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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 17, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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. we'd love to get your thoughts on the debate and on the candidates and how you see them tonight. go to "the kel fil file". thanks for watching, everybody. this is ""the kelly file."" tonight -- >> first of all, rand paul shouldn't even be on this stage. he's got 1% in the polls. donald trump traded jabs with his rivals at the second gop debate. >> excuse me, one second. >> no. you cannot take -- >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> the republican front-runner is here tonight. then senator ted cruz stood out for taking a stand against the iranian nuclear deal. >> if i am elected president on the very first day in office, i will rip to shreds this catastroph
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catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. >> the outsirder joins us. . >> you were o-popposed before, during and after. plus chris christie weighs in on his debate moment. and more. welcome to "hannity," tonight donald trump did bank on the campaign trail hosting a town hall meeting in new hampshire a few hours ago. here are some highlights. >> always making speeches. i then -- because we have to make our country great again. right? i love the vets. we have a lot of vets here tonight. in leadership i win like forget it. not even a contest. so much higher than everybody else like two or three -- you got all these cameras going. they can tell you. whether to do question and answer. you can make them vicious, violent, horrible questions, even though you're sort of
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probably on live television. yeah, there's a lot of them. every time i speak now it is on live television. you know why? it is a very simple business. ratings. the other thing i want to dwell on for two seconds and probably you've heard but we are going to build a wall at the border. going to build a wall. i'm going to make this wall so beautiful because when i'm gone they're going to probably change the name to the trump wall. i've got to make it beautiful. >> tonight donald trump was center stage at the second gop debate. let's take a look. >> what i am far and away greater than an entertainer is a businessman. and that's the kind of mindset this country needs, to bring it back. we will do between that, ukraine, all of the other problems, we won't have the kind of problems that our country has right now with russia and many other nations. and nobody ever mentions north korea where you have this maniac sitting there and he actually has nuclear weapons and somebody
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better start thinking about north korea and perhaps a couple of other places. the hedge fund guys won't like me as much as they like me right now. i know them all. but they'll pay more. i know people making a tremendous amount of money and paying virtually no tax and i think it is unfair. if i'm president many of the things we discussed tonight will not be forgotten. we'll find solutions and the world will respect us, they will respect us like never before. >> joining us now with reaction, 2016 gop presidential candidate donald trump. mr. trump, good to see you, sir. >> hi, sean. >> you get the best and funniest post debate tweet award when you put up cnn had the highest ratings in their history, highest ratings ever. will they send me flowers and a thank you note. why do i not suspect that's coming? >> these things usually have a million people, two million
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people. they'll probably have 23 million, 24 million, 25 million people. we'll see. but maybe i'll get some flowers from cnn. who knows. >> were you happy with the format? it was almost a little bit wwe. you said this about that person, they said this about you. then it went on for three hours. you think it was productive? >> well, the thing that made me most upset and everybody else was the three hours. to be standing up for three hours, answering questions in the form of a debate -- i think the viewers probably -- frankly, i think they would have done as well -- i think this he set a record in the history of cnn as well as they've done they would have done better if it was an hour show. it was too much, it was too long and i would imagine at a certain point people get bore with that. but i like the way that certain things happened. i would say this. it was a little bit like wwe, the great vince mcmahon who was a traffic guy. and every question had to do
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with me. it was mr. trump said this, mr. trump -- i think they said 46% of the questions can something like that. so i thought it was a little bit unusual. >> there's a disparity. three snap polls, drudge poll, couple others last night, had you at 60% the winner. if you listen to the political class, punditry class, so-called experts, they didn't give you win. how do you explain that disparity? >> well, they've actually had, yeah, three polls. "time" magazine and news max and drudge which are terrific polls. those are big -- it's over a million people. and they voted for me between 60% and almost 70%. and that's out of 15 people. that's that lot of people. but they voted for me that i won easily. i think second place was 10. i was at 60%-something. second place was at 10%. if you watched the pundits, they all said i didn't fine but they didn't say i won. so the people that vote and maybe that's the important
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ones -- but the people that vote said i won. and don't forget again, very much like fox -- i hate to bring this up, but i was asked probably the toughest questions because everything was about like trump said this, trump said that. even when the question wasn't asked to me, they were saying trump said this, how would you respond. so i think probably by far i was asked the toughest questions. but the voters all said that i won by a lot. so we'll see. i guess in the end it doesn't matter. >> a lot of pressure was brought to bear on you that you signed the loyalty pledge that if you didn't win the nomination yourself that you would support the nominee. it's interesting, as i watched that all unfold, then you have some people on the stage last night questioning your temperament with the nuclear button. did that bother you? >> no, they want to get publicity off of me. they're dying, some are sitting senators, they have 1%.
