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tv   2016 Horserace Who Won the Week  FOX News  September 20, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. kelly file. see you then. have a great weekend. how are you doing? >> if you're illegal, you've got to go back. >> i didn't want to, yes. >> more energy tonight. i like that. this election is not just a choice between political parties. it is a generational choice about what kind of country we will be in the 21st century. >> donald trump is an entertainer. i am a leader. we need the strong e military on face of the planet and everyone has to know it. >> did a 55-year-old construction worker in the audience tonight who doesn't have a job, they could care less
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about your career. >> people are supporting me because i have a proven record of conservative leadership. i cut taxes, $19 billion over eight years. >> if i am elected president, i will rip to shreds this nuclear deal. >> i don't it's going to change at all. it's going to be to tell the truth and to talk about my vision for america, which i think is something that a lot of people resognate with. >> for us, that's what we need in washington, someone to say put up or shut up time. we sent you there for a purpose. it's time to lead this country going forward. >> the difference between me and the other candidates is that i'm going to do what i told you i would to. zwl and we're really killing it. we are killing it. >> welcome to this special edition of hannity 2016. who won the week? it was a big week with
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candidates busy on the campaign trial. also squaring off on the second gop debate. here are some of the most talked about moments from wednesday's seblgd showdown. >> mr. trump said he heard mr. bush very clearly. and what mr. bush said. i think women all over this country heard what mr. trump said. >> president obama's violating federal law by not handing over the side deals and we ought to see the united states come and stand up together and say hand over this treaty and protect this country. >> i hear your wife is is a lovely woman. i don't know her. >> the love of my life and is right here and i want you to apologize to her. >> for the 55-year-old construction worker in the audience who doesn't have a job, who can't fund his child's educati education, they could care less about your career. >> his response is to attack people on their apeernts appearance. short, tall, fat, ugly. >> i never attacked him and
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believe me, there's plenty of subject matter. if i were watching this, i'd be inclined to turn it off. people at home want to know across this country what we're going to do to fix this place. here now with with analysis, author of the number one "new york times" best seller five week, plunder and deceit. big governments, exemployation. how are you, sir? >> i'm good, my brother. how are you? >> all right, like you, mark, i am undecided. this wwe debate, this one said this about you. that one said this about you. say to it them. it did not move the heneedle in terms of choosing a nominee. how about you? >> agree with you. these are attempts to ins tate the fights over the most moronic
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things early in our history, what they used to say about each other was unbelievable, this this candidate was an adulterer, had babies out of wedlock. this stuff about somebody's face, that's small potatoes. that said, i don't like this media ins gaited you said this and he didn't like your face, do you like your face? for many of us, the country is at a precipice. this is not a format that really lends itself to a serious discussion on the issues. this is a problem. something we need to think about as a republican party and as a people. i mean, ted cruz has given minimal amount of time because cnn is running a debate and they want as much food fight as possible. you've got two of the other contenders to take up a half hour. scott walker barely had any time. at least the right now and so, i'm troubled by this.
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and so, what i think we need to be able to do, i want to hear five minutes from candidate on iran. from the border. i want to hear five minutes from each candidate on how to create jobs and create growth. there are many broken down simply, but the reason the media don't want to do that, particularly networks like cnn is it's not exciting. they want to pie fight. they want the three stooges. some of the candidates are better at navigating through. and getting their sound bites in, but i don't it helps the republic very much. >> let's go through the the individuals. trump got the majority of time. he is the front-runner. he was attackeded a lot. how do you feel he handled it? >> right from the get go, jake tapper and cnn and a number of the candidates, they said in advance, they're going after trump. he's the guy that's out front, so he had a scrum. i thought that was the worst 30
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or 40 minutes of tv of debate, of politics i'd ever heard or seen. i thought it was outrageous. but the republicans have to show some restraint on that stage, too, but they didn't want so, so that troubled me. when you're getting hit with machine gun bullets, at some point, you may say something that's odd, but i thought he muscled through better than most would. sxwl ben carson. the poles are fascinating to me. two outsiders that are leading in the polls. ben carson, my take is he's a great guy. he has a compelling story. he's a thoughtful guy. but a debate format is not his format and i feel that it's never going to be helpful to him. your thoughts. >> i agree. there is a middle between relatively passive or soft spokenness and loud provocation. but again, this is the format that troubles me because abraham lincoln had a high, squeaky voice, others had other problems
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throughout american history and i just don't think and i'm not saying it's ben carson, even though i'm a big fan, i don't think we should be making yumts based on such superficial things. he's an intelligent man. a solid, conservative man. a man of faith and should be taken very seriously. >> what do you think a lot of, if you read the pundit, i thought carly had a good night. i thought she stood out in a lot of was. i didn't take it some talk about it. i'm interested to see if it translates to poll numbers. rubio, a gangster by the name of putin who's trying to fill the vacuum of america being off the national stage and coopen op sere syria and egypt and others. gl there were a lot of solid answers. they're all running as barry go goldwater and george s. patton.
