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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 25, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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minutes at ground zero. that will be a moment where we stop and pause and remark on that when it happens. something else to see the fiat roll through the town, martha. all the oversized suvs, trailing or leading, it is quite a sight. the tour continues in new york city. as does our coverage on the fox news channel. make it a great day. see you later. jon: fox news alert on this friday, two big stories breaking today. hello and welcome to "happening now," i'm jon scott. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. first of course, pope francis delivering a message of peace and hope to the united nations general assembly, a stunning surprising development on capitol hill. speaker john boehner announcing he will resign his spokership post and his house seat at the end of october. after he welcomed pope francis to the halls of congress this is decision he decided to announce to his colleagues though they
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didn't yet hear from him. the pope assembled with world leaders to talk about poverty and climate change. now the pope will travel in his motorcade to ground zero where he will honor victims of 9/11 attacks. he will take part in a non-denominational prayer service. eric shawn is live at the u.n. kicking us off this morning. eric? >> reporter: jenna, it was a call for dignity, fairness and human value. the pontiff speaking for about half an hour in a packed general assembly hall today, talking about the world's right to the environment, criticizing what he called a culture of waste, saying that the world should be infused with religious and spiritual freedom and in a wide-ranging speech that touched on everything from drugs to human trafficking to nuclear weapons. when the pontiff arrived here just before 8:30 this morning, he caused a frenzy in the hallways. he first spoke to staff members
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in the united nations where he addressed cooks, cleaners, security, maintenance staff. he told them work is how you express dignity. then it was on to the general assembly chamber with 150 world leaders. among them german chancellor angela merkel, raul castro, nobel prize winner, the pakistani woman that was shot, malala and others. he told them any harm to the environment is a harm to humanity. he criticized elites and developed countries what he said was selfish boundless thirst for money. he said there is economic exclusion in our world that must be corrected and talked about social equality, saying the poor have the right to food, water, housing and education. he also decried terrorism, nuclear weapons, human trafficking and of course touched on the human catastrophe of the refugee crisis in the middle east. >> translator: the most basic understanding of human dignity compels the international
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community, particularly through the norms and mechanisms of international law, to do all that it can to stop and to prevent further systemic violence against ethnic and religious minorities. and, to protect innocent peoples >> reporter: earlier an example of the shared values with the vatican and this institution, the u.n., he stood with the u.n. secretary ban ki-moon, looking at norman rockwell portait, the golden rule. the pope talked about the golden rule during his address yesterday. that painting, a gift by the united states by nancy reagan, depicts various people of religious creeds, depicted with
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the golden rule here at the united nations. he told the delegates, if you fight among yourselves you will be divided by outsiders. a very deeply well-spoken speech today. he received a standing ovation when i finished. a high point for those who consider the united nations as place of secular human rights and values as expressed by the leader of the catholic church. jenna: covered a lot of ground, eric, thank you. jon: now this fox news alert on another major development we're following. house speaker john boehner telling republicans he will step down from his leadership post and congress from the end of october. the 13-term republican from ohio was facing opposition from conservatives in his caucus. his stunning decision announced early this morning in a closed-door session. mike emanuel live from capitol hill with more. mike? >> reporter: we're told by
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sources house speaker john boehner told his wife last night he would resign after the pope's visit here to capitol hill. at 8:45 we're told he sold his senior staff. and 9:00 a.m. he went into the house republican conference and told members he would resign by end of october. a the house needs a new speaker. a lot of eyes shifting to majority leader kevin mccarthy as early favorite. mccarthy is 50 years old. elected to congress in 2006 and obviously well-known. one person not interested in being speaker, mitt romney's former running mate paul ryan said it is great job for empty nesters. john boehner has been a great leader of republican party and house of representatives. this was a act of pure selflessness. grassroots reaction, check out republican presidential candidate marco rubio at the value voters summit. >> people can not help but ask, how can it be, how can it be we sent a republican majority to
