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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 17, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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right now, on justice -- her top aide was on the hot seat. now it's hillary clinton's turn. but first, i have some questions for hillary before the benghazi panel grills her this week. it's tonight's opening statement. and justice fans may remember this. >> a month from now, we're not going to be talking about this. mark my words. >> you know what? i'll bet you lunch. >> you got it. >> so guess who won? richard goodstein brought me lunch this week, and boy, was i hungry. >> she had 61,000 e-mails over four years on one server, and that one classified, then i'll eat this table.
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hello. welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thank you for being here tonight. clinton's longtime personal aide and state department official testified for eight hours before the benghazi select committee. hillary herself is scheduled to testify this week. but apparently she's not looking forward to it. >> i testified to the best of my ability. before the senate and the house. i don't know that i have very much to add. this is, after all, the eighth investigation. i will do my best to answer their questions. but i don't really know what their objective is right now. >> really, hillary? in a moment, i'm going to ask if you know the answer to any of the questions that hillary claims she's already answered. because i don't know the answers. and if i don't know the answers,
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and you don't know the answers, then she hasn't answered the questions. she keeps getting free passes. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. thank you. me, too! >> hey, bernie, not for nothing. if you were on that stage fighting to become commander in chief, why did you retreat at the height of the battle? and even the president is giving hillary a pass about the private server. >> i don't think it poses a national security problem. i think it was a mistake that she's acknowledged. i can tell you that this is not a situation in which america's national security was endangered. >> made a mistake? if i gave a free pass to every defendant who made a mistake, i would have been thrown off the bench. and our national security not endangered? there you go again, mr. president. like not a smidgen of corruption
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in the irs. and ferguson and trayvon martin and law enforcement. mr. president, you pre-judge situations before knowing the facts. why did you appoint jim comy if you weren't going to let him do the job at the fbi? you undercut the investigation. were you signaling that you're not going to let the justice department bring charges, even if the fbi puts together a case? is this investigation nothing more than a charade? and hillary even got a pass at the debate. no isis, no iran deal, even benghazi, there she simply pivoted to obama ousting gadhafi from libya when she's the one who wanted gadhafi deposed. hillary, that's why you refuse to let the generals in the pentagon take gadhafi's son's calls, seeking peace in libya before we bombed them. you're the one who rejected the peace talks for libya.
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why, hillary? what was so important to you about libya? why was it so important that you be able to say that all was normalized, when in reality al qaeda and training camps surrounded our consulate? was it the business interests in libya that you were communicating with sidney bloomenthal about? and why were we even there when everyone else left? and why did you whisper to the parents of the dead in libya that you would get the man who made the video, but were shrewd enough to send someone else out there to carry your water? and did you tell the accountability review board investigators that you would appoint them if they agreed not to question you? you, the secretary of state, the person in charge of the consulate. and why did cheryl mills, also, by the way, on that private server, tell greg hicks, the highest ranking military man on
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the ground in libya, not to talk to congress? you say you've already testified to the best of your ability. come on, hillary, that's nonsense, and you and i both know it. you and i both know the previous formats were partisan. allowing each question only minutes, with virtual follow-up, as you filibustered. i still don't know who created the video narrative. i don't know where you were that night, hillary. was the president in the situation room? were you? was valerie jarrett in the situation room? this is the first time there will be an in-depth interrogation by the most experienced prosecutor in congress. and i know you want this to be old news. but it's new news. and had congressman trey gowdy not insisted upon getting answers from you, which you desperately tried to not answer, desperately tried to delay and desperately tried to conceal and then scrub, we would never have
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known about your little private e-mail server with your two lieutenants. we would never have known about the missing e-mails that you say you never had. we would never have known about sidney blumenthal's e-mails on benghazi that you said were unsolicited, but find out even that's a lie. should this investigation have been closed when there were outstanding subpoenas? after years, the committee is getting information no other committee, any previous committee has had. like the 4,000 pages of e-mails just delivered. and two federal judges blame you for the delay in the gobbledygook of your state department. had it not been for trey gowdy, we never would have known about the server, the lies, e-mails and danger zone that you allowed to our national security. now, i don't know the answer to any of those questions. and to all the critics out there, just let trey gowdy do his job. so we know the answer to those
