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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 8, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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fox news alert. mccarthy is dropping out of the race for house speaker. >> i have been talking to a number of members and thinking about this throughout the week and see if we can get there. and i just think it is best to have a new face. >> what about your comment on benghazi, [inaudible] >> that was not helpful. yeah, i mean, i could have said it much better. but this benghazi committee was only created for one purpose, to
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find the truth on the behalf of the family of four dead americans. i should not be a distraction from that and that is part of the decision as well. [inaudible] >> no. no. come on. huh? i think the conference should decide. thank you all very much. >> congressman kevin mccarthy. majority leader who was running for speaker until an hour ago when we got the news that he's out and big questions as to why and what happened and who is next in pest question to answer these questions is chad, you will see chad in person. he's often in the wings. but chad, we'll start with the basic question. why? >> reporter: that's what no one
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is chlor o. i had a couple of conversations with kevin mccarthy after the nominating meeting that started at 8:00 and i walked up the stairs and i got no signal from body language or anything he said he was going to drop out. he was positive and smiling and when he first out, did you close the deal? he laughed and patted me on the back. he said i think it is going to be a good day and get the votes and the whip that came out of the meeting indicated it would be a strong vote. we don't think it would be 218. and he would not characterize. something weird is the best way to put it. that is something weird between now and then. there was a history, agree to a plan whether they handle the iran deal and they switch on
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a a dime. kevin mccarthy thought maybe they need a new face. we are not sure anybody can get to 218 votes. on almost every major piece of legislation that came down the poik, they had to turn to democrats to gettet votes. and sandy and hurricane, and ceiling. >> and this is a list that republicans can do. that calls into questions what will happen now? >> chad, we expected a vote to happen. you have the names that we thought on the ballot and now what? what happens now? >> the house freedom caucus will meet again. they were going to back webster the republican congressman from florida. they had 40 votes and i asked dan webster if he was a spoiler,
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he said no, i am just a speaker for the house. house of representatives cannot move if you don't have a spoker. there might be a situation where john boehner sticks around a while to get through the debt ceiling crisis. and some of his staff was adament he was out of doors in the end of the month. and others said he would remain until they got a new spoker. in 1989. jim wright resigned because of ethic's issues and he made it conditional on when the house. >> and so there is a conditional way to do this. and again, there is another phenomenal. this goes to the the post 9/11 world. there is a contingency of government plan that the speaker of the house john boehner p has
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a list of people in case they were to destroy the capitol, and who would be a speaker pro tem if there is a vacancy. and there is a list, we don't know who is on the list. and if john boehner decides to step down because of an impasse, that list would kick in. it might be the existing leadership and it might be people who used to serve in the body or eric cantor. it is a secret national security list and not only for national security but used for these purposes f. they get up against it, this could be the direction it goes. it is unchartered territory. >> and the list that speaker boehner has. is he the only one who knows. >> it is close held list with the national security. i tried to figure out who hols the list. no one knows.
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>> you brought up another point. the speaker doesn't have to be a current law maker. and this also hasn't happen. we are in unchartered waters here. and on your short list, chad, you know them better than anybody. who is on the list? >> reporter: you presume down the list of kevin mccarthy and steve scholes. and people not in the building. people who are qualified perhaps like eric cantor or denny hastert who is in legal trouble right now. to be chlor that is speculative. when they realized kevin mccarthy might have a problem getting to 218. maybe we could have someone retiring and two names we heard was john kline.
