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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 15, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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very long winding lines at airports across the country. among those affected, new york, la, atlanta, dallas and charlotte. a witness at the jfk airport reports the chaos. >> thousands of people up stairs, down stairs. the lines were crazy. the peop there were people that couldn't walk. >> the system is back up and running smoothly. customs and border protection claims there is no indication the destruction was malicious in nature. >> an air force plane forced to return to paris. cabin crew realized two passengers were missing. they discovered four bags had been loaded on to the plane. the passengers missed their connection. the flight continued on to south africa. a new include for t clue fo
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man country of the people who attacked spencer stone. stone was stabbed several times outside of a bar earlier last week. witnesses say he was defending a woman. he is still in the hospital in fair condition and is expected to make a full recovery. dozens staging a sit in at baltimore city hall posing the new police commissioner. (chanting) >> the people now refusing to leave until their list of demands are met. they include changes to police tacti tactics. kevin davis to replace anthony bats who was fired amid a fight and violence. >> widespread and inexplicable. a chilling new vidwarning about home grown terror in america.
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>> the fbi director warning it is happening in the backyard. >> instead the terrorists are buzzing through the troubled souls 24-hours a day through twitter and twitter direct messaging. >> director comey says there's investigations underway in all 50 states to identify terror recruits in our neighborhood. he also has a warning to those who either want to fight overseas or carry out stateside attacks threatening them behind bars. terror groups in afghanistan there's more pressure to keep soldiers in the country. president obama considering reconsidering drawing down most troops by the end of next year.
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>> the president has policy decisions to make inside of afghanistan. certainly conditions on the ground will influence that. they will factor into making that decision. we hope to learn more later this morning. >> a man on a rampage injuring 10 people in an office building. police say the suspect beat one person inside an office while others turned to help and they, too, were attacked. they returned to find the suspect already restrained. he died while in police custody. >> hillary clinton aid huma abedin is set to appear before the house committee in benghazi
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tomorrow. clinton will give her testimony in front of the same panel on libya. a poll shows people don't trust hillary clinton when it comes to the benghazi attack. 60 percent of those polled don't think she is being honest. dominated by a crime drama. more people actually tuned in to ncis tuesday night than the democratic debate. 51.3 million viewers watched the face off on cnn the first democratic debate. far fewer than the record breaking 28 w4 million who tune into the republican debate on fox news. good morning, heather.
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been a rough couple of months for hillary clinton's campaign with sagging poll numbers. after the strong performance tuesday night her campaign is feeling revitalized. yesterday supporters appeared to be revitalized as well at a rally outside of las vegas clinton told her largest crowd in months she plans to expand president obama's. >> i am thrilled people finally got a chance to compare the democrats to the republicans. i think we came out of that pretty well. >> clinton also accepted the endorsement of allied traders. the biggest problem may be making it a tougher task for joe biden to join the race. for the most part biden thought all of the candidates did well in the debate. >> i was proud of them. i thought they all did well.
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>> gop frontrunner donald trump is already laying out what his strategy would be if he ends up facing hillary clinton in the general election. >> i would be talking very strongly about the e-mails. you wouldn't see me doing what bernie sanders did last night saying hey, it's okay. we are tired of hearing about it. if you look at petraeus and so many people their lives have been destroyed for doing just a tiny fraction of what she did. >> trump did well in the first democratic debate himself gaining 70,000 followers on twitter while live tweeting his reaction to the debate. >> garrett tiny live for -- gar tenney live for us. the rnc chairman calling it a clinton coronation. >> the fact that, you know,
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today people are discussing who won the debate, did hillary win the debate and how big did she win the debate shows you where we are at, that we are having a conversation whether hillary clinton won a debate against socialists and three people most people can't name. this is where she we are at. >> she has no competition. the fact that you have got a devout socialist on the podium shows after all no wonder he likes denmark. he represents denmark. this is america's denmark. he is out of practice about how to make an argument that is nonsocialist. >> the next democratic debate scheduled for november 14th. retired captain set to receive the nation's highest military honor now. president obama will award the
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medal of honor to a captain on november the 129 f 12th for his actions in afghanistan. he will be the 10th living recipient from the wars in iraq in afghanistan to receive that medal. >> much colder air moving in and even snow possible this weekend for some folks. >> maria molina is tracking it all. she has the latest for you. >> it is about to feel like fall out there in the northern plains to the northeast and in the central appalachians. high temperatures are going to bring temperatures that are warm across the southeast and further west. by saturday much colder air into parts of the great lakes, tennessee, western north carolina and also widespread across the northeast. some of the number the are going to be very cold.
