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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 15, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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against larry holmes. but he was the greatest one last time 37 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. of this i assure you. the dow is up again. neil cavuto is coming up. i'll see you back here when weirdness happens. have a great afternoon. all right. thank you very much. i want to take you to los angeles and the uss iowa. this venue that one donald trump is going to address his national security issues, the first time he has spoken out and articulated these issues for the american public. he is all into media events. this is a perfect backdrop to do that. and it could be an interesting venue at that. ahead of the big debate tomorrow nat night. a lot of folks are paying attention to donald trump because, while he is the frontrunner, he has got one ben carson on his tail. these are the latest poll
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figures. all of the others who are largely in single digits or lower are the ones who are going to feel compelled to start taking the donald on. whether that includes mr. carson is anyone's guess. we should point out that, since the last debate, that is, the fox news debate, donald trump is still up about seven points but carson is up north of 20 points. that was then. this is now. to a major mover and shaker in the republican party, who could decide whether there is staying power to any of what ben carson is doing. the man who was very influential in all but making rick santorum in iowa. helped make that state a big win for senator santorum. good to have you back, senator. >> neil, always good to be back
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with you. >> looking at ben carson's surge in the polls. i know you expressed interest in him. others are taking a look at him. i am wondering if you are ready to back him? aroue y holding off? >> well, we're holding off. there is a lot of game to be played yet. there is a big process to be played, a debate tomorrow night. i think what this campaign has shown thus far is that people are looking for outside leadership. they're tired of politics as usual, they're tired of the politicians saying they're going to do one thing and do another thing. they believe politicians are liars. they're looking for real-life leadership and results. obviously donald trump gives that to them. ben carson gives that to them. they're looking at carly fiorina. >> are you looking at any of the other names you mentioned? donald trump, for example. >> we're looking at all of them. keeping a fair and level playing field for every one of them. we have a great field of candidates. i have got to feel that -- we have to identify the pulse of
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the american people, and they're definitely showing they want leadership from the outside today, leadership that's actually going to be bold and courageous once they get to washington d.c. >> you also look for someone who has some religious convictions, right? is that crucial to you? >> we are looking for somebody with character. >> okay. >> well, yeah, it definitely is. we're looking for a person of character, somebody that we can trust. we're looking for somebody who is competent and can do the job, and we're looking for somebody who surrounds themselves with the right kind of people. what kind of company do they keep? we always put principle over politi politics. we'll put our principles over any politics and hopefully be able to champion them across the finish line. >> you mentioned at the outset that people are getting tired of business as usual, politicians who come from that camp, paraphrasing there. does that mean that the guy you backed four years ago is passe? >> well, i don't know about that.
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rick santorum will stay in this race. he's already visited all 99 counties. he knows what happened four years ago, where he was at 2% in the polls and a few weeks later he is winning the iowa caucuses and he is winning the other states. >> you made that in large part possible. i don't want to read between the lines. sounds to me like you have moved on. >> well, again, 2016 is not 2012. we' 2016 is not 2008 when i endorsed mike huckabee. huckabee has a great story to tell. santorum has a great story to tell. what i would remind the viewers, neil, we're on september 15, not january 15. historically those leading the polls on september 15 are not doing so on january 15. >> if i remember you backed santorum around thanksgiving. >> it was december 20, two weeks
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to the day prior to the iowa caucuses. >> are you going to wait that long? >> we're probably going to weigh in with our endorsement around the thanksgiving time frame. when i do that i'll get around everybody i know to try to get them to unite around that individual. >> could you come here first? >> i would love to. when i endorsed santorum the first time you threw me under the bus for endorsing him. when he won you had me right back on the show which shows you are a class act and gave me good kudos. >> i don't remember that. i do remember that. i want to go to another one anointed by god as a man of the markets. charles gasparino. donald trump. the rap against him is his language, his in your face, get tough, sometimes very demeaning approach to other candidates is not exactly, i don't know, jesus-like. who am i to judge. ben carson had to dial that back
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and later apologized to donald trump if he had misspoke and had said something to offend donald trump's sensibilities or that he wasn't a religious man. does that matter to your in a candidate? demeanor, comportment? how they treat other candidates? >> it does. you take away the verbiage and tone that donald trump is using. he is definitely tapping into an emotion right now with the american people. >> that's not what i was asking. >> it does matter. >> are you someone who would endorse that type of approach? >> right now we believe donald trump has been very good for this race. that doesn't mean we're going to endorse him to be the candidate for president. i tell you what, we're thrilled he says marriage is between a man and a woman, that he stands for the human life. he's tapping into an american cinema what politics is over in
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america. i think he's been very good for this race. >> you're a gentleman and a good man. you're also good at very adeptly avoiding my questions which i deeply admire. but thank you very much. >> that way you can have me back on sometime. >> i will. and i will make good on that. i hope you do as well. very good to have you. he is a mover and shaker. he is not a braggart about that but he does affect the votes. donald trump and ahead of this speech on the uss iowa. tonight where he goes and when he goes places let's just say crowds follow. he got a little bit more than he bargained for last night in dallas when he spoke to some 20,000 at the americanairlines arena. take a listen to some who were there protesting his views, for example, on illegals and more to the point, mexican immigrants. this was from last night. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ].
