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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 8, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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keeping us the number one cable news network after all these years. we love you. tonight on "red eye" a travel agency in denmark of oners discounts for sex vacations. is this story too good to be true? and a super pack says draft biden, but will the nba listen? and a woman does color commentary for a major league game. clirls can color better than boys. our panel provides comfort and joy. first, a news bract. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm will carr. russia is flexing its muscle as the country gets deeper involved in the syrian civil war. the russian warships sitting
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in the caspian sea. russia claims it struck isis targets last night, but some question russia's involvement in syria saying they are not always targeting the intended target, isis. congress is approving a massive $612 billion defense bill. president obama is threatening to veto it. he says congress is using the money to pad a war fighting account. they passed the measure voting 70-27 last week. the house passed it with enough democratic votes to beat a veto. new details emerging at an oregon college. he was standing in the doorway and the gunman fired at them and he was wounded by return fire and ran back into the building before shooting himself. the douglas county d.a. says shooting at the gunman was the right thing to do.
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>> i have reviewed the facts of the case and i have determined the deadly physical force used by the officers against the rhooter was justified. >> they killed nine people and injured another nine before turning the gun on himself. and hockey is back. they dropped the puck in eight of the 30 teams starting their season. but all eyes were on the chicago blackhawks who were celebrating last year's stanley cup win. the hawks raised their 6th championship banner. the race to the stanley cup this year is officially on. i'm will carr, now back to your favorite overnight show, "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy at the "red eye" news deck.
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hi, andy. andy? look, this is going to be a bigger problem than i thought. let's welcome our guest. no means no. joanne nosuchunsky. he is my second favorite foster. the media producer camille foster. mirror, mirror on the wall, she is the farrahest of them all. and he is zainier than a zain bar. let's start the show. >> there is something hot and bothered in the state of den mash. a new ad from a danish travel agency is encouraging parents to send their adult children on sexy vacations to boost their birthrate. prepared to be put in the mood.
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[speaking foreign language]. >> those were two very attractive people. but what if you have ugly kids? [speaking foreign language].
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>> can this ad get weirder? yes it can. do -- >> do it for denmark. do it for mom. >> i think they should all get themselves to a nunnary. camille, they are telling the grandparents to pay for the kids' vacation so they will give them grandchildren. genius? >> not at all genius. it is a thoughtful way to try to solve your demographic challengeds when it comes to the entitlement program. encourage people to have lots and lots of sex and maybe you could get more kids. could work, but very unlikely. >> paper we could use that in this country because there is a strain on our own social security. >> i don't think that will work. but i don't mind if someone
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else is paying for the ad. >> it looks like it attracts a vacation, right? >> of course, what do you want to do while having sex on vacation? think about your mother. >> she was helping out, wasn't she? removing the brazier. >> i would love if my mother paid for my vacation. i can't guarantee a baby, but maybe a nice gift from the souvenir shop. >> do you think it is sexy? making families to generate income for the older generation? >> nick, what if you are trying to last longer? i don't know where i was going with that. >> i know where you you are going. you know, i don't have any grandkids that i know of.
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yeah it may keep you from going shorter. i love the idea, this is for mother. everyone likes to say something at climax and saying -- this one is for mom! that's hilarious. it is a funny ad. i think we need more funny ads like that in the united states. it is great. >> eye like -- i like my danish cheesy. >> it is cheesy. it is a sexy country, denmark? >> it is. oyeah. , the swag. >> social democratic countries have to do something about the lack of -- they are not producing enough population. >> and they use science in this. they looked at research and they are trying to come up with a solution and it is true. people do have more sex when
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they go on vacation. but most people use protection when on vacation because they don't want this to necessarily happen. >> they want more vacations. >> this is the best ad they can come up with, maybe it is best if they don't have more kids. >> there are other ideas to employ. you can get children from other countries countries and steal them and bring them home and attach them to other families. you just assign it to somebody to raise it. >> when you are dealing with a shrinking population you can do two things. you can have immigration or make babies. >> you can kidnap children. maybe it is a scare tactic. do we want immigrants? it is immigrants or babies. >> that will get people to have sex. bring up immigrants. should the pan -- they show
