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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 26, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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packages not addressed correctly. they found the professionally packed aught. finally the ugly. jimmy fallon takes a tumble again. he busted a hand after tripping over a woman at a harvard university party. he wasn't hurt too badly. he's doing fine. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. today is monday, october 26th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. murder charges filed against the woman who plowed her car right fwo into that crowd killing four people, including a 2-year-old boy. her attorney says she wasn't drunk at all. >> oh, boy. meanwhile, now we know why joe said no. >> i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our supporters deserved, i would have gone ahead and done it.
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>> but didn't. vice president breaks his silence on the decision not to challenge hillary clinton. more, straight ahead. a slap in the face of law enforcement in every way. just days after new york city police officer is murdered in cold blood, this. >> we want to bring the police terror, we have to put an end to it. we have to be unity and come together and put a stop to it. >> fox news -- hit the streets as hundreds show up to protest police. a job he did. "fox and friends" starts right now. you are looking live at a bed. >> why would we be doing that? >> it's sleep week. we had the best gadgets for your bedroom coming up.
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>> bedroom gadgets. >> to guarantee you a good night's sleep. >> things keep you away. they could be light, sounds. waive ways to -- >> could be someone snoring. dropping a hint to my husband. >> who might be snoring right now. >> he might be. he probably is. >> he better be awake and watching. >> it's sleep week. everything you wanted to know about sleep and so much more to make your life better. >> that's right. >> that's coming up shortly. in the meantime, let's get to that fox news alert. the woman accused of killing four people when she plowed into the crowds at the oklahoma state homecoming parade about to face a judge. now her lawyers say she wasn't drunk. the big question is, is she mentally ill? leah gabriel is here with the latest. >> good morning, steve. 25-year-old adacia chambers will face charges of murder.
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she plowed into the crowd at the homecoming parade. four people have died, including a 2-year-old boy, a graduate student and a couple who worked at the university for decades. dozens more people were hurt. chambers was arrested at the scene and held in jail. police say she was driving under the influence when she plowed into that crowd. now her attorney is fighting back against those allegations. he claims chambers was not drunk at all but suffers from mental illness. >> my visit with her lasted the better part of an hour. and during that entire interview, i was not satisfied at all that i was communicating with a competent individual. >> does she have a history of mental illness? >> this is some history there, yes. >> chambers lawyer say she doesn't remember much of the crash. for those who do remember, there's an unbelievable sadness. hundreds coming out in a prayer vigil for those who lost their lives and it continues for four
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more people who are in critical condition. elisabeth, brian and steve, back to you. >> continued prayers to the victims and their families. >> why? why did it happen? >> i heard the dad say my daughter doesn't drink or do drugs. the neighbors said she looked fine, just looked depressed. >> let's hope they get results. i think they'll have the results to the toxicology and drug tests later today. four minutes after the top of the hour, heather joins us. once again, another fox news alert. >> good morning to you. we start out with a fox news alert. at least five people are dead this morning after a whale watching boat sinks off the canadian coast near vancouver. 21 people of 27 on board the boat have been rescued. that search continues for one more person at this hour. canada's transportation safety board planning to send investigators to that scene later today. we'll bring you the latest as we
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get it. a gunman is on the run after a 24-year veteran of the new orleans police force is shot. derrick frick had recently been promoted to commander. he was off duty at the time and not wearing a uniform and drove in an unmarked police car to visit his car. that's when a bullet pierced the car and hit him in the neck. that bullet believed to have been fired from a passing suv. officer frick managed to pull over and then called for help. he's in the hospital remaining in critical condition at this hour. this happening as new york marks a day of solidarity in support of police officers. this coming after a weekend of anti-police protests. just days after one of new york's finest was shot and killed. overnight, a massive strike averted with minutes to spare. the united auto workers and general motors agreed to a tentative contract. union has been asking for better wages and job security. details have not been released just yet. union leaders will vote on an
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agreement on wednesday. running in the rain for the marines. more than 30,000 people, take a look at this, hitting the streets of washington, d.c., beating the elements to race in the 40th annual marine corps marathon. marines wounded in combat participate, some in wheelchairs with artificial limbs proving their injuries are no match for their determination. it finishes at the iwo jima memorial, something that made the day even more special. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here. >> congratulations to everybody who took part. >> got to feel good being sore today. >> such a great cause. joe biden speaking out. why joe is saying no. this is a big moment here as he sat with dr. jill biden and nora o'donnell. he explained why he's not opting in to this election and how his son beau truly impacted this decision. watch. >> is it that you think you
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couldn't win or that you didn't want run? >> couldn't win. i'm be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our supporters deserved, i would have gone ahead and done it. >> what was the single most important thing in deciding not to run? >> i said from the beginning, i don't know whether our ability to deal with the loss of beau would reach april point where we could do that before time ran out. and it was nothing we could control. dealing with the loss of beau, any parent listening who has lost a child knows that you can't -- it doesn't follow schedules of primaries and caucuses and contributors and the like. everybody grieves at a different pace. >> he's right about that. he also was asked, you know, before this cliffhanger announcement the other day, it
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looked like he was tweaking hillary clinton where he said, i don't think that republicans are my great -- drug companies and iranians and stuff like that. he was simply t political atmosphere in washington generally and he thought she, hillary, during the debates was simply kidding. >> dr. jill biden was pushing him to go ahead and go for it. she had concerns of her own politically. she said who is going to do this but you. >> if hillary clinton is indicted, then what happens? >> let's see if that happens. 8 minutes after the hour. donald trump, i watched his appearance over the weekend. he continues to do well and a lot of frustration is -- especially from the bush camp so far that we're seeing. donald trump over the weekend was asked about one poll in which he's trailing by nine points to ben carson. he's tied another iowa poll to
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ben carson. we went out after ben carson and jeb bush and someone had to wake him that he's leading in the poland jeb bush is going to call mommy and daddy. this is very personal. >> tough with words. >> when you look at iowa. >> there's a method to it. he's being divisive. donald trump is being that way for a reason. listen to this. here he is with george stephanopoulos. >> i'm being divisive right now because i want to win. i know how to win. that's what i have to do. ultimately, if i win, i'm going to be a great unifier, george. i will be a great unifier for the country. the country is terribly divided by a president that doesn't know how to lead and he's a very divisive person. i will be a great unifier. you will be surprised to see that but you will see that. >> translation, until he gets to that number one spot, he will fight his way to get there and unify. you've got two of the polls you alluded to, brian, where he's trailing dr. ben carson by 8 to
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10 points in iowa. that's a big deal. he sailed this is my strategy to get ahead. a new poll showing he's the most ee-electable when asked by republicans who could get to the top. perhaps this strategy of his is indeed working. >> absolutely. 7 in 10 republicans say he's the most-electable. >> 6 in 10 say jeb bush and carson are electable. they're also tied with the highest negatives amongst republicans. it's schizophrenia. >> jeb bush is running out of money and had to slash everybody's salary. there was an item in politico that said this election has been about the anger toward washington. we want outsiders. the insiders in washington were asked by politico who do you think is going to be the republican and half of the people asked, the strategists, the insiders believe that donald trump will be the nominee.
