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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 16, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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kasich. anything can happen. thanks for watching us this evening. miss megyn is next. and remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, round two is in the books as the republican presidential hopeful faceoff. welcome to a special live midnight edition of the kelly file, everyone. tonight, all attempted to make a name for themselves in this crowded field. several tried to land a punch on donald trump and he gave it back in a debate that often seemed aimed at starting a fight. >> rand paul shouldn't even be on this stage. >> his response to attack people on their appearance. short, tall, fat, ugly.
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that happened in junior high. >> mr. trump we don't need an apprentice in the white house. >> if i were watching this at home i'd be inclined to turn it off. >> i am a republican in new jersey. i wake up every morning as an outsider. >> i am concerned about the direction of the country. deviciveness that is going on, failure to take a leadership position in the world. >> i give you my word. if i'm elected president every supreme court justice will faithfully follow the law. >> more energy tonight, i like that. >> the united states military should only be in an endeavor to win. we made a accommodations to a shooter to the detainees at
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gitmo who killed americans. you're telling me you cannot make an accommodation for a county clerk from kentucky? >> someone living in the system their whole life, they don't know how broken the system is. >> wow, we have a jam-packed show for you tonight with did ben carson, surging in the polls of late, and we begin tonight with frank luntz and his focus group for their take on the evening. frank? >> we got 29 voters. 27 of the 29 saying their votes could change. i want to do a tally. how many of you came in here supporting donald trump. raise your hand. how many of you will be supporting carly fiorina. raise your hand. megyn, i want to show you one
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clip that set it off. the questioner asked fiorina what she thinks of what donald trump said about her. let's take a look at the clip because this said it all for tonight's debate. >> donald trump said the following about you. look at that face, would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that, the face of our next president? mr. trump later said he was talking about your persona not your appearance. please feel free to respond what you think about his persona. >> you know, it's interesting to me mr. trump said that he heard mr. bush very clearly. and what mr. bush said. i think women all over the country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a
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beautiful woman. >> on that note, in less than two minutes we're going to take a break. >> now, you saw the lines. you saw reaction. i want a word or phrase to describe carly fiorina based on tonight. >> i think she's made him look like an insincere fool. >> the school yard got you back that is meaningless. >> she's savvy and authentic. >> classy. >> smart and solid. >> solid. >> very strong. >> very focused. >> sharp. >> one person gave me one word, so thank you. what is so positive about her challenging trump? i was watching you. and you are like yeah. go girl. >> yes. it was very street savvy of her to come back and still -- to not
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go at it. >> why did she do so well? >> she's so well prepared and spoke with authority. she handed it back to him and made everybody eat everything. >> she was short and sweet. two words or three. she had it. then, she shut up. >> quick on her feet. >> you were a trump voter. >> i did. >> what was so powerful about fiorina's performance? >> she was prepared and responded quick. >> bobby? we've all about attracted to donald trump's strength. but tonight was the down fall, that was the problem tonight. we've been bothered by his personal attacks. and she opposed that and dealt with it. >> how many of have an issue? a lot of you laughed at comments he made. i know you laughed earlier about what he said about others. how many of you had a problem
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with that tonight? you think he goes too far. i want to focus on her. what is it about her? her persona? how old are you ? >> 22. >> was it her persona? >> what got president obama's office is how she said it. quick. efficient. used words precisely. >> policy or persona? >> persona. presenting herself well. >> i think policy. she knew what she wanted to do. i think the persona part is just her. >> she was poised and prepared. of the group her and chr. >> chris: -- christie didn't seem flustered. >> before we leave, what advice do you give carly fiorina give
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going forward? >> more on policy. she doesn't back down but supports it with sound policy. >> go ahead. >> keep doing what you're doing. >> for you it's perfection. in the back. >> she speaks to us in terms we understand and can connect with. without spouting bull. >> does anyone have anything negative to say about her? >> i won't call it negative. i would say she's proven she can counter and . >> i don't trust she can't be bought by lobbying. >> i would say carly keep it up. >> last comment? >> carly, $68 million is not going to be bought by anyone. >> how many of you are going to vote for her leaving here