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questions once and for all. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter, #judge jeanine. and more on hillary in just a few minutes. but first, the obama administration continues their failed foreign policy around the world. disaster in syria. false accusations against israel. and total 180 in afghanistan. joining me now is the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor john bolten. good evening, ambassador. >> good evening. glad to be with you. >> thanks. a lot of criticism of the president's about-face in afghanistan, saying he's now going to keep 10,000 troops there, and far be it from me to be complimentary, but maybe i should be. isn't this a good thing? >> well, it's a lot better than i expected. i really thought the president would follow through on statements he's made now for almost seven years that he was going to have all americans out
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by the end of his term. not very many staying on, but at least it gives the next president the option of doing something that the president -- our president has not done for the past several years. and that's act effectively, not only against taliban and al qaeda, but against a rising isis presence in afghanistan as well. it's still better to fight the terrorists in afghanistan than to fight them here. >> given the topography and the tribal allegiances in afghanistan, and what history has taught us about that country, wouldn't we have to stay in afghanistan forever to make sure that, you know, they don't continue to do what we think they're doing? >> well, i think as long as you have terrorist groups like al qaeda, and quite possibly isis, determined to use afghanistan or the islamic caliphate that isis has set up as bases to conduct
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terrorist operations against us, against western europe, then i think that is the inevitable result. i think where our mistake in afghanistan has been is to try and donation building. i would scrub that activity entirely. i don't think it works. but i don't think we can allow our security to depend on the performance of afghan government troops. we're there not to help them, we're there to defend ourselves. >> but given the topography -- how many years, ambassador, have we been there? >> well, we've been there since 2001, after the september 11th attacks. >> 14 years. we haven't stopped them yet? >> but frankly, a lot of that has been spent wasting time trying to train the afghan national army, which is still performing very poorly. and engaging in activities that honestly we're not very good at as a country, and it didn't change the situation. i think if we had focused more, put more pressure on pakistan,
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on going after al qaeda in particular, we might be in different circumstances. that's what a new president would have to do. >> but you know, 2001 to 2014, we've got republican president, democratic president, we've got the military people, the pentagon in there, why are we here 14 years later? what makes you think that a new president is going to be able to fix it? >> of course, it depends on who the new president is. but we've got troops in europe 70 years after the end of world war ii. and it's a good thing they're there. >> okay. let's talk about syria. i want you to take a look at what president obama said about syria. >> my hope is that as we continue to have these conversations, and as i suspect russia starts realizing that they're not going to be able to bomb their way to a peaceful situation inside of syria, that we're -- we'll be able to make progress on that front. >> not going to be able to bomb
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their way to a peaceful situation in syria. haven't we been doing the same thing, haven't we been bombing in syria? why is it wrong for them to do it and not for us to do it? does he know what he's saying? >> look, the president is still in a dream world on syria and iraq. he's been there since 2011, when the anti-assad forces took to the street. the fact is, russia has a very different objective from ours. they want to prop up the assad regime. the president, secretary of state clinton, secretary of state kerry have been saying for years, the russians would help us ease assad out of power. that's obviously not going to happen. and putin's objective is only incidentally to go after isis to the extent that that helps prop up the assad regime. so i think president obama really has never had a clue what his objective was in syria. he says one thing and does another. and i think he's always been reluctant to do what he says his objective is which is to get rid
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of assad, because he knows assad is a client of iran. his main objective for the last six-plus years has been to negotiate what we now have this wretched vienna agreement on iran's nuclear weapons program, and effectively assad could compromise that objective. >> let's assume russia props up assad. what does syria look like at that point? >> well, i think syria is no longer the state that it used to be. i think functionally it's now partitioned between what could well be an assad-controlled enclave, along the coast, and damascus and israeli border. the rest of it, part of the islamic state, along with western iraq. iraq also having ceased to exist as a state. that is something that i think the president simply doesn't understand. the map of the middle east is being changed. state structures all across are collapsing, and you're open on libya demonstrated. the president's not responding
