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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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rates?? >> they'rez for now no increase in rates. it signalled a rate hike could come later this year. let many read from the statement now, quote, information expandingpareq moderate pace. household spending and business 1ixed envestment has been ñzn increasinghd?kpqa;1úw moderatel
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housing has improved further. net exports have been soft. sh underutilization has diminished since early this year. inflation has continued to run belok%tu partly reflecting declines in pr nonenergywcó.p imports. recent global economic and financial developments may restrain economic activities and are likely to put further downward pressure on inflation in the near term. the fed does expect the economy to continue to grow at a moderate pace. >> to support continued progress toward maximum employment the committee reaffirmed the view that the target-jj :ññ&) for t federal funds rate remains ]ñuñ appropriate. it also goes on to say the committee anticipatesl
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your read.#.6 >> you saw the stock market right there. it bounced initially when we got that news because it seems like good news liquidity would stay out there and then you saw it go down. why was that. you listened closely. they talked about being worried ìeq:vv3lso do it
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éó⌟z ñ+ uí d÷h% housinóppu valuesyzi have been . se= stree,]whb but theí> federal
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ten years. >> every single time we pay this close attention it's what they will do every couple of months ovelvh years. >> important now is because they should have raised ago.cxc this is an emergency >,(kaj2p we saw the initial now it's going=#f lower. we havev
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pbynr pd is÷lqe sure when online. '>:ij&ze d//í4[rhek< going into and out of dallas ft.
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back in july united airlines had a ground stop because of computer problems. pilots are only allowed to fly a certain amount of hours. for now the ground stop is only for dallas/ft. worth, chicago o'hare and miami. this will domino effect for every airport in the country. if an american airline plane headed for say, new york is stuck in a gate here at la los angeles an american flight might not have access. on and on it goes. it's trying to fix the computer problem but if you're flying anywhere on any american airline flight you better call because
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the odds of your flight being delayed or cancelled is very, very high. >> or look at it online. seems to be happening more frequently. now to our other huge story of the day. one of the most talked about moments coming during an exchange during donald trump and carly about her face. listen. >> it's interesting to me mr. trump said that he heard mr. bush very clearly and what mr. bush said. i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> joining me now mark teson. how did that one fly?
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>> that was great moment for carly. she really shined in the debate last night. what was great about that moment is it was unscripted. she had no way of knowing that trump and bush would have that exchange before hand where trump was insisting he was going to cut women's health. she came up with that answer on the fly. it was just devastating for donald trump. >> you said she killed it last night. who else did well sf. >> i think marco rubio did well. he looked very presidential. he looked like he could be commander in chief. the two of them, rubio and fiorina who was completely out of his depth on foreign policy showed a marked contrast. very good night for marco and rubio. very bad flignight for trump.
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>> listen to this snippet when he was pushed on syria and how rubio responded. >> it's a mess. you look at isis and think of this, we're fighting isis. ie tis wants to fight syria. why are we fighting isis in syria. let them fight each other and pick up the remnants. >> you would reach out to vladmir putin. >> we will get along. we won't have the problems that our country has with russia and many other nations. >> the russians will begin to fly combat missions not just targeting isis but in order to prop up assad. he will turn the other regions and say america is no longer ally egypt and saudi arabia. begin to rely on us. he's trying to replace us as the single most important power broker in the middle east and this president is allowing it. >> you have a politician there
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many marco rubio but sounding really good. this is the year of the non-politician. i guess on the other side you had carly who seemed to have just as much knowledge on foreign policy. >> absolutely. you saw a guy who is ready to be commander in chief and a guy who's depth on foreign policy is about one inch thick. you also have carly who is an outsider. she was the chairman of the cia external advisory board. she has a top secret fbi clearance. she knows these guys and these issues very well. she had a great moment in that syria exchange. she said the reason it's important to know who the general is because he just traveled to moscow and met with putin and now we have russian troops in syria. that showed a real serious depth. she's a real threat to trump. she's an outsider like him but
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she's very smart and very deep. >> it will be interesting to see how this reflects in next polling. thanks. >> thanks. we know what the gop field said when they took the stage said but what did their body language tell us about them? one name was brought up multiple times. we don't mean the candidates trying to get jake tapper's attention. ronald reagan. >> i think i actually flew on this plane with ronald reagan when i was a congressman. >> think reagan said during the cold car. >> i'm on the reagan side of this.
