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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 2, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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channel right here. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. kate stein lee the california woman murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. her family filing lawsuits against three government agencies claiming they share responsibility for the 32-year-old's death. >> kristin fisher is live with a look at the family's fight. >> the family of kate stein lee -- kate steinle is charging. 32-year-old was shot and killed by an illegal i am grant while walking with her father on a pe pier in san francisco. this never should have happened
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and they are suing that it never happens again. he was a convicted felon already deported five times. they they are suing isis for turning a blind eye for not forcing a sheriff to keep him by obtaining a warrant. and land management for not properly handling a hand gun that was stolen and killed steinle. >> we are trying to make sure changes are made so they don't have to endure the pain that my mom, dad and i go through on a daily basis because the system failed our sister. and at this point nobody has taken responsibility, accountability and nothing has changed. >> that was kate steinle's brother speaking yesterday at a press conference. he knows nothing will ever bring
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his sister back but he has to do something. this is about justice for kate. hopefully it will stop something similar from happening to everybody else. >> it is not just about litigation but legislation as well. to another fox news lart right -- alert right now, stay inside and lock your doors. that's the message as officers go door to door hunting for ar group of men who murdered a police officer. let's get right to matt fin live for us in chicago with the latest. good morning, matt. good morning, heather. family, friends and an entire community are grieving for fallen police officer shot and killed on the job yesterday. just before he lost control of a radio he reported he was involved in a foot pursuit of the suspect. the ladies and gentlemened shooters who are still at large at this hour. a massive manhunt to find the
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suspect after more than 100 officers helicopters and dog teams searched the wooded area north of chicago. >> we are asking residents to please be on the alert if they see anything suspicious dial 911 immediately. no tip is too small. we are asking the community's help on locating anything suspicious. >> gliniewicz is described as a family man and dedicated police officer you want on your side. >> he was a soldier. he loved his community. i can't understand how this could happen to someone like joe. >> tension remains high along
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the illinois wisconsin border. three suspects considered armed and dangerous are on the lose. very little description other than they are two white people and one black person, heather? >> thank you very much. critics asking where is the outrage over the recent officer killings? maryland sheriff mike lewis unloading on the president for not doing more. >> the last seven days we have lost seven police officers. not once have we seen or heard the president denounce killings of law enforcement. not once while he quick to weigh in entree von martin and eric brown and. he made a private call to the widow but he has done nothing publically to announce the killing of the law enforcement officers. >> protest expected in baltimore as the trial of freddie gray
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begins. the judge expected to decide on three key issues today. marilyn mosby should be recused due to conflict of interest issues whether the officers charged in gray's death should be dismissed or charged separately or together. freddie gray died of a spinal cord injury while in police custody. it sparked riots across the city. the campaign to take out leaders the isis. the cia and u.s. special forces are using covert drones to target isis leaders. the campaign is essentially targeting a hit list of the terror group's highest ranking members and already conducted several successful strikes. the president plans to close
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down gitmo. they will begin surveying multiple sites in the u.s. for potential transfers. fort leavenworth in kansas and naval brig in south carolina two of the places being scouted. they have vowed to fight any proposed transfers. >> she was the breakout star at the first gop debate. carly fiorina is getting ared to take the main stage in round 2. the campaign by reporters cnn agreed to change the debate leblgs process. now instead of using polls dating back to july when fiorina's numbers are below they will use an average of polls conducted since the first debate. any candidate will make the prime time debate and fiorina is in 7th place. >> how do you win a debate? you make them take you. you make them say i earned this. i deserve it. >> it is a big deal.
