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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 15, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we thank you for joining us. more than 5,000 american troops will stay in afghanistan. major policy shift for the president who has promised f ed years that the war was over and he would bring home most of the troops. nearly 10,000 on the ground. the number would be reduced but not to the number mr. obama had hoped for. secretary ash carter is now speaking at the pentagon. let's listen in. >> be sure every participant had an opportunity to be interviewed. there's other data as well and make sure we have the full story. i want the full story because i think we have promised the world that we would give the facts when we have facts. i want to make sure we have them
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so that we can give them in way that we have confidence. second, if there's people who need to be held accountable, they need to be held accountability on the basis of those facts. >> the president and you have said this is a counter terrorist mission, is the islamic state, as it builds a foothold there, also a target there. the president also said the standard of success will be a lasting political settlement. a full draw down will come, to your understanding is that standard of success that u.s. troops will remain there numbers until there's a lasti ining settlement with the taliban. >> it's going to be part of the enduring mission there. whatever it takes to protect our country and make sure that afghanistan doesn't again become
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platform from which terrorism arises i'm confident we'll take appropriate action. i would dare say i'm confident that future presidents would do the same. we have to protect our people. we're going to do it. with respect to the mission, the president was speaking of the prospect for reconciliation between the afghan government and the taliban. that is certainly something to be hoped for. it would be provide as he said for lasting political settlement in afghanistan. we are fully supportive of that effort. we're fully of afghan led. it can't be led by us. an afghan led reconciliation effort. that is certainly the outcome to be hoped for. that would lead to a lasting
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political settlement in afghanistan. committed to helpi afghan forces secure themselves as long as there's an opposition to the government. one hopes that comes to an end. that's not something in our hands and in military hands. i think the president is pointing to the fact that would have to be part of the reconciliation process. >> how will you judge the success of the revised plan by the time that president obama leaves office? secondly -- >> say again? >> what criteria will you use to judge the success of the revised plan? in light of today's announcement and the previous adjustments made, do you think it was a misstep to have announced a predetermined time line for withdrawing u.s. troops in afghanistan? >> for the second part you always have to have a plan at a certain time. we ask for that.
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we ask for tell us what we should assume, what we plan. remember, we submit budgets two years in advance. we have force flows to adjust, construction to do. people to prepare for deployment, train up for deployment. it takes a certain amount of time and planning. that said, i think the president has shown that he's willing to depart from the plan when circumstances suggest. there's been a host of circumstances since last year of which one notable one, just to pick one, was the length of the transmission between the karzai government and the national unity government which was long and unanticipated way, and set things back in time. that's factor. you said how would i measure success over the next year and a
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half? i think there's a couple of ingredients. one is how successful we are with our afghan partners at suppressing terrorism and carrying out strikes aimed at eliminating al qaeda and anyone else who threatens the united states. a second big indicator is how the afghan security forces are doing both in terms of combat performance and another critical ingredient was there. another ingredient which is for which next year is very important is the building of their own enablers, their air force. the a-29 helicopter forces and so forth. these are some of the -- these will be some of the the things that we're aiming to achieve over the next year. i think the president's decision reflects the fact that it will
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be easier for us to achieve those things which afghanistan needs at a force level of 9800 than it would be if we wound down faster. that's one of the reasons. gordon. one for gordon just for old times sakes. he and i were on an airplane all last week, and might be again. i do need to see the defense minister on the republic of career. anybody wants to join us. >> just on the draw down plan, we're hearing it's not calendar based plan on the 5500 into 20 effort at the end of 2016. it sounds like it is a counter base plan. if the commanders at the time next fall, at the end of 2016, says we don't want to go down to 5500, how big of a lift would it be to reassess that and let the
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9800 stay? >> i can't say that. it's a long time from now in a different set of circumstances. obviously, this gets back to the question that jim asked, at any one time you make plan that seems reasonable to you at the time. reasonable forecast. this seems like a reasonable forecast. i'm grateful that president was willing to, in fact, eager to make an adjustment in plan that was over a year old. in light of circumstances which constantly change. that's the nature of this conflict and the nature of this development. i would assume that people here in the department of defense and people in the rest of the government will always be willing to make adjustments to plans in a matter as grave as this based on intervening
