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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 5, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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lucky things ended up way they did. you know what i'm saying? bill: what if you catch them? what you do do? martha: so cute. "happening now" starts right now. jenna: start off with a fox news alert. torrential rain with a what the governor is calling a thousand year flood. hope you're having a great monday so far. i'm jenna lee. jon: they're not unfortunately in south carolina. that storm system is expected to taper off gradually. the much of south carolina is underwater after record breaking rainfall. it caused hundreds of rescues, shutting down power, threatening the drinking water supply. schools are close and residents are warned to try to stay home. jonathan serrie live in one of the hardest hit areas. we take you to the capitol of columbia, south carolina. jonathan? >> reporter: jon, i'm standing in front of gill creek.
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you can see floodwaters are still raging although they are receding. that is revealing much of the damage to some of the businesses here. as we zoom in, you see some of the doors were pushed in, the front doors pushed in from just the force of these raging floodwaters that came through here yesterday. in fact, if i had been standing in this position yesterday, the water would be over my head. cars were left abandoned. this windshield bashed in apparently struck by some debris carried by raging floodwaters. an indication how dangerous the floodwaters can be. i want to show you dramatic video. earlier the columbia fire department swift-water rescue team strung lines across flooded roads to allow teams to reach people who were trapped inside of their vehicles. statewide, hundreds of people had to be rescued. officials continue to urge people to stay at home, if at all possible. >> if you are in your house, stay in your house.
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this is not something to be out taking pictures of. this is not something you want your kids playing in. the water is not safe. in a lot of areas across the state where you see this deepwater it has bacteria in it. >> reporter: for that reason the entire city of columbia is on a boil water advisory. residents urged to boil water at least a minute before drinking it or cooking it. in addition, many residents have no tapwater whatsoever. the floodwaters destroyed several water mains. a water main burst in the downtown area. at our hotel we lost tapwater last night. it was restored this morning. a very fluid situation as crews work feverishly to restore infrastructure knocked out by raging floodwaters. jon, back to you. jon: there is a lot of nasty stuff in the waters including snakes, jonathan. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of residents are reported seeing snakes.
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they get driven out of the wilderness, come in areas ordinarily inhabited by human, jon. jon: jonathan serrie. take care out there. >> the vessel has sank. we believe in sank in the last known position we recorded on thursday. so, what that means though, we just change our search planning efforts. we are still looking for survivors, or any signs of life, any signs of that vessel. jenna: we spoke with captain mark fedor on friday. at that point they hadn't located ship. the u.s. coast guard still frankly hasn't directly. the coast guard believes the missing cargo ship sank off the bahamas at height of hurricane joaquin. a one crew member was found in the search for the el faro, that is the name of the ship and including a heavily-damaged lifeboat. the coast guard are searching for any survivors.
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the planes will fly all day long and loyer for closer look at the water. the coast guard said if they managed to evacuate they were facing a category 4 hurricane with high winds and waves. 28 of the el faro crewmembers are american. we want to get perspective where the ship was sailing and in conditions like that. he has spent 30 years plus in the water. participated in search and rescueses. he joins you on the phone. captain sweeney, the area where this cargo container ship went down on what the edge of what we refer to the as legendary bermuda triangle. you sailed in this area of the world, what can you tell us about it? >> yes, jenna. the area of the bermuda triangle the ship is went down is known as hurricane alley by mariners. in this case i think the ship's disappearance is not a supernatural event some people
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might attribute to the bermuda triangle but as a result of the category 4 hurricane. this is the area, bermuda triangle encompass as large area including this area. jenna: you sailed through this area. you sailed through a hurricane before. you have a better understanding of some of the conditions, 50-foot waves. category 4, hurricane, what sort of conditions was the crew facing? >> here is what they would be facing the distress call thursday night. they would do everything they could to keep their ship -- these are experienced mariners and top-notch professionals, they would do everything they could to keep the ship seaworthy and afloat. the distress call showed thursday they were losing battle. in the dark with the ship listing 15 degrees, taking on water, 40-foot, four-story high wave and 150 mile-an-hour winds pounding them they would likely try to abandon ship in that