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can a business be...alive? cook healthy meals... yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. continuing coverage of last night's second republican debate. it was quite a show. the candidates taking verbal jabs at each other.
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in some ways their body language just as important. watch this clip. >> i will take care of women. i respect women. i will take care of women. >> you see jeb bush waving his hand, shaking his head, turning away, tapping the podium, rocking back and forth. all powerful non-verbal. what does this say about his future style if he wins the top job. tanya, great to have you back. >> thank you. >> let's talk about that one when you're pushing away your hand and rocking back and forth. >> you're pulling away from the conversation but what's more significant is donald trump is all over the place and jeb bush starts to move around as well. it's that release of tension. it's as if he needs to get that out because he's getting more and more frustrated. >> let's look at this example. this is donald trump telling jeb
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bush he doesn't get his vote. >> he's weak on immigration. by the way, in favor of common core which is also a disaster. weak on immigration. he doesn't get my vote. >> all right. you can see at the end he sticks his tongue out. he also had a bit of a nervous laugh there. >> he did the big position at the last debate where he covers himself up when trump first starts speaking. he laughs but it's not to cover up nervousness. it's more to cover up angry. when we become angry the first thing we do is laugh to make sure people don't realize it and the third thing is the tongue thrust it's and like i'm disgusted. if you try to feed a baby something they don't like, they stick their tongue out. that's what he did. >> this is carly showing anger on her face when trump was talking about her face.
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>> you'll see her look down. if you look underneath her lower lip watch how it clenches up. there was no hiding that. >> that is when he said to her i think your face is beautiful. >> you're beautiful even though i said that. >> this one is also just video. take a look. this is dr. ben carson consistently closing his eyes when he speaks. what does that mean? >> what happens is so much of our input is visual that sometimes we need to close out everything else to get rid of the distractions to think about what we want to say to formulate our thoughts better. he's getting too much sensory input. he's able formulate his thoughts bett better. he's also very delicate. this is because i'm sure he's a surgeon. everything about him is a little bit more precise. this is part of it. closing down the eyes to make sure he's saying what he wants
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to say. >> this is chris christie and carly. >> listen. you interrupt everything else, you're not interrupting me. the fact is we don't want the hear about your career back and forth and volleying about who did well and who did poorly. you're both successful people. congratulations. >> yes. >> this was chris christie real surprised me. this is something we discussed. who would become more polished and better personality, easier to get along with. chris christie really handles himself well. he became more likable, nicer and then this point coming up and you realize right back to where he is. he's trying to make his point. it was a valid point. it made me laugh this is the one time he became the old chris christie. >> okay. you thought more of a bullying move. you can see carly react. >> she pulls back all tutomatic.
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helen leans forward. it was interesting. >> even though some people listening to the words think carly won, you felt she won on body language. >> her nonhverbals were strong. she was real concise and spoke well and hand gestures were appropriate. in the beginning she wasn't gesturing enough. she didn't do enough of them. as it went on i think she became stronger and stronger. >> as always, thank you. accused army disaster bowe bergdahl is in court today. his platoon leader discusses utter disbelief. some stand out moments in last night's debate and what looked like some clear winners and losers. who helped their chances the most at last night's debate? tweet me. i'll try to read your comments. ♪
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the former president was mentioned several times but the various white house hopefuls. >> i'm hon thoroughed to be here at the reagan library at a place that honors the legacy of man who inspired not just my interest in public service but love for country. >> in my lifetime the greatest president was a governor from california. ronald reagan knew how to go big and go bold. >> are we going to take the reagan approach, the approach that says you come our country, legally your pursue your dreams
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and create opportunities for all of us or the donald trump approach? >> craig great to have you on. who in your mind was the most reaganesque? >> it's a complicated answer. everybody in the party runs as a reagan republican. you don't see them running around saying i'm a nixon republican. ronald reagan is probably surpassed abraham lincoln as the enduring iconic representation of the republican party today.
