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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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madam attorney general you sold us out fast. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. we will see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. follow me on twitter. good night. "on the >> fetus on the table heart beating, legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. >> perhaps the strongest statement in the debate last night came from carly fiorina who challenged america to stop the barbarity coming out of planned parenthood. tonight, we will have the inside story on that. >> she has got a beautiful face and i think she is a beautiful woman. >> donald trump backing down from miss fiorina's withers implied criticisms. we will take a hard look at that situation. >> i didn't suggest that nothing be done. what suggested to president
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bush is to be kennedyesque. >> does dr. ben carson believe confronting the taliban was the wrong then to do? he will be here. >> 10 or 12 because they are boring. >> hillary clinton mocking the email controversy on jimmy fallon. is that appropriate? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what america learned from the second republican debate that is the subject of this east coast's talking points memo. consensus is for carlie foreignna, the former ceo of hultd packard and political outsider won the debate last night. i believe ms. fiorina did very well but that senator marco rubio was just a bit
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stronger because ms. fiorina looked a bit dower and disposition matters in any debate. but it is truly incredible that a business woman, ms. fiorina, and a businessman, donald trump are schooling veteran politicians, men who have run states and are serving in congress. that's what's happening very severally ms. fiorina came across as powerful last night day one i will make two phone calls first to my good friend b b netanyahu and second to the supreme leader unless and until he opens every military and nuclear facility to real any time anywhere inspections by our people, not his, we, the united states of america will make it as difficult as possible and move money around the global financial system. we can do that we don't need anyone's cooperation to do it. >> since polling shows many americans perhaps most oppose the iranian nuke deal, carly fiorina scored big with that assessment. now, the other big debate
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headline, it was unfair. the whole thing was unfair. three hours far too long. when people get tired, they make mistakes but in truth there were few ms. stakes. there were no gaffes. the real unfair part was the distribution of time. for example, mike huckabee got only three questions and spoke for just over nine minutes. by contrast, donald trump was asked 13 questions, spoke for 18 and a half minutes. far more than any other candidates on the stage. >> jeb bush was second with 15 and a half minutes speaking. the cnn moderators using trump to stir up controversy. in doing that they ignored people like huckabee, governor walker and governor kasich. it's impossible to make an impression when, in a three hour forum, you get to speak for less than 10 minutes. as those three men did. >> television is a brutally competitive enterprise but i submit that these debates should be taken out of the
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commercial arena no, advertisements at all. that way you wouldn't have pressure to create incidents and controversy. and you would have more time in a reasonable two hour debate to let the candidates speak look this country is in trouble, we all know thaticas allow we, the people, to at least get to know the candidate somewhat. summing up, the debaters did, well, but most were not given nearly enough time to make their points. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. telling the truth. "the washington post" assigned fact checking unit to what was said in the debate. joining us from washington glen kessler. i want to take carly fiorina first. here is what she said about the planned planned parenthood undercover tapes the organization selling body parts of abort babies. >> as regards planned parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape, i dare, hillary clinton, barack obama, to watch these
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tapes. watch a fully formed fetus on the table. its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. this is about the character of our nation. and if we will not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> so what did you find out about ms. fiorina's statement? >> well, what she is describing, there is one of the videos there is an interview with a woman who worked at biotech startup in which they received, you know, fetal tissue from planned parenthood affiliates in california. she does describe this procedure, what she claims she witnessed where they would harvest the brain. there was no actual footage of that procedure there was intercutting videos of a fetus from an organization
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that proi vidz stock footage of abortions. the province of that particular footage is unclear. >> we found out. it's from the gramtham. that is from a pro-life group. the group that did the undercover sting was they used that footage, all right, to illustrate what the young woman was saying about the transaction between planned parenthood and the organ harvesters. >> right. exactly. >> that subtle at this was lost, i think on ms. fiorina. she didn't really know because it would be impossible to do so how it all came together. would that be fair to say? >> right. but we don't really know about that footage is that like a fetus that is about to be used for body parts? that is what is unclear. >> we don't know who exactly the fetus was or anything like that. i think it's safe to say but
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you correct me. ms. fiorina conflated a bunch of things because they were put on the screen at the same time and didn't lie or didn't -- she misinterpreted where everything came from. but the point was the same. that this is outrageous, would that be fair? >> well, i don't offer opinions on abortion. but you are right. >> she didn't try to deceive anybody is what i'm trying to say. >> right. and we didn't -- i should say we make no. >> if had you made a judgment and wrong i would have called you a pinhead. >> second one is bush trump about gambling in florida. go. >> the one guy that had had some special interest that i know of, that tried to get me to change my views on something that was generous and gave me something was donald trump. he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> i did not. >> yes, did you. >> totally false. you wanted it and didn't get it.
