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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 30, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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see you back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. escalated tension governor the united states and russia. russia is launching airstrikes in syria today just hours after fox news was the first to report that a russian general went to the u.s. defense in baghdad requesting all u.s. military leave syria warning strikes were beginning. they claim they are hitting isis targets but our sources at the pentagon they that is not true. here with us today is harris faulkner, sandra smith, melissa
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francis and our one lucky guy is former u.n.ambassador, john bolton. >> glad to be here. >> on a busy news day. so let's get right to. russia's defense ministry is saying their jets are carrying out airstrikes on isis. but the problem is the towns where russian bombings are re reining down don't have an isis presence but are home to the free syrian army, allies to bashar al-assad. senator john mccain didn't hold back on the senate floor moment moments ago. >> it was one year ago when the president said our strategy is to degrade and destroy isis.
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a report yesterday, 28,000 european and some american had come into the fight on the side of isis. mosul and ramadi remain in the hands of isis and of course the continued advances of isis in syria are well known. in short, a year ago after the president made that statement. there is no strategy, there is no success. >> jennifer griffin is life from the pentagon. >> here is what we know. a senior u.s. military source described the russian demarche as an awkward meeting through a translat translator. a russian three star general came from the cell established by russia, iran and afghanistan last week came in and delivered the speech. the russian general said russian
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airstrikes would begin soon. according to the transcript of the verbal exchange the russian general requested u.s. war planes not fly in northern syria because they were beginning russian airstrikes. the russian general said if you have forces in the area we request they leave. the first russian strikes have gun in holmes, 60 miles east of a russian naval base and in hama. we are getting the images of the stricks aftermath and there are children's bodies being pulled by -- from the rubble. u.s. war planes are saying they will not comply with the demarche. u.s. war planes continued out missions in northern syria
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today. they said quote we would welcome a constructive role by russia but today's demarche hardly seems indicative of that role and will in no way alter or hamper our actions there. the russians actions made the work of the military more difficult. senior officials were caught off guard when the officials demarched them requesting them to leave. >> jennifer, thoank you. a lot of news coming out of the white house. putin asking the white house for cooperation and the president saying no. so what does he do? >> this president will not do much of anything. what we should be doing is reasserting america's role in the middle east. i think putin is playing a long game here.
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he is bidding for dominance in the middle east against the united states and thinks he can prevail because he as a weak occupant in the white house who has written one red line after another on syria and iran with and you name it. this provocation today is not the real issue. the real provocation is any additional russian military forces in the region, something we tried to keep out for 50 years since the soviet military advisors were exposed. this represents a sway in the middle east that is a disaster. >> why is putin doing this now? is he viewing more weakness today than in a past? >> i think he sees a way to tie together the middle east
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activity and a way to break the sanction. you will notice to the speech on monday, he said you have hundreds of thousands of refuges coming into the europe for because of the conflict and i will take steps to end that flow. you europeans should come along with me and just a small point let's get rid of the sanctions. >> secretary john kerry is speaking now and we are monitoring that. we know shortly before take to the meeting, several leaders are speaking from different countries, and we know that there has been a conversation over the phone and if the comments get to syria, those comments by john john kerry get to syria we will bring that to you. there is a lot of video of
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children being pulled from the rubble. and france is saying it hasn't been informed officially by russia of its airstrikes in syria but said -- and this is interesting -- is it crucial there is coordination to avoid clashes over syria. this is that widening presence of russia that is causing so much concern you are talking about. >> let's be clear. they should be coordinated with us. we will tell them when they can fly. remember, over the past two years, russian air and naval assets have come close to american ships and planes. they have been preparing for this for a long time and they are following through on it. i think it something with the president and secretary of state in new york. this timing is no coincidence.