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by sunday morning you could be looking at a temperature in new york city of 39 degrees. same for you in detroit. in duluth, 20's are going to be the temperatures during the morning hours. the radar looks pretty quiet now. we have showers moving into parts of southern california. that will be increasing in coverage over the next severcou days as well. through the northeast we see rain through out the day on friday. by saturday a little white showing up across central pennsylvania higher elevations may be looking at some accumulation. we will bring more to you at the bottom of the hour. >> it is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. 911 calls revealing the frantic moment lamar odom was found passed out at a nevada brothel. >> the latest on his condition
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next. >> high school cheerleaders go pink for breast cancer awareness. one problem why the school just called a time-out on the uniforms. >> what was it really like growing up trump? eric trump opening the curtain of what it was like having the donald as his dad. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> odom was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. anna kooiman is here now with the latest >> good morning. lamar odom is said to be in critical condition with brain damage after suffering several strokes. police releasing chilling 911 calls from the moment he was found near death.
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>> sources say odom had drugs in his system including cocaine. the brothel owned by dennis hofe saws there were no drugs in his vip suite. they are doing drug testing to determine what was in his system. his ex chloe kardashian remains by his side now making all of the medical decisions. they signed divorce papers but because of a court backlog it is not final. chloe expressing her concern in the past. >> i am high alert for lamar. anything will set him to spiral and that's the last thing i want for him. >> the daily is reporting that odom was involved in a nasty 6 year custody battle
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with the mother of his two children and was scheduled for a face-to-face in a new york supreme court. they are now with him in vegas. >> they lost lost a child to kid -- sids. he's had a lot of tragedy in life. >> yabrand new information aboua bronco player who took his life in may. adrian rob dinson junior had repeated blows to the head. the 25-year-old suffered several concussions during two seens in the envelope. scientists are debating if the disease is linked to concussions and death. >> the family of the cook on the el faro ship is suing the company for $100 million saying it put money broo the lives of the employees. >> this is about the sin oldest to man, that is greed.
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the ship is not sea worthy. >> all 33 crew members are presumed dead. >> thank you, ainsley. now to a fox business alert. check your refrigerator, something inside could be making you sick. cheryl casone has more on the recall. >> dole fresh vegetables is recalling certain bags of the spinach in 13 states after salmonella was discovered. no illnesses have been reported. any bag that has a date october 16th specific product may be affected. you beer continues to expand into the grocery delivery business starting today in san francisco, new york and chicago. it was back in april as a way to help shoppers get same day delivery of local products by using uber drivers and bike couriers.
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they have free wi-fi on all of the planes next year. it will be installed on all of the airbus a320's and a 321's. it will seep like you are back home watching videos and catching up on fox news. finally starbucks plans to add video screens to the drive-thrus. yes we will see the face of the person taking your order. you will see a rolling screen of your order so you know they are getting that drink right for you. back to you guys. >> fox which is network, log on to >> a tampa high school cheerleading squad told us they can't wear pink uniforms for breast cancer awareness. >> both of our aunts are breast cancer survivors. it is personal for us. we are trying to show them we support them. >> the tampa bay tech squad wore
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the uniforms last year but they were told they were not going to be wearing them they are distry the uniforms were not approved. >> rules are rules or should there be an exception for a good cause? send the questions on facebook, twitter or e-mail we will share them later in the show. >> right now the time is 18 after the top of the hour. overnight chaos at airports across the country when the system screened for terrorists crashes. we are live at one of the affected airports up next. >> the count down to christmas is on. are you ready for the holiday? what you can do right now to make some extra money. maybe 1,000 bucks by the holidays.
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minutes last night. as you can see behind me things are typically normal at oia. one of the busiest airports here. we have contacted authorities to see how it is specifically affected here. people took to twitter yesterday and snapped lots of pictures of the chaos, major headaches.
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according to the u.s. customs and border protections the agency's processing system experienced a temporary outage. a spokeswoman says there is no indication the service destruction was malice in nature. again when the systems were down no one could go through customs or were allowed to come into the u.s. until things were back up and running. as you can image people were confused and scared to figure out what was going ovenlt things are back up and running and back to normal. for now i will send it back to you guys in the studio. >> live for us in orlando, florida. thanks, jackie. steven spielberg is at it once again. based on a true story his latest thriller depicts america's fight for peace taking the audience back to the days of the cold war. >> we need to have the conversation our governments can't. >> people in my country consider this an act of war.
