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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 11, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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we post a lot of original con didn't on facebook and we are pack here on sunday at 11 o'clock and 5:00 p.m. eastern with the latest buzz. >> i am chris wallace and the house of representatives is in tour hill mile as the g.o.p. searches for a leader to unite a divided party. >> trying to work together and i know a last speculation on who should run. we need someone who the whole body can unite. >> we will speak with the chairman of the house of representatives freedom caucus demanding big changes on capitol hill and former house speaker gingrich who said he would consider returning to the post he left in 1997. >> then, as russia escalates the offensive in syria, the united states ends its program to train the rebels. >> we will talk with ambassador
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dennis ross under four presidents and bush national security advisor about the superpower face off and the most dangerous neighborhoods. plus, ahead of the first democratic debate our patch el weighs in on the hillary clinton flip on train and the continuing e-mail troubles and our power player of the week. hola. >> the other side of the world. all right now. on fox news sunday. >> hello, again, from fox news in washington, dc. it has been quite a week on capitol hill. with frontrunner kevin mccarthy suddenly drop out of the race for speaker and intense pressure on congressman paul ryan to take a job he clearly doesn't want. today, we will discuss the divisions robbing the house of representatives republicans with former speaker newt gingrich, but, first, congressman jim jordan head of the house of
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representatives freedom caucus that helped push speaker out and kept kevin mccarthy from running. congressman, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> good to be with you. >> let me start with the big question, would you and would most of the members of the freedom caucus support paul ryan for speaker? >> we have endorsed daniel webster but paul ryan is a good man a great communicator and the kind of messenger we need. if he is in the race we would look fairly on him but we are much more concerned about reforming the institution. this is not just about would the next speaker is but about what will change, the business as usual attitude around there, changing that is foremost and that is what we are focused on. >> to just simplify it, something you are talking about is criminal over who gets on what committee and, also, criminal over what pills come to the floor and what amendments come up. a last it is decentralization of power. are you saying that paul ryan would have to agree to that before you would support?
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>> the next speaker has to be committed to that the paul would be committed. daniel webster is. the steering committee that most of your viewers have never heard of decides who has the power and they dish out punishment. in kansas, this we having a and he was kicked off the agriculture committee pause he would not do exactly what the people in the house of representatives told him to do. he was kicked off thing a committee and he has a phz in agriculture policy. that is the kind stuff that has to stop. with that kind of environment i where argue that it is not conducive to producing the results that we told the voters we with do when we gave a chance to serve. >> if paul ryan will not agree and we will talk to newt gingrich in a moment, that considerable decentralization of power in the house of representatives will you and the other members of your caucus support him? >> i think he will agree. the next speaker has to agree
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because the american people, 60 percent of our voters think we have betrayed them. not disappointed, not slightly off track, we have betrayed them. we need a shake up. this is what the people of demanding. the next speaker will want to make those changes. thing of the steering committee. on the steering committee the speaker gets to vote five times. contribution wallace a member of congress on the steering commit you get one vote but the speaker votes five time. where in the world does that format work? that is the kind of stuff that has to change. >> congressman, some issues, some members of your caucus are raising questions about ryan before he decideds to run the fact he was working at one point to try to create a compromise on comprehensive immigration reform and they say he is like speaker boehner in that he would oppose measures that would end up leading to a government shut down or default on our national debt. how big a robber those positions
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that ryan has taken? >> as i have said, paul ryan is i meet with him every system week. we talk about policy. he would be a great messenger. he will come to our group and talk to us. our group would be favor ability to him but we are not there. we know daniel webster. we know he has done this in florida where he took a model that was controlled top down centralized power model and diffused that power and empowered the members. that is the model we want. whoever the next speaker is, paul ryan or anyone else has to go to that model because that is the environment that will be most conducive to producing the results we told the voters we would do to fighting for the republican principles we were elected to fight for. >> the republican is republican establishment types call your group "hell no, caucus," say, you are more interested in ideological warfare that
