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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  September 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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interview with florida governor jeb bush. it's his first interview since may. have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. will a woman sit atop both political parties in the race to the white house? the giant leap for republican candidate carly fiorina in new polling and a sudden slide for names you may know well. this is the fox report. donald trump is leading, still, but his lead now shrinking according to the latest polling taken after the gop debate and just out today, fiorina is taking out dr. ben carson. the question to registered voters who do you want to see win the gop nomination? 24% of republicans and republican leaning independents
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want trump, that's down from 32%. fiorina second with 15%. dr. carson dropping to third place. and in fourth place, a big surge for marco rubio. joining us via satellite from sunny california. john labutte leah, john, i'm going to come to you first. looking at republican and republican leaning independents liking carly fiorina a lot. >> complete turmoil and flux about what to do to fix the problems of america. they have rejected the establishment. that's why the candidates are not doing well and they want an outsider. we know this is the new thing everyone's talking about. we have been talking about it for four years.
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we have trump and fiorina and carson and ted cruz as an outsider. inside that i think doug would say we have an outsider primary going on. and inside it, there is turmoil in there, too, over which one is the right one. so, a week ago, 40% of republicans didn't even know who fiorina was. now they saw her do a good job on the debate and a lot of people say okay, i'll try her out. >> when you ask voters who they want shs they are thinking how is that person going to stack up against the front runner. doug, i want to ask you, how do you think that fiorina stacks up against hillary clinton or joe biden if he gets in? >> i think she is a very compelling candidate. she had a very strong message in the debate and i think woman to woman, it creates a contrast that she has been exploiting to date against hillary clinton. i think we have to underscore what john said this is a race in
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flux. trump still had a lead on every issue tested. the economy, immigration, foreign policy. i would not at this point make any definitive judgment safe to say that 53% of the elect rate is for a candidate on the republican side who has never spent one day in elected office. that speaks office about how the political class is viewed. >> you know what's interesting, too, when you look at donald trump he is talking specific skpli directly to evangelicals. what is it about that part of the vote that he is seeking right snou? >> everybody in iowa is seeking it. and he's trying to speak to it because they probably are a decisive group. look, his vote, despite being too liberal or whatever it is is not idealogical. it is more along the lines that we are discussing the outsiders and the insiders.
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but here's an interesting point which tells you the fact that as doug mentioned, trump is winning on immigrations and the economy and jobs by almost -- he was 30 points ahead of everybody. but his vote isn't there any more. because now he has real competition and it may be people think yeah, well i think he's on the best position but i'm not happy with what he's saying. >> we don't know yet. >> but there is enough to know that the vast majority of republicans want something different. >> i want to get to this next point. okay. so the polling also asks all americans who they liked. number one, dr. ben carson. 40%, jeb bush and carly fiorina, chris christie and rubio. brewing all day long are comments about muslims and they may develop into a head win for
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dr. ben carson. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. congress is a different story but it dpenepends on who that muslim is just as it depends on what anybody else says. >> i want the get your quick reaction. >> i think that inside the republican primary electorate that is the position of about 80% of voters. >> and it's also the case for a majority of voters. look, ever since the days of the mosques down at ground zero, every time you study a question on islamic extremists, it is very high. it is only with the commentary, if you will, the chattering class of pc people, is there a difference. we're talking about bringing -- last week we were going to bring 10,000 people in and now
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100,000? we can't take care of our own veterans. >> talking about refugees? >> refugees. we have incompetence of our e-mails and the government is going to do this? bring the christians. those people lead. >> what i hear you saying is this potentially won't be head wind for him? could this be something that others have to react to so it backfires in a way in terms of those who would criticize dr. ben carson? >> yes. this tied in with the whole issue of immigration from the southern border that donald trump and others have talked about, creates a new huge potential issue for republicans to talk about because pat is exactly right. i am a humanitarian. i want toed ed admit people, particularly refugees but 100,000 muslims at a time when our social services are being overrun?