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a lot of them have records that are modern or liberal. some used to be for amnesty. used to be against limiting the debt keeling and you asked me about carly fiorina. today, the establishment likes carly forma. last yeek, it was kasich. week before, jeb bush. in all the discussion i've heard about carly fiorina so far, i've heard nothing about what she said when she ran in the republican primary in the senate in 2009, in 2010, where she was the moderate running against the conservative and her positions were quite different. we have a lot of -- i'm not saying they shouldn't evolve into being more conservative. i also think it's very interesting these candidates are moving foth right as they run. some of whom who are not conservative and this is an important message for mitch mcconnell and john boehner. >> well, that's the bigger problem and that is that the republicans, they didn't use the power of the purse on obamacare.
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they funded illegal unconstitutional immigration. this two week period where they debate, they'll fund planned parent hood because they don't want to get blamed for a shutdown. isn't this creating the rise of the candidates and where does ted cruz fit in this? i thought he had a good night. i would have lixed to have heard more from him and walker. >> you aren't going to hear more because the moderators wouldn't let them. when you heard the conversation about global warming, i heard marco rubio, chris christie and walker say yeah, it exists, but the question is what do woe do about it and tapper was saying well, your skeptics and cruz says i'm a skeptic, let me comment. no, you'll have your turn later. you know why? because the food wasn't flying. the shoes weren't flying and
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this might be boring. the media a problem. they're pushing for ratings. drive iing up their commercial rates, but they've got seven more debates and let me predict to you, number six, nobody will remember what happened in two. >> well said. congratulations. five consecutive weeks, number one on "the new york times" list. congra congrats. up next -- >> and you're going to say to your children and you're going to say to anybody else, that we were part of a movement to take back our country. >> donald trump. he held several big events this week and later, some of his rivals have come out with new attack ads aimed at the front-runner, plus it's all about the outsider candidates. trump, carson, fiorina, cruz, the insurgents that continue to see big jumps in the polls. in the nation, we know how it feels when
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you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you.
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welcome back to hannity. trump has had a huge week. took center stage another the debate, but he held several massive rallies where he spoke to thousands and thousands of supporters. watch this. >> this silent majority is back and i think -- and i think we can use it somewhat differently. i don't think we have to call it a silent majority anymore because they're not silent. we can so so many victories and they're going to be great victories. and we're going to have them all the time and you're going to say to your children and your going to say to anybody else, that we were part of a movement to take back our country.
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joining us now to talk about trump's big week and how he impressed so many people, the brand-new book, mark stein is with us. you know, i actually think a sort of mental malaise has set in in america and behaven't talked a lot about him. median income is down 5 thourk. 000 labor force, rate lowest since the '70s ch tens of millions more on poverty and food stamps and we are being crushed ton world stage. the iranian deal, i want to make america great againful that resognates. if he doesn't say anything else. >> and he says the american dream is dead and i'm going to bring it back and he's right it's dead that if you're in the bottom 20%, if you're born in that, you're stuck there compared to other developed nations and then the political establishment tells you you're going stay stuck in the bottom
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at 20% and have a choice between voting for the wife of the previous president and the son and brother of the previous president and he's saying no, we can bust through this. >> what do you make of the disconnect? three of four polls come out after the debate. trump has 60% among the people. their flash pole, news max. time magazine. interesting barometer, but when you listen to the punditry, fellow tv commentator, they have a very different view than what people are voting on those poles. why is there a disparity. >> they think of trump as this kind of noisy reality show distrack. a month ago, they thought this, theb then after the fox debate, it would settle down and become a normal republican primary process. between now and iowa and new hampshire, it's not going to be a normal primary process. we don't know what it's going to be. >> nobody can tell you.