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circumstances. to me that's common sense. thank you very much. good to see you. >> we've been listening to the press conference by the department of defense. let's bring in national security correspondent jen griffin who is live. we heard from the president earlier today. now we hear from secretary carter. are they on the same wavelength? >> yes, they're absolutely on the same wavelength. that's why secretary carter just came out reiterating and explaining why the president had changed his mind and listen to his military commanders. remember, it was general dempsey who presented this proposal to the president before stepping down as chairman of the joint chiefs back in august. what is baffling is the new afghan president made this appeal back in march. the white house saw what happened in iraq. the rise of isis after u.s. troops left. more cerecently the taliban too
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control. u.s. forces helped them take it back. it's not clear why the president, until now, kept promising to remove all u.s. troops by the end of next year. >> it's important to keep in perspective, first of all, that we've gone down from 100,000 down to under 10,000. that they are not on the front lines because they're not in a combat role. the date for us to have completed our draw down low pressure not change. >> that was in march. we know the president knew this would not be the case. >> what else can you tell us? there's breaking news with regards to special ops knowing about a location. >> there's news about the air strike on that hospital. the a.p. is reporting that u.s. intelligence had actually tracked that hospital in the days prior to the air strike and that they had determined that a
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pakistani member of the pakistani intelligence community was using the hospital as a cover to direct the taliban as they took over and carried out strikes and that they were weighing whether the hospital was a legitimate target at that point. the u.s. military did know in advance, the special operations forces did know that was a hospital. did the pilots know it was a hospital, and did they have proper authorizations to override knowledge on the ground that that was a hospital. >> all right. thank you so much. for more on this now general jack keen, retired four star general. it seems as if this administration is disconnected from war reality. what's happening on the ground. am i right or wrong? >> absolutely right. from the very beginning in 2009
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the emphasize has been withdrawing troops from war. it's never been a discussion about winning wars. those words are never used. that's what this is all about. >> let's look back in history. it appears that president obama has never listened to the military minds with regard to the number of troops. october 2015, is beginning to leave 5500 but the military is recommending leaving 9800. february 2013, he went down to 34,000 but it was recommended to keep 43,000. the surge in 2009 in afghanistan recommended an additional 40,000 troops. the president decided, always lower, at 30,000 troops. >> the other was iraq, 2011, we recommended 20 something now and wound up with nothing. when the surge forces went into
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afghanistan, general petraeus wanted them and pulled them out. it's never, ever accepted a forced level recommendation from his field commanders. >> why doesn't he do that? >> i think there's always been a basic mistrust of the military and this flippant attitude that the military will always want more than what they need. >> can anyone really know the conditions on the ground in afghanistan 15 months from now to be able to say this the the exact number of troops and we'll tell everyone that's the number of troops? >> most of our commanders who are commander in chief, for the very reason that you just discussed. they may not always agree overall with how big the campaign should be but once the fighting starts, they clearly rely on their judgment as to what to take place. they are, as you say, on the ground. they have the facts. >> all right. thank you. >> good talking to you. more on the growing unrest in jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu
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♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ security forces fanning out along gaza and the west bank as the jewish state sees its worse violence since the war with hamas last year. john, israeli prime minister netanyahu spoke earlier. what did he say? >> reporter: he really focused on the accusations of israel's military and police using bas
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excessive force in combatting violence. he said that's not the true. he also accused palestinian leaders of spreading lies. he's referring to comments made by palestinian authority president in a speech last night. he accused israel of executing palestinians in cold blood. those are his words and then held up a picture of a 13-year-old palestinian boy. the boy was not killed but wounded after stabbing another teen in his age. he's recovering in a hospital. the boy's 15-year-old cousin was killed. it's about the politics. it's back and forth between both side, between both leaders. again, accusations and jabs being traded back and forth. >> all right. live for us on the ground. thank you. now to politics. what are the candidates up to
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today? carli fiorina holding a town hall meeting in iowa. hillary clinton in the lone star state in san antonio. bernie sanders showing off his dance moves with ellen. the whole dance and episode airing today. jeb bush and john kasich is new hampshire. >> we're going to take this approach across the federal government's power structure. we must take the programs back to the states so they can have the flexibility to respond in their unique ways. >> republican strategist, fox news contributor and bernard whitman is here. kasich says that washington's ob leet. he wants to give the power back to the states.
11:19 am
good idea? >> it's great idea. it's not a new message for republicans. ronald reagan run about realigning the federal government and giving more power to the states. what's different and unique is never in our modern history has the population of this country agreed with this as much as we do now which is the idea that washington is so fundamentally broken. we have to do things like this to actually restore faith, the people's faith in our government. >> he gives the example like we have dozens of job training programs on the federal level. they don't kick in. what's the difference? it doesn't help.