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this is a huge, huge issue that is only now just being aired and hopefully we will get back to it later on. >> i will have to step in to move on but we will be talking about the refugee situation a little bit later. guys, political insiders, you will see them as you do each week later this hour. we will have an exclusive behind the scenes look. john roberts joined her in michigan earlier this week or last week i should say. >> now to the new number of refugees that the white house says will come here. hundreds of thousands of people are 85,000 a year in 2016. that's up from the current cap
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of 70,000 and it will go up again in 2017 when america will accept 100,000 refugees. >> it's difficult that post 9/11 we have new laws, new requirements with respect to security background checks and vetting. so it takes longer than one would like and w cannot cut corners with respect to the security requirements. but this step that i am announcing today i believe is in keeping with the best tradition of america as a land of second chances and a beacon of hope. >> and this is developing. hungary is opening up. others ak cementing thousands. pope francis met with cuba's former revolutionary leader castro. and raising some eyebrows in the process. the pope reportedly gave the
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vatican says that the visit lasted about 40 minutes at castro's house. >> before that meeting, thousands of worshippers crowded in to witness history. >> it is a nation that walks, sings and praises. it's a nation that has wounds like any nation but that knows how to be open armed, march with hope because its calling is to greatness. >> steve live with the news from havana, cuba. steve, the pope met with both
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castros today? >> reporter: that's right. first with 85-year-old raul and then with 89-year-old fidel. he also thanked the pope for being a key player in reopening relations between cuba and the united states. the two exchanged books and talked about global warming. >> and what was the pope's message to the huge crowd of cubans? >> about 300,000 people are in revolution square for that outdoor open mass. the pope's message to the cubans was one of humility. he said you have to serve over people and not idealogical. really some great interest and enthusiasm to hear what this first latin american pope has to
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and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit two americans held hostage are now free. but new orleans based company confirms one of them was an employee. this video you see them arriving. yemen has become a breeding ground for terrorists. the first pope from the americas making an historic trip.
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lauren green is with me on a rare occasion. warn is called the francis effect. >> as you can see, they just love this pope and he is certainly becoming a rock star. but while he's changing the tone he is making concrete differences. here's a look. >> francis taking the lanes of the global church, presenting what is seen as a kinder gentler move. >> god loves you. god forgives you. and people want to hear that. >> he was the real deal. >> his home ark, on the environment. lifting up the poor.
4:16 pm
>> absolutely key matter. >> some of the most controversial, forgiveness for apportions. >> he is talking to the people on the fringes and the edges. people who have lost faith or have lost trust. >> obviously there is truth and doctrine and sin. but there is conditional acceptance. >> many people see this as the an gent of change. >> is it a lasting change or momentary change? >> i know a lot of people.
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>> right now three people are hospitalized. doctors are calling the condition stable. this is something we have been following all day. this is the latest. it happened during a church service in east selma. witnesses say a man shot his girlfriend and their one month old baby. >> thousands of people left homeless as wild fires are burning in our nation's western states. >> remarkable show of spirit. we have the latest on the fires and the clean up efforts that are getting underway a little bit. it could be a night of firsts. we're live on the red carpet.
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wild fires in california have claimed another life and another fire broke out yesterday in northern california. officials have not yet identified the latest person who was killed. there are many wild fires burning. two other massive ones have now destroyed more than 1,400 homes. >> we actually got to watch our house burn on tv. which was a double edged sword. number one you don't want to believe it. number two you don't want to not believe it because you want to be prepared. you get here, you smell it, you see it. >> the tide of people returning to their homes to see what's left has begun as crews are
4:22 pm
making progress. but at this hour, reports that thousands of buildings are still in the danger zone. we're going to lighten things up. stars are lining up to celebrate the prime time emmy awards. actor and "saturday night live" alum andy sandberg is hosting. no one looks as good in a tux as you do, michael. >> stop. go on with yourself, harris. how are you my love? >> look who's behind you? >> you see that? not too bad. good gig. now one of the biggest races are for who will win outstanding lead actress in a drama.
4:23 pm
you know, hollywood has a little work to do when it comes to diversity. if there is one person who can set them straight it's cookie lions. we spoke taraji how she feels going into the race. i think we have that clip. it's still loading. it's coming. >> right behind you is viola davis. >> viola davis, how are you? she's looking gorgeous. how are you, we're live on national air. how do you feel going into tonight. >> i can't believe all of the sudden i got calm. maybe the heat took the tension from my brain. >> you look gorgeous tonight. who are you wearing? >> carmen mark made this dress for me. >> gorgeous. >> thank you. >> how do you feel going into tonight? nervous? >> a little nervous. maybe my manager, my daughter
4:24 pm
told me -- my daughter's five. she said mommy why you nervous? even if you don't win you're still my favorite girl. >> making history tonight. what has taken hollywood so long? >> you know what? you can't get nominated for roles that are just not there. shonda broke the mold with scandal and empire and others. i just think it's time. >> good luck to you tonight. thank you. there you have it. emmy nominee viola davis. it doesn't get better than that. >> she may have made news. you can't get nominated for roles that just are not there and things are changing. >> handling your business. thank you. >> there we go. thanks for the head's up by the way. >> absolutely. i'm always looking for the stars behind him. one more day. it's still summer, man.
