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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 14, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> bill: we talk to our friend on the radio. do you like the cubs? >> martha: i like the mets. do you not listen to me? i have been talking about them all week. bye, everybody, we will see you on the radio. >> jenna: fallout this morning from the first democratic presidential debate. the candidates sparring on a host of issues and the clinton aids are calling the debate coat the best day of the campaign. i am jenna lee. >> >> jon: and i am jon scott. hillary clinton clashed are hillary clinton over the economy and gun control and other things. this is amid the growing
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speculation of biden's plan for a white house run. ju ju july, cory and mole is here for us to talk about this more. we have the -- to shorten the titles and get to the discussion. julie, did hillary clinton accomplish what she needed to do? >> she did. she needed to reassure the democratic base she could carry the message until november and accomplished that. two, she needed to reintroduce herself to america because what america has seen since the rollout has been a defensive person.
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and she needed to send the message to joe biden there is no room for him. >> jon: the consensus of the agreement after the debate today is hillary clinton won. did she? >> i think she did win the debate with the candidates on the stage. the thing for clinton is she still needs to put forward a reason for her running other than the notion she is a woman. she kind of leaned on that crutch too much. she had a very crisp and clean performance other than that. but there is more that needs to be done. and we don't know everybody on the stage is going to continue to be on the stage. >> i want to start with a quotation here from bill wayland who writes for the hoover
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institution, a conservative group on the west coast, and he writes two a half hours own stage with a vermont socialist and three afterthoughts doesn't elevate hillary clinton's statu statu stature. if anything it is a sad testament of the bench strength of the democratic party and hillary clinton is the safest bet in the imperfect lot. how do you respond to that? >> i don't know what debate he watched. if you watched the debate last night and compared that to the republican debate i think you saw a conversation of substance as oppose today a circus on the other side. but let me say this: last night each candidate needed to go in and focus on themselves. this was the first democratic debate. they needed to introduce themselves to the american people in a different way for a different reason. i think the top three canadidats
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on the stage all did what they needed to do. hillary did it the best. i think she needed reassure a lot of nervous democrats. a lot of nervous supporters. i am not sensing any nervousness amongst hillary supporters today. there is a sigh of relief with people excited and reenergized about him. i think the gun exchange with bernie sanders was a stumble for him but he regrouped. and martin o'malley did some good. i don't think he had a breakthrough moment but people saw him as a serious candidate and person and they him a second look. >> let me ask your response to this question. and corey touched on it in the previous answers. let me play this exchange from the moderator to hillary clinton:
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>> secretary clinton, how would you not be a third term of president obama? >> i think that say pretty obvious. [applause] >> i think being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we have had up until this point including president obama. >> julia, it was a question of substance. did she pull out the sexist card in answering it? >> she went to great debate prep that allowed her to answer that question in the way she wanted and not in the way cooper intended. she will have to come up with a better answer than that going forward but for yesterday it was fine. she needs to reinforce her standing among women and played that card yesterday. that is what she thought but it wasn't an answer that will fly in any setting of substance.
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and we will have many more of those. not just in the debates but on the campaign trail. >> jon: the are people who would like to elect the first woman's president in history. is that something she can rely on for votes? >> i don't think she is relying on it. i think it is a point for her to talk about. it is a source of pride for her like it is for carly fiorina on the other side. i am a democrat. i think it is remarkable for the first time in our nation's history we have two credible women running for president on either side of the aisle. but that is not it. i don't think she leaned on that overerly show. she spent a lot of time talking about her own background and why she would be a credible champion for every day citizens. it is not the soul crux of her argument but sets her apart.