11:20 am
>> we have an interstate highway system. it's the backbone of our economy. >> donald trump saying he has no plans to change the way he's running his campaign but telling another network i could be more politically correct. to be honest i think one of the reasons i'm doing well is because i don't want to. trump reacting to an interruption at rally of his in virginia. >> that's all right. that's why we have freedom of speech. >> some shoving and yelling happening in richmond as demonstrators protest trump's stand on immigration. police stepping in escorting several out of hall. people tend to get angry at some of these events specifically about immigration.
11:21 am
>> this group was saying we we should have no immigration laws. i think you see donald trump really at his best in these extemporaneous moments. that's what people like about him. instead of changing his tone he needs to bone up on issues. the higher he gets in the polls, he'll have to show the depth as well. >> he's not running for president of a reality tv show or to be the boss. he's running for president of the united states. you cannot espouse the hurtful, racist rhetoric and be expected to govern the people as president of the united states. he's running so high in the polls because the republican primary voters love that stuff. >> that do like people who tell
11:22 am
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together, we're building a better california. they did persevere for almost 200 years because that's how long this thing was hidden. it was a chemistry lab hidden in
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the university of virginia rotunda which is being renovated and designed by thomas jefferson. this is one of the most studied buildings in the country and yet the chemolab was hidden away for a couple of centuries. the architect discovered it accidentally hen he was trying to learn how stick the walls were. he stuck his head inside a brick hole and found an open space. >> the experiment will be done at this higher level where the stone -- welcome like a counter top. there may have been an iron plate or grill on that. >> very old counter top. the hearth even had ventilation and multiple means of controlling heat. the lab was built in 1820 and could be the nation's oldest surviving example of chemistry education. experts believe the old lab was
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bricked up in 1840 when new labs starting getting a lot more sophistica sophisticated. it survived a major fire in 1885 and major renovation in 1970. for history and science buffs this is a fascinating discovery because it offers a window into thomas jefferson's vision of education. at that time back religion was the main course of study, but at uva nearly a third of all students took chemistry. the old lab will remain as part of an exhibit in the rotunda visitor center once the whole thing is completed. >> thank you for catching me with my percent ve rens blooper than preserve. it call came down to a glitch but a serious enough one that it became a matter of national security.
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war on the streets of israel as troops move in to protect citizens. greta will be here to give us her thoughts, next.
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welcome back. pressure growing on the obama administration to do something about the extreme violence rocking israel. the israeli government sending out hundreds of troops in the
11:32 am
face of more deadly palestinian attacks. john kerry now plans to visit while his spokesman appears to take each side to task. >> i'm certain both individuals on both side of this divide have proven capable of and in our view, guilty of terror. >> benjamin netanyahu rejecting those claims saying the truth will prevail. >> anyone concerned with the facts of the truth to look at the facts, to see the truth and not to draw between israeli citizens and those. >> great to see you greta. yesterday it crossed the wire that the obama administration believed israel was using exc s excessive force in their retaliation to these palestinian attacks.
11:33 am
where do you fall on this? >> first of all, remember i've never seen israel throw first punch, ever. they are always on the receiving end and then they respond. the second thing i suspect that he said that because more than anything else united states wants to bring both sides to the table. i don't think he believes that. i don't know. i don't think he believes that but he wants to do is bring the palestinians to the table and he wants to bring the israelis to the table. he takes the middle position hoping they will come to the table and put the lid on this violence. make no mistake this all started because of lies that were perpetrated against israel. there were lies that young boy had been executed, palestinian boy had been executed by the israelis. that was a lie. we're in no position to talk
11:34 am
about excessive force in this country. we have a lot of problems of our own. >> netanyahu was quieting his own representatives coming out against the united states as well. maybe he's having the same tact knowing an upcoming meeting might have happened. >> two weeks ago i spoke to prime minister netanyahu in new york. more than anything else, all my interviews have shown me one thing. he wants to protect his people and he wants peace. he will also defend them from the outside. they have real enemies. these aren't phony or fake. they have real enemies. they have iran saying they want to wipe them off the map. the israelis are executing young boys. they have real problems. he said a terrible relationship with president obama because for whatever reason he's in the awful position of trying to protect his people and his p public statement behind the state department. i suspect the state department
11:35 am
