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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 1, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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left this evening. we hope you'll set your dvr, 10:00 p.m. eastern. we take attendance and take it personally if you're not here. thanks for joining us. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we are here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to unduring pain my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis. >> the family of cottrell steinle who was murdered by illegal deportation to five times. we have factor exclusive. kate's family will be here tonight. >> a veteran has been murdered. >> they are searching for three men believed armed and dangerous. >> this is homicide
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investigation. >> another police officer murdered. this one in illinois as the epidemic of attacks on cops in america continues. we'll have a special report. also ahead, bernie goldberg on how the networks are covering black lives matter and how americans are being deceived on the planned parenthood front. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the family of kate steinle plans to sue the city and county of san francisco and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. imagine for a moment that your 32-year-old daughter, full of life, shot dead on the streets of san francisco for absolutely no reason at all. just think about that. and that's what happened to kate steinle on july 1st of this year. she was walking with her father, enjoying a summer is
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evening, when illegal alien criminal took her life. 45-year-old juan sanchez mexican national has been charged with kate's murder held on $5 million bail. was also being held by the county of san francisco before the murder. but released despite the fact that sanchez had seven felonies on his sheet and had been deported five times. san francisco authorities knew this and let him go even after ice asked for a hold on the man. why? because san francisco is a sanctuary city and officials there don't give a damn and not a damn about harm caused by alien criminals. the steinles are not a political family. they are not looking for vengeance but they are absolutely fed up. >> it's been two months since kate's death. the city of san francisco and the sheriff's department have done absolutely nothing to protect this from happening to another person.
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we feel as though we have exhausted avenues. we're frustrated. and we are here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure pain that my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis because the system failed our sister. >> now, as you may know, the factor has pro posed a new law that would provide mandatory five year federal prison terms for any aggravated felon who defies deportation. that is known as kate's law. there are a number of versions of the law being debated in congress. we strongly suggest that the words aggravatedé included in the law. because if those words are not, the democrats and president obama will oppose kate's law. they will hide behind what i
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call the chamber made theory. that mean team just want to punish poor we all know that's a lie. the federal government has failed to protect americans from foreign criminals who prey upon us. the sanctuary system is a disgrace. president obama has failed to do his duty. he is sworn to uphold the law of the land. he does not uphold immigration law. so it is time for congress to pass kate's law to send a very message. the steinle's coming lawsuit claims general negligence and a failure to uphold the law. in just a few moments is our is it legal team will analyze the odds of that lawsuit being successful. but just the message, just the message is worthy. san francisco and a the people who run it must be held accountable for kate's death. they knew sanchez was a radio pete felon. they knew he was deported and came back time after time after time. and they let him out of jail
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anyway. that's outrageous and should never happen again in this country. san francisco must pay a price. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, factor exclusive joining us from san francisco brad steinle kate's brother and jim steinle kate's father: mr. steinle i you know you did not want to file this lawsuit what made you do it? >> well, as you said, bill, we are not a litigious family. our frustrations over this lack of movement and regarding sanctuary city or the undocumented you will legal felons that are in this city and all over the united states for that matter we are just frustrated to the point where we are just, again, i'm just kind of at a loss for words. it's been a long day. just felt this was the only
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way we could get the people that's responsible for kate's death. >> and mobilize folks and the support. because sanctuary cities is still the law in san francisco although federal law, of course, overrides state law. now, mr. steinle, you i know you went to washington to testify and your testimony was heard by congress and millions of americans. did any individual politicians contact you? did senator boxer and senator feinstein call you up? did they? >> we have -- the silence is deafening. >> okay. >> we haven't heard from anyone. >> boxer, feinstein didn't call. feinstein wouldn't take my call. governor brown call you? >> we met with senator feinstein in d.c. so we did meet with senator feinstein. the problem that we have had, we went to d.c. 10 days after kate's death.