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>> i would have gotten it. i promise i would have gotten it? >> before, during and after. i'm not going to be bought by anyone. >> i promise, if i would have wanted it, i would have got it? >> when he asked florida to have casino gambling we said no. >> wrong. >> we said no. that's the simple fact. >> don't make things up, jeb. >> okay, what did you find out? this is a strange exchange. the facts are on jeb bush's side. donald trump did want to have gambling in florida and jeb bush said no. the "the washington post" has had a whole article about this recently in which we quoted donald trump talking about it. >> so d. trump himself approach bush about the gambling? >> you mean personally? >> yes. >> off hand, i don't recall. >> trump as you know has scores of corporations and they do a lot of different things and gambling is one of them. i think what trump was saying, look, i never did any of this.
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maybe my people made inquiries about it. that's possible. but i didn't do it. now, jeb bush said the one guy this is specific who tried to get me to do casino gambling, tried to buy me was donald trump. and if trump didn't do that specifically what do you say? >> well, he think, again, the larger point there. >> no, no, answer my question about that. if bush is saying you tried to buy me. you gave me money to get casino gambling and i wouldn't do it and trump didn't specifically do it, himself. >> i still think the facts lie there more with bush. i'm playing the devil's advocate. >> right. >> my staff does a lot of things in the booking realm that i don't know about. they try to book you. i didn't call you up to ask you on the factor, somebody else did. they can say a lot of things. but then if you came out and said you said this in that interview, you said. this i didn't say it.
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i think that's what trump was getting at there. i just want to be fair here. i'm not disputing the facts of the matter. i'm disputing the fact that governor bush said trump did it personally and i don't think trump did it personally i think his guys did it, when i heard that exchange i didn't hear that trump was personally asking. >> that's what bush was contending and there is no doubt about that. final one, ben carson, border fence in yuma, arizona, go. what begheed to do is look at something that actually works, yuma county, arizona, they stopped 7% of the illegal immigration through there. they put in a double fence with a road so that there was quick access by the enforcement people. >> what did you find out about that? >> well, that's putting, i think, too much emphasis on the role of the fence there. you had all sorts of things, including, you know, economic factors, that
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resulted in the decline there so putting all of the decline on the fence is overstating it. >> is overstating it. >> we found that as well that there were a whole bunch of things behind fence there were a policy of detention it whereas illegal immigrants knew that yuma was not a place to go so they went some place else. would that be fair? >> yes, exactly. >> that's all we want, mr. kessler, thank you very much for coming on. it was a very interesting segment. next on the rundown, dr. ben carson will be be here. he out in the middle of the pack last night. he i have some questions on him on terrorism. the doctors, moments away.
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impact segment tonight, let's get to ben carson who joins us from topeka, kansas, the doctor's book
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"one nation" doing very well. you heard the "the washington post" guy saying you overstated the border fence controversy in human yuma, what say you? >> well documented the fence is only one component of our defense against you will legal immigration they did it correctly in yuma. not only did they put up a double fence with a road that allows quick access, but they also had border guards there and they prosecuted first time offenders rather than the catch and release program that has subsequently been. >> right, that was a big thing and word got out. so, when you make a installment in a debate, you know, you don't have time to fill in all the blanks, that's why i felt sorry for all you guys, not just you. because they are fact checking stuff. you say the fence worked and then you don't say other things worked as well. it's not a deceit. it's just a matter of how much time you have got and what the point you wanted to make. i thought you were okay there. i want to talk to you about
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terrorism. >> believe me, if they really wanted to know. they would have gone back and -- there is plenty of statements that i have made about what you do to secure the fence. and if it was something that was according to their agenda, they would have gone back and said well, you said this on march the 30th. >> okay. let's talk about terrorism when the united states invaded afghanistan to take out of power you opposed that, right? >> i opposed iraq and afghanistan. i thought they there were better ways to accomplish our goals. i did not oppose. >> let's just take afghanistan. iraq, that's a whole different thing. but afghanistan you have been laden there. you had the al qaeda there. you had the taliban harboring them. that position, that you didn't support that initial action sets you apart from almost every other republican in the country. so, i you want you to explain your position tonight.