is saying we got to get everybody to the table. we have to say this. i don't think anyone believes it but maybe. >> do you have any problem with the way the media has covered this. before we found out the little boy was not executed some of the stories yesterday seem to be relatively pro-palestinian like israel was the bad guy. >> i think lots of times the media takes sides when it shouldn't. it's too bad more members of the media don't travel to these regions. they heard the rierns go off and heard the things going. they might have a different viewpoint on it. lots of times the media will seize a headline and everybody will run with it. it's a very serious problem. israelis are in a very tough position. they believe the u.n. is against them because of all the resolutions. they don't have a friend in the region. now the united states has a chilly relationship with them. naturally, israel's going to
11:36 am
feel like -- >> like they're alone. >> the media will, we take the electrifying statements and run with it. sometimes we don't take a deep breath and step back. they started out with two lies. first punch was thrown by the palestinians. prime minister netanyahu is responding and protecting. then you have the united states hoping to be a good friend of the region and trying to bring both to the table which is why they suggested they are both responsible. >> all right. i'm sure you'll be covering this tonight. thank you. homeland security officials saying a system that checks the federal terror watch list at our airports just went offline causing massive delays and chaos at airports all across the country. >> the people were all cursing and people that couldn't walk. it was crazy. people in wheelchair that were like crying waiting there for
11:37 am
hours. >> julie, what happened? r >> reporter: we all got to see behind the scenes when things do not go right. it was about 90 minutes of essential inconvenience for thousands of passengers as this checklist system, a computer glitch, basically shut down the entire computer system that screens passengers against trough watch lis terror watch lists. the glitch lasted 90 minutes. leaving thousands of passengers waiting in long lines at security screenings for multiple airlines. federal officials say international travelers were still screened but at a much slower pace. passengers had to fill out paper work by hand. >> they told me the computer
11:38 am
system was down and that fwhewe needed to fill out forms. i filled out the form and everything was all set after that. it was quick and easy. >> reporter: it's still not clear what happened and what caused the computer glitch in first place. >> and whether or not it could happen again. what are officials saying about the glitch. >> reporter: u.s. custom and border officials did handle it immediately. they put out a website. they put out statement. let's take a look. i'll show you what they said. the said the cbp took immediate action to address the technology disruption. officers processed international travelers using alternative procedures until systems were back online. the outage lasted about 9 0 minutes. i should also add there's been five glitches in just the past year alone. hacking not being involved in the problems but it does make you wonder.
11:39 am
>> thank you. time to check in with shepherd smith. >> you were just talking about the violence in israel. we'll get another angle on this and what makes the flare up so different than what we've seen in the past. the rise of social media means the bloody attacks are getting tweeted and instagram and vined. this picture is from twitter. it's one of the few we can show this time of day on detelevisio. the image of him in his hospital bed has supporters calling him a hero. just as many pictures show injured and dead israelis with different hashtags. all of them stirring passions on different sides. what happened to the idea that social media would bring people together. that's coming up, top of the hour. donald trump says he shoilds have secret service protection
11:40 am
as we gets swamped at campaign rallies. typically candidates are only granted secret service detail once they become the nominee. then senator obama was given protection early in the 2008 race but that was based on a series of specific threats. it was the earliest start of the agency's protection for any candidate in history. time now for my take. we saw in the latest fox news poll on the gop presidential candidates that trump was still on top 24%. ben carson not far behind, 23. it's also important to look at individual key states. according to a new poll trump holds double digit leads over carson in south carolina and nevada. the third and fourth states to hold nominating contests. 38-22 in nevada. trump also on top when asked about the issues. best to handle the economy, 67%
11:41 am
in nevada. 69% in south carolina. illegal immigration, 55% in nevada. 51% in north carolina. why are these numbers important? winning key states is all about gaining momentum. it hasn't been one candidate coming out on top of the early primary states. we're still five months away with time for trump to maintain his lead or someone else to rise to the top. one of hillary clinton's insiders is about to go behind closed doors to interview with the house benghazi committee as we're hearing about new significant problems with that server. keeps coming back to hillary clinton's server. i've tried laxatives... but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a pile of bricks... that keeps coming back. linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation
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testifies about benghazi and her close aide is meeting behind
11:45 am
closed doors tomorrow. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel live in washington. what happened now? >> there are some new revelations on the clinton e-mail issue. ahead of planned testimony before the select committee. the server suffered technical problems while she was secretary of state at least twice in the fall of 2012. after an exchange of e-mails with clinton foundation executive stephanie street abedin wrote is i can't get into my clinton e-mail. may need the documents resent to this e-mail. this is all about citizens united trying to have e-mail related stories.
