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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 17, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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faces of an emoji in seven seconds. >> a record. today is constitution today, celebrated by joining the conversation on twitter #constitutionday. >> and for once abide by it. >> right. >> thanks for joining us today. see you back here tomorrow. bill: here we go. 9:00 a.m. here in new york. the second republican debate in the books. three hours of questions. three hours of answers, three hours of insults. who were the winners and who frankly was not. it will be attracted two hours. hope you stayed up late last night. how you doing? three hours in high heels last night. martha: i decided it to be best to cancel the last 20 minutes in the morning.
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pretty much right off the bat it went right to donald trump. here is a tape of the evening. >> rand paul shouldn't even be on this stage. he's number 11. he has 1 per there are the polls. how he got here. there are too many people anyway. >> short, tall, fat, ugly. that happened in junior high. aren't we way above that. >> i never attacked him on his looks and there is plenty subject matter right there. >> that's what's wrong with this debate. we are not talking to real issues. we don't need an apprentice in the white house. we have one right now. >> mr. trump said he heard mr. bush very clearly and what mr. bush said. i think women heard very clearly over this country what mr. trump said. [applause] >> we don't want to hear about your careers back and forth
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about who did well and who did poorly. you are both successful people, congratulations. you know who is not successful? the middle class who is getting plowed over by barack obama and hillary clinton. >> you got hillary clinton to go to your wedding because you gave her money. >> i'm a businessman, i got along with clinton and everybody. you have more energy tonight, i like that. >> i was asked the question. >> if i was sitting here watching this back and forth, i would be inclined to turn it off. people at home want to know what we are going to do to fix this place? >> i'm extraordinarily concerned about the direction of this country. the divisiveness going on. the fiscal per responsibility. if the failure to take a leadership position in the world. all of those things will lead to
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a situation where the next generation will not have a chance. >> we need a commander in chief who will stands up and protect this country and i can't wait to stand on that debate stage and debate with hillary clinton. >> we made accommodation to the fort hood shoot tore let him grow a beard. we made accommodation deets tableees at gitmo. i have been to gitmo and have seen the accommodations we made to the muslim detainees who killed americans. you are telling me you cannot nation an accommodation for an elected democrat county clerk from rowan county, kentucky? >> the president said the attacks he was going to conduct would be a pin prick. if the united states military was not built to conduct pin
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prick attacks. we are not going to authorize use of force if you don't put them in a position where they can win. and people don't trust the commander in chief because of that. bill: there is a whole lot to go on right there. chris stirewalt standing by in washington. steven hayes, "the washington standard" and fox news contributor. in that category, who won? >> i thought it was a very good night for three people, carly fiorina, marco rubio and chris christy. carly fiorina had several different points, crisp, decisive answers that were deliver of aauthoritatively and had some good spontaneous response to donald trump and policy. rubio did the same thing. he showed he knows his stuff
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very clearly. chris christy emerged today. somebody who has not been coming as well in the national polls but had several good moments where he scolded the candidates about not being serious about the magnitude of the challenges the country faces. who needed to do better. did you see a losing perform answer last night? >> i don't think ben carson did very well and i don't think donald trump did very well. carson, these are difficult formats for him because he's not as ferocious as other candidates. he did well in the fox news debate because he came back at the end with what seemed to be prescripted comments and a funny closing statements and it got him some support. i didn't think he had a great night last night.
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donald trump seemed out of his depth. when the debate turned to substance and policy donald trump simply disappeared. that doesn't help him, i don't think. bill: was that him or the questioning? >> i think it was a little bit of both. i think the nod curators thought they gave so much time to donald trump early on they needed to even things out. but when he did engage on substance there was one particular question he took about syria where he gave two sentences in response some a question about what he would do in syria which seems to have exhausted his knowledge followed by a thoughtful and detailed answer from marco rubio, then another thoughtful and detailed answer from carly fiorina. back to back, trump did not come out well. bill: what about the format.
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i wonder about the value after zinger for three hours. the candidates so far this morning. chris christie, marco rubio, they did not minds it. perhaps they liked it. >> you have done this. you guys did a great job in the first debate. what you are trying to do is get candidates to engage one another. in that case you was they were trying to do. to a certain extent they had some success. but after hour 2, hour 3, they were saying this person said this about you, and it did get a little tedious. martha: carly fiorina got a lot of attention for her performance. she landed a koism of blows in what was described as a strong
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debate performance. >> i dare hillary clinton, barack obama to watch these tapes. watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, ke says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. this business the character of our nation. if we'll not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. martha: it was a very strong moment. joining me now is chris stirewalt. it was very clear that she was speaking from the gut and from the heart on that. it didn't feel like she had rehearsed it. she was very clear and concise last night and grounded. in many of her responses. her thoughts.
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>> she had something she wanted to say, and she said it. if you wonder why non-politicians are doing so well this cycle, that carly fiorina like a normal human being has things she wants to say, she wants to be heard, and she intends to do so. that opposed to other candidates at every level who spends a lot of time of avoiding being heard. when you listen to most politicians talk, they are trying to avoid being heard and understood. she wants to be heard and wants to be listened to be that's refreshing. martha: i wanted to hear this comment when donald trump's comment about her face was mentioned. >> it's interesting to me,
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mr. trump said he heard mr. bush very clearly in what mr. bush said. i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. [cheers and applause] >> i think she has a beautiful face and i think she is a beautiful woman. martha: she is talk and you are not quite sure where she is going. then she starts to lay into the final part of that. and you watch those lines just go shooting straight up off the charts. she says we all get where you are coming from on this, mr. trump. then he tries to parry and it lands flat on its face. enough with the beauty and appearance stuff and look at
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people and what they look like. this line of argument for him is strange. and people reflected that in their answers in that dial. >> she also declined to make herself a victim. she could have written herself off as the female token, affirmative action for republican women that she was dmeet bait and participating. she cut him some of dead. she left him right there, and then when he gave the spiel, you are very beautiful. the look in her eyes, the 10 million nuclear daggers in her eyes over to donald trump it was okay, buddy, you can leave it right there. she handled that with the -- you have to be a gifted politician to be this good this fast at
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doing that. bill: we are just getting started. scott walker will be here in a moment. former pa senator rick santorum will be here as well as jeb bush. martha: scott walker got the least amount of time and he will get more time with us this morning. there is a big hearing for sergeant bowe bergdahl. will he face court-martial for desertion. bill: did you see the one senator who may have set himself apart? >> to those who fought in iraq and did your job and barack
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obama wasted it all.