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i can't tell you. >> no but by the time, an hour before the debate, the two front-runners were trump and carson. two political outsiders. by common consent, the person who did welln the debate is another outsider. and if you think about it, an extraordinary moment when two ceos are arguing back and forth about who has the lousiest record. we now know it's not going to be a normal presidential nominating. >> they may be writing books about this campaign in the history books. >> back in a way, it goes back to what obama did. preacher eer of the culture in y that biden and bill clinton are
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conventional democratic politicians. >> i think every future president will be a media president. meaning they have to project well on tv and show energy crow. if you're not connect ong television, you're not connecting with crowds. look at the trouble though and we don't talk a lot about democrats. sanders is up 22 points in your home state. ten in iowa and hillary now telegraphed "the new york times" that she's going to show warmth and humor and here's an example of it. >> now, trump is entertaining. i have to tell you. i really do. i really to find him entertaining. you know, i kind of wish i had that same sort of mentality like, oh, listen, i don't need to tell you anything. when i get there, peace will be breaking out. prosperity will be reigning down. we will have the new age. >> that might be their goal. but the number one words that show up, liar, dishonest,
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untrustworthy. can cheats change people's perceptio perceptions? >> fincke there were no e-mail scandal, her tame to stand up comedy would be enough to kill her in iowa and new hampshire. i'm in favor of a constitutional amendme amendment. i know there's laws in this country against bills of aattend, but i would be in favor from forbidding hillary at stand up come by ever again. >> showing more humor, chris rock, larry the cable guy. amy schumer. she's not any of them. she's not warm and funny, which goes to the question, can somebody in this country, when the 60% of the american people view you as dishonest and untrustworthy, can you win the presidency? >> no. i don't think you can. i think if bernie wins iowa and new hampshire. i don't have any great insights into iowa, but in new hampshire,
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i think you will win. i was in the most liberal town in new hampshire. hadn't been there in a while. hanover, new hampshire. da dartmouth college. they love bernie. these are wealthy liberals. not broken down hard core welfare socialists. they love sanders and they have no warmth and enthusiasm for hillary clinton, so we have to prepare for a new entrance into the democratic primary. brown suggests he might get in. joe biden is flirting with it. i have to be john kerry might get in. >> i think elizabeliaisoelizabe constituency. biden or bust. no love lost between obama an the clintons and obama would love to have a third term and joe biden is his third term. >> sabotages clinton?
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>> i think so. i think -- >> even though bill came to the rescue in 201. >> but bill didn't come to the rescue. >> bill was the one telling kennedy, can you believe this guy? he should be bringing us our drinks ch p that's what bill clinton said about obama. >> and clint was saying they played the race card against me, but he did come to the rescue in 2012. >> but obama des pizs clinton. the whole 1990s third way new democrat. meeting. in the age of big government is over. obama, very bad. obama has said no, we don't think government. i've spent $10 trillion. nobody many human history has done that. the age of big government is back and we don't need bill clinton liberalism. >> that's great to have you in new york. need to stick around longer. i'm going to get you new ties though. where did you get that tie?
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that is horrible. awful. here. >> you know -- >> i have the total trump collection. i'll give you something. >> this isn't a donald trump tie. >> this is german street in london. best tie in the world. you loser. >> best football game you've been to. >> 1995, undefeated football. bears against the dolphins. never forget that night. >> favorite cheerleader. >> a new political ad. whose message may be resognating? resognating? we'll check in with doug and a thought i told you to stay off our turf. and what would you know about turf, skipper? let's end this here and now!
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look at your face. the face of leadership. 61-year-old woman i am proud of every year and every wrinkle. >> marco rubio, he got into the pirt. >> probably truman m he had to make at the end of the second. >> best football game. >> undefeated bears against the toll fins. there with my dad. never forget that night. >> favorite dolphins cheerleader. >> ths easy.