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governing, if you will let me finish the question, you talk about the obstacles or the tests you will put up for any potential speaker. you are only 40 members of a 247-member republican caucus and at some point, don't you and your members have to bow to the will of the majority of republicans? >> of course we are willing to compromise. but what we need in the house of representatives and what the american people are demanding, what our voters demand, do not forfeit to the white house before the ref blows the whistle. establish our position, come together, compromise, figure out where 247 republicans, what we can agree, and stand for that position, articulate that and have the debate in a compelling way and take the case to the white house, to the united states senate. that is what our voters expect. all too often we say the president is demanding this and we have to give in before the game starts. that is what the next speaker has to do and what we want to
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see in our next speaker. we understand we have to compromise but when we compromise, let's fight for our position. >> congressman you are a member of the house of representatives benghazi committee and hillary clinton will testify before that committee on october 22. she has already been atanning the committee taking advantage of kevin mccarthy's remarks to indicate that this is all about politics and taking down her poll numbers. >> it was set up to be a political partisan attack on me. it is sad to me, whether it is women's health or in this case, the death of four machines serving -- four americans serving our country, the republicans try to submit and partisannize the events. >> how do you respond to hillary clinton? how do you respond to new charges from a firm staff member of your committee, an army reserve major who said that he quit the committee because it turned into a partisan attack on
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hillary clinton? >> this committee has always been about getting to the truth. the american taxpayers, the american american deserve the truth and the families of the hourville whose gave their life to their country that night. those families want to know the truth. that is what we are focused on. i would say insurance the mail story broke back in march, we have interviewed 33 witnesses. only one of the witnesses dealt specifically with the e-mail issue. that was the shortest interview of all because that witness took the 5th. we have been focused on our mission the entire time, 50,000 new documents we have received that no other committee got, 41 eyewitnesses we have interviewed that no other competent interviews. it is always about the truth much the chairman has always focused on that and we will continue. >> in 30 seconds what about, and i said army air force reserve major who was fired from the committee because it turned into partisan attack.
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>> that is the important i am making. when you interview 33 people since the whole mail scandal broke about secretary clinton and 32 of those been about benghazi and the only one about the mail scandal is the guy who took the 5th and would not answer question that shows we are focused on what the assignment was and the objective and that is simply to get to the truth. >> a thank you, congressman, for talking with us. now, turning to former speaker newt gingrich who was instrument am in 1994 in leading republicans to their first house majority in 40 years. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> good to be here. use listen to that and all of the conditions that jim jordan is putting out in weres it of decentralization and how one would argue the steps that any potential speaker would have to make could he bring the house republicans together, do you think he could get to the 218 votes you need to effectively
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run? >> i think that congressman jordan was very candidate in outlining for paul ryan who would be the first choice of most house of representatives republicans that there is a path for ryan to unify everyone and it has to involve significant internal reforms which do not seem obvious to the average reporter but are israel to whether individual members have the ability to get things done. we have gone through a period of centralization where more and more power was residing in fewer and fewer and they tried to deal with people by punishment and in a free society we are not russia and do not have kgb. it is tricky to govern by punishment and it leads to the freedom clauses. >> do you think ryan should take the job? >> he should be very cautious. he is the most press technologious member of the house of representatives on the republican side with a great future and he is still very
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young. it is easy to get to 18 on the first vote and then keeping the government open through a continuing resolution and then the debt ceiling if you are not careful by christmas you resemble speaker boehner because these are hard. i have suggested they go slower and have day long conferences and listen to each other. all 247 members won an election. all of them deserve to be heard. you are right, when it is done, how do you form a continuing ability to get 218 votes in the house of representatives so you can pass legislation that has to be passed? >> i want to talk about the decentralization of power because you have called jim jordan's caucus the "i'm pewer than you caucus," and talked about them creating chaos. when you became speaker you centralized power in the speaker's office is in the leadership. can you run the house of representatives if you say, well, the members are doing to decide who is on the necessity
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and what legislation is brought up and the members decide. it sounds good but it is like herding cats. you need control. >> it is hard and speaker boehner made it harder because as an idealist he eliminated earmarks so you could no long say, i will get you three progresses for are your district so all of the things the speakers like thomas "tip" o'neill used and i used, a lot of those tools are gone. you have to confront the example members have to have a sense if they win an election they can bring the views of their voters and they have an honest opportunity to offer an amendment. they would lose the amendment. committee chairman hate this idea, they like to bring bills to the floor that no one gets to amend and that maximizes the chairman's power but in the long run it builds resentment among the members who think they won an election, too. >> you are one of the big