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>> jon: the loudest applause of the night was when bernie sanders swatted away the e-mail controversy saying he is tired of hearing about it. but active investigation by the fbi is underway. how does she deal with that going forward? >> i think she deals with how she said she is. first, be completely transparent with this investigation as it is ongoing. she is planning to testify before the benghazi committee that is coming up soon. she is transparent in how she is dealing and talking about his right now. but absolutely. she got a big assist from bernie sanders last night and rightly so because there are many things she should be talking about. as mo said the contrast you saw between the democratic debate and what we have seen in the first two prime time debates was startling. now the question is as we go forward, what more can we put on the table? what more meat can democrats put on the table so they can
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solidify the base and get fri y friday -- get ready for the campaign coming up. >> jon: mnl imagine you are advia advising joe biden to get in the race. what do you say? >> make the decision. it is now or never. make it in the next week. >> jon: corey, what would you say? >> the same thing julie said. we have to make a decision, now is the time, it is up to you. >> jon: mo, do you say we have good candidates already. stay out? >> i tell him if you believe you are the right person for this right moment in history then run. but you are running out of time and every day you wait the rational is a little harder. >> jon: the case for his entry in the race isn't any stronger
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after last night, do you think so? >> there is two cases to be made. is he the best candidate? he has to make that determination and then try sell it. the question to whether or not there is room in the race or weakness along the field i don't think that case was made. i think democrats watched that field and were happy with the current choices. but that doesn't mean they are not going to be happy with joe biden gets in. i just think last night people were content with the choices he had. >> jon: he has more thinking to do. thank you for joining us. well, democrats were not the only candidates engaged in a debate last night. the republicans were watching, tweeting and now talking about the showdown and the democratic presidential's hopefuls plans for america. we are live with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, after absorbing criticism on stage the republicans are responding.
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first up, texas senator ted cruz is speaking in iowa and summed up his opinion of the democrats' poli policy proposal. >> more weakness and less constitution. well, i will say that. that is a recipe to destroy america. >> reporter: gop frontrunner donald trump tweeted his followers tweeting all are scripted and rehearsed and two shouldn't bow be on the stage. lindsey graham tweeted isis loves this debate. this debate on foreign policy is a nightmare. and jeb bush on hillary clinton: if you think this country is on the wrong track, hillary clinton just told you she has no interest in changing direction. i sure will. clinton attacked former hewlett-packard ceo carly
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fiorina for her position on family leave. she responded saying the debate is a spectical with the candidates falling all over themselves and trying to see who can get farthest to the left on issue after issue. they pushed tax gave aways for the healthy at the expense of the middle class. >> jenna: new information on sea with reports government forces are preparing for a major assault backed by russian airstrikes. u.s. and russian officials are meeting to coordinate plans for flying crews over the same war-torn country. greg palcott is live where more. >> reporter: a war of words is raging between russia and the united states. it is a real and complicated war
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in syria raging on the ground. the russian secretary claiming in the united states refuse today send a delegation to moscow and will not accept one from russia to discuss strategy in syria. he called the u.s.-led campaign against isis insignificant and not sincere. there are more talks, secretary carter, has said the united states would not associate with russia's approach to syria. he called that wrong headed and short sided saying its aimed to defend assad and not getting rid of isis. new reports today that iranian soldi soldiers are joining iran-back hezbollah mission in a massive ground operation aimed at northwestern syria. it is including rebel groups including moderate rebels backed
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by the united states. a u.s. official telling officials that strikes have killed 150 american-back fighters. no wonder america has passed on passing on information to the russians. this week, vladimer putin said tell us who not to pound and we won't pound them. i think what the united states might have said back to putin is yeah right. back to you jenna. >> jenna: thank you. >> jon: authorities are looking for a mother of three who vanished under mysterious circumstances. and who came out on top from the debate? karl rove is here with his take. and we want to hear from you. who do you think won the debate? the live chat is up and running go to to join the conversation.