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>> two examples. donald trump has bakcked what h said. he said this is it. i'm going to knock him down to two hours. he did it. next, he said why don't we -- what's the other thing? i'm trying to read my writing. the. >> you could have been a doctor with that handwriting. >> he said why is john boehner taking government off the table. if you're making a deal with the president, why take off your ace in the deck? >> he's got an extreme strategy right now. one ben carson is not picking up on. he's not going to pla that game. now to extreme weather. >> the gulf region, as you know, is getting bombarded by the remnants of hurricane patricia. all weekend long. we've been feeling this. >> thousands in the dark in louisiana and parts of texas remain underwater. under 20 inches in some cases. >> you want proof. here's dan springer live in houston with the latest. dan, they're not used to this. >> reporter: actually, the good
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news is that this drenching that they got over the weekend was far less than what they expected. far worse -- far less than what they feared. a lot of rain was dropped, certainly, but there were -- the damage was light. the injuries weren't there and certainly no deaths. the water has receded quickly today and late yesterday. here in houston, got 9 inches of rain saturday and into sunday, we saw plenty of cars that were stuck in water. freeway underpasses and low-lying streets flooded. the fire department in houston received 28 calls for emergency rescues. i guess, we're sending it back to you. we must have breaking news back there. >> dan, thank you for the latest from houston an the situation there. >> 12 minutes after the hour. straight ahead, thousands of veterans died waiting at v.a. hospitals. hillary clinton says it shouldn't have to be that big of a deal. >> in part, because there have
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been -- >> there have been. it's not been as widespread as it has been made out to be. >> oh, really? >> try telling that to our next guest who blew the whistle on the v.a. taking a selfie in the voting booth. the judge's ruling. you'll be talking about it all day long with your selfie. jeb bush: this president, with all due respect,
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believes that america's leadership
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and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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i don't understand why we have a problem. there has been a number of surveys of rhett advance. overall, veterans who get treated are satisfied with their treatment. >> more so than people -- >> that's right. nobody would believe that from the coverage that you see. and the constant berate of the v.a. that comes from the republicans, in part in pursuit of this ideological agenda that they have. >> in part, because there has been -- >> there has been. it's not as widespread as it's been made out to be. >> try telling that to veterans like brandon coleman. he blew the whistle on the phoenix v.a. for mishandling records there. good morning, sir. >> thanks for having me, elisabeth. >> i'm hearing hillary clinton say this and thinking oh, i bet brandon has words for her. >> i came to fox news today to let mrs. clinton know, i'm
3:18 am
prepared to offer her a tour of the phoenix v.a., today, whenever she wants to do it. i'd like to take her by the urology department where veterans were not getting the treatment they need with stage 4 cancer and the emergency room where suicidal veterans were able to walk out. we caught them on tape in january admitting that this was happening. i would show her a success story and show her the motivation for change program where highs-risk veterans were getting the substance abuse and suicidal treatment they were given. however, a week later it was shut down by the phoenix v.a. director. >> you were punished for blowing the whistle. do you believe statements like this justify the actions by those who punished you for coming forward to say there's a problem? >> i don't think they justify it. for mrs. clinton to say it's an isolated incident, she can pick a facility and i'll name them off. chicago, minneapolis, we can go
3:19 am
to florida, we can go to south carolina. there's just an endless list. albuquerque, los angeles, wherever she wants to meet, i'll give her a tour of that facility and they'll have similar stories to mine as to what's going on in the v.a. >> i hope she meets your challenge. even president obama called it inexcusable and outrageous. how can hillary clinton be so off the mark? why is she taking the position that it's not as bad as they're making it out to be? >> i think, elisabeth, the easy way out for her is to say it's a right wing conspiracy. this has nothing to do with party politics. i'm not a republican or democrat. i'm a veteran. for her to say that, it's the easy way out. there's a cancer within the v.a. that runs deep from top to bottom. full of corruption and whistle blower retaliation. when she says it's a right wing conspiracy, her own party last week there was leaders within the democratic party, senator blumenthal called for a doj
3:20 am
investigation regarding the two employees, the high-level employees that took over $400,000 in moving expenses. highly questionable. senator patty murray came forward saying that the choice program has -- is just not working and it needs to be overhauled. those are two democratic leaders. last week there was a bipartisan vote, a unanimous vote in the house calling for the subpoenas to bring these corrupt leaders to d.c. they're ordering them to d.c. next month. so for mrs. clinton to say that, i think it's a little off base and we need to work on this together. it's not a right or left issue. it's an american issue. >> sure is. brandon colemancoleman, thank y your service as a marine and making sure our veterans get what they deserve and the nonsense at the v.a. stops. >> thanks for having me. a police officer is murdered in cold blood. then this happened. >> we want to bring the end to police terror. we have to set up as unity in
3:21 am
different colors and put a stop to it. >> former detective rod bueller was in that crowd. he takes us inside that rally next.
