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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 3, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thank you for spending your saturday with us. i'm elizabeth prann. >> there was a bombing apparently by u.s. aircraft but was the taliban using the hospital as a hideout? >> plus, what are we learning from the latest batch of hillary clinton e-mails to the public including then secretary of state complains that the white house operator taking her call didn't believe it was her. sheriffs in several states across the country fight to keep a bumper sticker on their cars. what do the bumper stickers say? why in god we trust is now under fire.
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hurricane joaquin no longer much of a threat but a powerful storm system is pounding the eastern sea board bringing with it a threat of widespread flooding for millions of americans already. unprecedented downpours, up to 16 inches of rain expected in some areas and flood watches and warnings in effect from south carolina to new jersey. meteorologist here to track it all on the fox weather center. hi. >> we've surpassed expectations. 16 inches in little river, north myrtle beach, 15 inches and close to 16 inches here. it's from sunday to monday with the atmospheric conditions coming together for an extreme weather/flood event. here's our hurricane joaquin, category four, by the way, almost category five and then
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our cutoff low and all of this moisture is being funneled in to south carolina, north carolina, parts of virginia, along the coast and in some cases unprecedented rainfall for this area that has seen incredible amounts of rain already and the water has nowhere to go. we continue to see the potential for flooding for the next 12 to 18 hours. watching the forecast radar. i want you to see joaquin here because still a very powerful hurricane for the next 12 to 18 hours as it comes very close to bermuda and actually, this computer model showing a close brush with bermuda tomorrow into monday but as you can see, still seeing all of this moisture being surged into the southeast and in some cases, over a foot of rain already reported. we could even see close to 2 feet of rainfall before all is said and done. and look at this incredible storm. this is the category four, almost category five storm. 155-mile-per-hour sustained winds and you can see we're
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almost at category five. almost an unprecedented historic storm with the fact we have incredible strengthening happening and then you can see bermuda as we head into sunday. so watching very closely and of course, bermuda is going to be on alert. they could be dealing with a very strong hurricane. heading further out in time, as it moves north and eastward, it is going to weaken but become extra tropical as it scoots north and eastward and it will be out of our way. again, watching bermuda, very carefully and the east coast as well as you mentioned, elizabeth, we've got coastal flood advisories up from florida all the way up to long island. we'll continue to monitor it. lots to talk about in the fox news extreme weather center. >> i'll say, very busy. janice, thank you so much. >> you got it. as the hurricane barrelled through, a massive cargo ship with 33 people on board sailed right into its path. the u.s. coast guard is now searching for el faro, which was
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en route to san juan puerto rico from jacksonville, florida. brian yent has more on the search as we speak. hi, brian. >> reporter: the search continues at this moment for the missing cargo ship and its 33 members. u.s. coast guard sending out a search plane early this morning. in the meantime, the u.s. navy also assisting in the effort. launching a reconnaissance in search of the el faro cargo ship. at approximately 7:00 a.m. thursday, a distress call on board indicated the ship had lost power, had taken on water, but that all the flooding had been contained. the ship had not been heard from since. its last known location near the crooked islands in the bahamas. went missing in the middle of hurricane joaquin while it was
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still a category four storm. the coast guard fearing the ship became disabled right near the eye of the storm where there were 20 to 30 foot waves and heavy winds which could have destroyed the ship's communications. el faro shipping company saying el faro was given the go ahead to sale despite the threatening weather. >> the captain in this case had been monitoring the track of this tropical storm for a number of days prior to departing. >> so far, the coast guard has searched 850 square nautical miles through hurricane force winds. still, there is no sign of el faro leaving the families of 33 crew members desperately hoping for any sign of the ship and their loved ones. >> normally, my husband tells me they take a different route around the storm.
