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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 25, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i think the united states has provided a platform in the post-world war ii era in which the asia region has been able to stabilize. (0209fox555a.ecl) to help rebuild both asia and europe. to help establish the international norms and rules that facilitated global growing trade and connections and travel and interactions and to help maintain the peace. since i've been president, my goal has been to consistently
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engage with china in a way that is constructive. to manage our differences, and to maximize opportunities for are cooperation. and i've repeatedly said that i believe that it is in the interest of the united states to see china grow, to pull people out of poverty, to expand its markets. because a successful and stable and peaceful china can then serve as an effective partner with us on a range of international challenges. last night during our discussions, i mentioned to president xi thal as the united states is, the nature of the biggest challenges that we face, things like climate
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change or terrorism or pandemic or refugees, those are not issue that any one nation alone can solve and we recognize because of our strength and the size of our economy and the excellence of our military, that we can play a special role and carry a larger burden. but we can't do it alone. china despite its size has development challenges of its own and so we have to work together and copt. and that can happen as long as we continue to recognize that there's a difference between friendly competition which we have with some of our closest friends and allies like great britain or germany, >> fox news alert. if you would like to continue to watch president obama's joint
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news conference we have it streaming on fox what a day it has been. house speaker john boehner announced he will resign from his post and leave in october. that sets up a scramble on capitol hill just as the presidential race kicks? . >> i am jon scott. >> and i am jennaly. we know a day like this can get busier. speaker pone bone has spur prized so many in both parties. he is set to speak about this decision any moment now. his speakership was marked by confrontations as you know with democrats in the house and also members of his own party. we have a possible government shutdown still looming and that's what we are going to
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watch. we have more from capitol hill. that is one of the questions, rich, as we await speaker boehner as to who will replace him. >> reporter: many are in shock and trying to solidifies the role. he told mccarthy a minute. and the fallout is swift on this and they are trying to move forward on who will replace him. there were rumors according to the aides but they were not sure. i mentioned kevin mccarthy current majority leader from california. he secured the majoritiship last year after eric cantor lost his primary battle. moving forward he would be the odds on favorite and then next is the majority whip steve
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scaliste. paul ryan is not running and jeb hensaling is not announced. house speaker john boehner retrospective in his career and earlier in the house a standing ovation. >> his distinguished service as speaker of the house five years and long service to the people of this great country, i yield back. [applause] >> reporter: and so now a fight to see who will replace john boehner. they need 218 votes and they will not get democrats to vote
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for them who ever decides to run to replace. they have to figure out how to fund the government. funding runs out next week. it is probably a certainty that the congress will fund the government through the middle of december. but after that they will have to figure out how to do that in the next fiscal year. the reason that john boehner is leaving is the conservative side of the republican caucus that wants to defund planned parent hood. president obama and democrats will not stand for that. do you fund it and fund the government? that argument still exists and that fight exists and so who ever the next speaker is, has to figure out how to take over that next month. >> it is interesting why on now? the timing is significant and a lot on deck for this congress. thank you very much.
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and we'll be back to capitol hill when we see speaker boehner as well. >> a big question. speaker boehner's struggle to manage the conservative in his own party, who will sign up for that job as many republicans wrangle over the issue of funding of planned parent hood. david cagney, one of our guests described the speaker's job has one of the best offices and worst position. who wants to be the next speaker of the house, david? >> your previous statement announced the names and i continuing could be a free-for-all. it was unexpected and
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ricochetting around capitol hill and a bunch of members will consider this. >> let's listen in as the outgoing speaker of the house takes the microphone. >> my mission every day is to fight for a smaller and less costly and more accountable government. over the five years our majority advanced conservative reforms to help our children and their children. we are now on track to cut government spending boy 2.1 trillion over the next ten years. we've made the first real entitlement reform in two decades and protected 99 percent of the increase in taxes. we've done all of this with a democrat in the white house. and so i'm proud of what we've accomplished. but my first job as speaker is to protect the institution. a lot of you know that, now know that my plan was to step down at
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the end of last year. i decided in november of 2010, that when i was elected speaker that serving two terms would have been plenty. but in june of last year, when it became clear that the majority leader lost his election, i frankly didn't believe it was right for me to leave at the end of last year. my goal was to leave at the end of this year and i planned on my birthday november 17th, to announce i was leaving at the end of the year, but it has become clear to me, that the prolonged leadership turmoil would do irrepable harm to the institution. i informed my colleagues i would resign in the end of october. as you often heard me say, this is not about me.
