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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 5, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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donald trump will it is down with bret baier at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night right here on fox. that's all the time we have left this evening. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance. it hurts our feelings a lot when you're not here. thanks for being with us. see you back here. tonight, "on the record," donald trump and nothing is off limits from the evil mass shooting at a community college in oregon to dr. ben carson's sudden surge in at least one poll and even in weekend saturday night life donald trump. hitting hard on a wide range of topics. one thing is 100 percent certain. the billionaire businessman never shies away from speaking his mind. a short time ago donald trump went "on the record." donald, nice to talk to you. >> hi, greta. >> donald, if you were with the, when we had another shooting much like we had in oregon how would have you responded to it or what's your sort of plan or strategy to stop these shootings? >> well, greta, i would have really responded by talking
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about mental health because a lot of the institutions that used to be open or closed because of budget reasons and a lot of other reasons. but budgetary reasons in new york it happened. in california it happened. they are closing a lot of these institutions where they take care of people that have mental problems. but i would have certainly talked about mental as opposed to guns. the president talks about guns. and it's not the guns that do the shooting. it's the people. it's the mind that does the shooting. so i would have within much more focused on that. >> recently you have gone over senator marco rubio tweets on him calling him little rub. >>. why is he in your sites now? >> it's fine. he hit me because he wasn't doing particularly well in the polls appeared and he still isn't if you look at his numbers he was after me because i was number one and continue to be number one in the polls. i can understand why he would and i told people that he is weak on immigration. very, very weak on imgraduation, actually, which is very sad thing.
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and i think that's one of the many things that people are liking my about my candidacy that i'm strong on stopping illegal immigration. building a wall. it will be paid for my mexico. now people understand it will be happening when he this see the kind of money that united mexico is making frm the united states. they get it it his voting record is horrible. if you look at his voting record in the senate. he misses so many votes much more than anybodies. i brought out these things. i have nothing against him personally at all. all right. you bring up polls. let me say right out front so you don't yell at me. of the fox poll you are up 8. the suffolk u.s.a. poll 10. of the poll says dr. ben carson beats you by 7. we don't know if that's a trend or outlier. what's the response to that. >> that's the first time i ever heard that polls at 35, 36. they just came out too. i guess they are all going
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to be different. i never heard of this poll that you have mentioned. two days ago i'm at 35, a big one, that's nationally. we are very happy with the way we are in the polls. most polls including your fox poll i'm way up over everybody else. >> kevin mccarthy made a statement about it and he is of course suggesting it was political. trey gowdy would disagree with him. is the trey gowdy investigation of secretary hillary clinton political or is it legitimate or a little bit of both? >> well, i don't think it's political. his statement was unfortunate because they could turn it around and i guess he has a different reason or statement about his statement. but the truth is, you know, it's -- that's such a serious event and i think trey gowdy is very, very serious about it so i could not be thrilled with the statement that was made. but i think it was an unfortunate use of words. and hopefully that does not come back to haunt. >> did he have a chance to
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see "saturday night live" this past weekend? they had secretary clinton was a character. she actually went and acted and then they had a skit about you. were you treat fairly by nbc? >> well, i think so. it was cute. it was fun. it was nice. it's a good show. he i mean, i have been on. i have hosted it it is what it is. i think it's fair and it was funny. it's supposed to be funny. it's supposed to be a little bit of laughs and they certainly had a lot of me in that show that, i can tell. >> you what is your biggest disappointment in president obama? >> well, just that the spirit if you look so many mistakes. we don't have victories anymore. we used to have struck tries all the time be having victory after victory. we have nothing. when is the last time on trade, on war we can't beat isis. we can't beat anybody. iraq and afghanistan with the hospital and you see what's going on with that such a tragedy. and everything we do is
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wrong. we are like the gang that couldn't shoot straight. everything we do is wrong. and, you know, i stay it, we don't have victories anymore. >> do you think -- i mean, is it ideology or is it personality or is it the fighting on capitol hill? what is it? >> maybe it's management. maybe it's lack of leadership. it's a lot of things. i think it's a lot of things all rolled up into one. it's just not the way it is supposed to be. we should be this great country that is a great leader in so many different ways including economically. you look at how some of these countries are just taking add vans, what happens with our military. military strong in one way but in another way it's getting weaker and weaker all the time. we don't have the general mcarthurs. how tough it was to beat isis. he thinks it's going to be a long time. george baton wouldn't say