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because he has pirouetted to asia in his mind that he thinks is more important. >> putin is -- he starts with crimea and goes to ukraine and now in syria. what happens after that? what's next? he's got, i imagine, the respect of most of the world now. >> well, certainly he's demonstrated resolve and determination, which are words foreign to president obama's vocabulary and mind-set. i think putin believes he still have the momentum in ukraine. i think in the next 15 months, before the president's term is over, there's every prospect that putin will provoke another confrontation. this time, possibly in a nato country like astonia, or lithuania. in the middle east, it's not just in syria, he's concluded major arms deals with egypt. he's created a functioning alliance with iran. i think putin's objective is
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nothing less than to have russia replace the united states as the dominant external power in the middle east. this has been a russian objective for centuries. he's taking advantage of the president's weakness. and at this point, i don't think anything that stands in putin's way. >> ambassador john bolten, thank you for being with us this evening. >> glad to be here. >> with me now, fox news military analyst colonel david hunt. what harm can come from letting putin take on this fight in syria? we certainly aren't willing to take it on. >> solidify what the ambassador just said. russia's position in the middle east. syria has a strong base. assad, at the end of this, is going to be a different country, syria. the other issue is, u.s.-russia can kill each other in the middle of this. and you can start a war. >> that's what he was talking about with the deep conflicted
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talks. >> they have to be conflicted. very dangerous. >> let's talk, i want to move to the violent spike in israel this week. the bloodshed we're seeing. as if anyone didn't already know there's tension between barack obama and benjamin netanyahu. the president is accusing israel of using excessive force. what say you about that? >> once again, the president doesn't get it. the israelis are defending them. one of the great countries in the world. we had it years ago with rocks, now it's knives. these are arabs living in israel. there's a wall around this, as you know. this is internal issues. and the security apparatus of the israeli government is reacting at exactly how they must. you can't have people running around the streets stabbing your citizens without defending them. >> and i just want to clarify
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one thing. it's the administration accusing the israelis of using excessive force. but you've been in more than one war yourself. you've been in many. does the israeli-palestinian conflict ever get resolved? >> not in my lifetime. they're so far apart. one side uses terrorism, the palestinians, and terrorist nations, and the other side uses their ability to exist. there's no one -- in my lifetime, i don't see this being fixed. it is a set core issue of the war on terror. there are other issues with al qaeda and isis, but this one feeds them all. >> i want you to look at a map. i think we've got a picture of a map we're going to put up here. if you look at israel there, on the border of israel, you have iranian and russian troops now. and now the palestinians are acting up. and there's all this engagement in increased violence.
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what can we expect from israel? >> defend themselves at all costs. what you're seeing with this uprising and influence of iran, by the way, in the middle of all this, you have russia, iran as partners. but israel will violently defend themselves, as they should. and we will help them as we should. >> hopefully. >> no, no, we definitely will. >> the iron zone, right? okay. we've got -- israel has the iron dome. that's what helped them last summer. >> yes. >> with the missiles and rockets coming over. tehran now has 150 billion extra dollars, thanks to us, and giving them back the money from the sanctions, is it possible that tehran and iran which is the main sponsor of terrorism might be able to invest in a similar type of missile defense system, or for palestine? >> why wouldn't they?
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absolutely. the russian technology, $150 billion, would be used for the defense. the iron dome is exceptional, good piece of gear. but it's not by itself the only one in the world that one invented. yeah, they could use the money to -- >> they both have an iron dome. is that -- >> no, no defense is impenetrable. it hasn't been tested to the way real air force can do it. so it's helpful, but not impenetrab impenetrable. >> do you think prime minister netanyahu and the israelis are saying to themselves, we should hit first? the syrians, everyone wants to kill us. is israel thinking, we've got to go after them first? >> israel always thinks that way. to survive. the issue is -- the other side gets it back. there are a lot of countries
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they have to fly over to do what they want to do. they know we're committed to their defense. it's not simple that we should hit them first. they always think that way. that's why they're a great country and great military. >> colonel david hunt, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. it's a testimony that america's waiting for. i'm talking to a hillary clinton supporter about hillary's appearance before the benghazi committee this week. is the obama administration doing enough to help israel after the latest round of violence there? my guest tonight says no. and you'll hear why. plus, vote in tonight's instapoll. facebook or tweet me #judge jeanine.