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weather, either in the lifeboats similar to the one found or what captain was taken kidnapped in or lifeboat launched from the vessel. jenna: what are chances in a craft like that? >> the chances i don't think are that good but i for one, like millions of other may rinners right now are praying that the crew made it into the life rafts and the lifeboats safely and awaiting rescue in the north atlantic. i have not given up hope and i'm not going to give up hope until we know more for sure. jenna: that is something that the captain from the coast guard reminded us all saying they will not underestimate someone's will to survive. we're pushing limits of survival in open water. if they're in some sort of a lifeboat vessel perhaps they could survive. talk to us a little bit about search-and-rescue as you have experience in that. how difficult, how challenging is it to locate a person or a lifeboat of some sort? >> they're trying to find something potentially as small
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as 20 or 30 feet in an area that they have already searched which is around the size of the state of massachusetts. and that is what they're talking about. what they're doing right now, the coast guard has vessels on the surface deployed along with company vessels that are also included in the search. what they're looking for right now on the surface is in sectors. they're looking for anything that is unusual. any flares might be coming up. watch officer on the bridge looking for radar return from a radar reflector that life rafts are equipped with. in the air, airplanes are doing same thing on longer range. coast guard has airplanes on the search. they're looking for anything unusual. looking for radar return and listening to their emergency radio, if somebody is spotting them on a life raft calling them mayday looking for help. jenna: we'll keep that hope as you are as well. captain sweeney, monday morning quarterbacking as the term refers to, i don't want to go back too down the road because our viewers might be asking
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question, this very experienced crew, we know the hurricane is coming, talk about how quickly weather can change why the captain of a ship would make the decision it was okay to move forward when there was a hurricane around? >> no professional, every professional mariner deals with pirates like captain phillips, deals with hurricanes, bad weather, danger on board one of the vessels. it is one of the most dangerous professions. i can tell you that from first-hand experience, anyone second-guessing captain in situation like this is in my opinion barking up the wrong tree. the master is in charge of the vessel. when they left the port of jacksonville, joaquin was just a tropical storm. it was, which is not unusual this time of year. it quickly intensified into a category 4 hurricane. but when they left port it was tropical storm. jenna: that is important point. one of the things the coast guard is mentioning in "the washington post," the storm came in and sat as a category 4 right where the ship was sailing.
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that was part of this toxic brew that led to some tragic events. but we'll see what happens next. captain sweeney, great to have your perspective and optimism as well. we'll watch story closely. >> thank you, jenna. i'm in the future if you need me. jon: talking to janice dean said the storm blew up to category 4, way faster than anyone expected. >> great perspective. why would you keep sailing. these big ships encounter all sorts of elements as the captain told us. you have to trust those in charge they were making best decisions with the information they had at the time. we know how quickly conditions can change. jon: sad situation right now. we hope there is good news. the supreme court back in business with a new term kicking off today. the high court taking up hot button cases this session as it usually does from affirmative action to the death penalty. shannon bream live in washington with the look ahead.
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shannon. >> reporter: hi, jon. very first argue underway in the courtroom. there are plenty of controversial cases already on tap for the calendar of this term. as is tradition the many justice took part in the annual red mass where prayers are offered for the health and wisdom of judiciary. they will need it. affirmative action in context of college admissions and death penalty. key case we're watching, whether public school teachers can be forced to pay union dues when they don't agree with union's political messages. opponents say that infringes on teachers first amendment rights but opponents say requiring the dues make sense. here are both sides. >> they felt their money was being put to political views they didn't agree with. >> makes sense to have fair share fees that cover bargaining that unions do benefit everyone, better working conditions, fairer wages. this novel first amendment theory could undermined the ability of hard-working
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americans to come together to work together for better work place conditions. >> reporter: a lot of court watchers are most interested in the cases not yet on docket. these are some of the unwith bubbling up in the lower courts we'll see if the justices ultimately takes them. one is use of president's executive action with immigration policy we'll see if the justices weigh in on that. also state abortion laws likely to have a chance here. most importantly a lot of folks involving the case involving the little sisters of the poor. a religious group of nuns that does care taking for those around the country those most in need. they're challenging obamacare mandate causing most employers to facilitate contraception access to most employees there. is split on the court. we wouldn't be surprised to see the justices weigh in on that during this term. jon: you have a busy weeks ahead. shannon bream, covering supreme
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court. jenna: the justices are also deciding whether to hear by appeal by virginia lacrosse player convicted of murder iring his girlfriend. joe biden waiting to jump into the presidential race, the latest factor that could make him hesitate. do you think joe biden will run for the presidency. our live chat is up and runnings "happening now." join the conversation.