9:26 pm
jeanette rubio. >> i think it's been harder to get clinton's e-mails. >> whose message is, woing best with you the voerts? joining us now, doug and former white house press secretary, ari fleischer is back with us. i like fun ads, funny ads. it works and it's underuse lighted. the carly fiorina ad made a point about her differences with trump. thought it was a gootd ad. commentators today said i thought the rubio ad was cute, but is not going to be a game changer. >> i thought he had one of the best lines on foreign policy the other night. when he said you know, hey, putin, the gang sfer, is filling a void that obama has left open and egypt and saudi arabia and syria, he's going to go over to them and say, hey, americans
9:27 pm
aban danned you, come with me. >> senator rubio with fluent when it comes to foreign policy. he's fluent, accurate and reagan strength style. it's interesting to contrast the way he speaks. when he talks about foreign policy, it's spontaneous, just flows out of him. when he talks about domestic policy, he's so articulate. and notice that difference. he's a great freedom story and that's a powerful part. >> you know, one of the things, he's a second choice of almost every republican. how does he jump from being people's second choice to their first. >> because issues matter, sean. if he did 30 second ads where he talked as ari suggested, about what we should do to take on putin, what we should do to reform welfare. the reason trump is doing as
9:28 pm
well as he is, yeah, he's an outside e outsider, but he's the candidate who's been most plain spoken on immigration and he's hit a he responsive chord. >> you've not been a big fan of trump. why? >> i just question whether he has the right skills to be the president of the united states. i do not like the style of politics he embraces. the remark about paul. about his looks. why does he have to do sna this county tr i needs someone who knows how to build bridges and coalitions. that's what we have to do under our institution, so therefore, it's his style. >> he brings a bluntness that there's something to be admired and he is the outsider, but at the end of the day, can he build a coalition. >> time's going to tell. diminishing returning at some
9:29 pm
point. >> the thing to look at here, the multicandidate field when there are 16 people, the person the 20, when it gets down to trump against one, two, that's when it really becomes -- >> there's a larger message here. let me finish. what's going on is that donald is saying i tell the truth. whether you like it or not, find it pleasant or not, you write statistically, but the republican electorate is so angry with insiders and donald is saying i'll change america. tell you what i think whether you like it or not. zpl i am one of those conservatives who feel dispinted by a republican party in d.c. they make they make promise, they don't keep them. 2014 was all about stopping executive amnesty, which is
9:30 pm
unconstitutional and they caved. they gave in. they won't use the power of the purse on obamacare. all of these examples, i will predict they will cave on funding planned parenthood and 50 some of percent of the voters, i would argue in part because these guys are so weak. >> can't govern this nation with congress. your beef is with james madison. >> no -- >> no -- >> ari, wait a minute. who doesn't sign what would get to his desk. >> we have enumerated checks and balances, separation of powers. one power the congress has is the power of the purse. they won't use it for fear there will be a political backlash and they will get blamed for a shutdown, so they won't confront the president and ak wii.
9:31 pm
>> it's dumb. they stake out right wing positions, take the negative hit, then cave. bottom line, it only helps hillary and the democrats. >> ari, how can you not see and feel what so many of us are talking about. >> of course i'm right. >> because i've lived through two government shutdowns, both of which hurt republicans and then the government did open. >> given to obama. to something you believe is unconstitutional. to the worst health care plan we could imagine. >> sean -- why the republicans. what is your alternative? >> simple. remember the government shutdown a few years ago. >> for three years? >> no, what i would do, on this continuing resolution over planned parenthood, i would also pass a bill that took the $500
9:32 pm
million we give to planned parenthood, give it to other women's groups, put it on the president's desk and let him decide if he is going to shut down the government over his radical support of a radical group. >> that's what they did on obamacare. did it work? >> you and ari have made the best argument for why the democrats in an election where they shouldn't be competitive will be. the devisiveness, the arguing, the lack of policy is the reason hillary's in better shape. >> my point here is when the republicans shut down the government over obamacare -- >> they never did. >> yes, they did. the two houses and the white house did. republicans took the heat for it. >> that was not a shutdown. they funded the government with everything except obamacare. obama didn't sign it. isn't it clear? the democrat is right.