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hillary clinton's lieutenant and confidante finally testified on the hill yesterday. now it's time for the former secretary of state to take the hot seat before the benghazi committee. she says she doesn't know what to expect. i have a thought. hillary, how about what we expect. the truth. with me now, former senior adviser to secretary john kerry and democratic strategist mary
9:24 pm
ann marsh. as much as bernie sanders says no one cares about her e-mails, hillary will face a career prosecutor and will have to answer questions about benghazi. how does she overcome the lies that she said about her e-mails, and about things like no e-mails on benghazi, et cetera, et cetera? >> well, thanks for having me on. >> great to have you on. >> but i think she's already overcome a lot of this, because the very credibility of this has been called on by republicans. no longer about getting to the truth but tearing hillary clinton down. and i think that says a lot right there. you have to look at trey gowdy, which i know you have great respect for and he is a prosecutor, but he shifted the focus of this committee investigation from benghazi to the e-mails. and i would add one more thing. he's only shown up for 20% of
9:25 pm
the hearings. judge, you would never show up for just 20% of hearings. >> the democratic committee -- >> he's the chairman of this. he's only gone to the hearings where the associates of hillary clinton have testified. ironically when uma testified for eight hours yesterday and they even had to take her to a secure room for that is right of pa testimony, she was such an important witness, why wasn't he there for that? i think chairman gowdy has hurt his cause more than helped it at this point. >> look, there's no question that kevin mccarthy, the congressman from new york, hurt the committee's credibility, no question about it. but when you want to blame trey gowdy, who as you say, this guy is one of the smartest men in congress. he's one of the best interrogators that i have ever seen in my career. but the reason he got to the
9:26 pm
server and the e-mails is because hillary lied and said she had no benghazi e-mails. he's following the evidence where it's taking him. so when you find out sidney blumenthal has e-mails from hillary on benghazi, she lied. so therefore, we have to keep digging. that's her fault, not his. >> i think if there was anything on benghazi at this point given the leaks of this committee, we would have heard about it. >> no, there are no -- >> they always leak who testified. >> give me five names. >> you mentioned them in the opening statement. cheryl mills, huma -- >> they've been -- look -- >> intelligence, many people in the intelligence experts, and the survivor, and chairman gowdy was not there for either one of those. >> let me tell you something, if we're now going to say someone in charge of a committee can't rely on the other investigators in the committee, we're in a sad state of affairs.
9:27 pm
somebody can only be in one place at a time. so biden gets in the race. what happens now? >> obviously, a couple of things. it is very late. so he starts off at a disadvantage. he's behind in fund-raising, organizations, polls, everything you can think of with only 108 days to go to iowa. the first four contests come very fast. every week in february. he will hurt hillary clinton because his support right now in the polls where he's really a distant third comes largely from her. he will certainly compete with her for some of the labor organizations and others. he makes this race harder for her. but if you're running for president, it's always hard. i think the real question is, this will be joe biden's third try to become president of the united states. the question is, is he a better candidate? and is he in a better position to win? and i think right now, that question is, it's probably not. unless we see him become a better candidate. one last thing here.
9:28 pm
no successful campaign can be predicated on the failures of your opponent. you have to have a strategy to win on your own. if your opponent makes mistakes, that's great, take advantage of it. but right now hillary clinton is hitting her stride as a candidate. she had a very good debate. but if joe biden gets in this race for whatever reason, it will be a competitive race. but he starts at a disadvantage. >> quickly before we end. the fact that everybody said she did a great job at the debate. but if joe biden still gets in knowing that, knowing it's late, knowing he's behind in fund-raising, it tells me something else is going on behind the scenes. and we're going to have to watch and wait. what do you think? >> he's wanted to be president of the united states for a very long time. it may be personal to him. we don't know that. >> mary anne, thanks for being with us. >> thank you very much. is arming citizens the next step in israel to stop the
9:29 pm
bloodshed? then, a top democrat bet me lunch that this hillary scandal would blow over in a month. that was about three months ago. so, it's time to pay up. and it was fun. >> madam secretary, i appreciate the call. but i'm actually sitting here with jeanine pirro. >> tell her i want her on my show. >> we had a great time. stay with us. to make a dep-- ♪
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jeanine. violence continues to surge in the middle east as israeli forces report several more stabbing attacks in jerusalem, and the west bank. meanwhile, prime minister netanyahu said israel is using legitimate force, and any other country would do the same. with me now, editor in chief. why is there this renewed
9:35 pm
violence, this renewed fighting? >> it's as simple as this, jeanine. in order to want to have to go and stab somebody because of who they are, that person first has to be dehumanized. we saw it in 1939. jews were dehumanized before they were massacred by the nazis. and jews are considered the children of apes and kids and litany of false crimes. >> they're living side by side. there's now this renewed violence. what just happened? is it the climate in the middle east? is it tehran, iran, the nuclear deal? something is shaking it up again. >> why is it happening today is the question you're asking. >> yes. >> it's a specific incitement that's taking place now. the palestinian authority controlled areas are the most anti-semitic territory in the world.
