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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 29, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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episode of "the five." special report up now. president obama and russia's vladimir putin talk at each other from the u.n. podium and to each other on the sidelines. plus an exclusive interview with the man trying to be the next speaker of the house. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. the two most powerful political leaders in the world went one on one late this afternoon at the united nations. the meeting came after dueling speeches at the general assembly at the u.n., revealing vast differences in how the two men would deal with the grueling civil war and isis terrorists.
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we talk to brett hume about what he learned from president obama today. but first kevin and the big meeting. >> reporter: good evening to you, bret. as you pointed out, first time in a long time, nearly a year since the two men met face to face, president obama and vladimir putin. they aired their differences in a very public forum. >> we must recognize that there cannot be, after so much bloodshed, so much carnage, a return to the pre-war status quo. >> translator: we think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the syrian government and its armed sources fighting terrorism face to face. >> but what's not at dispute is the devastating effects the war in syria is having on its people, millions swept up in the greatest humanitarian crises in
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history. >> no more is our humanity tested than in syria. >> reporter: just one of several disagreements between the white house and kremlin which have set back lateral relations to cold death in crimea. there was serious concerns about fighting isis in syria. it remains strongly in support of bashir assad. they said arguing to do otherwise would lead to a power vacuum. and in an interview with "60 minutes" he said this. >> russia will not participate in any troop operations in the territory of syria or in any other state. at least, we don't plan on it right now. >> reporter: the white house's relationship with russia is complicated. while they did partner on the iran nuclear deal, the kremlin has strengthened ties with
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tehran, including the fight with isis. putin met with iran's president before he met with mr. obama. >> translator: we must not forget that the roots of two days' war -- >> reporter: in his comments before the u.n., you saw rouhani take shots at the u.s., saying the u.s. policy is really what led to the great instability in syria. so concerned is the obama administration with the growing influence about iran and russia in the region, that as you have heard here on "special report," the administration set aside some $5 million to train fighters to take the battle to isis. 40 million of that has been spent, but of that $40 million, we have seen fewer than a dozen war-ready fighters actually hit the battlefield. i should also point out that while the president won't meet with his iranian counterpart tomorrow, he is expected to meet with castro, the leader of cuba. castro also very forceful in his
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policies today, although the meeting tomorrow is said to be far more congenial. >> the meeting between president obama and putin comes at a time between high tension and low cooperation between the cold war adversaries. and it says a lot about how president obama thinks about foreign policy. senior political analyst brett hume is here with some thoughts on that. good evening, brett. >> hello, bret. it captured notions that dealt with his idea of foreign policy, with others that seemed to flatly contradict them. he looked at things as outdated. sure, syria is in war with isis, and yes china may be hacking computers. but old enemies, perceived
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adversaries, a russia, an islam in kp incompatible with peace, end quote. but president obama further warns, quote, the only strength that matters for the united states is words and shows of military force, unquote. never mind mr. obama's own belacose words saying isis has to go and threatening to bomb syria over chemical weapons. mr. obama never followed through. things have gone disastrous the since and now putin has sent in troops to fight assad. has it even occurred to him that the problem is not belacose words, but following up and backing down. >> are we closer to knowing exactly what the obama doctrine is? >> i think we know what it isn't. american foreign policy used to be rooted in the idea that you practice diplomacy backed up by
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the threat of force which implied an occasional willingness to use it. this president has such an aversion to use of american military force that i think his idea of a defeat would not be the mess we see in syria as much as if american troops had gotten involved there. that to him is a definition of failure. senators are right now voting on a so-called clean bill to keep the government running past the end of the month. the vote is still open right now, but the measure does have enough support to pass. last week an effort to fund the government and defund planned parenthood was quashed. outgoing house speaker john boehner has said the house will take up the bill. he also said the planned parenthood effort is the kind of thing his gop opponents insist on pursuing. >> the bible says beware of false profits. there are people out there, you know, spreading noise about how much can get done.
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>> boehner announced last week he will resign from congress at the end of october. the battle to replace speaker boehner and ascend to arguably the third most important office in the land is already under way. the betting favorite in the minds of many here in washington and on capitol hill is current house majority leader kevin mccarthy, who made his intentions official this afternoon. kevin mccarthy is a five-term congressman in california, born and raised in bakersfield about 100 miles away from los angeles, far from the glitz of hollywood where foreign oil fields stretch for miles in the san joaquin valley. the son of mccarthy won the lottery. >> so i bought a ticket and won the lottery. true story. $500,000 is the mo-- $5,000 is most you can win.
