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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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sunday, october 18. thank you of course to our panel pat, doug, and john. thanks for watching. and the o'reilly factor starts now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. the fbi livid at president obama over his comments over the hillary clinton email investigation. the "new york times" reports today that the bureau's agents are mad the president down played the situation during his interview with "60 minutes" on sunday. >> did you know about hillary clinton's use of private email server? >> no. >> while she was secretary of state? >> no. >> do you think it posed a national security problem? >> i don't think it posed a national security problem. i think that it was a mistake that she has acknowledged. i do think that the way it's
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been ginned up is in part because of politics. >> was president obama trying to sway the final outcome of the investigation into hillary's private server? joining us now with reaction from washington ron hosco a former senior fbi official. ron, the "new york times" reporting today this week that the fbi agents are very upset with president obama what can you tell us? >> well, if that's an accurate portrayal of it, eric. it's completely understandable. this is not the first time that even though is he is an attorney, even though he is down the road before. it's not the first time that he knows his role and has net still commented on the case. >> so president obama in that interview that we just pointed out said that hillary clinton didn't violate national security. how the hell does he know that? that's a great question and
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one that i would pose as well. at this point we are still hearing information about the fbi fairly recently identifying another tech company that may have been involved with backing up the server. and we're talking about volumes of information. that the fbi is going to have to look at in great detail this director, jim comey is relatively new in his position two years in. he has not had a crisis on his watch they want to get this right. this is a detailed labor intensive investigation. i have no idea how the president could conclude what he did. certainly jim comey is not down the street briefing him on a regular basis. >> ron, does the president weighing in, does that undermine the investigation? >> well, i think it does that in at least two significant ways. one, with the american public. now, we have and unmistakenly there are politics that are talking about a politician who is
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involved in this email investigation. so, when the president comes out and makes his pronouncement that suggests this is all a mistake and there is no national security implications, he, in effect, sets is the bar. and if the fbi later comes and to that same determination that no crime has been committed, there is going to be a segment of the population that says they were told to find exactly what they found, which is nothing. that, i believe, erodes trust in my former organization. and it's unnecessary based on what the president said. the other area that really concerns me is this: loretta lynch works directly for the president. jim comey has a 10 year term. by design he is supposed to be independent. we want an independent fbi. >> sure. sod in the discussions between fbi agents and federal prosecutors across the street, when those differences of opinion
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occur, this suggestion by the president interjects that doubt into that conversation, too. where the fbi is going to look at that prosecutor and wonder whether he or the department of justice was influenced by the president. >> exactly, the fbi reports that the doj, doj headed bylor let that as you point out here is the question though should they be looking for independent prosecutor and independent investigation at this point? >> i don't think so. first i think the fbi is capable with the right prosecutor support in carrying out a detailed thorough unbiased impactful investigation that will find the facts as they are located in those files and through interviews. there is a lot of layers to this. this is going to be labor intensive. go ahead. >> so the fbi agents that are out there working the field, doing the diligence, pulling the information, they are investigating. the president comes along and says hey, no national security threat here has he stepped on their
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investigation? >> i don't think that the agents working this case all the way to the top, i don't think they will be in the least bit swayed by those comments on sunday night. they have a job to do. they know that job. they have done it in the past. they have done it here regardless of outside influences. my fear are those couple of things that i referred to earlier. and that's important. the public trust in an unbiased fbi investigation is critical to the agency. >> does he owe those agents an apology? >> i think that there is likelihood that there are plenty in there that would like to hear that. as there are in law enforcement. as there are in other segments of our society where this president knowing that he should not, in his words, put his finger on the scales, then goes about doing just that and leaves people with the suggestion of what the results should be. as i said, he has done it in
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ferguson. he did it in the gates matter up in cambridge, massachusetts where he on the front end condemned the police and then was forced into a beer summit to bring the parties together knowing full well that the facts became known he was wrong shouldn't the constitutional scholar know better? >> there is no question about that in fact the president does know better because he has made these comments in these forums in the past about him not weighing in on the process and then he proceeds to weigh in on the results might be. >> up next, top hillary clinton aid huma abedin appearing before the house benghazi committee today. could it spell more trouble for the presidential campaign. campaign. ed h