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>> we bleeped out a lot of nasty words. they were saying some not so christian things. which brings me to charlie gasparino and whether that's video of his last family reunion. you mentioned something i thought was very insightful, that he loses on the one hand with some latino support he gains with what? >> working-class white people. that's what we're talking about here. what is the forgotten majority? they were my parents and maybe your parents. people that were felt that the democratic party left them behind, was engaging in sort of the sort of social issues that they didn't agree with and they went to the republican party. >> right. >> that has been -- those folks have been staying home in recent
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elections. one of the reasons why mitt romney lost ohio is because that voting bloc stayed home. >> they didn't go. >> they didn't go. >> this crowd might, given the crowds he generates, might be sort of impassioned to get out there. >> he is clearly tapping into that. >> can you afford to lose latino support? >> i don't know. i don't know how many latinos he will lose. a lot of them don't like the fact that someone can come in illegally and get -- >> that's an excellent point. >> lot of latinos are blue collar working class people and they don't see some of this stuff purely through a racial lens. i know that for a fact. >> he is not a typical republican. right? a lot of what he's talking about is populist. the idea he would go after companies that would dare ship jobs eveoverseas as he puts it. enforce a 35% tax rate on companies. >> neil, those are the issues
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that are important to that group that i talked about, the blue collar, largely working-class white sort of party -- >> scare a lot of the corporate ceos and wall street. >> we've reported on your show that wall street is in a panic about him. that's an important bloc for the republicans to get. about trump, everybody thought the fissures in the republican party was between the religious right and the more mainstream libertarian or wall street types. this other group is out there. they don't care about the flat tax. they don't care about capital gains or carried interest and all the stuff that makes wall street swoon. they care about the losing jobs. so there is an issue of protectionism on their part. they care about immigration. they live in texas and arizona and they see -- >> the last guy who got together that kind of disgruntled base was ronald reagan. >> right. they see the negatives of immigration as peggy noonan pointed out in a great column
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last week. it's a force to be reckoned with. give donald trump credit for tapping into that. i hope he really believes what he says about this stuff. this isn't a marketing ploy. but we shall see. >> all right. speaking on the deck of the ship tonight. >> yes. >> while i've got you here, i want to pick your brain on this. look at how the dow closed out. 228 points. this might strike you as odd coming the same week that the federal reserve is meeting and could hike interest rates. split view on whether it happens sooner rather than later. that is going to happen because the fed has drawn a line in the sand. there was weak news or weaker than expected news that made some traders thought maybe they don't move on interest rates. it's been stuck at around zero for the better part of eight years. you have a different theory on this. >> from one of my best sources. david seeberg at cowan and company. >> a bond trader. >> yes. the markets are craving, craving
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clarity. one way to give them clarity is to raise the rates now, and then you put off for a while -- you say, well, we'll see how it goes. it will be gradual. he believes that the market is up today because net-net there is more evidence that they're going to raise on thursday than not. >> not wait till december. >> no. the reason why is because they want clarity. there is no reason to wait till december. >> if the fed said we're one and done for a while. >> yes. >> would they be that blank? >> that's what he says and he is usually right. >> that flies in the face of consensus. >> economists. >> bond traders have money on the line. >> they're smarter than economists. they're flax. they articulate the interest rate of the company. they're guarded. i'm telling you what a guy who loses or wins money is saying. >> we have a strong base of economists who watch this show. >> it's not wrong to be called a flak. they call reporters hacks. >> they do at that.