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that and mcarthur wouldn't say that it would go quickly. it's like we are in a different place. like we are living in a different world from what we used to. we need victory and we don't have victory anymore. >> why was president obama seemingly surprised about vladimir putin sending his general into the embassy in baghdad i think it was on wednesday to say that they are going to start flying russian planes in syria in an hour. how did that surprise in your mind? >> that's a perfect case in pound. putin was here. he was in this country. everything was like final. they meet, and in theory there should be no surprises. and a couple of days later they leave and they send somebody, in a general or somebody to say this is what we are going to be doing. >> how does that happen? >> a lack of respect. all it is lack of respect. he doesn't respect our president. it's purely lack of respect. leaves them. they were together two days before or a short time before. and all of a sudden they get this message that was shocking to everybody at the
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time. and it's not a question of what they were doing, but they had no idea that this was going to be happening. and pure and simple, it's lack of respect for president obama by putin. >> and so how do you get that respect? because putin is a liar. he has deceived us before. how does a president get that respect? >> well, putin is a liar but putin is leading and putin is somebody that people are respecting all over the world now and our country is just the opposite. you get the respect, to a certain extent you have it or you don't have it. you have that ability to get respect. you are a leader or not a leader. can you hone those skills and make yourself better. when leadership, and i have seen it so many different times and some years. you are either a leader or not. you basically have that ability or don't have that ability. we have a president that somehow doesn't seem very, very sadly. i would love if he was a great leader. i would love if he were doing a great job. i mean, frankly, i want to see the country be great beyond parties, beyond
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anything else. it's not going to happen. and that's why i'm running for president. >> donald, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you very much, greta. >> now to the other side of the political aisle. secretary clinton's thorn in her side, bernie going big, a brand new "wall street journal" nbc news poll showing vermont senator and socialist bernie sanders with a huge lead in new hampshire over former secretary of state hillary clinton. now, this latest poll coming as there are reports, vice president joe biden could make his white house decision any day now. will he or won't he? the "on the record" political panel is here from the daily beast becky woodruff and david catanese. betsy first, will or won't he? >> my guess is no. biden hasn't hired or made any serious staff hires and pushing back. hemmer has hired just about every democratic operative with a pulse. in this point the longer he ways the more-likely.
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biden confidante told cnn he moves from a 50 to 85% lukely hood so i may eat my words. >> david, it's your turn to guess. >> i'm going to guess he does get in about 60% 40% chance right now. i think it's very close. joe biden gets an a for political intrigue. he has kept everyone guessing. if you read all these stories that i read today, it's a couple of advisors thinking he is going to and then sort of couched with a couple of advisors who think he is not going to. i did my own reporters on this last week and i talked to a democratic operative if he pulls the trigger. it wasn't that he had made the decision. >> betsy in 2008 secretary of state hillary clinton who was then senator clinton did a come back. she beat bomber senator in new hampshire. now the numbers are senator bernie sanders at 42 and she
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is at 28 in this new poll. ouch. it's mind boggling you would have numbers that low. we minder in which money gets you far same ticket not going to outspend george bush. so much about interpersonal communication. these voters want to meet you one on one and talk to you. good chance hillary does better on tv ads man know. >> bernie sanders or secretary clinton? >> i think it gets divided up. >> were you shocked by these numbers in new hampshire? >> it's always been tough. bernie has been beating her in new hampshire for a while. >> he is a neighbor though. is he is a vermont neighbor. >> is a national. if you look at his fanchs are all voters. higher favorables among all voters than hillary. he beats some of these republicans in general election matchups which is another surprising thing.
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but on the money part, the funny thing is she is burning through money. what has it gotten her? now he has about as much cash on hand as she does going into the last quarter of the year. >> for the life of me i don't understand how the dnc he doesn't even want to be a democrat but he is part of the dehe bait. he doesn't want to be a democrat. he is he an independent and socialist. he has been in congress about 30 years and never sponsored any big legislation. if i were hillary clinton at the debate i would say what have you actually accomplished. >> he doesn't go after her either. is he very cowerful having a spice positive campaign. she looks bad if she goes after him. >> this isn't about mr. nice guy at this point but anyway thank you both. >> this is a fox news alert. what a nightmare. record rainfall turning deadly in the carolinas as what's called a thousand year flood covers the area.