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jenna: right now some crime stories making headlines this monday. jury selection begins for the student charged with killing his math teacher. he was arrested two years ago for killing his teacher two years ago. he is being charged for rape, robbery and murder charges. supreme court deciding not to hear an appeal by a former lacrosse player convicted of serving his ex. he is serving 23 years in prison for the death of yeardley love.
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the high court decision lets murder conviction stand. parole board will determine if oscar pistorius should be released earlier. he is serving five years for the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. if they decide he should be released from prison. he could be released immediately and allowed to serve his sentence under house arrest. jon: fox news is america's election headquarters and hillary clinton is embarking on a three-day trip through new hampshire and iowa as new polls show mixed results for her in those early voting states. in iowa, mrs. clinton maintains her lead with 47% of likely caucusgoers. senator bernie sanders stands at 36% but it's a different story in new hampshire. sanders maintain as nine-point lead there with 48%. mrs. clinton trails with 39%. joining us now, bret baier, the anchor of "special report." i suppose it's no surprise that
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bernie sanders is doing better since in new hampshire, since he comes from the neighboring state of vermont, right, bret? >> well there is that, jon, but there is also the fact he is somebody new and different for new hampshire. they are into this independent thought. they are into authentic politicians. hillary clinton has had a tough time there even though she won back in 2008. expect her to be on the trail a lot in coming weeks and also expect her to start differentiating herself with bernie sanders. i think that this very forceful call for gun control legislation is one of those efforts where she is trying to drive a wedge, bernie sanders has some issues in the fact he is from vermont, a rural state and he hasn't always been progun control. and that puts him at a different spot being the kind of leader on the progressive side of the party.
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jon: despite her numbers she has issues with her favorability rating in both those states. 35% favorability rating in iowa. 59% of the voters according to the latest polls viewer unfavorable, unfavorably. in new hampshire she has a 23% disadvantage in the favorability, unfavorable statistics. >> right, right, and it's a big deal. a lot i think comes from the email investigation and the drip, drip, drip we've been talking about. in the new investigation points that the fbi and all of the different explanations she has given. this morning on the today show gave a different explanation who chose saying she choose which were work and personal emails. couple weeks ago on "meet the press" she didn't want to look over the shoulder of her lawyers making decision what was work and what was personal.
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we're still seeing new emails come out. those favorable unfavorable numbers come directly from the that investigation. i think you will see a lot more of those appearances like ellen where she is dancing, "saturday night live," val the bartenders joking around. those are good for hillary clinton trying to turn those numbers around. jon: meantime she still has the specter of joe biden in the room. political world is wondering whether the vice president will enter the race. as he raises his decision, there is question how much he could hurt hillary clinton's campaign. when you add joe biden to the mix, he seems to take away more votes from hillary clinton than he does from bernie sanders, bret. >> not surprising and going bet that he will get in, at least the washington whisper. and the decision within five to seven days. that would put the decision before the democratic debate, first democratic debate in las vegas, nevada.
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he is not expected to be in the debate even if he gets in but the going bet he does get in. that changes whole dynamic on democratic side. really, battle over support in not only iowa and new hampshire but also south carolina, where biden could do well. jon: mrs. clinton has been waiting since she got out of the race in 2008 for this moment. everybody presumes she would be frontrunner but she showed surprising weakness as a candidate. that has to be pushing interest forward for joe biden? >> the fact that bill clinton is hitting campaign trail tells you all that you need to know about the state of the hillary clinton campaign. and that they are really in a full-court press to get back on the positive side and positive stories as opposed to this email story that continues to dog her. jon: then of course, there is the fund-raising which bernie sanders did almost as well as she did in the most recent quarter. bret baier. thank you. >> see you, jon.