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put yourself back in my shoes. you're a teenager and you win $5,000 and you're only miles from tee juan a. what would you do? >> he married his high school sweetheart judy, and together they have two children. his rise to politics was swift. in 2002 he served on the assembly. >> when he was in the legislature for four years, he actually became minority leader as a freshman. that's pretty remarkable, and it tells you that he has some organizational skills and is able to get along with a wide variety of people. >> after his four years in the state legislature, his old boss, congressman bill thomas, decided to retire. so mccarthy ran for his job and won. mccarthy rose quickly in the ranks. in 2010 he co-authored a book called "young guns," a new generation of conservative leaders with eric canter and paul ryan.
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a year later, he was voted in as house majority whip. in 2014 after conservatives rose up to deliver eric canter a stunning loss in prit marry election, mccarthy became the first election and the youngest person ever to become house majority leader. >> the great advantage he has over speaker boehner is the lack of scar tissue. in a sense, his being in the house only nine years is a plus. the absence of leadership over the past six years has had horrific consequences all across the globe, and it's only getting worse. >> the republican caucus in the house has made it pretty clear that they want a more aggressive posture told the president. there is no question there at all. he is much less likely to negotiate with the obama white house, and he there's nothing
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else with a speaker boehner. probably that's disappeared. with this caucus, you never bet on anything for sure, but he is certainly very likely the next speaker of the house. >> house majority leader kevin mccarthy joins me in the studio. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you are officially running as speaker this afternoon. as speaker, what would you do differently than john boehner? >> well, as speaker, the speaker sets the culture. and the culture in washington has to change. you know, we've been governing by crisis. there's too many people in washington who care about power institution. they don't care about making a difference in the lives of the average american. look, it's not going to be easy to change this culture and it won't happen overnight, but that's my mission. >> you heard the sound bite from speaker boehner this weekend on "the sunday show," saying he describes some conservatives in the house republican caucus as false profits. is he right? >> look, i believe in reagan's 11th commandment. i believe we are a team. i believe everybody has a right
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to be part of the team. i'm not the manager, i'm the team captain. so we're all a part and everybody has the opportunity to change. we just have to come together and work in the same direction. we're going to start that tomorrow night with a conference, laying out our agenda. >> my job isn't to understand what boehner did right or boehner did wrong. he is a decent man. he fought and won two majorities for republicans. he fought a great legislation. he felt it was time to depart, but it's time to change the culture. i'm sensitive to what i'm hearing outside the beltway. i want the people to begin to feel again that this is their government, that they are in charge and that we serve them. >> the "washington post" wrote it up today, chris eliza. it is easy to discern mccarthy
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or anyone else who succeeds boehner will, eventually, find him or herself caught between the so-called establishment of the party. now it's time for a principal conservative leader to emerge. if you win, i guess is the question, how do you avoid becoming exactly what john boehner was, which was eventually pushed out by his right flank? >> you change the culture, you bring people together. you set an agenda that drives people. that agenda has to change the lives of everyday americans. the other thing that's quite different that i see from the perspective is we got to unite. we're in some of the worst times wii ever been in. we see the challenges around the world, we see the challenges economically. we need to stop governing by crisis and start solving problems. we need to fight but we need to fight to win. >> okay, we just announced that the senate is moving forward with this clean continuing resolution that is going to fund
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planned parenthood at least for the short term. we asked people on twitter to write in, and one of them writes in, how far will he go to defund planned parenthood? >> you know what? they should not be getting taxpayer money. you're going to see an enrollment correction, but more importantly, you're going to see a select committee. when people in this country ask why hillary's numbers have dropped because people don't trust her. why don't they trust her? because of what the select committee in benghazi found out what she was doing. what if we were able to have a select committee in planned parenthood and america was able to find out what planned parenthood is doing? let's fight but make sure we have the fight to win. >> so speaker boehner says he's going to bring in this clean cr, even if it demands democratic votes. things are quite controversial.