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>> getting help from the supporters to say this is a fight from the outside against the political class. it helps her a lot. >> fiorina's team says she earned herself on the main debate stage. >> time to look at who is talking. columnist mark stein weighing in on the server scandal. he said if the e-mails got into the wrong hands she could be susceptible to blackmail. >> the level of deviousness and criminality as we discussed earlier you can site different statutes. her defense from that is simply she is just a church, she is just an idea ott and she was out of the loop that means she can't run on her expertise and experience as secretary of state when she is running for president. >> overnight lift-off for a three man crew headed to the international space station. >> engines now firing up at
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maximum thrust and lift-off for the 500 -- 500th time the rocket roaring into hair. >> it took off from a russian launch facility in kazakhstan carrying astronauts from kazakhstan to russia and denmark. bringing the total number on that space station to nine. >> well, feeling the meet temperatures well above average for millions of americans today. >> maria molina is in our studio. she has been following the forecast and brings us the latest. >> good morning heather and ainsley. according to the meteorological season it is officially fall. it is not fall yet but the meteorologists it is officially fall. we will be looking at the temperatures across many of the areas across the country. for now feeling very much like summer out there not only temperature wise but even precipitation wise. we are seeing isolated showers
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and storms popping up across postal areas and further quest across parts of the rockies. still very summer like out there across washington state. we are getting beneficial rain. out there we have been tracking wildfires for several weeks now. it has been very dry, very windy, low humidity. wither getting much needed moisture out there. the temperatures you mention them being well above average. we are into the 90's as far north as rapid city. cooler across houston with showers and storms in the forecast. across the east coast summer laoic as well. new york city, atlanta and tampa and also in the city of raleigh. heather and ainsley. >> the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, faith under fire. a kentucky clerk who refuses to grant gay marriage licenses taking her fight to court again.
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does religious freedom trump the law? we report, you decide. >> a group of rough and tough bikers showing off the softer side. >> put the helmet on and had a big smile on his face. i couldn't get the strap around his neck. >> how they are revving up their faith to help a boy being bullied. >> is your car the worst on the road? the brand new list just revealed. >> nbc announced president obama will appear on an episode of "running wild." i guess the episode features obama roughing it on a golf course that hasn't been mowed for a while. this is a disaster. what do i do, barrett. what do i do? flush
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fly she is accused of badly beating her girlfriend and leaving her to die. prosecutors say it was snuka's recent autobiography that helped reignite the cold case pointing to conflicting stories he told cops in 1993. he has been hanging out at an ecuadorian embassy in london for more than three years. brand new documents suggest officials brainstormed ways to smuggle him to freedom including hiding him in a bag meant for documents or helping him hop across rooftops to a helipad. the wiki leaks founder is wanted for sexual assault in freedom. he has been stuck in an embassy since declaring political asylum. off to a slippery start as the dow tumbles almost 500 points. fox business is here with the latest. >> good morning, ladies. it is a september to forget for
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stocks. the dow stocks now negative for the year and that means your 401 k it likely is, too. the dow up 470 points yesterday. it was the market's third worthless this year. the reason a slow down in china and europe and right here in the u.s. futures are indicating a jump at the own. check your freezer everybody. they are recalling 9,000 cases of frozen corn f potential lister listeria. these are the affected brands. all have best buy dates of june 17th. no illnesses have been reported. how about a big burrito before the big exam. they will deliver to 40 colleges this fall and 100 campuses by next spring. it's official mcdonalds rolling out all day on september 26th. order your sausage mcmuffin at
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7:00 a.m. and also 7:00 p.m. >> thank you, lauren. women are losing ground to men and it looks like stress is to blame. >> christmas lights, birthday parties. i don't know how you do it. >> die know how you do it all those children. >> i have two. >> because of all of the extra stress of juggling a job and a family women in 2012 will live four years longer than men that's five years. men arive willing longer due to a advances in medicine and declining in smoking. >> a new study claims you may not be as young at heart as you think. the cdc has a heart risk cal rate tore that has age and body mass index to reveal a person's heart age. 69 million americans have hearts that are five years older than their actual ages. the cdc hopes the calculator
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will encourage more team to exercise and eat healthy. a christian motorcycle group is stepping up to help a 12-year-old boy bullied at school. the group in california heard the boy was beaten up at school. the bikers offered to escort him back to school. >> put the helmet on him. had a big grin on his face. i knew it was the highlight of his life. >> all of us got onin is circle around him and prayed for him. all of the kids need to be lifted up. >> the group says it was to show support not to intimidate the boy he's classmate. >> i am sure they were. no one is messing with him now. they are thankful the bikers gave their son a confidence boost. >> the time now is 19 after the top of the hour. still to come how do you know if your brownie is just a brownie?