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>> you can call it what you want. let's be clear. nobody is safe. >> starring tom hanks already bringing in the os carr buzz. how will it rank at the box office this weekend? is fox news vp of marketing m e michael tamara joins us now. >> doesn't it look fabulous? the summer season is over and now it is time for the movies to sink their teeth in. you are hearing a lot of oscar buzz. if you can't catch it this week go to fox business network you will get a chance to meet the cast, along with steven spielberg who we caught up with. >> this is the cast of the new steven spielberg tom maengs movies "bridge of spies." >> we are engaged in a war with the soviet union. >> everything that goes on today, cyberhacking, that was
2:25 am
happening in the 1950's and 60's in the cold ar. there's so much of that going on now, anybody could be a spy today and they often do it. >> everyone deserves a defense. >> do you know how people will look at us? the family of a man we are trying to free is a traitor? >> it is a great dock ue series on fox network. it is history, it's america's story. generations after generations. you can learn what happened and how the country was built. >> stay tuned for even more war stories right here on the fox business network. >> that's right. more great war stories saturday, sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. check out in the fox and follow me on twitter and instagram. >> you will be fascinated with the stars that are staring in
2:26 am
war stories. our viewers are going to love that. great. thanks michael. >> heather, over to you. >> still to come the time is now 25 minutes after the top of the hour. he was told not to pray with his team after football friday night. but one high school coach says, he's not backing down. what was it really like growing up trump? eric trump pulling back the curtain on what it was like having the donald as his dad.
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chaos at airports across the country overnight. how can this is effect you today ? >> image this. is that a balloon coming in for a landing. >> no more tipping. is that a good idea? will it become a trend? "fox and friend first continues right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. we have more on the fox news alert. chaos at airports across the country overnight. the computer system, the checked airline passengers against the no fly list totally crashes. >> the outage causing major delays and long winding lines at the major airports. among the affected cities la, atlanta, dallas, charlotte.
2:31 am
witnesses at jfk describes absolute chaos. >> thousands of people up stairs, down stairs, the lines were crazy. >> the people up there, there were people that couldn't walk. it was crazy. >> the system we can tell you now reportedly back up and running this morning. customs and border protection claims there's no indication the disruption was malicious in nature. >> an airport worker who forced a jet to abort takeoff driving on the runway wasn't supposed to be there. he was only authorized to drive on airport service roads. the worker started heading right toward that delta jet with 78 people on board. the pilot quickly hit the brakes to avoid the crash. the worker lost his driving privileges. >> unter pressure the president could be changing his tune about troop withdrawal in afghanistan.
2:32 am
will carr is live for us from la with more with what may happen today. the president is under pressure as terror groups grow stronger in the middle east. the plan to drawdown the troops by the end of next year. >> i suspect on this obama will have to relent. he wanted to be able to say i got us out. he will be careful about vakcation. i suspect he will keep the troop level where it is. >> the threat isn't just overseas. terrorists recruiting americans around the clock and in your backyard. >> the terrorist is buzzing in the pocket of a troubled soul 24-hours a day. there are hundreds of conversations going on between people in some states between
2:33 am
consuming and acting. twitter and instant messages makes it easier for terrorists to recruit. there are investigations to try to identify and stop potential extremists in our own backyard. sending a stern warning to those who want to fight it or carry out stateside attacks is threatening years behind bars. >> more people tuned in to watch ncis tuesday night than the democratic debate on cnn. 50.3 million people watched the democratic face off. far fewer than the record breaking 24 million who tuned in to the fox's republican debate in august. the candidates are still trying to use it as a spring board. garrett tenney is live in washington with the latest. >> good morning, ainsley. it has been a rough couple past months for hillary clinton's
2:34 am
campaign. sagging poll numbers and smaller crowds. after the performance in the first democratic debate her campaign says it is feeling revitalized. it was the largest combine rale sree. she and democrats did well on the debate compared to republican candidates in their debate. >> we were actually talking about what a president should be doing to make sure you have support you need to make the most out of your lives. >> clinton also accepted the endorsement of the international union of painters and allied trades. the biggest win for the strong debate may be making it stronger with joe biden to join the 2016 race. biden thought all of the candidates did well in the debate. >> i was proud of them. i thought they all did well. >> gop weren't runner donald
2:35 am
trump is going after clinton and chief rival bernie sanders for promising to give everyone everything as he describes it. >> i watched hillary last night, we are going to give this and give that and give that. poor woman. has to give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right is giving everything away so she is following. this socialist/communist. nobody wants to say it. he's going to tax you people at 90 percent. going to take everything. >> trump did pretty well himself in the first democratic debate gaining 70,000 twitter followers while live tweeting his reactions to the debate. >> garrett tenney live for us. thank you. now it is tile to take a look at who is talking. donald trump's son eric was talking about what it was like growing up trump. >> he never let it get out of line. we were the last family that was
2:36 am
ever going to be caught dancing on a table in a nightclub. it wasn't us. t at a young age we were put on construction sites. we were expected to get great grades and perform. we did. he held us to a high standards. we never never let him down. he is still today best friends and my boss and my mentor. i have the utmost respect for him. >> very successful children. all of them. >> much colder air is moving in. snow is possible this weekend for some of you. >> good morning maria. >> good morning. it is time to take out the jackets. it is about to get colder out there especially in the northeast and tennessee and north carolina and across the area. you can see in places like new york city and also in columbus, by this weekend the high temperatures are only going to be in the 50's.