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tonight? megyn i'm going to show you 2 or 3 of the best sound bytes and mistakes they made. >> looking forward to it, frank, thank you. >> that bad word. chris stierwalt is here. okay. let me start with you, who are the winners? >> everyone if we're allowed to start using that word on your show. but look. carly fiorina, yes. clearly. she's clearly won the debate. marco rubio had a good debate. and donald trump pointed out, jeb bush found a way to be less energy. got the energy up a little bit. and several people did credit to themselves. for donald trump, for the first time made to back down and not do anything in consequence in
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return, so here is the can iing cans with carly fiorina. she made him back down. he didn't get any -- he said you're beautiful. that is as close as he's going to get. >> what is amazing is that you saw dials go down when he tried to save it by complimenting her. they found it insincere. but wait. i want to focus on that moment. off the top of the debate there was a dust up. let's watch it. >> rand paul shouldn't be on the stage. he's number 11. he's got 1% in the polls. how he got here -- anyway. as far as temperment, there is a sophomoric quality about mr. trump. i'm worried about him in charge of nuclear weapons. i think his response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly.
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that happened in junior high. are we not above that? would we be worried to have someone like that in charge of a nuclear arsenal? >> i never attacked him on his looks and believe me there is plenty of subject matter right there. >> chris is laughing. what did you make of that? an effective come back? >> the trump brand is never back down, never apologize. only attack. never apologize. and it works to the degree that people hate politicians and if he's killing politicians then that is fine. he's killing a u.s. senator and saying you're funny looking but i'm being a nice guy and not telling you that, that is maybe worth something. over time, people tire of those kind of attacks and for fiorina, who did equip herself so well and also not a politician, until now, that makes it a lot harder.
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>> yes and just sort of without playing the victim just sort of said you all know what he meant. and that is what you heard in many corners lately. howie, let me talk to you. first, who do you think the winners were? >> carly fiorina used a scalpel instead of a sledge hammer and you're a beautiful woman is as close as you're going to get as an apology from donald trumpment i hear commentators saying trump didn't dominate. remember, he is the front runner, being attacked from all sides. after the insult with rand, he toned it down. he didn't commit any major gaffes. it doesn't seem like with his followers he hurt himself. >> at some point he has to expand the number. his numbers have been going up in the polls but you want to
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reach out than more than just your core group. chris christie, i said what are you doing? he said i'm going to be myself. i'm going to be chris christie. and this, according to twitter was one of his best exchanges but watch. >> while i'm as entertained as anyone by this personal back and forth about the history of donald and carly's career, for the 55-year-old construction worker who doesn't have a job and can't fund his child's education, they can care less about your careers. they care about theirs. stop playing the game. stop playing the game. >> it's not a game. >> carly, listen. you interrupt everybody else, you're not going to interrupt me. we don't want to hear about your careers, volleying back and
9:13 pm
forth, who did well and poorly. you're both successful people, congratulations. do you know who is not successful, the middle class in this country getting plowed over by barack obama and hillary clinton. let's talk about those issues tonight and stop these childish back and forth between the two of you. >> howie, why did you like it? >> a strong moment by the governor of new jersey. there was so much back and forth that it was a way of pivoting back to you, the voters. the same time, jeb bush was not low energy as he had been in the first debate but i thought he was awkward. there were a lot of swings and misses. the one guy on the stage declining several invitations from the moderator to attack donald trump was ben carson. by doing that, he was high minded and sober but he kind of
9:14 pm
disappeared because if you didn't fight your way into the debate you didn't get a lot of questions. >> what did you make of the weirdness that occurred between donald trump and hugh hewitt? i mean, donald trump you know, he was repeating stuff that hewitt said about an exchange. like batting of the eyes on hewitt's part. >> i sympathize with hugh's position. he made his apology to trump and wanted it to go away. the fact trump rode the bus all the way back around the airport again and crushed over hewitt one more time, like you really stink on ice, you radio announcer. it's like can this be over? and the way they had the debate set up, they only gave hewitt and bash a little bit here and there. that is what trump did to him.