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lawmakers scrambling to make sure pot doesn't show up in your kid's treats. >> you want to send them on a date, send them an e-mail. >> i texted to his cell and he e-mailed me to my home account. >> does that sound romantic? >> no. >> a brand new study on dating is just revealed now. call. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings.
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> a new lead in the case of two high school football players who had mysterious brain injuries after playing in the same game. they are now eyeing the drug add roll believing it may have played a role.
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nick brown and justin schwartz finished playing friday night when they lost consciousness and collapsed. brown remains hospitalized in critical condition with dramatic brain injuries. how can you tell once pot edibles are sold in colorado and out of the package there's no way to know if there is pot in them. they are trying to avoid overdoses in children is skring putting a warning stamps on that one directly on the infused product. some say the warnings need to be boulder. >> we are disappointed the division has backed thbacked ou of this proposal. the>> items that can't be labeled like gran neat faw and liquids (indiscernible). >> do you want to land a date this weekend maybe? if you do it could be as simple
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as this. >> i go on-line and my breath catches in my chest until i hear three little words. >> you have got mail. >> apparently phone calls are out these days. millennials prefer e-mails over voice mails. test subjects took more time and that they choose their words carefully when writing the e-mail to potential love interests. that apparently makes it more romantic. >> what is the most romantic way you have been asked out? send us at e-mail or go to >> kermit the frog less than bhount after breaking it off he reportedly has a new lady. >> meet ven niece. she is a marketing executive at
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abc. she is also a little bit younger, maybe a little bit thinner than kermit's ex. >> look at the bottom of the screen kermit the dog. he claims they are just friend. a toddler fight club? find out where it happened and how to make sure it never happens again. >> challenges in the octagon. a marine has a challenge for her. >> i love everything we do. i think that you are a phenomenal person which is why it would be my honor to take you to the marine corps ball on december 11th. a big update this morning. did she say yes? if a denture were to be
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get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. >> a massive manhunt underway by
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three armed suspects after another cop was killed in the line of duty. >> the guy was a stand-up guy. he was a soldier. i don't understand how it can happen to someone like joe. >> a community and country up for change. >> carly fiorina getting a second chance to appear in the top 10 debate. >> who says cats are not loyal? >> he saved my son's life. >> the hero cat who took a bullet to save a little boy. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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>> live shot of new york city. welcome to new york and welcome to "fox & friends first". good morning to you. i am heather childers. >> it is 5:30 on the east coast in new york city. thanks for joining us. schools are closed and an illinois town is on lock down as they continue the massive manhunt for a cop killer. >> matt, do we know anything else this morning? >> heather and ainsley family and friends and the entire community are grieving for joe glynn wits who was shot and killed. he was shot and killed in a quiet community north of chicago. the three suspects reportedly involved in the shooting are still at large. some describe what happens in the moments they rushed to assist him. >> there's so many things he has
2:32 am
been involved in through out the community. he was a pillar. a pillar in the community, really well respected loved and admired by all. it is going to be hard. >> a massive manhunt was underway most of the day yesterday to fine the suspect involving over 100 local and federal officers, helicopters and dog teams that searched the wooded area. tensions remain high as the three suspects are considered armed and dangerous. gliniewicz leaves behind a wife and two children. he is a man you would want on your side. >> glen wisz was in a foot pursuit his communications lost contact with him. when our first responding backup units arrived at the scene they located lieutenant gliniewicz injured with a gun shot wound.
2:33 am
>> there is little description of the suspects other than they are two white people and one black person. as you mentioned nearby schools remain closed this morning. >> matt finn joining us live. thank you. >> fox news contribute toefer bernie goldberg on the black lives matter. >> they were all showing their good racial manners. they were showing that they were good people. by showing the demonstration they were calling for more police deaths would be bad racial matter -- manners. this leads to white liberal guilt. understand how important showing good racial manners is hard for them. you understand how they cover everything about race in
2:34 am
america. >> change in the criteria could land fiorina in the prime time spotlight. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest. good morning, peter. >> the big star of the under card debate was carly fiorina. there hasn't been a whole lot of national polling done since her headline grabbing performance. now cnn changing their criteria. the early states will be reflected and in all likelihood in the prime time show. something she is crediting some of her competition p saying thank you to real ben carson and donald trump about the new debate process. frontrunner donald trump takes
2:35 am
aim at jeb bush with a new ad on instagr instagram. >> i want to say thank you to secretary clinton and to president clinton. >> what does that make hillary clinton to the bush family? >> my sister-in-law. >> trump is trying to use family ties to attack. bush meanwhile trying to turn back the clock and remind voters trump's position on several key issues has changed over the years. >> this is not a guy who is impervio impervious. ka aim out of his own mouth. >> that is the most direct back and forth against any of the candidates on any side so far. at this point the primaries have been pretty light to this point. not so much any more.