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republican of michigan and chairman. education. can and candice miller who is from michigan. both p are retiring in january twaent 17. they usually just move up the food chain. that's what happened when jim wright resigned in the middle of congress and they went to tom foley who was majority leader. it was different when bob livingstop was picked and turned out he had a sex scandal and decided he would step down. and they picked denny hastert. >> chad, before we let you g. what does this mean for jason chaffetz who wants the job? >> jason chaffetz might be one of the beneficiaries with them because he threw his hat was in the ring. mccarthy would get the biggest
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and dan webster second and chaffetz 10 or 11 votes. and he might come out of the wood work or someone comes in to the speakership here. >> what are the democrats saying? >> reporter: i was on fox business. and the chair of the house democratic caucus was on and he said maybe republicans might realize that john boehner was the best deal they being get. individual members of congress in the republican party who had trouble with him. and john boehner who is number one plan to keep the government open and not hit it with the debt seouling and that was the history. and that was the way to go and that's the point ja vier was making. >> we get information from chad
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every day. and don't miss what he writes tis invaluable and. chad, we'll rely on your notes in the knocks hours on fox news. we will continue to watch this. >> for more on this. we'll bring in chris wallace editor of fox news sunday. i don't think many people in the beginning of the day saw it coming. we knew kevin mccarthy had challenges and some of it of his own making. and a lot of people on the hill are rattled by it. what do you make to the reasons why? >> i think what it shows how completely split and dysfunctional the republican party is in the house. step back a minute. this is a math issue. there was going to be a vote in the republican caucus. mccarthy was going to have the
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majority of the republicans and when they vote for speaker, when they vote for speaker, he has to have an absolute majority of everyone voting in the house. and democrats would vote for nancy pelosi and that meant he had to get 218 votes and the house freedom caucus and hard line conservatives who would not vote for mccarthy and vote for dan webster, he could only afford to lose 29 and he would not get to 218 and he realized the math is not going to add up. and the freedom caucus said we will never vote for you and why would he want to go out to be the person who the caucus vote but not speaker. and the big problem for the republican party, as we have seen so often, they can't get to 218 and can't get a majority
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because of the splits. and they have to find a cappedidate inside of the caucus who can get to 218. for all of the talk of doomsday scenario. they are running for reelection in 2016. they can't ask for control of the house if they can't get the house in order. >> jason chaffetz stepped to the microphone. >> it is to the president and senate and american people. i believe it is time for a fresh start. that was the whole genesis of my campaign and we need to have more family discussion. because we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind and do what we were elected to do. i was stunned, surprised and shocked that this happen, but our conference will have to do
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deep soul searching and we'll see what happens. [inaudible] >> yes. i said i would support the nominee on the floor, but we yet to have a nominee. the fact that it is delayed, i will continue to campaign, absolutely. i think we have a lot of intential fracturing that is happening and we need to unite the party and that's what kevin mccarthy wants to do and i want to do and what john boehner wants to do. [inaudible] i think the conference has to unite behind a plan. and we'll have those discussions in the coming weeks. but ultimately we are trying to build consensus here to get us to the numbers and get us back
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to the work we were all elected to do. we'll continue along those lines and so thank you, appreciate it. thank you. >> so jason chaffetz, who is may turn out to be the biggest beneficenceary for the stunning news as managerb mccarthy has withdrawn his name. and it is unclear jason or webster can get there. or anybody whose name pops up. but there are people who said absolutely no. tray gowdy doesn't want to do. paul ryan repeated just 45 minutes ago in a e-mail message that he will not do it. he will not consider his name as
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speaker of the house. and so is there a conspicuous vacouple for now. >> that is putting it too noisily. it is chaos on capitol hill. and you have two functions. you have the governing faction and majority faction that wants to make deals and keep the government going. and they can't get to 218. and you have a hard line group of 40 upset with the establishment group because they don't fight the fight against president obama and then you have establishment and majority saying that 40 are the tail wagging the dog and they don't want to be run around by the hardliners. some people like tray gowdy and paul ryan, after mccarthy stepped down don't want the job. the republican party in the house is in complete disarray
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and maybe not today but over the next couple of weeks, the pressure will be enormous to find somebody that everybody or at least 218 republicans can agree on and there were not's lot of people out there. tray gowdy and paul ryan. and jeb henserling. very few people on the short list that you might get that unitty around and i would think that there would be pressure on one of them to say yes, get the train running on time. and all of these guys face reelection in a year and they don't want to go in a election not governing themselves as the country. >> our producer suggested that a care taker and that temporary speaker. that is a lame duck speaker.