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thinkers in the g.o.p. and from 30,000' rather than from 10' we see the antiestablishment grass roots frustration in the fight in congress on who will control things or whether there should be as much control but it is play out in the presidential race with the rise of fiorina and ben carson and donald trump and the experience is being held against them. what is going on with your party? >> it is not the party but the run. 75 percent in a poll said there is widespread corruption in the united states in government. the school superintendent in chicago is now under investigation for taking bribes. you have george will, obviously a will so it guy, an establishment figure, saying we should impeach the i.r.s. commissioner. this is a general broad sense among three out of four members
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the system is fixed. 60 percent of republican voters disliked the leadership and 2 percent, 2 percent say they approve. that is statistic am error. the turmoil in the house closer to where the country is which is why you have trump, carson, fiorina and ted cruz who is an outsider, they are 60 percent of the current republican primary vote. >> you would agree it is happening more whether it is in the presidential race or in congress on the republican side than the democratic side. >> the democrats are winning. the democrats have been growing on democracy and they have a budget who is doing what they want. it is natural for the democrats to be comfortable. if you are a republican conservative, you wake up furious that what you see happening and you want to know why your party is not doing a better job. >> could we end up with the kind
3:15 pm
of ideological and organizational blood letting that the democrats want through with george mcgovern in 1972 with the split in the party that the flank wins and you end up if this case with the republicans losing 49 states? >> i doubt it. you might. i doubt it because first of all, hillary clinton will be in enormous trouble and you are not in a lyndon johnson environment or nixon prior to watergate but, secondly, it could be that trump and ben carson in particular, represent a phenomenon that newspaper of us understand. you tell me, i explain trump because he is noisy and this is an age where noise matters. how do you explain ben carson? what if the country said, well, the entire establishment is against you but that means i like you more. that is a reagan experience
3:16 pm
rather than a goldwater experience. >> you seemed to leave the door open you would be willing to return as speaker of the house of representatives and you do not is to be a member of congress to be speaker we learned. are you serious? >> our mutual friend sean hannity asked the question in a way that was impossible to stay no. if 218 members approached you and they said they were collectively for you, well, no citizen say i would turn that down but the odds of that happening are enormous and it is totally implausible and we are making no plans to return to capitol hill. >> i was going to ask you, how does your wife feel? >> she broke out laughing and said that sean mousetrapped me. >> welcome back, and we will survey on top of the story. >> we will discuss the split among republicans in the
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> it is bedlam in washington. a mess. body lamb. i have never seen figure like -- seen figure like this. >> republicans need to join us in a timetable. >> donald trump is celebrate the turmoil in washington and how democratic leader nancy pelosi trying to capitalize on it. now time for george ill, --
3:21 pm
george will, susan page, and juan williams and karl rove. should paul ryan take the job of speaker? will three? >> well, in the words from the campaign "it's a mess." it is a mess. now, the freedom caucus which you pointed out represents one out of the every six house of representatives republicans wants to run the house caucus. the only way they can have influence is in the election of speaker because the speaker requires 218 votes. you elect the rest of the republican leadership by a majority of the caucus. to get 218, assuming democrats vote g.p.s. you cannot afford to lose 40 republicans. will paul ryan take it? i don't know. i think there are three big considerations in his mind and the most important is last. one consideration is, would he be more effective as a ways
3:22 pm
chairman? i don't think so. but three likes ways and means. can he function as speaker? you would not wish this job on your worst enemy but the most important consideration is his family, he lot of his father early and his family is very important and being speaker over the next year and a half will be time consuming. he will not be in business on the weekends. at the end of the day there will be a lot of pressure and he is the indecision expensable man who can unite the wings and move the caucus forward with a conservative optimistic agenda. he has done so and a lot of people who are today critics of the leadership were soiling him when he said do something about entitlements and the fiscal crisis and something about spending. >> we asked you for questions and we got this open twitter from female barbarian writing "by the time republicans are
3:23 pm
done with their sick particular -- circular firing squad there will be no capable candidate." >> paul ryan is the one person in the world who could be the finished a book about jackuse kemp. he was a mentor to paul ryan. he said it is impossible, send me and i believe at the end of the day he will do this but he is in a position of such strength to negotiate some deals going in. thank you is the question, george, is he in a position of strength or not? as you heard jim jordan say, the freedom caucus is not just going to say, paul come on in, they will make demands of the deindustrialization of power as -- decentralization.