9:33 pm
i'm on doug's side. >> thanks very much. but neither one. we got to break though. coming up next tonight on hannity. >> this country, america, is the greatest country the world has ever known. it is such an exceptional nation and before, before america came on the scene, for thousands of years, people did things the same way. once we were on the scene, within 200 year, men were walking on the moon and when people say we're not exceptional, they are not thinking. we are by far the most exceptional nation and our job is to make sure we remain an exceptional nation. >> the rise f the insurgent, outsider candidates, why trump and carson and fiorina and ted cruz are all rising in the polls. that and more as we continue. in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently.
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so far, it's been all about the outsiders, trump, ben carson, fiorina and cruz, they're rising fast. now, part of the reason they're connecting so well is they don't use talking points. they're not afraid to take on their own party. here's dr. carson doing just that. gl there's no question that the gop has a very excellent opportunity by paying attention to some to have communities they have neglected and forming them about history of the gop. in fact, a party that was formed as an abolitionist party, a party that worked hard to get gun rights for friedman. a party that pushed civil rights and vote rights. >> here now, ebony williams, welcome both of you. good to see you. i think it's simple.
9:40 pm
i think republicans have failed, they make these very conservative promises. people's expectations go up. they're really going to do it this time and then they wimp out and back down. >> this is an increde bable opportunity. dr. carson's right. i think for the first time in a long time, they're the real chance here. i think many republicans said they felt it was a waste of time, but now, because the democrats have made it really easy. they're not particularly compelling. the state of america is in crisis. black employment, as high as ever. the crime in black communities, rampant. >> if you look at democratic breakouts of people who have supported obama, they are faired far worse under his policy, yet many support him. >> we can argue as to whether that's obama's fault, but that's over. put some specifics on the bones and really stick to that agenda.
9:41 pm
>> came out in 2014 with a conservative solution caucus, listed specific things that i think republicans ought to run on. are you as dispinted? i got the chance to spend time with you as cpac. are you disappointed they make these promises and don't fulfill them? >> incredibly. 27% of the his tannic vote. those are dismal numbers and mere fact is that these candidates need to go into these communities and to deliver their message ch i think you've seen a couple of these candidates do that. starting with rand paul. >> he's been the best at it. >> that's right and jeb bush has talked about helping the most vulnerab vulnerable. there are these candidates that are really able to go in there. it hasn't work edworked. poverty levels are skyrocketing to 27%. high unemployment, we need to bring a message of hope, a
9:42 pm
message of the fact that in these city, guess what? they're all run by a bunch of democrats. >> republicans don't go into the p community, then you've got to ask people for your vote. tell them what your plan is. >> absolutely. >> i'm taking what both are saying and i think you're right. >> talk about rand paul really quick. he did go to howard university and spoke about mass incarceration, that's important, but what's more important are jobs and education. >> that's right. here's where we are. the median income is down about $5,000 per family since obama's president. the poverty rate, we have millions and millions more americans, millions more on food stamps. lowest labor participation rates since the '70s. these are obama's policy, but when we sper view some people, they say it's working.
9:43 pm
it's bush's fault. seven years in, they're saying it's bush es's fault. >> many are going support president obama until the end of the road. i did not see that around the hillary clinton candidacy sork to regardless to that -- >> you like trurp trump? >> look at bush. he has an excellent education record to run on. but sometimes, you got to say look at what i've been able to do in florida. i can do it for you, too. >> let's look at the latest gop poll here. pretty similar to what we've been saying. trump at 28%. carson, 17. kasich is up in this poll. this is a new hampshire poll. cruz, fiorina and bush coming in with 7%. do you see any movement in the polls? we've anticipated, expected. hasn't happened yet. >> i think well, with this debate obviously presents another opportunity where we're going to see another shift of
9:44 pm
numbers. i think trump pretty much stays where he does. i don't think he's going to grow much. the numbers may shift between kars and fiorina. why? it's solid performance by carly. i think those supporters, especially watch for the women. the women i think will definitely, very empowered by her message yesterday. she was able to stand up against the big boys and she performed well. >> fairness to dr. carson, he is a brilliant man, but not going to be a great debarrett. >> he's thoughtful and -- >> will people figure that out, that you've got to listen to him. he's a little more quiet. soft spoken and say donald trump. do you think that will hurt him or people will understand? >> i think it's going to hurt him. this is american politics. it's fast paced and fast moving and i think his tempo will hurt.