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they do at that. this week on fox news network we're going to be monitoring the big announcement. it's a two-day fed meeting that starts tomorrow, of course, on thursday. once everything happens around 2:00 and we get the word we'll be live on the developments, every single angle. you know what we'll do differently than a lot of other networks that cover this? we're going to use this great new language you might have heard it. english! look forward to seeing you on that. in the meantime, we've been looking at this mounting global refugee crisis. but something happened not only at the border of so many european countries that mirrored something that happened in miami beach today that draws it all together and is proof the world has the same exact problem.
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it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. ♪ if you want beautiful results, you know where to go. angie's list. everyone can shop for services from highly rated companies, even without a membership. but as a member, you can save more. and you get exclusive access to ratings and reviews. angie's list is there... for all your projects - big and small. pretty! come see what the new angie's list can do for you. you are looking live at the serbia-hungary border.
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these are syrian refugees who are camped out on the border. they're not being allowed in to hungary right now. hungary has essentially said we can't deal with these masses. it comes at a time when all of europe is confused as to how to deal with upwards of four million syrian refugees that some say could get as high as 7 million. greg live from hungary. >> reporter: neil, exactly. hungary is basically saying we will not take any more. that's after letting in thousands and thousands of refugees. it has shut down the main border crossing into southern europe, and angry refugees almost stormed the place earlier today. we were at the scene. take a look at what we saw. you're looking at migrants walking on the other side of the fence ejected on the border
1:18 pm
between hungary and serbia. police are right now pushing us back. they are gathering on the other side. you can see they're strengthening their security there, worried about a break-through here as a little bit of chaos is ruling on an important border crossing here in the heart of europe. officials are declaring a state of emergency right here. they're saying that they will not accept any asylum seekers from neighboring serbia and will arrest any illegal immigrants or those tampering with a massive border fence. there were, in fact, 60 arrests today. now, the refugees we spoke with through the fence on the other side today were not happy. they are finding themselves caught in a no-man's land between the two borders with serbia and hungary. officials in serbia are not too pleased either. now they have on their hands hundreds more migrants. finally, neil, austria at midnight europe time is the
1:19 pm
latest country to tighten their borders against refugees and migrants. people here in europe, many of them are hoping that those thinking of coming here will get the message. but in many cases those people, those refugees and migrants don't have much of a choice. you're right, neil, it is quite a confused mess on this continent tonight. there are a lot of human lives in the balance. >> thank you very much, greg. no strangers in this country, of course when people get desperate they'll do almost anything and risk anything for freedom or at least to get away from where they were. look what happened in south beach in miami today. this boat washing up with better than a dozen cuban immigrants who were seeking asylum. this comes at a time when we're trying to get a handle on our own immigration mess. the world is awash in people who want to get away from their parts of the world. a former navy s.e.a.l., carl
1:20 pm
higgby on what we're doing. what do you do in this case? your heart tugs one way but your brain tugs another because you know remember a number in that number who are dangerous. >> your brain tugs one way and also the economic situation tugs another way. half a million people going into the european union recently. europe cannot sustain those kinds of immigrants. a lot need to fall on the social programs. there is going to be aid and national funding to keep these guys fed and housed and everything like that. you also have 70% of these refugees are considered, you know, males, military-age males. that doesn't seem like them fleeing. it seems like they're invading. >> the descriptions we're hearing is that assad wanted to butcher these people, was going after these people. and millions of them fled even before he would be given the chance. so they're seeking out a haven. isn't that what castro did when he opened up his prisons and mental hospitals and threw them
1:21 pm
all at us? >> what we need to look at here too is the fact that these people -- even isis is bragging on social media saying we're embedding thousands and thousandsf people in the refugees and they're coming there to start the caliphate. >> thank you very much. all this breaking news around the world. this is a common problem. meanwhile we're fixated on something a little bit more mundane but very financially real. that is interest rates. that party could be ending this week. does it necessarily mean our economic party ends this week? maybe not. the great rate debate, next. hey, what's up? i'm ted. rudy and i have a lot of daily rituals. namaste. stay. taking care of our teeth is one of them. when i brush my teeth, he gets a milk-bone brushing chew. just another way to keep ourselves healthy. i'll go change. ♪ the 306 horsepower lexus gs.