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jenna: fitting we should go to this topic next. the media seems obsessed with the option of joe biden running for president. it's a little bit of a tease. they don't know what he i will do. insiders say he is get closer to a decision. our media panel weighs in. how this little girl was suddenly found. >> 911 what is your emergency? >> i found baby rainn and she is alive. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. jenna: a little girl is alive an apparently okay when she was lost for almost 48 hours. two-year-old rainn peterson
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found her sleeping in the grass mile from where she was last seen. he called 911. here is what he said. >> hi, baby, stay still. >> is she okay? does need an ambulance. >> can i grab her. she has lies all over her. >> is she, got, what sir? >> she has flies all over her but she is okay. i'm coming, honey. jenna: said on the call she was apparently sleeping in the grass there. rainn was taken to a local hospital where she is in stable condition. jon: wow. joe biden is still wrestling with the idea of a presidential run. confidants close to the vice president saying he is close to a decision. one report says he could announce it next weekend. mainstream media can seemingly not get enough of the biden guessing game. let's bring in the media panel today, alan colmes, host of "the alan colmes show," nationally
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syndicated by fox news radio. tammy bruce, a radio talk show host and fox news contributor. alan, can you get enough of the joe biden guessing game? >> i understand why it's a big issue in the media because it would really change the dynamic of the race if he jumps in. you have a big conflict on the democratic side. totally changes dynamic. you know, that's why it is such a big story. not knowing, we don't know what the field is going to be yet. if someone jump in this possibly late, i mean, will he get into the debate? could he do it before the debate, after the debate? this is a big issue for a lot of people. jon: does it indicate some media boredom or dissatisfaction with the democraticside? >> i don't know. i never thought as joe biden being mr. excitement. however, look, if you don't talk about joe biden you have to talk about hillary clinton. then it is prelude. >> or donald trump. >> prelude to the "orange is the new black." it is helpful. then they can look, everybody
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likes this guy. this is great news. the problem he would be a i will spoiler. he would take votes from hillary, not from bernie sanders. that means he is going to elevate effectively bernie sanders into winning. i think that would be the problem. his issue, do you want to end your career, having bernie sanders be the nominee? look i want him in there -- >> you think sanders would be nominee. >> i don't think so. >> would split the vote with hillary. >> not necessarily. >> i love it. biden is always liked and gotten single digits in elections and i think he should go for it. jon: doesn't joe biden do bert against republican candidates in the polls than hillary clinton does. >> does a little bit but you have to of course become the nominee in order to get there. he is running third right now. >> good numbers for someone not running. >> when he runs, hard questions begin and not fantasy and not media promoting him. >> right. here is where you make a little bit of a mistake you're
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presuming he would run take votes only away from hillary clinton. he might take votes from bernie sanders. among those voters who could be people don't want to go with hillary clinton and may go with somebody else. >> if you're for bernie sanders you will not be for joe biden or hillary clinton. >> don't agree. >> this is great. the democratic party is generally all socialist? >> the democratic party is big tent party like the republican party is. and there is lots of room to manuever. polls don't mean a lot. otherwise donald trump is your nominee and ben carson is his vice president. >> i agree this is very, very early. you notice of course they're not talking about the potential of mitt romney jumping in, the republican. ann romney said something very fascinating other day during the book tour, they're assessing field. if jeb bush continues to stay in single digits watch for that little bit of excitement. jon: if i'm martin o'malley or lincoln chafee i'm not getting absolutely no media attention and i'm in the race. >> or jim webb.
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chaffee and webb were on my show last week. it is a struggle. all the oxygen goes to hillary clinton and bernie sanders. maybe the debate is great leveler, if i get in the debate can be on the same playing field on level ground so that can change the numbers. jon: joe biden tried twice before. didn't make it. he is i think 72 years old. is this the time? is this his moment? >> well, that is the argument. look, he has to know of course, not fun to run for president and to fail. he -- jon: hard work. >> its hard work. he accomplish ad great deal. he is the vice president. he has got now this kind of halo around him because people like him and he had the tragedy and people looking sympathetically on him. i think running for president would change all of that. most people would agree, a very little chance of him getting the nomination. why would you enter to be the spoiler? media loves it, again means they don't have to cover hillary. >> they're covering hillary.