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start your engines. the latest camaro rs set to roll off the lines. they'll be unveiled at the lance lansing grand rapids plant. sfliefrnlts here's something to keep your eye on. later today, citi group will have new technology to withdraw money with a scan of their eyeball. no thank you. my iris doesn't want to pay the fee. it's a way to protect customers
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from hackers and other kind of fraud. i'm going to wait for them to work that out. it sounds like it hurts. meanwhile, a slap in the face to law enforcement days after a new york city police department cop is murdered on the street. >> here today, we've got all colors of different race. black on black crime did not exist. we put that to the side to say we're going to stand up because police terrorists are the real murderers. >> there needs to be a change in police protocol because there are black and brown kids are unarmed and they're shooting them. hundreds descended in manhattan against police chanting expletives at the brave men and women who chose to serve and protect those men. in the middle of it, former homicide detective rod wheeler. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> who are those people? >> niece folks out there on saturday and there was a lot of people out there. they were from all over the country. they were representing
3:26 am
milwaukee, they were representing california. they all had one message, though, which i thought was really interesting. but their message is miss directed. they kept talking about the police and how bad they were. their message was really to the government. they despise our government, our sense of government. they want that to change. >> so they take it out on cops because maybe the cops are part of the government they are most familiar with? >> connected to. >> the cops are right there. as police officers, we know that. we know we're the ones on the street. a lot of the people interviewed. it was interesting. the viewers will find it interesting. they expressed their displeasure with the president. with the president. this is what people were telling me. they'll represent them and things like that. it was really interesting listening to the way they really felt. >> we've got a sound bite you were just talking about. watch this. >> barack obama, if you're a real president and if you're really from chicago, you'll stand out here today and demand justice for all these families out here. i do not consider as my
3:27 am
president. >> what do you make of that? >> that's what we heard. that's what i heard the entire time from people. they were chanting that. there was a lot of aggressiveness towards the police officers. which was really bad. because i watched a couple of young officers -- >> 11 got arrested. >> 11 people for disturbing the peace and refusing to move and things like that. they were really -- some of the agitators were really bad. in the faces of some of the police officers. which the police officers did not deserve that kind of abuse. >> there has been police brutality. there are cases of that every year, always have been. but it's not the police are the problem overall. there are a couple of bad app s apples. a lot of police departments are rooting out the bad cops. they're trying hard. the new york police officers, a lot of the young guys standing there on the street, being verbally abused and you know what, they stood there and they took it. >> quentin tarantino flew in from los angeles. did he make any sense? >> zero sense at all. i stood there and listened to his speech. it was more like he was trying
3:28 am
to rouse the crowd up and get them agitated instead of offering any real solutions. that's the whole thing missing. if you think about it, with this movement, there's no solutions being suggested. sniemgt yeah. pat lynch of the new york pba said no surprise, someone who glorifies criminal violence is a cop hater. >> i agree. any solutions whatsoever, agitated the crowd and everything was against the police. >> thank you very much, rod. >> good to be here. >> we should point out, we invited that organization, rise up october, for an interview. but they have refused our request. shocking. meanwhile, straight ahead. a dangerous mission like you've never seen before. new video shows the moment special forces freed hostages. a former navy seal breaks down that daring raid. you've got to see it to believe it. then my kansas city and new york are going to battle is out in the world series starting tomorrow night. who knows more about their hometown team, me or brian? we're going to take a swing at
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eligibility restrictions apply. learn more at or call 800-580-3421. also, 9 out of 10 medicare part d patients can get toujeo® at the lowest branded copay. ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo®. to the republic for which it stands. one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> that is a great way to start the morning with the pledge of allegiance. a regular morning ritual for the volunteers of operation new jersey cares. each and every day they pack and
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ship hundreds of thousands of care packages to our troops. we're going to introduce you to them and some of the great things they do in the next hour. >> that's right. tom cunningham, the president, his son is a marine and he is leading that charge right there with great cause. over 500,000 packages have been sent to our nation's greatest. >> he started in 2007, been going ever since. find out how you can help one hour from right now. >> we have thousands advising in iraq and thousands in afghanistan. they need to know they matter and they do. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. world series trivia coming our way. >> but first serious stuff. >> other things going to on to tell you about. incredible images of a home up in flames with a woman trapped inside. look at that there. the explosion shooting flames out of every window of that two-story home in massachusetts. neighbors watching in horror as that entire thing unfolded.
3:34 am
>> we noticed that the front door and the windows have been blown out. probably about 30, 40 feet from the front of the house. >> the good news is that homeowner miraculously made it out alive. natural gas could be to blame for that explosion. florida's controversial bear hunt ending after just two days. the fish and wildlife commission calling it off after 295 bears were killed in the state. the limit was 320. it was supposed to last an entire week. it was the first black bear hunt in 21 years in the state. they hoped it would help control population overgrowth and stop an upswing in bear attacks. it is your right to snap a self-ie in the voting booth. an indiana judge overturned a ruling banning photos while casting ballots. the aclu filed the suit arguing the law violated voters' first amendment rights. that law was originally created to crack doup on voter fraud. that makes sense. nobody thought about the selfie angle of this. it carried consequences of 30
3:35 am
months in prison and a $10,000 fine. and those are your headlines. you know, now you can take a selfie anywhere. >> makes sense. >> that's what they're there for. you can take one right now. >> i will. >> hold on. >> to celebrate. >> brian. >> doing a three -- >> 3, 2, 1. >> we'll post-it on our instagram website. >> thank you to heather and a look straight ahead. look at what happened in football. tom brady, i think he's still in the game. maybe at the top of his game. leading the patriots to a victory over the jets. had to come from behind do it. he was 14-17 in the fourth to give new england a lead over the jets. they are undefeated. the giants were too much for the cowboys. thanks to special teams. okay, i was there. the kickoff, 100 yards for the touchdown. that would be the game winner. the g-men get revenge on dallas 27-20 is the final.
3:36 am
the panthers in the late game hold off the eagles 27-16 to remain undefeated. look at that play. they're undefeated through six games for the first time in franchise history. cam newton never been better. they're one of now five unbeaten teams that remain in the nfl. meanwhile, it is time to look at the finals in baseball which go down as the world series. it's trivia time. >> it sure is. between your two favorite teams. >> go royals! >> hometown team. >> this will pit steve and i -- we won't be talking for seven to nine weeks. >> you tell brian, i said good morning. >> he said good morning. >> i heard him. >> he heard you loud and clear. >> ask you questions to get started. >> about kansas city and about new york? >> are you worried about fairness here? how many times have the mets faced the royals over the last two decades? 104, 9, 24 or 55?
3:37 am
>> over the last 20 years, it's not every year. 9. >> i'm going to say -- they're agreeing. >> this is the only time they'll agree in this world series. the answer is b. >> tell brian, good job. >> listen, what are the kansas city royals named for. british monarchy, wealthy farmers, prize worthy livestock or canadian whiskey? >> the answer is, it's named after the american royal, the livestock show. >> did you say -- >> c. >> i did not know that. >> brian, this is for you. >> i'm from kansas city. >> you better step up kilmeade. the mets won their first world series in 1969. who did they beat, the detroit tigers, the boston red sox. >> baltimore orioles. >> still not over it. >> he knew it. steve, this is for you.
