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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 24, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the kids are shouting, let's listen as he hand things over to neil. [chanting] >> welcome everybody, you can e are looking live at the pope, ready to travel to new york city where they are battening down the hatches and making sure everything is safe and sound for this holiness as he makes his ware here in an hour. i want to show you what is going on in the new york area. that's including at st. patrick's cathedral. this is where we will be speaking. it's been spruced up and cleaned and ready to have the pope. all of this comes at a time when new york is making sure there are no problems, safety or otherwise. to give you an idea, most new
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yorkers are already girded for the traffic that come with the united nations traffic. you add a pope under that, they didn't take any chances, a lot of the public transportation, if they came in at all, had to show you -- this is 34th street new york. one of my producers out there now. dan is a great cameraman. should consider. but one thing i noticees, you see much -- that's one of the busiest thunder -- thunder -- thoroughfares manhattan but not a lot going on, there's removed garbage cans. i'm with the good friend, who knows obvious the pope,. tv star, he knows how to explaining this stuff in english. the pope, first in the united states. how is it going? >> it's growing great. he is just letting his natural
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personality shine. he like everybody's grandmother or uncle. it's a tone question. tone is compassionate. strong messages, global warming, not putting people on capital row to death and says you're inclined to listen to him. i ran into people in new york who say i'm not catholic or not practicing but i like this guy. there's a likability fast baller he has going for him even when his ms. reallies one we might not be coverable with. >> you have followed popes. part of their job is to annoy you a little bit, get under your skin, make you think. this pope has done that to at the left and right. but the point is he wants you to take a deeper look at things. a congress he said your line, paraphrasing here, is improving people's lives. that's what it's about. >> his job is to gently challenge people to think outside the box weird. locked in america in this
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partisan divide and he knew that and said you have to work together, and they should be for the protection of all human life. i think what he does is give strong messages in a gentle, kind fashion, so i all good how do you compare him to the other popes? 'm as chair mastic at john paul? probably not. enlisch as good as john paul? probable, but remember sky scrappers. >> i want to ask you about -- as he makes his way to manhattan, this bastion of capital capital. the rap is people say he doesn't like capital him. he said today business is a noble vocation when it leads to jobs. in other words, with have the profitable legacy comes an obligation to. >> he doesn't hate capitalism. we are the most blessed land.
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we're powerful and rich and wants to us share even more we already do. >> he wants to do more, and i always wonder -- i know the story in the bible about the rich has as good a chance of getting into heaven as a camel through the eye of a needle. does he feel that way? does he feel that the -- obviously gravitates to kids to the poor. he skips his lunch with congressional leaders so he could feed the homeless. afterast pope, all of that. what is going on here? >> he thinks we're not aworry how blessed we of and our obligation to do more michael, the guy -- michael strahan. he says i get 50 to 100 suits a year. pope francis would say, drew really need 100 suits a year? america you don't realizeot you have and people around the world are living tells separate lives.
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>> he gets 100 suit as year? >> and big suits. >> that's more than o'reilly. i have small contract here. you sense that america -- you mentioned his popularity with all tights but is agitating on things like the environment and family issues and -- while not directly saying it, gay marriage and all the rest how much does he want to leave the country? >> i hope he makes challenges in a balanced way. i love everything he has done. when i watched him before congress i was troubled. you want to bring everybody together. if you talk about the guy on death row who deserves not be executed can't you mention the a word about abortion? you have 1.2 million abortion thursday the country, the richest country in the world. can't the holy father say you can do better. adoption is better than abortion. >> didn't the say, expect defend human life at every stage of its
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development. but you think he should have been more clear. >> what do we have before congress this year? bills about stopping abortion after 20 weeks. in other words, it's a very viable real issue right now between the two houses of congress, and i think that it would be good for him to say, take a look again. republicans you're too intolerant. mention the word. we talking about slavery and putting people in prison and life issues. why want can't we talk about the preborn child? >> you just got a shot at the pain say. -- papacy. you're doing a lot of good work. explain stuffed that even itots like me can understand. you did point out that the pope's remarks today is there was something in it for everyone, but i want to review some headlines that kind of tell you, did they watch the same address i did? we're rifling through some of these. the last two saying pope francis
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call's an divided congress to embrace immigrants elm "the new york times" says heal open wounds, pope urges congress, tilting to at the left. u.s.a. today in speech to conference pope urges action on immigration and climate. i was listening to his remarks line by line and i added up the things that would be kind of offensive to conservatives, and the kind of things that might be offensive to liberals. nine, i thought, would be the kind of stuff that liberals would like to hear. nine topics that conservatives would like to hear. so right down the middle. is that deliberate? i don't know. the media ignored the stuff that the family thing, the sanctity of marriage thing, all those things, religious extremism, the popping over to see the little sisters of the poorment none of that got mentioned. little sisters of the poor,
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legally battling the administration. i said, that's not fair, this is the pope. brent, that stands out just by the way that the coverage, they headlines and the paragraphs have gone. >> i agree with you. it's not just that they're only saying one side of his remarks. but on things that he is saying that they're talking about, you're seeing them wildly distort them. here's another headline. on and don't do it until we're done here -- the headline right now. pope urges congress to act on agenda tilting to the left. after everything he just said. that's the headline of msnbc -- >> by, environmental references. the whole thing was only two sentences today.
