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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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baby cat. >> look at that. sweet. nice little birthday gift. >> that will get your weekend started right. thanks for joining us. >> let's all get kittens. we kick off the alert for friday. we have new bloodshed in the holy land with an israeli soldier stabbed and wounded. john, what's the latest on the ground there? >> reporter: well here in jerusalem it's fairly quiet but there remains a sense of unease because of the ongoing violence. we saw that violence as you showed quickly there in bethlehem where the clashes between palestinian riders and
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police continued. we were there and got a close up look at what happened. take a look. this has been the sight of clashes all week. you can see riders on the other side. here comes the military police. we have a lot of marbles and stones. this is increasing in intensity again. there's been clashes riding throughout the weekend. the violence throughout jerusalem has been escalating. extra attention was paid to the media when we were on ground. that's because a palestinian man posing as a news photographer, according to police, attacked an israeli border policeman in the west bank town. we have no word about that man's condition.
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prime minister netanyahu met with or discussed trying to curve the violence with secretary of state john kerry who is trying to broker peace talks and the palestinian authority president. doesn't seem like he's interested in coming together with netanyahu. it's our understanding that the prime minister will be in berlin. again, a lot of tension, a lot of unease on the ground. it was a very deadly. sglo many citizens are now
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taking safety into their own hands and arming themselves. >> typically, in order to carry a firearm you have to have a permit and you have to kind of a reason why you should be carrying that firearm. law enforcement, security or live in a high volatile area like the west bank or closer to the gaza border. now the government has eased restrictions to allow israeli civilians to carry firearms in areas that are at risk for these attacks. it goes to show the government is embracing this idea that they have seen civilians stop the attacks with firearms and they want the civilians to join with the police force to stop the lone wolf takes that we're seeing carried out by carries and terrorists jumping out of
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those vehicles and stabbing people on the street. >> it's fascinating. in some of the reports they are not charging for these weapons to train because they believe that civilians are helping to participate in the public security empt. >> we heard a lot of this from the fbi and law enforcement sources in the united states saying they would happen in america. we haven't really seen the government here embrace this idea that people should be arming themselves just in case something like this happens. it's interesting to see how it's actually playing out in realtime on the ground in israel. >> the other interesting thing to point out is all israelis must go to some sort of military training as well when they are
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younger. i guess people who would be guest against that kind of policy in the united states would point to that saying not everyone in the u.s. has been trained. do you have any thoughts on that? >> i think a lot of people are taking the lone wolf terrorism threat seriously. you ask people why they want to own firearms you say it's self-defense. although they have strict requirements for carrying firearms they are embracing the fact that civilians have stopped these knife attacks and they want more civilians on the street who are trained to stop them should they occur. >> it's a fascinating development. there's a lot of unrest going on there. we wouldn't have to be talking about this if there were not. another alert to tell you about because there's a terrifying scene in texas after a scaffolding collapses in houston trapping at least six
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people. crews have rescued all the people trapped. they are still going through massive piles of rubble just in case. the pictures are amazing. >> the scaffolding is for a seven-story luxury apartment complex being built in downtown houston right across from minute maid park which is the home of the astros. they have bumped the number up to six construction workers either being trapped or struck by debris. all of them have been rescued and taken to local hospitals. some of them have significant and not life threatening injuries. as you look at the pictures are very stunning. there's reports that car smashed into one of the legs of the scaffolding and the rest came tumbling down. witnesses say it sounded like the rumbling of an avalanche. it only took first responders three minutes to get on scene. even though all the workers appear to be accounted for,
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firefighter vs to make their way through the maize of twisted steel and wood. here's why. >> we're also concerned that pedestrians that might have been walking by could have been involved. that's something difficult. it's always a dangerous innocent. the company building the apartment complex is also on scene. scaffolding is not supposed to fall like dominos. that will play in to the entire investigation. if we find out more about anybody else potentially trapped underneath all of that fallen debris, we'll get back to you.
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it's fascinating you talk about this equipment that can tell if there's a second collapse. do you have any idea how they are going about trying to figure out if there's still people trapped alive in there. how do you know that they might have everyone accounted for? >> they go inside the lobby and that way they can get a head count. they learned very quickly that all the employees were accounted for. when talking about people who were working down there and this is a very busy area of downtown houston, it's tough to get a head count. there's no way to get a head count. it's impossible to know who is not accounted for.