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i don't know why they didn't steer it in a different direction. this is unacceptable. >> reporter: maritime helped gather the family members to jacksonville where they get in-person updates on the search. leland? >> a lot of praying going on with these hours passing by. brian llenas following the story. we'll come back if there's updates. thanks, brian. defense secretary ash carter offering condolences after a tragic incident in afghanistan. the doctors without borders said 19 people were killed when the clinic in the northern city was hit by what appears to have been a u.s. air strike. the pentagon said the area was the site of an intense battle with taliban fighters and is promising a full investigation. molly henderberg with more. >> reporter: coalition officials in kabul and washington had been
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informed, given the gps coordinates, even, of the location of the hospital in north afghanistan but apparently, an air strike by u.s. military aircraft hit the facility and killed 19. according to doctors without borders, a humanitarian medical group. defense secretary ash carter called it a tragic incident in an area where there's been intense fighting and said a full investigation is under way. a u.s. official said it's not clear if taliban fighters were using the hospital as a shelter to fire on afghan and u.s. troops, but afghan officials insist they were. earlier this week, the taliban said they had taken over kunduz. a u.s. official tells fox news u.s. operations forces embedded with an afghan military unit under fire from the taliban. they called in a u.s. military aircraft circling overhead.
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the aircraft reportedly hit the hospital located with doctors without borders. the numbers have been changing but at this point, doctors without borders said 12 staff members and at least seven patients including three children were killed. 37 people were injured. and now the group wants answers. in a statement, the president of doctors without borders said, quote, this attack is abhorrent and a grave violation of international humanitarian law. we demand total transparency from coalition forces. we cannot accept this horrific loss of life will simply be dismissed as collateral damage. a u.s. defense official tells fox news that a one star general has been sent from kabul to k n kunduz to investigate this bombing. >> thank you. the out pouring of grief continues this weekend in oregon. the families of the nine who died in that community college english class are just starting
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to begin life without those they love. dan springer is near the college in roseboro, oregon. what new have we learned about the victims? >> reporter: leland, this being a community college in a rural part of oregon, they were killed at different stages of their lives but the one common thread, all working hard towards bettering themselves. 20-year-old trevin from a small town of southerland, a very good basketball player we're told. flags there are at half staff, the son of a firefighter and by all accounts, very well liked. treven was a perfect son. >> reporter: treven wanted to be
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a firefighter like his dad. victims from 18 to 67-year-old the lone teacher but had many adults of different ages going back to school to change their lives around. >> all of those lives cut short too early. dan, are we learning anything more about the shooter here, possibly a motive? those kind of things? >> reporter: not really. we've got a very clear picture of chris harper mercer and it's not very different from the portrait we see a lot of these mass killers, the loner self-absorbed, the guy who didn't like the government or religion. he was angry. felt the world was against him. wrote that in the note he left behind at the scene but people here are not acknowledging him at all. in fact, the sheriff won't utter his name. the locals are focused on helping the victims. several helped give blood and don't want politicians talk about the need for gun laws. many can't figure out why the
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lone security guard was armed only with a can of mace. >> security guards and whatnot need to have access to weapons so they can defend good people and ideally, you have people with legal conceal carries to defend themselves. i don't know how else you fix this because we can't possibly cast a net that can catch all the bad behaviors. people can just flash up with evil if a moment's notice and do catch them?ke this. >> reporter: the two big universities, the football teams are honoring and paying tribute to the victims of the horrific shooting on thursday by wearing the ucc emblem on their helmets. the university of oregon and oregon state university in the football game today. leland? >> dan springer following it in oregon. thank you. liz has more. >> the nine victims range from 18 years old just starting college to a retired educator who returned to the classroom and teaching them. as you can see from the photo, lawrence levine loved to go fly
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fishing. an avid fly fisherman and a writer. assistant professor of english at the college and killed teaching his writing class. kim dietz at the same college as her 18-year-old daughter. she loved her dogs and the outdoors. at 59, she'd gone back to school after a divorce. >> she was a go-getter. she stuck with it. and she was patient. >> lucero alcaraz. and johnson's family said he was a proud christian and so proud of him. finally found his path starting first week of college after completing a drug rehab program. quentin cooper's family found him as sunny, sweet, such a wonderful loving person. set to take a brown belt test next week. liked to dance and act.
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his family said they're, quote, shattered beyond repair. rebecka ann karns, a relative said she had a beautiful spirit and echoed the same sentiment. >> she always had a glow and she was always so nice and polite to people. strong in her faith. she didn't ever disrespect anyone. just loving. loving, caring. >> treven anspach's family said he brought the best out of everyone around them. sarena dawn moore was excited to go back to school for a business degree. lucas eibel, he loved chemistry and seeing future farmers of america and volunteering at an animal shelter. hard not to be moved by all of these folks.