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>> it occurs to me as we're sitting in the reagan library that most of us would like to pay tribute to a guy who when he got elected didn't get elected telling everybody how great he was. >> i know you thought that sounded particularly reaganesque. why? >> it was very reaganesque. also his speech in 1980 to the republican convention where he said don't trust me, trust yourself. he was very much infused with the american revolution which put its faith in the individual and not the state. reagan was always about reducing power and authority and moving power away from washington back to the individual. he dropped it. he very much believed in the
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individual and the privacy of the individual. that's very american conservativism. >> all right. it took place at the reagan library. many candidates talked about ronald reagan. thank you. we just got an update from american airlines on that ground stoppage. plus, breaking developments in the case of bowe bergdahl who is in court facing a potential court-martial. tense moments between donald trump and jeb bush. was jeb able to gain traction on the front-runner. >> the love of my life and she's right here. i want to apologize to her. >> i said nothing wrong. i do hear she's a lovely woman. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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two hours of ground stoppages. american airlines says it's solved a connectivity issue with its system. that affects airports all across the country then. american says they hope to get passengers back in the skies as soon as possible. we're not sure exactly what caused this glitch. they've been happening more frequently and now we have three airports on domino effect throughout the airline industry for the rest of this afternoon. another fox news alert to tell you about. we're going to go live to the pentagon as we await the award
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ceremony for the three americans that stopped the terror attack on a train. three childhood friends jumped into action when an armed man threatened passengers on the train. that happened last month. they worked together to subdue the suspect. the trio includes a national guardsman and u.s. airman. also meeting with president obama at the white house earlier today. here are the awards. spencer stone will receive a purple heart for injuries to his neck and hand he received in that attack. specialist alex will receive the soldier's medal. anthony sadler will receive the secretary of defense's medal of valor. let's listen in for a moment. >> from netherlands to paris on 21 august, 2015. airman stone immediately responded after seeing a heavily
11:32 am
armed begun man enter his train car want the fire an ak-47. he sprinted unarmed towards the gunman and brought him to the ground. the gunman was armed with the assault rifle and automatic pistol, a box cutter and bottle of gasoline. despite receiving multiple lacerations on his face, neck and thumb, airman stone with the help of other passengers was able to disarm the gunman after choking to the gunman to the point of unconsciousness, airman stone ensured he was unable to move. he rendered critical like saving care to stop the bleeding to the gunshot wound to the neck suffered by another passenger. his decisive actions prevented the gunman from opening fire on unarmed civilians potentially saving the lives of hundreds of passengers and saving the life of a wounded passenger.
11:33 am
the courage and heroism reflect great credit upon himself and the united states air force. [ applause ] >> that's airman spencer stone receiving the airman's medal and he will receive a purple heart for his adjurinjuries. big day for them. we say thank you to them. it's happening now in sam houston texas over whether sergeant bowe bergdahl will face a court-martial on desertion charges. he spent five years as a taliban hostage. casey live at the hearing.
11:34 am
what do we know? >> reporter: sergeant bowe bergdahl came in dressed in his military uniform, his black and blues as they are called. he's been paying close attention. he's taking a lot of notes and not really looking up. he really seems to be jotting a lot of stuff down. so far we've heard from a prosecution witness, captain john billings who was his platoon leader. the government's legal counsel asked him about the moment he learned of bergdahl's disappearance and the search for him. billings said the 29-year-old left his gun and his night vision goggles on his cot. the prosecution said he sent some of his personal items home before he vanished like his computer and a kindle. we're told the prosecution will have two more witnesses and then the defense will be up. they will be calling witnesses. they won't say how many they have or how long it will take. now, once this article 32 hears
11:35 am
is complete, which could take days, everything will be sent to the commanding general of the u.s. army forces command and he will make the ultimate decision on whether to proceed with a court-martial in this case. his lawyer is asking the military to release the transcript of his client's interrogation and the days following his release from the taliban. he hopes that will counter some of what he calls negative publicity that's been directed. he said he is worried that bergdahl has already been convicted in the court of public opinion. >> thank you. the battle between donald trump and jeb bush got personal last night after the moderator asked if trump went too far by dragging bush's mexican born wife into the debate. >> to subject my wife into the
11:36 am
political conversation was inappropriate. i hope you apologize for that. >> no apology from the donald. governor bush recalling the exchange on america's news room earlier today. >> the simple fact is disparaging people's family ted states. to get him elected i'm proud of my wife. to win we have to unify people. i think it would have been smart to apologize, but look it's donald trump, what can i tell you. >> tony is a republican strategist. before i let you go at each other, i'm going to show again bush and trump going at each other over mr. bush's wife. watch this. we don't have it. let's role play. we saw what happened. mr. bush, governor bush wanted donald trump to give an apology. donald trump was having none of
11:37 am
that. >> i think jeb bush knew he had to prove he had some energy. even donald trump was ridiculing him. his performance in cleveland was sub par. the fact he engaged trump directly and on this issue of a personal nature was a smart one. i think donald trump handled it appropriately. >> he said -- >> it would have gone against his image. it took the opportunity to point out that area where he disagrees. >> this shows where trump plays best and that in the politics of personal attacks. he's done it with jeb bush, rand paul. i think it underscores the fact he is absolutely devoid of substance. only engages in rhetoric and i think it should scare the gop that the front-runner for the nomination is one that engages this behavior like that. i think it's shameful. >> he did fewer of them last
11:38 am
night but he's done them in the past. >> let's look at marco rubio who many felt really answered the foreign question with a lot of substance and intelligence. watch. >> these are extraordinarily dangerous times that we live in. the next president of the united states better be someone that understands these issues and has good judgment about them. the number one issue that a president will ever confront and the most important obligation ta the federal government has is to keep this nation safe. today we are not going that. we are e vis rating our military and a prosecute that's more respectful to iran the the prime minister of israel. >> every time he spoke ic refle polls. >> he drops a couple of points. another strong performance by marco rubio.