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it is about the people and the institution. just yesterday, we witnessed the awesome sight of pope francis addressing the greatest legislative body in the world and i hope that we will all heed his call to live by the golden rule. but last night, i started to think about this and this morning, i woke up and said my prayers as i always do and i decided, today is the day i will do this. as simple as that. that is the code i have lived by. if you do the right things for the right reason, right himmings will happen. i know good things lie ahead for the house and country and i am proud of my country and team. i have been here my 25th year here and i have succeeded in large part because i put a staff and team together many of which have been with me a long time. and without a great staff, you
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can't be a great member and certainly not a great speaker. i want to thank my family for putting up with this all of these years. my poor girls now 37 and 35, their first campaign photowas in july of 1981. and so they've had to endower all of this. and one thing for me to endure. i have pictures. but the girls and my wife have had to put up with a lot over the years. let me express my gratitude to my constituents who have sent me here 13 times over the last 25 years. you can't get here without getting votes. and i said this often when people asked me, what is the greatest thing about being speaker or being an elected
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official? i said it is the people you get to meet. i have met tens of thousands of people i would not have met other than i decided to run for congress. and over the years as i travelled on behalf of my colleagues in the party, i have met tens of thousands of additional people all over the country. you meet rich people, and poor people and interesting people and probably a few boring ones along the way. i can tell you 99.9 percent of the people i meet on the road anywhere could not be nicer than they've been. it's been really wonderful. it's been an honor to serve in this institution, and with that, all right junior, go ahead. >> speaker boehner, you were noticeably over come with emotion yesterday?
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>> really what a surprise. >> did you reach the decision. did the grace of pope francis lead you to the decision? >> no, yesterday was a wonderful day. was i emotional yesterday? i think i was. i was really emotional in a moment no one saw. the pope and i were getting ready to exit the building, we found ourselves alone, and the pope grabbed my left arm and said kind words to me about my commitment to kids and education. and the pope puts his arm around me and pulls me to him and said please pray for me. well, who am i to pray for the pope? but i did. >> [inaudible]
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>> it was never about the vote. it was not a doubt of whether or not i can survive a vote. i don't want the members or institution to go through this. and especially when i knew i was thinking about walking out of the door, and it was the right time to do it and i am entirely comfortable doing it? >> mr. speaker, i heard you say a leader without people following him is just walking. >> i have plenty of people following me. but the turmoil that has been churning for a couple of months is not good for the members or the institution. and if i wasn't planning on leaving here soon, i can tell you, i would not have done this. >> may i continue? there are people on the right in your caucus and on the outside of the institution that wanted you to step down for sometime and feel they have a victory
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today. you feel you were pushed out? >> no, the members, i am glad i made the announcement with all of my republican colleagues. it was a very good moment to help rebuild the team. listen, i feel good about what i've done. i know that i every day, i try to do the right thing for the right reasons and right thing for the country. >> you said you thought about p staying two years [inaudible] and keep the government open in a couple of days and debt ceiling. >> i will be here another five weeks and i will not leave or sit ashes round here and do nothing for 30 days.