3:38 am
kansas city won the world series in 1985. who did they beat, st. louis cardinals, the cubs, the atlanta braves for the phillies. >> that is easy. the kansas city royals beat the st. louis cardinals and after the game, the woman whop would eventually be my wife, who was working for nbc interviewed george brett, the mvp and then we got married six months later. >> look at that back story. >> the answer is a. >> that's exponential trivia right there. one more. who won the world series mvp for the mets in 1986. brian, gary carter, keith hernandez, ray knight or lenny -- >> most get it wrong. it's ray knight. >> i go with that. >> it is ray knight. the third baseman who married nancy lopez and they are still together. >> joel is giving me the thumbs up. i'll go with that. >> the third baseman. >> he left the next year in the off season. i'm giving you too much
3:39 am
information. >> you guys did well. >> come on. >> that was a good one. >> is that true? >> good job. because i think it was a tie. >> he said good job because he thinks it was a tie. >> i say no wonder. i did a really good job. he should compliment me. >> we're going to battle this out between my brothers here. >> this could be one of the highest rated series. fox is carrying it. another prominent royal fan, almost as nice as you. rush limbaugh. >> maybe we should deal in rush. >> i first met him when he was working for the kansas city royals in the front office. because i was working at the kansas city abc affiliate and i would go to the royals press box. they had a beautiful buffet. just saying. >> you're like kevin bacon when it comes to broadcasting the news. i used to room with -- >> who? >> i've got nothing. >> you know who i'm talking
3:40 am
about. >> maria molina is outside. >> just saying. in five. >> we're going to need know the weather when it comes to the world series the next seven to nine days. we need to know what's going on here. >> a big upper level low pressure system that brought some serious flooding across parts of texas over the weekend. now it's on the move and bringing in heavy rain early this morning across parts of mississippi and also into alabama. we continue to see the flash flood watches in effect out there. and locally, up to 6 inches of rainfall will be possible. so that's going to be a big concern, especially across the florida panhandle where we're expecting to see storms training over that area. eventually, the storms will move northward and across places like kentucky and tennessee, you'll see heavy rain as well. that goes for the mid-atlantic also, where we could see localized flash flooding as well. >> you're in the 30s in parts of new england and across the great lakes. in cleveland, 37 degrees. waking up to frost advisories
3:41 am
across the central plains. by this afternoon out there, temperatures will be pleasant. 60s and 70s forecast across the plains. meanwhile, chilly in the northeast. 58 degrees in new york city. back inside. >> not bad for pert near november. >> come on in, maria. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. american special forces rescuing dozens of isis hostages and kurdish leaders. so how does it go down? a former navy s.e.a.l. breaks it down for us. >> oh, my. 95% of people say they use an electronic device to help them fall asleep. are you one of them? kurt the cyber guy has the gadgets for a good night's rest. that's coming up. what if one piece of kale
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brand new video shows the moment the u.s. and kurdish forces together raid an isis prison in iraq. freeing 70 hostages from imminent execution. you see them exit there. those are the good guys. this is the same raid that killed highly decorative master sergeant joshua wheeler. what should we take away from watching this video and this raid without giving away any secrets? here to discuss it is former navy s.e.a.l. himself, scott taylor. scott, when you look at that, we've only seen two cuts and we see the exit of the good guys that we wanted to free. what do you see as you go inside these video clips? >> well, good morning, brian. "good morning america." let me send out prayers to master sergeant wheeler and his family, friends and teammates. this video is obviously not that super detailed. you only see two really picture frames of the operation. you see when they're pulling them out of there, laying down fire, it looks like to get them out of there. then you also see when they're checking the prisoners
3:46 am
themselves to make sure they don't have suicide vests on or that isis has infiltrated the prisoners themselves. you don't see a lot. quite frankly, in my opinion that's good. you don't want to show the operations and tactics. >> would you be sent on a mission like that, especially with forces you're not familiar with, kurdish forces, if you didn't know precisely where the entrances were, what type of force you're coming up against? >> well, as we heard the military commander said there was an imminent threat of mass execution. but they also said that this operation was deliberate. in my opinion, i think the narrative from the white house and the higher-ups is a little bit blurry. i think it appears to be a joint operation. which i imagine that it was our guys that were planning this and leading this as well. again, that goes against the narrative of us having combat missions, actual boots on the ground, combat mission this is iraq, which i think that's what's happening. it looks to me like our guys
3:47 am
planned this operation and it looks like a joint operation from the get-go. it's possible that it wasn't, but i think it's improbable. >> okay. you also say this important symbol, what kind of message is sends to isis. there was a flag on the wall there and wondering when we're coming. they know we're coming at some point to get this land back to the iraqi people. what kind of message does this send? >> well, i think it send a profound message to isis. this was their territory, it was their prison. the isis stronghold. it's very clear that we and of course, the kurdish counter terror, special forces had a lot of intelligence will this target. this is a complicated mission. these guys are highly trained and professional. they've been doing it for years now. but this is definite hi a complicated mission for sure. but send a good message to isis, you're not safe anywhere. our guys have intelligence on the ground and can infiltrate you and do what they want. >> i talked to navy s.e.a.l.s
3:48 am
that are retired and active. however, i don't want to see one of you get hurt and we lost one over the last four days. when you talk to the guys, do they want to get more involved? do they understand what they've done and accomplished and that was thrown away? what do you want us to do from here? >> brian, i think what's really important is this. you're in or you're not. make a decision, have a strategy and let us do what we do or pull us back. i think it's very important that we have a strategy as americans and what we want to do, congress should get involved and have voices in this. we're definitely doing combat missions for sure despite the narrative coming out of the white house. all these semantics and politically correct talks is frustrating for a lot of folks over there. we're either in or we're not. make a decision. >> yeah. to the wheeler family, we're all in. for the kurdish fighters, they deserve our loyalty. i'm not sure about everybody else.
3:49 am
scott taylor, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. always a pleasure. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. a major victory for religious -- a navy chaplain gets his job back. he joins us for a live interview since winning his case. do you need help falling asleep? kurt the cyber guy kicks off the sleep week series for the gadgets you need in your bedroom. especially in a single bed in middle of an empty room. vyi this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business.
3:50 am
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according to a brand new study, 95% of people say they have some sort of electronic device that helps them fall asleep at night and they work. >> that's right. >> today we're continuing our sleep week series by bringing you best gadgets in your bedroom. here to show them off is our expert in all things tech, kurt the cyber guy. good morning. >> how was your sleep last night? >> well, it could have been better. >> it's about to get better. so a lot of technology is out there. part of it is about just disconnecting from technology and part is about embracing technology that allows you to get ready for bed and get a good night sleep. then a lot has to do with measuring at night. we start with this clock radio. so this is a whole new way of really replacing your existing alarm clock. this is one of the first manufacturers of health and
3:54 am
related items that apple started to embrace. >> it is called the aura. >> right now it is red. it's going to help you with the light going to bed. it's going to help you with the light waking up from bed and use the sleep accessory that comes with it. you would put this between -- our right under the mattress and box spring. now that censor is all it needs to understand your movement at night and measure what kind of good night sleep you're getting. >> the reason it changes the color of light is because certain parts of the light spectrum keep awe wake. >> there are really smart light bulbs you can have in the room and replace this. this is a drift light. and it's about 37 minutes. it will take from when you turn the light off and it will become a sunset in the room. rather than an abrupt light -- >> what color don't we want? what color do you want? >> you want no color.