4:25 pm
but let's talk fall pumpkins shall we? a man in wisconsin has broken his own record. the massive fruit -- it is a fruit. weighing in at 2,000 pounds or better known as a ton. the guy behind the pumpkin says there's no secret trick. he credits dumb luck for the big win. a thousand plus a thousand pounds of pumpkin. hillary clinton is showing her lighter side laughing and joking. she has been criticized for appearing too rigid. will the new strategy resonate with voters? and carly fiorina showing herself as well, opening up about her bat wl breast cancer and losing a child to drug addiction. stay with us. >> i led hewlitt packard during a difficult time and many people
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this is the fox report. some big shifts. three so-called political outsiders leading the pack according to a new poll. chris tin, donald trump is still running strong in first place. >> that's right.
4:30 pm
but you know probably the biggest surprise is what's happened to scott walker. now he's essentially an asterisk. that's according to this new cnn poll. he slipped to third behind fiorina, which brings me to the other big surprise. marco rubio has jumped. you know, rubio delivered a solid debate performance. he never really attacked his opponents directly. >> there's something else making news. we touched on it atop the tour. dr. ben carson being attacked about his comments. >> he doesn't think that a muslim should be president of the united states. almost immediately after, one of his opponents was on fox
4:31 pm
insisting carson apologize. >> america is an idea not owned by a particular religion, race or anything else. i think dr. carson needs to apologize that mr. carson may be a good doctor but he is not ready to lead a great nation. >> in response, carson's communications director said i'm not sure that senator graham listened. what he said is that he believed islam was inconsistent with the american constitution and that he would not support a muslim as a leader of our country. some very controversial comments. should be a big talker on the campaign trail. >> apparently we had a poll graphics during a report and we have misspelled governor huckabee's last name. we want to make sure that we get that on the air that we obviously know how to spell exit
4:32 pm
we apologize for the misspelling. thank you so much. republican candidate carly fiorina has gain ed popularity. john roberts caught up with her for a personal look at how she got to this point. >> reporter: in what amounts to the political blink of an eye, carly fiorina has become the new darling of the republican party. >> i will! >> so what's difference since the first debate or before the first debate? in terms of the number of people who are coming out. >> the difference in the number of people is huge. i'm less of a curiosity and more of a, oh, you know, that's the woman who's running for president. >> in the town center, fiorina was mobbed. fans who watched her debate performance angling for the chance to say they saw her, they spoke to her, they touched her.
4:33 pm
>> when you walked off that debate stage at the reagan library, what was going through your mind? >> well, at a very practical level, what was going through my mind is i want to get off this stage now and i want to get out of these shoes and i don't want to answer a single question until tomorrow morning. >> her rise among the 2016 candidates would appear amazing but the road to get here was long and difficult in 2010 she badly lost a bid for the u.s. senate in california, spending much of the campaign battling breast cancer. in south carolina, she told me that fight gave her the courage to shoot for the highest office in the land. >> when you face a life threatening or a tragic situation, you lose a lot of fear. and so the things that might have caused you to be afraid about something i'm not afraid.