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>> while i'm as entertained as anyone with this back and forth.
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for the construction worker who doesn't have a job and can't fund his child's college education, they don't care. bill: chris christie not allowing carly fiorina to interrupt him. monica crowley, online opinion editor for "the washington times." a lot to go through in three minutes. rubio, carly fiorina and christy had a strategy going into this debate and they stuck to it. >> they were focused, they knew what they wanted to do, they knew what they wanted to say, they knew they had to take on the front runner donald trump and all three of them in their
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own way whether it was directly like fiorina or chris christie. they flattened donald trump. they took some air out of his sails. that was their objective going in. >> donald trump is still standing. i think he will be in the polls. i agree with monica's characterization. but carly was the clear winner. she stood up to donald and she had a great answer for republicans on planned parenthood and foreign policy. she showed she had substance. >> bill: jeb bush thought he had a good performance. >> he performed bert than he did in the first debate. donald trump said more energy, i like that.
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and jeb bush had been low energy. last night was a better performance. is it enough to makeup the lost ground? i don't think so. >> i think jeb is back in the hunt and back in the first tier of establishment candidate. but he didn't take donald trump out. if anyone is in the same platform with donald it would be carly. bill: lyndsey graham first debate. listen. >> to every candidate tonight, are you willing to commit before the american people that you will destroy isil? we are not going to deport 11 million people but we'll tart with felons and the rest can stay but you have got to speak
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our language. do you think putin would in the ukraine or syria today if ronald reagan were president? no. ronald reagan did a couple of big thing we should remember. he sat in with tip o'neill. the most liberal guy in the entire house. they started drinking together. that's the first thing i'm going to do as president. we are going to drink more. >> i'm sure that was worth a good couple million vote. he had a good night last night. he showed charm, he showed wit, he showed hope. i don't think he had a breakthrough moment like carly fiorina did. i don't think it's enough to catapult him into the upper tier. but he did have a nice evening. >> what lyndsey graham proved is he's a real contender for secretary of state or secretary of defense. he showed wit, charm and
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substance. agree with monica, he's not going into the first tier, he's going into the cabinet. martha: who got the most time out there last night and who was short changed? governor cot walker grade his performance. did he move the needle in what has become a challenged race? at&t and directv are now one. which means you can watch movies while you're on the move. sitcoms, while you sit on those. and even fargo, in fargo! binge, while you lose weight!
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martha: we asked the official numbers to figure out which candidates ended up getting the most air time during the debate. once again donald trump powered over his rivals. he got 40% of the questions last night by one estimate jeb bush came in second. he got to be heard 17 minutes out of the nearly 3 hours. further down the list, ben carson and carly fiorina, one of the biggest moments in the debate when donald trump blasted jeb bush's brother former president george w. bush. >> your brother and his administration gave us barack obama. it was such a disaster those last few months that abraham lincoln couldn't be elected. >> with my brother one thing i
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know for sure, he kept us safe. [cheers and applause] you remember the firefighter with his arms around him? he sent a clear signal the united states would be strong and fight islamic terrorism and he did keep us safe. martha: governor bobby jindal lashed out and here are some of the highlights from that. >> there is no point in having a second liberal party. it's time to get rid of the republican party and start over. give harry reid and pelosi credit. at least they have fight for what they believe in. >> and elected official can't say i am not going to follow the law if it conflicts with my life.
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>> 90% of american workers don't own a bar or business. they work for a living. they are wage earners. all we want to talk about is what happened to our business. >> please understand we have to win this election. the court's at stake. we have to make sure we don't lose the judiciary for decades to come. martha: you look at these individuals up there and they all have such qualifications and resumes across the board and have interesting things to say. but one of the areas of attack was to attack republicans on capitol hill. i think a lot of republicans felt when they took over both houses that things were going to change. bobby jindal and marco rubio went after the sitting republicans on capitol hill to some effect. bill: trump was on this morning and he said i was on too much.
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they gave me too much air time. >> carly fiorina said i did it in high heels. three hours of that. martha: which is not easy to do. martha: how heated was the prime time debate. many people taking to social media talking about how sweaty many of these candidates looked on stage. apparently it was warm in there. remember the first time the 5:00 shadow and perspiration became an issue in 1960 before they knew too much about makeup and powder and the lights on tv? many viewers thought kennedy was the winner because he looked came and cooler while his oh own end richard nixon looked sweaty and he seemed uncomfortable on camera. but when they talked to people who listened to it on the radio, they felt nixon won.
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but for these candidates we don't do radio debates anymore and lot of them were out there just sweating. bill: the reagan library, the air force one plane is elevated. cnn built scaffolding and that held the stage for the candidates and the 500 people in the audience. so the heat from california was all going up, and i think that's what you saw at least for the first hour in was one shot of mike huckabee. all that heat was rising. martha: taking the shots while people were wiping their phase was not effective. bill: will bowe bergdahl go to jail? today was his first hearing.
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we'll ask cot walker how he scored his own performance when he joins us live in california next. >> in wisconsin you are losing $2 billion right now. >> you are using the talking points of the democrats. covergirl is the easy way to draw attention perfect point liner smudge with sponge-tip to create a smokin' kitten eye lash blast mascara adds an instant blast of volume add a pow to your brow! wow! from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl
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>> mr. trump, we don't neend apprentice in the white house. we have one right now. >> in wisconsin you are losing $2.2 billion right now. >> when the folks of iowa found out the true facts of the job you have done in wisconsin, all of a sudden purchase number six or receive in the polls. >> just because he says it doesn't make it true.
6:34 am
martha: the pair sparred over poll numbers in iowa and managing debt. governor walker great to have you with us this morning. martha: just a couple hours of sleep -- we got a little bit of a delay. that's why we are stepping on each other just a tad. i want to get your assessment of how -- you go in there with expectations and go in there prepared. when you have came off the stage last night, how did you feel? >> we set the tone early on. we said there is a real difference out there. do you want an apprentice, do you want someone who hasn't been tested? we have seen how that works out.