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congress and yet there are still not able to stop our country from sliding in the wrong direction. we'll see how things progress. just a few minutes ago, speaker boehner announced he will be resigning. [cheering] >> reporter: new york democrat chuck schumer said that john boehner is a decent, principled conservative man who tried to do the right thing almost under impossible circumstances. he will be missed by republicans and democrats alike. as for the search for a new speaker, i mentioned kevin mccarthy. we understand a couple other names are emerging, jeb hensarling of texas, peter roskam of illinois. we're told it will be a barn-burner election for speaker of the house. jon? jon: mike emanuel at the capitol. just a short while ago boehner spoke ever so briefly about his decision. take a listen to the new video what he had to say. >> congratulations, mr. speaker. >> thank you. >> does it feel like a weight
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off your shoulders? >> a wonderful day. jon: it's a wonderful day. for more, bringing in david drucker, senior correspondent for the "washington examiner." are you as surprised as most everybody else in washington, david? >> i'm surprised it happened this morning. i'm not surprised that he ended up going out before the end of this congress. this the is first time i thought that the speaker's gavel could be in jeopardy and he might decide to pack it in, enjoy his life, given everything he is dealing with. jon: there was a revolt underway within his party. 30 of the more conservative, in rough numbers, 30 of the more conservative republicans had suggested they were not going to continue to labor under his speakership. >> right. i think there is something to understand here, jon, that is important. the number of members that were supremely unhappy with boehner's leadership is minority of the majority and pretty distinct
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minority although they get a lot of attention because they're very vocal. i don't think it was them alone that forced him out or could have forced him out. i think what you're seeing here, the fact there was a lot of restlessness throughout the conference. number one, boehner has been the leader of house republicans since 2007. he is pushing a decade. it is really hard to stay on top. members just get restless. number two, this was key talking to some of my sources. there were a number of speaker's allies, rank-and-file members didn't see a good alternative to the speaker who felt he wasn't doing enough to fight back against insurgence, to define his leadership and try to make it clear what he was doing and why he was doing it. i think when the speaker looked at all of the unhappiness including from the ranks that voted for him and from the ranks that didn't like him, i think he concluded that he had just sort of had enough after some years in power. he thought the best thing to do for the institution which he does care about, was to resign. jon: when republicans won back
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the majority during the first obama administration, he succeeded nancy pelosi as speaker. the irony is, he would have had to rely on nancy pelosi and her conference for votes if he wanted to retain his speakership? >> well, it is possible. but what i really think happened here, boehner after all of the fights he had to go through, some deserved, some not necessarily die served, he looked at the fight that he was going to have to go through possibly to keep his gavel. i just don't think he wanted to have the fight. he looked at it, and he said, what am i doing? i've been on top for a long time. i've been in congress for a long time. i don't think the energy and verb was there anymore for him to battle. i think that is one of the reasons he decided to go out. i think he also concluded talking to some of his aides he didn't think it would be good for house republicans to get embroiled in this kind of a fight. it wouldn't do them any good. wouldn't help the house. therefore he decided it wasn't for him anymore. jon: it was a stunning
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development for a friday morning. >> clearly. jon: david drucker, thanks for sharing insights with us. >> you're welcome. thank you. jenna: certainly another busy day hire in new york city as well as in washington, d.c. we want to show you what we do have of pope francis at ground zero. he just arrived in lower manhattan. relatively short trip from the united nations. moving around the city anytime on a friday can delay you. but perhaps not if you're the pope. he was able to get down there relatively quickly. the plan is, on ground zero, is to hold a non-denominational prayer service, for new york is and so many of you, this is certainly sacred ground. it's a way, jon, where the pope will visit, placing -- place in the united states that has so much meaning. the presence of him down there and prayer service he will lead carries a weight with it. jon: look at that late september sky over world trade center, the
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new world trade center tower. it was a day very much like this in 2001 when those jetliners stamped into world trade centers one and two and brought so much destruction, killing nearly 3,000 innocent men and women in that part of lower manhattan. that is where the pope is today. marking the hallowed ground really at ground zero. a place he has never seen before. this is his first trip to the united states. jenna: looks like from what we can see. perhaps he is walking to where the fountains are, jon. hard to make out much from our vantage point. a lot of area was closed but now anyone can walk up to the fountains that were placed in the footprint of the two buildings that fell. pope francis will meet with families of victims of 9/11. and that we expect to happen over the next hour or so. the prayer service will be, as we mentioned, interfaith.