9:15 pm
>> trump said, hey, i'm just the best dressed of all time. hugh. >> like you are, you are. oh, gosh. >> a couple cringe worthy moments but it's live television. it's already like tonight on this show. >> thank you. >> so what did dr. ben carson think about the debate? and his exchange that is making headlines on vaccinations that he had with donald trump when it comes to autism. did the two of them really see eye to eye? we'll ask dr. carson, next, then, why they think one of the biggest moments of the night had to do with someone not on the stage. >> and when we return we'll get their take on the other big winners tonight.
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we've had instanzs of a beautiful child, two years old got very, very sick. now, he's autistic. i only say i'm in favor of vaccines over a longer period of time, spread them out. just in little sections. >> that was donald trump moments ago with the latest republican presidential debate. discussing there may be a link between vaccinations and autism. something bep cars yn disagrees with. we're joined by dr. ben carson. great to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> some walked away from that exchange, trump suggested you and he are in agreement. just for the record do you agree that there is any sort of a linkage between autism and vaccines? >> no. i think what he was referring to
9:21 pm
is agreement that the vaccination schedule needs to be adjusted so you're not giving people such a big load in a short period of time. if you asked him about the autism, he would be the only one that can answer that. he indicated to me he has understanding of what i was saying. >> do you believe that story? the child is vaccinated and got autism? his suggestion seemed to be a linkage. >> you have to recognize is that almost all children get vaccinated and there are certain children who are autistic. just about everybody getting vaccinations. some become autistic. you don't think about this logically you'll say the vaccine caused autism. when autism occurs in a certain portion of the population.
9:22 pm
>> right. question on this. there is a lot of talk on this on twitter. do you think it's irresponsible to intermate that there is a suggestion? >> we don't have to intimate it. it's been disproven. it's a matter of what people want to believe at this stage. >> let's talk about the debate. how do you feel about it? >> well, i didn't like the format very well. i thought the moderators lost control. and i would love to see a format in which there are less people or in which they provided at least two minutes to give an answer so that you can actually have enough time to explain rather than do everything in sound bytes. you know, the american people deserve better than that. having said that, people tell me during the debate we acquire 300,000 new facebook friends and
9:23 pm
$1 million so i can't complain too much. >> do you feel you do better in a longer format opposed to quick rhetorics that are required in a format like this? >> yes. much better when you have an opportunity to people. that has been one of my fortes. you have the opportunity to develop stories for people and help them see why you're saying what you're saying and why it makes sense. in this format, you don't get a chance to do that. it's a matter of how good of a politician are you? how polished are you in getting out a sound byte? i'm not sure that is healthy for the american people. >> i got to run. before i go, i want to ask you, also getting a lot of attention is the handshake. donald trump put his hand up for a high five, i don't know what happened there. was there awkwardness in your
9:24 pm
handshake with trump? >> not really. i mean, i hardly noticed it. someone else asked me i said what high five? so -- it didn't make a big impression on me. >> glad to hear it. great to see you. >> you too, thank you. megyn. >> coming up next, dana perino why they think their former boss may have gotten the biggest applause of the night and frank luntz is with us with his focus group. >> leadership is not about me, it's about our country. what we talk about tonight is not about us. it's about the people in the audience tonight. ♪ the 306 horsepower lexus gs. experience the next level of performance, and there's no going back. lease the 2015 gs 350 with complimentary navigation system for these terms.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. your brother and your brother's administration gave us barack obama because it was a disaster so much that abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> one thing about my brother, he kept us safe. i don't know if you remember, donald. >> that is governor jeb bush getting a big round after mraus for defending his brother.