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>> jenna: democrats took the stage in las vegas for their first debate and hillary clinton and bernie sanders dominated the spotlight. >> this was a large and complicated bill. >> it wasn't that complicated to me. it was pretty straightforward to me. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> me to. >> this is frustrating because unless somebody mentions my name i cannot get into the discussion. you casted a vote for something you are not familiar with. >> i just arrived at the united states senate, i was mayor, my dad died -- >> you didn't hear anyone denigrate women on this stage. you didn't hear anyone make racist comments about new immigrants. you didn't hear anyone speak ill
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of another american because of their religious beliefs. >> jenna: karl rove is here, a fox news con tributer, what is your reaction to the democrats last night? >> there was a clear winner: hillary clinton. it showed the weakness of the democratic field. we had a grumpy old bilbo b baggins leading and then three midgets. chafee who just got the senate after inheriting his father's seat and angry jim webb who spent the evening complaining and martin o'malley who seemed forced and like a 1950s tv pitch man. he had a good closing but not a good evening for the three
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midgets and the left winger. but hillary clinton had a strong night. >> jenna: very colorful description. you totally have your own opinion. the new yorker agrees with you. hillary clinton won because all of her opponents are terrible. the question now is from what you saw from the debate do you think this is an opening for joe biden or deterant for him? >> with regard to ryan liza, i agree the field was terrible but let's give hillary clinton her debut. she held her on in 2008 and was good last night. snappy, knowledgeable, comfortable, less robotic than normal. she is a good debater and no one should underestimate how she
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will be in the general election. could joe biden's entry shake up the race? it could but i doubt it. he has little or nothing to lose. he is not going to have to worry about others nipping at him because that field was terrible except for her. he could provide excitement and energy. if he doesn't enter, this is the last debate any of them will watch. >> jenna: i wonder if it is enough to be a game changer for her. it was interesting to see the match ups between hillary clinton and the gop candidates. they are on the left side because they beat her in head-to-he head-to-he head-to-head match ups. joe biden is on the left side of the screen because in head-to-head match ups with the gop he trumps the gop no pun intended.
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do you think this is a game-changer in the polling? will she pick up a little momentum? >> this didn't resolve the problem with general election voters. take a look at this. you think she is honest and trustworthy. in april in a fox poll it was 51% no and now it is up to 63% no. she repeated something last night was clearly not true. she said the state department allowed me to have a personal e-mail account and server. no, they didn't. this is interesting and related to another problem for her that is not going to be solved by last night. and that is democrats have long led in general elections on the issue of who cares about people like me but i think people are looking at her handling of the
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e-mail server issue saying she doesn't think the rules apply to her. >> jenna: karl -- i only have five seconds. quick break and we will be back with your thought and i have to ask you about the gop results in the new polling. we will be right back with karl rove. rove. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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>> jenna: back with karl rove here deputy chief of staff for george w. bush. we were talking about the exchange in the debate over hillary clinton's e-mail. you say this is something that is going to haunt her in the general election. why is that? >> she is not seen as honest and trustworthy and the numbers have been dropping as the whole e-mail scandal unrolled since
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last april. her numbers on cares about people like me demeniiminished. barack obama beat mitt romney on trustworthyness. does she care about people like me? in april her numbers were not good. 47-47. for a democrat that is not good. 43-53 by september. i think they are related. she is not honest and trustworthy and i think voters are starting to say she thinks the rules don't apply to me. she is not like me. she is something different and stands above me. i think this is a problem in the general election. last night didn't solve it. bernie sanders saying i am sick and tired of your damn e-mails doesn't matter. the fbi is going to investigate it. and ordinary people say, you
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know, what is going on here? and why did she do that? >> interesting. anderson cooper was in a tough spot because bernie sanders and the crowd were not with him for more questions. i want to ask you about the polling for gops. diversity wasn't on the stage when the comes to democrats. diversity of ideas not just skin deep. you see ben carson and donald trump at the top and you have a lot of different styles, personalities and backgrounds. i am curious what you think about this tells us about where the gop is at right now as a party overall? >> in the new fox polls it continues to trend since mid-september of donald trump.