5:17 pm
afghanistan does not have a central government. it has 300 tribal leaders. the only successes which we have, which were limited were through our association with the northern alliance of tribal leaders and that helped for a while. that sort of dissolved now. and what have we really accomplished? every nation that has gone into afghanistan to quote tame it has failed. that doesn't mean we . >>: i think we have through
5:18 pm
history, governor. i can't think of any government throughout the united states attacking the homeland that we did not remove that government. i mean almost every time we did. but, anyway, let's update this position to isis. now we have another threat open threat we want to kill as many americans as we can. if we get the chance we are going to do it. how would you defeat isis? first of all make it very clear that we do want to defeat them. i would use everything available to us. that includes the economic covert activities and special forces. and i believe that it would probably require that we actually put some men on the ground because we have called for the development of this coalition for all the nations in that area who have an interest. but we are not providing any leadership for them. so, of course they are not going to respond
5:19 pm
spontaneously. >> they wouldn't do it anyway. europe is getting what it deserves now for sitting out the whole war on terror and being overrun by muslim migrants and that's the cause and effect. you would put american troops into syria. i assume. to attack with allied soldiers. >> not in syria. >> you wouldn't go into syria but that's where the headquarters are. >> i wouldn't go into syria. what i would do is i would drive isis out of iraq. i think we are capable of doing that. >> you couldn't destroy them then. they would still be functioning in syria because that's where command and control is. >> yeah, you push them up into syria. and you regain control of iraq. that's a big part of the victory that's part of their caliphate. that's the majority of the caliphate in iraq. that will make them look like losers. it will make it much more difficult for them to recruit people when they
5:20 pm
look like lose ares. >> with me i go right to raqqa and they would have to pay the price. doctor, you are always accessible to us. we congratulate you on your campaign thus far. have you conducted yourself in exemplary way. we hope we can continue the conversation on ward, okay? >> absolutely. thank you. >> all right, doc, thanks. directly ahead, governor john kasich didn't get a lot of air time last night. what does he think about that? same thing with governor mike huckabee. "the washington post" said where was he? we will talk with both men in just a few moments. dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief.
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personal story segment tonight, governor kasich of ohio, presidential contender former substitute for me on the factor. during the debate the governor spoke for 9 minutes, 38 seconds. out of the 11 candidates he
5:24 pm
was ninth in the amount of air time given. the governor joins us now from irvine, california. do you believe you were treated unfairly by cnn? >> well, everybody wishes they had more time, bill. i wish i could substitute for you who are than i did. look, you play the cards you are dealt, right? and i wish i had had more time and i didn't. there is nothing i can do about that other than to make the best i could get. >> it did hurt you in the accepts that all of the guys, walker, you, huckabee, you almost disappeared. three hours is a long time even when you made your points, which i said everybody made good points. i didn't see any gaffes there last night. they are almost lost in the sea of bs. >> you know, bill, in some ways it was like a demolition derby. i just wanted to make sure i inned the derby with with my car still intact. look, i have to tell you, i have been in eafl, i have done like a bunch of meetings today.