9:29 pm
great to see you both. how about that moment, dana? george w. bush getting the biggest applause of the night? >> the person with the biggest applause wasn't even there. he was the elephant in the room. they all sort of tip toe around. jeb knows his name is a blessing and curse. he has to figure out a way to walk around that. he defended his brother tonight. what i love about it is that audience reacts and it was genuine and sustained. >> the sound byte we played at the top of the show where carly fiorina defended her face. and the crowd went wild. >> it was up there.
9:30 pm
i think carly fiorina had great moments. it's hard to choose which one. the answer on her face and trump tried to go for you're very beautiful there was a moment where the look on her face was just cutting. she had a great moment on foreign policy. one reason she's a threat to donald trump is that she knows foreign policy. she was the chairman of the cia's advisory board. so she knows policy inside out. and schooled. >> absolutely schooled. >> and the thing about the face exchange, and her stoic look. it was almost as if he tried to compliment her beauty. he didn't get it.
9:31 pm
she wasn't -- she and women weren't ticked off because he said she was unattractive but because she was mentioning her appearance. she doesn't want him commenting on her appearance, period. >> and also, she doesn't want him lying about what he was talking about. i believe all men are going to have a hard time trying to compete against any woman in an election because women have the ability to give the look. right? the reason she government sustained applause and laughter is she went hmm. >> it's the first time we've seen donald trump back down. >> he was right to take a pass. >> he tried to say something. >> let's talk about marco rubio. turns out is another one of the winners tonight according to most. this exchange on the military making headlines look.
9:32 pm
>> let's remember what the president said. he said the attack that he was going to conduct was going to be a pin prick. the united states military was not built to conduct pin prick attacks. we're not going to authorize use of force if you're if the putting men and women in a position where they can win. >> what do you make of it? >> i loved that he was expressing his world view. he said this is as commander in chief this is how i would approach major problems around the world. he knows his audience there at the reagan library would have liked that. that is what ronald reagan tried to set in motion. you cannot set up our military for failure. if they're going in, they're going to go in to win. >> what do you think were the losers? . >> i think john saysic was a
9:33 pm
loser. he spent three moments why he won't undo the iran deal. i love dr. ben carson. i think he spent so much time explaining why he won't have gone into afghanistan was a bad moment for him. and everybody thinks we should have gone into afghanistan so it made him seem unready to be commander in chief. >> what did you think of our friends over at cnn? dana? in the monthederatideration? >> i would say fox news is the winner. as an observer of media and appreciation for debate, it was unorganized. and i feel like she was missing. >> mark what do you think? >> i think it got out of control. some candidates got more time
9:34 pm
and others weren't. on the other hand there was a freewheeling nature to it which was good. people got to mix it up a hill bit which wasn't bad. >> for me it was eye opening. as it went on and on, you know i was like, i'm done. my favorite tweet came from andy levy. wow, three hours and they haven't gotten to the editor and cinematography category. >> well, frank luntz is back with us right after the break with his focus group. we'll get their votes on big winners tonight. plus, joe trippi and ann coulter join us. the reference to boot licking and the always hot issue of immigration. >> where do you stand on the issue of birth right
9:35 pm
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fiorina, rubio and bush were not the only ones that resonated with voters tonight. frank luntz and our focus group are back. >> watch this. how many of you thought. >> chris: did a good job tonight? what was his most powerful moment? when he took on donald trump and carly fiorina. let's take a look. >> they can care less about their careers. let's talk about that on the stage. the fact is that we don't want to hear about your career. back and forth and volleying
9:40 pm
back and forth who did well and poorly. you're both successful people. congratulations. do you know who is not successful? the american people. let's stop this childish back and forth between you. >> one of the highest moments in the debate, the dials scored well. tell me why. >> the middle class were disappearing. if something isn't done to fix it, and make it healthy, this whole country could develop. >> you said we. are you middle class? who else is middle class? just about everybody. >> he brought it back to -- there is bickering going on. and he brought it back to really coming across as someone that the american people can trust.