3:55 am
truthfully. you want to really have a light. but blue light is the worst. and the drift light removes the blue light. it filters it out right off the bat. >> the blue light decreases your ability to produce melatonin? >> bingo. >> it's like sunlight. >> what is the sleep box? >> the sleep box is a really cool app. there are tlae really great apps we have taken a good look at. this one is called sleep op. it will measure your sleep as you decide to go to bed. you put this next you to. it acts as an larm clock. >> how does it know you're asleep? >> because you put it near the top of the bed. it can measure movement. tossing, turning. it will also let you know, it will measure what you might be saying in the middle of the night, whether you're snoring. i got five hours and 50 minutes.
3:56 am
then i have a debt of 2 hours and nine minutes of sleep. it helps you learn more about your sleep so can you do smarter things such as turn everything off. 30 minutes before you go to bed. >> and that is called sleep ot. i'll get into detail and we'll go live right now as we go into the break, i'm going on periscope. i will answer any questions you have live right now. >> on periscope? >> yeah, download periscope. >> all right. i'll start answering questions. >> thank you for a great kickoff. it's sleep week all week long here on ""fox & friends"". >> talk about a close called. a plane went right over one man's head. >> that is crazy. chris christie has to leave the quiet car for talking too loudly on his phone. the political left loves the storey. but it's not the whole story. we have the truth. >> exactly. i'm billy,
3:57 am
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good morning. today is monday, october 26th. a fox news alert for you. murder charge fortz homecoming horror. the woman accused of driving drunk into that crowd killing four people facing a judge today. why her attorney is saying she wasn't even drunk. said she was mentally ill. >> what do you do with that? >> you may have seen this headline. new jersey governor chris christie kicked off an amtrak train for speaking on the quietest known a quiet car. the headline doesn't even tell you the truth. >> shocking. this could be the closest call you've ever seen. >> oh, man. >> a jet comes within feet of hitting a camera man. the dramatic video you need to see again. then we're going to tell you the
4:01 am
story behind the awesome shot as we roll off this with hour of "fox & friends" live from new york city. [ bagpipes playing ] >> great way to start morning. folks, you're looking at operation jersey cares. this was started back in 2007. there are three goals, send box tooktzive troops. take care of the vets in nursing homes and help wounded vets and military families. as you can see, they set up in front of our building today and in a half hour we'll talk to them. they're all volunteers. they do wonderful work. they would love your help. >> started by a father of amarine right there. we got about 50 volunteers out there right now. our nation's greatest joining them. so far, they said there were 500,000 pounds of care packages.
4:02 am
>> that's a lot of care. >> we're going to add about 2,000 pounds to that total today. we've been working all morning long. i remember when i was younger my dad used to make me listen to bagpipe records as a child. >> records? >> yeah. they were records. i used to say how much longer? but now i learned to love the bagpipes. i was traumatized as a child to listen to bagpipes. i want to know when it would end. >> was he encouraging you to play the bagpipe? >> to enjoy all different types of music. i wasn't really ready for. that. >> look at where you are now. >> as we embrace this topic. it's your irish roots. >> but it took me ten years to really -- on my own to decide i would see a special need for bagpipes. >> see? >> do you have a similar story? >> yeah, we all end up like our parents, don't we away from her. good morning to you all. two minutes after the hour. we start out right now with a fox news alert.
4:03 am
the woman accused of killing four people when she plowed into a crowd at the oklahoma state homecoming parade is set to face a judge later today. 25-year-old acadia chambers faces four counts of second-degree murder and a dui charge. but now her lawyer claims she wasn't drunk at the time of the crash. he says she suffers from mental illness. >> there has been a pattern of behavior that probably should have been diagnosed and possibly treated long before yesterday. >> four people are still hospitalized in critical condition after that crash. >> another fox news alert right now. five people are dead after a whale watching boat off the canadian coast near vancouver sinks. 21 of the 27 people onboard have now been rescued. but that search continues at this hour for one more missing person. canada's transportation safety board sending investigators to that scene later today. we'll watch that story. take a look at this
4:04 am
incredible individual yoef a plane flying feet above the camera man's head. watch. wow. makes you want to duck. incredible video. the jet taking off from princess juliana airport in st. martin. the belly of the plane right above the photographers head. tourists love that airport because they have the shortest runways. and a colorado family reunited with its dog after he goes missing for two months in the wilderness. the doggy named hank thought he was gone forever. the family thought the dog was gone forever. they were on a trip in wyoming. 60 days later someone found him. there was a microchip in the dog and that led them back to the owners. >> the truck pulls up and his head is poking out the window. it was just -- i don't know, surreal. i really didn't think i'd ever see him again. >> how hank survive that whole
4:05 am
time is still a mystery. and those are your headlines. welcome home, hank. >> that's right, hank. i'm sure he has not so good stuff to eat while he was away. >> we'll soon know the entire story. >> a talking dog. >> if there was. >> beethoven. >> it happens. i believe it. >> thanks. >> we sit just about a block from times square. over the weekend on saturday there was an anti-cop rally in times square. it was an anti-police march. and they did -- the organizers did admit this is probably lousy timing. four days earlier there was a police officer killed in the line of duty doing all of the right things. >> that's right. >> he was chasing a armed suspect. >> and yet these people were out protesting cops. not just the bad cops, pretty much all cops. >> 11 people were arrested right here in midtown during a #riseupoctober protest against police brutality and terror.
4:06 am
quint entarantino called in and said i have to call a murderer a murderer. i have to call the murderers the murderers. i'm a human being with a conscience. you need to rise up and stand up against this. >> really? so he is using a broad stroke to say all cops are killing black and brown people. he flew in from 3,000 miles to say that. there is a reason for black lives matter, too. but if you look at the organization, they're a radical organization. and that's what governor christie brought up over the weekend. >> been chanting in the streets for the murder of police officers. that's what the movement is creating. and the president of the united states is justifying that. not only that, he hasn't backed up police officers from the minute he got into office. we can cite instance after instance. >> i'm telling you, the more officers you speak to, they feel like everything changed the way
4:07 am
people talk to them, the way they act around them, the way they get in their face and bait them. and it all starts, i think, from 1600 pennsylvania avenue and works its way back down. >> it would be nice to hear more from the president. regarding quinten tarantino, i'm getting the organization wrong. he said it's no surprise somebody who makes a living glorifying criminal activity and violence is a cop hater. he has called for a boycott of all things quinten tarantino. >> interesting marks. >> "jango" and "pulp fiction." >> i didn't see any of them. there are headlines out this morning and you think wow chris christie, what was he thinking? >> that's what i heard last night. i thought could this be the death blow for him to have this problem on amtrak? >> on gawker, they had a headline and there's a picture.