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what we have seen since we left d.c. there has been no movement. >> nothing has happened and they are defiant. i think you guys saw jesse watters go out there and try to interview the city supervisors. and they couldn't care less. it's our fault, they are blaming us for whatever. i'm interested in governor brown. governor brown talk to you guys at all? >> no. >> okay. because he presides over the sanctuary cities in san francisco and los angeles. all right. so he didn't reach out to you. you met with feinstein. did feinstein say she was going to support kate's law? did she say she was going to vote for it? get behind it? she was in favor of putting something together that would push cities to cooperate with federal agents. i wanted to call and ask her point blank. if she would get on board, there is going to be a vote on kate's law coming in few weeks. there is going to be a vote
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on defunding sanctuary cities. all of that is coming. and your lawsuit will, again, bring attention to the fact that this isn't thee let tuck call, people are dying here. i mean, they are dying. because the system is so chaotic. go ahead, brad. >> yeah, the point of the lawsuit, your first question was, you know, what is the point of the lawsuit? again, this is nothing -- nothing that we -- that we win no amount of money is going to bring kate back. the point of the lawsuit is to bring to light that nobody is being held accountable for kate's murder. you have the bureau of land management, not securing a weapon. you have sheriff mercremy writing this memorandum to all of his deputies telling them to directly violate federal law and to not cooperate with ice, and, you know, on top of that, you have, the city of san francisco that has not changed their policies and
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nobody is working to milwaukee sure this doesn't happen again. so this is our -- this is our -- >> -- the only avenue you have. >> next option. this is the only avenue. >> and we applaud you for doing it. this is a civil rights action. it's an amazing. but you guys are doing the same thing, all right, that martin luther king did, all right. you are trying to stop a gross injustice that harms innocent americans like your daughter, all right. and you are trying to do it in a nonviolent way using the system that's in place. we have the right to be protected in this country. president obama's job is to uphold the laws of the land as i said. now, the president hasn't got in touch with your family has he, mr. steinle? >> no, he hasn't. bill, we're doing this for a couple of different reasons. but the first reason is for
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kate. to get justice for kate. and that's not happened. we don't see that but every morning we wake up and wish we could see kate. everything you look at during the day, you see kate. everything you do, the meals that you eat, reminds you of kate. reminds us of kate. we don't want another parent to have to go through this. >> right. >> grief and heartache is hard to explain until you have been there. i can tell you in what i call our sisters in grief. the mothers that was there with us in washington that's been through this. this is unimaginable. it's indescribable. it's brutally sad. and the main reason we are
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doing this is in honor of our daughter and to hope and pray. >> the legacy of kate will be we will work together and get protection so this doesn't happen. you can't guarantee it won't ever happen but now it's easy for these people to operate and that's got to stop. we really appreciate it. go ahead. last word. >> i said this morning, bill, you have to excuse me. it's been a long day. >> take your time. >> the bottom line is, the reason we are pursuing this other action is because everybody has pointed the finger. nobody is being held accountable, and there has to be accountability before change is going to be made and that's what we are hoping for. >> okay. we are going to follow this suit all the way through and anything we can do for your family, gentlemen, let us
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know. thanks for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> next on the rundown, will the steinles succeed in their lawsuit. is it legal has an opinion. another cop shot today in illinois. is there an epidemic of violence against police in america? the ♪ [music] defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. i think she tried to kill us. no, it's only 15 calories. with reddi wip, fruit never sounded more delicious, with 15 calories per serving and real cream, the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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is it legal segment tonight, the federal and state lawsuits soon to be filed by the steinle family. with us now criminal defense attorney jonah spilbore and lis wiehl. let's take the federal lawsuit first. >> sure. >> okay. they are filing against the bureau of lamed management because one of their agents left a loaded gun in the car. >> in the car, right. >> and the illegal alien felon broke into the car. got the gun. steinle. >> good claim on that one. the bureau of land management because the officer left that loaded firearm in unoccupied car,