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from the federal reserve this week. traders would welcome it any way they can find it. bond traders, charlie gasparino just said, they think they'll see interest rates hiked as soon as this week. as long as the fed adds to that they're one and done and going to sit tight for a while. whatever happens it would change what's been a ten-year party for a lot of folks, stock traders included. very low interest rates for mortgages and all of that. it's not been great for savers. look at something. if you have the wherewithal to j put cash away you have been getting squat for your money. around .5%. you're lucky if you get that in most places. let's say the fed hikes rates .25%. you'll get, are you ready for this, .75% on your money! see what i mean? it's not that big. sam stovall says the fear in the markets, although what could be
1:26 pm
good news for savers, is that this is a continued trend. rates go up, up, up. savers get more for their money. those in debt are under water. stovall and fitzgerald on that. sam, what do you think? >> hey, neil. i think the market reacted favorably today because they do think the fed will raise rates when they conclude their meeting on thursday. one reason is because now uncertainty will be behind them, that they are going to raise possible by one quarter of one percent. as you said, that's really not going to have that big of an impact. >> that's assuming, sam, and keith, pick up on this, if they are one and done. >> i don't know what you mean by one and done. >> not every -- you know what i mean. not every meeting, every six weeks they're going up a quarter point at a time. that's what i mean. >> yeah, well it could -- go ahead, keith. >> i was going to say, sam, here is the thing. the fed has been wrong about this crisis since its formation and missed it.
1:27 pm
it's been wrong about the recovery. the rate increase is the dumbest thing to do right now because it would hurt the people it's supposed to help. last time i checked you tighten rates because things are improving and you want to cool it off. net welt is down 4% from 2000. stagnant wages, part-time fication of america. all the numbers going in the wrong direction. overseas the china is in trouble, japan in trouble. europe coming unglued. canada on the verge of a recession. i submit it's going to be the worst possible thing they could do. they're dumb enough to try it anyway. >> they telegraphed it and put themselves in the box. they drew their own line in the sand about hiking interest rates. now they've got to do it. i don't know about this meeting but by the end of the year. >> they've pretty much been saying they wanted to add arrows to their quiver for quite some time. you could in a sense say they've run out of silver bullets
1:28 pm
because they do realize that one of these days they are going to be going back into a recession. >> only raising it a quarter percent, sam. >> that's why i don't think it's going to be one and done. >> what is sam stovall looking at over the next year, two years? >> i look to history as a great starting point. it's a great guide but not gospel. what i've found going back to world war ii is that the fed tends to raise rates over a 12-month period. we have had on average two-year time frames, but only once did we go for several years. and that was right after world war ii. on average what we also find is that the fed raises rates by about one half of where the consumer price index was at the time that they started raising rates. so maybe over the next year we end up seeing rates go up by what, .75 to 1% total. i don't see it as being a big deal. look to 1994 when the fed raised rates seven times in 12 months,
1:29 pm
pushed the fed funds rate from 3% to 6%. s&p fell a whopping 8.9%. >> those days we were looking at irrational exuberance. >> that was before that. >> keith, i guess what i'm asking is, how do the markets respond to that? if the fed were to say and move a quarter point this week and everyone said a quarter point is a quarter point. sam is right, worst-case scenario the next year or so it's a point. it's still very low, in historical terms but it is getting higher, and that is what will worry these guys. >> well, the "er" is the problem. what happens if they raise rates -- sam has interesting and compelling points point this. data talks. history may not repeat itself but it will rhyme. the mortgages rates go up. credit card rates go up. ability to borrow for homes and cars goes up.
