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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 13, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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take a moment tonight to remember the victims of the horrible attack 14 years ago. and the heroes who tried to sav families and the survivors. thank you for families and the survivo survivors. thank you for joining us. i'm megyn kelly. >> it's going to be a big debate but i'm always ready. >> it's not just big, it's huge. right now on justice, the donald seeing double. trump facing himself in the mirror with jimmy fallon and today, takes aim at his opponents in iowa. plus, will hillary's week of appaologies and promise of transparency change anything? ib don't think so. it's tonight's opening statement and then. >> keep talking about the tool,
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as -- they stump for trump and they're taking the internet by storm. i talk with diamond and silk. you don't want to miss this. "justice" starts now. hello and welcome to "justice." thanks for being with us tonight. it's a been a schizophrenic week for hillary clinton. monday, she says she has no intention of apologizing to anyone over the emails because her actions were permitted by the state department. permitted? who gave you permission? you? you're wrong. you're on state department regulations in 2005 say government business be conducted on a government email and then in 2009, your job was to insure that this was done. the state department does not allow united states business on a private server and even you
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know you're wrong because after being notified by google that hackers were targeting private emails of government employees, you sent out an email to all state department employees not to use private emails for government business and you even fired an ambassador for using private computer. >> and i should have used two accounts, one for personal and one for work-related emails p. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> it was a mistake, you take responsibility? hillary, you took responsibility for benghazi, nothing happened and what difference did that make? and you're sorry you used two emails?
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that's not the point. you used a private server and by doing that you sacrifice classified information. and on thursday, you said you were sorry for all the confusion that ensued. who was confused? are you saying that we're confused? that we don't get it? don't you dare throw that one on us. we're not confused. the law is clear and stop muddying the waters with your ever changing narrative. you never sent or never received anything classified, anything marked classified. well, how could anything be marked classified if your private server blocks the state department from doing so? but what i love hillary is how you say things? this week the washington times reported that your private emails included highly classified information on north
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korea's nuclear weapon program. >> i'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements. >> you act insulted, imposed upon. how would anyone think you would do anything untword and to think you have to answer questions from the common folk. an insult to your imperial arrogant being and your campaign men says you're going to show more humor and heart. the very next day, you tear up on national television. you know, hillary, it reminds me of when you started crying during your 2008 run. the reason for your tears? >> i have so many opportunities from this country.
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i just don't want to see us fall backwards. >> really, hillary? you don't want to see us fall backwards? you were crying because you were the one falling backwards, losing to the little known barack obama, you couldn't believe it and now hillary, you're under federal investigation for a myriad of crimes not to mention, sending classified information could accepted you to prison for 10 years. first you did it for convenience so you would only have to carry one device and then we find out you have two black berrys and an ipad and then it's totally allowed and it's not and then colon powell did the same thing. he didn't. he did not have a private server. and then the stuff was not marked classified before or after and now you try to wiggle your way out of the truth saying this wasn't classified or that
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wasn't classified. i don't really care. here's the problem. you were communicating as a is secretary of state. on not just a private email, a private server and if there's not just one classified email on that server, then we should get our money back because you were not doing your job. and you're now under federal investigation by probably the most sophisticated, honorable director of the fbi in american history, jim comy and hillary, this is just me and you talking here, i know you're sad but hillary, you got a lot to be crying about. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page and #judge janine. and with me now coco. am i wrong?
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>> oh, judge, you so, so wrong. first of all, she's not hillary, she's madam secretary. >> she's not secretary anymore. >> you call madam secretary just like you call any form member of the cabinet by their highest rank. >> get to your point. >> half of the facts or pieces of information you just mentioned are absolute inaccurate -- >> what's inaccurate? >> she did not pass along classified information -- >> i didn't say she did, coco. you need listen better. she does not have it on a government email. >> she's not under criminal investigation -- >> what is the fbi investigating? her yoga classes. they investigate crimes. >> you're a judge, you know when
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the fbi asks questions, it's not always a criminal matter. >> are you kidding, coco? >> i'm not kidding. this is nothing more than the witch hunt that's been levelled against this woman for the last 30 years and the fact that you talk about her like she's some kind of crazy self involved dill taunt is insulting because the woman has given 30 years of her life -- >> come on, she's been trying to be president for 30 years. tell me one law she passed as a united states senator that has benefitted anyone. tell me, come on, let's go, coco. >> aid to the workers at 9/11. >> wow, was she one of the people on the bill? that's big of her, she's from new york. >> you know, the republicans have spent a lot of time opposing aid to 9/11 workers, so it is an accomplishment.