5:25 pm
i was on "the view" this morning. but the meetings today, it's really interesting. a lot of people coming to me saying and i'm not -- you know, i take things with a grain of salt. really loved what did you i wish you had had more time. maybe it's better than say you were on an awful lot. i wish i had had had more time. hopefully the next debate i can be a little more effective there with more time. >> i think you will have to be more assertive and jump in and hit somebody with a pie. look, here is the bottom line. you are a policy wonk. okay? you turned ohio around. i don't care if people think that i'm favoring you. i'm not. i'm telling the truth. you did a magnificent job in ohio. i never thought you would be able it to do what you did there. when you go out and start to tell people what you did in ohio, they fog out. governor. they fog out. all right. they just -- it's just human nature. whereas some of your competitors, ie donald trump, he is telling carly fiorina she needs a face
5:26 pm
lift. this is great tv. it's magnetic tv. so that the tv goes to him you are like the gold glove winner on baseball that makes all the catches but doesn't make any home runs. >> bill, here is the thing you have got to realize. i'm running second in new hampshire. i mean, my campaign started on july 21st and i'm now running second. >> there is only 17 people in the whole state. it's three electoral votes. >> no, new hampshire. >> iowa and new hampshire, i love them and they should be there to give guys like you traction. but, in a country. >> they are a launching pad. >> in a country you have got to get well-known. >> well, bill, look, you will be, you do well in iowa or you do well, you win new hampshire or do really well there, you will be none. >> i don't know pat buchanon won new hampshire. come on with the same technique. >> he didn't carry forward. bill, this is what i you want you to know. i'm building out my national campaign. i'm hiring staff in south carolina and michigan and
5:27 pm
iowa we are raising money all over the country. be patient. i have only been in it since july 21. i love people in nebraska but it doesn't matter what they buy about me today the impression i make early on. >> what i'm trying to say is you are campaigning in a very methodical way, okay? >> yeah. >> you are building a slow base, you are saying it's almost like the tortoise and the hair and it's a pon on trump's hair. the tortoise and the hair. you are going it build your policy and build your organization and you think you are going to prevail. i'm telling you that you have to be cautious. we are living in a totally different age. an age of anger. this is the age of anger, governor. all right? that's where you are walking into. people are furious. they want a champion. they want somebody who is going to destroy the opposition. and that's what you are up against this year. last word. >> bill, here's the thing. look. people, at the it end of the day they want somebody who can land the plane. i understand all of their
5:28 pm
concerns. i grew up in a little town as you know a little blue collar town where i understood all of their anxieties. at the end of the day people finally decide who can land the plane. i have landed a lot of planes. that's why my record matters. here's why. because when politician's lips move and they make promises people think they are lying much the reason i talk about my record in washington and in ohio, balancing budgets, cutting taxes, growing jobs is because it gives me credibility when i make other promises. now, there is three things you need to get elected. >> all right. i don't have the time and you know what i'm up against here. a computer. but you are welcome any time. we will bring you right back. okay, governor? >> bill, thank you. >> all right. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. hillary clinton joking about her email situation with fallon. dana perino has some thoughts. then sergeant bowe bergdahl deal begins today. we have a guy who knew him in afghanistan. right back.
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continuing now with our personal story segment, let's bring in governor mike hub befrom calabasas, california. you were second to last time given last night nine minutes. only governor walker received less time. what do you think about that. >> you know, bill, i wasn't sure if i was at a cnn debate or standing in line at the dmv. i have been stuck in l.a. traffic and wasted less time than standing on that stage for three hours last night getting three questions. three questions. it was very frustrating. and i thinked that the
5:33 pm
viewers of america were cheated out of a real opportunity to hear people running for president talking about some important issues. and instead it was all if i was willing to take a shot at somebody, if i was willing to trash somebody, i would have gotten a lot of time. i don't think it's my place, bill, to try to see if he i can disparage the other republicans on that same stage. i don't get that. >> now, he you said the same thing in the talking points memo as you know. >> yes. but now let's' get to the why of all of this. all right, so cnn sophisticated worldwide news operation. they put three moderators in there. only one actually talked. the i think the other two hewitt and bash probably as frustrated as you. they disappeared. they obviously wanted to get trump and get everybody yelling at everybody. two ways to look at it. they wanted good tv or they wanted to damage the republican infrastructure. what do you think it was. >> it could have been either
5:34 pm
of that. maybe. maybe a conspiracy their theorist. i was on the fox network beating their rear ends every weekend in ratings maybe this was their way of paying back. i don't know. i'm just saying it could be. who knows? >> if you had to do it over again. would you have interrupted more. set yourself on fire so the camera would have had to have gone to you. would you have done a stunt to try to get attention? >> well, i -- two of the questions that i got, i only got because i did interrupt. and just basically shoe horned my way into the discussion. i'm not sure that if i had had done that he would have ended up having one question the entire night he think people forget this is not a tv show. it is supposed to be a forum in which republicans, north the whole country, republicans get a chance to decide who their nominee will be for president if