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they are also trying to figure out. in other words when they take all this away and they put the scaffolding back up to continue construction was there some weakness in the actual building it that could be exposed by using this scanning technology. the scanning alerts them to movement in the scaffolding itself. there's rumbling and stuff that might fall down. that would give them a lheads u to not go in certain areas. >> the pictures are alarming. they can see inside cars, trucks and even buildings. they can also spot guns and
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explosives under clothing. police officials say the high-tech van is used for terrorism investigation, as you might expect. a judge has ordered that the nypd hand over some reporcords about the program. police continue to fight this order in court. president obama is at the white house and is in the east room speaking live right now. let's listen in. >> trying our commitment to our people with the same ones. to their pursuit of happiness. for more than six decades americans and koreans have stood shoulder to shoulder in that pursuit. i know your gestures mean a great deal to the american people and especially to our proud war veterans.
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recent years we have worked together to strengthen our alliance for the future and i want to reaffirm that the commitment to the republic of korea will never waiver. south korea plays a central role in america's rebalance to the asia pacific. we continue that work today. as we agreed in seoul last year, our militaries are nothing in sure capabilities including the technologies, missile defenses that allow forces to operate together effectively. we want to ensure that our korean allies have the capabilities that are needed to take on greater responsibility for the defense of the peninsula and the transfer of operational control of the alliance. we determined to maintain our readiness against any threat.
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i want to commend you and the people of south korea of the result that you displayed this summer. any provocation or aggression will be met by a strong united response by south korea and the united states. we are continue to assist. given the horrific treatment of north korean people by their government, our two nations will continue to exploose abuses and call for accountabilities.
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at the same time, we do support president park's effort to improve relations between south and north korea. we're prepared to engage nations. it will not achieve the exhibition development it seeks so long as it clings to nuclear weapons. free from the fear of war and nuclear weapons and that's a vision we very much support. beyond the peninsula president park shared her proposal. president park and i met with abe last year to address shared
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challenges. bilateral trade is up including exports of american autos. we do still have work to do. i can say when the issues of implementing course have araising they have been result but we need to resolve them quickly. president park discussed the regulatory reforms that she's pursuing. those are reforms that we welcome. finally, i'm pleased that our appliance is increasingly global. south korea's not just an important player in the region. it's increasingly important player on the world stage. south korea remains a partner in development and afghanistan. a member of the coalition against isil. a generoa now we're going furth
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expanding our cooperation to some new frontiers. for example, giving the increasing cyber threats to both our nations including from dprk. we're stepping up our interest and coordinating at the highest levels. the white house and the blue house making sure we're in sync in dealing with that challenge. i want to commend south korea for announcing its post-2020 target to limit carbon emissions through the national cap and trade system. as we head into the paris conference south korean leadership can be an example for other nations around the world. finally, we're expanding our
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cooperation to promote health and global development. having already worked together against ebola, south korea's stepped up as a true leader in advancing global health security. south korea's better life initiative. thank you once again for your partnership, leadership and your friendship. i believe that we have shown that our unbreakable alliance is not just a foundation for security and the korean peninsula and the asia pacific region. more and more our alliance is helping people around the world. the security and prosperity and dignity that they seek for their families and for their nations.
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madame president. >> we've been listening live to president obama in the east room at the white house with the president of south korea. we're just listening to his opening statement about what they discussed in private. if you'd like to continue watching this you can do so online. we're going to continue to monitor it and bring you any developments. hillary clinton ending september with the most cash on hand. larry, is director for the center of politics at the university of virginia. great to see you. we're talking a lot of dough today. the interesting thing is that the top two democrats are on top of the cash as well. what does that say to you? >> it says to me they are telling most of their donors to give money directly to the
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campaign rather than to separate super pacs. people ask about the money all the time. what i tell them is the venal nominees will have everything they could possibly need or want and the two or three top contenders for each nomination will probably have everything they need or want. if you're concerned about your candidate being too low, i would worry about something else. >> that's fascinating. let's take a look at how they are spending all of that money. hillary clinton is burning through her cash spending more than $25 million of the nearly 30 million she raised in just the last quarter. that's a burn rate of 86%. backers who give the max
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donation provide more than 50% of her money and the interesting thing is i know you know and i had to be reminded about this is they will not be able to donate again in the primary, right? >> that's absolutely true. thousands of individuals and you can go back to them month after month and almost none of them will ever hit that $2700 total. they are giving you $10, $20, $50 a month. they're not going to hit the limit. it means that when you get into the tough part of the kpacampai you've got a ready source of money. some of the other candidates are scrambling to find more big donors that can give them the
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max. >> it's fascinating to see the small donor can have a huge impact on the amount of money that each of these candidates raise. one final thing. i want you to look at ben carson because he raised more than 20 million and spent 14 million. i guess his burn rate is somewhat high as well. what does that mean to you? >> generally, when you're prospecting for small donors, you've got to spend a lot to reach the hundreds of thousands or even millions of people that you have to solicit money from. >> good point. >> when you get a contribution, that person goes onto what's called the house list. it's your donor list. those are the people, the donor list that you go back to again and again. if you have to spend money to make money in the long run when you're searching out these small contributors. >> all right. very interesting discussion. we'll see you again next week. another alert to tell you about now because we're going back out to california now. as you can see traffic at a dead
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stand there. the reason why is because these ever growing problems of mudslides that have been happening out in california over the last few days. we're going to keep a close eye on that as we continue our broadcast of the show. meantime, remember the sony walkman mini disk. the price dropped until it became obsolete. that's the way it is with all tech products except for one. what is it? a new survey shows more americans are giving more ever creative research when trying to get day off from work. that brings us to our question of the day. what was your best or worst reason for calling out of work? tweet me at gretchen carlson. we'll try to get to your answers at the end of the show. heart health's important...