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he said things in 2008 that he couldn't follow through on. if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. americans want someone who can take out washington for sure. but you want someone who has been tested. in this race nobody has been tested bert than we have been. we made that case early on with mr. trump. martha: now you have had two debates under your belt and it hasn't helped your numbers. he's right, you are in 6th or 7th place in iowa where you were number one. iowa was supposed to be your state. now you are two debates in and everybody talking about the front runners and the people who did the best are not listing your name among those big winners. what are you going to do to turn this around? >> we just started our campaign
6:36 am
two months ago. we munkerred down -- we hunkered down. we are the first campaign to have county chairs in iowa. we are going to organize voter by voter in iowa. make the case there and come back and do well in the other early states. but you do it grassroots level, voter by voter level. i'll be back there this weekend. martha: it was a tough environment out there last night. a lot of people were jumping in and fighting for their time up there. we just got the list of ranking of how much time people ended up getting. you were at the bottom. in three hours you were able to fight your way in there to speak 8 minutes 24 seconds. was that your fault or cnn's fault. >> i was asked three questions
6:37 am
in three hours. the bottom line is we tried to use quality over quantity and make it best of that time and like i said early on we set the stage and made the case if you want someone who has been tested. think about it. there are many good people up there with good ideas. but how do we know what they will do in office. we took on the big government union labor bosses. we are not going to back down from dealing with the deficit. i think the more we make that case the better off we'll be. >> reporter: you have been written about a lot for having a good story in wisconsin. donald trump took issue with some of those numbers and you rebutted his take on that. it begs the question in terms of the campaign. rough thinking about making any changes in your campaign to turn this thing around?
6:38 am
>> for us the biggest thing is that grass roots. ronald reagan was behind in the polls in 1980. he was in a difficult spot in 1979. he went forward and won that election. and brought about one of the best presidencies we have had in modern american history. in his case he got back to his track record as a successful governor and he laid out a positive vision for how to move this country forward. we have a positive vision how to move this country forward. part of the reason the questions went the way they went, many of the candidate spent their time attack other republicans. we spend our time going after obama and hillary clinton. if you watch in the last couple weeks, who have they been going after? they have been going after me. barack obama went after me. hillary clinton multiple times went after us because we don't just have big ideas, we have actually done them and that worries them the most.
6:39 am
martha: everybody on that stage was trying to take a bite out of the numbers donald trump has right now. one of the interesting tactics you took was to try to label him as an insider, as somebody who has worked the system. how do you think that went over? >> if you listen to it, he himself said it. i actually listened to what he said. he said, you know what, i play the system, that's why i give the money to democrats. that's exactly what's wrong with washington. we have too many people who play of the system. nobody is standing up for the hard working taxpayers. we need to level the playing field and get rid of all these special deals. it's not just wall street that's the issue. if they are doing special deals it's not right for america. we need to have a level playing field. the more the people look and listen to what he says versus what he's talking about.
6:40 am
i think that will ultimately people will open their eyes and i hope they will look at someone who has been tested in taking on those special interests. martha: governor walker thank you very much. good to speak with you today. bill: one of his best moments was at 10:02 when he talked about leadership. they seemed to be slowing down that last hour. martha: it was interesting to see them get that last bit of steam. walker walking strong at the 8:00 hour as well. then they had find that groove again. bill: it was a marathon. shocking moments of the video when a massive quake strikes. watch here. you can hear the screams of many, now the death toll from
6:41 am
that quake is rising today. an update on that. donald trump blasting rand paul from the get-go saying the kentucky senator shouldn't have even been on that stage. rand paul is our guest live next. >>er time we have tackled a secular dictator we have gotten chaos. i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ ♪ at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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>> rand paul shouldn't been this st he has 1% in the polls. >> his visceral response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly. that happened in junior high. are we not way above that? would we not be worried to have
6:45 am
someone like that in charge of the nuclear arsenal? >> i never attacked him on his looks and believe plea there is plenty of subject matter right there, that i can tell you. bill: the first of several exchanges between the kentucky senator on donald trump. senator rand paul is my guest now live from california. good morning to you, senator. thanks for getting up early. >> good morning, bill, thanks for having me. bill: donald trump said he heard you were going on offense first and that's yes took the first shot. is that true? >> i think america is about done with him. i think we are ready to move on. i sensed that in the debate. there was up a silliness and lack of seriousness on his part that i think america will be done with him. the debate i think will reshuffle the pack.
6:46 am
and we'll start talking about the real issues. we did have a debate on foreign policy. mr. trump thought it was a good idea to have bombed assad. if we had bombed assad i think isis would be in charge of all syria including damascus. bill: you said after the debate that donald trump is on his way down. so before -- >> i think america is tired of it. i think the sophomoric jibes. his insult to carly fiorina is over the top. no one thinks you want a buffoon who insults women and calls them ugly. nobody wants that. the first time people hear that, some people will laugh at sophomoric jokes. but i think the laughing is over. and now it's almost become
6:47 am
pitiful. it's at the point where people are ready to move on. i think talking about my tax plan, talking about getting rid of the tax code, how to create jobs. i think people are ready to talk about issues. i replaced the tax code with a one-page run. i think these are the things we ought to be talking about. bill: where did this whole thing start with you and donald trump? >> i think when you strike close to the mark you can really get somebody going. i think the fact i have been calling him a fake conservative, pointing out he supported obamacare and supported president obama's government stimulus plan and the one that wrinkles conservatives most is he supports taking private property from small property owners and giving it to big
6:48 am
corporations through eminent domain. more people get tired of the diatribes and sophomore jokes. i think people will say it's time to move on. i think this is the time when we can begin to discuss about issues again. bill: you would not rip up the agreement on day one. others say they will. >> i think that's probably not the wise things to do. what you would do is find are they going to vote for the agreement. i don't think there is enough edge if iran gets them to comply. they complied to a t with it and we believe they are in compliance. it would be silly to go backward. i have wanted a negotiated peace. i do have a large dose of distrust with the iranians, and
6:49 am
i don't think it agreement is good because we don't have enough leverage. if it were working, why would we tear it up if it were working. bill: you talk about a reasonable foreign policy when it come to war and when it comes to isis. what would that look like? >> we should obey the constitution. we haven't done that in a long time. when we go to wear it' supposed to be initiated by congress. our found are fathers did this because they did not want the president to have the iewn latd rall power to go to war. on two occasions with president obama we have gone back into war without a vote. the way you determine if something is in the american interest you have a debate, then you have a vote and congress decide whether it's in our national security interest. i think isis is a scurng and we
6:50 am
have to do something, but my preference would be to amplify the folks who live there. saudi arabia need to step up. saudi arabia has been essentially an arsonist over there. how do you think it went last night? how did you do? >> i think very good. we are pleased with the performance. we think the characters will reshuffle and i think you will be surprised within about a week there will be a whole new ballgame going on. i'm not saying i'm going to be top. but there will be a whole new ballgame in about a week. martha: rick santorum and lyndsey graham battled over immigration. >> that's half your problem. >> how many democrats did you have on your bill?