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so, representatives from the muslim faith, from the jewish faith. christians, sikhs, hindus expected to be there at ground zero as a way to honor this very special place in our country. jon: we're, continuing, excuse me, continuing to watch pope francis as he, and we have lost the feed there on the left side of the screen. continuing to watch pope francis as he makes his way down to ground zero. it has become of the most visited tourists sites in manhattan. if you've been to the 9/11 memorial museum. there can be thousands of people inside of the place. you can just about hear a pin drop. it is sobering. it's a somber, very stark reminder of what happened to this country on that day in 2001. there you see the pope at the
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reflecting absence pools where the names of the victims of the 9/11 attacks here in manhattan, are inscribed in that bronze marker that surrounds the footprint of the original twin towers. the pope pausing there for a moment to pray. [background sounds]
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[background sounds] [background sounds] [inaudible conversations]
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jenna: i believe that is michael bloomberg, mayor of new york city, former mayor of new york city, greeting the pope. one of the things i was struck by, jon, especially during the first trip to the reflecting pool, pope francis earlier today at the u.n. talked about respect for life at all stages. and for the unborn. when you're at these reflecting pools you see names of all victims but you also see the names of the women that were pregnant at the time they were skilled. it will state the name of individual died in the terrorist attacks but also mention her unborn child. that is one of the most poignant parts of the memorial, jon, for me, i know for so many. when you start to see the names, you realize that perhaps our numbers are not always the most accurate. they are only numbers we use on regular basis. pope francis surely seeing those names today, but also seeing
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mentions of unborn children that were also killed in the terror attacks. jon: you see that as well at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. lauren grancolas i believe it was, was pregnant at the time the flight 93 went into the ground in shanksville, and her unborn child memorialized in the same way. you saw timothy cardinal dolan, the archbishop of new york, there with the pope a little bit earlier. that may be him to the right, just behind former mayor mike bloomberg. it is our understanding that after spending some time above-ground here where the reflecting polls are such a noteworthy feature of this memorial, the pope is going to enter the museum, most of which is below ground several. he will spend about an hour inside. then head for lunch, at about 12:30 eastern time. that is about an hour, 15 minutes from now. jenna: one of the things we expect him to see is remarkable
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artifact from ground zero, from the terror attacks. it is referred to as the fused bible. and apparently this, a part of a bible was found at ground zero that was actually fused to metal. and it was open permanently to matthew 5:3 9 verse goes on to say this. say say to you do not resist one who is evil, if anyone strikes you on the right check, turn to him the other also. this is one of the verses that is displayed but one of those, those unusual artifacts, jon, that came from ground zero, that are a little bit of a mystery. it was a bible fused to metal. a bible highlighted by someone. that small piece was one of the pieces that survived. that is one of the things we expect the pope to view today. jon: so many of those meaningful relics from that terrible day on
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display there at the 9/11 memorial museum in lower manhattan. the pope meeting perhaps some of the families of victims of those attacks as well as dignitaries who gathered there to join him in lower manhattan. he spoke to the united nations this morning. talked about the dignity of man. talked about his belief that mankind needs to do a better job of keeping the planet pristine, and, that it is our shared resource and we need to do a better job of it. got a standing ovation from the members there of the general assembly up there on 49th street on east side. he is in lower manhattan, greeting some family members of victims of the 9/11 attacks in lower manhattan. jenna: just reading a little bit here from the reuters news service, talking about some of the families that hope to be able to greet the pope. one of them is the widow of a
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firefighter and her 16-year-old daughter. this is what she has to say. i'm still trying to get a little bit of closure. i'm hoping he will say, he, meaning the pope, will say something that will speak to me and help me feel real spiritual to try to get me in touch with my father. that is the 16-year-old speaking. looking for a little bit of faith and a little bit of closure as we mentioned in whatever form it comes. so many years after but the pope representing that direct channel for so many, jon, between what is here on earth and what is in heaven. if you're family of one of the victims this could be a very special meeting. jon: mike bloomberg, former mayor of manhattan, visible there on the right-hand side of your screen. not clear where the current mayor, bill de blasio is. is that him, perhaps on the left? no. that is not. so again, the family members