2:36 am
>> columnist steven haze says the battle between trump and bush could make room for the underdogs. >> is this a little spat or is it a bigger fight that is carried on in the airwaves in these early days? is if that's the case you could see a sken nature ye where the two men bush and trump with big name id beat the heck out of hee each other and lead to the rise of carly fiorina and ben carson. >> you remember the marine who asked rhonda to the ball? >> i think you are a phenomenal
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person. it would be my honor to take you to the ball on september 11th. >> jared posted the invitation and it went viral. so what is her decision? is she is all in. >> i will go, for sure. do i have to write a column or set up a commonplace like never been kissed? she told tmz she wasn't able to go first because there was a fight at first but now she is free. she has one condition he has to be a gentlemen. the ball is september 11th in north carolina. >> and she wants her friends to go so she is not alone. >> we are available, ronda. super soaker across parts of florida. >> maria molina tracks it for us. >> good morning heather and ainsley. looking at toasty temperatures already early this morning. it is only 5:37 eastern time.
2:38 am
you are looking in memphis at a temperature of 80 degrees and in phoenix 691 degrees at this hour. temperatures will continue to climb and feel very summer like. you are looking at the temperatures climbing into the 90's as well across parts of the east coast. seattle a little on the cooler side with a high temperature of 66 degrees. out there the reason we have cooler temperatures is because we have a storm system that has rolled in and it is producing a lot of cloud cover. we have showers, steady rain out there across coastal areas of washington state. we are not getting the moisture further inland where we need it in montana and idaho. we are dealing with areas of rain this morning across places of houston and parts of louisiana. that should be conditioning through out the day today. it will be rather unsettled across parts of the gulf coast.
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we are going to keep an eye on it. otherwise in the northeast feeling summer like some sunshine and humidity in place as well. heather and ainsley you look very summer like in parts of the plains and coast today. we are going to be looking at temperatures plummeting in the next few months. then we will be complaining about the cold. the time is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. bathroom battle where outraged students are protesting the decision to allow a transgender to use the girl's bathroom. >> the brand new list of the worst cars on the road. >> when the story time ends, the adorable video that is going viral.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". fighting for justice. the family of kate steinle suing the government after their daughter was gunned down by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. kristin has a look at the new mission. >> it has been two months since kate steinle was shot and killed bile walking on a pier with her father. the steinle family said this should have never happened. they are suing to make sure it doesn't happen again. they have exhausted all other avenues and the system has failed her. >> we are doing this for a couple of different reasons. but the first reason is for kate.
2:44 am
to get justice for kate. >> everybody is pointing the finger nobody is being held accountable. there has to be accountability before change is going to be made. that's what we are hoping for. >> the family is filing three lawsuits one against the san francisco sheriff another against ice immigration and customs enforcement and the third against bureau plan management. they claim each played a part in her murder. they are suing the sheriff for ignoring isis request to detain him. francisco sanchez was there with a convicted felon who had been de forted four times already. not forcing the sheriff to keep him behind bars and bureau of land management for not properly securing the hand gun that was stolen from a federal agent's car and used to shoot kate steinle. he claims he was only following policy. san francisco is a sanctuary city but the family says that's not good enough. they want him to be held
2:45 am
accountable. they believe this lawsuit is their best option. ainsley? >> thanks so much. kristin fisher live for us in dc. >> are you in the market for a new car? if you are the buyer you need to be aware. consumer reports just released the worst cars of 2015. slar casone from our sister network is here with the list. >> good morning ainsley. consumer reports singled out four car models as representing the worst for 2015. it is a mix of crossovers names you know and even a mini van/suffer all of these appearing in the october issue. kia sedona mini van was made to look like an suv but the ride isn't simple and there are squeaks rattles according to the magazine. lexus 203 is the newest compact suv edition compared to toyota rav-4 that's not good in you have lexus on the front of the vehicle. cheap components among the
2:46 am
criticism. land rover was quote a bad deal for the flute footed engine and lumbering transmission. entertainment system was outdated. chrysler 200 is dead last among the mid-sized car rankings. the cylinder engine clunky handling and the seat also getting bad reviews. those are the worst list for 2015. ainsley, back to you. >> to find cheryl you can go to >> the bulky transmissions get you every time. >> a toddler fight club it happened at one daycare. what is being done now to make sure it never happens again. >> who says cats aren't loyal? >> need to keep them around. >> a hero cat that just took a
2:47 am
bullet to save a little boy. >> he looks sad. >> first brian kilmeade with what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> we have mr. wonderful. i am talking about kevin o'leary not pete. although he does fit the criteria. we are looking at another killing of the copies a liberal democrat and he wrote a book about it. carly fiorina has an admission pass to the main stage. find out who is responsible. can you say trump? can you say carson? all coming up on "fox & friends." please get dressed.