6:51 am
>> i say none.
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bill: there is so much more to cover from last night's debate. rick and tore up is live in 20 minutes, jeb bush in 35 minutes. in south america we are getting word now ... hawaii and the california coast on tsunami watch after an 8.3 quake off the coast of northern chile. this is what it looked like inside a grocery store there. you can heart panic inside as things started falling -- you can hear the panic inside as
6:55 am
things started falling off the shelves. 8 people reported dead. more than a million forced from their homes. martha: army sergeant bowe bergdahl is set to make his first appearance before a it in court after being charged with desertion. what can we expect there today? >> reporter: this an article 32 hearing which is the military equivalent of a civilian grand jury. bowe bergdahl has been charged with desertion andness behavior with the enemy. we can expect to hear from both sides. evidence will be presented. cross-examination is allowed. think of it as a mini trial. then what will happen, a formal report will be sent in the coming weeks to the commanding general of the u.s. army forces command and that general will
6:56 am
ultimately decide if the soldier will stand trial or if a deal could be reached like a plea bargain of sorts. the hearing gets under way in the building behind me. 10:00 eastern. martha: bergdahl's lawyer wants his client's interrogation to be made public, right? >> reporter: he homes it will counter what he refers to as negative publicity his client has been receiving. people calling him a traitor. he thinks it will bode well for his client if it goes to a court-martial so he's able to get a fair trial. bill: the candidates facing off, second debate last night, promising change and taking jabs at one another. the winners and the losers moment away. >> did mr. trump go too far in invoking your wife?
6:57 am
>> he did, to subject my wife into the middle of a rauf cuss conversation was inappropriate. . . . .
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♪my milkface is an elevated state.♪ ♪cinnamon is my soul mate. ♪no debate 'cause it tastes so great.♪ ♪that's why i got milk face.
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♪la-la-la-la-la. martha: so there were winners and losers ad lots of zingers last night in the big debate. donald trump center sage as frontrunner at this point. he was square in the middle. he was focus of a lost evening. good morning, everybody. there is beautiful air force one in the middle of reagan library. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. a clash of republican rivals taking stage at ronald reagan presidential library. sparks were flying. a lot on the line. donald trump did not dispoint. from the beginning he came out swinging and so too did his rivals. watch.
7:01 am
that's an issue. you see when you have a debate you need microphones. martha: helps if you can hear what people are saying, truly does. bill: we'll give it a moment. if we figure it out we'll play it for you. meantime senior national correspondent john roberts is live at reagan library in simi valley, california. watched it earlier today and a last night. what did the candidate say in the postdebate format this morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you, bill. when you hear the audio it works a lot bert. there were a number of standouts last night. give it to carly fiorina, jeb bush, marco rubio and chris christie. donald trump everybody was coming after him. at one point rand paul called him sophomoric. donald trump said that rand paul was ugly validating the sophomoric card.
7:02 am
jeb bush whacked him for criticizing his brother. jeb bush told fox and friends says there was not a lot of tension during the commercial breaks. >> i was get being along with jeb and everybody else. i got along with everybody back there. there may have seemed that. and there was tension during the actual questioning but there wasn't a lot of 10 shurn during the break and i was a little surprised at that. >> reporter: carly fiorina had a stellar performance last night. some people thought that her tone might have been a little bit too stern. that she needed to smile even once to show some political warmth. here is how fiorina responded to that this morning. >> not every occasion calls for a smile honestly. it doesn't call for a smile when you're talking about the dangers we face in the world, whether it is the middle east or from vladmir putin. it doesn't call for a smile when we're talking about very serious issues that impact people'sves. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie standout moment
7:03 am
came after trump and fiorina kept going after each other over their careers. christie telling them to stop the childish back and forth. >> i sat and listened to that back and forth last night with carly and donald comparing rest mays how much money they each made and lost for each other and their companies. i felt like i had to jump in. this is not about you. which need to talk about the concerns of real folks out there >> reporter: chris christie really did need a standout moment. at one point he went 32 minutes without uttering a word, bill? bill: i was wonder whether they would open huckabee's mic for a long time. john, we'll talk to you later today. we wanted to play a three minute wrap-up here that starts with marco rubio who is getting decent reviews this morning. start here with the former senator from florida. >> number one issue a president will ever confront and most important obligation that the federal government has is to keep this nation safe and today we are not doing that we are
7:04 am
eviscerates our military and we have a president more respectful to the ayatollah in iran than he is to the prime minister of israel. >> my goodness, i'm still upset with saudi arabians what they do. funding arms to jihadist. not accepting any people, migrants, refugees pushed out of syria. saudi arabia is not accepting one. why are we always the world's patsies to fight their wars for them? >> we're talking about global jihadists who actually want to destroy us. they are an existential threat to our nation and we have to be mature enough to recognize our children will have no future if we put our heads in the sands. >> to give them this agreement that the president treats like the magna carta, but iranians treat it like it is toilet -- . martha: having audio problems with with that. we'll work on that. lots of sound of tonight's debate.
7:05 am
see more in a moment. let's get into policy details talked about last night. foreign policy was clearly one of the main focuses, a very hot topic on the debate stage last evening. among the so-called outsiders, donald trump speaking about syria, speaking about putin. here is carly fiorina talking about iran. >> on day one in the oval office i will make two phone calls. the first to my good friend bibi netanyahu to make sure we will stand with the state israel and the supreme leader. unless and until he opens every nuclear, military facility until anywhere anytime inspections by our people, not his, we in the united states of america will make it difficult as possible to move money around the global financial system. we can do that we don't need anyone's cooperation to do it. every ally and every adversary we have in the world will know that the united states of america is back in the leadership business which is how we must stand with our allies. martha: all right. joined by bret baier, anchor of "special report." bret, good morning to you.