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hot button issues. if he brings all of that up in october, is that a problem for you? >> it could be a problem for the country. what you want to do -- i don't think a highway being built is a problem, i think that's finding a solution. we could put a republican solution to that but we get tax reform as well. that's a big coalition. and a debt ceiling. what if we're able to get something that changes the direction, that brings the debt down. because in our own budget that goes unbalanced the next couple years, you had to have a debt ceiling. i fought hard for that and i'll continue to fight. the plants push through, you still have to deal with a republican senate where there is a democratic lock to a lot of it. it's going to be that stam
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frustration, that likely a lot of things. so how do you fight the continu continual. how do you fight those that the conservatives obviously feel? >> there are going to be changes here. that younger generation, a lot of them i recruited that have gone to the senate. i disagree with why they let 60 be the number in the senate and not a simple majority. but you know what? if our bills are strong enough, we will get them through. i fundamentally disagree with this president, but we should have a contrast with him. because if this country wants to turn around, we have to change the behavior and the culture of washington. and that's my mission. >> how do you handle the issue of immigration? 35% or more latino? how do you deal with that issue if you become speaker?
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>> we deal with it the way we need to. we need to secure our border. one of the greatest strengths we have in america is the rule of law. if you break the rule of law you'll break down society. why don't we secure our borders first, change the fundamentals of immigration. half of everybody that's here illegally are here not out of choice. now it's a chain migration that you bring your whole family. i think it's our ability to make a chain migration that works. america is more of a place, it's an idea. it's an idea that individuals can govern themselves, but we want an america that continues to grow but we want one that's actually safe. >> do you think when speaker boehner negotiated with president obama on the grand bargain of entitlements, taxes, that that was ever real? would you have pursued as vigorously as john boehner did the possibility of that compromise, knowing what you
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know about the white house? >> you know, i don't think this white house can ever come to an agreement. but i will work with anyone who wants to work. why don't you try to be able to solve a problem? now, i'm not going to raise taxes because we know that doesn't work. but if we don't deal with entitlements and get reform, we've got some reform this year, 2.9 trillion. but we need to be able to build more. >> you know there are some concerns, particularly on talk radio, about you, about your voting history. they have a problem with speaker boehner, too. what do you think? is compromise a good thing in this town or a bad thing? >> the system has created that you can't get 100% of what you want. >> i want to find the most conservative solution. i can put into law and get back the next day what i want to. i'm not an attorney, i don't
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have a poly sci degree. there are those looking out for me. those are the values i'll keep and fight for. >> will the government shut down in december now? is this just a punt to another fiscal cliff? >> no. we've got to stop these. people look to republicans, but we were doing our work. it was schumer and reid who said in the summer that they wanted to shut down government, that they devised the whole plan not to let the appropriation process pass. we need to join together not just in our ideas but in a media plan. so those in america need to join with us. if we are to be successful, we need to be fighting. those are the ideas we need to bring. >> can you get the votes to win speaker? >> i believe we can. a lot of people have counted me out before, but i think if we work hard, we'll be able to do it. >> mr. leader, thank you for the time.
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>> thank you for having me. on the other side of the break, we'll take a look at donald trump's tax plan and the rest of the gop he fielded today. need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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donald trump wants to cut
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your taxes and raise his own. the billionaire businessman outlined his plan today. correspondent carl cameron takes a look tonight from iowa. >> it will provide major tax relief for middle income and for most other americans. there will be a major tax reduction. it will simplify the tax code. >> reporter: donald trump says his plan to cut taxes will make america great again and balance the budget. he would reduce the current seven income tax brackets to three brackets and reduce rates from 25.20% to 10%. individuals earning less than $25,000 a year. he would also cut income taxes to spur growth, and cut income tax, marriage disparity.
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he would raise funds on hedge taxes and crackdown corporations to pay fewer taxes who take their companies overseas. >> we have to negotiate much harder and we have to make our economy strong. >> there was plenty of positive reaction, but not everyone is in favor of this plan. it is like a farmer's field for growing loopholes. it has these areas of behavior and consequences. >> trump also takes an extraordinary position which puts him at odds on the gop over the fight era. >> it takes care of everybody. i don't care if it costs me votes or not. everybody will be taken much better care of than they're taken care of now. >> the average person is taken
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care of. how? >> i would take care of existing hospitals. >> today he weighed in on employment numbers calling current numbers phony and false. >> i actually saw a number of 42% unemployment. 42%. it could be. marco rubio and carly fiorina are tied for third followed by jeb bush, kasich and ted cruz. >> reporter: with scott walker, once the frontrunner here in iowa, dropped out of the race exactly one week ago tonight, and this evening both trump and chris christie see opportunities here, and it will be endorsed by six major iowa contributors, all parts of governor terry branstad thinking chris christie might have an opportunity here, too. another tough day on wall street. the dow plunged 313 today. the s&p 500 was down 50, the nasdaq lost 142 and a half.