9:41 pm
>> does christie understand you? >> i believe he does. he comes from middle class himself. he is in the september 11th situation, where we all were. he's just a genuine person. he gets you. >> that is the second time he turned it back over to the american people. very, very powerful. >> positive reaction to that. raise your hand. are candidates talking to you? are they reaching to you? communicating to you? >> not all of them. so there is another segment. this is donald trump's high point. talking about north korea and focused on national security. two great moments. north korea, other on immigration. let's take a look at donald trump at his best. >> nobody ever mentions north korea.xd where you ha,this maniac sitting there and he has nuclear
9:42 pm
weapons and somebody better start thinking about north korea and perhaps a couple other places. but certainly north korea. and ken and i have spoken and talking about iran. they're bad actors. bad things are going to happen. but in the meantime have you someone right now in north korea who has got nuclear weapons and who is saying almost every other week i'm ready to use them. and we don't even mention it. >> that is exactly the language our republican primary voters are looking for. i am going in the back road this time. i want a word or phrase for ted cruz in tonight's debate. >> ready. >> inspiring. >> straight shooter. >> bold. >> honest. >> strong. >> positive reaction? raise your hand. what was so good?
9:43 pm
>> he is sincere about everything. >> so good? >> his efforts. being tenacious. >> he understands the constitution and how the government is supposed to work. >> now we do this, ted cruz did well. there are less people raising their hands. is there an issue with them? is there something? >> other people did so much better tonight. i think he shut down the government. that is a good thing. >> his presentation is almost too prepared. >> do you want something more spontaneous? >> right. >> scott walker. quickly. going in this direction. scott walker tonight. >> surprising. >> knowledgeable. >> record. >> better than the fox debate. >> polished. >> intimidated. >> more bold. >> proven. >> intelligent. >> still positive about walker. >> did he redeem himself
9:44 pm
tonight? how did he do this evening to you? >> i thought last time he came out bumbling and didn't do well. tonight he had the facts behind what he was saying. i thought he maybe not redeemed all the way but on track. >> walker. >> makes a point about his own political -- in his state about. >> one more. >> i was impressed with his fiscal background. >> ben carson. who is voting for ben carson? who is walking out of here voting for ben carson. so wasn't such a great night. what is up? >> he's never going to win debates. that is not his style. he would be a good leader. >> he didn't have the passion. i don't feel passion from him. >> do you agree with that? >> i think he has passion just doesn't debate. >> i think he's a fine gentleman
9:45 pm
and super decent. i don't know he has the oomph it's going to take. >> how do you spell oomph? >> i have no idea. >> he is very intellectual. >> he's been going up in the polls. >> as trump would say those killers in washington will chew him up. >> go ahead. >> i seen him more with a diplomatic post. he'd be great at that. >> rand paul. who had a positive reaction to rand paul tonight? oh, come on. >> a little bit. >> he didn't make it. >> why? no one seems to like rand paul here? >> just didn't do anything for me? >> nothing. >> too isolationist for me. >> who is watching the next
9:46 pm
debate? who is excited about your candidate? last one? who has made up your minds who you're going to vote for? 1, 2. two people. megyn. they watched three hours and saw the fox news debate and only two, out of 29 made up their minds this, election season has only just begun. there are going to be ups and downs. it's a good time to be doing what you a what you and i do. >> absolutely. great job. >> thanh=u guys. thank you. >> how about that? that is what they say. two thirds of the republican electorate have not made up their minds. >> coming up next, ann coulter and her comments on immigration and joe trippi and how democrats are reacting to tonight's debate. you booked this trip, you didn't know we had over 11,000 local activities listed on our app. or that you could book them right from your phone.