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>> last night, donald trump was on the o'reilly factor and he took a different tact. he had assad is not a direct threat to the united states of america so why are we concerned with letting him stay in power. >> he wants to fight isis and keep your leadership, your current leadership, assad, in syria, personally i have been looki looking at different players and i am looking at assad saying maybe he is better than the kind of people we are supposed to be backing. >> i agree with trump. thoughts? >> why don't we let russia go in and fight isis and isn't this proof this isn't what they are doing? that is the evidence we are getting. they are bombing an area that isis is not in. today's actions debunk that
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argument. >> this is not just about syria. it is dominance in the middle east. they put together an agreement with iran, and the assad regime they have supports, and with hezbollah. if that coalition prevails against isis that is to our detriment. we should have a connection of the kurds and turkey to deal with isis. this is not a case where you can say to the russian you go ahead, because if they prevail they would be in a stronger position -- >> that is a good point. but we have a leader in the white house who you mentioned is not going to stand up to putin. we have given the iranians everything they wanted. so no what is reality here? does president obama think he is going to fight russia and syria and isis all at once? when he is refusing to watch any. >> i have to break in with
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breaking news. because secretary john kerry is talking about syria and we want to catch the words: >> recent actions and those now ongoing reflect a genuine commitment to defeat that organization then we are prepared to welcome those efforts and find a way to do conflict their operations and multiply our pressure on them. we have made it clear we would have grave concerns should russia strike areas where isil and al-qaeda affiliated targets are not operating. strikes of that kind question russia's real intention of fighting isil or protecting the assad regime.
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we have informed russia we are prepareded to hold these deconflicting talks as early as this week. but let me be clear, the united states and the coalition will continue our ongoing air operations as we have from the very beginning. we have conducted a number of strikes against isis targets in syria over the past 24 hours including just an hour ago. and these strikes will continue. let me be clear, the coalition that we have built, more than 60 countries strong, has been taking on isil for more than a year by liberating sinjar mountain, kobani, and other areas where hundreds of thousands of residents have returned home and resumed their lives. defending the adam and protecting baghdad and killing isil leaders and facilitators
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and taking away the entire northern border of syria from isil. at the same time, we have mounted a campaign to cut terrorist financing, curb recruitment of foreign fighters and expose the lies that isil is perpetrating. today as we speak, south of kirk, villages are being liberated from isil under the airstrike and we continue to admire the courage and resilience that has been demonstrated for four long years of struggle by the operation against assad. the operations are grounded and well established military procedures firmly based in international law and the request that neighboring states for collective self defense under article 51 of the un
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charter. that foundation has not changed and we will continue our sanction with the full permission from international law. the coalition has now conducted 3,000 airstrikes against isil targets and we are in position with france, australia, canada, turkey and other partners joining the campaign to accelerate our efforts. over the coming weeks we will be continuing our flights out of turkey to apply pressure on strategic areas held by isil in northwest syria, and sustain support to fighters in northeast syria putting greater pressure on isis' uperational areas and we will pursue that isil has no sanctuary anywhere on the ground
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in syria. they will face increasing pressure from multiple sides of the battlefield in syria and iraq. as we said from the start and as the geneva codified this fight cannot be won in the military sphere. it will require a political solution for the crisis of syria. one thing is certain: the vast majority of states around this table know that the isil forces, isil itself cannot bow defeated as long as bashar al-assad remains president of syria. it cannot happen because of who has lined up with whom and because of the nature of these protagonist. and the reason is defined because of how this fight began. this fight began when young
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syrians looking for a future, wanting nothing more than opportunity and jobs and education, when they went out to demonstrate for the future and to claim the aspirations of young people. and bashar al-assad sent his thugs out to beat them up. the parents were outraged by the fact their children demonstrating peacefully were beaten up and they went out with their kids and they were met with bullets. that is how this whole thing began. people in the country looking for a future who were instead met with repression, torture, gassing, barrel bombs, assad will never bow accepted by those he has harmed. never possible to become a legitimate leader in the future, never possible to lead the
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unification of a country. that can not happen until he makes it clear he wants to heal the nation, end the war, and decline to be part of the long-term future. today we must be focused on finding a solution that will stop the killing and lay the ground work for a government that the syrian people can accept. we know that assad can neither unite the country nor govern it. neither extreme officers the solution we want and need. this would be a farce from the beginning. incredible enough it will not stop people from fighting if it were perceived as a way to extend or strengthen assad's hold on power. as the president said on monday, the united states is prepared to work with any nation, including
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russia and iran, to resolve the conflict that we must recognize there cannot be after so much bloodshed, so much carnage. russia is arguing we must support bashar al-assad to beat isil. but the reality is assad barely chose himself to fight isil. >> as the terrorist came through raping and murdering the syrian regime didn't try to stop them. instead they focused the military power on moderate opposition groups who were fighting for a voice in syria. make no mistake. the answer to the syrian civil war cannot be found in a military alliance with assad. but i am convinced that it can
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be found. it can be found through a broadly supportive diplomatic initiative aimed at a transition that has been accepted by participants and consistent with the geneva report that will u t unite all. i call on all concerned governments, including russia and syria, to support a u.n.initive to broker a change of power. if we can succeed in marginalizing the terrorist in syria and bringing the country together we can do exactly what the security council patience and this institution were set-up to do.