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unlocked car. and he was able to get the gun and that was the gun that he used. >> so they have -- >> -- very good case on that one. >> against him. >> not on that's a separate case against ice. >> that's a federal lawsuit. >> federal case. because ice did put that detainer, which san francisco ignored. >> okay. so ice might be off othe hook. san francisco certainly isn't. >> no. they are. >> why? >> because under the -- they are going to hide all day long under the sanctuary city policy. >> doesn't federal law trump local law? >> absolutely does. >> okay. so wiehl's excuse that they have a sanctuary city law doesn't fly because the federal law says that you cannot let these people run around. >> right, but the problem is there have been prior lawsuits alleging the exact same thing and they have fallen flat. the court said look, the type of harm that has been fallen by sanctuary city laws is not to protect people from violence. enforce our you will legal immigration laws which makes absolutely no sense. that's what the court is
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hanging their hat on. >> the rulings that the court has given before make no sense. >> both in california and texas. >> so you are going to base a claim on rulings that make no sense? >> well, that's precedent. that's what's called precedent. >> that's what's called an arcky. that's what it is called. if the rulings make no sense -- >> -- bill, here is what has to happen in this case the san francisco law. the judge that gets this case would have is say sanctuary city laws are illegal. >> they're. >> unconstitutional. >> clearly illegal. they haven't said that yet. they would have to say -- they would have to use this case to say that. >> let's hope they get a sane judge that understands federal law overrides state and local law. >> the supreme court has held that. >> this will probably go to the supreme court. >> this attorney has done it smarter though. they are not just attacking the statute. they are pointing fingers at the sheriff and said we asked for -- ice asked for this guy and you. >> let's stay on negligence. they were negligent. the sheriff was negligent, representing the county of san francisco. >> but he can point to a memo and a that went out to all personnel saying you may
8:18 pm
not -- >> -- resources. >> i'm telling you that if i'm a judge and i understand that federal law takes precedent. >> i agree. >> steinles win. >> we have two other quick bizarre things. flight from san diego to chicago has to be diverted southwest flight to amarillo, texas. because there was some rowdy:=h funny.t >> no. >> here they are, all right? they are all arrested. what do they do? >> so what happened was apparently they got on the plane. they might have had some cocktails in san diego before they got on the plane. then they got rowdy and got loud. they were not paying attention to the crew. you i think the straw that broke the camel's back was one of them actually put his hands on one of the crew members' necks. >> the pilot landed the plane in amarillo, texas. authorities took him in. it's a federal beef. all right? and what are they going to get if convicted? >> i actually prosecuted cases like this. and they don't get much. the statute reads real well. it says 2 0 years to life.
8:19 pm
>> the judges don't give them much. they give them time served. >> time served? >> depending on how greeju+l:zá just. >> the pretty egregious. >> not much. >> another outrageous thing happened in new york city. roll the tape on this. two bozos if you are not familiar with bozo, he was a clown. jumped off othe freedom tower and today marco mark very much 28 years old was, and there he goes. he thinks he is spiderman, he jumps off, and lands safely. he is a parachutist, so what did marco markovich 200 hours of community service and fine. they posted this video. they thought oh they are so cool. >> they wanted to get attention. this is what they do. >> selling t-shirts on the internet to pay for his legal fees. the judge said you are showing no remorse. i you think he should have gotten some time not just community service. >> you think he should have gotten time.
8:20 pm
>> i don't think should have gotten time. >> he you do. >> it got reduced from a felony. he profited by making t-shirts. >> 300 hours of community service. >> which is a lot. >> probably teach kids to sky dive and then $2,000 fine. >> it's not enough. it's not enough for what he did. >> that's the system we are in here. all right, ladies. thank you very much. directly ahead, i, your humble correspondent am mentioned in hillary clinton's released emails. wow. we'll analyze. also ahead this evening, bernie goldberg on how the networks are covering the black lives matter controversy moments away as the factor continues from fox news headquarters in new york city. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer.
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factor follow up segment tonight, the state department released 7,000 pages of emails last night that hillary clinton had kept private.