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being brought to, brought forward to shake the hand of the pope, greet him and, wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall and listen to words being exchanged between the head of the roman catholic church and family members of some people who died needlessly in the 9/11 attacks. jenna: carl anderson is joining us on set, vice president of the knights of columbus at the john paul ii institute. it is difficult at times to articulate exactly what this scene means for so many. how would you put it into words? >> well, it was so moving for some of us who had friends an colleagues who died that day, to see the pope here, just minutes after his historic address at united nations appeal to
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conscience and against religious hatred and persecution of minorities. i'm sure he was praying for victims and families and sure he was praying for peace. i had had a chance to visit him before the left for united nations. he said pray for me. pray for each other. brothers should stand together. jenna: can you tell us anymore being able to see him? >> well he looked ready to go. he is, in private the way he is in public, very humble, humility, very connecting with people. and i think you can see that on the trip here in the united states. of course we see what is happening with this trip planned as a whole. we're seeing different slices of it. yesterday in the address to cop dress, the events in washington, now today in new york. an important part will be weekend in philadelphia with message to families. jenna: tell us a little more
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what you heard at the u.n. and how you believe it ties in here. he was, he did speak out about violence in the middle east but there have been critics that say perhaps not connecting directly to current events. i would refer to terrorist attacks as current event. how do you feel he is juxtaposing messages in his presence, that at different, different locations? >> well, of course at the united nations he is speaking to diplomats. he is speaking in diplomatic language. he is using the terminology that they understand. i think you saw a very broad-ranged address, talking about the environment, talking about poverty. talking about religious liberty. about the unborn, about the importance of family and education and giving everybody an opportunity. i think the most important thing he said, is look, every human life is sacred. every human life has dignity.
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and deserves to develop in its fullness, economically, spiritually. let's see if they take action to respect what he said. jenna: what action would that be? >> he called for using international mechanisms to protect religious minorities and stop the violence against minorities in the middle east. let's see if the u.n. uses mechanisms. the united nations is one of the largest providers of abortion around the world. talked about unborn and sacredness of human life. let's see if they take some of that into account as well. jenna: i guess in some cases we're all guilty of this, putting him into the categories of right or left or on r conservative or liberal, but you say from your point of view those labels really don't work for this pope? >> i tell you one thing, popes
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don't think in terms of left or right or conservative or liberal. they think about what the gospel teaches, what justice demands, what human dignity requires. and so to try to put him in or to exploit him for one political pearl that is just wrong. it is not accurate. it is no the true. so i think some of the people are probably disappointed this week are toes who said, predicted that he would be paddling on the left side of the canoe. no, he has a broad agenda. he feels very strongly about a wide range of issues. and he may emphasize different issues in different venues because of different audiences. rest assured of the he is, he is committed on many issues. i think you're going to find beginning next week more energized catholic church in the united states. catholics will be more involved in society, whether they're for pro-life or the family or for the environment or charity or
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alleviating poverty. you're going to see more catholics activity. jenna: senator schumer and the pope, senator schummer being of jewish faith. the pope of course catholic faith. we knew this would be interfaith prayer service. we believe he will be heading more into the museum area now. carl, stand by for just one moment as we take in this shot. jon? jon: our religious correspondent rainshower lauren green is there as they enter the place for religious service. >> this is the first i am toot pope actually visited the museum. the pope benedict visited in 2008. the reflecting pools were there but not the memorials or museum. this is the first time a pope has visited a museum. as you saw in the video, meeting