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we could strike a blow against violent extremism, not only in syria, but also in iraq, and across the middle east and around the world and nothing would be more in keeping with the high purpose for which this council was created 70 years ago and nothing would better serve the interest of the people we represent. i hope we can achieve that. thank you. >> there is the secretary of state john kerry and from the words of grave concern if russia hits anything that has nothing to do with al-qaeda or syria and they are friday a de-confliction talk. it feels like this just got worse? >> secretary john kerry is con seeding there is a legitimate role for russia in the middle east. something we resisted for half a century. i cannot underline how
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consistent that concession is. he said it is in connection with getting rid of the assad regime which is a point that has been made that russia will cooperate with getting rid of assad. that the not going to happen. >> not just stronger but stronger than us? >> not yet. but i think the point melissa made earlier which assumes importance because kerry said we wants to be sure russia is hitting isis or al-qaeda targets. i think russia is there to strengthen the assad regime. and i will make this prediction russia want to strengthen the baghdad government and assad and then declare a truce with isis
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so they can go on and declare other things. don't think these people are not cynical enough to do this. the russians know how to do this kind of thing. >> why are they better at this? this is like politics high grade. >> because vladimer putin cares unt one thing and one thing only: the interest of russia and restoring the power and respect that russia lost during the cold war. unlike our president that is all he cares about. but i think he has a vested interest in beating isis. but i agree it is not at the top of his list. power lust and other motives are at the top but i am shocked the white house is bungling this poorly. the response seems like something from the bush administration. they are talking about a political solution in syria.
9:22 am
if assad goes, isis fills that vacuum and why do we care if they have jobs or not? >> this administration thought russia would help ease assad out of power. it was never right. i think it is right there is reason to fear. they have a deal you stay out of russia and we will stay out of your hair. it is a cynical way of looking at things but this is the middle east and we are dealing with russia. >> we will watch this and keep an eye on reactions. the state house is releasing a new batch of hillary clinton e-mails and we are expecting to learn more about the lead up to the benghazi attacks. what could it mean for the
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>> given what we just saw from john kerry, the united states is looking at russia in syria and what we are prepared to do moving forward and given that their reports russia is hitting targets of griffin isis and al qaeda on the ground, interesting strong developments, we are closely watching the white house briefing which is set to take place in a couple minutes. sometimes they do their housekeeping notes, whatever they start with with negative news of the day, what will happen with regard to syria. >> the state department releasing a new batch of hillary clinton e-mails, the latest round expected to cover 2011, the lead up to the benghazi attackeds, we could get more fighting the administration's
9:28 am
policy. a congressional source selling fox news fbi director james comey is briefing lawmakers on the status of clinton server investigation, the server was compromise, no evidence has confirmed such a brief, the source says he confirmed his top people are handling the investigation. meantime we have to worry about that, we don't know what will come of that. what do we come from this latest batch of e-mails. >> we have seen in the past week them a developments of how dangerous this entire idea of having an external server is regardless what the e-mails say. madeleine albright, secretary of state, none of her subordinates have a server outside the
9:29 am
department and high intelligence officials testify it would be in similar circumstances a russian leader, chinese leader or target of our intelligence. we here director of the fbi, saying gets to be important, if they find evidence on that computer with foreign tampering, that is a sign of harm, a potential criminal prosecution is much more likely. remember the david petraeus case there was no harm no foul, intelligence was not compromise. foreign sources got the contents of the server there's real danger. >> what about merely the fact that she risked that possibility even if nothing comes up fax machines in danger and jeopardize the security of the united states? >> i am persuaded right there. we should not get lost in specific of the e-mails, is unacceptable and how we didn't
9:30 am
hear about it from state department sources that the secretary of state had done this, it is a double standard. if i tried to do this i would be in jail. >> she loves to say she didn't know at the time. >> it don't believe that. >> everyone watching, it is a distraction, she didn't know the difference. is that possible in any way? >> i don't believe it is possible unless everyone in the state department lost their backbone. somebody has to stand up and say i have to tell you honestly this could endanger the security of your communications listed nobody say that? >> do we need that person to come forward? >> that is to the fbi should be looking for, talking to a career employees in the department of state saying -- >> how about the white house? they allow it to happen, national security team and the president and valerie jarrett, everyone to the highest office, had in a issue was operating a security that could violate