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they're covering benghazi and hearings. >> they want to cover something other than her being bartender on "saturday night live." >> they want to cover. :clip came out with gun policy, not this phony benghazi investigation. jon: we'll see what it does for the poll numbers. tammy bruce, alan colmes. thank you. jenna? jenna: we have breaking news out of amtrak. amtrak confirming a derailment in northern vermont around the northfield area. getting reports from local station in vermont, wfff. this runs daily between washington, d.c. and the northern station in vermont. so we'll be watching that. we don't have any sort of reports of injuries. we do know this is passenger train. that the vermont state police are responding with other first-responders. that is all we know right now. amtrak confirmed this derailment. we'll continue to watch news out of vermont. bring you very latest as soon as
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we hear it. of course any images as we get them. meantime historic rainfall causing chaos, causing hundreds of rescues in south carolina. maria molina has the latest update. jeb bush trying to establish himself as his own man as part of a political family but he is having a change of heart and bring in his brother, george w. bush, to boost his campaign? we'll ask karl rove next.
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jon: fox news alert. crews are responding to what
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appears to be an amtrak derailment. reports suggest that the amtrak train 55, which runs each day between washington, d.c. and st. albans vermont, has jumped tracks, how serious it is we don't know at this point. it happened in northfield vermont. that is the home of norwich, university, not too far south of the canadian border near the end run of this train. what precisely happened, whether cars are still on their wheels so to speak or if they tipped over on their sides we don't have any report yet. we will stay on top of that. we'll let you know more as we get information on fox. ♪ >> georgia's boy and george's brother. that is generally, not nothing, i'm proud of my family but i'm not going to get elected by being the third bush running for president. i got that. i have enough self-awareness to know that is not the case. i have to go earn it. jenna: jeb bush speaking about
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his brother. having a maybe a change of heart on the role of his brother in the former campaign. as the former florida governor struggles to connect with republicans maybe would bring in his brother, george w. bush. it could help with his republican base or backfire. karl rove, former chief of staff of the george w. bush and fox news contributor. he has done private fund-raising for his brother jeb. do you think he will see a more public role and why would we now? >> i doubt that we will. i want to correct you, it is not the campaign, jeb bush campaign is exploring this. the story in the "new york times" emanates from a couple of long-time supporters of president bush 43, barry wynn, 43's campaign finance chairman in 1999 and 2,000 in south carolina and sally at water, the widow of lee atwater.
8:37 am
close friend of 43 and 41's. it was their suggestion to the "new york times" reporter, jonathan martin, 43 should come in to campaign because he popular. jenna: i said reports. thank you for correcting us. i was going to get to the appointment of south carolina in a moment. in general do you think where jeb bush is in the polls there will be change of strategy and more members will come forward? >> doubt it. we're very early, talking about the last segment nnbc marist polls there is movement for bush in new hampshire and eye would you. we're likely to see the polls gyrate all over the place. well-meaning gesture of two long-time supporters of president bush 43 should not be read to much into it. my assumption is 43 is comfortable doing what he has done, behind the scenes helping
8:38 am
fund-raising events and leaving field open for his brother. he is being very circumspect. i think this is the best way to help the country heal. he believes history will be fair in his judgment what he did while he is in office. but i don't think that either he or his brother's campaign managers or his brother are particularly focused on getting him to jump out there and campaign, go door-to-door. i've been through this before. we had enormous pressure in 1999 and 2000 to get the most popular republican alive in america at that time, barbara bush and along with her husband george h.w. bush. we ultimately did at one point in new hampshire. i'm not certain how wise we were putting them out there if the final days of a primary. people make up their minds not on basis strictly who your parents are and who your brother is but who you are and what you're talking about. jenna: we get your point poll something early and we all know it is very early in the campaigns but as each day goes by and see average in the polling jeb bush not in the top
8:39 am
three, granted top three often changes as we get closer to the final days of deciding who is the candidate, what is jeb bush's pitch to fund-raisers, to donors, to say, hey, continue to give me money because i'm going to stay in this race, and i'm going to be the most relevant candidate? >> well, looking what he is saying in both advertising and on the stump, if you have seen them in the last couple weeks. he is pushing very hard that he was conservative governor of florida who took on powers that be in tallahassee, whether teacher unions or big spenders in government or bureaucrats. he was a guy who cut taxes, reformed the schools with charter schools left and right, cut spending every year that he was there, reduced the number of total number state government employees and -- jenna: that may be true, karl, at this moment for short term they're going to be looking where to put their money whether or not to continue to put it there is that enough? >> jenna, with all due -- jenna,
8:40 am
we'll see. here is the thing you could have made the same argument at sam point in, excuse me in 2011 about the fourth, a guy who was fourth and fifth at times in the polls. his name was mitt romney. he won the nomination. you could have said these things about in 2007 about the third, the third or fourth place person in much smaller field, a guy named john mccain. they went on to win the nomination. jenna: okay. >> think about it. we're as far from the beginning of iowa caucuses as we would be from the november general election if this were the early july. there is a long time to go. jeb bush has a terrific record he is trying to put attention on and he has got the resources of the that is not to say he is going to win or he is the absolute winner and but he will be competitive and anyone who counts out any one of these significant players, jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich or carly fiorina, or ben carson or donald trump out of this point is going way over the line. we have plenty of gyrations to go up and down.