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and that might cause many in the caucus to simply delay the presentation of bills they are pushing at the time. would the same thing be true if speaker boehner stays on beyond october 30th? >> is that a stop gap measure, yeah. but you can't overstate the importance they are running for reelection. you had boehner step down because he felt he couldn't get enough done. now he would be the face of the republican party going into the election? no. you need someone holding the flag and leading the banner and saying we want the marriagity back in 2017. he was seen as not having control of his caucus that he needed. >> i talked to larry an hour ago
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and one of the three scenarios for the republicans actually losing their majority in next year's election in the house was if they put somebody forward or fail to put somebody forward that could skillfully handle the job as speaker of the house. and chris, we seem to be heading in that direction at least for today. >> as you or jenna asked the question of chad, what is the reaction of the democrats, i can tell you they are delighted and they are going to say and do nothing. when your opponent is digging a hole for themselves. stay out of the way. they have to love the chaos on capitol hill. >> just so people know. 218 is the magical number. half of one more 435 members of the house. all of the democrats will vote for nancy pelosi, it is
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tradition that you vote for the leader of your party and you are really talking about whomever is the republican choice here in their intraparty decision- making, they can't lose more than 18 individuals within their own party? >> no. the number is 29. they can lose 29 and after that they don't get to 218. >> i'm sorry, chris to jump in. an interesting point greg brings up. boehner tries to work with democrats and members of his party don't like that. you see the fracturing of the republican party and one side looking for one speaker roaching out to the democrats to get support and get the republican speaker to lead? >> no, i don't and here's why. it is one thing you are talking about passing legislation to
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keep the budget going and raising the debt limit. but another thing when you talk about the intra- party. the republicans determine who the speaker is and the last thing they want to do is bail the republicans out. it is all about the 2016 election. they want to regain the majority and they are happy to see the republicans floupder. it is up to the republicans to solve the problem. >> it seems that the show down has been coming for a while between the warring fractions of the republican party. do you see an official splitting. it could go many directions and do you see the party coming up united with one leader that represents the new face of the republican party? or do you see it going another direction and law makers deciding maybe the republican
10:20 am
umbrella and we'll form a official tea party or a presence in congress? >> congress can happen after you so the events of today of kevin mccarthy who was by all accounts a sure winner and suddenly stepping down. and that is unlikely to happen before the 2016 election. we are talking about the end of october. i think it is october 29th when john boehner would step down. and so yeah, the republicans have to solve this problem in 2 or 3 weeks and they have to find somebody that they can all unite around and give the presentation. and a lot of it will paper over the deep splits over legitimate issues. and they have to find a way to paper it over and get somebody to be a speaker. democrats will say can anyone
10:21 am
run this place? >> this is a surprise and a turmoil within the party. whether or not it emerges stronger. it is sorting through issues that are here in the different law makers. >> and what is interesting, chris, kevin mccarthy admitted that part of the reason he was stepping down is what he would regard unfortunate remarks about the benghazi committee that occurred on fox news. but part of it was conservatives in the party who didn't want a john boehner clone or 2.0. >> i agree. and certainly as he said remarks about the benghazi committee didn't help and raised the issue of is he ready for prime time and before p he's gotten the job and making a statement that was damaging to the party and suggesting that the benghazi
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committee was all about politics. benghazi committee discovered hillary clinton's private e-mails and part of it was the freedom caucus. and hard liners saying look, we didn't push to get rid of boehner to get a boehner 2.0. they want someone more effective. someone said to me. there is two kinds of speaker, a hard line type guy who cracks the whip and get the vote. or intellectual. like tom delay. majority leader and not speaker. and that's what he served and a intellectual and someone like newt gingrich. there is a feeling among the conservatives that boehner and mccarthy didn't fit in those roles and they want someone who will bring them together and get the votes and someone who will
10:23 am
fight the fight have try to persuade republican conservative voters. we are trying hard as we can to win the argument even if the president has the veto in the senate. >> it is interesting that you don't have to be elected law maker to serve. gretta van has been voted and chris you are not mentioned yet. but a name that comes up is mitt romney. newt gingrich often comes up. but again, because we are unchartered waters do you think that it would be a outsider because you know, kevin mccarthy said they want a new face and that would be in the capitol. >> it is legal and one of those interesting things that political junkies love to talk about. you don't have to be a member of congress to be the speaker. but it would be be an admission
10:24 am
of dysfunction or defeat for house republicans if they can't find one of 240 members that can serve as speaker. i can't imagine it happening. >> if those representsives yes, they like certain law makers and not a lot of names to be speaker of the house. i wonder if the constituents would be open to that. you pointed out it hasn't happen and other interesting twist to all of this. >> you can't help but wonder. >> i don't know if you saw this or not. one of the points, kevin mccarthy is our majority leader and he is someone we depend on and trust and his endorsement, mccarthy's endorsement will mean a lot to whomever is running.