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they're embarrassed in terms of their own constituency back in their state. quite frankly, i understand what they're doing. mike huckabee said i'm going to attack you because the only way i'm going to get some subpub bli bliss you the out of this is to attack you. we laughed. he's a great guy. but there's a little truth to it i guess. though everybody that's attacked me if you look at perry and if you look at everybody -- everybody so far that's attacked me has gone down. we'll see what happens. hopefully that continues. >> obviously i think you had made those remarks the day before that you anticipated that. let me show two moments with jeb bush, one i thought was a funny moment with the secret service names, followed up facing off in a battle of words and get your reaction to this. >> everready. it's very high-energy, donald.
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>> mr. trump? >> humble. >> according to what you said on one of the talk shows, you got hillary clinton to go to your wedding. >> that's true. >> because you gave her money. makes it works for hillary clinton -- >> jeb. i was a businessman. i got along with clinton. i got along with everybody. that was my job, to get along with people. excuse me, one second. the simple fact is -- >> no, donald. >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> both were pretty funny moments but there is a serious side to this issue and i've asked you this question before. that is, you fully acknowledge the system is corrupt. you also say that you took advantage of it, you donate, they would take your calls. what's the reason -- and that you want to change the system. what would have happened if you didn't donate? would projects have been lost? would workers be fired? what would have happened?
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>> well, you wouldn't have done a lot of deals. frankly -- that's maybe human nature to a certain extent. you donate and two, three years later you need approvals or you need to get something or you sneed something from outside the country or from state department or whatever. if you donated, they think well of you. if you don't doe nature -- i'm not just saying one thing for another. i'm just saying years lartd. if you donate -- i would say just to answer your question, yeah, probably many things would not have happened which is a shame. we need transparency in our system. we do. have proper transparency so we need transparency. i know how to fix the system. nobody else does. because i've been a part of the system as a businessman. one of the magazines just called me a world class businessman. which in all fairness i am. i've been part of the system. so whether it's that or whether it's taxes or whether it's anything else, i've been such a big part of it, i'm the one that
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knows how to fix it and fix it properly so that we can really go to greatness from where we are right now as a country. >> break and come back with more with donald trump. and reactions from senator ted cruz, governor bush, governor chris christie. that and more tonight as "hannity" continues. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them,
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. the obama administration has begun implement being the iran deal. it comes as time is running out on republican efforts to derail it. the without appointed a senior diplomat to head the efforts. two more bodies found in charred homes north of san francisco. bringing the death toll to five.