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he peaked at 31% and he is at 23% now. in the fox poll he is at 24%. what was interesting was ben carson also peaked about that period of time. we have seen the fox poll with the second or third showing ben carson moved up. if you look at the internals, what is interesting is how much people see ben carson and to a lesser extent mark rubio from something different from the rest of the field. these two are the ones people think are more ethical. ben carson has 68% belief among republicans he is more ethical than other politicians and rubio has 48 and everybody else is in the 30s and 20s. these men have an ability to peak out and look and be different right now. at least right now, ben carson has capitalized on this by
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moving up to within one point of trump. a lot of movement possible. carly fiorina, who is looking good in mid-september, had a great debate performance, her support has been cut in half. it shows how fluid the race is how much change we are likely to see in the four months before the voting. >> jenna: it is all coming down to who people believe in and who they feel they can trust. that might be an issue for hillary clinton but look at the impact on the gop and how it is shifting around. great to have your analysis, karl rove. >> thank you, jenna. >> jon: the growing demographic poised to flex its muscle in 2016. and new developments in the case of a teenager accused of the brutal murder of his math teacher. why officials say he may not be compitant to stand trial.
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jenna: still to come a delay in the murder trial of the 16-year-old accused of raping and killing his math teacher in 2013. more on that in a moment. los angeles county officials preparing for rain fueled by el
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nino watching a new web site communicating with residents. the storm arrived in fall or early winter. former nba star lamar odum unresponsive, reported the unconscious and on a respirator at las vegas hospital. clique kardashian at his bedside. we will have the latest on his condition coming got. >> the 2016 election will mark the first time millennials make the largest group of eligible voters overtaking the baby boomers. molly line has details on the demographic shift. >> reporter: millennials, those that came of age during the turn of the century and beyond makeup largest generation in american history and they are up powerful voting block. in 2008 they help secure the white house for then senator barack obama. with a new election cycle underway, the director at
8:35 am
harvard university institute of politics. he believes that the youth vote is up for grabs. >> younger members of this generation, those who came of age little later remember not the movement of the obama campaign in electing a governor or president, they remember 2009-2010 when we had gridlock and recession, they saw friends and family and neighbors losing jobs, losing houses. very different angle of which they came of age politically. >> reporter: both parties may struggle to earn trust of millennials. alan peres believes the economy, foreign policy and health care are important issues but she would most like to see someone who can bring people together. forget the partisanship. >> i have seen gridlock and a lot of different factors in washington that have made me think i am not sure what party i
8:36 am
believe in. >> reporter: in 201218 to 29-year-olds made up 17% of the electorate, 40% voter turnout, give 60% of the votes to president obama. research shows young people still prefer democrats but not to the margin they had in 2007-2008-2009. we have yet to see as we head into 2016 where the millennial vote will go. john: thank you. ten new information in the case of the massachusetts teenager accused of raping and murdering his math teacher. this got national headlines. a court suspending jury selection in the trial of 16-year-old phillip chisholm after his lawyer described him as unresponsive and banging his head on the floor of the cell raising concerns he might not be competent to stand trial. timing matters. the trial attorney, and criminal
8:37 am
defense attorney and former county prosecutor. bring our viewers back the prime was committed when philip was 14 years old. he has been in custody since then awaiting the trial. at the point of jury selection, this is when the attorney comes forward along with a psychologist who says this kid is banging his head, we need to put him in solitary confinement there's something wrong with him. is it legitimate that he is not fit to stand trial or is it a distraction? >> what happened when he was 14? the issue of him being competent or incompetent to stand trial now could be created. he could be nervous. but the issue is can they declare an insanity defense which would mean did he know right from wrong when he committed the crime? that is the major issue. they are saying we can't get to him because he is unresponsive to any thing. the judge will see through that. >> because the judge, i want
8:38 am
more opinion on this, they halted the trial so far awaiting next decision. >> this is a common thing. i was a homicide professor for many years, first thing the judge has to determine if he is competent to assist his attorney and there will be forensic people who will look into him and they need to to assist in his defense. the thing i like to tell viewers is there's a difference between competence and insanity. there is something that occurs at the time the crime was committed. would have to prove he didn't know the right, wrong fullness of his action. >> this diagnosis of what is happening. >> when you look at the planning and preparation, what happens before the crime and after the crime, his mental state whether he knew it was right or wrong and when dealing with a mask he was wearing, following her in, using a weapon and disposing of the body, taking her credit card. jenna: he was caught on video
8:39 am