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now it was a big chunk of his remarks at the white house, but also that the white house ignored was comments on religious extremism, and not paying attention to people's religious freedom. that got ignored. but today, for example, it was small sameling and ignored all the other stuff he was talking about. >> yeah, but, but look at what he said yesterday. look at what was ignored. we looked on all the networks, on cnn, not a single network news outlet caught the visual and the words of pope francis turning and rebuking barack obama on religious liberty. he turned and rebuked him. now, later, he gave a thanks to obama for their positions on the environment. guess what was all over the news? the latter. it was not the former. this is the one-sided story.
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chuck todd -- >> i know you're busy guy and you're watch -- but you didn't watch fox business, which you don't have you should demand. we got into that and i'm making a light point make a serious point, that it's interesting how the media picks and choosings. i'm not their bash the media but a lot of people get their impresses of this pontiff and what he is saying through the media coverage and headlines and paragraphs and they're not getting, for example, what you uss said, what the president was saying about religious freedom. continue that thought. >> neil, not to pander but i've been watching you all afternoon, and you have been all afternoon talking about both sides that are being represented by the pope on this trip. and you're uabsolutely right. so it's mind boggling to me that chuck todd on nbc says today he is talking about the pope's address about the spirit of cooperation, and chuck todd concludes that what the pope is calling for -- this is not to have a shutdown in two weeks and
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then he says, to avoid this, quote, sort of silly fighting. now, sort of silly fighting is going to dealed with planned parenthood and that house of horrors. one person on the face of this earth who would not call it sort of silly infighting would be pope francis. >> very pel put -- very well put. the media ignored talking about these religious freedoms. that freedom is one of our most precious possessions, all are called to preserve and defend that freedom from everything that would threaten to compromise it. usually powerful language, ignored as if it wasn't mentioned. >> house call for the re -- his call for the respect for human life got huge standing ovation. i bet you won't see it on the news tonight. >> that line, protect and defend human life at every stage of its development. so to your point -- we made
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light of this -- by all means what he said about the environment. a veil summary part -- very small part. but cover the other stuff. the pope would appreciate that. he add, that's why i get fox business. if you don't get it, demand it. his english was so awkward you didn't quite hear it. but, brent, thank you very much. >> i heard god bless cavuto, too. >> he is such a knucklehead. we joke and make light but i did it for the reason when we cover pontiffs, whether you like him or not, catholic or not, christian or not, whether as the pope said, when he was on the capital balcony, if you don't want to pray for me, just give me good wishes. all that is part of the coverage of the pontiff. and get everything in. because i tell you, he is trying to get under everyone's skip, which is what popes should do, be what jesus would do, get under everyone's skin. as we wait for him to leave washington to get to the big
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apple, and he has a very busy schedule here. he'll be visiting ground zero, and we have gary, and then charles payne, the host of "making money," shameless capitalist, the very folks the pope warned about but they snuck in here. it's interesting, contrary to popular belief i don't think this pontiff hates capitalism. he hates those who abuse the system. charles, am i delicately reading that right? >> i think you're reading right. there's a massive organization or movement in this country called conscious capitalism, but who is the ultimate decider on how large dividends should be? i will tell you, this has not been a good week. give you an example for capital him. a french oil company laying off thousands so they can keep their dividend in police. hundred offices companies buying back stock and firing employees weeks in with the peanut cup, or the drug that went up 5,000's so
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capitalism had a black eye and opens up the door for the pope orber in the sanders to say we have to eliminate this. >> those that got little publicity but i wonder whether people take away from that, oh, they're all crooks, all bad, all taking advantage of us, all rigging the system. what do you think? >> the problem is there are people out there that take advantage of what i think are outlier events in corporate america and talk about how bad everybody is in your lot in life is the way it is because they are rich and it is a shame. i'm a big believer, the only reason socialism lives is because capitalism pays for it. when socialism takes over capitalismor, enup being venezuela, and when you have no capitalism, you are cuba. so everybody wants to make the choice. drive cars from the 1950s or 50% inflation and you can't get