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this is a lot of work to be done. and i plan on getting it done before i exit. >> does that make it easier for tougher decisions and keeping the open. >> i will make the same decisions i would have made regardless of it. >> you have frustration with the outside groups and members. and words you can't use on television. >> probably. >> have you just had enough and how will things be different? >> i would not describe it as having had enough. that's not it at all. when you are the speaker of the house, your number one responsibility is to the institution. and having's vote like this in the institution, is not very healthy. and i have done everything i can
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over my term of speaker for the institution and my move today is another step in that effort to strengthen the institution. >> the next speaker face the same thing? >> hopefully not. >> that's my question, mr. speaker, how will washington be different? what should the people watching this expect the house and congress to go forward if you are not here? >> if the congress stays focus on the american people's priorities, there will be no problem. we have differences between the democrats and republicans, the goal of one of the leaders is to find the common ground. i talked to president bush and president obama this morning and legislative and i have a good relationship with them. at the end of the day they have to work and trust each other and
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find common ground to get things done. and if the congress stays focus on what is important to the people american they will get along fine. >> can you tell us how they reacted to the news? >> i would say they were shocked and surprised. >> how the legislateship reacted? >> i told mr. mccarthy two minutes before i spoke what i was going to do and i had to tell him five times because he didn't believe me. >> should mccarthy be be the next speaker? >> i will not be here to vote on the next speaker, but that is up to the members. having said that i think kevin mccarthy would make an excellent speaker. >> who was the first person you told and what they say? >> i told my wife. i told my chief of staff talked
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late yesterday and i told him i was thinking that today might be the day and i told him i was sleeping on it. and i told my wife, i might just make an announcement tomorrow. what do you mean? what kind? >> i might tell them it is time to go. and this morning, i woke up and walked up to starbucks and got my coffee and walked up pete's diner and said yeah, today is the day. and my senior staff was having a meeting at 8:45 and walked in and told them, this is the day. it's going to happen some day and why not today. >> you think the election -- >> no. paul? >> kevin mccarthy.
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what advice dow give him to avoid the pit falls that you came across? >> i told kevin if he's the next speaker the number one responsibility is to protect the institution. no body else around here has an obligation like that. and secondly, i would tell them the same thing i told you. you do everything the right reasons right things will happen. i am straight with the colleagues. they will get an honest answer when they come to my office. it is an easy way for me to do my job. >> you originally planned to announce this on your birthday. so if not for the pope, what factors weighed in on this now? >> all of the stuff i read about in the paper, you know, it's, i
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really don't want the institution hurt and i don't want my colleagues hurt. i don't want to put my colleagues through all this, for what? >> what will you miss? >> pardon me? of course, all of you. [laughter] i don't know what i will miss, i haven't missed it yet. but i will certainly miss the camaraderie of the house. i may tell you another story that was really kind of interesting. maxine waters and i came here 25 years ago in the same class. there is nothing about my politics and maxine's that is close. she called my office.
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and she said, i have watched you 25 years here, we came here together and watched your career and watched you today. i want to tell you something, i am really proud of you. you know, listen, i have the best relationships on both sides of the aisle because i treat people fairly and honestly and so i am going to miss my colleagues, yes. >> going back to trying to take turmoil out of the house and stabilize the institution. how do you think that it will be more stable. several republicans i talked to said they don't think a new speaker will mean new outcomes. so how could it be more stable? >> as i mentioned earlier, the fact that i did it with my colleagues this morning and proceeded to have an hour and
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half conversation, i thought was a unifying moment and between that and the pope's call for living by the golden rule yesterday, hope springs eternal. >> talk about what your legacy is as you are leaving and your important accomplishments and what will you do on november 1st? will you live in florida? >> i was never in the legacy business. i am a regular guy with a big job. i never thought i would be be in congress much less speaker. but people know me as being fair and being honest and straightforward and trying to do the right thing every day on behalf of the country. i don't need anymore than that. >> speaker boehner, you seem
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very relieved. what are your plans next and also have you -- >> you know, you made the decision this morning, you haven't had time to think about what you will do in the future, i have no idea. i am doing this today, for the right reasons and you know what, the right things will happen as a result. thanks. [inaudible] >> john boehner, the speaker of the house explaining reasons he has decided to leave his post and leave the congress in the end of october. it hasn't happen in more than a quarter century for a sitting speaker of the house to resign the post in the middle of his term. you heard there the reasons behind it. and the turmoil has to do with the conservative members of the house challenging his leadership
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and through all of the machinations of the house it could have resulted in a vote of noef confidence. he didn't want to endower such thing and didn't want the institution damaged and so decided to resign. we'll get back to our conversation with david, i hope i gave the proper summation and described it accurately there, david. if not please correct me. kevin mccarthy is boehner's number two guy. will he be satisfactory to the conservative block that has been unsatisfied with speaker boehner's leadership is. >> no, i don't think kevin mccarthy will be satisfactory to the renegade part of the party. he was a boehner ally. and just looking from the remarks from speaker boehner. he didn't want to fight for the
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speakership. he read the newspapers and he saw the headlines and he was a whipping boy for the tea party caucus. and out there on the capitol lawn ted cruz and donald trump were rallying not only against planned parent hood but feckless leadership of john boehner and mitch mcconnell and that got the crowd stirred up as anything else they said. this just wore him out and he said to heck with it and let someone else deal with it. i think kevin mccarthy will attempt to but it is a heck of a tough road for him. i think the conservatives will chalk it up for a victory and a chance for them to seize the speakership. >> well, he's been toppled of his own accord. whether that was what they intended by all of this, we'll see.