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violent storm dumped as much as 2 feet of rain in some areas. garrett tenney is live in myrtle beach. kerrigan is in columbia. the disappear and of a cargo ship at sea. janice dean is in the exstrategic weather center. janice? >> the numbers are record breaking across south carolina. over 21 inches as cotc of south and north. smashing records here. over 26 inches in parts of south carolina. again, the numbers close to 2 feet or more in this very vulnerable area and the water just has nowhere to go on shore winds. people are still urged to stay in place. flood advisories still on shore for from north carolina down to south carolina. and we still have that on shore flow with moisture. it is getting better. it is letting up and we are
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starting to see those flood advisories start to come down which is great news. however, the damage is done. we are going to see millions and millions of dollars in damage. and it could take years in some cases to repair the infrastructure. you can he see the whipped gusts still coming on shore. we are not done yet. we are almost there. as we look ahead over the next couple of days, we could see a couple of inches again in the vulnerable areas of south carolina. up towards the outer banks here. but watching the satellite imagery and the radar, the rain will come to an end. and it's because we have had this upper level low and some of the the moisture associated with this hurricane. so, again, greta need to get through the next 12 to 24 hours then the rain will side for many days which is good news. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> rain has stopped in south carolina cleaning up the damage as janice note noted from rain and floods.
11:14 pm
hundreds of 24-inch of rain that fell over the weekend. garrett tenney is live in myrtle beach. garrett? >> yeah, greta. just this past hour we learned that mandatory evacuations has been ordered j rsz about an hour and a half west of here in florence county. that's due to rising river problems. stick around for at least the next week as all of this rain works its way down through the state. here in the neighborhood though, all this water you see it came in a matter of hours on sunday earlier today it was up to my waste. neighborhood earlier today we saw some people using canoes and kayaks to come to their homes and check out the damage. that damage level, it varies. you will have a few feed in some homes. a flooding to couple inches in others some have none at all. it's a dramatic experience
11:15 pm
for everyone here across the state. one woman up the street she came here to retire. but after this, she says as soon as this water goes down, she is going to clean up and then she is moving. greta? >> garrett, thank you. it sure looks awful though thank you, garrett. mandatory evacuations as garrett just noted underway also in columbia. now sands of people were w. no power, some residents were forced to get around by kayak or boat. steve harrigan. >> flying overhead and check on a dam about six miles north of where i am standing that dam partially breached. mandatory evacuations here in colombia, south carolina. teen a local shelter at a local 4508. main road. flooding of more than 300
11:16 pm
roads, 150 bridges and not just flooding. we have seen some roads eroded as well. simply partially eroded with sinkholes or entirely washed away. so, wherever you drive around the state, you see orange cones and you are really not sure what that means ahead. a lot people cones have not stopping them. we have seen a number of stranded vehicles. a truck over my shoulder still in those trees there as far as situation goes for rescues they are still under way in the past 24 hours more than 100 rescues by those swift boat rescues. we have seen them go by in von i haves of national guard, still pulling people out. plucking people from the air as well. a lot of suffering here, too. with people who are still in their homes. more than 40,000 people without running water. 25,000 people without power. so it's cold. you are wet. have you got no power, no running water. some tough days for the past four days for people of south carolina. especially here in the
11:17 pm
capital, greta, back to you. >> of course, also your homes are destroyed by all that water. that's next. anyway, steve, thank you. and this is whatter every american family dreads. news that contact has been with a ship missing at sea. cargo ship lost contact near the bahamas near hurricane joaquin. the u.s. coast guard saying the ship most likely sank. "on the record" griff jenkins is live in jacksonville, florida. griff? >> hi, greta. coast guard saying earlier that the boat likely sunk near its last known location some 35 nautical islands northeast of crooked islanded in the bahamas in 15,000 feet of water. so far the coast guard has only found one crew member. found one of the two life boats on board the boat beaten and badly damaged.