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in the impact segment tonight, hillary clinton and the house benghazi committee. hillary will give her much awaited testimony before the committee just six days from now. but today those top clinton aide's huma abedin's turn to get grilled by the committee behind closed doors. joining us is fox white house correspondent ed henry who is covering the clinton campaign. ba what did you hear from those testimonies. >> she went behind closed doors for several hours. what's interesting is what happened before huma abedin showed up. which is that some of the clinton campaign officials started saying on twitter, social media and elsewhere putting out statements saying we don't even know why huma abedin is being interviewed by the benghazi committee. he she doesn't know anything about it that doesn't square with the facts. not only has she been a long time confidante of hillary clinton and knew what was happening before, during and after of that channel. there have always been
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emails that came up showing huma abedin after the terror attacks saying she had been in touch someone who had been on the ground in benghazi. i don't know the full extent of what huma does or doesn't know that's what they are trying to find out behind closed doors because this is closed testimony. >> why closed testimony? i think the public would like to hear some of this. >> some of it should be in public. i think the republicans, perhaps, have made mistakes in. so negotiation. hillary clinton has said she wants to do this in public. she wants to do that out in the open in frfnt cameras because if any of them overstep, get into a clash with her and screw up at all that's requesting to help her politically. huma abedin her team didn't think it would be good for her for public testimony. >> who cares? why do we care what thinks. >> can't they subpoena her to come to a committee
5:12 pm
hearing even if it is public? >> absolutely. here's what i think is really going on. all of this well she didn't know anything. well, yes, she did is that kevin mccarthy's comments as the republican leader blew up this committee. it really helped hillary clinton. we knew that already but you know what's happening is the democrats on that panel and the clinton campaign are trying to take that and then say everything else that she is being looked at over the email and everything is just one big republican investigatory mess. that's not true when you have an fbi criminal investigation is not only -- not a republican investigation but it's an investigation overseen by the obama justice department. hard to ball this up into one big thing but that's what you are going to see. >> had this been sold to us the public take testimony from huma abedin in private keep it under wraps until we get hillary clinton on the stand and then maybe see if there is any inconsistencies i would say not a bad call. this one is being
5:13 pm
transcribed. to huma abedin's testimony. >> what i think republican trey gowdy in his defense would say he is not here now but he would say he is taking that private testimony because he wants to gather facts and then could present them to hillary clinton at the public testimony as you just suggested. so not every testimony, but just clear that up not everything has to be in public. more transparency on this could finally put the questions to rest. >> let's move on to this other topic. all day we have been hearing that joe biden may make an announcement. some one threw out three day window what are you hearing on that. >> we heard that again and again. that window you are talking about is closing really fast for joe biden and the reason we are getting these leaks i'm being told behind the scenes biden is getting nervous that the window is gone so they are trying to sort of keep his potential candidacy alive. why is it maybe done? hillary clinton did much better than even democrats expected in the first
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democratic debate this week. if she had fallen on her face and then had had to go into the benghazi committee next thursday face tough questions, the hot lights of the cameras and maybe did poorly again that would have been wide opening for him to get. in much harder race for him for that reason number one. hillary clinton just revealed how much money she has. she has raised more money for anybody than any party $33 million in the bank. that's going to be a hard mountain to climb. a lot of money for joe biden to catch up on. what i'm told by two sources close to biden tonight he is leaning towards getting in and we will hear from him rather soon. that tells me that he is leaning towards it he still thinks he has a chance but my broader point and the reason why i mention the money and the other stuff is i think he is probably going to get. in i think it's going to be extremely hard for him to beat hillary clinton. >> tell us you are traveling with the former secretary of state. you said i have red they are giddy. they are thrilled with their debate performance. >> well, because if you put
5:15 pm
her against who she is running against, bernie sanders, he has this following among a populist because sea socialist. he beat her -- she beat him pretty bad on the gun issue. you know, really kind of tripped him up. and i think the broader point was she looked presidential. i mean, don't take it from me. take it from republicans like ed rollins who came on fox who said she was the only presidential won on that presidential deal with you run against you have. even if joe biden gets in very late. this is a weak democratic field. on the other side republicans have a stronger field. there are nor options that might take longer. went a long way toward wrapping this up and because of the weak field she has, despite her problems, she can win this nomination pretty easily. >> i have got to wrap this up right now, ed, thank you very much.