4:34 pm
i'm really not afraid. >> is anything scary? >> not really. >> how do you feel when you're about to give the speech. >> competitions? >> not pal pa tagss but i feel foe cushioned. i feel excited. >> before the event, i had dinner with fiorina and her traveling staff including her campaign manager whom fiorina whimsically describes as a winnie the poo character. >> i call him eore. he's always worried. >> often misinterpreted, fiorina smiles plenty and even laughs. eore and the rest of the team may have a whole new set of worries. >> a lot of people will say unkind things. >> won't be the first time. i led hewlitt packard during a difficult time and many people
4:35 pm
said unkind things. i've battled cancer. i buried a child. when you go through things like that you really have perspective. >> it was the death of fiorina's stepdaughter that provided one of the most poignant moments of last week's debate. lori died in 2009 after years of drug and alcohol addiction. and as she told me about a poem lori wrote her, fiorina showed a sign of her persona that the public has likely never seen before. >> it says basically, i don't tell you enough i love you. and that's a thing, you know, when you lose someone, you realize you never say enough. >> it's a perspective that keeps
4:36 pm
fiorina grounded through the highs and lows of the campaign. the compliments and criticisms, the adulation and insights. >> life is not measured in time. it's not measured in success or wealth or all those things we think it's measured in. it's measured in love, moments of grace and positive contribution. >> fiorina will have an opportunity to display both her personality and her grasp of the issues to a broad audience. then giving a major foreign policy address to cadets on tuesday. harris? >> john, thank you. well on the other side of the political aisle, hillary clinton sat down for her first sunday interview for nearly four years. >> i cannot imagine anyone being
4:37 pm
more of an outsider than the first woman president. i mean really let's think about this. >> i agree. we have not -- >> all of these mothers and fathers bring me the place mats with all the presidents and they bring their daughters and they say my daughter has a question for you and the daughter says how come there are no girls on this place mat. >> during the sunday interview coming as clinton faces renewed challenges from the left, here is more. >> and a media blitz to try to turn things around. on her appearance, she addressed some of the issues that have been plaguing her campaign. clinton was also asked about the controversy surrounding planned parenthood. she said she has only seen some experts and then turned the issue around to attack republicans. >> what i am troubled by are the
4:38 pm
misleading inaccurate allegations about them that we heard from republicans at their debate. to shut down the government which some republicans are advocating over funding for planned parenthood which takes care of millions of women's health needs is the height of irresponsibility. >> clinton went after donald trump for his controversy and the strong language he has been making headlines for on the campaign trail. >> he is fuelling a level of pair noi ya and prejudice against all kinds of people. when you light those fires, you better recognize that they can get out of control and he should start campening them down and putting them out. >> clinton's own fires have take an toll this past month. her lead over bernie sanders has been cut in half. she still maintains a double digit lead in the democratic race. on october 22, clinton scheduled to testify about the 2012
4:39 pm
attacks in benghazi and the first democratic debate is less than three weeks away. the big question is whether or not joe biden will announce that he is joining the race in time to be in it. >> thank you. the fox news political insiders are about to weigh in on 2016 and more. we love it when you tune in and chime in. hit us up on our social pages on facebook and twitter. play awesome party song. ♪ (phone ringing) what's up mikey? hey buddy i heard you're having a party.
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4:43 pm
you're shaking your head. >> i jus can't take it. sorry. there comes a point for a candidate that they don't know themselves. they don't know who am i and what do i want to do other than she just wants to be president. that we know. but other than that there's nothing going on there. and she's floundering. the polls show it. she's got a lot of trouble. it's a bad situation and the democrats know it. that's why we hear about biden but we have started to hear about jerry brown making noise that he might get in the race. why is that? they're like pi rah thats sensing blood in the water. >> you know the clintons better than anyone sitting here and i wonder what it means when her team has to keep telling the american public that she's real, funny and authentic? >> it means they've got a
4:44 pm
problem. she stressed that she's the real outsider. as we have said both this year and in the past, what voters are looking for she doesn't have it. what i took away this weekend is the most important news worthy event were the people chanting loudly and rhythmically at the dmc chairman. more debates. that is an argument explus itly against the established order in general. >> the next or first democratic presidential date is october 13 and then she is set to beginning october 22 and then you will have the base rolling out after that. i would imagine her camp does not want the nightmare turning into the benghazi event.
4:45 pm
>> they can have people who did the worst all my life i have watched people do lay down interviews. today's interview, the first one on sunday she answered, doing her no service because she repeated the same lies she tells every time which is it was authorized. it only reminds people of how wrong she is. and then she went into her diatribe of being a real person and planned parenthood and whatever. everybody is uneasy. joe biden's announced today on meet the price, my inside sources she is for joe running and if that is the case she is running. >> she said she would not get in the way and tell him no. i'm wondering, too, if hillary clinton's camp is not looking across the political aisle.