11:18 pm
we learned that the national transportation safety board has deployed a go team here in jacksonville to determine what exactly what happened and what other contributing factors may have play youd a part. we asked a local maritime attorney rod sullivan about it. here is what he had had to say. >> first of all, there were four ships built virtually identical to this one at the same exact time 40 years ago. of those four ships, two have already been scrapped as being beyond their useful life. this ship was extended by 90 feet. every time you extend a ship, you really changing its characteristics and in my opinion you are making it in some way weaker. you know, a ship is a piece of machinery, and it can only go through so many cycles and when it goes through too many cycles, the metal fatigues and becomes more likely you to suffer catastrophic failure which is what i think happened in this case. >> and the coast guard will continue into the the night, greta, looking for the other
11:19 pm
2 unaccounted crew members. as coast guard captain mark theodore said earlier today in a press conference deploying in a category four storm hurricane is not something really easy to do. we know at least a majority of those life boats are gone and the rafts as well turning up damaged in the debris flooding out here. it's a sad night here in jacksonville as folks keep hope alive. greta? >> just think of trying to get into one of those life with 140 mile-per-hour wind and the seas raging like that. maybe we can get lucky on this one, griff, thank you. and some disrespect after police officers denied service doughnuts and coffee at the dunkin' donuts change. what they are saying now: jason chaffetz throws his hat in the ring. there has been some
11:20 pm
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speaker of the house jason chaffetz launched a dark horse campaign to be speaker. presenting himself as a new face. jason chaffetz goes "on the record." i appreciate it. >> why do you want to be speaker of the house? >> you know. i think it's time for a new start. speaker boehner is stepping down. we can appreciate what has done but at the same time, we got -- we got elected with the largest majority that we have had since babe ruth was swing ago bat and they expect us to get results. they expect us to tackle tough issues and not punt and take the fight to the president and to the senate
11:24 pm
and to the american people and that's what i want to do. >> okay. you are running general's majority leader kevin mccarthy, you guys are good friends. >> he is a s. a great guy. >> you guys have talked about it. >> i did on friday morning. eyeball to eyeball. >> did you say i hate you now. >> we are friends. i think it was tough. i just told him why i was running and i thought he had a math problem. >> meaning he doesn't have 218 votes. >> 22 18 votes on the floor of the house is what it takes. i do feel in my heart i'm not running against cfn i'm running for speaker our conference deserves choice and shame on us if we don't put people up to run on the most important position. >> how many votes now. >> kevin clearly has the majority of our conference. my fear is doesn't have 218 votes on the floor of the house. there are 246 republicans that will actually vote. >> do you think he will get any democrats? >> no, i doubt it. i would really doubt it that
11:25 pm
would worry me if i did. i think there are 50 or so people that just under no circumstance can or would vote for kevin mccarthy. >> so what happens? because you have got another one in their third. >> i'm offering myself to say, look, we have got some inpersonal divide that i think i can bridge. we have got to engage in a lot of process reform because we have members that feel disengaged in the process. i also want to be a speaker who changes the bare time paradigm. goes out and makes the case to the american people and the senate. >> what happens if the three of you don't get to 218. >> we have got to figure it out. we can't hand this and cede this to nancy pelosi. somebody has to bridge that divide and i hope i'm that person. >> let me go to another topic. the secret service has been snooping around your files because in 2004 you applied for the secret service. they were dirty. everybody committed it was dirty. everybody admit this is the worst, horrible. two questions has president obama called you? >> no.
11:26 pm
>> and the second is one is why hasn't the head of the secret service resigned and everybody else has been snooping in your files? >> it is a violation of federal law. scary. 45 agents in violation of federal law. >> it's admitted, to. this is not a republican coming and screaming about the secret service. this is an admission? >> this is the inspector general going and interviewing these people looking through the records and it's intimidate. it shouldn't happen to anybody. >> could president obama fire these people. >> yes. >> why do they still have a security clearance? you can't be a secret service agent if you don't have a "scooter" security clearance. where is the criminal probe from the department of justice? >> loretta lynch, are you listening? >> there really should be a special prosecutor. >> this is terrible. >> this is the secret service for goodness sake. just because i'm doing my job doesn't give them permission to snoop on me. >> they didn't like you because you were.