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david, thank you. >> we'll bring in former house speaker newt gingrich who is joining us and i will ask you what the gut reaction to the news today? >> first of all, i think that john boehner could hardly have picked a better day to do this. yesterday with the pope there, was probably the greatest public day of his life. i think he had always wanted to have the pope come and give a joint session and john is a devout catholic and we were with him after the event yesterday and he was deeply touched and there could hardly be a better day from that stand point. and i don't think anybody -- i think there are more house republicans today than any time since 1928. in terms of winning seats, john boehner is a successful speaker
10:28 am
dealing with a difficult president and difficult senate. and i think he will leave with a sense he worked his heart out and did everything he could for the country and satisfied that someone new can lead the house. >> you were with him. you had any indication it was coming. >> i knew from talking to him and debbie they were tired of the vicious personal comments and the nature of the attacks. i think john sees himself as a solid ohio conservative working his whole life for smaller government and less taxes and bureaucracy. and they knew they were tired and i didn't expect it. but when it did happen, it fit emotionally with the high he was on yesterday. and he also had the pope,
10:29 am
blessed his grandchild that was there. and the pope, and from boehner, it was a huge day. >> this timing makes more and more sense. i think you have a perspective and speaker boehner talked about protecting the institution. he said it over and over again. i would like your perspective. >> when you are the speaker of the house, your number one responsibility is to the institution. and having a vote like this in the institution, i don't think is very healthy. and so i have done everything i have can over my term as speaker of the institution and frankly my move today is another step in that effort to strengthen the institution. >> how does it protect and strengthen the institution?
10:30 am
>> i think that speaker boehner felt that having a running vote. once it started and happen once, the same hard liners would come back and try something again, that running intential conflict would weaken his ability to negotiate with the senate and president. and that would leave the house in a weaker position. he is a creature of the house and served there a quarter of a century and he loved it and personified the institution of the house and time for someone new without his scars and bitter opponents he's acquired and have someone new leading the house and the institution would be stronger. it is it a courageous position and at the same time he is intellectually right. you want the house to be the people's house and to be prepared to stand up to the senate and president.
10:31 am
it is it how our constitution was designed. >> a big question of what is next. i have to take a commercial break and we'll be right back with the big questions of what is ahead, thank you.
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>> back now with former house speaker newt gingrich on the resignation of john boehner as speaker of the house. speaker gingrich, who do you want to be the next speaker?