11:39 am
very articulate. what made that even more powerful in that same span of time donald trump game rather incoherent answer about syria and putin and the obvious fact that russia has reasserted it geo political dominance. compared to that it enhances rubio as a good understudy once trump or if trump loses that first spot. >> last clip that i want you to look at, bernard is jeb bush talking about his brother. who would have thought that would have been the greate eses applause line. watch this. >> your brother's administration gave us barack obama because it was such a disaster the last three months that lincoln wouldn't couldn't have been elected. >> you know what, as it relates to my brother, there's one thing i know for sure, he kept us safe. i don't know if you remember -- >> he got a lot of applause for that. >> i give props to jeb bush for becoming more human. this is not a playground fight.
11:40 am
let's get the facts straight. george bush, fortunately, bedid not have another serious attack after 9/11. he got us into the war in iraq and cost tens of thousands of lives and led to the rise of isis. the fact he's saying george w. bush made us safer, i don't think so. >> you could argue what led to the rise of isis. you could say getting out of iraq led to the rise of isis. >> we wouldn't have had to get out if we hadn't got in. >> this was jeb bush's best moment not of just the debate but the entire campaign. >> it was off the cuff which made it better. time for my take. social media will be more important in the 2016 presidential race than ever before. it's interesting to note what resonated with tv viewers last night and on twitter. first among the gop candidates.
11:41 am
who were the most mentioned? here are the top three candidates that got the most share of total debate conversations. no surprise trump, 22.74%. first by a long shot. then jeb bush. 8.62%. carly fiorina, 8.02%. candidates who gained the most followers, carly, donald trump and jeb bush. the top debate moment. carly responding to donald trump's comments about her face and discussing planned parenthood and the kicking feet offetuses. the most retweet, jeb bush saying sorry mom after revealing he smoked pot 40 years ago. you can always get my take on twitter and my facebook page and fox let's check in with harris.
11:42 am
>> thank you. the transportation security administration is under fire. in the face of a prostitution scandal. a congressional hearing under way right now. federal air marshals used their government cell phones to record sex acts with a hooker and e-mail them to people. air marshals agreed to have sexual relations with a scheduler to choose their flight assignments. carly standing out last night as hillary clinton kicks off a long weekend in new hampshire. who will take the women's vote?
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welcome back. carly fiorina winning lots of praise.
11:46 am
perhaps the biggest moment of entire three-hour long debate her call to a higher moral authority when talking about defunding planned parenthood. >> this is about the character of our nation and if we will not force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> let's bring in greta. what did you think of that part of the performance? >> i think it was consistent with what her strategy is besides the fact that is her deep conviction. i think what she is trying to do is make sure she really solidifies the evangelical vote. she's going 100 miles an hour for that women's vote. she's stealing every single undecided, on the fence woman's vote from secretary hillary clinton who is losing the women's vote. i think this is part of her big plan. this didn't surprise me. >> about a month ago you tweeted out is it just me or is it sexist for people to automatically her if she's running for v.p.
11:47 am
i retweeted that because i thought that was so on point. i believe it was to a certain degree. do you think people are still asking that today? >> i think they are coming around to the fact she's running for president and not vice president. take a look at this debate. she had to push her way on to the stage and get a podium. it's not so dissimilar from women executives trying to get into the boardroom. this is how she became ceo and the podium with the big table last night. it's interesting and i think you have the sound bite from the super pac where you can see she's going after the feminist vote and acting like a feminist but rather a woman who wants a level playing field for women. i think you have the sound bite. >> let's watch it. >> look at this face. and look at all of your faces.