1:30 pm
they're going to use that money for their own purposes and the trickle down is more like trickle upon. traders, on the other hand, will love it because it's a one and done for a while. the fed will admit it's a problem and it has room to lower rates if it needs to 16 months from now. not a compelling move but they've ignored the data all along eveanyway. >> if you're spoiled for a long time getting adjusted is something that might be even a tad different. i'm old enough to think, these interest rates are what my wife and i were paying per day for a mortgage. i think the adjustment will be shakier than people think. >> i agree. >> i agree as well. starting from zero. >> that worries me that you would agree because i just made that up. no. i appreciate your expertise. fox business will monitor this and follow it live when the fed makes its decision, 2:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox business
1:31 pm
network. we have you in mind. we're not trying to wow traders or bond currency experts or any of that stuff. we're speaking english and to you on what it means in a way that matters. we'll even bring food. okay. meantime, we are hours away from yet another attempt on the part of the senate this time to block the iran deal. but they might be doing too little too late. the fact of the matter is that that deal will likely go through. if it's any reminder that some deals can fall apart, i only have to mention north korea. and i only have to mention liar. and i only have to mention liar, liar pants on fire.
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sph . all right. isn't it odd that the "wall street journal" says bernie sanders' latest proposals calling for more spending amount to $18 trillion. that is our debt, $18 trillion. bernie is furious. we're next.
1:35 pm
it might be a case of too little too late but give the senate an e for effort. they're taking up a measure to force a vote on the measure. it ain't going to happen. they don't have the votes. ironically on some of the biggest issues affecting our
1:36 pm
security ties, the deal with iran, they'll have no effective vote with the matter. lieutenant colonel tony shaver is with us. i was thinking of you because we're reminded on this very day that north korea not only cheated when it made its own agreements with bill clinton and president bush. >> that's right. >> now they're threatening to rev up the nuclear arsenal because they're ready to go. it could be bluster but it is a reminder that assurances made by rogue governments aren't really worth the paper they're printed on. >> absolutely. the '94 framework which was entered into by the clinton administration, neil, was the very same thing. in that agreement they talked about north korea giving up its entire nuclear infrastructure. we knew from '92 to '94 that the north koreans were doing all sorts of things at the highly classified level. my fear here, neil, based on reporting coming out about
1:37 pm
intelligence being cooked, we may well know the iranians are up to no good, have completely avoided telling congress that. >> it seems a little disjointed. i want to explain to viewers. we are showing headlines at the time of the north korea deal. if it seems, to your point, a little deja vu-ish. >> you're correct. i'm glad you did that. what i am saying is that it's all very earaly similar. the negotiators who negotiated the '94 deal negotiated this deal. the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result or maybe not. in this case you're talking about $100 billion thrown into the iranian coffers immediately. i'm telling you, we'll soon find out the reason the north koreans are ramping up is because they're ramping up to help the iranians skirt around the
1:38 pm
agreement. this plutonium thing they're going to do, i can't prove it, based on what happened last time. the north koreans will help the iranians get around the deal. it's a continuation of the same thing. >> i can flip it around with you, my friend. i am a numbers nerd here. all about money. callous and plastic and shallow. my career is built on it. i think they see the money being unfrozen for the likes of iran and saying, hey, we should do the same thing, threaten to go nuclear and all of a sudden money comes our way. yeah the world caught us before but we can trick them again. >> absolutely. this is the issue with north korea. the one thing they completely lack is hard currency. they have none. they are the biggest black market mafia organization on the planet because they do anything they can to make money for the great leader. we've known this and seen this. the iranians will have a great deal of hard currency. the north koreans are always chasing that. anything they can do to include
1:39 pm
walking up and threatening the west. like they did last time. they did this under the bush white house as well. the bush white house gave them money, helped build reactors. it got us nothing. dealing with a rogue regime like north korea and iran, there is no reason to believe there is any agreement they'll stick by. it's completely amazing. >> you warned us. tony schaeffer. lieutenant colonel. he's done so much for the country. thank you, colonel. did you hear the one about the british actress who was watching a republican debate and sickened her because she had just alabama a united states citizen. she regrets it. robin leach on where she can go.