5:35 pm
republicans don't get to hear substantive conversation with social security. when christie christie and donald trump talked about it i want sod badly to jump in. i'm one of the outliers in the stage there i believe that we ought to protect social security for people. and that should have been a substantive discussion. we should have talked about infrastructure last night. $3.2 trillion worth of roads, bridges, airports and sewer and water systems need to be addressed. never brought it up. that's millions of jobs for americans. there are so many things, bill, that we needed to talk about and instead it was oh donald trump said something bad about you, would you like to respond in you know what? we are bigger than that. we don't need to have the playground argument of gee, he hit me, let me hit him back. we are adults. we are running for president and the whole forum should have been addressed in that manner. >> we gave you a say here and you are always welcome as you know, we preached it. >> thank you, bill. grit to be with you. >> when we come right back, we will talk with the soldier who served with bowe
5:36 pm
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us, i'm bill o'reilly in the factor follow up segment tent, as you may know bowe bergdahl captured by the taliban in afghanistan was traded for five top taliban terrorists. the obama administration describes sergeant bergdahl's service as noble. but now he is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. today in san antonio, texas, his military hearing began. joining us from sioux falls south dakota. a member of bergdahl's platoon when he went missing. first of all, tell me about bergdahl. was he a good guy? did speak to him a lot? how was he in afghanistan? soldier.hl was actually a that's why it was such a shock to find out he was gotten. he always wanted to learn weapon systems. red the ranger handbook. he was an inthrow vert. he always kept to himself when it wasn't work related. maybe only a handful of people who he got kind of
5:41 pm
close to. he never talked to me or really a lot of the guys he you knew about husband family and his background. just really liked to be left alone. >> okay, now, you guys were in southeastern afghanistan. very preemptive, tough territory there. so, usually, when you are are in a combat situation like that. that platoon bands together. did you notice anything strange about bergdahl before he took off? >> yes. actually we were on a mission and got stranded on a mountain and he said to me when we were just sitting around talking, i could see myself getting lost in these mountains and i think this country is beautiful. kind of reminds me of idaho. and at the time, you know, it didn't seem that weird. we had been stuck up there a week. and hindsight being 2020. it seems pretty weird now. >> yeah. and then takes off. after left your camp and had
5:42 pm
disappeared, you guys went looking for him, correct? tell us how that went down. nonstop missions for over 30 days. i he think we got suction hours of refit after, i don't know, like six days straight sun up, sundown, through the night. very little sleep. everybody was exhausted, wherever we got intel we were running from one point to the next, setting up checkpoints. be on the lookout for this white car, this black truck. and every car is a white car and every truck is a black truck. and it just seemed like we were chasing our tails. any time we got any intel, we were going all over the place. it was hectic. >> did anybody get hurt looking for him? >> directly, not anyone in my platoon was hurt as a result of him leaving he did walk away and chose to walk
5:43 pm
away. ambushes, went up exponentially, ieds, they are a lot more ieds, we got hit by a lot more ieds and became very intense. everybody was put in a dire situation. >> that's pretty strong. >> the whole region. >> do you believe that he gave information to the enemy that led to these escalation of hostilities? >> not necessarily. they knew where we were at. they obviously probably knew where came from just from information i have read he was captured a couple miles from our position. so they knew the area he left from and knew the area we would be looking in. so, it's pretty easy for them when there is a high influx of troops. they know where to hit because they know there is going to be a lot of troops there. >> that makes sense. now, you said nobody in your unit was directly harmed because the army is not bringing that into the case,
5:44 pm
we understand. they are not saying that those who search for bergdahl were hurter killed can. they are not going to go down that line of questioning. does that make sense to you you? >> no, it does not make sense to me. and the book no easy day written by a navy seal that helped capture osama. about page 64 to page 66. one of his seal friends was almost mortally wounded on a direct mission. it says in there on a mission to find bergdahl. in 2009, american service dog, military working dog was killed. that's in black and white. a navy seal was almost killed without advance training by corpsman he would have died that's in black and white right there. irs surprised, i know the same source you are pointing to but they are not going to do that. if he is found guilty of desertion and misbehavior, in front of the enemy, are
5:45 pm
you going to be sad for him? >> i'm not sad one bit for him. you know, it's unfortunate that he was in captivity for so long. i'm glad that he is back. i wish we would have gone about it a different way, but he needs to pay for his actions. he did something and now he needs to stand up to it there is repurchase cetions for your actions. repercussions for leaving your men and leaving your equipment and walking off and being captured. >> that's for sure. and now he is undergoing that. sergeant, we appreciate your service and your coming on this evening. dana proximate result reno on deck. hillary clinton joking about the email controversy and the debated last night. what does miss dana think about that? she is next.