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the afghan government says taliban fighters have seized the strategic city of kunduz. it's the first time they've taken major control since the u.s.-led invasion of 2001. the assault took military intelligence agencies by surprise. an afghan general says counter-attacks will be launched soon. pope francis appears to be in support of a kentucky county clerk who went to jail instead of granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the pope talked to reporters during his trip home from america back to rome. when asked about kim davis, the pope said, conscientious objection is a human right. no grapevine tonight. still ahead, nasa says it's found something very interesting on mars. first we'll tell you who hillary clinton is blaming now for her e-mail scandal.
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vice president joe biden can debate hillary clinton if he wants to next month. that is, if he gets in the race by then. with biden's campaign pending, hillary clinton calls it the drip-drip-drip of her e-mail controversy. >> reporter: hillary clinton said it was her lawyers who reviewed the 63,000 e-mails on her private server and deleted 30,000 of them. >> when my attorneys conducted this exhaustive process, i did not participate. when the process was finished, my attorney said, what do you want to do with all these personal e-mails? i said, i don't need to keep them. >> can you respond to an alternative explanation -- >> another conspiracy theory? >> well, you want to make it a little more difficult for
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congressional investigators to subpoena your government e-mails and a little more freedom of request. is that fair or no? >> it's totally ridiculous. that never crossed my mind. >> reporter: former president clinton called the e-mail an act of harassment. >> in the beginning of the year, she was the most admired person in public life and she earned it. why, because she was being covered by people who reported on what she was doing. >> reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders returned to his alma mater, the university of chicago, as polls find hillary clinton's popularity shrinking. she stands at 31% with half of women voters ranking her negatively as the scandal drags on. >> she just can't seem to shake
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this, can she? >> it really will stick with her for the entire campaign in one form or another. certainly through the end of this year. >> reporter: separately cnn announced its criteria for the first democratic primary debate set for october 13 in las vegas. if vice president biden jumps into the race that evening, he would be eligible to participate in that debate. from a figurative drip-drip to what appears to be a literal one. 140 million miles from here. nasa says liquid water is on mars, a discovery that could be a game changer in space exploration. steve harrigan has the fascinating details from miami tonight. >> a slope is on mars and dries up in the winter, a pattern that repeats year after martian year.
1:34 am
a fundamentally different way the nation sees the planet as one that could very possibly support life. >> did mars have life once and can we find out? we have lots of intriguing clues about that story. the discovery we're going to talk about today really is most exciting because it suggests that it would be possible for there to be life today on mars. >> flowing water and possible fresh water underground could mean at minimum microscopic life on or beneath mars' surface. it also raises possibilities that human travel to mars could become much easier having to transport less mass. and that once on mars, human life could be sustained with drinking water and irrigation, which would put science ahead of science fiction, and the stranded nasa astronaut in 20th century fox's "the martian." nasa has scheduled manned missions beginning in 2030.
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but the discovery of flowing water could speed up that timetable. bre snrks. presidents obama and putin meet at the united nations. we'll talk
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nowhere is our commitment to international order more tested than in syria. the united states is prepared to work with any nation, including russia and iran, to resolve the conflict. but we must recognize that there cannot be, after so much bloodshed, so much carnage, a return to the pre-war status quo. yes, realism dictates that compromise will be required to end the fighting and ultimately stamp out isil. but realism also requires a managed transition away from assad and to a new leader. >> translator: we think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to
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cooperate with the syrian government and its armed forces. we are valuable -- valiantly fighting isis and the armed forces. >> the president and vladimir putin in the united nations today. two different takes on syria. they met, the two leaders did, this afternoon. the clicking is about all we got because we didn't hear anything about the meeting, and that was it. walk in, walk out. we did not hear any details about what was talked about, but you can bet syria was one of the topics. let's bring in our panel, syndicated columnist george will, charles line, opinion writer for the "washington post" and steve hayes. george, two takes. should bashar assad stay, should
1:41 am
he go? >> president obama says he must go and putin says he must stay. putin says it with fighter tanks and boots on the ground. we're in the fifth year of a civil war, which by civil war standards, is uncommonly savage. 220,000 people perhaps dead by now, and the president's idea is we should compromise. i've been trying to think of a serious civil war that ended with a compromise. the english civil war ended when charles i got his head cut off. the chinese civil war ended when they surrendered to the north. the spanish civil war ended with franco in madrid. the chinese civil war ended when mao controlled the mainland and his opponents were sent to maza. and putin says, my side is going to win. i would bet on his side. >> chuck? >> well, i think another thing
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putin is about is trying to broadcast this idea that the world is better off with dictators. because he spent a lot of time discussing the bad fallout of the arab spring and blamed all this uprising on western mettling and western democracy. that's all we really got in syria. he invited the world to join him, as it were, a reestablishing a new order like yalta where we turn a blind eye to the abuses and dictators, and indeed, we support them and shore them up because the alternative is always chaos and bloodshed and terrorism. and you know whose political fortunes that argument serves particularly well? vladimir putin, because he is a dictator. this sort of siren song he's singing there at the u.n. let's go back to the good old days when we had dictators who kept stability.