4:08 am
there he is with a smoothy. this is the gawker headline. it said, "chris christie sipping a smoothy was kicked off an amtrak car for screaming on his phone." well, that's really something. then suddenly, other members of the mainstream media and the left, they piled on. >> they couldn't wait. "time" magazine quick to say this "chris christie talks on the amtrak quiet car." "chris christie mistakes anti-talking car for the talking car." he was asked to leave the amtrak quiet car after creating a clamor. >> the bottom line is he didn't do it. he got in the first open car. he walked in with secret service and talking to them. he didn't know what car he was on. when he was on speaking normal voice in a quiet car, they asked him, you can't speak like that. guess what he did? he went to a different car. there's your story. >> there was someone right there that got in there and bold enough to tell the truth. a tweet by katie said this, listen, i'm no chris christie fan but this gawker story isn't
4:09 am
close to accurate. he was sitting at my table. >> here's the thing about her. she is a liberal writer and a radio host for a radio station. she also said you're kidding. he apparently said -- this is the quote. she is saying reporters. i would trust her rather than the person who gawker quoted. she said, you're kidding, it's a quiet car? all right. and went back to the phone and said i got to go, i'm on the quiet phone, call you back. she goes on to say this blank is why people don't believe anything they hear or read. >> right. >> who was your source? a dude who snapped a pic hoping you would pay him. smdh. shake mig danm head. >> my daughter says it all the time. >> sdmh? >> shake mig damn head. >> this is the frustration of the candidates. governor christy was on face the nation. he had big things to say about the speaker. he talked about what he was doing on the campaign trail.
4:10 am
what does everybody talk about? he bought a mcdonald smoothy and he was giving instructions to a secret service. >> he doesn't even have secret service. and that shows you how the gawker story got it wrong. the passenger they're quoting, alexander man, said he got up and walked out yelling at his secret service. he doesn't have secret service. >> he does have state police. but nonetheless, gawker got storty wrong. the headline on quagawker is hes kicked off an amtrak phone for screaming on his phone. he wasn't kicked off. he simply said, you're on the quiet car. he goes oh, i got to leave. >> he apologized to his fellow passengers for inconveniencing them. out of his own will, he left. >> big question is, will those headline writers who portray chris yisty chris christie as talking on the quiet car rewrite the story?
4:11 am
don't bet on it. >> governor christie is really pounding iowa in hopes to do better in new hampshire. >> he'll be with us later this week. >> ten minutes now after the hour. >> major victory for religious liberties. a navy chaplain booted for being intolerant gets his job back. he'll join us live for his first interview straight ahead. and outrage for 200, alec. >> flower pictured here is called this, also a zparnlging term for people on the political left. >> really? the jeopardy answer that conservatives are laughing about and liberals are furious about. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting.
4:12 am
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and although it's not for weight loss or lowering systolic blood pressure, jardiance could help with both. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. other side effects are genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit
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4:15 am
this morning we got report for you about a major victory for religious liberties. last june we told you the story of navy chaplin wes modern ousted by the commanding officer for being intolerant based on his beliefs on opinions on what the chaplin said regarding same-sex couples. but after months of incertainty, the navy decided that chop lyn
4:16 am
modern can keep his job. and here for his first interview following this victory is chop lyn lieutenant commander wes modern along with the president of the liberty institute. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> chaplin, let's start with you. to jog our memories, what did you do in the past that so infuriated your commanding officer that he wanted you thrown off the base? >> well, i shared some biblical viewpoints on faith and marriage and the traditional viewpoint of what marriage means. >> like what? >> well, that, you know, from my perspective, when i'm asked a question about homosexuality, i'm going to give a biblical viewpoint in accordance with my assembly of god. >> okay. i would imagine, chaplain, isn't
4:17 am
a person asking for your religious point of view? >> that is true, steve. if i feel that person is not benefiting, then i'm obligated working in a diverse environment to get that individual the help that they need. >> so kelly, his commanding officer wanted him fire. you stepped in. what did you do? >> well, we immediately -- we have on staff a guy who is a jag for almost ten years, taught at the naval academy, he understands the law and military. so we followed the procedures to get there overturned. the first few appeals, this wasn't overturned. it was only at the very last stage that we got the really the great victory we got here. fortunate lly the navy came through. this is a violation of the law. we have laws that relevant specific about chaplains being
4:18 am
chaplains and not being punished from their faith. this is what we want them to do. >> we have a quotation from the naval personnel command decision. your request for detatchment has been removed and disapproved. i found the evidence of substandard performance does not meet the standard of gross negligence or complete disregard of duty under reference. so legal jargon. you're going keep your job. you're moving out west is this going to slow down from giving your religious point of view whether somebody comes in and said i need help? >> no. that would be disingenuous. i have to do what god called me to do. i'm very grateful to my lord and savior jesus christ and grateful to my wife, liberty institute, kelly and i'm grateful to the navy for them. i knew they would always have my back. we were told when we were young naval officers, take care of
4:19 am
your people and your people will take care of you. >> indeed. >> steve, i'll tell you one thing i hope everybody who is in the military or knows somebody in the military, we have religious liberty protection kits for those in the military. they can go to our people serving us need to know what their freedoms are so they can't be bullied out of their freedoms. they should not have to sacrifice the law and rights in the military. >> absolutely. all right. kelly and chaplain, good luck with your new job on west coast. >> thank you. >> terrific. glad to see it all worked out. all right. straight ahead on this monday, screams of terror caught on camera as a girl fights off a kidnapper. do you know what to do in a situation like this? up next, the tips for parents and kids do not want to miss. you have to see that. and it's a debate that's been raging for years. are leggings really pants?
4:20 am
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my wife just texted me sdmh stands for shake miging my damn. >> uber is teaming up with a town in new jersey to give people free rides if they had too much to drink. pay attention, folks. one town is on pace to break its dui arrest record this year.