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>> by anyone being a tragedy and it's interesting to see how nationally, this has become such a topic of conversation. we've seen president obama address this twice. he's caught a lot of flak not just other people running for president but also in the sense from in oregon saying it's just too early. it's just too raw for this to become a political issue. at least family members. >> pictures up on the screen and just let the families know we're praying for them. >> what rod wheeler said as well, remember the victims, celebrate them rather than talk about the perpetrator, which is what we've tried to do. >> absolutely. moving on, feeling the strain. thousands of migrants continue to pour into europe and now shut down a major transportation artery. we'll tell you where and how they did it coming up. russia continues to target in syria, we look closer at the diplomatic fallout. what it means for u.s./russia relations and a shocking
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discovery inside a toy box for a major u.s. retailer. >> the box was heavy. it was mine craft and then a sole box of ammo in the corner of the box.
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thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. the tunnel that joins britain and france once again open today. rail service suspended overnight after more than 100 migrants broke through wire fences on the french side of the tunnel. the migrants got on to the tracks and broke into the tunnel terminal as they tried to reach the united kingdom. the trains are now moving once again. the traffic is slow as officials have had to make a lot of safety checks. we're learning more about the latest release of e-mails from hillary clinton's personal server. the state department this week released an additional 6300
11:20 am
pages of material. this latest e-mail dump included more than 200 e-mails with classified material. more than doubling the total number of electronic conversations released so far that included classified information. clinton maintained she never received or sent e-mails marked classified at the time. in one exchange, mrs. clinton complains to her aid about a white house operator who didn't believe it was really clinton on the line. this is just one of the examples. joining us now to weigh in on this, national reporter emily schultzide. i can't get it right when we go live to air. we're talking about this newly batched release of e-mails. i want to get your initial reaction. >> the biggest things, as you noted, there were more than 200 classified e-mails, this doubles the number of classified
11:21 am
e-mails. this is something insisting repeatedly, didn't send or receive classified e-mail. the situation here is that these e-mails were classified after the fact but raises questions what kind of sensitive material she was handling and how secure it really was. >> so often, we see media headlines this week and brought up the fact there was a couple of attempts of hacking made on her personal server and it was by russian hackers. if i'm not mistaken, there was five. a lot of them made light of the situation. is it really funny that she was attempted at least? >> not really, no. that's the problem with this. and really, i think the biggest challenge for her, the biggest risk for her politically is that this wasn't her explanation she did for convenience and when it comes down to it, convenience for secretary clinton could have meant sensitive information was going to places it shouldn't. it's not really very funny. >> we also see her refer to it
11:22 am
as a drip drip drip. really trying to say it's not very important but we are learning important things from these releases. what do you think stood out to you as one of the more important pieces of information that we learned? >> i think the biggest things are the classified information and then the fact that there were hacking attempts we can now clearly see. most of the e-mails when you look at them, they're funny exchanges like the one you mentioned about the white house operator, things she says to her staff members, but there are bigger picture things we're learning, some of the questions about security. >> right, at one point, we saw she was really defending her use of the personal server and personal e-mail. sort of saying that the state department had an outdated system, one didn't have a lot of confidence in. what was your reaction? >> it was interesting to see that litigated between her and top staffers. it's an argument that may be the case and again, come back to the
11:23 am
convenience for her, this was more convenient to do it this way but there are plenty of government officials who seem to be able to manage just fine on government e-mail. so now that we're learning about some of the more dangerous risks that were involved, that seems to be a new argument. >> what can we expect from the future as far as when are we going to see another batch of e-mails and do you have any indication what we could learn in the future? >> it's tough to say. as far as when we have them, we get them at the end of each month through january. it's a fun state department gift at the end of each month and now got somewhere in the realm of the third of the e-mails released. >> do you think that people at home are getting a better idea of how she was as a leader and ran the state department? >> it certainly helps. it's a new insight. there's only so much you can tell from an e-mail where she's asking someone to print something or someone's being forwarded for her to look at. but it does. gives you a sense of what she's
11:24 am
like the people she's closest with, some now advisors on her campaign and that's very important to know. >> national reporter emily schulteis. thank you very much. appreciate it. millions of americans brace for possible record flooding, we're going to have the latest on that nor'easter dumping so much rain on an already soggy east coast. plus. russian air strikes continue over syria. president vladimir putin said a mission to defeat isis but the white house said it's something else entirely. art health's impo. you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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11:29 am
the way up to parts of new jersey. in some areas, heavy rain is turning roads into rivers. in charleston, police are going door to door to advise residents to voluntarily evacuate areas that are at very high risk. meanwhile, a cargo ship is missing in the bahamas after hurricane joaquin blew through the region. 33 crew members including 28 americans remain unaccounted for. russian air strikes in syria are supposed to be targeting isis, at least that's what they say but many of those air strikes hit western backed rebels. many say it russian president vladimir putin's true motives. >> iran and assad make up mr. putin's coalition at the moment. the rest of the world makes up ours. so i don't think people are fooled by the current strategy.