1:43 am
unfortunately, he's going to be attracted to some people because of the horrible mess that's been allowed to fester in syria. until president obama gets up there and talks about democracy and stuff, he doesn't have the muscle behind it and a little of the seductive logic that putin puts behind it. >> obama was arguing sort of rhetorically and with flourishes in favor of the inevitability of the fall of dictatorships and making sort of a pragmatic argument that tyranny doesn't work. yet if you look at the past six and a half years at places like iran, russia, syria, like cuba, you're seeing dictatorships, in fact, do work -- >> they get their way, at least. >> they get their way particularly if you have a president of the united states, a leader of the free world, who isn't willing to back up his rhetoric against dictatorships
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and tyranny with any kind of serious action. >> administration aides are now saying it's okay that russia is sharing intelligence with syria and iran and now iraq on the ground. it's okay, and we are going to deconflict with the russians about what's happening in syria, even though weeks ago they weren't really sure what russia was doing. >> i don't really have any idea what deconflicting with the russians means in that context, but the administration is going to be once again late or is late in understanding this emerging coalition. we've been talking about it here at this table for several years. they seem to be in denial that this is anything new and that this is, in fact, being fortified by this agreement. their argument is, well, russia has been providing this kind of intelligence for years. that's not a very good argument in terms of how much they're doing now and what they are doing on the ground, as george said. >> you don't need an argument. if you believe, as the president does, that there is a tide in
1:45 am
history and that all the people he's opposed to are on the wrong side of history, how many times and about how many things has he said about that? if you believe history is working itself out, as progressives do by some iron logic, you don't need to do anything. stand by and let history take its course. >> chuck, one thing on ukraine. the president did press on ukraine in his speech. he said we cannot, as nations, stand by when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a nation is flagrantly violated. we have to stand with ukraine. >> what does he mean we can't stand by? we did stand by and they swallowed up crimea and putin is boasting about that. part of the reason he's doing what he's doing in syria, posing as the good guy fighting against the islamic state and diverting attention from what he did in ukraine, and not only that, get people to like him and support him and ultimately acquiesce in what he's doing. >> russia feels the economic
1:46 am
pinch. they say even though they haven't given lethal weapons to the ukranians -- >> they've been saying that for years. there is no evidence that it's true. if you just look at the administration's own language, in february of 2015, the president was threatening russia saying, you will inevitably be isolated because you're doing things that we in the global community don't like. today he literally said in his speech, we have no interest in isolating russia. well, which is it? >> he just signed a deal with china on a number of fronts. next up, the battle for leadership in the house of representatives, plus donald trump's
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the bible says beware of false profits: there are people -- false prophets
1:51 am
there are people out there spreading noise about how much can get done. >> there is going to become a generational change here. that younger generation a lot of them i have recruited have gone over to the senate. i think we are going to see a change with an idea within the senate. make the power are of the idea win at the end of the day you. >> speaker boehner and the man who wants his job house majority leader kevin mccarthy is here on "special report." this battle, steve, getting underway. it appears that mccarthy has the votes needed. there is not really you a lot of intrigue up on the hill according to the people we talked to. >> there is not. the people that would potentially be in a position to beat him have said repeatedly they have no interest in the job. i think it's telling to your point that most of the conservatives who have helped push john boehner out are not saying anything negative right now about kevin mccarthy. >> nor are they running. >> they are not running themselves and they are not challenging him because i think they want to be in a position to work with him if
1:52 am