9:36 pm
93% hold anti-semitic views. a specific libel is pushed by palestinian groups that israelis want to change the status quo on the temple mount. this has led to young people, this incitement, this violence, to run and what to protect. >> is this about the temple mount? >> the specific libel that sparked it had to do with the temple mount, that is correct. however, the continuity of it now each time one of these incidents takes place. the palestinian authority will come out and say, this person was killed in cold blood, murdered. we saw the other day where abbas showed a picture of a 13-year-old boy that said israel executed the child. and the next day they were showing the child alive and well and recovering in the hospital. >> in israel. >> in israel. >> why doesn't the president of the united states condemn that kind of blatant lie? where a bus from palestine
9:37 pm
blames the killing of a 13-year-old and treated by the people he's trying to kill. >> the obama administration has a morality problem. >> why? >> unfortunately. >> why with israel and not other countries? >> frankly, i think it's with other countries as well. if you look at the approach to iran, for example, just this refusal to understand what is right and what is wrong, evil. here you have a situation where you have moral equivocation, you have references to the cycle of violence, calling on both sides the whole time. we know, jeanine, cops and robbers both shoot, but they're not the same. to imply they are is simply immoral. >> john kerry is said to meet with netanyahu next week in germany. what can we expect of that meeting? >> i don't think much. i think they're going to push for talks. but that's not news. it's something that netanyahu himself has called for. in fact, there's a footage of a bbc reporter asking netanyahu
9:38 pm
about that exact meeting and said what will you say when kerry asks for you to meet and talk with abbas. he said, are we on the same planet? he's been calling for that forever. it's abbas that doesn't want to meet. the people he should be talking to is certainly the palestinian side. >> right. finally, last week the mayor of israel, and other politicians called on all licensed israelis to carry guns at all times. and we just saw today there apparently was a shooting of a young palestinian who had a knife who started, i think, trying to stab a police officer. >> yes. >> what is going to happen when the prime minister says everybody's got a license, get out there and carry your gun? >> this is an amazing function of israeli society. the gun laws and ability for citizens, trained citizens to carry guns, in fact, they're loosening the laws now. if you see a lot of these attacks, citizens responding, security guards responding, it's been fantastic and amazing how many lives have been saved by this immediate response.
9:39 pm
it's a big part of their strategy. the mayor of jerusalem is a hero of mine. you have to see footage of him personally intercepting a terror attack a couple of months ago. >> i've seen it. and i saw what he did with his glock. he put it into a, what, an ar-15 or something. did you see what he did with his glock? he put it in a long gun. anyway, thank you. thanks so much for being here. >> my pleasure. >> all right. i recently sat down with the egyptian foreign minister for a talk that included his relationship with the united states. as well as egypt's fight against terrorism. one of the topics that came up? the russian air strikes in syria. and syrian president bashar al assad. take a look. >> mr. foreign minister, how would egypt feel if president bashar al assad were to be propped up by the assistance, or with the assistance of russia? >> well, we have indications,
9:40 pm
we've been told that russian involvement in syria is related to degrading isis. >> but we all know they didn't attack isis. >> we go by what we are informed, and we are always encouraging wider participation by all members of the international community to degrade and to eradicate the isis threat. that is, i think, the main objective. and everyone must be held account accountable to that. >> do you think bashar al assad should be removed? >> we think that political process has to be initiate in syria, one that is responsive to the needs of all of the syrian people. and through that political process is the resolution of all of the issues, including governance, who might govern or who might not. >> i also asked the foreign minister about president obama's relationship with his president al si si, and about the fact that the two men did not meet
9:41 pm
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if you're a regular "justice" viewer, you may remember this. >> i guarantee you, jeanine, a month from now, we're not going to be talking about this. mark my words. >> you know what? i'll bet you lunch. >> you got it. >> that was democratic strategist richard goodstein back on july 25th. well, we're still talking about hillary clinton. so this week mr. goodstein paid up, bought me lunch in washington, d.c., and guess what the topic of conversation was? take a look.