following a teacher into the bathroom where the crime was allegedly committed and disposing of her body near the school. this is all caught on video. there was the confession to police. and him with his mother where he wasn't coming. the judge says we are not going to count any of this at trial. how big an impact is that and why that decision? >> it is a huge impact on the prosecution because the prosecution wants to use the confession. when someone confesses to the killing, the issue here, the judge has found he wasn't married and guys properly, didn't understand his miranda rights, his mother came in thereafter and the child changed his opinion and as we were talking before children do that when their parents are in the room. it is a decision that could go either way and for sure the prosecution will appeal if he
8:40 am
gets off. jenna: they do have the video so the video is a loud. is this confession crucial to getting him convicted if the case actually goes to trial which we are waiting to see what will happen next? >> we have had cases before where confessions are thrown out, the evidence is overwhelmingly wanting a prosecutor wants to do is not have a case reversed on appeal. if there's any problem with this confession especially if you don't need it there is overwhelming evidence. i don't agree with judge's decision. the prosecutor is reviewing it for purposes of appeal because he is not saying his will was overboard or the -- he said when the mother got there all the statements made before the mother got there are admissible. when the mother got there, he didn't want to speak. that does not mean law enforcement, to give a statement, because his mom was there. i don't think the state needs and i was always cautious. i don't need it i don't use it. >> the case goes to a broader
8:41 am
question about how we punish young people in this country. the state of massachusetts did something interesting and said if someone is sentenced to life in prison under the age of 18 it is against their rights to keep them in prison for the rest of their lives because they committed the crime so young. this allegedly a heinous crime. even if everything goes according to plan with overwhelming evidence and goes to trial philip will still be paroled at a certain point. >> massachusetts is trending this, a very liberal state, they are feeling a juvenile shouldn't be convicted for the rest of his life, shouldn't spend the rest of his life in jail. other states find no matter, a crime like this no matter how old you why you face a penalty because you created an adult crime, you committed an adult crime and took someone's likely in massachusetts they don't see it that way so he is not facing
8:42 am
life. jenna: someone who tried as an adult before, we want to show compassion where we should but what do you think? >> i'm a huge believer in compassion and mercy but as a prosecutor when you have an individual and i prosecute juvenile swiss investor personalities and motives, follow woman into a bathroom, slit her throat, take her credit cards, go out and buy things, these people represent a continuing danger. i don't care how old you are he knew what he was doing and he is as dangerous if not more dangerous than an adult and should be treated the same. for a crime like this. >> was a hate crime as well. used her blood and wrote on her body. this was not anything that happened in the spur of the moment as they might say or there was no premeditation. this have a lot of premeditated -- >> we hesitate to talk about the details because they're so gruesome but all the more recent, crime is punishment and what setting, if he is paroled
8:43 am
that is a problem for the community, not just him and his immediate surroundings. the story we will continue to watch. another case next hour. great to have you, thank you. john: we are telling you about the terrible drought in california. could that be changing in bigger and even dangerous ways? and el nino forecasters could say be one of the biggest weather events in modern times.
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john: officials in california taking precautions ahead of the massive el nino expected this winter. one scientists is convinced the region will be slammed of one of the biggest weather events in modern times. >> only fools try to predict the weather. in our defense is not only as but experts at nasa and the national weather service who say after 7 years of drought california will finally get that big rain. check the latest model.
8:47 am
a godzilla, monster el nino, the 97-98 el nino, screen right are the water temperatures this year. you see the red-and-white blob near the equator, is huge bland of water that experts say will create an el nino so big, mudslides, black outs and the kings roots. homeowners are already buying sandbags, packings weak spots and calling the ruger. >> they're coming in at a rate we can't keep up with. >> what are people telling you? >> they are worried about el nino. >> the question is for the state how far north will el nino go? we had six el ninos in 65 years. only two produced statewide rain even though southern california getting the big rain where we needed is in the north, preferably in the form of snow in the sierras because the state's storage system is
8:48 am
designed to capture run off, not rain. the rental rain in the south do not damage, one inch of rain in l.a. will generate $10 billion of water almost all of which will dump into the ocean. the el nino will, the water supplies that do little to those reservoirs which serve record lows below 50% in many cases. even though technically, the rainy season oct. first, weatherman's they don't bring out the umbrellas yet, and that the el nino until january, but again only fools rate the weather. >> we needed up north, not down here. keep an eye on it. neil: jenna: he is huge and social media weighing in huge of the democratic debate the donald trump did not have that debate of the night. which candidate the degree we have the information on that. interesting to see what happened
8:49 am
on line last night but lamar odum found unconscious and rush to a las vegas hospital. we have the latest and his condition coming up.