3:24 pm
karl said, yes, you get 218 votes but at the debt or budget or other issue will you have the votes? >> i don't think so. i don't ink that is the most important consideration. rarely is the country so fortunate to have exactly the right person in exactly the right place at exact the right time, paul ryan at the chairmanship. the progress is economic stagnation because of unreformed tax codes and the only person in the government that can take the lead open that is there in paul ryan at ways and means. it is though we have an orchestra saying we have a great lead violinist, make him conductor it is the wrong skill set. there are a half a dozen men in the house of representatives that could do the job of conducting the business of the house of representatives. leaving aside and it is not our job to speak of the family, he
3:25 pm
has three children and they will be teen. speaker boehner i was told by a leading house republicans was on the road continue day as year raising money. >> 220. >> 220. >> before i bring in juan, it is nice to be the chairman of the house ways and means committee but if republicans lose the majority in 2017 he is the ranking republican on the committee. isn't it important to bring some water in so you can go to the country and say someone knows how to play this game. >> the democrats had the bad judgment to lose a waive election in the census year and it is hard for the democrats to take control of the house of representatives in this decade but he will be chairman for a while. >> why? what do you make of this? >> in response to what george said, next year is a tough year for republicans in terms of senate races. what you have is among people
3:26 pm
who are the most loyal republicans, a real question. if this party cannot govern itself why should i trust them to govern the nation? right now, you have this mainstream republicans who could say, you know what i am sick of you i will stay home. that is a danger for the republican party. that is harming the republican party, harming them with independents who are now a larger share of the electorate and remain whats them with conservative reagan democrat whose could say i cannot feel comfortable putting my faith in republicans even as disgusted as i am with democrats. it rays questions, george, not just in terms of the house of representatives but the larger picture, the senate, the presidency, even potentially now people saying maybe this freedom caucus and the renegades should break off and have their own party and let the mainstream republican party come back. >> that is a formula for democrats winning the majority
3:27 pm
with a split party. >> 69 more republicans in the house of representatives today than weapon president obama was inaugurated and we are supposed to say the republicans are in crisis? i don't think so. the house of representatives is supposed to be 10 length. the founding fathers designed it this way, the most responsive to the gusts of public opinion. >> not dysfunction. >> karl, i am told that ryan will take his time to make sure he has an effective majority of 218. he knows numbers. second, there is a lot of pressure put open by the establishment and business groups saying some of the freedom caucus members if you are not playing ball, you will get a primary opponent. >> first, let me gently agree and gently disagree with george. george is right that paul ryan has the skill set next to lead the fight on ways and means to reform the tax code and reform
3:28 pm
expectments and i agree there are four, five or six others of the house of representatives republican caucus could be speaker. but could they get elected speaker? ryan has the unique ability to bridge the gap. he has the respect. i am not certain who else. there is discussion of this. part of the discussion, we could end up with speaker boehner who is elected through january of 2017. there are other names, and it will take time to make that decision. but it will have to be someone who can walk in there and have the ability to draw respect from all elements of the party in order to function as the leader. >> will they have to agree to the terms that jim jordan talked of? >> there is wisdom in what gingrich said undo things they put in place when he was there. from freedom caucus want the ability to have unlimited amendments brought forward on the floor of the house of representatives but that is like
3:29 pm
the senate and it guarantees you turn control of the house of representatives to the democrats. the rules are meant to keep the majority strength together. a problem is we have some members who have been tossed off because they were on a budget committee and no democrat will vote for a republican budget resolution and a congressman had input and voted against the republican position with nancy pelosi so the desire -- you cannot have if that structure say, well, everyone can do everything they want even if it means you are voting with 19 employees. -- with nancy pelosi. >> next, the administration gives up on the plan to train syrian rebels and russia continues to expand the military role in. what do you think? how should the united states spend to some's -- russia's
3:30 pm
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(girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. >> the situation if syria went from bad to worse. president obama gave up on the program to train a new rebel army to take on assad's regime. russia escalated the offensive including launching cruise missiles from a thousand miles away and isis moved to fill the
3:33 pm
vacuum created on the russian attacks and the insurgents. >> we have former national security advisor to george w. bush and ambassador dennis ross who was middle east negotiator under four united states presidents has a if you book "doomed to succeed, the united states and israel relationship from truman to obama." president obama is on tv this week and he pushes back on the argument that vladimir putin is challenging his leadership with his new offensive in syria. here is a clip. >> he is challenging your leadership. >> i have to tell you, steve, if you think running your economy into the drowned and having to send troops in, in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we have a different