8:24 pm
y'all know the controversy whether she violated national security by using her private server to give and receive government information. in one of those emails, hillary clinton writes this, quote: o'reilly is still going after mike over the chinese arizona law comment. that was about my criticism of assistant secretary of state michael posner telling the chinese government america might be a human rights violater. >> are you kidding me? the chinese, who incarcerate people for political opinion, who have brutalized the nation of tibet, who have no protections for freedom of speech, the press, or anyone else, is being asked by that moron with all due respect to discuss the new arizona um congratulation law? is this the twilight zone? >> well, apparently mrs. clinton was very impressed with that commentary and pointed out i was picking on mr. posner. i guess he is a friend of hers. joining us now from washington kirsten powers and here in new york city
8:25 pm
monica crowley. both are fox news analysts. all right. i had to run that because -- >> well, at least she is watching. >> that wasn't classified or anything. no big deal there. but did you see in what was released last night, anything that could further mrs. clinton's troubles? >> yes. in fact, the federalist did an analysis of the new emails today. >> what's the federalist? >> the federalist is a great organization and a great online magazine, conservative, yes, but they did do appear analysis which shows that mrs. clinton repeatedly originated and distributed highly classified national security information over that unsecured and unsanctioned server. >> were they specific in any email that they believed she violated the law? >> yes. absolutely. in fact, there is a whole range of emails that they point out. what they point out is that in many of these emails the only content that is redacted and then classified after the fact, which is what they are trying to
8:26 pm
argue here, was her messaging ine+sde÷8dss these em. meaning that they went back and classified only what she was writing, which means that she was originating classified information that was then going out over this unsecured email. so she wasn't -- in other words, she wasn't a helpless, passive recipient of classified information. she was actually generating it and sending it out. >> all right. do you see it that way, powers? >> well, i think that if it -- if that ends up being true, i read the article, it's not completely clear to me that that's exactly what was happening. but that ends up being true, obviously she is in a lot of trouble. even if she is not the person who is originating it, if people are are sending information to her that ends up being classified later, even if it wasn't classified at the time it was sent, she is still jeopardizing national security. and she is jeopardizing national security because it's her server. so, it wouldn't3]go'nni be a prm if they sent it to her on her state department email, right? because it would be protected. so she is the one who is
8:27 pm
putting the country at risk by doing. this i that is what is causing people so much concern and why people have really lost a lot of faith in her. >> you know this country. there has to be a kind of headline of hillary clinton had this on her server. there isn't on these 7,000 pages, other than me. i'm not classified. okay? but there really isn't anything else that the tabloids could get ahold of or that you could banter it. the federalist, yeah, that's fine. but this is very complicated stuff. there is no, you know, headline. >> well, remember, bill, first of all, she said she deleted over 30,000 emails. might not actually get. >> another issue for another time. >> look, in 2009, barack obama issued an executive order called classified national security information. and by doing that, he automatically classified information that is related to information that foreign governments have provided. what we are now hearing from this latest batch, what we
8:28 pm
can see from these emails, is that nearly all of the emails in question contain information provided by foreign governments. >> foreign government, all right. i'm telling you. >> automatically classified mrs. clinton obviously should have known that. >> if this is all they have got, hillary clinton runs. last word, powers. >> yeah. i think that's right. there is two different issues whether or not she did something wrong which i think she did and whether or not it's going it impact her campaign. and i think you are right. i don't think that it is going to be enough to derail her campaign. >> another police officer shot dead this time in you will know as the casualty count mounts. very disturbing report on this trend. then, battling ads, trump vs. jeb. they are going after each other. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. when i started at the shelter,
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i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... impact segment tonight, so far this year. 22 police officers have been killed by gunfire in america. believe that's in response to a number of black men being shot by the cops. bexar county, texas there is a video showing flores being shot by two police officers. cops say flores was armed no gun was seen in the video. that kind of incident is seized upon black lives matter and other groups to demonize the police. thus we have open season on the cops. today in illinois 52-year-old police lt. joe
8:33 pm
glints shot and killed in the is you suburban fox lake. veteran of the department and four children. killer still at large police are looking for three suspects, two white and one black. a criminalist. and professor at john j. justice. former police officer. do you believe that the black lives matter crewg%y other radicals aring you nighing violence against cops? >> i think they are making the police job tougher. but the police, i think the police can handle it. it's always been a tough job no, i don't know there is a result of cops getting killed from black matter despite the provocative pigs in a blanket and all this business and every time there is a controversy about an officer shooting a black person, they are out there stirring the pot. you don't feel that disturbed individuals watch this and then act out?