11:48 am
the face of leadership. note to democrat party, we are not a special interest group. we are the majority of the nation. i am proud of every year and every wrinkle. >> let's also talk about this debate moment. i was kind of shocked by this. they were asked what would they would put on the $10 bill. she said this. >> i wouldn't change the $10 bill or the $20 bill. i think honestly, it's a gesture. i don't think it helps to change our history. what i would think is that we ought to recognize that women are not a special interest group. women are the majority of this nation. we are half the potential of this nation and this nation will be better off when every woman has the opportunity to live the life she chooses. >> what did you think? >> i was it's pandering to women to say put a woman on a $10 bill. let's go up to the $25 bill.
11:49 am
totally pandering. women just aren't that stupid. this is a perfect example of carly. she wants a level playing field. she's not asking for special consideration. i thought what you were going to play is what governor chris christie said. i think he fooled a lot of audience. >> me too. we don't have it but he said the adam's family. >> he said i think the adam's family has been shorted in the currency business and there a lot of people thought he meant the other adam's family, the one on tv. here is the other thing. did you notice what donald trump did? it was so cleaver. he randomly goes after the appearance of rand paul. i think he's feeling the sing of wondering about whether women will turn on him for the comments he made about carly. he wants to say i'm an equal
11:50 am
opportunity insulter. it was so random. it came out of nowhere. as a defense lawyer i thought it was smooth. hillary clinton an a three-day swing. this is vice president makes an appearance in detroit. should we read anything into any of those trips?
11:51 am
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hillary clinton jetting into new hampshire for a three-day campaign swing. that's where we find ed henry. she is scrambling to shave new hampshire? >> she is. she was supposed>÷o: to be in georgia today. hillary clinton is scrambling now. spending the next three days here in new hampshire.
11:54 am
why? look at this new poll today from washington bur, here inism. shows hillary clinton behind bernie sanders by four points. a virtual dead heat, joe biden at 13%. sick straight polls here schober any sanders, the democratic socialist, beating her. remember the strategy to show her humorous said? >> the most has come to light, because this was a really important issue. >> yes. >> and it -- i had to talk about it on the e-mail, and that is i was asked if i could get gufelta fish into israel in order for it to be used in time for passover. >> reporter: so joke can about her e-mail controversy. did nod work before when she taped about wiping the server will a towel. nmy on to tease donald
11:55 am
trump about his hair. >> and then jimmy fallon felt her hair. joe biden in michigan, now heading to ohio. what's up? >> reporter: look at this. ohio, michigan, key states where biden obviously suggests maybe he is getting closer to getting in. look at this wbur poll. if he gets in he could be foe america able, and "national rue view" said a draft biden official was overheard on an amtrak saying yoenis 100% -- joe is in 100%. somebody may have mishead but you'll hear a lot of speculation. >> there are t-shirts, mugs, and paintings being made as pope francis gets ready to head to states. but there's one piece of
11:56 am
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philadelphia phillies honoring the pope's visit. baseball cards and his nickname. the pope getting his own jersey number, 266, honoring his position in the papal line. a lot of commentary about the republican debate. who do you think helped their chances the most? one says ted cruz. one says, carly fiorina teak advantage of every chance. wade feels ben carson displayed his wisdom and faith. and thinks carson's honesty is helping. one says rand paul distinguished himself on foreign policy, the war on drugs and the tenth amendment and katrina thinks lindsey graham in the earlier debate did a stellar job and would like to see him move up in
12:00 pm
the polls. thank you for writing, and everyone has a different opinion. that's why i love hearing from you every day. thank you for being part of "the real story" for thursday. here's harris. in for shep. >> breaking news now. we're tracking the troubles with american airlines today. after the carrier reported a technical glitch that caused them to halt domestic flights across the nation. starting to see the planes on the move again as you can see right in the center of your screen, but you better believe a lot of people are going to be delayed. we're also following the republican presidential candidates as they begin to mactheir moves the day after their second big debate. donald trump is doubling down on one of miss more controversial comments, and what carly fiorina, and others, say about their performances last night. also developing, secret cia documents revealed from the days of jfk and show extraordinary was going on behind the scenes


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