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next on the rundown, backlash gross on the obama administration. debate moments away. hold the phone.
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in the factor follow up segment tonight, the growing chaos in the middle east as palestinian attacks against israeli civilians escalate the obama administration is taking serious heat after the state's department head spokesman criticized israel this week for helping fuel the violence. >> certainly individuals on both sides of this divide are -- have proven capable of and in our view pled guilty of acts of terror. we certainly have seen some reports of security activity
5:20 pm
that, you know, that could indicate the potential excessive use of force. and, again, we don't want to see that anywhere. we don't want to see that here in our own can i country so, yeah, we are concerned about that. >> and today the president told both israeli and palestinian leaders to, quote, feed the violence. joining us now to analyze from los angeles rick grenell former u.s. spokesman from the united nations and richard good stein. rick, let me start with you. i couldn't believe it first it was kirby and then josh earnst and now president obama insights both leaders to come to the table like israel did something wrong here. they are being attacked. terrorist attack, lone wolf attacks. >> look, migration of u.s. policy in the bush administration we would never have increased this moral equivalency. it is not morally
5:21 pm
equivalent. and so what we have with the obama administration is they have decided that we are no longer going to tell the israelis and the palestinians to talk amongst themselves and try to negotiate. we are going to start imposing a solution that we think is best for the two parties. this is a political move by the obama team and it is a migration from what historically republican and democrats before president obama have always done with the israeli/palestinian conflict. it's really a big move by kirby and coordinated by the white house. >> coordinated because it's consistent. president obama, richard today followed it up they doubled down and president obama tripled down today. have you seen the videos where the palestinian young men will drive into a bus stop, try and take people out. have you seen the videos where one, he -- this young man gets out and wields a that chety, starts hacking away at israeli. and another israeli comes up
5:22 pm
and shoots him. now, for some reason, that's wrong? >> yeah. look, i don't know what kirby is talking about. when he suggests that somehow there is a lack of proportion nalt here. i'm actually reminded when he says there are kind of quote terrorists on both sides. it's like people saying there are people on both sides of the climate change issue. it happens among people who are educated about the issue to be wildly disproportionately in favor of people who think climate change is real and should be dealt with then, if you kind of say well, there are people on both sides, that's what it is like saying. i think that's kind of nuts. >> you are saying the obama administration is dead wrong in this issue to put the israelis and the palestinians at the same table in this issue. >> i'm saying, look, the middle east is obviously very complicated. jeb bush said thank god for. >> complicated? >> one second. jeb bush said thank god for w. keeping us safe which is to say if you overlook the worst attack on american
5:23 pm
soil that he was warned about of all times, yes. >> can we stay on their? >> we can. i'm saying there is a larger conflict. >> you are doing climate change and george w. bush. >> rick, go ahead. should netanyahu sit down with mahmoud abbas on this issue or should he say, look, we will put an end to it if you don't? >> look, we should not be telling the israelis to sit down with an organization that is pushing terrorism we wouldn't be wanting them to do it to us and we shouldn't do it to them. the fact is is the israelis do not have a peaceful partner on the other side. look what the palestinian government is doing by pushing these terrorists attacks on individuals. it's atrocious. we should be able to stand up and say it's not morally equivalent. one side is right. the other side is wrong. that's just the facts. we as americans should be able to lead this discussion on that. >> i want to he reinforce
5:24 pm
what rick said if i can, eric, don't fall out of your chair. president obama said actually at my synagogue earlier this year. the palestinians, he said, are not the easiest of partners. the neighborhood is dangerous. he knows it. which is why defending from the obama administration is higher than it ever was before on israel's defense, the iron dome system meant to protect against incoming missiles has been funded at a higher level by the obama administration. >> stay on the point here, stay with this. stay with this. >> i agree the israelis are bad guys. it's terrible. >> president obama says terror on both sides, including israel? how do you do that? >> he is not. he is saying, calm it down. what kirby is saying you have to ask him to defend that i don't really know. >> what point -- whole point not calm it down. >> defended the whole policy today. >> it's a strategy, eric. look, their strategy right now is to not allow the israelis and the
5:25 pm
palestinians to negotiate this on their own so that the israelis can say we are not negotiating with someone who is not a peace partner. what the obama administration is trying to do from a political standpoint is just push for something to be done, something that probably is going to risk the israeli security. it's the exact same thing that the obama administration did on iran. they didn't look at what was best. they just looked for any deal so that they could claim political win. >> rick, i have got to go, i'm sorry, we ran out of time. thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. hillary clinton tries to convince vortsdz she wouldn't be just another obama's third term but even people on the far left people on the far left aren't buying tthere's a more eo get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'.