7:06 am
good to see you. >> good morning, martha. martha: twitter started lighting up after that statement by carly fiorina, i think in part because of the specificity of her answer and dei will tag things she would do on day one. she is getting a lot of positive feedback for last night. your thoughts on that comment and on the foreign policy debate? >> well, martha, she signed in your debate in cleveland and i think she shined last night and she was substantive and forceful. she had a number of drop the mic moments and you know, and you had these moments created for carly fiorina. and i think she took the ball and ran with it. there was one answer that was really i think expert and that is, her answer that we have together iran and planned parenthood. it is hard together that one answer could have both of these things in a substantive way but it taps into all people in the
7:07 am
republican base, hey, congress, we fav you the house, the senate. you can't block this horrible deal with iran? you can't convince four democrats to get on the other side? and on planned parenthood, as we're approaching this fiscal cliff on the government shutdown, i think there is a lot of outrage that this is somehow being portrayed as republican loss and not the president potentially vetoing and shutting down the government. that is what the base thinks. she tapped into both things with one answer and i think just had a really good night. martha: the part we just played was actually top of that answer. we played the planned parenthood part of it earlier. when you put them together and struck me watching it last night, it was like carly fiorina's campaign in a nutshell across the spectrum of foreign policy and then her, very impassioned discussion of planned parenthood which we played earlier. now donald trump was called upon last night to get specific about his foreign policy. this is something that he has
7:08 am
been hit on before in the hugh hewitt interview. he was asked to be specific about some of these leaders. he claimed that, you know, hugh hewitt said it was great interview and spent a fair amount of time talking about how great the interview was but he had the opportunity last night, bret, at that to demonstrate he gotten a little bit more up to speed on these issues. here is part of his answer on that. >> so, i will say this though. hugh was giving me name after name, arab name, arab name and there are few people anywhere, anywhere that would have known those names. i think he was reading them off of a sheet. martha: can mauney was one of those names. zawahiri was one of those names, baghdadi was one of those names. are these issues on war or on terror voters should expect him to be up on or do voters like the fact they don't care? >> be clear, trump's supporters
7:09 am
are die-hard and i don't think last night's performance will take that away. overnight instant polls about the debate, they are online and there are supporters who expressed themselves in these overnight polls. i don't think he had a death blow. i don't think it was his best performance. i think actually the format of the debate didn't help him because it was all trump all the time in the first half. and to balance it out, they really couldn't ask him questions in the second half and he went some 30 plus minutes without saying anything. and, it just seemed out of balance. but overall, i think, donald trump survives this and lives another day because his support is so, so strong. martha: absolutely. no, people were saying that he won at the end of the that debate last night. he has very strong supporters out there to be sure. the outsider element continues to be one of the main storylines of this campaign so far. here is carly fiorina, talking about why she thinks that is. >> i'll tell you why people are supporting outsiders.
7:10 am
it is because you know what happens if someone has been in the system their whole life? they don't know how broken the system is. a fish swims in water, it doesn't know it is water. not that politicians are bad people. they have been in that system forever. martha: like a fish in water doesn't know he is swimming in the water. interesting assessment but will that hold up, the outsider craze that is going on right now, bret? >> i think, listen carly fiorina had the best night. think donald trump probably, the second, as far as outsiders go because he didn't hurt himself. nobody got to him. and he had successful evening in that regard but i don't think ben carson had the best night for the outsider contingent and, you know, the others really needed to have breakthrough nights. jeb bush had a good night, not a great night. he probably need ad great night. so, and i think marco rubio had a really strong performance, even though he had to fight for that time. the time was an issue.
7:11 am
i felt for jake tapper, as a former moderator, i know that is tough, really tough with 11 people on the stage. i think big winner of the night is the bell or buzzer. not thank you, senator, thank you, governor. martha: it is jarring at time but it does the trick. it does the trick. you handled it expertly. thank you very much, bret. good to see you. we'll see you tonight. bill: we'll grab a beer with lindsey graham very soon. martha: more alcohol in the white house. bill: that is what he wants to do. jeb bush mixing it up with donald trump in rather personal way in this moment last night. watch. >> i don't know her -- >> absolutely love of my life. right here. why don't you apologize for her. >> i won't do that because i said nothing wrong. bill: jeb bush is live in a moment with morning after reaction to him. more after that tonight. martha: straight ahead, rick santorum giving us his take on the presidential race how he feels he did last night on the stage and what he needs to do
7:12 am
going forward. >> the point is, that i had a bill and -- >> went nowhere. >> well, you're right, lindsey it went know where because we had a president back then for more comprehensive immigration reform than i was. >> george w. bush. >> that's right.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
♪ >> tonight my name is jake tapper. i will be the moderator. >> they used the laws of the land -- >> thank you. governor christie's name been
7:16 am
invoked i like to give him 30 seconds. >> jake, jake. >> jake, jake. >> governor bush. >> jake. you haven't heard. >> jake. >> we're going to -- >> as time goes on. thank you, dr. carson. bill: either jake or thank you senator. what did you hear the most? 11 contenders finally heard by each other and voters during the three-hour debate. in between the interruptions was there substance? howard kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of "mediabuzz." how are you doing, howie. good morning to you. there will be a lot of analysis how cnn did last night. start it off. what do you think? >> i think we can all agree adding third hour was a little too long. late call by cnn. jake tapper did exactly what he advertised he was going to do which was to beg and poke and prod candidates to mix it up. and at times that produced some substantive exchanges.
7:17 am
but it produce ad messy, frankly at times out of control debate. seemed from some of these candidates, particularly not ones in middle of the stage, they had to as you know, shout and elbow their way in. time was not distributed evenly. and that at times was just hard to watch. bill: on that point, it was like ping-pong, binge bang, my head is on a swivel. we may have our opinion about that, howie, but how do the viewers feel about the format they watched last night? did they gain value from watching the 11 on stage? >> there were times when these candidates were going at it with notable exception of ben carson, who deflected several attempts by tapper and other moderators to attack donald trump. when the voters were treated to, you know, lively television and substantive contrast of views. but because tapper was saying things, like he said this about your wife and she said this to you, talked about her face, a
7:18 am
lot of it was just personal. that may be good. trump today compared it to pro wrestling but i think when chris christie had that moment, when he stepped up and he said, people are sick of listening to you, donald and to you, carly, argue about your business careers. this ought to be about working foles at home, that was a moment for him because so many of the exchanges as prodded by jake tapper were essentially spit ball fights. bill: if that is the question, these were not questions they were comparisons. it was almost as if you google rand paul's name you figure out what he said about one of the other 10 recently, you develop that into a question. however, this is what we got from rubio's campaign manager terry sullivan. it was a little like collars dickens story. it might have been get but would have been better if editor had been involved. having said that, rubio had no complaint this morning and neither did chris christie and neither did carly fiorina. they were okay with it. >> as you know these things are hard to do. i think the candidates don't want to come off the stage and
7:19 am
basically trash the network that put it on. there was also a need, there was one need thing for a bell. tapper was in uncomfortable position constantly, constantly cutting off candidates when they went long many of them invariably did. there was that exchange when jeb bush accused donald trump of essentially trying to buy some influence in the state of florida when he was governor to get some casinos there. trump said totally false. cried out since cnn plotted that out, for moderator say it was not totally false, the moderate or to say there were contributions. at times it was lively tv. it was too much of punching back and forth. generated at times a lot more heat than it did -- bill: people complain about the length of it being three hours. third hour you started settle things down to get some substance. did you read "politico." check it out. they're calling it debate from hell.