2:37 am
you take a look at the morning low temperatures, a lot colder out there. temperatures only in the 30's for places like boston, new york city by sunday and in detroit indianapolis and duluth you are talking temperatures in the 20's and 30's. as far as the radar goes, there's a quiet picture across most of the nation early this morning from the east coast to parts of the west coast. the exception is across parts of california where we have showers rolling through. that should be increasing in coverage over the next few days out there over to the west. take a look at the northeast with snow showing up in portions of new england and as far south as pennsylvania. we can see light accumulations across the area. some people are going to be looking across fall foliage with snow on the ground over the weekend. >> hard to believe. caught on dash camera dangerous landings over a british highway. the balloon almost slamming into several cars.
2:38 am
luckily drivers put on their breaks to avoid hitting the balloon. whoa. very close. it landed safely in a field nearby. >> can you image? >> the toronto blue jays eliminate a texas ranger after one of the most bizarre plays ever. russell martin's throw to the mound hits the batter and then rolls away. the runner on third scores giving texas the lead. the umpire's initially ruled the play was dead, but then changed the call. upset fans, they started throwing bottles and cans on to the field. the game was delayed nearly 20 minutes. at the bottom of the inning jose batista crunches a three run home run giving the jay's the lead for good. final score 6-3. they face the kansas city royals tomorrow. 38 minutes after the top of the hour. he posted a picture of a stack of carbon facebook. a week later he was dead.
2:39 am
the murder investigation underway right now. >> ex nba lamar owe dem in the fight for his life. 911 calls reveal the moment he was found passed oh you tell at a las vegas brothel. >> the count is on. what you can do to make an extra thousand bucks to buy your holiday gifts. >> fox and friends were doing segments this week on a dog and cheetah that have been raised together and end up becoming best friends. take a look at this. >> we knew there was a problem so we started bottle raising cumbali with the intent to put him back with mom and dad, but you know -- >> awe, going to be a really gross disney movie some day.
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test. >> test. >> test.
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>> a high school football coach planning to apply a ban after a school district fore bids him from praying after games. he would walk to the 50 yard line and pray for a spirited competition. over the years students began to join kennedy voluntarily. but the school district just banned it in september. coach kennedy will join us at 7:45 on "fox & friends." >> we could all use an extra thousand bucks as the holidays are approaching. there might be a way to quickly get that cash. >> you can use it any time of the year. adam shapiro has easy ways we can save. >> sounds simple. the money it leaves would come in handy since the average
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and credit behavior they estimate you can earn $47 a month in rewards with the right credit card. back to you. >> you can also cash in on your air miles and get an annex card. that's great advice. >> thank you. hold the gratuity. some of new york city's top restaurants are eliminating tips all together. danny meyers is implementing this change at his 13 sit down eateries which serve about 50,000 meals a week. robert moses is live in manhattan with all of the details. robert, is there a catch? >> ainsley, the catch is you are going to have to pay a little bit more up front. to tip or not to tip. and how much? all of those questions will no longer have to be answered at grammar s-- -- grammar see tavern. soon the questions will go by the wayside. starting in late november tipping will be eliminated at the modern which is a restaurant
2:46 am
inside the museum of modern art. meyers says hospitality is a team support and his policies should reflect that. by law certain back of the house workers like cooks and dishwashers cannot share in tips. meyers says that's tsimply is nt fair. the new policy will pay everyone, all of his 1800 employees fairly. the dining public will have to pay more but meyers says it won't be much more. heather and ainsley, back to you. >> robert moses live for us. thank you. talking about eliminating. is this a good idea? you think other restaurants should follow suit? you can log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page to join in on the conversation #keep talking. >> the time is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. another miracle for this boy blessed by the pope. what happened after this moment and how his life just changed
2:47 am
again. >> did this guy have a hall pass? the bear found wandering the halls of the high school. >> first we will talk to steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> i am wandering the halls of "fox and friends." coming up on our show exactly 13 minutes from right now a new war between hillary clinton and the obama white house. what she said during this week's debate that has the president pushing back. sorry. not true, hillary. brand new dials for the debate and how the merp people are reacting to what they saw. to tip or not to tip. we just heard that. major restaurant group here in new york city banning the american tradition. what that means for you, if you are a waiter and you if you are a customer. meet the genius guys who posed for their on-line dating photos in the aisles of ikea because they have better furniture and good lighting. we have great lighting on this show. you will see it all live from
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critical condition with brain damage after suffering several strokes. police just released chilling 911 calls from the moment he was found near death. >> blood coming out of his nose, white stuff coming out of his mouth and can't get him to wake up. he's like almost not breathing.