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>> do you know that if you don't have government business on a server that can be captured, that is a crime? do you know that? it's called -- >> wait a minute, judge, if you don't have government business on a server that doesn't make any sense and may not occur. this is just nothing more than all of the witch hunts that have been levelled at this woman for 30 years because you all have clinton derangement syndrome. you hate her because she's a woman and a strong woman. >> let me tell you, no one wants a woman president more than i do but not someone who constantly dances with federal prosecution. you know she lies, coco. >> no, i don't think she lies. >> oh, she didn't. >> there's an entire industry of people that have made their fortunes going after these people. >> if she's so transparent, why
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did she scrub that server? why didn't she give that server to a third party? why did she do all that? >> because it's -- first of all, because -- there was nothing on it left, she had turned over all of her emails on a thumb drive earlier. >> she got rid of the -- and had the server scrubbed. there were 60,000 emails, coco. >> the justice department had just said in a court filing that she was perfectly within her rights and it was expected that she would get rid of her personal emails. once she turned over the emails, she shouldn't keep the server. what's the point? she's delivered it. >> there's nothing on the server so she can destroy anything she wants to. do you believe that for four years, as secretary of state, this woman didn't have one email
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with classified information on it? do you believe that? >> that's what she says, yeah. >> well, what was she doing? >> because i think they find other ways of conveying classified information. >> what do they do, call on a cell phone? >> i think they probably hand it to her in other ways -- >> let me tell you something, coco. >> listen, the ways that the people in the intelligence community and its state find to communicate information, particularly sensitive information is, it's part of the practice and it does not go over unsecured emails. >> okay. here's the thing. every email she had was unsecure, coco. and if general putrays -- >> you haven't heard any
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information. there's been no information that her server was hacked -- >> let me tell you what the law is. the test is not whether it was hacked, the test is whether or not she made it so that other people could have access to it and we already know that blumenthal's emails were hacked. >> right, but blumenthal's emails were not classified. it was just information and gossip they were trading back and forth. >> don't get me started on benghazi because that's what this mess is all about. shes said she didn't have emails on benghazi. >> you know benghazi isn't a scandal, right? >> it happened because she would not allow the ambassador to have the security he needed -- >> no, they cut the security
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budget and we didn't have the money. >> you know what, coco, i got to tell you, there's a reason that americans don't trust her, there's a reason they connect the word liar and untrustworthy to her because nobody believes her anymore. >> because you keep saying it. >> what? because i keep saying it? i thought nobody listened to me. >> because conservatives say repeatedly, repeatedly, these are terrible people and don't trust them, so a lot of people start to believe it, but i don't believe it -- >> bye, coco. bernie sanders is beating her. thank you, coco. with me now is someone who feels a little differently than coco, ann coulter. >> i like the defense that she
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has not been indicted yet. she has not been criminally accused and investigated. that's fantastic, she hasn't been indicted yet. let's make her president. >> do you think it's going to happen? >> it should because beyond the classified information, she destroyed government property. and the reason it is so important that she had a private server, again, i say, i think she's dumb. we've been through this a million times and coco is saying you people keep coming after her and that's because they keep doing stuff like this. from the cattle futures -- >> she make as killing. $100,000 based on what she read in the wall street journal but then never tries it again. wouldn't you try it one more time? >> amazing day trader. the white water records, rose law firm records. how many times have we been
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through this? it's the exact same scandal over and over again and the reason it's so important she had her own server no one could get to is if you make a request of the government, someone other than you is supposed to be deciding what gets turned over but because it was all on her private server, she was the one determining whether it was private or not. >> we have some sound of hillary on world news on september 8th. >> i am confident by the end of this campaign people will know they can trust me. >> by the end of the campaign, people are going to know -- hasn't she been around for 25 years. they don't trust her after 25 years. >> yes, but judge, she hasn't been indicted yet. and it's a completely different personality every time. even if she's saying she actually sincerely believes,