7:20 am
>> the air-conditioning wasn't working so everybody was up there sweating. bill: that could have been. >> prime opportunity for candidates even with messy format, even with talking over each other, particularly for marco rubio and chris christie who haven't gotten much attention with summer of trump to get attention of american voters. bill: we'll do it in october. howard kurtz, we'll look for yournal sills on here's martha. martha: ronald reagan often invoked at his presidential library. many compared themselves to the conservative hero but did anyone cubbing seed in convincing that connection with voters. >> i don't want to argue how low things will be. i want to talk about lift everyone up in america. that is what reagan talked about
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> i did have a plan back in 2006. i introduced a plan called comprehensive border security bill. which did in fact put the resources to build the fencing and deploy the troops and technology necessary -- >> what did you do with the 11 million? >> as you know -- >> what are you going to do with the 11 million. >> 40 to 60% of the 11 million are here on visa overstays. we know exactly who they are. we should know where they are but we have a government that doesn't tell them to return home. >> how many democrats snorted your plan? how many democrats did you have on your bill. >> i doesn't know how many democrats i had on the bill. >> i can tell you. none. martha: immigration smackdown last night. lindsey graham and rick santorum in testy exchange and their actions as senators. form senator and presidential candidate rick santorum. joining me now. >> good morning, martha. thank you. martha: watched the analysis after the early debate last night. everybody seemed to think or many people seemed to think that
7:25 am
lindsey graham was the winner. >> well, i don't know about that. "wall street journal" poll had us winning 55% of the vote. we were trending on facebook and twitter a long time last night. i felt very, very good about our performance. i don't think the republican party is going to nominate someone who is for amnesty, who is for putting invasion nary force in syria. and i just, i, lindsey was as he always is, a very light-hearted and fun guy to be with but if you look at serious questions that republicans care about, whether it is standing up for, against the tyranny of the court which lindsey said it is deciding case. in fact george pataki and others most republicans have decided not to stand up and fight on issue of marriage, whether it is standing up and fighting for american workers, whether it is on our manufacturing policy, on immigration policy, i think we hit very squarely where republicans are and i think we'll do very well.
7:26 am
martha: when you take a look at things, obviously the stage was very crowded last night, in the prime time debate and four of you left in the early part of the debate. rick perry has dod out now. when you take a look at your number, these are national polls, you don't like to look at national polls but gathering of many polls put together for the real clear political average and at .8 of a percent. how long do you hang in there at these numbers, senator. >> in iowa, most recent poll tied with jeb bush and one point behind scott walker and i'm in sixth place in iowa. i don't know if you guys know this in fox, the first primary is in iowa and that is one if you look four years ago, look at national average, "real clear politics" average i was .8 four years ago in the national polls. in fact i was at 2% two weeks before iowa caucuses and got 26% of the vote in iowa caucuses. >> we're well' wear of the iowa
7:27 am
caucus exactly when it is. >> you guys are occupied with national polls. martha: it's a legitimate question, senator. >> that doesn't, it is not a legitimate question. martha: why. >> there is no correlation between national polls and who wins elections. it just isn't. four years ago rick perry was 41% in the national polls. he didn't win a single delegate. i understand your occupation. i will be occupied where the votes are. they're counted first in the state of iowa. that is where i will be in this weekend and work hardp to talk about issues that will win votes there. martha: also talked about the minimum wage last night. >> i did. martha: you were on your own in terms of believing that raising minimum wage is the right thing to do. do you feel like you made some headway with that argument. >> i think that was top trending thing on facebook for a long, long time. the reason is, it is very tough when you say you're for working americans, and then you bail out gm and bail out wall street and come police it as republicans were, helping out with tax breaks and special interest provisions for all sorts of
7:28 am
businesses. when it comes to providing floor wage, not talking about living wage, not talking about $15 an hour, 10.85, a floor wage, less than 1% of americans make minimum wage right now. republicans, almost everyone on the dais said can't raise minimum wage. it hurts workers. less than 1% of workers make minimum wage. let's provide the floor. the floor shouldn't be basement. the floor should be something above the basement. martha: understand. looking back at iowa, you're at 1.7 in iowa. i see you're in washington, d.c. this morning. what is your campaign plan for the next week in iowa? >> well actually, i'm going to south carolina tomorrow. we'll do our filing. there is filing left to do in south carolina. you have to pay them a nice big check. then we go to iowa for saturday through wednesday morning. we'll be traveling, mostly through the center part of the state. but again we'll be doing several, several larger events.
7:29 am
we have some, you know, sort of events not our events but events we're participating in. as well as bunch of town hall meetings. we'll continue to work hard. i believe that the message we delivered last night, that is pro-worker, getting people back to work, having commander-in-chief who has experience, someone who knows the enemy and the enemy knows them, can go in there and keep america strong and safe and have the experience to make changes in washington. martha: senator, thank you. >> outsider with insider knowledge. that will be winning ticket for us. martha: senator santorum, thank you very much. >> thanks, martha. bill: jeb bush coming down hard on donald trump here. >> the one guy that had some special interests that i know of, that tried to get me to change my views on something that was generous and gave me money was donald trump. he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> i didn't want. >> yes you did. >> totally false. >> you wanted it. bill: they were smack dab in the middle -- who got better of
7:30 am
other, governor jeb bush is live in a moment. that is ahead. martha: there are searchers today hoping that they will find a six-year-old boy after a flash flooding killed actually members of his extended family. >> the water has recede a fair amount since the flash flooding occurred. so it is not just looking down in the water of course. it is also looking up, lookingrt back, and looking around. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. i needed work done around my house at a fair price.f sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans.
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7:33 am
♪ >> the one guy thatted that some special interests that i know of, that tried to get me to change my views on something that was generous and gave me money was donald trump. to subject my wife into the middle of a raucous political conversation was completely inappropriate and i hope you apologize for that donald. >> i have to tell you i hear phenomenal things. i hear your wife is lovely woman. >> she is fantastic. >> that is mischaracterization.