it comes to that. i found in his interview he tried to avoid some of your questions. did his best to avoid your question about false prophets and others and had, i think, generally strong language wants to be a uniter not a divider. change the culture and bring people together. >> people in the base they have heard it? if he had stopped there that would not be appealing. he said two things music to their ears one on the xm bank and another on select committee on planned parenthood. >> chuck? >> well, i have basically agree with what steve has said. i think under the circumstances there it wasn't a whole lot of reason for kevin mccarthy to come out here with guns blazing and say a lot of controversial things. is he going to get the job, it looks like. he could have done himself a lot of harm and not too much good if had said something too sharp-edged. what i heard was a guy, who despite things like xm and some tonal differences
1:53 am
doesn't sound like all that different from john bay are in. he was saying at one point he said we have got to get the most conservative thing we can, remember that? i'm paraphrasing and then move on to the next fight. and if i'm not mistaken, that was john boehner's approach as well. and so it does raise the question, would this same dynamic take over again if something happens that the ultra conservatives in the house don't like? >> exactly. could would he be seeing this movie all over again in a little while? >> famous victory. they got rid of don and replaced him with juan. best friend boone companion. what did i not hear the dog that didn't bark. mccarthy did not come on this air and say we have got to change the senate rules. he could have started a real rumble but he didn't do that. and that's an echo in silence. >> all right. let's turn now to donald trump who laid out some specifics today from new york. >> and this is my wheel
1:54 am
house. that's what i do well. the economy is what i do well. this eliminates very strongly and quickly the marriage penalty, very unfair penalty. it eliminates the amt which is is the alternative minimum tax. it ends the death tax. it's a double taxation. a lot of families go through hell over the death tax. it reduces or eliminates most of the deductions and loopholes available to special interests and to the very rich. in other words, it's going to cost me a fortune. [ laughter ] >> he rarely uses any notes or not many. so it was interesting to go through the details. here are a few more seven individual tax brackets reduced three. 10%, 20%, 25%. no making less than $25,000. and couples 50%.
1:55 am
50% would pay no income tax. business tax cuts up to 15%. marriage penalty and alt minute cut. trump's business plan cuts tax and makes competitive worldwide, jobs, jobs, jobs. they seem to be signing on. george. >> the headline in this is half of the american people will not have to pay income taxes. today 46% of american earners pay no income taxes. 63% of american earners pay either no income tax or less than 5% of their income. partly because conservatives have lobbied successfully you to expand the child tax credit, which takes many people off the tax roll. the problem is you have a large and growing american majority in a situation of moral hazard. the incentives are for perverse bebehavior. restrain the growth of government they're effect toughly not paying for. >> 10 seconds. i would like to hear he was
1:56 am
paying for it all. we didn't get enough on that. >> offered some specifics. not in favor of the flat tax and doesn't want top hike corporate rates as said in the recent past. >> break down in a piece on "special report." that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see how reactions to pope francis differ depending on what side you may be
1:57 am
last week the pope greeted crowds from the balcony capital. one late night host noticed the politicians at the it
1:58 am
pope side different reactions. speaker boehner was emotional. vice president biden well, he was joe biden. >> [ applause ] >> joe, i love you, buddy, but they are not clapping for you. that's the pope. you are sitting next to the pope. thanks, like standing behind the rolling stones what? thank you so much. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. get goes "on the it is tuesday september 29th. a fox news alert sparks fly after a plane makes an emergency landing at one of the largest
1:59 am
airports. >> john boehner is out. who will take his spot as speaker of the house. >> the speaker said the culture. the culture has to change. >> majority leader kevin mccarthy makes his run off fish shall. we are live in washington. >> here's something as fox and friends first isn't enough. it is natural coffee -- national coffee day. we have the buzz on how to get your free cup of joe. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends
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first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for waking up with us this early. >> fear when a plane packed with people is forced to make an emergency landing and fire ignites on a run daway. >> the ireland bound flight forced to turn back moments after taking off from the jfk airport because of a hydraulic issue. the plane's brakes suddenly over heat all 104 passengers were rushed back to the terminal and put into hotel rooms overnight. the u.s. launching air strikes against the taliban in afghanistan after insurgents take control of a major city for the first time since 9-11. taliban fighters cease government buildings and condos and free inmates from a prison. defense minister