8:34 pm
>> there are fewer cops shot this year than last year. are you willing to give black lives matter cut for that? cop shootings are down. >> i know they are down slightly. >> 17%. >> but in august, they are up. >> a bad month. the month before there were none. overall they are down. so i don't see an epidemic there. >> how do you see it dr. blumstein? >> i think first there is a very serious copycat problem as there was with school shootings and i don't see that as necessarily coming out of the black lives matter environment. but i see just a lot of change going on in policing, because police are now being held much more accountable for the thing they do that might be wrong. and there has been growing tension between police and communities. and certainly black lives do matter in terms of the people being hut by police
8:35 pm
black lives matter also because when homicide rates go up, they probably go up more for blacks than for whites, also. >> they always do. but the problem is that the propagandists of black lives matter, i mean, there are justified police shootings. >> i wouldn't call that propaganda. i would say. >> wait, wait, wait. let me challenge you then. in ferguson, the man was killed, attacked a police officer, darren wilson. he attacked him. >> absolutely. >> but the black lives matter, they are still doing hands up and shoot. that's not propaganda? >> there is a lot of rhetoric goingen. >> oh, that's propaganda. come on, doc. come on. you know what happened. and you are distorting what happened. s that propaganda. >> but there certainly have been. >> i want to throw these stats out. >> there have been cases where videos have shown inappropriate behavior by police. >> and that is true and that has to be dealt with. and the truth is what we are after here. and i want to quote
8:36 pm
statistics by the centers for disease control: all right. 99.9% of all arrests do not, do not result in any violence at all. 99.9% in 2013, last stats available 147 blacks were killed by cops. 268 whites. so to make it a war on black men is fallacious. is it not? >> i think there is a problem with cops shooting too many people. it's not an issue of cops outgunning for black men. >> so you agree with that it's not cops gunning black men. >> some states like california where police shoot people six times as often as new york. so they are doing something right in new york. >> i agree. >> we could reduce some police shootings. >> i'm just trying to get, i want the police to be as competent as possible. dr. blumstein i'm going to give you the last word. goncts absolutely. you want the police to be effective and you want the police to to behave right.
8:37 pm
both of those are issues that are now on the table as all these changes are going on. and it's not just blacks, it's the whole operation of police and the whole operation of communities and the interactions particularly sensitive because so much of the violence goes on in the black community and that's where the police are. >> that's right. and that's where it's centered: >> we want to make sure that everybody has the facts. gentlemen, thank you. we come right back, trump and jeb going after each other. we will show you the ads. karl rove will analyze. bernie goldberg on how the networks are handling black lives matter. we're coming right back. (wolves howling) when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the campaign 2016 segment tonight. next big debate showdown two weeks from tomorrow. in the meantime, we have dueling political ads from donald trump and jeb bush. >> yes, they broke the law, but it's not a felony. it's kind of -- it's a -- it's an act of love. >> i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life, okay, so, my views are a little bit different than if i you lived in iowa.
8:42 pm
>> partial birth abortion? >> i'm very pro-choice. i am pro-choice in every respect and as far as it goes. >> you identify more as a democrat or republican? >> well, you would be shocked if i said that in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. >> also today new poll from mommouth university showing donald trump tied with ben carson in iowa 23%. all the rest of the g.o.p. field well back. joining us from texas karl rove. what do you think of those ads? >> well, everybody is getting a chance to do what they want to do. i thought they were both pretty effective. petroleum's is straight in to the point. maybe a little bit over the top. it's clear that jeb bush is talking about people coming across the border for jobs as opposed to the criminals. but, jeb gets a chance to say what he wants to say. and donald gets a chance to say what he gets to say and we all talk about it which is what both of them want more than anything else. >> okay.