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fires have also destroyed more than 800 homes. firefighters are starting to get the upper harnd thanks to rain and cooler weather. the massive earthquake in chile being blamed for hundreds of deaths. the quake was so strong it could be felt on the other side of the continent. welcome back to "hannity" as we continue with 2016 gop presidential candidate donald trump with us. last night there was a battle, got a lot of press, the match-up between you and carly fiorina. you said she's a beautiful woman. do you think there's a bit of a double standard in terms of people make fun of you all the time, make fun of your hair all the time. they did it on jimmy fallon with hillary clinton last night. is there a double standard? you think maybe we're too
7:14 pm
sensitive about comments and is that changing in politics is this. >> well, its a he not only a double standard, it's being politically correct. last night i was very nice to her and some people thought i was being sarcastic. et cetera. et cetera. but actually if you look back at the records on carly, she was brutal on barbara boxer. she was very nasty. she was running against barbara boxer. she lost in a landslide but during the run she was really horrible about barbara boxer's looks. and she attacked her on her looks. and will is, she attacked meg whitman on her look. and there's a big article about it. so i just read that. somebody just sent it to me. carly is playing the double stap dard. she's playing the game herself but she attacked meg whitman and barbara boxer who she ran against for the u.s. senate in california and probably a race she should have won and she lost. >> one of the lines last night
7:15 pm
that resonated very well with voters had to do with you saying, hey, we're ignoring e i north korea and this mainian that already has a nuclear weapon. i'm have something a hard time understanding why everybody on that stage wouldn't rip up this iranian deal because i defy anybody to tell me one thing we won in that deal. what would you do with those countries. >> first, the iranian deal is one of the worst drawn contracts i've ever seen. fact that we don't even get our prisoners back. we have these four prisoners and we don't get them back, they're great people and there's no reason they should be there. we don't have to discuss it because you do every night. it is an incompetently drawn contract. i said last night we're talking about iran. in the meantime you have north korea where they actually have the nukes already made and you have this maniac over there threatening them every two weeks that we're going to use them in
7:16 pm
the united states and every place else and nobody mentions him. other places, too, by the way. but you have north korea where every two weeks he's proclaiming that at the's going to start sending nukes and nobody ever even mentions it and he actually has the nukes. iran doesn't. so it's -- its pea a terrible situation. look, we're run by incompetent people so we need people of great competence. >> that's true. two other things that you touched on last night. i have always argued that english is the language of success in america. that's one. and the fact that you've raised taxes on the hedge fund guys. they're not going to like you. are you saying that they have loopholes that they're not paying as much as the rest of us? >> well, first of all, the english, there is a country where you're supposed to speak english. the only way you're going to assimilate and become successful and very successful in this country is to speak english. so i came out very strongly that
7:17 pm
you should be speaking english in this country as opposed to speaking spanish. all of a sudden we'll end up in a country with two languages. i don't want to see that, i'm sure you don't. as far ars the hedge fund guys, i know them well. they're giving a lot of money to hillary and jeb bush. they're going to be well-taken care of if that works, if they get in. these are people that i know. some are friends of mine. but they're giving a lot of money to the different candidates. i'm self-funding totally. i'm putting up my own money. i don't want any money. i feel foolish -- i'm turning down tens of millions. dollars of money that would come into my campaign and i don't want it. i'm self-funding. i don't know if i'm given credit for that. some people say it is the best thing they've ever heard of. i'm working for the people. i'm do what's right for united states. i won't be doing what's right for a lobbyist representing a big car company or country or something. >> if you're elected president would you take a salary? >> no, i won't.
7:18 pm
i won't do that. actually, you and i discussed that once before. i will take no salary whatsoever. >> mr. frutrump, thanks so much. we appreciate your time. coming up next right here on "hannity." >> you're proud of your family, just as i am. to subject your wife into the middle of a cauc raucous politi conversation. i hope you apologize. >> he didn't apologize. you'll hear from governor ted cruz, chris christie and much more as we continue. just another way to keep ourselves healthy. i'll go change. ♪ the 306 horsepower lexus gs. experience the next level of performance, and there's no going back. lease the 2015 gs 350 with complimentary navigation system for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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welcome back to "hannity." during last night's gop debate, former florida governor jeb bush got pretty fiery as he promoted his track record, defended his family and even took on one of his biggest critics. watch this. >> i have a proven record of conservative leadership. where i cut taxes $19 billion over eight years. we shrunk the state government
7:21 pm
wor workforce. he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> i did not. >> yes, you did. >> totally false. >> i was opposed to -- >> i promise, i would have gotten it. >> -- before, during and after. you're proud of your family just as i am. to subject my wife into the middle of a raucous political conversation was completely inappropria inappropriate. he hope you apologize for that, donald. we don't have to be the world's policeman but we have to be the wormd's leader. we have to make sure the world knows we're serious, we're engaged, we're not going to pull back, that our word matters. >> joining us now with a recap of his debate performance, former florida governor jeb bush. governor, how are you? >> i'm doing great, sean. hope you are as well. >> by all accounts everyone thinks you did a lot better than the first debate. how do you feel about the format, the debate? you said this about him, you said that about her, and on and on.