9:31 am
national security but weigh in on the e-mails we seen about benghazi, take the server out of it, it was clear in the most dangerous situations, she was not listening to the top officials in the administration, she hopelessly paranoid she was getting her intelligence from her buddy named fish. can you weigh in on how she gets her intelligence on the middle east and how she would act as president? >> bloom and fall was allowed anywhere around the administration especially after the obama white house said he is not getting a full-time job and yet -- i think that is the kind of thing icy to the attorney general, you play by the rules, that could lead to serious trouble for secretary clinton. i find fault whole affair in explicable without hillary clinton's direct involvement. >> i wonder how bad things are going to get. politically speaking we are seeing the bleeding. what you are seeing is evident in the polling, people don't
9:32 am
believe wishy is saying but that isn't the negative news here, it is the potential for criminality which destroys any thing you are trying to build one lota presidential campaign. >> bill clinton is saying this is a republican conspiracy isn't going to prove anything, republicans and not control the fbi these days. >> a chilling warning from the homeland security warning, the u.s. may be more vulnerable to terrorism than ever before. findings in a blistering bipartisan report next.
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bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... >> disturbing warning from the homeland security chairman, the terrorist threat facing america may be greater now than ever. a new bipartisan report finds the u.s. doing a little stop the flow of americans and other westerners joining isis. >> in my judgment of the threats
9:37 am
to the homeland has never been greater, the threat is getting worse, not better, we are losing in the struggle to keep americans from the battlefields because many are still going to the region and coming back. most importantly we lack national strategy to deal with this problem. >> the details in this scathing report alarming, more than 25,000 foreign fighters have traveled to syria and iraq since 2011. among that number 4500 westerners and 250 americans joining or attempting to join terror networks. several dozen have made it back to america but we continue to hear this white house tell our successes against this terror group but here we have 25,000 foreign fighters traveling to the battlefield since 2011 alone, 250 of them americans,
9:38 am
these numbers the daunting. >> congressman mccall has done an excellent job presenting this report and demonstrates why isis is the current threat right now in europe and the united states as these people come back, their capacity to conduct terrorist attacks to build the guitarist network in western europe and the united states is very real, it is an urgent problem and he has demonstrated the failures, recruiting people into isis. >> you heard make that call say we are losing in many cases. there are many still going over there -- >> a lack of cohesion with the end game is, the secretary of state announced the world we're going to get russia begin to fight. we can't prove what they're hitting but of nothing like isis or al qaeda. why are people leaving syria and the kinds of numbers nobody can
9:39 am
handle right now. i know a lot of refugees are not only coming from there, not only -- georgie coming, these people see the proof of the numbers sandra is talking about. >> the ancient christian churches threat and by religious genocide and many others, unfortunately in that tide of refugees fleeing legitimately, we have to worry that isis has infiltrated their own terrorists. lebanon a few weeks ago and have demonstrated as many as 2% of all refugees flowing into europe could be terrorists though germany says 800,000, that would be 16,000 terrorists. >> people jump all over you on line when you say that, how could that be true? our vetting process exists. >> they are not fitting anybody crossing the g in seamless this is out of control, europe has realized belatedly but that is what vladimir putin is aiming
9:40 am
for, trying to split europeans away from the united states to take advantage of europe's concerns over the refugee flow. >> one of the most frightening things about this report is there is no international coordination, no international database, the opportunity to get people who are going over and coming back and posing a threat. as they cross the border and keeps an identification or something like that is that surprising to you? how do we remedy that? >> i'm surprised there is not. beginning in the reagan administration, the justice department a year of the ministries of justice put together in that network precisely to share information on threats we face. either that network is not functioning or something has gone wrong because it did exist and would be a perfect vehicle precisely to share this kind of information. >> they should choose the border, we have open borders, we
9:41 am