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john: eight minutes from the top of the hour. let's find out what is ahead on "outnumbered". sandra: they hillary clinton turnaround for a plummeting poll numbers issue did bernie sanders prove he is liable? did joe biden -- he was not there. did he miss his moment? >> 20,000 license terrorists killed since last year but their banks keep growing. is it time for a new strategy?
8:53 am
sandra: two thirds of college freshmen feel emotionally and prepared for college. a serious subject and we will talk about. harris: all that and more with our very special hash tag one lucky guy, bill o'reilly, you are about to be "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. bill: that is going to be one to watch. see you then. jenna: the tables are turned, i can't wait for that. democratic presidential candidates may have been center stage last night the donald trump is big on social media, the presidential candidate having the most followers during the debate. picking up an additional 70,000. bernie sanders, a distant second with 46,000, but he did have the most read tweets of the night. hillary clinton far behind with 10,000 new followers, martin o'malley is next, jim webb and vice president joe biden tied for fifth place. when it came to mentions on
8:54 am
social media, the vermont senator racking up 794,000 mentions to the former secretary of state's 667,000 plus mentions. john: but terror attack stopped in its tracks in israel with police foiling a stabbing in jerusalem. john huddy live outside the damascus gate, one of the main entrances to jerusalem's old city. what is going on there? >> reporter: there was a standing earlier but i want to update you on another stabbing we are getting word of, this one outside jerusalem at central bus station. you may remember we are outside the central bus station yesterday right up the street from the bureau showing high security, police outside there, now we hear there's another stabbing, police were not injured but they did shoot that attacker. we don't have the conditions. that just happened probably 25 minutes ago, two hours ago they
8:55 am
as you mentioned another stabbing attack outside damascus gates, this is the damascus gate behind me, very quiet, there are border police and security after this attack. again a warning, the video we are showing you is pretty graphic someone to give our viewers a heads up but according to police, a young palestinian man dressed in camouflage looking suspicious was asked by border police to show identification. instead he pull out a knife and went after those police, they shot and killed him. the police were not injured. this of course among a series of other attacks including stabbing incidents in areas outside tel aviv, graphic images of that and of course the deadly attack here in jerusalem, three people killed during two attacks including the deadly bus attack. we will show you in our earlier live shot, we were right there at a security checkpoint. israel has increased added
8:56 am
soldiers, troops, already 4500 police on the street throughout israel land in jerusalem and ratcheting up security checkpoints and areas outside the jerusalem blockade. we showed you that and that ads overall concern whether this is even more so a city divided between the east and west end of this violence will add to the overall hostilities and ongoing violence. john: so sad to see. jenna: new information on lamar odum. the former nba star and since the ex-husband of chloe kardashian is fighting for his life and a las vegas hospital after the was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. they went to check on him, they found him face down and unresponsive and reports say he has a history of drug and our apologies party for days there. he is said to be in critical condition breeding with the help
8:57 am
of a respirator. john: union officials asking congress to step in of what they call a growing crisis that could cause big delays at airports nationwide. we will get into that. you're here to buy a car.
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john: we will be back in one hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. sandra: this is "outnumbered," i am andrea tantaros here is harris' father, sandra smith, accused in powers, one lucky guy, the host of the o'reilly factor and best-selling author, his latest peace turner killing reagan is out now, bill o'reilly is here and he is "outnumbered" and we will not be killing o'reilly because we love you. bill: is that collective? it is so


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