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ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. back the white house where the president is taking questions in in east room with the south korean president. he's been taking questions about the debates and whether or not joe biden should get into the race. let's listen in for a moment. >> thank you. >> the democratic debate was taken place at the same time as some ball games. there was a little bit of clicking back and forth. i'm not going to comment on what joe's doing or not doing. i think you can direct those questions to my very able vice
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president. the one observation i'll make about the democratic debate was that those are all some very fine people. they share a belief in an economy that is working for everybody and not just a few. they share a belief that america has to project strength around the world by maintaining the finest military but also by making sure we have a strong economy back home that we're employing diplomacy. they very much -- we very much share a vision of an economy
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that works for everybody and effective pursuit of america's national security through all the tools that are available to us. i was very impressed with all of them. i know them personally and they're good people. beyond that, i think it's up to the american people to decide. i will have a vote like everybody else as a citizen and that ballot's private. i don't have to share my views about that right now. i think it's important for the american people to make up their own decision. i think vice president makes decisions about these issues and have to figure out whether it makes sense for them. with respect to israel we're concerned about the outbreak of
11:28 am
violence that initially is centered on jerusalem but we obviously are concerned about the spread of violence elsewhere. has a right to maintain basic law and order and protect its citizens from knife attacks. and israeli elected officials and other people in positions of power.
11:29 am
get all people in israel and west bank to recognize that this kind of random violence isn't going to result in anything other than more hardship and more insecurity. i don't think it's -- i don't think we can wait for all the issues that exist between israelis and palestinians to be settled in order for us to try to tamp down the violence right now.
11:30 am
the only way palestinians will meet the aspirations of people is if they are two states side by side. those talks which secretary put enormous effort in and before that secretary put enormous effort in. it's going to be up to the parties and we stand ready to assist to see if they can restart the relationship. even though you didn't ask me the question, i'm going to horn in on the question you asked president park. we discussed iran and what it could teach us about the situation in north korea.
11:31 am
these are both countries that have long history of antagonism toward the united states. we were prepared to have a serious conversation with iranians once they showed they were serious about the possibility of giving up the pursuit of nuclear weapons. i suspect president park agrees with me here that at the point where we're interested in seeing relief from sanctions and improved relations and we're prepared to have a serious conversation.