11:30 am
>> russian officials say they've bombed nine more isis positions in the war torn nation today but as you can see from the map below, also hitting rebel areas where the rebels are fighting against the assad regime, a regime putin is trying to protect. tom rogan, columnist with national review. all right, so president obama has framed this as putin, the iranians, and assad on one side and the rest of the world on the other side led by the united states, whether leading from behind or not, we'll leave for another conversation but who's winning if that's the dichotomy we have? >> i think it's clear that the russians have the strategic initiative in terms of what they're doing. they did a few air strikes, the capital of the islamic state but at the same time, if you look at the targeting profile of what they're doing with the capability they've put on the ground with the level of air force power they have there, they're taking control of areas that assad was threatened in and
11:31 am
again, the rebels pushing assad there are u.s. deported rebels, some al qaeda syndicate but again, rebels of the united states they want to support. why are the russians targeting there? because they want to control as i see it up the highway going from armor today. >> sufficing to say if you believe mr. putin is trying to fight isis, you might want to. >> exactly. this is the difficulty. the russians have no strategic interest in fighting the islamic state. i believe it's clear the ground dynamic. >> obviously syria is an important place in the world but look at the geopolitical game going on between russia and the united states. >> you see this, of course, ukraine, eastern europe and also in terms of the chinese and the russians, a bit of an undercover story in terms of their naval exercise and more proximate
11:32 am
dealings in asia but also the russians with assad would be happy to see that eastern territory to the islamic state the north to a degree but really push out the moderate rebels and the problem becomes for the united states is that if you have that split, if assad is in power or isis is in power or the kurds in power, the moderate soofis, the vast majority of the population gravitate to extremist groups. >> they're the only one who can protect at that point. >> that plays on the outside and continues. the sunni monarchy, the united states has seen absent, they'll start throwing money at groups like al qaeda because all they think about is iran. >> and starting to look towards the russians a little bit. you write the only strength of president obama's serious policy has been his ability to deflect blame for it failures. at some point, as this plays out, is he going to have to
11:33 am
start taking responsibility? >> i don't think he will, hob to be honest. i think the political ramifications come in the 2016 election. you see marco rubio putting this front and center of the campaign, generating quite a lot of traction with this and that will become the test but i think president obama is comfortable with his national security team, america's just let it be because we don't want to go there. >> quickly, president obama has said essentially that we're not going to make this a proxy war between the united states and russia. at the same time, when you look at it, it seems as though that's exactly what it is. >> right. reality is reality. this is the problem. oratory does not define reality but what happens on the ground. mes that it's profoundly negative. also, the final front here, we look at middle east perception drives reality. what do the sunni arab monarchy
11:34 am
take from this? if america is not seen standing on the ground in syria, why do they believe we would stand ground on the iran nuclear deal? >> to protect them. >> physical actions matter in terms of strategic realities. >> all right. tom rogan, national review. appreciate it. look forward to your next. talk about not getting what you ordered. what a mom found when she opened up a toys r us box and it's not what she ordered for her 7-year-old son's birthday. oregon shooting. political panel coming up next. seemed that the president was ready to talk about gun control before he was ready to talk about the victims, or even the intent or motive of the shooter. i found that absolutely stunning. plus, tear down this wall. ronald reagan famously demanded
11:35 am
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celebrating their unity. 25 years ago germany officially reunified. communist identity and became part of the west again. it came less than a year after the world watched history unfollow as the berlin wall came down. german chancellor angela merkel on hand to mark the anniversary. germany is now a political heavyweight but of course is now facing the challenge of the migrant crisis. somehow this has become routine. the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium
11:40 am
ends up being routine. >> as you can tell, that was a visibly angry president obama hours after the oregon school shooting saying it's time for more gun control laws. republican jeb bush fired back. >> if we have people that are just mentally ill to the point where they go into the vortex and they don't come out and they're in isolation and they kill people, the impulse in washington is take personal rights away from the rest of us. it won't solve the problem of this tragedy that is just heartbreaking to see. >> president obama yesterday then doubled done. >> this will not change until the politics changes and the behavior of elected officials changes. and so the main thing i'm going to do is talk about this. on a regular basis.