8:41 am
jenna: all candidates today you feel like there is nothing to the report in "new york times" george w. coming forward and you feel money will stay there. that is where it is. that's fine. >> no. i think there is something to the report in the "new york times" that barry wynn and sally atwater would love to have their friend, george bush. jenna: and barbara bush they also mentioned. >> come in to south carolina but i would not think more of it than barry wynn and sally atwater, both who are friends of mine and jonathan martin made a story out of a little and let's not make too much of it. jenna: karl, thank you. >> you bet, thank you, jenna. jon: fox news alert. as we told you crews are responding to what appears to be an amtrak derailment. reports suggest that amtrak train number 55 which runs each day between washington, d.c., and st. albans, vermont, has derailed. we have a lieutenant from the montpelier fire department is on with us live.
8:42 am
lieutenant, what do you know about the situation? >> information i received from montpelier fire department, amtrak train with five cars has gone off, and two cars have gone down over an embankment. the reports that i'm getting there was quite a few people that were shaken up but only four people are going to be transported to the hospital. jon: okay, people shaken up. but, only four transports. it sounds like, well, do you have any reports on seriousness of those four injuries? >> i do not have any information on that. jon: when you say an embankment, any idea how tall, how steep we're talking about? >> they said it was fairly steep. they were down, down over the embankment. jon: is there any word what may have caused this? >> i have not heard that, no. jon: all right. lieutenant dana huoppi, from the montpelier fire department. we appreciate the information. four people apparently going to the hospital after this amtrak
8:43 am
derailment in northfield, vermont. we'll keep you updated with any new information. jenna: some new developments in the murder of a popular dentist. police making a second arrest but they say this case isn't closed. we'll get you updated what exactly is happening here.
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jenna: new fox news headlines 24/7 on siriusxm radio, providing listeners with real time headlines and around the clock reporting. here is look behind the scenes. >> we'll make our way in. a short time ago, a few months ago there was a wall right here. and that wall is now busted because we now have fox news radio 24/7, a partnership with siriusxm, xm radio 115. carley shimkus is trending reporter. give us a behind the scenes tour of the brand new network, 39 minutes oil. >> it would be my absolute pleasure. should we get up. >> you're here, whatever is
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trending social media wise -- >> i'm constantly looking at internet. whatever is trending, whether breaking news or you know, some big social media stories really popular on the internet our listeners here it first. >> brand new rug, let's wear it out. >> all right. this is our reporter, our reporter desk there. jared max is our sports reporter. so you guys have that in common. >> i worked for jared doing sports phones in the 1950s. >> now you're reconnected. this is really cool. this is monica ricks, breaking news reporter. this is live station for news. this second news break we have microphone and it is a working newsroom. you can hear it all happen right here. >> monica, for example, have you been on in 39 minutes with breaking news? >> i've been on with two different stories. first south carolina flooding. it is horrible there. the other story of the day, umpqua community college reopening after that mass shooting last week. >> you're on outside. on inside you cover breaking news.
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on inside today is bill hemmer. he is up early, delivering news here at it breaks. are you seeing bill through, the glass. carly? >> yes. i. >> noticed you have a fox attitude. before i heard a little bit of chris wallace's show over the weekend. >> that is cool. this sets us part from anything else. this is fox brand product you know it will be good. big fox talent and resources a well. jenna: thank you, to brian and carley for that. sirius/xm radio, channel 115. jon: wardrobe malfunction for some airline executives. their shirts literally ripped from their backs during a meeting. we'll tell you how it happened and why. when it comes to medicare, everyone talks
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about what happens when you turn sixty-five. but, really, it's what you do before that counts. see, medicare doesn't cover everything. only about eighty percent of part b medical costs.