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the panda panda porn. >> it worked for the pandas. >> and it is very cute. >> urging joe biden to run for president has released the first ad. there is a car accident that killed his wife and infant daughter and how it made him a better parent and stronger person. >> incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure would i have had if i didn't go through what i went through. but by focusing on my sons i found my redemption. >> the video closes with the words "joe run." if biden enters the race hillary clinton will be ready. a team of opposition researchers working on behalf of the -- on behalf of hillary
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clinton and looking at his decade long record in office. the research has turned up material on biden's ties to wall street. his reluctance to kill osama bin laden and the anita hill saga. based on what they found here is what an anti--biden ad could look like. >> joe biden, he hates women, but loves wall street fat cats and terrorists. to recap. joe biden loves terrorists. >> i am hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> does she even need to make an ad? we have done it for her. >> she should buy it off of you and save some money. it is politics. it is funny how they are like, we are a big team until it comes down to it. >> the word on the street --
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the word on k street is obama is no fan of hillary. he is not helping her campaign. and he would love biden to go in. it is this opportunity. >> the possibility of biden is beating the reality of bernie sanders. i'm in it and nobody is talking about me. >> and he is running. isn't it fair that you always want the one not running? he is a great guy. i hope she has a good team. has hard to dig up dirt on someone who has bt done anything. hasn't done anything. >> you said you want a woman in the white house named carly, right? >> that's a little twist on my words. >> i added the carly. camille, what do you think of the -- first of all, what do you think of the real biden ad? he didn't make it, but the
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people who want him to run made it and they are pulling at the heart strings. >> there is something about an ad like that that makes me uncomfortable and his personal tragedy and that it is in the pool of arsenals to keep you in your job, there is something weird about that. >> if he did run i doubt that joe biden would cut an ad like that. but if he is going to have a pack do it for him, that's the way they do it. >> it is part of the game and i get it. carly fiorina talked about her daughter who passed away. it is part of what happens, but it makes me uncomfortable. >> a name focus group -- a new hampshire focus group asked to speak with edge and they used the word condescending and bitch. those are words that came from focus groups. if this is what came from the focus group then it is an opportunity for biden. >> and that's what the super
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pack is recognizing. people want someone who is not hell re. they didn't have to try hard. you put photos in text and you make it black and white and it is a montage. i am gonna love it. >> you know, the interesting thing is hillary tried that. she has the montage and the photos of her mother. >> her message is just not resonating with people anymore. about being a woman and feeling like you are not equal to men. you -- a lot of them feel equal. a lot of americans can recognize all of the tragedies that joe biden has been through in his personal life. he is relatable and that's what hillary isn't. >> always relatable. remember on the amtrak train and he was running? it is joe on the amtrak train. >> do we need a focus group to tell us hillary is off putting? that's what we have bill for. >> we don't need it with a
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focus group. that's how they get things done in this world. you have another point sph? i don't feel unequalness at my job therefore this is something that doesn't resonate with me. i have never been shot, but that doesn't mean i shouldn't care about people shot. >> that's not the point. she said it doesn't resonate with her. >> as a fee pale voter that's the participant's point of view. >> you can keep feeling sympathy. >> don't hate the playa. screes caw mendoza -- jessica mendoza was the first to televise the baseball game. the two-time olympic medal list has been a regular on the espn show "baseball tonight," but despite her credentials, some male sports fans were
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upset by her presence and shockingly they took to twitter to let the world know. a quick sample. "no one wants to hear a woman in the booth. i will not listen or watch those games she is on." and, "why do i turn on base ball and hear a woman's voice in the broadcast booth. we watch sports to get away from women. ". let's take a listen to some of espn's coverage. >> lines one to center. gardener back and turns and it is over his head and off the wall on a bounce. springer is into second base with a lead off double. >> you know, a girl in my sorority got a perm once. we all tried to talk her out of it. it wasn't a good look for her. she didn't have the bone structure. some of the audio may have been dubbed. this is her showing she knows her stuff. >> i like the approach. you can see the back foot and
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he is trying to make an effort to have it on that back line. why? so he can pick up the split fast ball and see when it is out of the zone and not chase it. >> lines one to center. >> fantastic. brooke, farrah, farrah, brooke. >> we are pals like that. >> are we still talking about this? obviously she is highly qualified. what is the problem? >> mendoza has two olympic gold medals and these guys have two bags of chips on the couch. i sympathize with the guys though. it must be hard for them to hear a woman's voice when they have never had a lady talk to them before. >> this guy said you watch sports to get away from women. obviously he is one man and he seems to think that. i think the -- i don't know -- >> i'm just surprised this guy knows how to tweet. i'm very impressed.