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disturbing allegation against two day care workers. accused of running a kiddy fight club as kids as young as four years old right on the play ground. >> and just outside of that day care center. carry. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. we're here outside the lightbridge academy. and two former day care workers have been arrested. they forced about a dozen children between the ages of four and six to fight each other on the playground. they say they videotaped and then posted it online. >> i was raging mad. >> i think that that is the most
2:52 am
appalling reprehensible thing i've ever heard. >> reporter: they say this is an isolated incident and they're working with authorities on this investigation. and thankfully, none of the children in the video were injured. if convicted they could spend up to five years behind bars. that's latest in new jersey here. >> thank you kaer kari. the issue, a transgender student using the girl's locker room at hillsboro high. they would prefer that lisleau parry use the existing gender neutral restroom because she's still physically a male. >> she hasn't been through any prosieger to become a female. >> she says that she will no
2:53 am
longer use the girl's locker room but will continue to use the lady's rest room. the school board is not commenting. we've all heard that cats have nine lives and opy hit by a stray bullet. the bullet went right through his head, neck and shoulder, missing the little boy by just inches. >> it could have been my son. >> he was sound asleep and i saw my cat in the other room and that's when i realized he was shot. he saved my son's life, so we need to keep him around. >> and he is going to be a-okay. >> we love opie. >> the time now is eight minutes after the top of the hour. and terrorists serving time in gitmo could soonn our own
2:54 am
backyard. and want to send someone on a date, go to your black berry. >> he emailed me to my phone account. >> what's more romantic.
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♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. three min butes before the p of the hour. schools are closed as police hunt for three armed men accused
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of gunning down a illinois police officer in the line of duty. and hearings into the death of freddy gray begins. and a judge is set to decide whether the charges will be dismissed. and scouting putensh lt military sites for gitmo transfers. time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. we're starting with the good. you can soon get your hash brown fix morning noon and night. next, the bad, time to rethink your grocery list. the more money you spend on fizzy drinks, the higher your risk of heart attack and strokes. acids believed to be the blame. and the ugly and by ugly, we mean very adorable. when story time ends, the tears begin. >> and i go in my hollow tree
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and dream about spring. the end. [ crying] >> he hates the end. that video, the saddest little book worm is now going viral. how cute is that. keep reading. smart kid, loves to read. now it's time for your brew on this response. it turns out landing a date may be as simple as sending an email. a new study found that millennials prefer emails than phone calls because it's viewed as more romantic. >> he said i sent my wife a pink rose and a card for five days with one word on each card, "can i take you out?" . and i told her i had a coupon for the sizler and i'll drive. thanks for writing us and let's
3:00 am
keep talking about the kentucky clerk held in contempt for refusing to issue marriage licenses. "fox & friends" starts right now. thanks for watching. good morning to you today, it is wednesday, september 2nd, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck and this is a fox news alert. a massive manhunt underway for three men who gunned down a police officer in cold blood. >> we remember him being deeply committed to fox lake. >> businesses are closed and an entire community is on edge. a live report for you straight ahead. and also this morning, as hillary clinton's email scandal continues to spiral out of control, is she over looking one


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