11:27 pm
>> they are demonstrating why we were doing a vigorous investigation. >> now they really need investigation. any i. iowa, congressman, nice to see you, sir. we will see you on the 299th of october. i said that on air. thank you. wait until you see this awful thing done to a police officer. that's next. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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police officer in connecticut was denied service in dunkin' donuts. was waiting in line when an employee he loudly announced he didn't get the message we don't serve cops here. fox connecticut jim aultman is covering the dunkin' disrespect and filed this report for "on the record." >> there is a thing here in connecticut that there is a dunkin' don't nutsz on every corner. that is certainly the case here in west hartford, connecticut. this is a very popular shop here. neighbors come here. workers come here and police come here. this is what happened on saturday at this country continue dunkin' donuts that's left a bad case. >> the coffee talk has been contentious for the past two days. at least at that dunkin' donuts in west hartford. >> he was a little dumbfounded when it happened. >> on saturday a veteran west hartford police officer came into this west farmington location to get a cup of coffee and loudly told by a female employee we
11:32 pm
don't serve cops here. the plus report states she then repeated herself saying he didn't get the message. we don't serve cops here. the officer took the high road. he walked out to the parking lot and then approached by the store manager who apologized. the employee said it was all in guest. but the story continues to percolate. it's been all over social media and even grabbed some headlines. >> hey, how are you? >> we went to the store to accident about the incident. >> can we ask you about what happened on saturday. >> i'm right in the middle of my cashout. >> you can't talk to us about what happened here with the west alford police officer on saturday. >> no. >> it's regrettable, no. >> yeah. unfortunately we can't give no information on it it. >> we asked franchise ye scott to talk on camera he issued a statement instead saying we have apologized for this isolate and unfortunate incident. dunkin' donuts fully
11:33 pm
respects and supports the west hartford police. we look forward to our positive relationship. today they sat down. stone brunner is a lieutenant. it was a very good meeting and they came to a mutual understanding of the incident. we very no you will feelings. the police say they appreciate the public outcry you. >> this is a very difficult climate in policing today. we are doing our best to put our best foot forward, this incident is over and we just want to move ahead and we have a great community here in west hartford and we truly appreciate their support. >> we also asked dunkin' donuts if there was any action taken against that employee. they have yet to respond to our question. as far as the west hartford police go. they tell us they are gathering all sorts of support on their facebook page from well wishers. reporting in west hartford, connecticut, jim altman, fox news. >> now this latest incident unfortunately discriminating against a cop is not unique. we have heard it before.
11:34 pm
rotten. the "on the record" legal panel is here. katie phang and former homicide detective ted williams with. ted? >> i'm incensed by what has taken place here. and dunkin' donuts should have the responsibility and to fire someone who did this. we don't serve police officers here. when you arrive at that dunkin' donuts who are you going to call other than police officers. that's the sad commentary. the problem with this is it's not an isolated incident that's going on there. this is going on all over the country where you have got brave men and women who are there to serve and protect their communities and you are telling them that you can't serve them and you are disrespecting them. it's just utterly unacceptable. >> katie, the police said the difficult climate in policing. >> that's an understatement as we all know there is a complete war on the blue.
11:35 pm
police lives matter. it's not just dunkin' donuts. it's happened at arby's and taco bell. police officers have walked. in they have caulked into an establishment which is a pluck accommodation. >> you face the reality that you are offering services to the public at large. you are not allowed to discriminate especially against law enforcement. it may not be illegal and actionable although there are some states that have laws against discriminating against people's military status it might be time for people to reevaluate the legislature to reevaluate whether can you discriminate against law enforcement. it's terribly unfair like ted just said. you get robbed at that dunkin' donuts sure as hell you are picking up that phone. it's that officer from west hartford that's going to show up. >> i think a firing would send a pretty good message. >> i think it would. there was in texas a wanna burger where a police officer was told that we will not serve you and wanna
11:36 pm
burg are took that right action and fired the person on the spot. there needs to be sent a message. we can't have this in our community. there are good men and women who risk their lives daily to serve and protect those members of the community. >> not some, most. that's the problem. katie, would you fire this person? >> i would not only fire that person but take it up the chain and see why not supervisor was not doing something. i understand the supervisor came out to the parking lot and apologized immediately. creating this culture it of disrespect. >> you know what i would do if they were kiln dunkin' donuts. free coffee all across the country. free coffee and doughnut show up in your uniform and badge. they can afford it. terrified train passengers
11:37 pm
tossed around in their seats as amtrak train leaps off the track in vermont. we are live in vermont with the very latest and another train derailment. plus, how's come wall street executives who caused that financial crisis didn't go to prison? former federal reserve chairman ben bernanke goes "on the record" next. >> now fox news headlines 24/7 is onen sirius xm 2014. sports entertainment. every story, every headline. now, fox news headlines 24/7, ready when you are on sirius xm another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours.