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people would laugh. she is the most insincere looking person and this tearing up over her grandmother now. the tearing up, are any men voting for the democratic party anymore? these sob stories they all put forward. >> i got to give her that, we all love our grandmother. >> but it's not part of the campaign. and she has to apologize but her message is my mother had a tough life. that's your message? >> hillary's staffer, this kid named brian pagliano, pleads the fifth, what does that tell you, madam attorney? >> it tells me that mcdougal is
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still there, boy, people will go to the mat for the clintons. >> they got them by the short hairs and i think what's going to happen is he's going to talk. >> that hasn't been the history of the clintons. and i return to my point of i wish you would stop attacking hillary because i believe she's the one we want donald trump running against. and she's such an awful speaker. every time you play her speaking, i think people are giggling thinking liar, liar. we want her as the nominee, jud judge. the democrats want biden. >> and it's always good, ann coulter, having you with us. and a former supervisor talks the iran deal. and i sit down with the former gop presidential contender about
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the race and then, they're a youtube sensation. >> you all make sure you continue to stuck for him too. >> diamond and silk, the stump for trump girls. and should hillary stay in growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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♪ i will absolutely apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if i'm ever wrong. >> donald trump brought down the house on jimmy fallon last night but waisted no time getting right back on the campaign trail hitting iowa today. trump topping the polls at 32% as candidates head into wednesday's prime time debate. and a former gop candidate, tom, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure, judge. >> what we've got is on wednesday, 11 gop presidential contenders will square off in the next prime time debate. who needs a stellar showing and
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what do they need to survive on a stage with donald trump? >> well, they have to all think about this and that's who is your audience? who are you trying to attract to your camp? it's not the general public. it's a relatively small part of the general public and a smaller part of that meaning people who vote in republican primaries. think about who it is you're talking to out there and i'll tell you right now, judge, if they're smart, they will forget, all of them, forget about talking about anything they've done as governors or anything that smack as traditional politics. politics as usual. what we know now -- and i think people have known for some time but even the media is beginning to catch on, the fact is most republicans are sick of that. they're sick of republicans
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going to congress or even to the white house and not being republicans. >> so, how does someone on that stage -- we all know everybody hates politicians, congress is lowest numbers ever and trump, carson is prove that people are fed up with politicians. >> well, what you do is talk about issues that the establishment hates talking about. immigration, right. you talk about what you're going to do about immigration. you talk about how you're going to stop it. how you're going to stop mobs from immigration into america. that will send the establishment into orbit and it will tell your -- your hard core republican conservatives, who you are. you want to make strides in this thing, if you want any end road at all against donald trump, you better forget about being a
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traditional republican candidate. >> well, you talked about immigration years ago, why is it resonating with donald trump? >> i don't have the hair or the money. frankly, honestly, think about this, he's got the name recognition, the 9 billion -- i mean, the guy's got a lot going for him that i certainly never had and i think people have finally come to grips with this and we look that europeans who are driving a dagger into their own heart by bringing in all these muslm muslims pretending refugees. >> i was in europe last week, i get it. i get it. and next we go live to arizona. new on the rash of shootings there and we talk the iran deal.
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and congressman is here as well as former clinton ambassador. and of course,
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now back to "justice" with judge jeanine. breaking tonight, new developments in that string of arizona highway shootings. police now questioning a person of interest. >> reporter: good evening, judge, while they are talking to that person of interest, authorities tell me today that their prime suspect or suspects are still out there, still on the loose, in fact, they admit that there could be multiple shooters out there, this after there a are 11 confirmed shootings. and there's been a number of reported shootings, who reported something hit their car.