10:25 am
whether it is jason chaffetz or dan webster or somebody else. do you think that that is true? >> as you are saying and i was thinking about it. on one hand you can say it helps, but mostly around the establishment and leadership types that support mccarthy in the first face and whether it would help for the 40 plus people i am not sure. you will have to find somebody who bridges that gap. and in all of the issues that we have had whether it is a grand bargain. we decide who is right or wrong. boehner tried to make the bargain budget deal with obama and shutting down the government and there is a split with the republican party and whether you want to govern or stand on principle or planned parent hood. you have to find somebody that
10:26 am
bridges the gap. unless you are a care taker which is not a strong way for republicans to go. getting someone to lead them in battle and reelection in 2016. >> paul ryan. jeb hensenly and tray gowdy would be one. and i run out of fingers and names. >> use your toes. and laby sabitoe said time is an essence. and you are looking at a shutdown in december. chris wallace. we'll watch on sunday. >> not only are the republicans in sunday. we are now having a different story.
10:27 am
>> we'll watch nevertheless. thank you so much. >> that's the best to happen. roll with the news and speaking of the news, chris was talking about the democrats are viewing this and we have white house reaction because the white house is holding a press briefing and one comment on the wire and the white house said it is too early to assess the damage for the republican leadership race on the budget. and this is a busy news period in general. we are coming up on the end of the session and they have to figure out budget issues and john boehner is stepping down. and chad said perhaps he will stay o. and chris stirewall, we haven't gotten your reaction of news that is an hour old. what do you think of this?
10:28 am
>> there is a book called things fall apart. that's what is happening in america politics. old order is falling away and everybody in washington expected well, it is written in stone and it is going to happen. and they can't do it and it has to be be mccarthy and no one will step up and then that goes away. you can see it in the presidential election. and trump, and carson and fi fiorina high in the polls. >> is that good? >> it is great for us. >> but to the other side, will we be stronger. the process goes through upheaval and emerges in a government that reflects the wishes of the people; is that
10:29 am
what is happening? >> yes. but the parties are ideological. and once upon a time parties were regional powers that reflected geogravy. but the parties sorted them out. conservatives are republican and liberals are democrat. there are not liberal republicans or conservative democrats so to speak. the job of speaker of the house is a negotiator and person who has to organize things and person who gets people together. now what is happening, ideology is put in place. and litmus test and the tactics are they conservative or liberal enough. >> and paul ryan and tray gowdy could be looked at. and they don't want the job. do you think they don't want the
10:30 am
job or the people who say hey, i don't want it and come back in? >> no sane mammal would want this job. this is the worst job by many orders of magnitude. it is it a thankless and terrible job and what a disaster of a job this is. the question with paul ryan. trey gaudy cannot stop the benghazi committee. and that would be the end and big mistake. they will not take him off the committee. paul ryan is the only guy with the establishian with enough credibility and enough of a leader he might be drafted in to doing this against his will. >> is that where your money is?