have -- refugees coming back. it would take two years to verify we don't have that kind of time. to me it is incredibly, i don't care if we leave, i care if they come back, i don't trust this administration that can stop a guy from hopping offense at the white house and running through the east wing stopping them from coming. >> you talk about physical security, how about the kind that requires with are, the audit finds the nation's federal agencies the struggling mightily to prevent the same thing from happening, a report from the government accountability office shows a persistent weakness at 24 federal agencies when it comes to cybersecurity and leah learning this after president obama reached an agreement with china's president slowdown
9:42 am
cyberattacks but the director of national intelligence was asked if he thinks that agreement was going to work, here is how the answered. >> hope springs eternal, we have to watch what their behavior is and it will be incumbent on the intelligence community to depict policymakers what behavioral changes are in disagreement. >> are you optimistic? >> no. >> hope springs eternal, my girlfriend said that to her first husband. for >> we will see how long he stays in his position, if you laugh at what president obama things of china there's no agreement. it is limited to commercial intelligence which we don't gather in the united states
9:43 am
anyway, chinese commitment not to gather is not going to go very far and doesn't deal with the hack of over 20 million personnel records from 0 p.m. vulnerability and all these federal agencies and repeated russian and chinese attacks against the pentagon. >> your eyes lit up on the word commercial intelligence. >> it is common practice, sharing the information with their companies, for intellectual property, even when i talk to people in silicon valley and background their frustration with our government is once again there isn't the coordination. if there was more aware of nation they could be offering help, sharing information especially when it comes to cybersecurity, duplicated work in the u.s. and not sharing with the other. isn't that huge problem? >> and north korean attack on sony, the hollywood companies of people don't get upset but the fact they were able to get in
9:44 am
and get that information out shows how vulnerable our corporations are and pentagon studies have shown the top 1,000 american corporations have been hacked probably many times and is a big problem. >> you talk to people all the time about this. i have a major investor in the fox business network tell me he is negative and the bearish about everything in the stock market, one area he continues to look is in cybersecurity, our corporations are selling at risk on a daily basis, up any company that could figure out, has not been figured out, we are so exposed and so at risk sitting here today. >> i am glad computers were just invented last year. >> and the the internet. potential trouble at the work place, some believe it favors only the young, the childless
9:45 am
and the well off. our corporate offices toxic? and if so how do we fix it?
9:46 am
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>> america has a toxic work culture and it is shoving out moms and dads according to and former harvard law professor and state department policy official. she writes that employees at all levels are struggling with stress and exhaustion that both women and men are being forced out of jobs because of an antiquated work structure that doesn't allow enough time outside the office for families. she says only those who are young and healthy and childless and relatively wealthy can succeed. meanwhile in his study of 30,000 workers published in the wall street journal showed that motherhood actually increases women's career ambitions but they feel they can take and upper management role. because of time constraints and
9:50 am
lack of flexibility for family time. a lot to talk about. i will talk with you first. that second article motherhood increases career ambitions, i can have a couple kids, i can do anything. i enjoyed that study because i thing we read talking during the break and all of a sudden you become laser focus, so much going on, i am so ready to be here, so excited to be here and i don't have as many outside distractions. i'm using personal experience for that but there's a lot to that study as far as what parents and your career, but i will admit it is very difficult. >> i thought was interesting they sit in that study the harvard law professor, i am not sure, i look at my own life when i had my first child my husband did not have paternity leave, now he does with our most recent
9:51 am
child, i almost feel what do you think? the work place is getting a little bit -- >> i look across the couch and someone i consider one of the hardest working with the 9 know and i am careful to comment on this. everyone except for this part. you are single, you don't have kids and if you look at it this way it shouldn't matter about this other stuff because you are laser focus without the kids. it is an individual thing. there's always going to be hostility where there's competition. you have to toughen up. what makes you first, may have nothing to do with motherhood. >> i am the only one who has succeeded. i am the only one making it and kicking butt because i'm not the one who has to worry about kids or marriage and i don't find that to be true. i look at you, i am amazed, i
9:52 am