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>> it is jarring to hear her voice at first. i will admit. you turn on the tv and -- you say hey that's a woman in the booth of the but then you get used to it and say she is fantastic. >> it was a softball game, right? >> no. >> that's a joke. she's a hero. >> i she has more than you or i. >> she knows more than baseball. good for her. >> joanne, is this going to make you take up sports watching? no, but i did learn about that back foot. i never, ever thought about foot placement or the score, but i may drink a little less and pay attention a little more now. no one likes change. it is really hard. a lot of those comments were the same comments i got when i started a year and a half ago and i still get them. so it is just a matter of having that new voice. it is hard for people to get used to when they really love
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something so much and it is different. the bottom line is these guys love men. >> they love men and they love to hear tears. to hear their voices. they get together with the guys. but it is television. >> you don't seen see her half the time. you just live with each other. >> maybe that's the problem. >> you don't have to see them, right? >> to tell you the truth that's the case with a lot of the sportscasters. you hear them and they are fantastic. and then when they cut to the booth, oh wow. it is a bit jarring. just imagine if i had legions of fans who watched me for years and years and then was replaced by a different host. and then imagine the hostility that would be out there. i can only imagine. how do look sharp at the homecoming
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dance. the advice the young guys and gal can't miss. that's next.
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a south carolina high school sent home a flier for the homecoming dance that upset some parents. it included some advice for the young ladies. using this quote from famed hollywood designery death head. designer edith head. your dresses should be tight enough to show you are a woman and loose enough to show you are a lady. many cried 6ism because there was no advice for men. i agree. both genders could use advice. i will limit my advice to one word. no! no! no! no! no! no!
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no! >> no. >> haven't we proved it is not the clothes, but the dirty dancing that is dangerous? >> this is your classic case of high school love telling girls how to dress and telling boys how to go to college. >> it is true, isn't it? >> i have seen so many stories like this. >> obviously the guys have problems dressing like the women. >> i didn't see a note on there please don't wear jean shorts. >> jorts are always a no.
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>> what if a gal showed up with daysy dukes? i wouldn't mind that. >> it is a strange things. one of the lines on the flier was leave something to the imagination. >> yes. >> what gym teacher wrote that? what are we imagining on these teenage girls? >> what is the teacher imagining. >> i can tell you who is doing the imagining is the boys. it is the war on boys. >> it is a war on boys who want to go to these dances and who want to see young ladies undulating in tight garments so they can add their things to their sin napses and remember it. >> i think it is important we always take any opportunity we can get to remind girls that their body is being viewed by men. >> i think this is too vague. these days you need to spell it out what these girls need to dress like. if you are going to have a
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dress code like no crop top, to mini skirts. in that quote they usey this use the word woman and lady. you don't want them dressed like "pretty woman." no, no, or lady gaga. her costumes are a little risque and covered in meat which men are attracted to. >> sometimes she looks like a perfect princess. >> when she is singing "over the rainbow" i like those. >> the problem is when some of these women wear the wonderfully revealing dresses the guys can't deal with it. do we have a picture of the kid at the prom looking at the girls? it reminded me of me when i was in high school. i want to see the kid. >> use your imagination. i am talking about the nerdy kid staring at the girls. he was losing his mind. they can't deal with the hotness.
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>> i understand the points about about -- it was so -- it was so directed at girls and it is funny why no guys? guys are not wearing backless suits. they don't have their ball cleavage coming out the bottom there. if this was an issue, then yeah, nip it in the bud with the guys too. i wish there was something i could wear and people would be say oh, nick let it all hang out. >> how about the tuxedo shirtless and just the vest. what do you think of that? >> they didn't say that in there, so guys should say -- >> if the guy showed up in sexy, sexy outfits it wouldn't make the girls lose control, but the guys are losing it on the dance floor. >> if we see a woman's chest that's criminal. a guy's chest is disappointing. that's why girls don't care about guys' chest.