10:31 am
>> a long- time held person and worked in the national level and knows all of the people said dick cheney is the answer. he served in the house and cap stone job for him and that is my favorite current suggestion. >> your favorite current suggestion. and i keep going for that. mitt romney and they are notes inially outsider and not currently elected. chris wallace shut me down on. that i will keep dreaming. thank you. >> dick cheney. that is thinking outside of the box. >> you got to hear all of the names at this point. >> and stunning news. we have followed it this hour on capitol hill. kevin mccaringy and majority leader for republicans shocking
10:32 am
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10:36 am
race. and we are told his announcement was met with stunned silence from fellow republicans. and mccarthy said the gop needs a new face to unite. it bret baier on special report. it is unexpected and there were mummures after the "gaffe" that he met about benghazi and hillary clinton and that might have impacted the race. is that what this is all about that one comment? >> well, as kevin mccarthy said in the statement it didn't help. i think it had a influence in this day. i think that no one believed that he was going into the conference and would not be able to get the majority of the republican conference. the role question was 218 number of votes needed on the house
10:37 am
floor and he came up short by every head count and the freedom caucus x. 40 plus conservative and party members of the cackus saying they would stand together and vote against him for daniel web stare as an alternative. and perhaps he couldn't get to that number and that's why he stood up and said i am not the leader at this time. something happen when he walked in the conference meeting until the time he dropped out. we had video of him saying it is going to be a great day and i think we have the votes. something happen. >> chad said something weird happen and we are not sure what it is. i see senator reid had statements and what this means for government function. and senator reid said the utter
10:38 am
chaos of the republican party mutt not discredit the full faith of the united states. there is work needing to get done. can that get done while this is playing out. >> it can get done with speaker boehner at the helm. house of representatives has to have a speaker and that is someone in the position to make the trains run. speaker boehner will stay in the role, but how long is unclear. he will eventually leave that position and conservatives in the party and voters will be pressuring law makers to get a new face in there and as chris stirewaland chris wallace pointed out. it is a thankless job and it may be a short- term job. we don't know. it is a day that is a huge news event. it not only tells us what is
10:39 am
happening on capitol hill but paints a picture of a fractured republican party not only playing out here in washington but the presidential trail and more and more people are saying the establishment cannot win. >> let me jump in with breaking news on this from the current speaker of the house john boehner just issued a statement and i will get your reaction. it says in relevant party, as i have said previously i will serves speaker until the house votes to elect a new speaker. and that is the relevant part of the statement. we'll announce the day for election at a different time. i am confident we will elect a new speaker in the coming weeks. i will serve as speaker until the house votes to elect a new speaker and so there is not necessarily a time table for the end of the month.
10:40 am
he had referenced earlier he would depart on october 30th. and the election of the full house floor on the 29th. and now it appears he will stay until this is resolved. >> i don't think it is a surprise. i think there will be a hunger after all of this attention and upheaval to find another face to take the speaker's gavel and i think that boehner will shepherd the congress until the end of the month. but there will be a push to find someone else to get the votes. jenna, you talked about earlier going outside of the house. and that is a possibility and one of the things we love to talk about in washington. just like on the supreme court, you don't have to be a lawyer boy rules. but they are and almost always are and in this case they will be. it is fun to talk about newt
10:41 am
gingrich or tom colburn or somebody from the business world, but it is -- >> the reason why we entertain it because it is a possibility. it is. but one wonders when folks like kevin mccarthy are talking about a new face. is that within the capitol right now. who exactly are they looking for and who are they referring to as a my face? >> it is an interesting question. there are people who don't get talked about a lot who could rise up. one of them who was considering to run for majority was cathy rogers who is head of the republican conference chair. she is highest position ever that a female has been for republicans in the house. would will she run for speaker? that could be an interesting thing. she ran the conference in a way
10:42 am
to keep the conservative side and moderate side of the party in line. but i think there is a fracture that they will look for a concensus candidate and whether someone can get to the 218 magic number is a great question. >> you do need a new face, but you need somebody who understands how legislation works in the house. and really understands how to do that. >> she knows how to do that and experienced in that regard. what does it mean for jason chaffetz? chad pointed out he may be the biggest beneficiary. but is he a coalition candidate that could coalesce the tea party folks and freedom caucus and mod onerate republicans, brett? >> it is a great question. his statement when he came out was interesting, he said we need
10:43 am
someone who can articulate and stand up to the president, to the senate and for the american people. standing up to the republican senate is one of the things he mentioned. that is a real frustration of the conservative members of the house. and the things they pass through the house and end up dying on the vine in the senate. it is possible that chaffetz could get more votes but being he get to the number. daniel webster has the support of the freedom caucus and can he expand. i think paul ryan probably could bring all sides together and he is chairman of the house ways and means committee. a job more enviable when it comes to money and budget than the volatile speaker. >> he's knee-deep trying to devise new tax policy and strategies for republicans in
10:44 am
that capacity. and so brett, thank you very much. and amazing news on capitol hill. >> a lot on special report tonight. >> i can't wait for that panel tonight. we'll watch for it. and breaking news out of sacramento we'll get to in a moment after this quick break.