7:22 pm
do you like that? is it productive? not productive? >> it's ratings driven i think and it is entertaining. and all that is okay but it is not a debate per se. a debate would be where you can actually complete a sentence and have the ability to interact with people. but it was great. i enjoyed it a lot and it was certainly a chance for me to lay out my record and to point out some of the differencesic ti particularly with donald trump who's been saying things about me that aren't true. so i had a good time doing it. >> there was a lot of back and forth between you and donald trump. you two had the most time of any of the other candidates during the debate. what is your relationship with him like and is it contentious? do -- are the things that you don't like, you asked him to apologize for example last night. he said he would not. >> yeah. yeah. absolutely. look, i have big problems with his lack of interest in learning about the job of being president
7:23 pm
of the united states. i have problems that concerns me that he gets his foreign policy information watching the shows. a lot of thinks concern me about him but i don't hold any animus against the guy. in the breaks he seems like a nice person. his children are good people. everybody says that. so i don't hold any kind of personal problem with the guy at all. but i do think that he needs to be challenged like all of us about what our experience is to be president of the united states. this is a big, serious job and you have to have the skills necessary to lead. >> what is going on in your mind when you see the top two people in the polls right now never held any political office and in a field of 16, they get over 50% of primary voters, at least in terms of the polls. we're 4 1/2 months away, an eternity in politics. but what does it tell you? >> well,eternity. we just started to advertise.
7:24 pm
i'm campaigning hard and i'm confident as we move forward that i'll do fine. but it is something that i think you have to respect. and that is that people are deeply, deeply angry about the dysfunction in washington. and i can tell the story that i was a disrupter in tallahassee. i turned the whole place upside down and things got better because i did it. things people want in washington i did in tallahassee. lobbying reform, making sure that government didn't grow faster than people's ability to pay for it. all the things i got to do i could bring to washington because i have the experience to do it but i have to go tell people that. that's my responsibility. >> governor, i've looked at your florida record and discussed a lot of these issues with you. you governed as a very solid conservative. you created a lot of jobs, you cut taxes -- don't remember the exact number -- you probably do -- a number of times. >> $19 billion. >> what's that? >> yeah. every year. $19 billion. every year i cut taxes. >> a aaa bond rating.
7:25 pm
first governor to institute a school voucher system. whenever your name comes up on social media, it always immediately races to immigration. and common core. i think you know that that's true. right? what is your answer to those people that doubt your conservative credentials because of these two issues? >> listen to me talk about education where we had the greatest gains in learning of any state in the country. by comprehensively challenging the teachers union, the bureaucracy and creating school choice, higher standards with greater accountability. listen to me explain i've never said that the federal government should have any say in the creation of content or curriculum or standards. this should be a state responsibility that is implemented at the local level. listen to me and i think people begin to know that when they see that i've done and what i believe that there should be no concerns at all. as it relates to immigration, three years ago i wrote a book
7:26 pm
about it called "immigration wars" that sets out a clear strategy to secure the border, to deal with the problems that are real. i get why people are angry. this administration is an administration that has done absolutely nothing to secure the border. and obama's used this as a wedge issue. hillary clinton wants to use it as a wedge issue. i think we need to get beyond that. >> our intelligence agencies tell us that there is zero doubt in their minds that they believe that syrian, iraqi refugees will be infiltrated by isis and al qaeda. the president's bringing at least 10,000 into this country. bad idea? >> its pea a bad idea if there's no screening. i for one think that we should take every christian iraqi and every christian syrian who are in a situation right now that g they say where they are they'll be killed. that's the -- >> how do we ascertain -- >> a christian lives in the middle east with islamic terrorism, we have a duty i think to help people. but the best way to solve this problem is to lead the world in