9:45 pm
>> got to pick up the speed. >> especially in the blood bath we saw, ben carson needs to be loud because the one that spoke the most and fastest, they got their points across more effective. >> he's got to prepare for wwe. maybe a little mma octagon training. guys, good to see you. welcome aboard. always good to see you and my best to your bert half and coming up, a crowded gop field, who do you think is the best this week to separate themselves from the rest of the pack? we'll debate that and more straight a
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how do republican contenders stand out in this crowded field? here to answer that, charles hurt and danine burrelly. what would you like to see him do? if i'm at 7% in the polls or 5% or 3%, what do you have to do to catch up with these guys? >> i would have wanted to hear more about their economic plgss that would help the state and urban communities.
9:51 pm
>> didn't even talk about the deficit, the debt. >> our own communities are on fire showing we've seen that over the past few months of what's been going on with high unemployment. i would like to hear more of that. >> charles do you see now that we've had time to absorb the debate a little bit, do you see somebody that seems to you that is a politician that's going to challenge trump, carson, fiorina? ted cruz is a politician but he's an insurgent candidate. >> the ones that have gone after him directly have met with a pretty terrible demise and i'm thinking of jeb bush and rand paul. that beatdown that trump did on rand paul last night was absolutely devastating and he looked terrible. the same with all the exchanges with jeb bush. i'd argue that these debates are food fights.
9:52 pm
there's a lot of nonsense going on. but they definitely reveal something very important. and that's the presidency is about more than or -- presidential candidate is about more than just a checklist of positions on certain issues. it's about the ability to communicate and break through all the noise and each people. that's why donald trump has done very well. why carly fiorina did well last night and why marco rubio has been -- he often does very well because he's a marvelous communicator. so i think if you are able to break through that nonsense and that noise, you can pretty much break through anything. that's not a bad way to figure out who the best person is to send out against hillary clinton or whoever the democrat is. >> we still have 4 1/2 months. it's amazing. >> it is amazing. >> it's a marathon. think of it that way. the whole theme of your show, too. we have a ways to go.
9:53 pm
and it is important for the candidates to separate themselves. carly fiorina, we saw her passion and commitment to -- in terms of what she'd do with our military, building up our shipping fleet. >> i thought she had a really good moment. >> yeah. you've been a big supporter of donald trump. how did you feel about his debate performance the other night? >> i was fascinated. he said earlier in the day he might be open to toning it down a little bit, and he kind of did tone it down a little bit. also a 3 1/2 or seven-hour debate. i lost track at some point. a very long debate. and having that gatlin gun fire over that period of time is hard to keep up. but i thought it was interesting. i thought he was kind of toned down and it will be interesting to see whether or not that reflects in the polls. >> who do you like? who are you supporting? supporting anybody yet? >> i don't divulge because i --
9:54 pm
>> that's not what this show is about. this show is about divulging. >> i will say this. i'm for anyone who is for the constitution. who will listen to americans. i was just in florida last weekend. >> top three? >> who are your top three? >> the top three i felt were impressive based on their views the other night were carly fiorina, ted cruz, marco rubio. i think they had a great passion and great message. all really good communicators. and talking to people on the ground. i was in florida last week. they are charged up and excited about this election, and theyle. they want representation. a politician who is going to listen to we the people and not just be a politician just because. >> all right. thank you both. when we come back, we'll continue. continue more, right after the break. next. ♪
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all right.
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that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. we hope you'll stay so you nef i'm greg gutfeld. please hold your applause until the end. here's what's coming up. the three-hour cnn debate. exhausted and sweaty, just like me after my new spin class. tonight the winners, the losers and the private pictures i have. the smackdown, donald trump does not smack down. said the president wasn't an american. in the battle between comedians, and the kids, silverman sides with the kids. america, you smell great. like a kitten soaked in lilacs.


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