3:34 pm
definition of leadership. >> ambassador, you wrote an article for the "washington post" this week in which you say that vladimir putin is filling a vacuum in syria that we created. when you hear president obama, is he in denial? >> i don't think he is recognizing what the effect of what vladimir putin is doing in the middle east. and i don't think he is fully apresbyterian -- appreciating when we act as the set backs are not a set back it sends a message to vladimir putin. we do not provide systems in ukraine and he sees that because we are afraid he will escalate, we are not prepared to do certain thens in syria, in response to what he is doing because we will not make it a pro xy war and it suggests we are afraid of caseylation and the more he sees the more he takes advantage and those in the region read nature way. do they accommodate vladimir putin? do they have to go off and take actions of their own? you look how the saudis operate
3:35 pm
in yemen and that is driven on the since they cannot count on us. >> i go pack to the clip where he said i don't think vladimir putin is challengingbly leadership, your former colleague, former secretary of state rice under george bush and bob gates the secretary of defense under both bush and obama had a very tough piece in the "washington post" this week where they say vladimir putin's move into syria is old fashioned politics. people do that in the 21st century. is president obama as out touch with the reality of the current situation in syria as rice and gates seep to suggest. >> i think they are right. vladimir putin has gone in to defend assad and defend the syrian regime. he is dealing himself into whatever outphilaes on it of the
3:36 pm
middle east and he is pursuing the agenda he has had to return russia to the kind of role in the world the soviet union had during the cold war period. that is what he is about. that is what he has done in ukraine and in syria. >> president obama is, what? >> the united states has been awol. there were republicans and democrats in 2011 who said if we do not attend to syria more will be dying and it will be second tape and open the door for al-qaeda and that is what has happened. the first step to remedy the situation is the united states to get engaged in humanitarian situation and the fight against isis and in the diplomacy. >> now the specifics of the russians. you say the russians are creating facts on the ground with their intervention in syria
3:37 pm
, their support of assad at the support of the antiassad rebels. but the world then will be faced with a choice assad asen pleasant and distasteful as he is or isis. >> that is what vladimir putin wants to create. assad is the one who declared war on his own people he tried to turn it into, me or the terrorists. it wasn't credible because a majority of his people were fighting him because he impose add war on them. the more you turn it into it is assad or isis it looks like he prevents the islamic state from taking over and vladimir putin wants to create that reality and part of what vladimir putin is doing is engaging in an effort to further depop pop --
3:38 pm
depopulate syria the europeans will look at how they cope the program vladimir putin is creating? >> mr. hadley they are saying vladimir putin is operating out of weakness and they will be in a quagmire. are you as confident this is a loser for vladimir putin? >> not at all. does it look weak to you what he is doing in syria? look at the situation for those opposition forces we have been supporting. vladimir putin said he is coming in to fight isis but what he is doing is bomb those opposition members we have supported. at the same time, they of being a. >> understanding this is crazy. it makes no sense. >> now we will talk about
3:39 pm
solutions. ambassador, you say the answer is to get together with turkey, with the europeans, with the arabs, and create a safe haven, basically in the shaded area up this along the syrian and turkey border for opposition forces and civilians but that is almost precisely where russia is striking if you create a safe haven, would you not be getting into direct conflict with the russians? >> there is no pathway at this point that is risk free and the reality is if we continue on the path we are on now the situation will only become worse and we will create the situation that vladimir putin wants and he will make a situation worse from another stand point if we ranch it up what we are doing while he going after the non-islamic state opposition the reality is we will be in league with the russians fighting are being perceived as fighting the sunnis. you need the sunnies to discredited the sunni tribes to
3:40 pm
diskit isis f we are if league with russians we cannot do that. are you prepared to say to vladimir putin, is a no fly zone? a safe haven? we will enforce it not original against assad and his syrian air force but against the russians? >> yes, we cannot be self deterred. the more we are self-deterred the space station is getting worse and it presents us with a worse set of options. the path will continue unless we play by rules that vladimir putin understands. >> you talk about the united states must be engaged and lead. would you would be willing to enforce a no-fly zone and say to vladimir putin stay out. >> i would but i would do two other things, the united states has a real opportunity to lead the spokesman opportunity to provide humanitarian assistance to those sheltering the syrian refugees, jordan, turkey and
3:41 pm
lebanon. we need to do that. on the other end getting moran gamed we also need to try to build an international conference that will talk about the humanitarian process and deconflict the forces and try to begin a dialogue of getting a settlement that will under the civil war in syria. i would do all three of those things. >> thanks for coming this today. obviously well will keep continuing to story. >> the democrats are ready to hold the first will the other candidates go after hillary clinton? and a new movie portrays dan rather as a hero for a republican he did on president bush that he had to apologize for.