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>> hey, everyone. i am gretchen carlsson. coming up on the real store tore. mccarthy drops out of the speaker race. and we'll talk to mike turner on what happen today? and congressman dave brachlt they did not bat ming carthy but endorsed webster and hear from congressman jason chaffetz. does this better his chances now? and rand paul. could something similar be browing in the senate? all at the top of the hour. >> awaiting sacramento police
10:48 am
department update right now. the latest on the investigation in to the stabbing early this morning past midnight west coast time. spencer stone, one of three americans who thwarted the french terror attack. and adam housely has the latest in los angeles on that. adam. >> reporter: yeah, gregg, we expect to hear from the sacramento police in moments. they will have it in the next 15 minutes or so. we learned about what happened. and a lot more to learn. it happen after midnight in the area of sacramento that is not known for crime. there is a number of clubs and people walk there. and spencer stone was one of them. it is an alcohol- related incident. somehow they have determined that and what they think happen here, he left a club with a woman and met a woman in the
10:49 am
club and not far away within a block or so saw the woman harassed with 1 or 2 men. and 6 or 5 or 6 men attacked stone and stabbed him three times, some reports say 4 or 3. and greg, a lot of information is coming out. and at the time he might actually premise and considering a homicide investigation but sacramento city fire responded within minutes and did life saving measures and they are talking about what happened. take a listen. >> i know we have been extremely busy this morning. first we are going to take a few questions. i want to remind everyone we appreciate the understanding that this is an ongoing investigation. we'll answer your questions the best we can. but some we may not be able to
10:50 am
answer. >> it is deputy chief ken be bernard. and also on a note that chief of police sam summers junior. sam. soners. he's on a planned vacation and regretfully unable to be here. >> this is a typical beginning to the press conference. they are telling the press who is going to be here. we'll monitor this. spencer stone came to the aid of a woman who was being attacked by 5 or 6 men. he was held down and stabbed 3 or 4 time. they thought he may not make it. but he is stabilized in the medical center. we'll keep you updated as it all comes out. >> thank you very much. there is the new's conference.
10:51 am
we'll monitor what is said and we'll pause and take a quick break and we'll have live coverage live coverage of these events as well as what happened on capitol hill. a stunner. kevin mccarthy withdrawing in his bid to be next speaker of the house. it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. to save; but also helped that them to save?sk members that allowed families to keep more of their money; letting them use any atm nationwide for free. and, because every dollar matters, didn't nickel-and-dime its members with monthly fees.
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you'll know the name spencer stone because he was one of the young americans who thwarted would be terror attack. he was out with friends and what the chief told us is he now has
10:55 am
very significant injuries from being stabbed earlier this morning. is scenario is, he was out with friends, maybe a nightclub, bar in the area and the two suspects are two male asian adults. they gave just some basic descriptions but that's who the police department are looking for. there's been reports spencer stone was out numbered. we heard that as well from adam houseley. there's more to this story. we do know that spencer stone is recovering in a hospital right now. at the beginning they weren't sure he was going to survive. these stab wounds. this is a very serious attack. it's something we'll continue to watch out of sacramento. in the meantime, we wish him the best, of course. >> of course breaking news through the day. kevin mccarthy who was supposed to win today's party vote to be the next speaker of the house
10:56 am
suddenly stepped before his conference behind closed doors and said i'm not your guy. i am not going to do this. he been under fire for his own words in which he blamed the or called the benghazi committee political. he tried to back pedal from that but to no avail. he admitted that was part of the reason. he said it didn't help. the search is on for a new speaker. the timetable will no longer necessarily be the end of the month. >> i also want to mention you're watching news from overseas. this also breaking during this hour. u.s. officials are confirming four russian missiles landed in iran today.
10:57 am
it shows some of the issues that come up with what we're seeing inside syria and beyond. a lot of breaking news. we'll be right back. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. realpack uber flavor into ultra thin. sargento ultra thin slices with just 45 calories a slice- that's 45 reasons to layer, stack sneak, peek, beg, like, love. sargento- we're real cheese people.
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shocker on capitol hill. house majority leader kevin mccarthy drops out of race to become house speaker sparking a republican free for all now. we're here to bring you the real story. mccarthy stunning everyone. republicans gathered behind closed doors to hold a secret vote. >> we're serving. we should put this conference first. we probably need a fresh face. i'll stay on as majority leader but the one thing i found when talking to everybody, if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to


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