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back of the book segment tonight, hillary clinton with jimmy fallon. last night. >> can i just talked about email scandal? >> sure, sure. >> what is in the emails? can you just say what's in the emails? that's all we want to know. if you would tell us what's in the email, i will get over it? >> yeah, yeah. >> what would were thinking it's probably much worse. are you just typing in all caps? is it embarrassing? >> [ laughter ] like my mom where everything is in the subject line? like nothing is in the body? [ laughter ] it's kind of a variation on that. and there are thousands of them that are already out there. most people have gotten bored after reading, you know, like 10 or 12 because they are boring. >> with us now co-host of the five dana perino. so, should she be yucking it up over this. >> this is part of the concerted effort that her team put out in the "new york times" a couple of weeks ago now the campaign and this relaunch is going to show more heart, more. [ laughter ] , but fake. [ laughter ] is probably not good,
5:50 pm
especially when it's about federal investigations or something pretty serious. >> you know, i don't know if this is part of the humanizing hillary clinton deal. but it just seems to me that, you know, with the fbi spending millions of taxpayer dollars looking into this, you know, you might say, look, i just want the truth to come out and i don't really, you know, she is making it into a farce. >> if there wasn't a federal investigation. if it was a story. >> that would be okay. >> this would probably be effective because what jimmy fallon was doing. tired of listening to the deal what's the deal? >> just because you say you are sorry or wanted the story to go away it doesn't stop the investigation. >> kind of like nixon saying those wild and crazy guys. yuck yuck yuck yuck. >> 18 and a half minutes, ha ha ha. i don't think it's effective. and i you also think-she is going to have to try it get out there. getting out there more and spending more time in iowa and new hampshire. problem for her team is they know they have to get her
5:51 pm
out more because she is being gained on by bernie sanders. the more she goes out, her numbers go down, so they are in a pickle. >> all right. you know joe biden? do you know him at all? >> i have had a chance to meet him a couple times, i don't know him well. >> no? he is kind of a nice guy. >> nice, yeah. >> everybody says that even if you don't agree with his politics. >> he is great because he will say things like why don't you come over to our side. i you love you. he is fun you will get higher ratings without me. >> maybe not next month when he announces. >> that's what you are saying, right? he is going to announce next month. >> if you look at one of the things joe biden did today he was in detroit. he is talking about the economy there. and then was going to ohio to talk about campus rape. i think his appearance on colbert, coupled with the fact that he met with a big bundler here in new york, a big democratic supporter. i think that he can wait until after the first democratic debate. can wait until november 1st to decide to
5:52 pm
get. in i think he is going to do it. >> i think he will get in before that a lot of it has to do with how this investigation goes. we have got a minute left. carlie fiorina. you know, widely accepted as the winner last night i thought that marco rubio won. i took a few points away from ms. fiorina. who was dower. she was not dower in her shot. it's not criticism of her. >> she could have afforded to have a light moment or two but a very high bar to clear. >> what does that mean high bar to clear? what does she have to clear? >> first time she is going to have a chance to be at that debate. she has earned her way there. all eyes are on her. >> she had to prove she was credible. >> absolutely. >> i think she did that well. >> she cleared that bar and i agree marco rubio had a great debate. >> military stuff carly fiorina brought out by divisions this and that that was impressive. that's what the candidates have to do. get specific about what they would do. dana perino, everybody,
5:53 pm
there she is is jeb bush going after donald trump over the governor's wife. that was intense. right? we'll have a tip on it. moments away. pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. [meow mix jingle slowly anright on cue.cks] [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship
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factor tip of the day. bush vs. trump over the governor's wife in a moment. first, killing reagan out this coming tuesday. and if you order it on bill o', we will send you a free copy of the constitution. wow. are we nice or what? today is the 229th anniversary of the signing of the constitution in philadelphia. in addition, if you become a bill o' premium member, you get reagan or any of the other books free much charge. another great deal. paperback killing lincoln already in the top ten rising fast that book is
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well worth your time. now the mail. janet decker wood bridge: the debate questions were meant to cause division among the republican contenders. it. >> average of about 23 million tuned in nina, biggest ratings cnn has ever had. they can thank donald trump for much of that no doubt. the fox debate, by the way, beat cnn by about 1 million viewers on average. >> not my job, dave. my mandate is to watch all powerful people in this country and make sure they don't hurt you. we're not consultants here. >> you may have noticed that the europe didn't exactly step up when bush cheney were running things, nate.
5:57 pm
most of those countries are happy letting people protect them. now karma is kicking in with the migrant invasion. less is i barger: american nurses are the best, leslie, you know that i know that 99% of americans know that what ms. behar says matters not. donna and dave crook, phoenix, arizona. bill, we travel a lot. able now to hear the factor podcast from many places around the world, except china, where you are blocked. we installed the podcast for premium members. and i'm glad you guys are enjoying them. i will talk to the chinese people. we will make them an offer they can't refuse. i will offer to send trump over there and then they will say no, no. wait, we will do your podcast. marianne irving: well, here is a bigger surprise, marianne.
5:58 pm
i'm sending you back stage passes at the comakerca. he we will also see everyone, by the way, in chicago and south florida. and throwing all the don't be a pinhead shows on bill o' i hope you enjoy it. tell mom to behave. quick question my son is 12 and has a research project for school what's the best book for that. >> hitler's last days will engage your son, joe. let me know how the report goes. one of the most dramatic exchanges last night was between jeb bush and donald trump. >> to subject my wife into the middle of a raucous political conversation was completely inappropriate. and he -- i hope you apologize for that. >> i hear your wife is february nominal woman. >> she is absolutely the love of my life and she is right here. >> good. >> and why don't you apologize to her right now. >> i will not do that because i said nothing wrong. i do hear she is a lovely woman. >> here what trump said about bush. >> if my wife were from
5:59 pm
mexico. i think i would have a soft spot for people from mexico. if he loves his wife and she is from mexico, i think it probably has an influence on him, yes. >> now, my opinion, mr. trump does not have anything to apologize for. he was not trying to disparage mrs. bush or the governor. was offering an opinion on illegal immigration. here is the at this point of the -- tip of the day. never good to inject family members into any public forum at any time. it's not wrong, it's just not good. family members politicians famous people are civilians, we should always leave them out of the public discussion. but, in this case, no harm was done. no apology necessary. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from bill o' off about the factor anywhere in the world we do not have time for
6:00 pm
enigmas. we get thousands of letters. thank you for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new fallout from last night's big g.o.p. debate as the critical media now start to focus on the woman getting credit for owning the stage at the reagan lie you brear. welcome to the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. today is a new day for the republican field. at this moment the pollsters are hard at work dialing voters, adding the numbers and figuring out how last night's three hour brawl may have reshaped the race for the white house. and tonight we are doing some polling of our own, check this out. we have assembled almost 2 dozen g.o.p. voters here, live, in the studio right now to look at the questions that have yet to be answered. who would be best against hillary? how will voter anger effect this field? and will donald trump face


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