8:43 pm
the fact that donald trump was once a liberal man, does that matter in 2015? >> well, it doesn't to some people. they don't really care. as long as promises to take the bring and throw through the plate glass window they are for him. on the other hand, there will be a lot of republicans who will find out -- he likes to say it's ronald reagan. ronald reagan may have been a democrat in the late 40s and 50's, but he worked in the vineyards, he helped barry goldwater run. he was the two term republican governor of california. there is a little bit of difference than a guy who in 2006 largest political contribution was to help elect nancy pelosi speaker of the house by giving money to the democratic congressional campaign committee and gave money to hillary clinton, john kerry, you know, harry reid and so forth. these are all people that place it more in time than in the distant past. >> that doesn't matter.
8:44 pm
>> going to deport millions of aliens that are here. >> he is going for emotion where the other is cerebral. why hasn't jeb bush caught on more? big name recognition? doesn't poll well in iowa and doesn't poll well in new hampshire. why not? >> doesn't poll well in new hampshire. >> not well. >> if i were donald trump, i wouldn't be worried about jeb bush. take a look at that latest iowa poll. the des moines register poll. here are the favorabilities. these are the top eight candidates measured by favorability. starting with ben carson going to down to donald trump. seven candidates favorables in iowa at or better than donald trump's. i would be worried about them. in fact, take a look at this. this will blow your mind. favorables -- let's take the favorables minus the unfavorables. this is their net favorability score. ben carson plus 71.
8:45 pm
scott walker plus 56. carly fiorina plus 49. out performing what she did in terms of favorables, total favorables, she has got a better margin than that might suggest. rubio plus 47. jindal, again, outperforming what you might expect, plus 43. crews 47. huckabee 30. and donald trump plus 26. if i were trump, i wouldn't be worried about slapping an ad on jeb bush tuckly when it comes to iowa. i would worry about the fact that you have seven people who are in a better shape to openly win -- >> -- it's not a popularity contest. >> >> it's also a question -- >> -- he can take iowa, he can take new hampshire. then he is going to get momentum. and that's why i think. >> maybe so. but you know what? in iowa they expect to you show up and it really does matter that they get to be able to question you and touch you. both iowa and new hampshire this way. south carolina is similar. you know what? you have got to show up a lot. that's going to be the test for him. that's why ben carson in the
8:46 pm
latest poll in iowa is tied. >> he doesn't have a traditional candidacy but that's okay. >> he sure doesn't. >> in the break you were telling me that i you miss pronounced. >> yeah, bill. you cannot -- bear county, it's not bexar. >> bear county texas, the home of the alamo. you better apologize to the people of texas or you will have difficulty when you come here. >> i apologize to all texans and davy crockett and jim bowy, i ask you to take the x out of that, please. it's confusing to the yankees. >> it is part of our;js6 heritage. >> mr. rove, thank you. bertschy goldberg on deck. how the networks are covering black lives matter covering black lives matter and are we being you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather.