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toilet paper in venezuela, i'll choose the united states. >> some of the 1950s era cars are beautiful. charles payne, we now know he is coming to the center of global capitalism, new york. he is coming at a tame -- there some protests we're told from some big contributors to refurbish st. patrick's cathedral, put up a lot of mullah, some complaining about the seats for the pope's big mass tonight, and they think they should be -- get better seats, but the pope did meet with benefactors at the cathedral of st. matthews in washington should the be a. >> a lot for the church well, get to you an audience with the biggy. >> happy that's not the question, not a spread -- quid pro quo. the we're talking note one
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percent of the one percent, the guys even donald trump are going over. pay different tax rates, get different breaks. a beautiful thing. i've been in hospitals around the world and i've seen big, beautiful hospitals built by these guys. i think it's a wonderful thing. so anyone who is complaining about it, is take amps from the idea to blesses could you don't need special favors. >> hurts them when they say if they give money they deserve special treatment. i just think it's kind of unseamly but that's me. the pope, when he does fiscal cliff manhattan, one thing he is going to be talking about is -- this touches on your point -- is everyone getting their fair share of this? looking at 34th street. you can see very little traffic this time of day. that's very unusual. you can see it backed up like planes at la guardia. we're not seeing that new york is ready.
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to the point, the pope says that everyone has a right to a better human condition, paraphrasing his remarks in washington yesterday and today -- we all have to be our brother's keeper and with that comes a responsibility to look after each other. that sometimes can be an anathema to capitalism. i'm not calling you godless -- >> thank you. >> -- but justify your profession. >> i got to tell you something, neil mitchell profession gives so much money to philanthropic organizations, tens of billions of dollars throughout the years. i'm a big believer that all this poverty is because of the system. taxes, so many different programs, programs paying out a dribble dollars, billing buildings, people getting paid before the homeless. too big a bloat,, until that
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changes we'll continue to see this. this talk about fair share, i'm a big believer if somebody earns money' somebody doesn't, who fair share is it? capitalism takes care of the poor. can everything be done better? absolutely. but i think we have been fighting it for 50 years and throwing money at and it look where we are right now, gentlemen, i want to thank you both. i i think the pope would by impressed by your comments. i can't guarantee that. among the other remarks that got very little coverage today, the pope was worried -- i asked about this plane. it is not the same thing as shepherd one that came here. that's waiting in philadelphia in the united states he is taking american airlines which is great publicity for american airlines. having said that, i've got lieutenant tony sheafer with us. one thing the pope outlined his concern with the religious extremism gripping the world.
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didn't go into the ugly details of isis, but expressed shock what is done in the name of god. reprehensible stuff done in the name of god. but i wonder how much that registered. when a man of peace is effectively saying you can't have a peaceful response to this, do you think that registers? >> i'd like to believe so. let's be honest here. the pope actually warned about isis actually taking action to attack him and the vatican. >> very good point. >> i've said, i hope the president was listening to the pope on this issue. as much as we all have to -- for those who have great responsibility, come with that great authority. we have great authority to actually try to fix this. the pope wants everybody to chip in. but we have to understand there's a legitimate threat that goes with the refugee population, and again, let's be really honest here. port of the problem is we have
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not acted swiftly to prevent the crisis from coming and, therefore, all these people migrating across the world, you're seeing terrorists hide within the stream, and in libya isis actually controls the stream and profits from it. so i welcome we have to be good shepherds, be responsible, but we cannot be stupid and not do what is nose protect the population -- >> you've hit on something. when he referred to, among others, abraham lincoln said that horrible choices he had to make to protect the peace and equality and the human condition. >> right. >> what results was the greatest loss of life on american soil. he was saying that i had a deep concern for the treatment of christians everywhere, particularly in the middle east, where they are to your point, getting slaughtered. and i thought about that. is this the pope's way of saying there are limits to understanding, compassion? >> i think there are.