2:52 am
>> okay. is he conscious? is he conscious? >> no. >> sources say odom had several drugs in his system, including cocaine. investigators now awaiting blood tests to determine exactly what was in his system. employees at dennis hass love ranch brothel say odom did not get the drugs from them because they don't allow it. >> they said that he had told them that before he had gotten here on saturday that he had done a small amount of cocaine. >> well, his ex, khloe kardashian, remains by his side now making all the medical decisions. the two signed divorce papers this summer but because of a court back log it's not yet final, meaning she is still his next of kin. tmz's hardy levin says odom has a 50-50 chance of surviving. >> the doctors are having trouble assessing exactly the extent of the damage because in treating the organ failures it prevents them from doing the
2:53 am
proper scanning they need to do for the brain. >> ainsley and heather, a brothel spokesperson is saying this is odom's very first visit to the love ranch. back to you. >> such a sad story. remembering him in our prayers. >> we posted a picture of a stack of cash and a week later he is dead. they're trying to see if that post is linked to the deadly home invasion. tony paris showed his fiance holding up a stack of 1 bills and 20s joking it was in the amount of $60,000. three men broke into their home and demanded cash. harris said he didn't have any and he was shot in the head. we have an update for you. remember the aunt who sued her nephew for breaking her wrist? jennifer connell sued for $127,000 because her insurance would only pay $1 for her
2:54 am
medical bills. she was hurt after the boy jumped into her arms. state law prevented her from suing the homeowner's insurance company so she had to sue the nephew directly. the lawsuit was rejected. the time now is eight minutes until the top of the hour. high school cheerleaders go pink for breast cancer awareness, but the school just called a time-out on those uniforms. your e-mails are up next. she swiped a bottle of booze and then busted a move. the shoplifting dance caught on camera. ♪ ♪ ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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officials say there's no indication the disruption was malicious. former nba star lamar odom said to have brain damage after suffering several strokes. blood tests were taken to determine what if any drugs were in his system. and new surveillance photos just released of the suspect's get away car of the attack on american hero spencer stone. and it is time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. we're going to start with the good. this disabled boy was blessed by
2:59 am
the pope in philadelphia. now his family is blessed by the kindness of hundreds of strangers. people all across the country, maybe you included, doan nating nearly $120,000 to help michael keating buy a wheelchairs accessible van. and next the bad, a bear found wandering around a montana high school after sneaking in through an open garage door. finally, the ugly. a shop lifter caught dancing on camera right after she puts that bottle of booze in her purse. this is a liquor store in mississippi. the owners of the store thought it was hilarious so they decided to upload that video to facebook. and now it is time for your brew on this responses. >> cheerleaders from a tampa high school told that they cannot wear their pink uniforms for breast cancer wear awareness because it goes against district policies. >> so we asked, rules are rules or should there be an exception?
3:00 am
alvin rights, rules are rules but you also need some leeway as well as common sense. when are these schools going to get rid of zero tolerance. >> dave says most definitely rules are rules. >> everyone else is doing it but i think uniforms should be allowed. >> thanks for watching it. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you. today is thursday, october 15th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. long lines and chaos at airports across the country when computers and computer screens that screen for potential terrorists go down. what that means for you if you are traveling today. we have the details. >> were we hacked? don't know yet. meanwhile, hillary clinton sounded pretty official when she shot down president obama's trade deal this week. >> i hope it to be a gold standard. it was justifiably


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