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in the personal story segment tonight, can hillary clinton convince voters she won't just be an obama third term if she wins the white house. judging by reactions to her debate performance this week even people on the far left think she has a lot of work to do. >> secretary clinton, how would you not be a third term of president obama? >> well, i think that's pretty obvious. i think being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we have had up until this point including president obama. >> really? [ laughter ] that's it. so the only thing separating you and president obama is the fact that you have different parts? [ laughter ] what are you mr. and
5:30 pm
mrs. potato head? [ laughter ] well, anderson, i think our differences are pretty obvious, he has a mustache and i have this hat with a flower on. >> joining us now to analyze from los angeles fox news contributed tore leslie marshall and with me in studio jeanne zano a political professor. president obama 2.0 or third term president obama you say? >> oh, absolutely not. you have to watch the rest of the debate and you have to listen to what she is saying. she says, look, repeal the cadillac tax on o. fordable care act. the policies and strategies have failed arming the rebels. she has also said she turned around 360 degrees with ttp. she said that putin shouldn't bully us showing she is more hawkish and the president is a bit week. deportations aren't working even on keystone she has distanced herself. that is six just in the past two weeks where she differs greatly from the president. so i think we need to look
5:31 pm
at more than just the sound bite. >> fair enough, jeany, there were many things that she agreed with the president on though. >> many things. and up until the debate i would agree with leslie. she had been moving away from the president. she gets before her first national audience and what does she do to it a question are you going to be a third term? how are you going to differ because of her gender she uses this as crutch. he presses her on policy she is going to continue his work and tied herself to a number of issues. let's remember when lincoln chafee asked her about her vote in iraq. we debated about this and then he selected he as secretary of state. she talked famously about. >> so you are a political professor isn't that smart politics yeah i'm with president obama and no i'm not with president obama. she can get both voters. she does run the risk of looking like she is trying to have it both ways. americans famously don't elect a third term. we haven't had a third term
5:32 pm
democrat for a long time. >> she may be able to have it both ways through the pre-trial marry process but can she have it both ways going into a general? >> actually, it's going to be three ways technically, she has to show and i think she and others on that stage had to not alienate those that support president barack obama and looking at segments of the population she does he have well with such as african-americans that came out on mass for him. secondly she has to kind of move more to the left to get some of those people that have gone from hers to sanders and get them back and of course she has got to get h r core that morning if you remember abc news showed her how 79% approval rating among democrats. i think she did accomplish that and i think it was a bit of a joke in that she had to inflick her gender into the conversation. that was an opportunity. >> one of the things going on this week besides the the debate surrounding the debate. kelsey was taking shots at debbie wasserman. >> shortly after i called
5:33 pm
for debate chair said she had had communicated and consulted with vice chairs of the dnc prior to making her decision. the fact is there was no communication. there was no consultation with the vice chairs and officers of which i am one. so, it's unfortunate that she continues to say things that aren't true. >> so jeany, disarray in the dnc? >> this was the first out across the bough. another vice chair since then coming out and supporting her statements saying look it, debbie wasserman schultz is essentially used the term lying about what she is saying. there is dissension in the ranks. i don't think it's something that is going to permanently democratic committee but i do think it's something that wasserman schultz has to get under control. she has to look like she is being fair to all candidates and she has got to be honest and the vice chairs have to support her. >> i have got to be honest. i believe tell is i gabbard, however, i think debbie wasserman schultz may change her mind after seeing the
5:34 pm
debate performance by hillary. >> you know, i have got the to agree with you there, eric. a lot of people say that debbie wasserman schultz does not have great relationship with president obama and that gang and that she's to hold her job and that's why she is pushing for hillary to win. hillary is really a seasoned debater. and i think we certainly saw that she performs very well so why wouldn't she want to put her candidate out there more? >> her candidate, hold on there, kid doe. her candidate, there were five of her candidates on that stage the other night. >> no, what i'm saying is her job is definitely many people feel more secure. >> no what you are saying is she you are showing us your hand, leslie. you exposed your hand. you showed us what we all already knew, that her candidate is hillary. >> that's the problem for her. it looks like her candidate is hillary. another candidate wasn't there joe biden who quite frankly is closer to president obama. so she has got to be very careful that she is being fair to all six of the candidates.