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i've talked to the syrians who are christians, and they are suffering. they've lived in the same place for thousands of years but because of the current cries have been displaced. then leases remember, they marched a lunch of christians out on a beach in libya and beheaded them. this is no small issue. so as much as we have to be compassionate -- i'm a warrior. we choose to not use violence unless necessary. there comes a time you got to pick up the sword and you got to counter the violence you're faced with. expects that what pope is saying, take action to prevent it. >> one thing that is confusing -- popes don't wave to get into the weeds. they speak in platitudes. jesus spoke that way. one thing that touched me is his talking about the immigration problem. he said we have a moral obligation to our fellow man to hear the pains of our fellow man. he went on to say that who among us will not want to look after the interests of all of us, but
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part of it -- i think he wants everybody to find a way around this refugee problem and the millions flooding borders to find asylum but inherent in that, part of that exodus are some bad guys. so, he is at cross-purposes. his heart tells him, bring everybody in, help them out. gut the reality is such, with all respect to his holiness, his big heart, that there's some dangerous elements there that are behind the very things he was vilifying today. >> we need to create safe havens in syria for people to go to and stay bowl. posed two years ago on the hill to leadership, have the turkish do ten-mile incursion, invoke article 5 of nato, create the safe zone for reefs to go from. from there launch operations again the terrorist then get control of the refugee problem. bringing people here from there is not going to solve it. some things go back 2,000 years,
1:23 pm
to the tenth century simple think we have to do both. we have to create zone's security, and then we have to look at the long-term roots of why the conflict exists. i'd like to believe the pope would be helpful in looking at that and getting to the deeper issue. that's goes back to bad religious choices made by those on the muslim side -- i have to say it, the radical islam folk -- >> he didn't go there but said -- >> i did. >> i know you did. you're noted going to be to the pope's favorite after this. >> of course not. >> i am saying i think he is saying some stuff -- the closest he did -- some stuff done in the name of god is beyond me. >> absolutely. >> thank you. very good seeing you, colonel. meantime,ing,ing this has an enorm mouse effect on people. when i was watching, my eyes were welling up. he makes you think in simple, measured words. one thing that struck me is all
1:24 pm
the men and women i saw, not on john boehner but for a while joe biden, tearing up, including marco rubio when he is talking about the immigrant condition and those who come to this country for great opportunity, he has an effect on people, and that is among some of the things that might help marco rubio, if you want to be so political here, but the buzz on how this pontiff might have touched people beyond the people in that room and for the moment that room, goes well beyond what i'm just mentioning there. whatever the case, marco rubio is a beneficiary, not only being in that room, but as senator you get to listen to him, and he is getting good buzz. and betsy woodruff knows it. if i may so contracts -- crass, as we watch the pope leave -- whether mark cow rubio is turn -- marco rubio is turning the good will from the debates,
1:25 pm
via what he said about his immigrant condition, into better presidential buzz for him. what do you think? >> sure thing. absolutely not going hurt him. no one is going be to troubled by get something pope magic, and in fact some of the hill papers reported that in the leadup to the pope's coming to capitol hill, they had to actually tell members of congress they weren't supposed to touch the pope or mob him or get in his face because he is so popular and so well loved. so in rubio's case, the fact he had this very -- i don't know -- restrained but seemingly, at least seemed to me, authentic display of emotion, that helps him out. >> how is he doing these days? i know he picked up a little bit in the polls but one thing i learned is that we're seeing the pope take off. i'm told much like the president's plane, even if it's not formally air force one, any
1:26 pm
plane with the plane with the president is air for one, any plane with the pope it shepherd one. it's an american airlines flight you, it's shepherd one, thank you very much. betsy, back to politics. i heard the that marco rubio was never suffering for donor money, that unlike other candidates, who saw that dry up fast, scott walker comes to mind -- his might have slowed but never stopped. what are we to make of that? >> rubeover's absolutely been playing the long game. never been hurting that much. in fact one interesting thing i saw about rubio was a story in april. they report an announce moss rubio aide saying these is our plan. build a foundation and this is the kicker, with what aide said, when scott walker stumbles, when he starts flailing, then we'll sweep in, pick up the pieces and get more energy, and interestingly, that's exactly what happened.