7:27 pm
creating a third way which is to eliminate isis from the face of the earth and to remove assad so that there could be a stable syria. it is a tragedy that 11 million people have been displaced in a country of 23 million and 250,000 probably have died under the brutality of the assad regime. >> what about kim davis? that came up last night. you said she must respect the rule of law. didn't her job description change though? in other words, she was hired to do one job, that job description changed. she's obviously a person of deep faith and conviction an conscience and the woman spent six days in jail. there's been talk about -- i can't imagine that if somebody held a liberal position in government that they would lose their job or be sent to jail like that. >> they have a duty to enforce the law and the law did change. but there's a way to have accommodations for someone that's clearly acting on her religious conscience. it was clear when she -- this
7:28 pm
monday morning last monday morning when she spoke. she spoke from her heart. there is a deep abiding faith there. the first amendment protects her right to have a conscience based on a set of values that comes from her, in her taste, her belief that jesus is her save juror. i think a big, toll rapt country like ours we should find some accommodati accommodation. it may require the kentucky legislature to change the law but this is something that can be worked out in kentucky and every other place where it plays out. what we shouldn't do though is to say you can't have religious conscience. as hillary clinton has said, basically, you can have your religious views in the church pews or at your home but don't act on those views in the public scare. that's a violation of the first amendment of our great constitution. >> governor, congrats on a great night last night.
7:29 pm
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night, night little buddy. ...because the ones you love, sit behind it. that's another safelite advantage. (softly) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace♪ no president of the united states, republican or democrat, has the authority to give away or sovereignty. so if there is anyone up here that would be bound by this catastrophic deal with iran they are giving up the core responsibility of commander in chief. i'm only candidate on this stage who never supported am in esty and who in fact helped lead a fight to stop a massive amnesty plan in 2013 when barack obama and harry reid joined the washington republicans in a massive amnesty plan. >> that it was 2016, presidential candidate texas senator ted cruz last night. he joins us now. good to see you, senator.
7:35 pm
i want to get into this. because i agree with you, i think that there is a reason that we have insurgent candidates at the top. donald trump, carly fiorina, ben carson, and you. i would view you as the insider insurgent, if you will. that is, people have had it with the republican party betraying their base, breaking their word, now using the power of the purse on either immigration or obamacare. i would imagine planned parenthood is going to be a huge fight, too. why are they surrendering? why won't they fight? >> you are exactly right, people are fed up with washington. think this 2016 primary field reflects that. you look at republican leadership in congress and their first step is us a, always, always to surrender. it is a pretty clear contrast. barack obama's actually committed to his principles. i'll give him credit for that. i disagree with them, i think
7:36 pm
they're dangerous and wrong, but he's committed to them. so barack obama tells congress if you don't fund 100% of obamacare, i, barack obama, will veto funding for entire federal government. and gop leadership caves. barack obama says if you don't fund 100% of my illegal executive amnesty, i'll veto funding for the entire federal government. and gop leadership caves. barack obama says now if you don't fund planned parenthood, a private organization, is not part of the government, but if you don't give $500 million to this private organization that is committing ongoing criminal acts, i, barack obama, will veto funding for the government. and the response from republican leadership is they preemptively surrender. they say we will not have a shutdown which means they hand all decision making tloauthorito barack obama and harry reid and
7:37 pm
