democrats pounce on the virginia shooting tragedy to push for more gun control.