1:27 pm
since walker dropped out. online "wall street journal" reported two-thirds of his instruction is going to rubio. >> that's a lot of personnel and aides from the walker camp. do you think there's more pressure than ever to do what governor walker recommended early this week, drop out of the race, clear the field, as challenge to front-runner, presumably donald trump, and get to this. >> i think the pressure will be directed more at folks who are down ballot, christie, bobby jindal, even rand paul, his poll numbers are anemic. i anticipate some folks are saying, time to scoot. so in rubio's case, probably going to dodge that because things are on the upswing for him. >> do you get a sense that rubio has to find this perfect ground on immigration? the rap against republicans -- i domestic think it's fair --
1:28 pm
they're antiimmigrant-illegal immigrant, cut don't discern the difference the way the media cover the story and hi was part of the gaining trying to find the middle ground here. yet who is in a better position than he as a son of immigrants, fling cuba, to make the case that we have to find a middle ground. how does he play that? >> well, what is interesting is that -- i guess the past week or two, rubio has moved more towards the hidden on immigration. he said he would not lay the groundwork for immigrants to become citizens. that move is different from the legislation that he pushed back in 2013 when he teams up with very liberal democrats to do a comprehensive immigration overhaul. he has shown he can evolve on this issue depending on what makes most sense at the time. i think it's feasible he can make this more of wayne than in the past.
1:29 pm
>> betsy, thank you very much. there's a great book out right now that reminds me of the political situation right now. might seem strange toout but doug brinkley's book that takes a look at the mixon tapes. a loss of transcription of those tapes a at volatile team. what if told you what is in those tapes might be very useful information to hillary clinton and what is in those e-mails because there are some remarkable parallels. perspective from probably one of the best historians the country has after this. at mfs investment management,
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and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. the pope on his way to new york city but joint base andres is a busy place. no sooner he leaves leaves therk who is coming in now, the leader of china. is this a busy time or what?
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>> blew the whistle -- >> people.
1:35 pm
>> i want the public to learn the truth about watergate and those guilty of any illegal justice. hillary clinton, i want it out there because they're on my side. >> both hillary clinton and richard nixon like to keep things covered up. they were -- >> but they argue they weren't -- >> they would -- but in her case i think the idea is a new server. you don't have to have -- you can have a whole new server. it was a kind of cutting edge thing but as they say in journalism you're giving people a lot of rope. >> or the last guy did it, too. nixon said this kind of capability -- not only the johnstons a -- clinton -- previous secretary of states dade the same thing, secretary powell. we both did the same thing. it's eerie.
1:36 pm
>> but you don't see them el broiled in a problem. nixon could never get ahead of the issue. he could hey burned the tapessed. nelson rockefeller told nixon, burn the attend but hillary clinton is coming out of the gate, some comments is confusing. she has obfuscated it and clouded it -- >> that seems nixonan. nixon organized, let me explain. confidential either exists or does. no. hillary clinton says, my personal e-mails are my business. it's weird. >> it becomes a trickle effect and goes on for a while. you don't want to be called nixonian but there are good things about it nixon was brilliant. hillary clinton is brilliant. but the idea of calls feeling the privilege of keeping stuff that nobody else has, nixon's case, it was hillary clinton's
1:37 pm
case you have something like sid blumenthal she -- >> how bad and damaging -- >> we don't know yet but it's been a bad drip, drip, drip, and i think joe biden is waiting in the wings. >> do you think he enters? >> i have a feeling he will if it gets worse for her. she has the benghazi hearings, another dump of e-mails. the "washington post" and the -- just reported that issue with the state department, and differences of opinion between state and her. so this is the story -- >> are there smoking guns? with nixon you look at the smoking gun. but here -- >> remember, nixon, there wasn't a smoke gun at first. he gave 1,200 hours of here's a bunch of tapes and then they found the missing seconds of the tapes. and so it's not that we -- >> but changed impressions of nixon. we suspected our presidents used foul language.