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they turned out to be debris or rocks. we also have video of a separate incident, one driver says he was on i 10, driving to work when he heard a loud pop and saw that his window had shattered. l of these at this point appear to be false alarmed but they are asking drivers to be vigilant. as for the person of interest, we know authorities are continuing to question him and police tell me today that he's not their guy. we're talking about 19-year-old oscar, and our sources tell us that munoz waus bragging to friends but he says he has no idea why police think he was involved. >> when i got in the truck, they rammed into the back of the truck and threw me on the ground and had my mom with guns all
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over her. i keep on asking them and they're like, we can't tell you. >> munoz appeared in court on a non-related drug charge and remains behind bars this evening. as for his involvement in the shootings, authorities aren't elaborating on what involvement if any he may have. >> my next guest gave an impassioned speech on the house floor against the obama's administration's iran nuke deal. congress lee zelden joins me now. good evening, congressman. >> good to be with you. >> the latest poll says only 21% of americans agree with this deal. don't these guys in congress work for us? >> absolutely and some think it's the other way around. the president is celebrating being able to get a minority of
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senators to be able to support him and it's just out of blind cool aid drinking party loyalty. >> and you asked them a key question on the house floor. i want you to take a look at this. >> how do you support a deal based on verification without knowing what the verification is? i'd be happy to yield if anyone wanted to stand up and explain how you support a deal without knowing what the verification is. you can't. >> very effective. the reaction, deafening silence, nobody could explain it. so, iran sends soil samples to the iaea and we're supposed to be good with that? >> we shouldn't be. i mean the u.s. is not part of the inspection teams and the
1:35 am
reports are that iran is inspecting its own places and they haven't heard verification agreements on a deal based on verification. >> and it says that under this bill, the president has to give congress the text of the agreement and all related materials and an exs. that would be the side deal. has anyone in congress seen it? >> secretary kerried a milty ea hasn't seen it. >> and committing the united states states, the president to the deal, at the un security counsel and at the un, obviously, hasn't he made any act by congress almost irrelevant because he's agreed
1:36 am
at the security counsel level? >> the president cannot wave statutory sanctions until after the 60-day congressional review period. that doesn't start until we have the entire agreement. >> so, if the president says you know -- we're going forward with it and look, he slubed his nose as you guys before, what makes you think he's going to listen to you now? >> he's violating the law. >> he's done it before. >> in the next 18 months, he'll do it again. his foreign policy is risking our national security and our safety. and all the leverage that brought the iranians to the table is gone without the fact that they're financing terror, everything about the way he's approaching the presidency right now is detrimental to the american safety.
1:37 am
we had three votes, one is that we said we're not on the clock said and the second, we brought up a vote to approve of the iran deal and it tanked. and the other one, which passed the house was a bill that prevents the president from lifting sanctions. the senate needs to evolve their strategy. they brought a vote to disproval. it was fillbustered. >> and with me now, former u.s. clinton ambassador to the u.n. and nancy sodeberg. this week, iran supreme leader swore that israel will not exist in 25 years and they won't have a moment of peace before then. doesn't that frighten you? >> it does. i think iranian regime is a regime that supports terror.
1:38 am
it's been trying to get a nuclear weppon for the last 10 years. this deal stops the nuclear deal of that bad equation. those need sit back and recog n recoginize that all the bad things they're doing, hostages, human rights abuses, all of those things, we can't change overnight. you can't wave a magic wand and say you behave. but imagine all those things with a nuclear armed iran. this stops it dead. that is in our interest. and those who want to stop it, need to step back, read the agreement, it does stop iran's march to a nuclear weapon and that's a good zithing. >> and it is but we don't know what's in the deal. >> that's such a side deal. you can read the griemagreement
1:39 am
has very intense inspection agreements. the u.s. has never intended to inspect the facilities and it's how we know they were cheating in the first place and those who oppose this deal are missing the big point pch this stops iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> i understand you believe that -- >> it does. >> but winnestern analysts said they have a supply of uranium and they're going to import it. >> iran was enriching uranium up to 20%, you need about 90% to make a nuclear weapon. they cannot get a nuclear weapon under this deal. no deal is perfect.
1:40 am
what congress need to do is begin to make sure that this deal is implemented, that the iaea does the right thing -- >> how can we force them to do the right thing, we don't even know what they're supposed to do? >> that's not true. you can read the agreement. the agreement says that they will be in there. there's a longer delay than most of us will like but once you start delaying, that's a red sign. and today, they could have a nuclear weapon in less than a year and with this, the break out time is much longer. we'll be able to put the sanctions back on. and we're much safer with this deal than without. >> nancy, you give someone like them 100 billion or $150,000,000,000 the biggest supporters of terrorism. >> do you want to stop them having a nuclear weapon or not? >> thank you so much for being
1:41 am
with us. >> my pleasure. >> and next, there's something here for trump. i talk to the sisters next.