11:32 am
particularly given their past violations agreements. they could foresee a future in which they did not possess or not pursuing nuclear weapons. >> that all parties have to lower the rhetoric that the
11:33 am
religious that are so important inside of jerusalem need to be respected and the status quo that allow shared portion in and around these spaces needed to be maintained. then, i think, as an addition to those statements what secretary kerry said is the atmosphere in which there's so much tension and suspicion between palestinians and israelis, obviously, creates the potential for more misunderstanding and triggers. it's going to help but there's not a direct causation here. what we need to make sure is we're focusing right now on
11:34 am
ensuring that innocent people aren't being killed. >> we've been listening to president obama taking questions at the white house today. he's wrapping up that press conference now with the president of south korea. let's deal in ed henry because he's live in washington. the president was asked about his comments about the debate the other night, the democratic debate and whether or not his v.p. joe biden will get into the presidential race. he was very nonchalent about that one. >> he ducked it big time. he said there was a bunch of playoff games. i don't know if he was joking or not. i'm not sure how he was watching disable and not t baseball and not the debate and
11:35 am
said the democrats did a better job. i think it's pointing up to a broader problem when there was a moment for him in recent week to get in here. it looks like that moment is passing and it's passing rapidly. hillary clinton has done something different this week. she's done well in the debate. that door for vice president biden is really starting the close. >> no doubt. i think we talked about that the day after the show. if she performed well, and by most accounts she did a really good job. joe biden was probably watching in the wings and he was probably
11:36 am
thinking maybe the polls will go up for her now and doints have as best of a chance. >> i think you're right. there is another opportunity and that's next thursday. another big show down when she goes before the select committee on benghazi. there could be yet another opening to say to democrats, hang on there's doubts about her story and this e-mail situation. as much as they want to blow up that committee, the bottom line is there's still an fbi criminal investigation going on. joe biden as to weigh that as well. is there another shoe that's going to drop that gives him an opportunity. i do think your segment with larry a couple of moments ago was very instructive and your questioning was perfect. when hillary clinton has 33 million dollar in the bank, more
11:37 am
than anybody on either side, even after she's paid the electricity bills and the staff bills, she's got $33 million in the bank. that's 33 million reasons why joe biden has a lot of catching up to do if he wants to get in. >> ed henry, great to see you. have a great weekend. >> you too. you have robert gates giving an interview and saying our program of training the syrian rebels for $500 million and i think we trained four to nine people that that idea was nuts. >> stephen hayes calls this announcement about afghanistan bizarre. both sides could agree this is
11:38 am
the official failure of the so-called obama doctrine which was his plan to erase our commitments to that part of the world. the idea that he has talked relentlessly about pulling out of afghanistan and is now forced to concede, it's not that easy. i think gates has a lot of credibility on this matter. he ran the cia. i believe him. >> he called the program nuts. president obama in his 60 minutes interview said he wasn't behind the program. he just wasted 500 million dollar. i happen to agree with gates and i agree with you. >> attaboy. >> we've been there in syria with rebels when we start arming the rebels and now we're talking about sending arms, to whom?
11:39 am
>> let's listen to that now. >> president obama was quote deeply suspicious of their actions and their recommendations. >> i think this was particularly true in afghanistan. i think there were people in the white house who was saying the military is trying to trap you. the military is trying to bully you. it's trying to make you do something you don't want to do. >> was vice president biden one of those people? >> i think so. >> he said, look, never before has he ever seen a president not listen to the military like president obama. >> george w. bush was told in iraq numerous times we need more
11:40 am
people and more troops, rumsfeld wouldn't provide it. we have a president right now who doesn't really -- >> the military just wants to say put a whole bunch more of our american young men and women over there. >> it's not fair to say that bush ignores the military. >> rumsfeld was criticized for not having enough personnel. >> it's bizarre and it's nuts right now. >> kind of looks like he's just waiting it out till he's out of office and kind of like putting up the blinders and hoping nothing really horrible happens. >> i wish he would just get us out of afghanistan. we shouldn't be involved in the civil war in syria. this is where i got some great policy differences with this
11:41 am
administration. >> maybe he's inviting a crisis in afghanistan just in time for hillary to come along. >> we got into lafg and stayed there as long as we did. >> he's not fixing anything. >> we've had some breaking news. we have a big hot topic to talk about. what is the number one thing that donald trump that his campaign spends the most money on. did he win the battle about the debate?