nancy pelosi. they're looking for leaders who don't just talk about it but have a record to standing up to washington, standing up to both democrats and this is critical to members of our own party to republican leadership as well. >> is it another example -- i never understood the corker/cardin bill. doesn't the constitution talk about two-third majority in the senate over treaties? shouldn't they define it as a treaty? >> absolutely. it made no sense. the senate gave up our constitutional authority to ratify this as a treaty. i laid out last week in a long letter to leader mcdonnell and speaker boehner a plan of attack to actually win to stop this iran deal. number one, for republican leaders in both chambers to conclude that the president had not submitted the entire deal
7:38 pm
because he didn't hand over the side deals dealing with inspections. and under the terms of federal law, actually under corker-cardin, until the full deal is submitted and 60 days have expired it is illegal for president obama to lift sanctions. >> why don't they enforce the law as written? it is very specifically -- >> yes. >> -- says any other amendments or annex indicators in this thing. why don't they hand over the whole deal, then the clock starts? >> because they don't want to win. their sole object -- they were grinning ear to ear because we had the votes this week and the votes the democrats by an large all voted with obama on this catastrophic iranian deal and republicans voted against it. from their view, okay, we've got a political show vote, that's all that matters. how about we use every constitutional power we have. right now we're heading into a
7:39 pm
funding fight on september 30th. if republican leadership actually told the ayatollah khomeini with a nuclear weapon could murder millions of americans or zerls or europeans then we would use our constitutional authority to stop it. we would pass a continuing resolution to say no funds may be used to administer this catastrophic deal. >> i'm watching the wwe debate last night. you said this about, you said that about. i find myself frustrated because i wanted to hear more from you. you did not get anywhere near the time of the candidates. i wanted to hear more from marco rubio, maybe more from scott walker. do you think this is a helpful process? would you do it differently? >> listen. i am encouraged by what we're seeing in the pry maerimaries a
7:40 pm
the country. the debates themselves, the moderators are looking for a dlash clash, a food fight. they're really warranting to turn it into jerry springer. >> i was waiting for a chair to go flyin gflying. you are viewed as an insurge something candidate. how do you break through to the top tier as you sit in the second tier right below in the top four? >> we're right now polling number four nationally. i'm three in iowa. polling near the top in both new hampshire and south carolina. our focus is very much playing the long game. we're building a grassroots team. we have united conservatives on the ground, particularly in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, then all through the super tuesday states. our focus is on grass rights until ber one, then fund-raising. one of the incredible things --
7:41 pm
the first debate we had on fox news in the hundred hours that followed that, we raised $1.1 million as people all over the country went to tedcruz a they contributed. it is my hope that that will continue. so our focus is on the long game because i think -- after all the fireworks and after all the fun ends, people are going to ask the question, okay, i want an outsider, i want someone who will stand up and fight in washington, fight the washington cartel. they're going to ask the next question -- who actually has stood up and fought the washington cartel. i think when it comes to record, there is is a clear difference between campaign conservatives who suddenly discover they're against planned parenthood when they're running for president, and a consistent kconservative who's been standing and fighting the fight. when the gang of eight was being
7:42 pm
pushed, i stood shoulder to shoulder with jeff sessions leading the fight to defeat amnesty and if you look at the other folks on that stage, none of them were there as part of that fight leading the fight to stop amnesty. so now they say they are against it. but when the fight was happening, when they had and opportunity to take on the washington cartel they didn't step up to the plate. think that's what primary voters are looking for is someone they can trust, a consistent conservative the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. >>cy hope i'm wrong but i predict on the two issues we discussed earlier, planned parenthood funding and on conditions for the release of funds to iran, i don't think they're going to make it. i think they're going to cave. i think this is just going to fuel conservative anger, justifiable anger, in my view. senator, thanks for being with us. next right here on "hannity."