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man, fire your consultant that told you to do that. wrong move. i tell you what you do, listen, our man, donald trump is polling high in the polls and he is going to be our next president. >> those are the we be sisters, 2 women who have become internet sensations. and take a look. all right, diamond and silk, thank you so much for being here. i have to tell you, i haven't seen too much of you guys but i discovered you about a month ago and said, wow. i don't know if you've always
1:46 am
been talking about the politics but you watch the fox debate and you come out the next day swinging for donald trump. you're democrats. did you just decide you love donald trump? >> when he announced his candidacy, i called silk and said, listen you have to cut on it tv so you can see, don, he's going to be running for president and she called me back midway and said, you know this is going to be our next president. we pay attention to what's going on. >> and you know what, guys, i give you the ultimate kudos because comedy is not easy. you've got to be smart, know the facts and no matter how sarcastic and funny you are, you have to have something substantive and you say jeb bush, i watched one of those. why didn't you go with donald?
1:47 am
>> you guys read the news every day? >> well, i look at the news and what i don't like sometimes is the media biasness and how they try to feed us a narrative. so, i pay attention. i'm an african american, i pay attention to the news and when i see something that looks strange or something where someone is piggy backing off someone to try to make a point, i talk about it and donald is the only one that wants to protect us. >> you know what you're doing in this interview, you're doing exactly what you do in the videos. you're hysterical. did you when you were growing up as sisters, because you are sisters, did you fight with each other or did you agree with everything she said? >> we have our moments but this is my best friend right here and i do whatever i need to do for her and i love her and we learn how to agree to disagree.
1:48 am
>> you do it well. let's talk about hillary clin clintbclinton and the emails. you said, call, spike lee, tell her to do the right thing. how long do you prepare these? >> it's shooting from the hip and then the product comes out as it is. >> and you get any kind of feet back from people who may not like your politics? >> well, absolutely. but we don't focus on the negative, we folk thons positive. >> that's right. >> all right, big issue for you. illegals. and you start talking about in your support of donald trump is that they come here and they come here illegally and we give them education, medication, food, jobs. it sounds like one of justice
1:49 am
with jeanine's opens. >> when an illegal immigrant crossed the boarder, they're committing a crime. i don't understand why we're arresting americans for committing crimes and they cross illegally and they take over the whole town. look, if you love america, be legal. we love the immigrants of this country because they're american. we want illegals to become legal so you can become an american. >> and when you say some of our american towns are turning into spanish speaking towns. and have you found that when you go out, you have to speak spanish to communicate in some stores? >> absolutely. and you have some people, they can't even get jobs in certain towns because they don't speak spanish and this is america.
1:50 am
we speak english over here. learn our language. >> and finally, ladies, i mean what do you think is going to happen in this election? is there anything that could turn you against donald? >> no, we want him to be the president. listen, he's already talking about keeping americans safe. who else is talking about keeping us safe?
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and now are for the results of tonight's insta poll. should hillary clinton stay in the race? nate says hillary should drop out already. she should take her pants suits and go directly to prison. >> sarah says absolutely
1:55 am
stay in the race. real change can be done by hillary clinton and it is time for the media to apologize for the the continual attacks. >> hey, sarah, real change? i bet you my house you can't think of one change she has made for you. and jackie says there are no more get out of jail free cards for hillary. it's game over for this repeat offender. and rob says she hasn't been convicted of anything. move on. mary says: are democrats so naive and uninformed they think she should get away with everything she has done? give me strength. and robert says absolutely stay in the race. hillary is providing us with plenty of entertainment. let's stay tuned for more exciting scandals. kimberly says this so-called email scandal is overstated and one more weak attempt for republicans to attack her character. hey, kimberly, i hate to break the news to you, it's not the republicans going after hillary. it's obama's appointed fbi
1:56 am
director going after her. and, by the way, what gives her the right to thumb her nose at the law? anyway, thanks for the great responses. i love reading what you think. make sure you log on and send me your thoughts on tonight's show. and check out all the great behind-the-scene photos like this one with "justice" fans i met while on vacation in capri. they are from new jersey. anyway, that's it for us tonight. remember, you don't ever have to miss justice. just set your dvr and tell your friends to do the same. thanks for joining us. remember, friend me on facebook. follow me on twitter at judge janine. see you next week.
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>> julie banderas is up next. we'll be laughing at the joke off of the air. gun men or gunman targeting the arizona highway is still on the loose. police say the person in custody is not their prime suspect. this is the fox report. the person in custody was bragging about being involved in a rash of shootings and they are working to it so if he was at the scene of previous incidents. someone targeted at least 11 vehicles in the past two weeks. most on i- ten and i- 17 in phoenix and investigators are saying they are treating the shootings as domestic terrorism and say the shooter or


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