4:46 pm
carly fiorina. what do you think the reaction is? >> i think, i don't know they are. they have got to be smart enough to know that they don't have the nomination sworn off at all and they have to be worried about that. if you're thinking of the general election it's like measuring the curtains in the white house before you win. it's crazy. she teared up a bit and we got to know her. something different than what we see. >> i have not done the messaging. >> we have seen it before. >> i think from carly fiorina who is just introducing herself to the american people, what she did in the debate, clearly based on the poll out today was very effective. hillary clinton, on the other
4:47 pm
hand, is trying to figure out what to say. is she the outsider? is she the woman of change? is she the person who will take on donald trump and the republicans? she doesn't really have an answer to the most fundamental question why she should be president. that is what the american people want to see. and to the issue is are her people scared? look, she's trailing in two of the first two primaries. it is unclear to me if she loses to even one of two, what shape her campaign will be in. i think the simple answer is they are scared to death, particularly with joe biden potentially entering. >> so you heard doug say, pat, that hillary clinton is trying to figure out what to say and carly isn't having that problem? >> she goes through them and most importantly as i have said before if it's going to be her or hillary clinton, this ishillry's worth nightmare. the one where she says you can
4:48 pm
vote for a woman. the clinton campaign is down telling people that bill clinton was elected even though a majority of people didn't think he was honest and trust worthy. >> wow. >> i want to throw one thing out. she is at the mohamed a better candidate than donald trump and trump needs to ramp it up a little bit and get a little more specific. dump the personal stuff and get into facts and issues. he can still win the thing if he does that. >> you're talking about carly fiorina versus donald trump? >> yes. >> there is a moment when someone is going to define the smith outside approach. that person is going to be a winner whether it's in one party or the other or outside the two parties and that moment is coming and fiorina for the next month has a chance to do that. >> yeah. you know it's interesting. people didn't know who she was.
4:49 pm
carly fiorina said that. the big question is whether or not this inside look will help the way people see her. >> we reported on this earlier this hour to get more involved in the crisis in europe. the insiders are coming back to weigh in on the new plan to help 85,000 to 100,000 escaping war and tror error come here in thet years. hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪ ♪ another tie. order in? next time i drive. the right-sized nissan rogue. ♪ ththere's no easy, way to do
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4:52 pm
the united states, as i mentioned earlier, is getting more involved in the refugee crisis in europe. so the numbers are going to balloon a bit. i's going to pop up to 85,000 and then 100,000 in 2017. pat, your thoughts? >> i just think quickly what
4:53 pm
we're going have is a real political issue. anything that will allow almost 200,000 syrians who they cannot vet. they cannot figure out who they are. who is dpoing to pay for it but also the security interest. and i think this is going to be a really political volatile. >> and the republican primary. >> it's going to be an issue for all americans. >> politically right now you would think that trump, fiorina, somebody would have a hot butt to be on this thing. >> the problems are as pat and john said. let me look a little bit beyond
4:54 pm
this. because we're getting so many refugees into europe this is proof that i-sis is winning. >> that is interesting. >> no accident that pew tin and the russians are the russians are asserting themselves throughout the middle east. >> and america is set to talk to the russians. >> and certainly syria and iran. this is a foreign policy crisis. this is a huge crisis not just for the republicans but for all americans. >> all right. i want to move on and talk something from twitter right now. what is the one piece of advice.
4:55 pm
>> who is the next person to drop out? >> who cares. >> is gill more in the race or is he already dropped out? i think whoever has the inspirational positive vision backed up by specifics will break out of the pack in either party. >> what is advice that you would give donald trump? >> i would say it again. less attacking the rand pauls of the world. we don't need that any more. >> talk about how you will
4:56 pm
revitalize the economy and how you will secure the border. be specific on foreign policy. generalizations have gotten you this far but now people want answers and they require it. >> we will be right back. zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company?
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i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. we support fox news contributor. mk's husband has died. he was just 34 years old. mk took to social media today as many of us . >> i have often said that today's generation was smarter, more determined, and more
5:00 pm
capable of making a difference than i was as a young man. jake is proof of that. mk, we're with you. you're in our prayers my friend. i'll be back with you tomorrow at noon eastern. crossing jordan anchored by brett is next frt torture us. >> and isis on the rampage as well. >> either we become muslims or pay the tax money they want or they kill us. >> some wonder if america should do more. >> there's a full blown christian genocide. >> with jordan caught in the cross fire. its leader is trying to stand up to them. can america afford to stay on the sidelines? >> kill the bad guys, you kill the bad guys, that'


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