1:40 pm
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. you know, i love this actress. i had forgotten her role in that movie that was phenomenal. then i hear that she becomes a united states citizen, watches a republican debate and seems to regret it. quoting, i became an american citizen recently. i am providing the british accent for you folks at home. and that night we watched the debate and i thought, that was a terrible mistake. what have i done? robin leach has some advice. joins us on the phone. what do you make of this? >> go home, emily. go home, if you don't love america. america is the greatest place on earth. >> she was watching the republican debate, robin, and that ticked her off. i guess if she was watching a democratic debate that would not. to rethink your citizenship because of one debate. i don't know what to make of that. >> probably it was, you know, a publicity statement.
1:44 pm
but you know, if she really feels that way, one should never regret being an american or standing up for this great country. let her go back to britain. half that country is under shariah law already. now that we have a radical, left-wing socialist leader by the name of jeremy corebin there who talks about his friends from hezbollah and wanted hamas to speak in the british parliament. he is more to the right of bernie sanders. that's saying something. if she is upset with the republic her go back to socialism under the labor party in britain. >> what i didn't understand from this, robin, is that i don't know what specifically got her annoyed. there are interesting characters. 17 in all at the time. in an opening debate. the big debate. then there's donald trump. it's not as if britain doesn't have some interesting characters
1:45 pm
and scandals and some controversial players of its own. so i always think that those in glass royal houses shouldn't be throwing stones. that's all i'm saying. >> you are 100% correct. i will tell you that the scandals that exist with the members of the house of lords and house of commons in great britain far outweigh anything that might be deemed as scandal in washington d.c. >> what happens -- i mean, you follow these guys, you were following their wealth and success, unlike anyone i know. and she was telling this to "the hollywood reporter," don't they think through what they're saying, especially in her case? i'm not saying every american is conservative or republican but they are americans, to a man and woman. when a british actress is saying i regret becoming a united states citizen or found it to be a terrible mistake, she has just lost a vital market, hasn't she? or ticked off a vital market or
1:46 pm
does it reverberate? >> i don't think it reverberates. a lot of people don't really know who emily blunt is, nor do they care -- >> i didn't until i saw the clip from that movie and i liked that movie. >> let actors and actresses do what they do best, which is reading and speaking the words of other people. >> that's worst than tv anchors reading teleprompters for god's sake. scroll up a little bit. you're saying when we hear actors and actresses do this stuff sometimes it's for effect, sometimes to jazz their base. you're just saying like -- >> i think in this case it just came out of her mouth without thought, which is what happens with a lot of hollywood people. they say things without knowing what they're meaning. you know. and to say this about a group of 17 people who do actually, in
1:47 pm
their hearts, want to serve the country is a lot better than what's going on in britain at the moment. i will tell you, i would be ashamed to be british with the new leader of the socialist party in england. >> well, he has no chance for the time being of becoming prime minister. but elections -- stranger things can happen, right? >> he has the 15 trade unions of the country behind him. he says he wants to renationalize railroads and the energy system. he is way, way to the left of bernie sanders, who frightens me as well. >> that's impossible. that's impossible, robin. i never doubt you and always enjoy having you. thank you very much. >> be good, my friend. >> calls it like it is, robin leach. nothing against emily blunt's acting abilities. loved her in the prada movie. but really? really. we mentioned bernie sanders. we mentioned this whole dust up
1:48 pm
over this 18 trillion in spending. he is saying the "wall street journal" got it wrong. he blasted back saying isn't it odd that the journal is trying to seize on that as the same level as our debt. but it is 18 trillion and it is the same level as our debt. after this. hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪ ♪ another tie. order in? next time i drive. the right-sized nissan rogue. ♪
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. all right. i want to take you to los angeles. the last time the uss iowa, which in a few hours will be renamed the uss trump. just seeing if you were paying attention. but donald trump is going to be boarding that vessel just to talk about foreign policy, to talk about national security, to spell out his issues on something. he says that this administration is ceding to the bad guys and we've lost our way and all our enemies are laughing at us and mocking us and all of that. it comes a week or two ahead of
1:52 pm