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. sandra, harris what do you have? >> hey, jon. ready for hillary or waiting for some joe? big democratic fund-raisers say they're defecting to the draft biden movement. do they know something we don't? >> waiting for joe, is that coffee? no. hillary clinton polks fun at herself on "saturday night live." was it political humor or some people call it a great big clinton campaign ad? >> shocking numbers on drop of kids playing teen sports. some experts say parents are to
8:53 am
blame. >> plus our #oneluckyguy. jon: see you at the top of the hour. >> see ya. jon: search for a woman who is suspected of plotting a murder of a prominent dallas dentist. investigators have a warrant for this woman, brenda delgado. she is wanted for a murder charge. she plotted and helped to carry out fatal shooting of this woman, brenda hatcher. she was dating delgado's ex-boyfriend, last month. they arrested the christopher love, the alleged gunman. he is charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and murder. two days, officers arrested this woman, crystal cortez. they say she received $500 to drive the get away car. former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney jonna spilbor is with us and former prosecutor, dan schorr join me
8:54 am
right now. jonna, prosecutors when they had a news conference and arrest on friday, refused to speculate on a motive. you want to speculate on a motive here? >> sure i will speculate on a motive. the jealous and jilted lover going after the new lover have. reports said the old lover was apparently upset her ex-boyfriend brought now deceased dentist home to meet mom. you know what that means, jon. their relationship was getting serious. jon: the guy under arrest being triggerman according to prosecutors still had the murder weapon on him. they matched the ballistics. >> you would think why would you still have the weapon on you when you could get rid of it at any point but we've seen had in other murder investigations, where someone shockingly has the murder weapon, sometimes on their person days or weeks after a crime. it is reckless. fortunately people mess up and that is how they're caught sometimes. jon: this woman, brenda delgado is the woman apparently the jilted ex-girlfriend. police have asked her to turn
8:55 am
herself in. here is what they said at news conference. >> all i will suggest to her, specifically, is that she turn herself in as quickly as possible. she is fugitive wanted at this point for capital murder. jon: capital murder charge. the alleged triggerman, is in jail on two million dollars bail. i mean this is a serious case. how likely is she to turn herself in. >> she is not going to turn herself in, unless she get as lawyer, you might have a chance to have leniency if you cooperate initially. or if she is not even in the country now. people don't understand, whether you hire the person, drive the getaway vehicle, if you're a corespond spirit tore in capital murder case you are just as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger. jon: it never ceases to amaze me what love can cause some people to do? >> that seems to be the motive here. she has to turn herself in, fleeing will never help her case. if she is the on the run, prosecutor will say that is
8:56 am
consciousness of guilt. fact she was dating the victim's boyfriend in the past, clearly shows probably motive jealousy, the cops have all kinds of leverage they can apply against the guy, christopher love, the alleged triggerman. >> oh, yeah. essentially get him to sing like a canary in the hopes maybe he doesn't get the death penalty or or don't keep it on the table for very long. jon: we'll keep our viewers apprised. thank you both. we'll be right back.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
jenna: south carolina governor nikki haley speaking about the flooding in her state. she just announced nine related deaths to the flooding and telling folks to, please, stay off the road. let's take a listen. >> make sure we're watching that properly. debris removal, we are looking for downed trees, any sort of limbs or things that are getting in the way. the good news is that we are getting into the assessment and recovery mode, so a lot of that is where we can start to assess
9:00 am
the damage to really start making some good decisions on how we can go and get people back into a protected situation but also back into a recovery situation. water issues, we have quite a few water issues that we're seeing, either people are without water or contaminated water. so we do want people to be extremely careful. we currently have 40,000 people right now without water, and i know that they're working very hard to get that back up. we have 26,000 people that are without power. that number seems to be an average. it's not that they're not getting it back up, it's just when one goes down, the other one, you know, we get another one out. so it's going back and forth there: but we do have 253 troopers on the road out there trying to keep everybody safe and help all of the crews and everybody move accordingly. sled has gone and deployed additional officers into claireington, lexington and lee counties as they've needed


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