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with family members and first-responders. mayor giuliani who was in charge during the 9/11 attacks. show you some of the artifacts he may be seeing down there, when he goes to visit that museum. that famous cross, that workers found, steel beams shaped like a cross all at the foundation of the world trade center towers, all crumpled and mangled. also some of the steel elements, shaped and symbols of peace. also a bible. but i also want to talk about what is coming up after he visits the museum. it is the interfaith service. this is something the pope is very respectful of. this is more of a spirit all kind of event. this is not a mass. not a vesper. this is not a catholic event. this is 500, 600 persons, multireligious. therethere will be hindu prayer, buddhist prayers, sikh prayers,
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invocation by jewish rabbi and muslim imam. he is trying to spread a message of peace. coming from the u.n. it is very appropriate to spread message of peace at horrific site where the world changed on 9/11. jon: lauren green. religious correspondent. jenna: we'll finish up. carl was able to talk with the pope earlier today. i like to go back to the meeting brief if i could, carl. probably was unique experience. pope has another big day ahead of him. i wonder if you share with your viewers your personal thoughts. how that was for you to be able to meet the pope, observing some people able to do that but you were actually one that was with him? >> well, i think the response is this. is there some way, even in a small way, i can do my part? he certainly is doing his part. you know, when you look at somebody, his age, the schedule he is keeping.
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not just in the united states but in cuba. then going back to the vatican every day, how can i help? i can't do everything. but i can do something. and with all of us doing just a little bit more, we can make a great difference. that is the greatness of america. of the. jenna: nice thought to end on, carl. thank you for that. wonderful personal reflection. i'm sure one that will stay with us throughout the day as we take in image of ground zero, one of many stops the pope will be making today, jon. jon: as we look at reflecting pools there, built on the footprints of world trade center one and two, the north and south towers, which fell about 14 years ago. remembering, really the golden rule that jesus gave us, the pope restated it thusly, he said let us treat others with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treated. words that ring really through that memorial grove there on the
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jon: pope francis is underground in the 9/11 memorial museum. there is to be an interfaith prayer service that will begin any moment. he will be there for about an hour. then comes lunch and down time for the people. then we'll visit a school in east harlem, upper manhattan. and he will have a motorcade through central new york. then he heads to what they call the world's most famous arena, madison square garden for a mass for 18,000 people. a very busy day for this first pope to address a joints meeting of the u.s. congress. he wraps up his time in the u.s. tomorrow in philadelphia.
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jon jenna: surprising news about john boehner resigning his position as house speaker and also giving up his seat. this is his final few weeks in congress. news that some say maybe they expected but we certainly didn't expect today. let's bring? joe trippi, and matt latch. it's good to see you both. joe, i'm curious your reaction to the news this morning. >> i think a lot of people felt this might be coming, but i don't think anybody expected to see it today. he's had almost an impossible job, i think, trying to hold a very split caucus together throughout his entire tenure.
8:35 am
and i just think it's time. it seems that way. he decided that it was time to move on and let somebody else pick up that fight. jenna: do you agree it's time. >> he did the right thing for himself and republicans in congress and the institution. he had the best office space but the worst job in washington. he has had an impossible job the course of the last several years. this is the right way to transition in this short period of time in october. jenna: we just got reaction from the campaign trail. this is senator marco rubio this morning at the value voters summit. take a listen to this. >> people cannot help but ask, how can it be that we sent a republican majority to congress and yet they are still not able
8:36 am
to stop our country from snrieghtd wrong direction. we'll see how things progress. just a few minutes ago speaker boehner announced he will be resigning. [cheers and applause] jenna: that reaction, what do you think? >> i think going around the country and listening to republican members in town halls, this has been happening all off the country. if they knew john boehner they would like him better because he has had a conservative voting record. but conservatives want to bush back on -- they want to push back on obama. they want to get some policy victories and this is part of the phenomenon of donald trump and what's happening in our presidential nominating process. people are mad at washington, d.c. jenna: i have got to run to breaking news, hold on one moment.