what we're told will be trump economic plan to be laid out saying what he wants to do with taxes and the like. but he is the one controlling the agenda right now ahead of the big debate tomorrow night. julie, begin with you on trump and how he manages to absorb these media body blows no matter what happens. >> it's amazing, isn't it? . it's just incredible. but he's all we're talking about. he's about to give a foreign policy speech. i predict he'll have zero specifics about what he's going to do other than saying we need some power militarily. i'm very cynical. >> he has said we need to spend more on defense and modernize our weaponry. >> he has. >> our navy in particular. >> i'm glad he's saying that. you know, it's great to say we need to spend more on this, it's great to say we need to
1:53 pm
strengthen our military and our navy. i feel bad for the other republican candidates because these guys are actually putting out platforms that nobody is paying attention to. >> he is the guy who gets all the attention. he gets all the crowds. 20,000 people had to be turned away in dallas at the american airlines arena. so he can fill a room, we know he can get ratings. we know he generates enormous interest to their expense. >> right. and let me remind everyone who supports limited government that no one person is going to be able to fix all of these problems. we saw this in the past with, i believe, the election of president obama in 2008. a lot of disappointment because even when he offered a policy platform full of hope and change he wasn't able to deliver on all of those promises. no politician will ultimately deliver on fixing every problem out there. it's up to us as the american people. hopefully we can find a leader that allows us to do those things but this isn't a one size
1:54 pm
fits all solution on either side of the aisle. >> but there is pressure on all candidates to spell out where they're coming from. to be fair, they don't really do that to great, great, great detail but they do have rough platforms that you can sort of see and get a sense of. besides platitudes, not much detail from donald trump. how long can he get away with that? >> probably a long time but i think it's a general positive. in the last debate, 24 million people tuned in to watch a very diverse and qualified gop field. i think the other candidates in some way, not all of them, should be thanking trump for the increased media visibility on the republican field. i mean look at cnn. they can't stop talking about anyone that talks about trump or donald trump. i think it's a good thing that trump is getting all this increased coverage, but also the candidates are benefiting as a whole and the party as well. >> and they do spend a lot less time talking about bernie sanders and the inroads he's
1:55 pm
making on hillary clinton. but bernie sanders did get some news. he was talking about $18 trillion. the "wall street journal" said it comes down to $18 trillion in new spending and that just happens to be the level of our national debt. he doesn't care. >> first of all, "the washington post" made a good point. it's not $18 trillion in new spending it's for what "the washington post" says is for the universal health care plan. that's not new spending, that's going on right now, we're just spending it out of different pockets. >> the journal stands by its numbers. >> but why new spending? because the problem is this -- >> but it's not so much about cutting the spending. >> no, no, no, he's not talking about cutting spending at all. i quibble with the $18 trillion number. >> it just seems instancidentalh the debt. regardless of that, i think there's a lot to what julie is
1:56 pm
saying. if i'm hillary clinton, why am i not ripping him on that? let's talk about doing this on a more targeted fashion. regardless if it's $18 trillion, the money isn't there, here's the plan. she's not doing that. no other democrat is doing that. >> that's right. and this plan from bernie sanders makes republicans relatively look like the party of fiscal conservatism and fiscal responsibility. when you talk about spending $18 trillion over ten years and of course he's got plans to raise taxes to pay for part of this, it reminds me of the quote from margaret thatcher. >> well, he doesn't have to do that. he's a populist pause he doesn't, right? >> he doesn't have to offer those specifics. i will quibble about the $18 trillion that bernie sanders put forward. i think it's too low. he said free college and free this. have you ever heard of a government program with a stomach that's full?
1:57 pm
they always want more. it's never, ever enough. >> what do you mean a stomach that's full? that's a cheap shot, young man. no, i know what you mean. >> they always want more money, it's never enough. >> we'll focus on this a lot more. "the five" is next. ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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trump, trump, trump trump trump. hello, everyone. it's "the five." did you hear donald trump gave a speech last night? my unicorn for a montage. >> jerry jones is a great guy. >> the silent majority is back, and it's not silent. i think we should call it -- maybe we should call it the noisy, the aggressive, the wanting to win, wanting to win. majority. another great guy is mark


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