11:41 am
and i will politicize it because our inaction is a political decision that we are making. >> joining us now to talk about republican strategist and democratic strategist joe lastingy. first, you. the president said even in the hours after the shooting, this is something we should politicize. you can argue that everything in washington is political, probably make that argument successfully but is there any time that is sacred, perhaps before we know how many people are dead, before you should stop trying to make political points? >> absolutely not and i don't think the president is politicizing this enough. he should read the names of the people who died the previous day due to gun violence. this is something we have become very routine about. we do the same press conference, talk about the same points every time and congress does nothing. the political will to change this is what we need in this city and something we lack. and we've lacked it for the past
11:42 am
20 years. for 20 years, the cdc can't look into gun violence anymore and this is why the president has to step up and be a leader on this. >> well, i would say all the president is doing is politicizing it. what he's not doing is proposing solutions to have an impact on the next crisis. i feel like to come out there before we know the names of the victims and talk with america on national television about, you know, taking it to the republicans, blaming congress. there were 50 shootings in his own hometown run by his liberal cronies in chicago over the weekend. >> run by rahm emanuel. interesting you bring that name up, the former chief of staff. rahm emanuel in 2009 famously said you never let a serious crisis go to waste. >> these are systemic though. we've seen a record number in the past decade. more people dying from these things. >> every time the president comes out and talks about this, it's right after a shooting. he hasn't been willing to spend
11:43 am
a lot of political capital on this post the shootings to put something through. >> not now and early in his presidency. in the first two years, he had a democratic senate and didn't introduce a bill related to gun control at all. all we see are politicization and moments of demagoguery. >> congress is stopping from finding answers. this is the worst part. we know there's a solution to this problem. the cdc is not allowed, in fact, three months ago, congress banned again from researching gun violence. we're the only developed nation that deals with this problem at this level and we can't find the answer. before we can even get into the research and we need to know that because there is an answer. >> is this a case though, david, where the politician of it for republicans are so toxic to even think about discussing any type of gun control, and then you have a lobby in nra so powerful that politicians simply can't
11:44 am
talk about it? you can't have an honest discussion. >> you can have an honest discussion. plenty of public debate on it. we're debating this constantly but plenty of democrats in the president's own party not willing to bring up conversations about gun control. >> why not? >> because the nra is a very powerful lobby and people have to grow a backbone in this town. i haven't seen a presidential nominee stand up yet. but no, we've got to talk about this. this is a very serious issue and it goes beyond just the guns. this is about mental health and conducting real research into the core cause of these problems and when the nra stopped in the '90s because they felt the cdc was advocating for gun control, that's when everything fell apart. we have to study why these are occurring or they will continue. like the president said, continue to go to the same steps, the same talking points, the same press conference and another family without a child.
11:45 am
>> is anything going the change by the president's press conferences, you think or republicans always be able to then come back with the attack, it's too soon, it's too soon? >> i don't think that's what's going to happen. i think honestly, there will be moments in the future where he will come out and make the exact same speech again but won't be proposing again. what we do need to focus on is the mental health problem. >> see if we get anything beyond and spend political capital on it. joe, david. appreciate your insights. still to come on this show, god and government. when do they go together? a controversial bumper sticker has been placed on police cars and it started the heated debate about the separation of church and state in god we trust. plus, oktoberfest is here and you don't have to be german to enjoy it. as so many of my fraternity
11:46 am
brothers have proven. we'll show you the sights and sound coming up. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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there was a whole box of ammo sitting in the corner of the box. >> a virginia mom got a rather scary surprise when she opened her son's toys r us package. she ordered it for her son's seventh birthday. she got the sword along with something she didn't expect. 800 rounds of 9 mm ammunition. stunned, she called the company which told her to simply send the ammunition back. all right. now toys r us released a statement saying they are investigating the incident. a handful of georgia county sheriffs join a movement with the separation of church and state. decided to add an "in god we trust" decal to the vehicles. critics say it's a clear
11:51 am
violation of the constitution and proponents say it's our nation's official motto and a recent response between police and the public. who's right and who's wrong? joining me now, attorney ashley merchant. thank you so much. there are two heated sides to the story. the police in georgia say, listen, we're not pushing religion on anyone. but some say this is a violation and they feel like it's an infringement. what do you think? >> right, a lot of people do. a lot of people are very upset about this. i don't think it infringes the first amendment or the separation of church and say. i can see how there would be a debate on that and argument for both sides. i hope it doesn't go as far as getting into a court of law. this has been the national motto since 1950. if you think about it, it's on our dollar bills. so many different places.