8:37 am
jon: we are take you back under ground at the 9/11 memorial museum. there is timothy cardinal dolan, the leader of the archdiocese of new york. the pope is about to take part in an interfaith service. >> i renew to you our welcome and our joy at your visit. welcome, holy father. [applause] >> i can tell you we in new york are sinners. we are sinners. we have many flaws. we make many mistakes. but one of the things we do very well is sincere and fruitful interreligious friendship.
8:38 am
our ancestors came here for religious freedom. and they found in new york city an atmosphere of respect and appreciation for religious diversity about which you just spoke at the united nations. we who have the honor of pass oregon our people, we work together, we pray together, we meet together, we talk to one another, and we try to serve as one, the city we are proud to call our earthly home while awaiting our true and eternal residence in heaven. so very often do we recall the faith of the psalmist, god is in
8:39 am
our presence. so thank you for being here. >> you may be seated. >> in this place where horrendous violence was committed falsely in the name of god, we representatives of the world religions in this great city of new york gather to offer words of comfort and prayer. with love and affection we recall the victims of the 9/11 attacks.
8:40 am
we pray that their souls and the souls of all those first responders are forever remembered for an eternal blessing. today and every day may we understand our shared mission to be in the words of pope francis, a field hospital after battle. to heal the wounds and warm the hearts of a humanity in so desperate need of comfort. >> intolerance and ignore rans fueled those who attacked this place. the courage of today's gathering distinguishes us from the opponents of religious freedom as we stands together as brothers and sisters to condemn their horrific acts of violence and honor each life that was lost unconditional. as we read in the koran, one life lost is like all man kinds and one life saved is like all man kinds. life is sacred and precious.
8:41 am
where others fail let us be the peaceful reminders of that notion to his creation. >> the book of psalms teaches we've should love peace and pursue peace. let us honor those killed in this place by becoming in the words of st. francis, instruments of peace. where there is hatred, let us so love. where there is injury, pardon. where there is doubt, faith. where there is despair, hope. where there is darkness, light. and where there is sadness, joy. >> men and womb friend all walks of life ran to this place in hopes of saving lives. the sole intent of those first responders was the protection of others regardless of the cost to them as individuals. as the worst of humanity sought to take life, they exemplified
8:42 am
the best of humanity through their selflessness, willing to give their entire life in homes of saving another. their story is one each of us should carry forward with us both in thoughts and action as we move forward from this place. the quran declared the laws of those who are righteous and those who do good. let us embody theiren conditional love, continued strength, unwavering hope and pursuit of good as we seek to build a much-needed peace. >> let us learn to share this big apple we all call home. in all of its diversity and all of its flavor through friendship and dialogue may the timber and tone adand tonality. on this the historic
8:43 am
anniversary, let us celebrate, a firm and built on our shared commitment to interreligious dialogue. in the words of pope francis, may we respect and love one another as brothers and sisters. may we learn to understand the sufferings of others. may we live to see the day as envisioned by the prophet micah. everyone will sit untheir own vine and under their own fig tree and no one there make them afraid because the lord almighty has spoken. >> the quran states we created you from a malen female and maid into nations and tribes so you might know one another. we gathered here today as men and women who seek to meet ignorance with understanding. through our knowing of each other today let us move beyond a mere toll racial of our
8:44 am
differences and work towards a much needed celebration of them. let us be bold enough to build partnerships with new friends and allies and be the reason people have hope in this world and not the reason people dread it. >> please rise. >> lord of life, compassion and healing. look on us people of different
8:45 am
faiths and religion. in this hallowed ground, the scene unspeakable violence and pain. we ask your goodness to give eternal life and peace to all who died here. [inaudible] our firefighters, our police officers, emergency service workers, along with all the innocent men and women who are victims of this tragedy simply because they work in
8:46 am
service on september 11. we ask you in your compassion to bring healing to those who because of their presence here 14 years ago continue to suffer from injuries and illness. health pain of the families who lost loved ones in this tragedy. give them strengths to continue their lives with courage and hope. we are mindful as well those who suffered death, injury and loss on the same day [inaudible].