4:24 am
next, a ten cent drop, aaa says the average price of gas is down to $2.20 per gallon. we're saving a dollar per gallon at the pump compared to last year. and $23,000, that's how much a cracker that survived the titanic sold for at auction. a cracker. there's part of survival kit in one of the ocean liner's lifeboats. it must have been fancy. maybe it was a ritz cracker. >> parents, imagine hearing this, a young girl desperately trying to fight off a kidnapper on her way to school. [ screaming ] >> well, this halloween only a few days away, some parents want to know how to prepare their kids if they are approached the same way while trick or treating. where they want them to be safe. here to give parents and kids
4:25 am
some pointers on how to make sure they're not kidnapping victims is director the university. so kids are going out. a lot of them are let out on their own, about 12% of parents say they send their kids out on their own to do this. sometimes they're young. that is tiny. what do we need to know and tell our kids on how to defend if they're approached by someone who has an intent to kidnap them? >> we're giving up size and strength. >> in this case here, we saw that young girl screamed, yelled as loud as she could. she fought back ferociously. that's what we want to instill in kids. if he tells you don't scream, scream. if you tells you don't run, run. if you says listen to what i say, you fight back as much as you k attract attention. we can't rely people coming to your aid. >> a lot of time these are not expert wrestlers. so they're not necessarily trained. so let's train the kids. >> let's go through scenarios. you say a soft approach. someone is komg towards the child. >> what i want you to do, as i approach you, put your hands up
4:26 am
like back off. if i continue, put your hand on my chest here. if i not going to stop, you'll hit me here and then knee to the groin and run away as quickly as can you. >> this hand should push the head off. >> you go for this area here and the groin, high-low. >> second type of approach is what? >> to grab you around your waist here. put it on the chin. good and knee right to the groin, good, and run. >> and run. >> and run as fast as can you. >> the third one is very interesting. you said you have to hit the ground sometimes. >> if you're in -- a lot of these take place in a car. so someone is trying to grab you in a car or grab you toward them, what do you do? >> you take them to the primary location to secondary location, it's unforgiving. if he was going to grab me and drag me, i'm going to step in. i sit my butt down and i'm going to kick, kick, kick and then get up and run. >> while screaming? >> while screaming. have the kids yell stranger, stranger, 911.
4:27 am
stranger strange, 911. >> what if you're approached from the back? you're walk ago long and someone is coming to get you? >> if you're approached from the back here and grab you under your arm, you see my chin? use the right elbow into my face, boom. same thing. then you run away as quick as can you. >> great. >> what are the chances of this actually happening? we're in a situation where we're taping everything. surveillance cameras say every kid is on the corner. your stereotypical polly klaas case. if it happens, it's more than a 90% chance that children are not going to come back. >> the first 36 hours are so crucial. are we to practice this with our kids? how do you do it without scaring them? >> approach them as you would a very delicate subject. and what you want to do, reinforce in them that if you're scared, don't be afraid to yell and scream and fight back. >> do the opposite of what they
4:28 am
say. don't scream. scream. don't run, run. don't fight, fight back. >> and hope someone is aaround to help you out. thank you so much. three minutes before the bottom of the hour. straight ahead, red meat is just as bad for you as cigarettes? a survey that may you have thinking twice about having a piece of cow. >> oh, my. plus, from new jersey to all around the world, one group is going above and beyond to help our heroes. the founders of that group and our veterans live on our plaza next.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
left. let's take a look at your response. what is a pansy. >> you found a way to insult liberals in this country. >> oh, no. the correct answer is bleeding heart. unfortunately, she bet everything. >> i've never seen that flower before. >> a pansy? >> they're around. the bleeding heart. >> you're right. they look like a heart. >> who would buy a bleeding heart flouer? >> they're cool looking. >> really? >> they're rare. >> all right. so there you got your game show news and some political news. >> that's right. now we're going to turn to hearth w heather. >> overseas, 43 people are dead and hundreds more hurt whether a 7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes in northern afghanistan. a dozen students at a girls
4:33 am
school were killed in a stampede as they were trying o get out of that building. the powerful quake felt across southern asia reaching as far as pakistan and india. this information just coming in a short while ago. >> a terrifying crash caught on camera. it is a battle over right of way. take a look. ouch. there was a car that was making an illegal turn. it caused a biker to slam into that car narrowly missing pedestrians. this happened in london. that biker tumbled to the ground fracturing his hand. you can hear him as he screams in pain. that crack is being investigated. and could red meat be as bad for you as cigarettes? there is a new warning from the world health organization that processed meats including bacon, sausages, ham and hotdogs should be classified as carcinogens because they could increase the risk of bowel and other cancers.
4:34 am
and ladies this one is of best stories of the day. leggings? yeah, the leggings we like to wear, well, they're not pants. there is a tennessee woman going viral for telling it like it is. take a look. >> these leggings as pants. that's not how they're supposed to be worn. if they're too tight that i can see you have a tattoo on your leg, they're too tight. they ain't to be wore, period. that is called pantyhose, honey. >> that is jamie randolph letting the world know about her true feelings about leggings. that woman ranlting about how to wear the staple. jamie's tip, never wear white leggings. how about that? i think there's a thanks giving exception, right? all right. let's head over to some extreme weather. there is rain that is soaking parts of the country. throughout the gulf coast, parts of louisiana, we're seeing a brubt of it along with high winds and lots more flooding.
4:35 am
let's check in with maria who is here with the latest. >> hi. that's right. we have to deal with a lot of extreme weather over the weekend with very heavy rain across parts of texas. i mean we saw well over a foot of rain in some areas. and that forecast is to continue along parts of the gulf coast today, especially the central and eastern gulf coast. we have several flash flood watches in effect out there. temperatures across the nation, most areas are going to be seeing temperatures that are slightly above average or close to average. you can see kansas city, you're expecting high temperature at 67 degrees. 74 in the city of dallas. and meanwhile, across parts of the northeast, you're a little on the chilly side. high temperature in new york city, 5 wi8 degrees. only 40 in caribou, maine. take a look at your temperature. across the central plains, places like can city, you're on the chilly side. 44 degrees. we have frost advisories out there. you're going to be scraping the wind shields early this morning. there's a quick look at your forecast. precipitation across portions of the east. it's going to be very wet there over the next few days.
4:36 am
and locally up to 6 inches of rain is possible across the florida panhandle. heavy rain also possible in the next few day as cross the mid-atlantic. now let's head over to elizabeth. >> joining us on our couch this morning, honored to have operation jersey care showing us some of the great things they do each and every day. >> that's right. they come from the state of new jersey. but they send packages to troops serving all across the globe. with us is the president of operation jersey cares. tom cunningham, good morning. >> thank you for having us. >> we see this incredible assembly line. those who give time and serve our great nation here. what are the three goals of operation jersey care? >> our main folk us is to get these package officials to our deployed troops and at this point we are rapidly approaching ahundre 500,000 pounds. well over 450,000. we're about to hit 500,000 pounds. >> what are you putting in the boxes? >> everything from soup to soap.
4:37 am
toiletry kits, shaving kits, shower kits, snack food, some troops are asking for soup. swe we send them soup, boy scout products. girl scout cookies. >> why did you want to start this? you're the dad of a marine. >> my son is a united states marine. my nephew is a recon marine. he was the first one to go into iraq. i started sending out of my kitchen. and, boy, what a mess those boxes were. >> that's great. >> let's gown here and talk to some of the folks who are volunteering. what is your name, sir? >> bob. >> bob, you know, it's early on a monday morning. why did you show up? >> because this is a great thing to do for our veterans and our people that are deployed overseas and we're always helping our veterans and our servicemen. >> what is your name, ma'am? >> i'm vera. >> why are you doing this? >> because we've been doing this for years and years.