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>> who i want doesn't matter. i can imagine the photocopy calls and meetings this afternoonar almost historic. >> give us a few names and who is the top three out there? >> there is clearly kevin mccarthy is the most likely next speaker because he is majority leader and wildly popular and a smart guy and leader in the california assembly and a background of leadership. and paul ryan who is budget committee chairman and vice-presidential nominee. if ryan decided to run he would have a lot of iou's in the conference. tom price came close to winning just a year ago. and you have steve sca lisce who may decide to run. you can't be sure how it will work out. there is a number of people who
10:36 am
could decide and in this movement and all of them have to assess what is happening. cathy mcmores rogers is the conference chairman. these are folks who won the races in the system and the same time other folks are active and done a lot of things and might show up. i think that for example, congressman sessions, pete sessions, chairman of the rule's committee used to be head of the campaign committee. and greg waldin is currently head of the campaign committee. these guys have been out campaign anything helping people. but phase one, will be ryan would change everything. if paul decided to run, he's the one person who would be a formidable direct opponent for kevin. and if he doesn't run, my hunch is kevin will be speaker. >> when you think about it there
10:37 am
are. it doesn't have to be an elected official. i know that is unlikely. >> it's never happen and not going to happen. >> i am looking for history to happen. it's that kind of week. we talked already and this is a conversation with the divisions in the republican party. this is it why speaker boehner is making the decision now. will it give the republican party more direction and bridge some of the gaps that be talked about? >> some of the gaps are deep and real. they are heart felt and moral and emotional decisions that matter. the issue of whether or not taxpayers ought to fund a system that cuts up baby and selling the parts that is moral and personal and not trivial. on the other hand, a new speaker after the election is over and settles, they have to get in and
10:38 am
learn to work with with each other and the new speaker has to learn how to project to the country, and negotiate with the senate and decide whether or not they can have a relationship with the president. it is it a 60 day window there, where they have a semihoneymoon. it is never a one. and see how it shapes out and in the end of that, you will be in the heart of the presidential campaign and that will dominate everything for 5 or 6 months. >> it sounds like a few news days ahead. >> and think about this, it is not just his resignation. he has a hundred staffers and many of whom will work for other house offices. but there are a hundred people out of a job in the end of october. >> and were surprised by this. >> kids in school, you know. >> sure. it is not just one man that this is it about. >> good point. >> breaking news on volkswagon's
10:39 am
super visory naming the head of the porcsh. the german it's the maker admitting to duping the software test in cars world wide. >> greg? >> we just listened to a press conference following the board meeting and they call the scandal in which testers regarding the standards were duped by volkswagon and call it a moral and political disaster and named a new ceo for volkswagon, the biggest selling autoin the world. he is a long- time staffer and other managers are suspended and unnamed former ceo quit on
10:40 am
wednesday. german officials say 2.8 million in jeremy. and 11 million cars could be affected worldwide. and we are learning that south africa and all around the world are interested. volkswagon admitting that light trucks could be involved as well. in the u.s., epa will be spot checking. and along with vw, there were reports that bmw and mercedez were doing conniving of the tex. but there are reports that they are polluting higher than they should. and what can americans owning the cars expect?
10:41 am
earlier we asked that of a top volkswagon official. he assured me the cars were safe. and looking for a response. that response according to the experts could be fixes of the motors to entirely new cars and buying them back from all of the people and this on top of 18 billion in fines from the epan and reported that there are several class action lawsuits in the states prepared against volkswagon, not just representing car owners, but also stock holders of volkswagon. volkswagon has a passel of trouble, jon. in the press conference, they said they were sorry and will try to regain it is trust of customer disciplines the outgoing ceo should have no problems. he could get tens of millions in a payout. unfortunately for duped united states and customers around the
10:42 am
world not a reassuring monetary amount yet. >> this will reverberate for a long time for the 11 million people who own the vehicles. will we progress on the major national security issue? more on that ahead. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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>> i am julie banderas in for gretchen carlsson. speaker boehner. one congressman wanted his off thester and one didn't. we'll hear from marco rubio and donald trump on his stepping down. and a major contradiction for hillary clinton's aide getting a job. lucky children meeting the pope as he got off of the plane. what did they give him? what was it like to meet the
10:46 am