1:38 pm
he proved it. >> it utterly destroyed his presidency. hillary clinton has to get ahead of this and if she doesn't or if a felony charge -- all of nixon's men started falling. december ''7 to 2 nixon says i'm on top the world, the biggest landslide, the china deal. he felt like everything was perfect. weeks later, all he is worried about is watergate dish. >> the democratic mott in the? >> right now. >> to the white house? >> i don't know. >> i don't think she'll be the democratic nominee. >> i think if it's just bernie sanders and her shell be the democratic nominee. if joe biden gets in whole new 'ball game. >> you could get the nomination. thank you. this is interesting. >> didn't cancel me when the pope is in town. that's impressive. >> the pope told me not to.
1:39 pm
don't you dare. all right, all right. >> i knew i liked him. >> thank you, my friend, very much. all right, now, we told you about the refugee problem. the pope wasn't looking at dollars dollars dollars and cents. he just put both parties on the spot.
1:40 pm
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1:43 pm
homeless, the poor and that the fat cats. some of the fat cats a st. pal trick spent the money to get that place innovated and -- rennovated and are kicked off they didn't get threat seats. we he brian backin with us. the pope mentioned today this refugee problem and the greater context of immigrants. saying that we must welcome immigrants, treat them as you would want to be treated yourself. now, a lot of people interpret that -- my interpretation -- talking about those in the pressing situation who want something better, and i think by extension he might be referring to the wave of largely syrian refugees. they're not just refugees. but you always say you have to -- with your heart think one way but think with the cost of this in another way, and no one is talking about that. right? >> i'm talking about it, neil. i have a bill called the
1:44 pm
resettlement accountability and national security act, and i'm a compassionate christian and we are helping refugees with billions of dollars but do we want item port the turmoil and the problems of the middle east and invite them into the united states of america, and we have already seen isis promise to exploit our refugee programs. we have taken 500,000 refugees in in the last six years of the obama administration, and quite frankly, less than 5% of those were christians. the most persecuted group of the entire region. and i'm looking at -- as i said i'm comp passionate but have a sworn duty as u.s.a. congressman to uphold the national security and the safety of my constituents, the u.s. citizens, and i think that we are inviting and opening the door to -- for isis to come in and set up bases
1:45 pm
of operation in the united states at taxpayer expense and legally. and i think this is crazy. we want -- >> when you hear the pope say what he said about opening the doors and helping people out, think he also -- people forget he is worries bet religious extremism and those who do horrible things in the name of god. even he would say have a big heart but realize the terror that awaits, the terror being isis trying too infiltrate refugee ranks with some bad guys. how do you balance that, though? >> well, you balance it by being smart. as i said we're helping them right now with medical and nutritional aid. these refugee camps should be set up and these people taken care of, and we are doing our duty, and that regard, and when this cries is over, hopefully when we got a strong leadership and the next year and a half or so, that we can send these people back to their homelands. we don't need to be importing these problems in america.
1:46 pm
we're already $19 trillion with a national debt. these people are loaded into our local communities, counties and cities, and overload our school districts and our hospitals and healthcare facilities, law enforcement agencies, and 90% of them are on the federal welfare program. and my bill is going to put a stop, a halt to this program, until we can make an assessment of what the fiscal costs and the national security risks are. >> all right, congress mosquito, good seeing you again -- congressman, good seeing you again, be will. >> bye-bye. >> this city is chock-full of leaders foreign countries and the pope coming to town and this guy. the leader of china. going to have a big din-din with the president, big ceremony, 21-gun salute. a lot of folks are saying, this guy and his country are behind hack attacks, god nose -- god
1:47 pm
knows what else. why are we kowtowing to him. the pope in n yeah. this guy, not so much.
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
. . . . .
1:50 pm
alan west said the pope yep. president of china? not so much. i'm looking at this, congressman, i wonder we're really -- a leader of a big country. no doubt about it. they own a lot of our debt. and a 21-gun salute tomorrow. you argue meet with him but don't go overboard, right? >> exactly right. i think we have a lot of things we need to discuss with china.