8:47 am
our hearts are one with theirs as our prayer embraced their pain and suffering. bring your peace to our violent world. peace in the hearts of all men and women and peace among the nations. turn your way of love, whose hearts and minds, who justify
8:48 am
dmilgt name of religion. lord of understanding, we seek your light and wiseness as we confront such terrible evidence. grant those whose lives were spared may live it so so that the lives lost here were not lost in vain. comfort and console us, strength and hope. and give us the wisdom and courage to walk tirelessly where true peace and love, praying among nations and in the hearts
8:49 am
of all. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen kindly take your seats. [speaking foreign language]
8:50 am
>> may god protect us. may god nourish us, may we work together. may our dialogue be enlightening. may we be free from hate. peace, peace, peace. lead us from untruth to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality. may all know peace. jon: the interfaith prayer service continues underground inside the 9/11 memorial museum. we'll be back with more coverage in just a moment.
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jon: what's described as a spiritual and reverential service is still under way underground at the 9/11 museum. respectful and reverant is the way it's described. pope francis will take some down
8:55 am
time before he heeds to a school in east harlem in the upper part of manhattan. he also will be motorcading through central park where it' expected 80,000 people will be greeting him. then the big event in new york at madison square garden where the pope will be saying mass for 18,000 people. a busy day for him. he received a standing ovation and tomorrow he heads to philadelphia. jenna: a busy day in washington, d.c. we got the news john boehner is stepping down as speaker of the house. that news was met by applause where marco rubio was speak. we are bringing back matt schlapp and joe trippi.
8:56 am
joe, you saw the reaction from the reaction at the value voters summit it was jubilant at boehner is stepping down. the question is what impact do you think this will have on the race to the white house and which republican candidate emerges as the top candidate? >> it reflects the problems john boehner had in manage can the caucus and leading it bates was so splintered and it points to the problems happening within the presidential race themselves. you see jeb bush having a tough time for the same reasons john boehner is having a tough time. so the party hasn't figured out. it hasn't had this fight yet. lit probably happen in the speaker's fight to replace john boehner. i don't think it will be an easy rode, that decision. how that decision turns out and
8:57 am
who fights for it may give us an inkling the kind of candidate that will win the nomination on the gop side. jenna: we were showing john boehner at the podium. he hasn't spoken officially about this. i don't want our viewers to think we miss wad he had to say. interesting thoughts from joe on whether the republican party gets more clarity going into 2016 or less clarity and a schism. >> like all republican conferences, what happens inside, they never say what happened but they all leak and they all talk. there is a real grassroots rebellion out there. trump's numbers in these polls, it's a real trend it am not about a person or celebrity. it's about people in the country
8:58 am
who are so frustrated putting their hopes and dreams in these institutions. i think they aren't pushing back strong enough on obama. i don't think it will make that big an impact on the presidential race. but i think what's happening across the country with republicans is real. jenna: matt, joe, thanks for hanging with us. jon: we'll take out rose garden. president obama is to hold a news conference with xi jinping, the president of china. you might not know the chinese leader is in town. his visit overshadowed by the visit of pope francis. perhaps the white house likes it that way. there are simmering tensions over trade and chinese bases in the south china a. they will be speaking
8:59 am
momentarily after their first meeting. jenna: we thank you so much for joining us for this hour. jon: outnumbered * starts right now. >> a fox news alert. two big stories. screen left, groun ground zero. it has been emotional at the interfaith service. the rose garden. president obama and his chinese counterpart, president xi jinping. think it comes amid beijing's economic policies, sieb per spying and south china sea. this comes amid news that john
9:00 am
boehner is resigning as speaker of the house. today's hashtag one lucky guy, judge alex ferrer. >> it's all good. new york can't handle anymore than me. >> the news conference is expected to begin at any minute. it comes at a time fraught for u.s.-chinese elations over chinese cyber attacks on the american government and its corporations, and china's flexing of its military muscle in the pacific, unsettling key


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