5:35 pm
who are in this race because joe biden hasn't decided yet. >> leave it right there jeanne and leslie. thank you very much. when we come right back, california governor jerry browne signs a law making it harder to deport illegal immigrants convicted of drug crimes. then, a controversial new rule in kansas will kick people off the voter roles if if you're running a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. and in the unresolved problem segment tonight, voter fraud and an outrage just new law in california protecting immigrants convicted of drug crimes from deportation. first to kansas where a rule put in place by secretary of state requires that anyone registering to vote must provide proof of citizenship or be removed from the voter list after 90 days. it set off quite a controversy even hillary clinton is lashing out against it. joining us now from kansas city is the kansas secretary of state chris cobach and with me here in studio fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera. chris, i'm going to start with you. so this rule that you are actually enforcing now has been a law on the books since 2011. tell us about it. >> yes, so the law simply says that you have to prove your u.s. citizenship when you register to vote.
5:40 pm
if you registered after january 1st, 2013. and the rule simply says by the way you are not on our voter rolls until you have proven your citizenship. you fill out the card and then you complete your registration when you send in or email or fax in your birth certificate or passport or naturalization document. there is about a dozen documents. the new rule says you have 90 days to do that that's a reasonable rule and the reason we do that is because people move from place to place. we are finding that a third of the cases of freedom who didn't get around to finishing their registration had moved and left to it a different address. give them 90 days, and if they still don't remember and they want to register fill out a new card and start it over again unlike what hillary clinton says no big deal, no one is being disenfran disenfranchised. >> 12 different documents you can use. don't have to send it in. 90 days to do. this doesn't seem too onerous. >> let me say hello to senator kobach. the man who i consider the
5:41 pm
foundation stone of the hard right wing mr. anti-undocumented immigrant. i respect. >> ivy league, educated very bright. a man who scene on this issue that you went to arizona and argued arizona's law. lost in the federal court and now even in kansas as you tried to restrict the voting rights of people in state elections, you must allow them to register even without proof of citizenship in federal elections. >> it's a law dits enfranchising 22,000 people who would be qualified to vote. this is like a poll test. this is an attempt by secretary quebec to restrict voting by people who radio woo ordinarily vote democratic. he is republican. >> not at all. >> this is all about. >> is it a poll tax? swift voting to democrats. >> i don't know if geraldo knows this or not but if you don't have your birth certificate, you lost it, guess what, we give you a free one. if you still don't have your documents, we still have a process where you can
5:42 pm
provide other evidence. and the aclu, which doesn't like this law surprise surprise. they have tried to find scoured the state for someone who hasn't been able to register and haven't been able to find one. >> how many cases of voter fraud have you found where people who are not citizens of the united states have attempted to vote in our elections? how many have you found, you are leading the charge, you are drafting the laws not only in your own state but in others. is it not a fact that you have found less than a dozen cases over several years in the entire state? >> no, i will will tell you this. we found over 0 cases of aliens who have either gotten on our voter laws who registered successfully before our laws and found them afterwards or attempted to register of after the law went into effect and successfully stopped them. one of them is coming from a county doing statistics on this. we have 105 counties. that's the tip of the iceberg. >> puffed up allegations
5:43 pm
about voter fraud are an embarrassment to this your state that this is absolutely. >> to a liberal editorial writer. >> go ahead, chris. >> the liberal editorial writer didn't provide any evidence at all. we have provided evidence to a federal court, geraldo. this isn't me making up numbers. these are identified individuals. >> position when it comes to federal elections, kansas is in this embarrassing position. someone comes and doesn't have birth certificate they are allowed to vote in a federal election or not in a state or local election. i think what is this about? if it is not about suppressing the vote, what is it about? >> you are not accurately stating what the court held the 10th circuit u.s. court of appeals if you used the federal form and fewer than 1% of people used it and you don't provide proof of citizenship. right now as the form is currently worded vote in federal elections only and you have to allow that the federal form is supposed to be changed to reflect the law of the state in which
5:44 pm