can't even keep an orchid alive. i am just as tired. i know you three feel it too but i agree it is an individual thing. we'll manage our lives came to take on lot of responsibility so i don't know if there's a lot of truth to this. >> the yield that their way and on this discussion? >> i want to weigh in, it is hard work, everyone is born in different circumstances and faces different choices, there's one thing you can troll and how much you work, any sympathy with those who say we are overworked, if you don't like it get something else to do, that is what you can contribute that you alone have total control over and if you don't want to do the average get another job. >> there is a component in the study that looked at whether or not you have money to make money. a lot of that is dressed for
9:53 am
success, and there are a number of places we can give our wears so young women have the opportunity to dress for that. i find that to be wholly unfair but it is a reality address for the job you think you want to get. >> if you do have money you get support outside of work and making it easier to lay off the responsibilities, how much can you support outside the work with outside help? when a guest cancels that the last minute without notifying the bride, shouldn't he built for the pricey wasted dinner? it happened to one woman, we will debate that. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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>> press secretary started talking about syria and what is going on, let's watch.
9:55 am
>> that continues to be a priority. u.s. military officials have been in touch with their russian counterparts the immediate lead to head this discussion. >> russia says they're going after isis. reports from the region that other groups are being -- even a u.s.-backed rebel group at least the way you described it in the past marked larger efforts by vladimir putin to shore up bashar al-assad's government, not going after extremists like the islamic state, what do you make of the fact letted seems they are bombing areas that are not necessarily held and could be expanding the military operation to shore up the bashar al-assad regime? >> and it is too early to say
9:56 am
what targets they were aiming at and what targets were essentially -- >> do we take vladimir putin at his word? >> the department of defense in syria, and may have more information to share about that in the days ahead. your question does raise something that is where it is worth mentioning. we are seeing the russians ramp up their support with bashar al-assad and have been for quite some time but it is clear they made a significant military investment in further propping him up. the fact that russia has to take these noteworthy steps to wrap up their support for bashar al-assad is an indication how concerned they are you losing
9:57 am
influence in one client state they have in the middle east and this is in contrast to or at least calls into question their strategy because when vladimir putin and president obama had a chance to meet at the un much of their discussion was focused on the need for a political transition inside syria. there are well-known differences about what the transition looks like. there is a need for political solution to the problems plaguing syria. that means russia will not succeed in opposing a military solution on syria. anymore than the united states is successful in imposing a military solution in iraq indicate ago. certainly no more than russia was able to impose a military solution on afghanistan three decades ago. this goes to the case the
9:58 am
president made in his speech at the u.n. on monday which is to confront these significant global challenges nations around the world can exercise strength and to address the issues. the president is leading a coalition of 6500 that are implementing implementing a strategy that includes robust military average but include efforts to counter isil's on line radicalization average, shutdown for and fighters, and countering financing efforts and that is the most effective way for the united states to lead the international community. it is the most effective way to advance u.s. interests in the region and around the world. is also the most effective way for us to eventually rise as a
9:59 am
kind of solution to the significant problems plaguing that war-torn country. >> military commanders from the u.s. recommending they would like to see troops remain in afghanistan beyond that small presence we talked about. does the president agree with those recommendations? >> we were waiting to hear what would be said with regard to the moves russia is making inside syria and reports they're hitting anything but isis and al qaeda targets, videos we can not independently confirm, hitting on the web right now children being pulled from rubble and those tough discussions you have to imagine have gone on between u.s. and russia. always good especially on a day like today with your experience and perspective, thank you comment and we are going to roll along, stay right here on the web and
10:00 am
look at life chat, "outnumbered" over time,"outnumbered," we're back here tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts now. >> we begin with the fox news alert against a very tense times underway right now in syria with russia telling the united states to get out. always warned against the inclination to essentially make snap decisions on policy, almost literally overnight. and so that's why we will continue to monitor the efforts


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