7:34 am
>> why don't you pole guise for that right now. >> i will knot do that. she is lovely woman. your husband ace administration gave us barack obama. it was so disasterous that last few months that abraham lincoln couldn't be elected. >> one thing i know for my brother for sure, he kept us safe. [applause] bill: some suggesting that was biggest applause line. jeb bush a lot at stake coming down on donald trump. not backing down. scoring points at time. with millions watching time for him to show he has what it takes. he knows that clearly. florida former governor jeb bush. live in bakersfield, california. governor, good to have you back here on "america's newsroom." good morning after a short night last night. >> good morning to you too. it is beautiful here. bill: i heard you say to nbc late last night, that you took him on, meaning donald trump. was that your strategy? >> well, first of all the stage
7:35 am
was so close it was impossible not to ignore him. he literally six inches away. and he has said a lot of things about a lot of people that aren't true. and i think you have to show that you have got the met till to be -- mettle of the united states. last night i got to talk about issues i'm passionate about and i took him on for sure. he is just wrong on a few things. he could be a great guy, i have no clue, but he is wrong on big things relate related to president. bill: he repeatedly said you're a nice guy. do you know not him that well? >> number i met him once at fund-raiser apparently afterwards i find out he thinks he could buy politicians. he wanted casino gambling in california. i killed it. i met him once at doral, golf attorneyment i was honorary chairman of pga tour. that was it. bill: you wanted apology for your wife who was sitting there last night. and you did not get it. what did you think of that?
7:36 am
>> look, the simple fact is disparaging people's family isn't going to get him elected president of the united states. i'm proud of my wife. she has been a great first laid different state of florida. she focused on drug prevention, on domestic violence and arts and education. she is a great american. and, to have all these dog whistle terms that make it sound like we're one group of americans is different than the other, that is not reaganesque, that is not america, that's not good. we have to win. we have to unify people and so i think it would have been smart for him to apologize but, look it is donald trump. what can i tell you. bill: we just played the clip of him going after your brother and his record. did you expect that? >> i don't know. i didn't know what to expect. i had a chance to lay out my vision for a high growth strategy for our country. that is why i was motivated. we could be growing at 4% per year, not 2% per year.
7:37 am
people would be lifted out of poverty. the middle class would get pay increase for first time in long while. that is my focus. it isn't about donald trump. bill: your poll numbers took a hit after cleveland. i know you know that you're about to spend millions of dollars on advertising blitz. specifically governor, what is it that you think you need to address on your campaign right now? what is that? >> nothing. we're just going to keep working hard with hopeful optimistic message. people know i have the leadership skills to be president of the united states. i believe in a strong foreign policy that will keep us safe. and economic policies that will lift people up. i will talk about my tax reform proposal that is the most provocative pro-growth tax reform proposal that has been in existence for 20 years. and millions of people will get a pay cut. will get a cut in their taxes. 40 million people will get a 33% cut. corporate tax rates down to 20% that will allow to us compete with anybody including china. that's the message that i take each and every day out to the
7:38 am
people of this country. bill: back to the question though, about being more aggressive. you have heard that. how did you think it went last night? if you were to grade yourself what do you think. >> it went great. i was aggressive like i always am. the idea somehow i'm not aggressive -- look i was governor state of florida for eight years. i worked 80 hours a week. the ever ready thing i didn't make that up. that was the nickname i had. i'm a hard-working person on behalf of people. it is not about me. not about big personalities on stage. about people really struggling right now and i have a heart for them and i have energy for them and i will keep expressing that love of country and belief we can rise up again. bill: it was 11:00 eastern time on our coast when you said this about that. >> everready. it is very high energy, donald. [laughter] [applause]
7:39 am
bill: now, in all honesty, governor, had you been working on that line. >> no. no, i didn't think that would come up. that is kind of hard to practice but it just came to me, that the florida department of law enforcement called me that for a reason. they called me that pause i outworked them. that is just the nature of my being. i have worked every day of my life. i never ta i got married when i was 21 years old and 10 days this is just who i am and notion that somehow i'm low energy is totally ridiculous. bill: you said it is kind of like performance art. others may argue it i can takes more than one-liners and zingers to be president of the united states. now you were on that stage last night. >> exactly. bill: what did you think of the format? were you okay with it or not? >> look, it is 11 people on a stage for three hours or whatever it was. it was pretty long i guess. but here's the deal. there is all sorts of ways that were tested when we run for president. not just in debates but a lot of
7:40 am
other ways. cumulative effect of this, it is a process that shows that you have the toughness, the fortitude, the compassion, all the skills of leadership necessary to be president. so i do this joyfully. this is not something that is difficult at all. format of the debates, the first two debates is how to compare and contrast between candidates. at some point the field will narrow and we'll talk deeper about issues that really matter to americans. and i'm looking forward to that as well. bill: we caught a moment right before the debate began last night. looking for explanation for you, standing on tippy toes. were you looking for someone? are were you looking to be a little taller for the guy at your right? >> i was looking over the press to see where my wife was sitting. she is love of my life. i have eye contact with her before we started. you've been married 42 years. that is the kind of thing you do. bill: governor, thank you for your time.
7:41 am
i know the schedule is hectic from here on out. >> you bet. bill: but at the moment do you have any concerns for what you're standing is right now in this campaign. >> not at all. i'm excited about where we are and i know where we're going and i'm going to be the republican nominee and i can not wait to take it to hillary clinton or bernie sanders whoever it is. bill: we'll speak with you down the road. jeb bush, former florida governor, bakersfield, california. thank you, sir, for your time. >> thank you. martha: well the late president ronald reagan mentioned quite a few times up there last night as the candidates tried to take on the reagan mantle. so who was closest? our panel weighs in. >> the occurs to me as we're sitting here in the reagan library, that most of us would like to pay tribute to a guy who when he got elected, didn't get elected telling everybody how great he was. he got elected telling everybody how great the american people were. when you booked this trip,
7:42 am
you didn't know we had over 11,000 local activities listed on our app. the
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ >> i think i actually flew on this plane with ronald reagan when i was a congressman. and his goals and mine really are pretty much the same. >> one of the things that made ronald reagan a great president, he understood that america was a unique nation and any other that existed throughout human history. >> i turned 18 in 19780. my first vote was for ronald reagan. i'm glad i did it. i think the country is too. martha: some of the candidates making sure to mention the namesake of the debate tore rum, president ronald reagan but who, if anyone succeeded or could succeed taking up the reagan man tell for the republican party? joining us ed rollins, director of the 1984 reagan campaign and joe trippi, former campaign manager for howard dean. we were up late last night watching the big debate, ed, let
7:46 am
me start with you. you knew the man well, of course. any of those people up there, they all sort of tried to embody a bit of reaganism last night. did they succeed? >> no one really succeeded. i didn't sit thering and say, gee this is the next ronald reagan. they are capable people. carly fiorina had a great night. certain extent mike huckabee taps into it. he is an eligible speaker. carly was passionate. rubio has love for america what reagan had. what overshadowed everything in that very long debate cnn insisted going three hours. the airplane, flew around the world and great great changes with a great person and i had privilege flying on it. john kasich, only congressman to beat a democrat in 1982. tough election for us. very significant player n fairness to reagan and fairness to other people on the stage there is not another reagan on the world stage and that is unfortunate.