people are registering. >> another situation where federal law doesn't necessary line up with state law. three or four other examples. marijuana being another one. let's move the top two. california, a new law makes it more difficult to deport convicted you will legals and convicted immigrants. what's jerry brown going here for, sir? >> well, what this new law does in california is it says if you are -- it applies actually more often to people who are legally here and federal law, if you are convicted of certain felony offenses, including drug offenses, you are supposed to be deported. what california is trying to do is undermine the federal law by erasing the conviction even though the person was actually convicted. and it's just another example of california trying to undermine our immigration laws. >> sounds like california wants to be not a group of sanctuary cities, geraldo, it wants to be a sanctuary state. >> i disagree with the secretary's
5:45 pm
characterization'. and this is the reason. i think we can all understand what happens here. in drug cases specifically, as you know, eric, you can have a drug diversion program. in other words, you plead guilty, then you go into the rehab if you are in the successful rehab, six months later your conviction is expunged. the problem is that once you have to plead guilty to get into the drug diversion program. what this law attempts to do is allow you to plead guilty and enter the drug diversion program and get clean and right with the law later. but it's that moment of pleading guilty that makes you eligible and vulnerable to deportation. that's what jerry brown. >> they were is the point. congress sets federal immigration law and decides who among those who are legally here oversteps a line and says okay, too bad, have you screwed up. you are going to be deported. >> the net effect is you won't have people going into drug diversion programs. that's the net effect. that's why jerry brown.
5:46 pm
>> federal law says if you commit a drug offense, you are out of this country, california says we don't like that. but note, this geraldo. not only is california breaking undermining that federal law. they are flat out breaking another federal law giving instate aliens and also creating sanctuary policies that violate federal law that prevent police have from cooperating. >> geraldo, thank you very much. directly ahead, donald trump scores a major victory forcing a rules change for the next republican debate after threatening to boycott it. and then, the donald himself in the no spin zone to give o'reilly his latest take on campaign 2016. we'll be right back with all that ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way?
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in the back of the book seeing isment tonight, donald trump in the no spin zone today the donald scored a huge win announcing that cnbc, the host of the capping the debate time at two hours and allowing for opening and closing allowing for opening and closing statements. earlier this week, trump held nothing back in an interview with bill o'reilly beginning with his reaction to the democratic debate. >>ri you were tweeting during t debate. can you tweet and watch at the same titime? is that possible? >> well, i had plenty of time because i was a pretty boring debate. but i did. i picked up, like, i hear, 160,000 followers last night. so a lot of people are listening, which is great, as far as i'm concerned. >> did you actually watch the debate, though? >> i did. i actually did.r i felt i had an obligation. i would have rather have watched other things, to be honest, but i have an obligation because i may be running against one of those folks.
5:51 pm
it's not that long a period of time. cnn did not hit them like they hit us. they didn't make them fight. and there was very little fight in the group. >> latest fox news poll out yesterday, ben carson right on your heels. would you vote for ben carson for president if you weren't in the race? would you support him? >> yes, i would. yes, i would. >> good man. he's been very nice to me, very and i've also been very nice to him. we have, so far, gotten along very well.l. every once in a while, i want him to say something bad so i can go after him. but he's been so nice, i can't do that. very hard. >> if it comes down to, after the cnbc debate in a couple of weeks, i'm not going to say who i think is going to be in the top five. but it will probably be five guys and carly fiorina. i think she'll make the cut. then it will become more back and forth because you have to best your competitor.
5:52 pm
so what's ben carson's weakness? >> it's a lack of experience. he is experienced in certain things, but certainly in terms of t negotiating with china and all of these countries that have been ripping us off for so many years. you have no idea, even, bill. and i am the best with that. i deal with them all of the time. i've beaten them so many times in terms of private enterprise, right upstairs, we have some of the biggest banks in the world t in this building from china. that's what i do. i mean, i do that's what i do for a living. and ben doesn't have that kind of experience. unless you turn things around from a trade standpoint, this country isnd going to go down, bill, because we're losing a fortune. >> your unfavorable rating is high, highest of all of the republican candidates, about 50% in some polls. do you have a plan to bring that down?? to make people like you more? do you have a plan?