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awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. recession cost jobs and net worth and shaken the economy for years. it still has not recovered. how's come the people that did this to the nation got off scot-free. no indictments. the author of the brand new
11:42 pm
book courage to act ben bernanke goes "on the record." >> nice to be here. >> congratulations on your new book. >> thanks. i'm glad it's out now. >> do you understand -- do i understand this correctly. you are the banker, not the attorney general, and am i right that you didn't dare to say anything during this time because anything that comes out of the federal reserve is going to shake the entire global economy because we all react to it? >> well, i was talking about the department of justice's strategy. they he decided to try to penalize ensubstitutions and get big fines out of the banks. and i thought at the time that it would have been better off going after the folks who made the decisions. after all it's people not banks that actually make decisions. >> i guess i say this. he guess i say this because there is criticism that you didn't speak up at the time to go to the justice department to say get some indictments and maybe you haven't heard that criticism. >> the feds. this is not an enforcement agency. he thought that was out of my lawn to talk to the department of justice.
11:43 pm
and i was worried about doing that. >> you guess my point is, i'm with you on this one. he you agree that you shouldn't have spoken up. i you am highly critical of attorney general eric holder and also of any attorney general. in the instance of goldman sachs, they had had some sort of accounting gimmickry and which had enormous cons scwepses for the nation. and, yet, only one sort of low level personal another institution was ever indicted. >> that's right. he there were traders also who distorted the markets and rigged their markets. there is reason to go after those people and, of course, each person gets a fair shake and fair investigation but results should what about they are. >> was this a fun job being chairman of the federal reserve? >> it was aning from job. as an economist i sure learned a lot. i didn't bargain for having history's greatest financial crisis and a deep recess session to deal with, no. >> were there nights in 2008 you couldn't even sleep'? were we on the cliff. >> absolutely we were on the cliff.
11:44 pm
you was in my office on that red sofa trying to stay away wake and be on the conference calls it was a very, very tough time particularly in september and october of 2008. >> and indeed such a difficult job. you never could look into the future you don't have a crystal ball the preserve to see what the decision is going to do to the economy. i take it you don't have one with. >> didn't have one. infer did have one. trying to balance a whole lot of considerations at the time. >> thank you for joining us, the peculiar is courage to act. memoir of crisis and aftermath by federal chairman of the federal reserve ben bernanke. it is a fascinating read because we get the inside story. we were all on the outside o. thank you, sir. >> thank you. another amtrak train accident. we will have the latest straight ahead. 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke
11:45 pm
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a scare in the sky as american airlines pilot died in the middle of a flight with nearly 150 people on board. flight attendant who happens to be a nurse tried to save the pilot's life after he became unresponsive. red eye was flying from phoenix to boston but the co-pilot diverted to syracuse, new york. all airlines in the united states are required to have two pilots on board. american airlines has not released the pilot's name. amtrak train derails in vermont sending five cars off the tracks and two of those cars plunging over embankment. molly line is live in vermont. molly? >> greta, there were at least seven people injured. one of them very seriously when this train traveling south through northfield vermont rounded a curve and slammed into a rock slide. that's when it jumped the tracks at about 10:30 this morning. as you mentioned that first engine and that first car literally popping off the tracks and toppling that en banc many. officials say a conduct riding in that first car was among the most severely injured. two engineers were also treated. three other cars derailed
11:50 pm
but did not actually fall. in total, 1022 people enwere on board that train which usually travels breathy long route. first responders scrammed bled to reach that scene. one of the injured was rushed for treatment via chopper. he was conscience and able to talk. others taken by ambulance. no reports of any life threatening injuries. meanwhile amtrak officials are here and investigators with the ntsb are also expected to be scouring the scene tomorrow. the derailment is being called a freak of nature. there is no reason at this point to believe there was any negligence on anyone's part. this track was rebuilt. it was state of the art track ledge slides happen. where there is ledge it can move. >> officials in vermont believe it will take at least several days for those tracks to be cleared of the train and also that rock
11:51 pm
slide. greta? >> thank you. >> and reverend billy graham the most well known beloved evangelist. as he gets ready to celebrate his 7th birthday reverend graham is looking back at his life and ahead at his future brand new book where i am, heaven, eternity and our life beyond. reverend billy graham's son reverend franklin graham went "on the record." >> reverend graham, niles to so you, sir. >> thank you, greta. it's nice to be with you. >> there is a new book billy graham, where i am, heaven, eternity and our life beyond. >> how is your father doing. >> thank you for asking. i think he is doing better now than he has in months. he has just got energy. and when you walk in and sunday i went in daddy, this is franklin, oh, son where have you been? good to see you. he wanted to talk about different things. is he is doing pretty good. >> the title is hfn eternity and our life beyond. why that title? >> first of all, it comes from the bible.