1:51 pm
as a matter of fact, when admiral mullen was in charge, he said the greatest national threat we have is the national debt. when you consider that china owns anywhere from 22 to 24% of our debt, you have to question why we are allowing them to have such behavior. five or six chinese warships off the coast of alaska. we know about the cyber attacks their military unit has been. the islands they are constructing in the south china sea along trade routes they're putting weapons in place. we can have a quiet meeting with xi. we don't need to break out the red carpet. >> we'll have a fancy dinner across from the white house, and we are going to take these issues up. it's delicious. looked delicious. the thing that comes to my mind
1:52 pm
he met with high-tech executives including the ones that are getting hacked. and maybe behind closed doors they were given a thing or two. he thinks maybe they're not. and i think this is where donald trump makes sense. we're on defense with china. they own a lot of our debt, but they're in that position because we buy a lot of their stuff. his argument has been the chinese need us a lot more than we need them. do you agree with that? >> well, i think that we should not need the chinese at all. we should be restoring our own economic situation. we should have the right tax policies and reform and regulatory policies to get the economy moving again. we need to get production and manufacturing back to america and get americans back to work so we don't have to worry about giving xi a 21-gun salute. i doubt we're going to do anything in a meeting with xi that will change his actions whatsoever. we haven't changed putin's
1:53 pm
actions. we keep hearing about sanctions against russia, yet they have troops in syria, they are encroaching even more so in ukraine. they're becoming very good allies with iran >>well, i think it's a good idea. but you want something to come out of it. >> we can talk to him with five guys. we can talk to him with five guys. >> i would do that exactly. next time we're in town we have to go to five towns. >> you got it. >> when we come back, charlie on the holy up roar going on at saint patrick's cathedral. all over the pope. all over seating positions, and all over a lot of money paid to make the church look beautiful. did i tell you my parents got married there. enough about me. whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor.
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1:57 pm
an iphone or something. the point is, he wants to show a little traffic there. that's normally wall to wall. draft appears to be a cop stopping tan and arresting him. we'll keep monitoring that. they are trying to clear the street. this is going to end very badly. oh, boy! dan, look at this. oh, my goodness! i don't want to get in the middle of that one. this is midtown manhattan. this is where the pope will soon be arriving. see how gleaming white that is? it was after a couple of years renovation. >> $170 million. why is it gleaming white? because of fat cats. the capitalism. the people that the pope allegedly -- >> now you know what they're doing? they're whining because they don't get good seats. they're saying -- >> how transparentally disappointing. >> neil, try getting in on the easter sunday mass at saint patricks. you have to get a ticket.
1:58 pm
guess who gets the tickets? people that give a lot of money and connected to the archdiocese in new york. >> by the way, we should point out they're still getting seats to see his holiness. >> you can't buy your way into heaven! next time you want the million dollar check -- >> wait a minute. >> go -- >> give the money -- >> give the money to do some good for the church or not. >> yes. all right. don't whine that you don't get a seat. >> they deserve a pat on the back. >> do you think after jesus says you didn't give enough money? you didn't get a good seat? >> i believe jesus is a capitalist. jesus is will say thank you for making money and putting people to work. >> you think if jesus heard them i think on that alone -- >> jesus would say thank you for the dollars you gave to refurbish a church and to feed the hungry. and to help the poor get jobs.
1:59 pm
that's what -- >> on one level. on some level -- at some lev no saying -- >> i sound crazy. i'm whining because i gave a lot of money to the church and i don't have a good seat. >> fox news alert neil cavuto's brain has been taken over by bernie sanders. >> at least i have a brain. my point is -- you think -- >> do you think jesus christ is a communist? i think you are a communist. >> you know what you want? you want special treatment. you want to get special treatment. you're giving capitalism a bad name. >> put that in your pumpkin spice latte. >> there is no way he would make it to the pearly gates. >> is the pope a come me? >> was jesus a communist?
2:00 pm
>> the pope believes in liberation thoughology, probaeo >> did you hear about traditional -- you pick and choose your facts. >> you give italians bad name. i'm done with you goodbye. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." you're looking live at new york's jfk airport where pope francis is about to touch down for a second leg of a three-city tour. he'll make the way to saint patrick's cathedral. the pontiff made history today becoming the first pope to address congress. he covered issues from immigration to poverty to marriage. he didn't mention abortion by name, but he touched on the issue of protecting human right rights. >> also reminds us of our


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