7:47 am
martha: that may be but that person could emerge, joe. reagan wasn't reagan when took office or was elected to the presidency. you don't know what you get toa large extent until you watch that person in office, do you? >> i don't think anybody can emerge to be reagan until they have gone through this process, become the of the united states if one of them can do that. you grow into it. i don't think a lot of people in '76 and aye 80 weren't sure reagan was reagan until they saw him in the campaign and saw him grow and his charm and the way he could communicate and his optimism. i would agree with ed. rubio kind of embodies the reagan optimism and love for the country. i think, you saw that last night. and kasich was very poignant in the way he, he kept coming back to real moments where he was in
7:48 am
that plane or he worked on the budget. but i didn't see -- you're not going to get reagan until somebody becomes president and then they're either, first of all, one only like him comes around a few times in a century. he just, i mean, i wasn't for him but i believe he did a great job as president. i think a lot of americans feel that way. >> the one thing he did have, martha, i was around him 16 years and governor and president, worked in the white house with him he always had very clear vision where he wanted to take this country. he knew the soviets at that point in time had tremendous buildup and were invading lots of countries. we had to rebuild our military. he thought taxes were too high. we had to cut taxes back and government was too big. those were his clear messages plus the extraordinary love of american people. his personal story, son after shoe salesman, great life, ability to communicate. to certain extent that is why he inspired the country.
7:49 am
martha: when you talk in those terms, ed, who do you think, is anybody sort of, kind of capturing that, what was spoken about? lifts up american people, believing that the american people themselves have truly great, and that the nation can, you know, to donald trump's phrase, be great again. you know, is anybody really hitting home do you think with that message? >> first of all to make great america -- america great again was not trump but reagan's slogan. he would never tolerate, never say negative word against anybody he ran against. to a certain extent that set a tone. unfortunately we got into a real dogfight here with a lot of negative stuff being thrown out there. i think that damages our party. martha: should people, joe, should people at this point drop out? look how big that stage is. it feels like everybody is waiting to find out what happens with donald trump? >> no, look, i think a lot of the other candidates, other
7:50 am
folks would drop out so there would only be five or six standing up there. there is no reason for any of them to drop out right now. look, i for one, think carly fiorina, i think you will see movement in the polls. i think some of these people will go up u i'm not sure trump will go down right now. but i think carly is going to go up. i think christie and rubio both did very well. so there is no real reason. even lindsey graham in the first, you know, in the smaller debate or forum, did, i think, really well. you could see him come -- i don't know if he did well enough to come up in the polls but there is no reason yet for anybody to get out. >> there is one outrage. the outrage jim gilmore was not included. former governor of virginia. party chairman, republican national committee chairman and party should have insisted he be in that debate. martha: sorry, we're up against a hard break. good to see you as you always. bill: will a court mark shall be
7:51 am
on the table for bowe bergdahl? lawyers start their arguments today.
7:52 am
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misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city.
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>> i'm jon scott. ahead on "happening now," gop candidates use the second debate to take on donald trump. were they able to shake things up? full analysis with chris wallace and larry sabato. plus keeping a close eye on the economy and the federal reserve's decision to raise rates. what it could mean for our economy and your money, coming up on "happening now." bill: jon, thank you. a court-martial hearing begins today for bowe bergdahl. what happened to the army sergeant, rather, while serving in afghanistan? retired army lieutenant colonel tony shaffer, senior fellow, london center for policy research. on any other day, colonel, this would be headline news. given events of lars night, this is now when we get to it. bottom line point, two of them.
7:55 am
first one is what? go? >> army, military is trying to counter this hugely-large effort by the white house to inappropriately influence chain of command. look, bill, from day one, people knew this guy walked away. we know he did something to support the enemy. that is why you have the desertion and article 99. that is number one. number two, this has been uphill battle for the army to do what is necessary to get this. and his team, the bergdahl defense team keeps trying to throw trump in there and fox news in there saying there is inappropriate, you know, discussion, basically, trying to convince their guy in the media. bill, the facts speak for themselves. that is what the big issue is for today. this is hearing for the facts. bill: you also had a rose guarden ceremony too. >> right. bill: don't forget about that. what do you think ultimately what happens to bergdahl? >> this is grand jury justification, going through the facts making sure the actual charge meets the evidence and goes forward to the court
7:56 am
marshall. i do believe based on everything i heard, bill the two charges will be sustained and this is going to move towards court-martial. bill: do you believe it's a hard case to prove or not? >> the army has got to essentially walk a very fine line here. i'm aware of classified information they don't plan on using which would be far more persuasive. they have to do things to protect sources and methods, at the same time, present a fact all case that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt bergdahl planned to walk away, did walk away and did collaborate with the enemy to some degree. i think the army can do that. bill: colonel, thank you very much. martha. martha: last night's debate is now in the books. who were the winners and who is in trouble? the breakdown coming up.
7:57 am
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style. >> happy hour coming up. thanks for being with us. plenty more to discuss. >> have a great day. "happening now" starts now. >> was a contentious often personal battle, donald from dominating the gop debate from center stage, he was the target of frequent attacks. many analysts scored the match giving it to carly fiorina. welcome to "happening now". i am john scott. >> i am patty ann brown. the leading contenders came out swinging taking on the front royal donald trump channeling his confrontational style fielding questions on range of issues from foreign affairs to gay marriage and abortion and making the case for why they think they should be commander in chief. it happened at the reagan


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