3:42 pm
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that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> the so-called tpp will lower barriers and raise standards and drive long term growth across the region. >> behalf i know as of today i am not in favor of what i have lend about it. i don't believe it will meet the high before i have set. >> hillary clinton this week as a candidate say she opposed president obama's pacific trade agreement that she pushed when she was secretary of state. that flip comes' the first debate open tuesday. george, hillary clinton goes into the debate distancing herself from president obama not only on trade but also on
3:46 pm
immigration and also on syria and also on a key part of obamacare. is her move to shore up her left flank against bernie sanders. is that smart? >> probably. at this point because the question is, how much will it hurt down the road? the old political joke is man takes the position in front of a large crowd on all the burning issues and at the end of the speech he said those are my positions and if you don't lick them i will change them. that is what she is doing. we could be today a 48-48 nation that both parties have 48 percent of vote and there is little change in the swing vote. therefore, shoring up the 48 percent could be what she does now. the problem is, the truck and ben carson phenomenon people are looking for what they consider authenticity and she looks more synthetic. >> democratic party has taken hits for scheduling so few
3:47 pm
debates, the republicans have already held two and the democrats will hold their first and the argument has been from some democrats that the dnc is trying to protect hillary clinton of the what do you expect susan? will children tone ignore the other candidates? will the other canidates go after her? >> they will go after her but her task has nothing to do with other candidates. her message has been drowned out by the controversies over e-mails and other things and she has been on the defensive. can she articulate why she wants to be president, and here is what i would do. i do not expect her to go after bernie sanders because at the end of the day she needs the supporters to be willing to support her. we are going to hear hillary clinton talk about hillary clinton. >> what does she do if sanders said, look, i have been against this kind of trade tell for years and you have been again it
3:48 pm
for three difficulties. >> she will say i listened to what you said and to the arguments and you were very persuasive, thank you for showing me the light. >> i want to take a sharp turn because i want to talk about a if you movie on friday called "proof," a cbs news report in 2004 just's the presidential election in 2004 which claims the president bush had gone awol from the air national guard unit and cbs reports that dan rather and here is a clip from the movie. >> our stories with about what the president fulfilled his duty. no one wants it talk about that, they hope to god the ruth is locked in -- the truth is locken the scrum. >> movie portrays dan rather and the woman who was the producer in the story, almost as if they were woodward and bernstein during watergate. >> look, this was an ugly
3:49 pm
episode in american jump him. we had a producer would had an agenda. and she worked with her principle, dan rather, to produce a spear on president obama and the movie is name "truth," it ought to be "anatomy of a smear," falsified documents from a source would changed the story that were not verified by the cbs own experts. it is a devastating exam of journalism run amok. i recommend's anyone go to see the movie they google cbs, their independent review panel on this incident and read 30 payments, the 30 page summary of the report is devastating of the lack of journeyistic integrity. >> the main source is a left wing former national guard
3:50 pm
officer who gave mary map. s documents would they allege came from someone else and he later changed the story. the documents were said that george w. bush refused to take a flying exam and did not show up for national guard duty but bus had gone awol and it turned out the the documents were typed in a font that was not available on a typewriter in the 1960s when they were supposedly done and they were they had the wrong abbreviations, they were set up wrong. they had signatures in the wrong place. and the supposed author of these supposedly typed them himself when hisim widow said he didn'td type. >> didn't idburquette have some kind of a grievance against president bush? >> he had brooth grievances abo his treatment at the national
3:51 pm
forward and he w was a left winr who had a bias against bush and trying to a ingratiate himself with a campaign. it is lies from start to finish. the 30 page summary is devastating. cbs, which ranst this as part o 60 minutes issued a statement about the movie. it's worth reading. >> don't. i'm going to read the statement. one of the things that you have got to ayunderstand, this is go, to be a big movie. robert redford, cate blanchette. at the time, dan rather sued cbd and said that cbs's corporate interests had forced them to go against the movie and go against him. he the case was thrown out by a judge. cbs now says this about its own report and its own reporters and the movie. the film tries to turn gross errors ofpo journalism and judgment into acts of heroism and martyrdom. i have to ask you, how could