pope. we'll see you in the top of the hour. president obama and the chinese president wrapping up a news conference in the white house. president obama said they skuszed the alleged soiber spying and both leaders are not supporting cyber theft of intellectual property. an interesting moment happen when i interviewed the top official in new york about the security of the pope's visit and the u.n. general assembly. >> what keeps you up at night? >> right now, the cyber stuff that is going on and dealing with, there is a let of folks out there using cyber means to get for instance radicalize these folks and you know, we are always afraid somehow they might do something to the
10:47 am
infrastructure as a prelude to something bigger. >> morgan wright is a cyber security analyst for the dj government. that was interesting response, morgan. he had all of the different threats and the thing that keeps him up is soiber security. the question is, the agreement between the president of china and the our president would it make it safer. >> if it is jeopardy i would say what is no. the chinese already have done these practices. and so i don't see anything in the near future this tells me china will quit doing what they are doing. they are too successful and they will do it until we make them pay a price so high. >> what do you think, gordon? does it matter at all. >> it matters in the sense that at least the united states
10:48 am
government will make the effort to cooperate with china i agree. only with the imposition of costs will you change chinese behavior. it is embedded in the communist party and security and they conduct the cyber attacks and you have to remember that they are obsessed with the. he is a tough guy and i can't see any change between now and the time he loves office. >> there is a marketed difference in china, the government is so closely involved with companies. but here the vulnerabilities are in the sector. >> 85 percent of the sector are is owned by the private sector. we have great offense and bad defense right now. and the effort has to improve the posture of the critical infrastructure and there is a lot of things out there.
10:49 am
active defense and companies say let us take the initiative and fight them. that will require rule changes and liability protection. we are in a bad p position. the head of the nsa said it is rated five. >> you say there is an opportunity because of what is happening in china. >> the chinese economy is reeling. it is growing not at seven but 1 or 2. and the chinese leaders can't change the direction. and the stock market we know about. and the currency is weaker. chinese leaders are in a bad position and president obama could say this is not a negotiation. i will tell you what you will do. there are things that i could do to put the communist party under. president obama doesn't believe he has the power. this is like ronald reagan.
10:50 am
reagan changed everyone's view about the soviet union because they realize how weak it was. i will not take its existence as a given. >> that is interesting. gordon and morgan, thank you very much. >> third most powerful man in american politics. resigned and stunning washington. there you can see john boehner with the pope. he announced he is loving and did the media play a role? the host of media buzz, coming up.
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the speaker of the house is resigning. john boehner says he will step
10:54 am
down from his post and congress at the end of october. said he had been thinking about it for long time. he was going to step down at tend of last term. because of eric cantor's loss in his re-election campaign he decided it wouldn't be fair to leave vacuum of leadership at the top of the republican party and the speakership. he stayed on until now. did the media play a role? >> i think the media played a secondary job. really the reaction here in the city that doesn't stun easily is a feeling of being stunned by the fact that this didn't leak out earlier and the fact that boehner who reveres the institution of the house of representatives and life am b ambition to be speaker is
10:55 am
walking away. i think there's some sympathy for john boehner because he's the guy who wants to govern and lik likes working out compromise and found he couldn't deliver on most of those attempts and didn't want to do any business with the democrats. >> he started his statement in explaining his decision to step down by reciting his conservativism. he seemed to be saying all of you in my caucus who think i'm not conservative enough, listen to what i've done. >> he is the guy who wanted to keep the government open. also the human interest angle of meeting with pope francis.
10:56 am
the speaker said he decided today was the day. >> a decision he only made last night and decided he would sleep on it an came to the final conclusion this morning. what's on media buzz? >> we'll talk about this story. the presidential campaign. the pope and the church disagree with b a number of issues. >> something to say to both sides. >> thanks. we'll be back in just a moment. red carpet where our next arrival is... whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh, epic moves, big j! fight it!
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what a a day it's been. the pope is in town.
11:00 am
john boehner resigns. >> all the more reason to get the news on. have a great day, everybody. thanks. the man in second in line for the presidency after the vice president and one of the most powerful figures in washington calling it quits. this is the real story. house speaker john boehner sending shock waves across capital hill. he will resign from congress all together at tend of october. the announcement coming woe ini after the pope addressed congress. he said it has nothing to do with the timing of his decision. >> the pope puts his arm around me and pulls me to him. who am i to pray for the pope, but i did.


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