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you're proud of your family just as i am. to subject my wife into the middle of a raucous political conversation was completely inappropriain appropriate and i hope you apologize for that, donald. >> i hear phenomenal things and your wife is a lovely woman and i don't know her. >> she is totally the love of my life and i want you to apologize. >> i won't because i said nothing wrong. i hear she's a lovely woman.
9:51 pm
>> jeb bush and donald trump over remarks donald trump made about mexican americans that jeb has to like immigrants because he's married to one. and joe trippi, former campaign manager for howard dean and ann coulter, author of "adios america," the left's plan to turn our country into a third country hell hole. let me get this out of the way. tonight, you caused upset on twitter because candidates were talking about support for israel in their closing statements. how many fing jews do these people think there are in the united states. you got hit from the left and right. jeffrey goldberg from the atlanta, ann coulter just lost my vote and shame on you. do you want to take that back? >> no. i just tweeted, tweeting all night and all the candidates
9:52 pm
were pandering and wrote my column about it seemed to be t hitting certain boxes, half mentioned reagan and pro life and israel. half the republican party is pro reagan and pro-life and pro israel. the question after you're president how will america be better sfwlrcht suddenly, we're back to israel again. checking off of the boxes and virtue box, one of the things i like about, probably pandering to evangelicals, not jews. it's just pandering pandering, something we all agree on, it's not really separating the candidates. >> let's talk about trump. and that exchange on immigration. how do you think he did? >> fantastic. what's interesting is they're all backing down on immigration few that they have trump to disagree with. rand paul said yes, he's right on the 14th amendment and carly
9:53 pm
fiorina agreeing and probably justiceably embarrassed she didn't remember about the civil war and chris christie backed down on the illegals. and to complain obama didn't do something about immigration and she's joining univision to say he didn't pass amnesty. it shows me either we need you back as a moderator or how about have the candidates debate with one another? i thought the questions -- the last question actually was about reagan. how much do we have to talk about reagan. he was president 35 years ago. >> even his son, ron reagan junior said can we stop that? my dad never ran around and compared himself to anybody. why does he have to be a benchmark. thank you. >> joe trippi, a democrat, your
9:54 pm
reaction? >> i think most had a good night. i thought carly had a great one as people have been saying. the thing that struck me how much these candidates went after each other. a lot of that was the forum of the debate. >> it was the intention of the moderator stated that beforehand. >> right. the way it worked out they did take on obama and hillary occasion occasionally. it made this more in terms of going out in front of people and taking on the democratic party there wasn't a lot to worry about. the debate seemed to be on things like immigration where the fight between bush and trump on that really kind of is the whole argument deport them all or something more reasonable- - >> let me ask you -- sorry -- you represented howard dean and the campus scream, is there anybody tonight you think they're done? >> no, i wouldn't say that at
9:55 pm
all. i do think there's going to be a shake-up in the polls. i would expect carly to rise pretty significantly off this performance. she did very very well. i thought rubio did very very well. i didn't see any walk themselves o the tracks. i think trump did well. i don't think -- i don't think he's going to rise off this performance, though. >> and how important is this to the fund-raising that's going to come next? that's usually what gets them to leave, they don't get money, they get out. >> i think several of them did well. you will see millions of dollars. ted cruz was on o'reilly earlier and talked about his website. >> how about chris christie. he was at 1%? >> i think chris christie did himself a lot of good as well. i think bush did himself well. >> did? >> yes. >> great to see you, joe. we'll be right back. don't go away.
9:56 pm
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what was your favorite moment from tonight's debate. fundamental me at megyn kelly, tell me what you think. thanks for watching, everyone. this is "the kelly file," sean hannity up next live. >> thanks, megyn. this is a fox news alert. the 2016 republican presidential candidates went head to head during the second gop debate at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. here are some of the best moments from that night. >> what i am far and away greater than an entertainer is a businessman. that's the kind 0 mindset this country needs. >> just because he says it doesn't make it true. fist of all, rand paul shouldn't be on this stage. he's number 11 and he's only 1% in the polls and how he got