11:52 pm
god told moses when he was in the desert go back to egypt calling people out of bondage. mofts asked god who said that sent me i am that i am. tell him that i am sent you. all through the body you will see that where jesus says i am the way, the truth, and the life. and there is two roads, greta, to heaven. excuse me two roads in life one to heaven and one to had. my father wanted it to be clear that there is one way through the blood of christ-to-who took our sins to the cross. daddy is concerned about the concepts of heaven today out of culture that gave different view. a view from hollywood. and he wanted people to know what the bible has to say. and heaven is a real place. and hell is a real place. and it's for eternity. and my father realizes that he is on the doorstep of
11:53 pm
eternity and he just wanted it to be clear. >> everybody knows the name reverend billy graham. i don't know if everybody knows how reverend billy graham became spiritual. what was it for him? >> my father was just a young boy in charlotte, north carolina and there was a preacher by the name of mordecai an evangelist who came to the city and had a tent meeting. my father heard the gospel for the first time and understood that jesus christ had taken his sins, my father's sins to the cross and died in his place and god raised him to life that my father went down with others and invited jesus christ to come into his life to take control of his life. and he went home that night and told his mother, he said mother, i have done something tonight. he said i have given my life to jesus and he said i know that he has changed me. i can tell it and from that day forward, god just worked in my father's heart and took him to the ends of the earth and daddy will always give god the glory. >> it's fascinating. the video we are showing
11:54 pm
that your father with president kennedy, president bush, i mean, who is the first president he prayed with probably before kennedy? >> it was truman. >> that's amazing. even president obama. >> president obama came to my father's home to meet with him. >> it's just fascinating. newway, the brand new book is called "where i am, life, eternity and the life beyond. reverend graham always a pleasure to see you and please tell your father i said hello. >> i will, greta. thank you very much. >> coming up, i have some advice for dunkin' donuts. i just thought about something. my guess is you will agree 100 percent with me. i will tell you off-the-record.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
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11:58 pm
let's go off the record are. dunkin' donuts owes police officers a big, big apology.
11:59 pm
tonight "on the record" that one officer may have been denied service by dunkin' donut employee in west hartford, connect cut. not the only place but the nasty dunkin' donut no service message went out coast to coast. so time for dunkin' donuts to do the right thing. send out an apology. on top of that earlier tonight during "on the record" i had an idea. dunkin' donut ceo nigel travis should hit his computer keyboard right now. flash email order throughout all the company tomorrow october 6th, in every country continue doughnut from coast to coast, any law enforcement that shows up in uniform or with a badge gets a free cup of coffee and a free doughnut. that's right. all police get a free cup of coffee and a doughnut. i had another off-the-record planned for tonight. when this came up mid show i wanted to get you involved. let's force don't kin doughnut to prove they stand behind our men and women in uniform. i want you to tag dunkin' donut and tell them to stand
12:00 am
up for our heroes. do the right thing and do it now. that's my off-the-record comment here tonight. up next the o'reilly factor. tonight on "red eye" what former president might start hitting the campaign trail with jeb bush? hint, his last name, bush. and which libertarian candidate admitted to sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood? sorry ted cruz fans. it is not rand paul. and if cool cancels america's pride day they may single out certain students. our panel provides comfort, quality, but first a news break. live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. a tense situation in flood-ravaged columbia, south carolina where several dams are over flowing. the breeches are forcing new evacuations. the historic


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