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>> because we haven't sexualized men. >> are you saying it is all socialization and guys don't lose their minds? i went to high school. the pressure i was under. i totally know what you mean. we have to work on our tau swreek or you -- work on our physique or you don't want us anymore. >> i couldn't concentrate because the girls were in these wonderful cheerleading outfits. how could i do geometry? >> that's your problem. that's not theirs. they are just wearing clothes and doing their thing. >> delightful clothes. coming up, half time with tv as as -- tv's andy levy. our panel is about to get served levey style.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm will carr. the cs ending the search for a u.s. cargo ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. officials are breaking news to the relatives of the victims. the cargo ship sank off the bahamas. search teams found the body in a survival suit, but were unable to retrieve it. the captain had plans to go around the storm, but the ship suffered an engine failure and
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drifted into the storm's path. 13 dams have failed in south carolina since saturday and more than 60 are being monitored. this as many survivors are returning home to discover their neighborhoods were wiped out. >> now what we can salvage. it is what we can get on the street. >> u.s. sthor and presidential candidate lyndsay graham says the situation could possibly require a billion dollars in federal emergency funds. president obama apologizing to a group for the accidental airstrike on an afghan clinic. the president calling the head of doctors without borders promising the u.s. will make the changeses required to prevent this from happening again. the airstrike killed 22 people. randy quaid says he could be deported from canada. he was detained by the canada
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border service on tuesday. quaid and his canadian wife fled the u.s. in 2010. they are facing legal problems in the u.s., but they claim they were being hunted by, quote, hollywood star whackers. the actor who is best known for his role in "national lamb poon poon -- lampoon" and qpt -- and now let's get you back to the show you know and love," red eye." >> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. andy? >> hi, tom. how are you? >> good. >> man those egg mcmuffins. >> you need to make a documentary. >> they made that one already. danish travel company encourages people to send kids on sex vacations. call me occasions -- call me old-fashioned, but i don't think kids should have sex
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vacations. seems wrong. you said there is something hot and bothered in the state of denmark. and the lady said they should get to a nunnary. >> i just want to show the folks at home i know my way around. >> that's his go to. camille you thought this was a dumb campaign. hear pea -- hear me out though. what if this was aimed at parents or couples who live with a parent? >> right. >> i it was telling the parent if you want grandkids send your kids on a vacation away from you. >> in that case i suppose that could make some sense because they are living at home with mom . >> they also could have aimed the commercial at mom saying go and take a vacation because
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your kids can have some fun. >> and stop taking the pill and using pro phylactic which is what most of these people are doing. >> you said you don't have any grandkids that you know of. what did you mean by that? >> you know it was a play on a classic saying. that saying is a couple years ago, about 20 years ago i blacked out the whole year. i might have had some kids, they may have had kid. and those kids could be making more kids. one kid looked familiar in the commercial. >> i forgot the classic saying. jew it >> it is a long saying. >> camille, you suggested that they could kidnap kids from other countries. >> did i say that? >> you did. i believe under danish law that is illegal.
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>> probably hospital have suggested that. >> and a caveat, i did not have time to fully research that. >> sounds like a great idea you had. con gat layingses on that. congratulations on that. that would get the birthrate up. >> weirdest lib are tear yen -- libertarian idea. nick, you said it is screwed up the possibility of biden running is beating the actually running sanders which is true in terms of media coverage, but not so much in terms of the polls. >> that's this week, right now, today. i only live in the moment. >> i respect that. i respect that. farrah good for you for knowing you want a woman named carlie in the white house.
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i assume you were talking to carly ray jepson. >> she is actually canadian so i don't know if that would work. >> i don't like this ad. he sounds like a hell of a father and the stuff he said about the tragedy he has been through, but it is icky, right? >> i don't like it. it could be my low opinion of general politicians. tom, you talked about the clinton campaign gathering research on biden. >> yes. >> earlier to neat they told the news hour that i don't agree with anybody who is supporting me or says they are supporting me to focus on anybody but the republicans. i think the viewer responded with lol, wut i am not sure.
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you said do we really need a focus group to tell us hillary is off putting? sometimes it is better ton unknown than known too well. >> i feel like that's what bill clinton is for. >> yeah. jessica mendoza is the first to broadcast a playoff game. jessica -- see i don't want to say the worst part because the worst part is their dumb sexis. it makes it impossible to fairly judge mendoza. maybe she is not even good and you can't even judge it. >> there was plenty out there who said she was good and she is qualified. >> i am not saying she is thought qualified, but she is being attacked for being a woman. >> 2003 have to ignore the twitter trolls. that's what i always say.
12:39 am
>> you are dying to criticize her. if you want to do that, go right ahead. >> see, i can't. as a 9th way feminist i have to support her. although tom you said it was jarring to hear a woman's voice. >> yes. >> i typed not gonna lie rvetion it is charming. but the thing is we get used to it. it was the same thing when espn hired their first female anchor for sports center and then they said after awhile you didn't even think about it. >> it is gop gnaw be the same thing for president. >> once carly gets there. camille you said it was a softball game. >> it was the american league. >> that's a baseball joke.
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>> joanne told me to say that. >> i flow under t under hand. south carolina homecoming dance and you didn't see any notes from guys saying no jean shorts. that's because it was south carolina. >> exactly. >> i kid. nick, you said you wish there was something you could wear that people would say nick's letting a all hang out. want to get that clear. lastly, tom, did you prefer to dresses worn by high school girls incredibly wearing. >> just checking. >> at the time i was in my high school tom shillue. i was president speebing for myself, your hahn gnar.