11:46 am
clinton addressed the hispanic chamber of commerce. clinton took a swipe at the republicans referring to trump as the flamboyant front-runner. >> all right. thank you. with all this going on clinton still having issues answering direct questions about her e-mail problem. a local reporter asking about her judgment using a small i.t. company to manage her server. she said i've taken responsibility for what i did. it was a mistake. the state department allowed it at the time. the reporter says, yeah, but to someone who thinks that might have been a foolish move, what would you say about your judgment generally. she says, well nothing i sent or received was marked classified at the time. that is an absolute fact. in that role-playing between the
11:47 am
local reporter and mrs. clinton, was she telling the truth? >> no on several levels. the first thing she says over and over again is i've taken responsible for this. that's true in so far as she says the words a lot. what that means in practical reality i have no idea because the very next sentence out of her mouth, another common retrain is this was allowed. no it wasn't. we know it wasn't. multiple government officials have said it was not allowed to set up a private unsecure server on which you do all of your government business. >> to have private e-mail was allowed. different than having the server. >> two separate issues and she c conflats them a lot. a judge has said she violated government procedure and policy with the existence of this server. that's the first point. the second part of her answer about how things were marked. there's been quite an evolution
11:48 am
of her answers on this particular point. at first she said there were no classified materials on the server, period. that's been disproven hundreds of times over. she had to move on saying nothing was classified at the time that it was set. that's been shown to be completely false. the intelligence community repeatedly giving examples where there was top secret information, secret information at the time. then she said i didn't personally send or receive any classified materials on the server. we know that's also not true. the latest landing point for her is nothing was marked classified at the time, which is legally an irrelevance si. it's her duty under the law know what's classified.
11:49 am
>> she said she had only one device for convenience but this sound inconvenient with these problems. >> the notion you would set up a different e-mail scheme for convenience is risible on its face. we have new details this week from the associated press showing how vulnerable it was. it didn't work. the thing was shoddy and glitchy, really second rate. >> great to see you in studio. retail giant walmart, well, they lost billions of dollars in just a matter of hours. the big question is, why? we're going to tell you what it means to you and many. you think partisan ship is ugly here. check out this scene. there's tear gas involved. that's over the pond, i think. while every business is unique,
11:50 am
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the crazy plate $story. opposition lawmakers in coast -- kosovo -- releasing tear gas in the parliament. they say the proposal represent thursday threat to independence from serb ia. >> surprising and disappointing numbers for investors from two major companies. walmart, slashing sales forecast for the year and netflix, returning some upsetting revenue subscriber data. why is walmart taking a hit. >> they don't think the retail environment coming up for shoppers is going to be very strong. three main reasons why.
11:54 am
the stronger dollar doesn't help their cause and they're paying their workers more so as they raise wages to $10 an hour that will cost the company a lot of money. so they're expecting that affect prices. third, the stock retail environment. i was just talking about. the holiday season is not looking terribly strong according to the national retail federation. >> it was their choice to raise their minimum wage. >> yes. a lot of people wind vest in walmart stocks saw it tank yesterday and continues to be down today, and even though we knew this going in, the officials outlook as to what will actually happen really rattled investors, and walmart also has big competition from amazon. a lot of people love amazon prime. walmart is so behind on ecommerce retail.
11:55 am
>> let's talk about netflix, future forward but just raised prices on new customers. >> by a dollar. >> what's happening now? >> we got netflix earnings yesterday and turns out not as many u.s. users started using netflix and paying for it as a lot of economists expected. so the stock price tanked, down 8% so netflix has to say, how are we going to improve our business situation? so they're planning to vince more money in expanding around the globe and doing new programs, including in original things that might look like "orange is the new black." >> maybe they have to raise prices on existing customers. this price increase didn't affect older customers. >> that's right. only on one of three plans. and netflix is facing
11:56 am
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or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? breaking news on donald trump. not too happy about the terms to the next debate. tweeting: the g.o.p. should not agree to at the ridiculous debate terms that cnbc is asking unless there's major benefit to the party, and then this: in order to sell more commercials. he may actually be threatening to boycott. here's a couple of things america is clicking on today. london mayor boris johnson, letting his competitive instincts get the better of him, knocking over a kid in a rugby game.
12:00 pm
amateur video shows a bear in a mall in russia. authorities shot the animal before it could reach a playground down the street. thank you for being mart of "the real story." now to shepard smith. >> america's longest war continues despite president obama's promise to end the war in afghanistan during his term. now the president says he will keep thousands there still. >> not the first time adjustments are made, probably not the last. >> can the president keep afghanistan from becoming a failed state? israel deploys the military to city across the country, video of the violence popping up all over social media, facebook, instagram, twitter, pere scope. how this conflict is very different because of social media and where this may be


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