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back of the book segment tonight, weekdays with bernie. as we reported last night, even after a deputy sheriff was shot dead in houston, allegedly by a black convict, the black lives matter crew encouraged violence against the policemgi2j in a minnesota event. the group chanting pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon. the term pigs in a blanket was used by the alleged killer of two new york city police officers ishmael brinsley who posted on social media that he was going to kill some cops, quote, i'm putting pigs in a blanket, unquote. how did the network news cover the black lives matter threat? well, they didn't. they just said no. last night on the network news there was absolutely no coverage from abc, nbc, and cbs. joining us now from north carolina bernie goldberg. now, i understand you wrote a letter to the president of cbs news, david rose, you are an alum, as am i, and what did you say in that letter? >> well, he was watching the evening news, and the lead
8:51 pm
story was about the deputy sheriff who was shot. and the reporter said that he made controversial comments that were deemed insensitive by some. and i guess the comments that he was referring to was that the police chief brought back lives matter into the discussion at all. and i was waiting at that point for them to show that demonstration in minnesota where the black lives matter people were in effect calling for more deaths of police by this bacon, you know, fried bacon and pigs in a blanket statement, because that would have credence to the police chief's remarks. but it never showed up. it was never in the story. and i did getstory. and i did get an answer from the president of cbs news. i appreciate that very much. he said we tried to keep the story within the houston community and we did give the police chief his say so we wanted the people at home to
8:52 pm
come to their own conclusion. i'm one of the people at home and my conclusion is that they were showing and so was nbc and abc, all showing their good racial manners. they were showing that they were the good people. and by showing that demonstration in minnesota where the black lives matter crew was calling for more police deaths would be bad racial matters. what it comes down to is one sentence. if you understand this you understand everything. there are no limits to white liberal guilt. >> they left it out. it should have been incorporated in the story because that is what the houston police chief was referring to. >> exactly. >> it's amazing the group thing that goes on. they didn't consult with one another. they just do it by reflex. >> that's a very good point. it's because it's not about liberal media but about liberals in general. if you understand how important showing good racial manners are
8:53 pm
to them you understand how they cover everything about race in america. they need to show that they are the good guys. what i'mb about to say is going to sound crazy. this goes back to slavery. they are showing that they have no limits to white liberal guilt because of slavery. and it's crazy. we all hate slavery. we all feel terrible about it. but it manifest itself in how they cover race today and how they cover black lives matter. >> we don't have time to get into the planned parenthood. i want to tell everybody that article in the "new york times," "boston globe," "time" magazine, "washington post" all said that the group that did the under cover stings edited their video because it was analyzed. they didn't say was people who did the analyzing are tied into the democratic party.
8:54 pm
we invited the fusion president on the factor, hiding under his desk. none of these people mention that and it was an astounding omission. we will get into that next time. good to see you. we appreciate it. factor tip of the day, if you like ronald reagan we have news for you. the tip moments away. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road.
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they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical first the mail. bernard saying republicans are just as responsible for the mess in this country as the president. they have nothing to run on. they have failed to counter the obama agenda. the antiestablishment wave trump is riding is happening because republicans in congress have squandered the mandate. darren aaron in san diego, bill, your talking point saying trump is helping the democratic party is an absolute low. if you don't understand that
8:57 pm
donald trump's populous message has diverted attention away from the failures of the obama administration i don't know what to tell you. not trump's fault. there is no question that it's happening. gene in new jersey, bill, your remarks were true and pertinent in every respect. i appreciate that. steve wells, hammond, louisiana. i believe black lives matter is a hate group. they are literally celebrating the deaths of police officers. i don't want to be disrespectful to juan and mary katherine. diane, i have never been more ashamed of my country than i am right now. i regret my vote for obama. i am worried this country is going down a dangerous path. >> are you worried there may be a race war in america? i am not. two-thirds of african-americans
8:58 pm
reject the black lives matter montraand want our lives matter to be the slogan. we don't hear much about those folks. radicals and criminals get most attention. i should never have waited this long to become a bill o'reilly premium member. like my back surgery it is so beneficial. interesting way to put it. and the big discount on books and gear. a big congratulations to florence and michael who live in lake tahoe. they were married in brooklyn 75 years ago today and the priest could say their name. 75 years. the factor tip of the day. it's really a plug so if that
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offends you we will see you tomorrow. thanks for watching. if you like ronald reagan, three weeks from today my new book "killing reagan" will be released, the violent assault that changed a presidency and the assassination attempt did just that. some of it very surprising. some of it controversial. you can pre-order the book on all the book websites and on bill o' also, today after four years "killing lincoln" out in paperback. this sold more than 2 million copies. if you haven't read it what can i say? the paperback is lighter than the hard cover. that is it for us tonight. please check out the website. we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to
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opine. word of the day do not be magniloquent when writing to the factor. thanks for watching us. ms. megyn is next. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight we are now more than 12 hours into a massive man hunt after a cop is shot and killed on the job. hundreds of federal, state and local law enforcement have converged on an area roughly 60 miles from the hometown. the officer killed was lieutenant joe gliniewcicz. he was on routine patrol. by the time backup arrived he was found shot in the head. police are looking for three suspects. mike toeben will join us from the scene and sheriff david clark will join us on