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>> i'm done. thank you, andy. coming up, whatnot to do with mac and cheese when drunk. until then check out some kennedy. >> yeah, "red eye" fans on the next jedediah bila has his new fox special.
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he has a big mouth and it must be filled with bacon, jalapeno and mac and cheese. he was arrested after throwing a tantrum in the cafeteria and he may have also been expelled. here is the now infamous video. >> i am very hungry, man. >> it is your job. >> what are you the manager of a restaurant?
12:46 am
>> oh yeah i got it. >> oh my gosh. >> not only did he not get his hack and choose, but this happened. >> let me get my shoes. what happened to my shoes. >> let me get my shoes. >> he was arrested and charged with second-degree breech of peace. and he was charged with first degree criminal trespass. the school said he is enrolled there, but pictures of the teen loading into his dad's car was loaded on-line and they tweeted that he is gone. shouts to mac and cheese kid
12:47 am
forgetting expelled today, lol. sometimes we want mac and cheese. >> so i would say to luke, there are easier ways. there are easy ways to do it. you pop open a box of velveta shells and cheese. you could get franks red-hot, which is what i recommend. a hot dog, those are cooked. you just cut it up and 3 -- cut it up and throw it in there. when you are drunk you get angry and irrational. the real hero of the video is one employee and you can tell it he did it before. he did the arms and this motion where he put the arms under the arms. >> yow anne -- joanne, she makes a good point. does she forget what campus
12:48 am
life is like? there are no hot plates. you have to get your stuff at the cafeteria jie. and he was drunk and needed the mac and cheese. we shouldn't forget the real criminal. the person shot the video in poor taste. what are you doing? have you not read the world star guide to capturing alter cations in the cafeteria? landscape, bro. >> you may be right but the world is going snap chat and we are doing video verticals now. >> it is great to see a video more tragic than the biden one. i just wonder did they charge him on two accounts of wearing socks with flip frops? flip-flops? is that what he is talking about? >> you are not allowed to wear
12:49 am
shoes? >> it must be really good bacon mac and cheese. >> and you can't just make the kra fr t mac -- kraft macaroni and cheese. >> it is not kraft. it is velveta. >> you know, i see this individual yoy and maybe it is amazing mac and cheese, but i don't know -- you are like -- you dwet so mad at this guy. you get so mad at this guy. she just wants mac and cheese. and he is a douche about it. this happens and then a week later he is fine and back out and he has -- he is already privileged. nothing happens. >> what do you mean? >> maybe. i don't know. >> he has had three prior arrests. >> maybe he can get a job at
12:50 am
time warner cable. >> he is the guy getting pushed. >> yeah, really? you work at a kiosk in the mall? >> i think we are forgetting something. he shouldn't be drinking. he is in college. >> we'll close things out with a bedtime story.
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scientists in antarctica is known for research. alcohol was fueling, quote, unpredictable behavior that has lead to fights and indecent exposure and employees arriving to work under the influence. breathalyzers could be shipped to the bases to deal with the out of control eggheads. it is not just the scientists getting in drunken fights. >> so that's where he went. >> did i steal your joke?
12:55 am
we thought of it and thought what if no one on the panel does it. do you think they are scientists , doing research and live at the ends of the earth and let them drink, right? >> let them have a good time. they are scientists in ant arctic caw. what more do they have? >> they are doing their research . >> what harm can they get into? >> it is nighttime drinking at night with friends is totally fine. >> still, have a drink. >> they say the drinking is elevated in these bases, but the kind of people they recruit to go there, single men, right? they don't have any family. >> the people are predisposed.
12:56 am
>> maybe it is normal for them. >> i am confused about the indecent exposure. it is antarctica. the attempt to ks pose yourself -- to expose yourself will take a solid 20 minutes. maybe that's the issue. they are taking so long to take off their clothes. >> maybe they are wrapped up and looking for a little ventilation. >> let them be. >> i want to see a show. >> and then it is antarctica. it will be hard to see anything. >> it is like wartime, right? they are off on their own. >> you make a snowman and you go inside and some other guy is hitting on your snow person.
12:57 am
haven't we figured this out? they are down there getting drunk. >> the big issue is breathalyzers may not even work there. >> special thanks to joanne know saw nosuchunsky and farrah foster. that's it for me. tom shillue.
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