7:43 pm
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i'm as entertained as anyone about this personal back and forth about the history of donald and carly's career. for the 55-year-old construction worker out in that audience tonight who can't fund his child's could care less about their careers. they care about theirs. let's start talking about that on this stage and stop playing the gals. >> that was 2016 republican presidential candidate, governor of the great state of new jersey in last night's debate. christie's line struck a chord with viewers. three up there is a little rough. >> it was a lot. but we're all right, we're standing. >> i thought you had two really great moments last night. i thought you had a great debate overall, that's the consensus of everything i read this morning. one was what happened there but also when you started the debate, you said pan away to the crowd. are you better off than you were seven years ago? no, we're not. >> what i said exactly is do you
7:49 pm
think your children are going to have a better life than you have? that sean is the sin. the biggest sin of the obama administration. in seven short years they've stolen people's faith and their trust in the fact that their children will have a better life than them. that's why i'm running for president. i'm going to restore that. >> i got the feeling last night that you got your mojo back, the chris christie, brash, funny, lof loving the spotlight, you are very comfortable up there. i felt some other candidates were not as comfortable. you felt like you hit your stride last night. >> i felt good. i was on megan's show. she asked me what i need to do. i said i just need to be myself. that's sometimes easier said than done when you're in an atmosphere with 11 people in three hours. >> why do you want to steal my social security? i agree there was never a lockbox, they stole our money. why do i feel that means testing
7:50 pm
at this point -- which by the way with be i understand the arguments. but isn't it really government stealing? it's my money, i paid it in and the government will take it. off the social security tax and will steal from you there. >> i'm going to get ripped off, literally by my government. >> that is right. and here is the thing. i don't want to give this government another nickel. if they take the cap off the social security tax, to fix the problem, they'll steal that money, too, then coming 15 or 20 years from now and tell us we can't have it anyway. for guys like you and i, who do not want to compare w 2s. we worked hard. the country has been great to us, too. i don't want people that worked hard and played by the rules, that 55-year-old construction
7:51 pm
worker choosing between rent and food when he retires. >> $5,000 median income decline since obama has been president. >> you can't continue to talk about yourself. leadership is not about me. it's about us. >> that is a good narrative and i'm sure it's working for you. let me go to the immigration issue. we're paying billions of dollars every year. impact on our educational system, health care system, criminal justice system. people don't respect our laws and sovereignty. 94 million americans out of the labor force. 46 million on food stamps. those people are competing for limited jobs, driving down wages. won't we, in the end, save money if we say you didn't respect our laws, go home? >> donald thinks we'll get rid
7:52 pm
of all of them within two years, that is 15,000 people a day, every day for two years. not going to happen. let's enforce the law this way. let's make e-verify happen needily. anyone who employs someone here illegally, the fine will be double with a they make on those folks. but they're not going to leave on their own. i did this seven years. there are not enough police officers to do it. we can hire more, we're talking about a hundred thousand or more. >> you do the math, how much it's costing the criminal justice system. i have to imagine in the end, you save money. >> in the short term, it's going to be huge. people are here to work. unlike what hillary clinton says, they're not here to vote. >> some are here to wreak havoc on our country.
7:53 pm
>> those people should be arrested, jailed and after serving their time for committing their crime -- >> we let them out so they can commit more crimes. >> that is because this president is lawless and allowed sanctuary cities. i'll give everybody, you've got 100 days to start enforcing immigration laws, in your city. if you don't, we're going to revoke federal aid. >> you're pro life governor in a blue state, defunding planned parenthood. republicans have a tough moment. i want to go back to this moment last night. they've got to decide. are they going to let the president veto it and shut town the government? >> they should put everything on the president's desk that he's going to veto. >> why don't they do it? >> i campaign forward senate candidates that said if we get a majority in the united states senate we're go owing do these
7:54 pm
things. now they're saying we need 60 because of the filibuster rule. do your job. that is what the american people are so frustrated by. let the people see he's the obstruction in chief. if we pass tax reform and he vetoes it, they'll be outraged. let's repeal obamacare. he wants to veto it, let him veto it. >> you don't look tired from a guy from california. >> i'm hot, baby. i'm rolling. >> thanks for being on. when we come back, our question of the day, straight ahead.
7:55 pm
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8:00 pm
an episode. it hurts our feelings when you're not here. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. good night. "on the >> fetus on the table heart beating, legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. >> perhaps the strongest statement in the debate last night came from carly fiorina who challenged america to stop the barbarity coming out of planned parenthood. tonight, we will have the inside story on that. >> she has got a beautiful face and i think she is a beautiful woman. >> donald trump backing down from miss fiorina's withers implied criticisms. we will take a hard look at that situation. >> i didn't suggest that nothing be done. what suggested to president