11:52 am
that's taking it too far and whether or not they should be doing this. is it a reasonable response of what's going on in america? is this what we should be focused on to make the relationship between the police and citizens better? is this going to fix it on a bumper sticker? >> i hear you. one of the most vocal groups going against the decals is a wisconsin based watchdog group, freedom from religious foundation. keep in mind, that some of the agencies were seeing these decals in georgia, missouri, texas, louisiana, and florida. i don't see wisconsin on the list but we have a response from them. spending taxpayer time placing religious messages on patrol cars is beyond the scope of secular government. further, in a time when citizens nationwide are increasingly distrustful of police actions, it is frightening and politically dubious to announce to citizens that law enforcement officers rely on the judgment of
11:53 am
a deity rather than on the judgment of the law. your reaction to that? >> i see their point. i definitely can see both arguments. something that said we defend the constitution or in the constitution we trust is more appropriate because that's what law enforcement is there for. they're there to protect and defend the constitution. really, religion should not really come into the analysis with law enforcement. so the one thing i would be really concerned about is if public dollars are being spent towards this and public time is spent towards this. that will deepen the debate and the divide here. that's the real issue. whether or not they want to put in god we trust, i don't see a problem with them putting it up on the cars but if they use public funds or time, that would be an issue. >> one of the sheriffs spearheading this said he would foot the bill for the $6 in god we trust decals any of his deputies wanted. take that point aside and no taxpayers are paying for the decals, do these officers have a
11:54 am
right if they want to put this decal on the back of their vehicles? >> i think they do. i think they've got a right to do this. whether or not they should be doing this, that's a whole other story. whether or not this is the answer for the problems we face in america, i think that's far too simplistic view to think this bumper sticker is going to change the issues we're having between police and law enforcement officers. and if the sheriff wants to spend his own money, there's better uses of the time than a bumper sticker. >> that's sort of my last question for you. if you can expand on this, how does it help the officers who feel like they are under attack by a large part of the population right now? >> well, we have to look deeper at the problem as to why these officers feel they're under attack. we've had a growing concern of law enforcement's involvement with citizens and i think the money is better spent with body cams, with things like that that the public can actually feel
11:55 am
more safe and in turn, the officers can feel more safe because the more public light shown on what officers are doing with the interactions with citizens such as by body cams, that's a much better use of our money. if you're going to invest in something like a bumper sticker, why not spend that money in body cams? all across this country, police officers are saying they don't have the money in their budget for body cams. >> absolutely. very constructive advice. thank you. >> leland, good to see you. still ahead, we continue to track hurricane joaquin as it's taken a turn away from the east coast. but another powerful storm system has stalled out over the eastern sea board and that's with a lot of rain and some misery. pass that keg. the favorite words in college and a tradition embraced by
11:56 am
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thousands of merry makers. oktoberfest, passing off the golden keg. with the streets of very finer liter hosen and dern dells. i bet i said that right. up to the bar for a beer and
12:00 pm
brat wurst. organizers say the celebration designed to promote tourism and local pride in lacrosse. >> probably more local pride than tourism in wisconsin. >> thank you for joining us. see you next week. fox news alert. we are waiting for an update out of oregon right now. there as we speak, a live camera positioned in roseburg, oregon. state police expected to hold a news conference at any moment. we watch the camera for you to hear what they have to say on thursday's tragic shooting. nine people were killed and nine others injured when a gunman entered a classroom at umpqua


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