3:52 pm
robert redford and cat cate blanchette think they will get away with it? >> i think they're glorifying and creating heroes at a time when american trust in joumpism is abysmally low. people just don't trust journalism right now. and they just don't trust journalists in the way thatle w used to in the way that people once trusted your what you get, though, is a situation where carl and i don't agree on much but let's go to but the documents prove to be fraudulent and dan rather had to apologize. >> and his career was ended. >> but people would argue, carl, that that's the corporation protecting its corporate interest in washington. that they were fearful that viacom had interest on the table
3:53 pm
and that the republicans would punish them. >> baa loney. >> let me another question. i will tell you that my father ended upt confronting dan rathe at one point about this because the executive producer of cbs -- two had been fired. so had mary maps and my father said if your team gets fired you should quit, too. >> that's a judgment. >> so -- >> you leftt out the best quote from it's astounding how little truth there is in truth, says cbs. there are too many distortions and baseless conspiracy theories. >> should be renamed revisionism. see you next sunday. up next our power player of the week, creating a global community center one conversation at a time.
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3:56 pm
awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. we live in an interconnected world where social media allow us to share our views with strangers in realtime. but what about having an actual face to face conversation with somebody you have never met who is thousands of miles away? here's our power player of the week. >> just today i, my girl was
3:57 pm
born. >> oh, congratulations. >> two young men sharing the most basic of human exchanges except one was just outside washington while amir was in tehran. this is the porthole's project, the brain child of artist slash journalist, amar. >> conversations with strangers can be liberating and more moving because you're not perfo performing. they're not going to tell your mom what you say so you're able to say things that you couldn't anywhere else ♪ >> he launched the idea in december of 2014 with one gold painted container in new york city and one in iran. in a world of social media he wanted to create a global community center. >> by having so many vehicles to connect we lose the desire to
3:58 pm
connect. >> do you think this is going to lead to world peace or that it's just an entertaining 20 minutes between two individuals? >> neither. i hope that it's a unique moment in the lives of those participants. i want them to feel, i wish i had more of this. >> they now have 11 portholes from san francisco to cuba to afghanistan. people sign up to spend 20 minutes with a stranger on the other side of the world. and so far, 3500 people have connected. >> what kind of music you're into? >> i like, um, my favorites are pop. >> by now i was eager to enter the porthole. all i knew is that i would be speaking to someone in mexico city. >> hola, what's your name? >> my name is chris. what's yours? >> hi, chris. my name is noelle. >> what makes a good day for
3:59 pm
you? >> it's been raining a lot lately. so maybe just have a little sun today with no water. >> i'm married. i've got kids and grandkids. so if everybody in the family's happy, i'm happy. >> two artists are collaborating on music. two tech entrepreneurs are working on mobile apps. >> has there been a porthole romance yet? >> when it is we will make sure it it's officiated through portholes. >> we just came back from having our 14th anniversary dinner. >> happy anniversary! >> the idea resonates so broadly that in afghanistan or mexico, people basically get what we're trying to do and want to get behind it. it's satisfyk to see that community grow and take on a life of its own. we shouldn't be able to stop this if we tried. >> his goal is to have portholes around the world with one for
4:00 pm
every 1 million people on earth. and that's it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next fox news. politics atop the news this hour. it is decision time. we're told paul ryan of wisconsin is taking a long holiday weekend to consider one of the biggest decisions of his career. our producer on capitol hill with an inside scoop has been telling us that ryan hopped a flight friday to be home with his family and watch the packers' game this weekend. and for those watching and wondering, what is the big deal about filling the speaker of the house job, quite simply, without a speaker the lower chamber of congress is not allowed to conduct any official business. this is a live look at capitol hill right now. this is a sticky


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