9:46 pm
>> so here we are, right after the debate. and i imagine that you have some interesting ideas. >> i liked it. kind of wall to wall. >> what did you think? >> hillary clinton's performance was a reminder to the people who are either predisposed to like her or even to the idea of liking her why she is so special. when she is the person in the room talking about an issue, she is the most knowledgeable person in that room, even if there are the most expert people under the sun. >> would you agree, mr. reformed lawyer as you call yourself, that following the law is important? it's not about, you know, whether she made a hair appointment. it's about the requirement that there be protection of classified information. >> right. >> is that a yes or no? >> obviously, then there's all sorts of issues within that, which is, what is, quote, classified? >> let me ask you this. if she had 61,000 e-mails all on a private server and not one is
9:47 pm
classified, is that credible? what was she doing? >> it's, again, if you listen to the inspector general, it's what's marked classified. that's the distinction. >> that's what i'm saying. irrespective of how they were marked, or unmarked, how is a woman secretary of state, who was the top person in the department of state, not have one classified e-mail? because we know all her business was on the private server. therein lies the rub. >> no, she -- >> wasn't she doing her job? >> like colin powell, she had total classified way of dealing with classified communications. just like colin powell on "meet the press" talked about this -- >> he didn't have a private server. he had an e-mail. private server is different. that's the crux of it. >> people talk about the private server being different because supposedly it's more easily hacked, right? >> and they showed us that it was this week. >> we know for certain, we've seen press reports that the white house had a state department employee, they had been hacked. >> we should feel better? >> she was going to have a
9:48 pm
private e-mail account. i would think that would be more secure than whatever colin powell had, if it was colin powell, at -- >> he had private e-mails. but they were on the government server. that's the difference. it's the server that is capable of being hacked by foreign governments. if she had 61,000 e-mails over four years on one server, and that not one classified, i will eat this table. >> no salt, no butter, no oil, nothing but those horrible -- >> how about on the side? >> then you're going to tempt me. let me tell you. where were you at 6:00 this morning? i was at spin class this morning at 6:00. >> we saw 10,000 e-mails that
9:49 pm
came out what she considered government related. obviously there were many that got turned back. >> right. >> the one thing we know that we didn't know before the release of those 10,000 e-mails is she has a special place in her heart for -- beyond that, she was trying to make the u.s. safe, to import -- >> did she have stock in dee fillka fish? >> excuse me one second. richard goodstein. listen, madam secretary, i really appreciate the call. but i'm actually hitting here with jeanine pirro. can i call you back? >> tell her i want her on my show. >> she wants you on her show. thank you. bye-bye. >> that's cool. ooh, that looks great. but you know what? >> thank you. >> i get it. the public wants to see a debate. >> absolutely. >> and they want her put to the test. oh, god, bread.
9:50 pm
and it looks so good. why put chaffey in it? >> probably trying to think out a way of saying, would you mind stepping back on this one. we could debate this. the distinction, the only distinction that matters is what's labeled classified. >> she lies, richard. she lies. she said she had no benghazi e-mails. donald trump, he's sitting in trump towers possibly watching the debate. what's he thinking? >> i think donald trump's going, huh. that woman's impressive. you know, donald trump on the issues reminds me of a diet of ice cream, candy and cake, and you'll get thinner and more healthy, why? because just take my word for it. you will. it's like saying the mexicans are going to pay for the wall. i think that's mine. that's what the whole bet was
9:51 pm
about. and i'm a man of my word. >> you're right. it is your order. >> i got it. thank you. >> hey, somebody bought me lunch today. i'm a happy camper. i'm usually cooking. >> my thanks to richard goodstein, a good sport and a man of his word. tonight's instapoll results are next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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now for the results of tonight's instapoll. we asked, what would you want hillary clinton to be asked on thursday at the benghazi hearing? ronald says, how many pla toons of marines would you have guarding you if you went to benghazi? she had a destroyer in the mediterranean every time she went there. donna said, has she talked to martha stewart to see how jail will be? joseph says, makes no difference, she'll dance around every question. and nancy says the mothers of those boys killed need the truth. wouldn't you if it were your child killed? denise says, why did you refuse the security to ambassador stevens was begging for? is jeopardizing national security funny to you? you laughed about the e-mail investigation several times. jazz says, why is your mistake any different from general petraeus'? he was seriously punished.
9:56 pm
why shouldn't you be? what will she doing with all of her free time in jail? you know what i think? she'll be scrubbing. scrubbing servers. thanks for the great responses. i love reading what you guys think. make sure you logon and send me your thoughts on tonight's show. and check out my thoughts on all the news throughout the week. plus, great behind the scenes photos. tomorrow i'm cooking. that's it for us tonight. remember, you don't ever have to miss "justice," just set your dvr and tell your friends to do the same. friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter @judge jeanine. jeanine.
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>> i am greg gutfeld. an important part of your daily dietary intake. here's what's coming up. no speaker no problem. there's plenty of john boehner to go around. yum, yum. no plans to stop by? no problem. i have an unspeakable idea that will solve everything. joanne, katherine, camacaze. you go. let's get started. i have a roast in the oven. >> people think it is hideous. >> he can be a bit of a knuckle head. i don't like how he makes blanket statements for all of us. >> something weird about him. >> one of the creepiest people i have ever


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