5:53 pm
>> well, i also were number one in leadership by far by a factor of two and three, if you saw that poll that just came out. some people don't love me, but i get the highest marks in leadership.e i get, by far, the highest marks on the economy. those are some pretty important categories. >> no, i understand. m but are you worried about the people that don't? are you going to try to persuade them to like you? and if so, how do you do that? >> every place i spend time, new hampshire, iowa, south carolina, you saw those polls come out today, they're phenomenal. i do very well in favorability.i so where they get to know me, you know, where they come for speeches and we all get to know each other, i do very well in favorability. i haven't done that nationwide i yet, but that's happening. i think i'll be able to do it. i think leadership is very important. i think the leadership poll is the most important.s and, on that, i'm double digits ahead of everyone else. in fact, two or three times
5:54 pm
in some cases ahead of everybody else. and i think leadership is going to be really the most important thing. >> you are well aware that some people feel you're an entertainer and not a serious candidate. "saturday night live" has got you now signed onto come over and do a show in november. and the hispanics are real mad now at nbc.os they don't want you to host the show. any reaction to that? >> no, no reaction at all. i mean, i just -- i think you saw the poll in nevada where i'm leading with hispanics. i'm doing very well with hispanics. i think i'll win with hispanics. which will surprise a lot of people. >> what about your message is going to make hispanic americans vote for you? >> because i'm bringing back jobs to this country. >> jobs, okay. >> i'm taking them away from china and japan and everybody else. plus, i have tens of thousands over the years of hispanics, mexicans, hispanics working for
5:55 pm
me. i have thousands of them right now working for me. and believe me, they like me a lot. they're doing great. they're making great salaries. they like me very much. the radio hosts in new york, they say they really like trump. and i think i'm going to win that vote. >> "saturday night live," what if they start mocking you? they're definitely going to do the hair deal. i would wear your hat on that show the whole show. >> well, you know, i actually hosted it ten years ago and loren michaels called me up and said i'd love to have you host. and i agreed to it. it's an honor. i did 60 minutes last week. that's an honor. my stable mate was vladimir putin. i think "saturday night live" will be a lot of fun. >> but never forget, the biggest honor in your life is being on "the factor." >> that is true. there is no question about it. number one. >> donald trump everyone. thank you very much as always. straight ahead, the
5:56 pm
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you knew better. the e series. legendary quality. unexpected low price. before we go tonight, this -- the only people who may look forward to the presidential debate more than political junkies like me are the late night comedians. and the democratic debate this week apparently did not disappoint them. >> lincoln chafee just called out hillary on her e-mails. this is going to be good. >> i think we need someone that has the best in ethical standards as our next president. that's how i feel. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. >> governor? >> yes, queen. take chris christie at the beach. >> that was a humorous comment. and i shall respond with laughter.
5:59 pm
>> by the way, can you believe halloween is almost here. what are you going to be? >> well, my costume is great. it's a cross between a beloved cartoon character and one of my former patients. >> what is it? >> sponge brain square pants. >> interesting. i'm going as sexy pizza rack. i can't believe no one has brought up my name yet. i had a whole drinking game plan where every time someone said donald trump, we would take a shot. >> i don't know, that's an awful lot of tequila for a tuesday night. >> and a quick reminder. if you buy bill's new best-seller, "killing reagan" you get a free copy of the constitution. and if you become a premium member, you get a copy of "killing reagan." or any of bill's other big best selling books. so be sure to check that out. that's it for us tonight. bill o'reilly will be back on monday.
6:00 pm
be sure to catch my show saturday mornings. of course, please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. right now, on right now on justice, her top aide was on the hot seat. now it's hillary clinton's turn. but first, i have some questions for hillary before the benghazi panel drills here this week. it's tonight's opening statement. and justice fans may remember this. >> i guarantee a month from now, we are not going to be talking about this. >> you know what, i'll bet you lunch. >> you got it. >> so guess who won. richard good steen brought me lunch this week and boy was i hungry. >> if she had 61,000