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let's listen. >> doing for the last five years and russian. it has not work and will not work. their preference originally was we will simply send arms and
11:45 am
money to assad and he will be able to clamp down on dissent. when that didn't work, they directed hezbollah to come in and prop them up and send in some of their own military advisers. that did not work. now the russians have come in and iran is going to send more people in. it's also not going to work because they are trying to support a regime that in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of the syrian people is not legitimate. our goal is even as we double down ongoing after isil is to continue to cultivate relations with a moderate opposition that conserve as a transition to a new government inside of syria and that we continue to have a
11:46 am
process of getting the iranians, the syrians and the russians, turks, gulf countries and all the other interested partied to sit down. with respect to russia, the only understanding that we've arrived at is how do we deconflict that our planes and their planes might be occupying similar space over syrian skies. in that sense we've arrived at an understanding and channels for communications where we will continue to differ is in the basic set of principles and
11:47 am
strategies we're pursuing inside of syria. president putin believes if he continues to do what he's been doing over the last five years and that is prop up the assad regime that is problem will be solved. our belief is that we have to go after isil and violent extremist groups. the magnet that the civil war is serving in bringing in foreign fighters for recruiting people to this extremist cause will only go away if we're able to get a political track and a legitimate inclusive government inside of syria. there's no meeting of the minds in terms of strategy, but my hope is that as we continue to have these conversations and as i suspect russia starts realizing that they're not going to be able to bomb their way to
11:48 am
a peaceful situation inside of syria that we'll be able to make progress on that front. with respect to the trade and how hillary views trade, i'd have you direct questions to her. here's the general proposition, guys. during the course of what will be a long campaign, i probably won't be commenting on every single utterance or decisions that the candidates make. i think it is natural and proper for candidates to run on their own vision and platform. what's encouraging is the fact that everybody on that stage of the debate affirmed what i've said in the past which is we
11:49 am
agree on 95% of stuff, and on the basic vision of a country that is building out our middle class and making sure everybody works hard and get a shot. that believes immigration strengthens us rather than weakens us. that believes that people should be treated fairly and equally. the vision of the democratic party that i fought for is one that is broad lly shared by the ca candidates. there's going to be some areas that they differ at any point. i'm happy to make the case for the trade agreement itself. i hope, carol, you take the time to read it because it meets the
11:50 am
promise that i made. the most progressive, highest standard trade agreement that we've ever put forward. that deals with chronic problems like child labor or forced labor and is enforceable. that makes sure we are upping our game in the asia pacific region on the environment. and is enforceable. that opens up markets. keep in mind we have some of the lowest tariffs in the world already. the countries that are part of tpp have significantly higher tariffs. for us to get those lowered, just the example of japan where
11:51 am
they slap on 10, 20, 30, 40% taxes on some of our goods and services for those to come down and in the case of u.s. manufacturing goods those tariffs being eliminated completely, that's a big deal. i'm sure we will continue this debate as we post terms of the agreement and congress has chance to review it. i'm pretty confident i'll be able to persuade a whole lot of people once they see the outline of the deal. it's going to put our workers in a better position so they're not undercut.
11:52 am
their plants don't suddenly shut down because we have environmental laws that other countries aren't following. it's the right thing to do. >> you've been listening to the president as he continues taking questions about foreign policy specifically and other things. let's move onto this now. donald trump claiming a victory over cnbc as we're hearing the network may have scaled back its plan for a three-hour debate after he and dr. ben carson threatened to boycott it.
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call now >> fire broke out and moments later the roof cleans. april and brandon joining me live from nashville, along with the dog, samson, great too see you. you're out of town, sell operating your anniversary, and somehow a fire, electrical, starts in your house. there's this guy, an off-duty firefighter just diving by, sees the smoke, and goes into your house and sees that your dog goes back inside. what happens next?
11:58 am
>> we were informed immediately of the situation. we actually didn't even know until we saw the video, we were completely shock that somebody who had never met us risked his life looking for people and then saved our dog. >> when he got to the door, apparently he sawer dog right in the entryway and thought, oh, he had already gone in the house to see if people were inside. and didn't find anybody. then the dog ran back inside. so, he decides to go in after this dog. bit the way no firefighters are even there at that point in time, right? >> no. no one was there. yes, samson was a little skittish, i believe, with what was going on, and he is also a guard dog. so, we believe he was scared and went back in, but -- >> so, brandon, when you -- actually there's video of this whole event that we're watching right now. so you were able to find out who
11:59 am
this man was, who went inside and saved your dog. what happened when you were actually able to see him and thank him? >> when we met, when we met tim, he -- very, very humble person. you hear everybody talks about him leaving, getting in his car and again. some to avoid this. we're forever indebted to him and metro fire for trying to go in. not only if we had been there but to save samson as well. >> you have your dog. i understand you're able to retrieve antique wedding dishes and a few other things from he home but i want people to know that there's a fund to help you've can they go to help you? >> you can find us on facebook, we created a group. it's april and brandon gorily, and that has all the information on it. we really appreciate it. and if you want to come re due my house -- redo my house, you're welcome.
12:00 pm
>> i know you were celebrating your anniversary and your kids were safe at the grandparents, and samson made it out alive, thanks to tim, the firefighter. thank you for joining me on "the real story." it's friday. i hope you have a fantastic weekend. here's shep. >> church members accused of beating up two brothers to make them confess to their sins. one ended up in the hospital, not the other in the morgue. i'll speak time with a one-time former member who tells us what happens before closed doors and house church leaders manipulate their victims. in the middle east, tear gas, fire bombs and bullets in the streets. a day of rage and people are dying. also, the college student dedicated to helping veterans traumatic stress. he invented something for the army. his army sergeant dad, and now looking to help vetted around the country. you'll see


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