4:38 am
and they deserve it. >> yeah, they do. >> what does it mean to you to know that everyone lines up every day to do this or those who give so much? >> a lot of them are veterans. some of the volunteers are not. and i just -- i'm choked up now even talking about it. nobody receives a salary in operation jersey cares. 100% volunteers. >> we got a lot of people watching now. how can folks across america and around the world help you? >> to be honest, we need the funds to keep this going. we'll spend $50,000 a year mailing the packages out and then we have other costs because we help marines through the marines care program. they're also here today. and we also take care of our veterans in a nursing home. >> and the website where people can help you? >> we're also on facebook. >> what is this right here? >> how are you? >> i'm rosemary fleming. i'm vice president of operation jersey cares.
4:39 am
on behalf of operation jersey cares, we would like to present this plaque to "fox & friends" in appreciation for letting us do everything here today. >> well, thank you. >> very appreciative. >> we're appreciative of what you're doing. and when we pulled up this morning at 4:00 this morning in the cold and dark in new york city, you were already here. ob. >> incredible work. thank you all. >> thank you. >> give yourselves a round of applause. jersey cares, baby! >> you sure do. >> thank you. >> honored to have you here. brian? >> that is awesome. and i think it's time for the "fox & friends" viewers to step up and really help out like you always do. coming up straight ahead, jeb bush rips donald trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail. >> i got a lot of really cool things i can do other than sit around being miserable listening to people demonize me. elect trump if you want that. >> wow. but trump says that's how he is
4:40 am
winning. is his tough talk the right strategy? we debate that next. and at 12 years old, cancer cost him his leg. but eight years later, he's not letting that stop him from becoming a deputy just like his dad. he joins us with his inspiring story of overcoming the odds. but first, the trivia question of the day born on this day in 1962, this actress is famous for playing wesley in the "princess bride". who he is? be the first with the correct answer. turn the music up, i like this song. you're late for work.
4:41 am
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awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive.
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it's active. that's the power of active management. football sunday. panthers held off the eagles in a late game sunday night. 27-16. they are undefeated, the panthers, they won the first six games for the first time in team history. the giants running back, he got a run back off a kickoff 100 yards. and beat the dallas cowboys by a final score of 27-20. pretty amazing. and the redskins put up 24 points. they rallied back to beat tampa bay 31-30. the best come back in washington redskin history. and a day after, let's talk ballistics. a day after slashing salaries and cutting campaign staff, jeb bush was on the campaign trail and immediately went after donald trump. >> if this election is about how we're going to fight to get
4:45 am
nothing done, then i don't want any part of it. i don't want to be elected president to sit around and seek gridlock that people are in decline in their lives. that is not my motivation. i have a lot of really cool things i can do other than sit around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to deal onnize them. that is a joke. he te elect trum fp you want that. >> you know donald fired back. >> i'm being divisive right now because i want to win. i know how to win. that's what i have to do. ultimately if, i do win, i'm going to be a great unifier, george. i will be a great unifier for the country. >> is tough talk the winning strategy in this election? here to debate it are the woodhouse brothers. he is the executive director of the north carolina republican party. brad is president of correct the record. so is jeb got it right? has he reached the breaking
4:46 am
point, dallas? and is trump really being successful by being divisive? >> well, i think that what donald trump has done is he has helped express the anger people have in america over the weakness of the obama administration, the weakness to stand up to our enemies. he is expressing the anger that people feel in the country. now here's the challenge for mr. bush. presidential lections aelectiont the future. they're about the faj forward noshgts a look back. can he work hard in the early states where he has robust staff in nevada and iowa and new hampshire? he has some staff here in north carolina. can he carve a path forward about the future which eventually the electoral the start looking at. >> brad, the ads he ran is running right now talks about his days in the past as governor of florida. could that be a problem? >> i think it is. look, here's the thing. donald trump has tapped into where the energy and the passion
4:47 am
is in the electorate. this leelectorate doesn't care about policies and programs. they're looking for someone who expresses their feelings and anger and jeb bush is whining and he's going home to see daddy and his brother and he's asking why is this so hard? >> i want to remind you there are millions of people in this country that have a lot of affection for both president bushes. what jeb has to do, jeb has to -- i think he got his brother starting to raise money for him. jeb is going to get the negative of being a bush. he has to find the positive. there are a lot of us that really appreciated the leadership that both of the president bushes -- >> you know what is interesting? >> yeah. for the longest time it looked like the bush name would be a lead weight. now it seems to be the thing sustaining him. >> there's no question about that. >> it's the only reason he's in the race with the last name.
4:48 am
jeb bush is someone else. i never thought i would say this. jeb bush, george w. bush would have been the better, more passionate, more articulate campaigner. i don't think jeb bush has been able to articulate to anybody what he would actually do as president and why he's better suited to serve as president. >> not yet. >> i think my brother has a point. that's what jeb has to do now and all the presidential candidates on our side have to start looking forward to the future when, thank god, the obama administration is over. >> the last few seconds we have left, want to get a weigh in on carson who is tied or leading in iowa. he's a contender in just about every other state. how do you explain it if you can, dallas? >> well, i think that mr. carson is a very intelligent -- he is a great guy to talk about his vision of america. but people are looking for an outsider candidate. they are kicking the tires. i think in some ways this race
4:49 am
hasn't even started yet. i know that sounds crazy. so many people are tasting the big buffet of ice cream candidates we have. they're a long way from deciding if they want vanilla or strawberry or peach. there's a long way to go. >> thank you, i appreciate it. dallas and brad, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i'll miss them. he lost a leg to cancer at 12. eight years later, he refuses to let that prevent him from becoming a deputy just like his dad. that great inspiring story next. but in this day in history, the pony express stopped running and our mail slowed down. in 1881, the gun fight of the okay corral took place at tombstone in arizona and it became a disney traction later on n 1980, barbara streisand, "women in love" was the number one song on the chart. it must have been a weak year in music. "woman in love," sorry.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
now time for the answer to the "fox & friends" trivia question of the day. it's carrie ellis right here. and our winner is tom from wyoming. you're getting a copy of brian's new book. it's great. i'm reading it. it is available november 2nd. i got an early copy. you now have one, too. now about this, about canckans him his leg at the age of 12 years old. that never stopped him from living his life to the fullest. one year after beating cancer, he returned to competing in high school sports. he did really well there. today he's one step closer to pursuing his life long dream of a career in law enforcement.
4:54 am
later this week, he will become the first ever amputee to graduate from the orange county sheriff's department correctional service assistant academy. he joins me live from los angeles now. thank you for being with us this morning, robert. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> so tell us about this dream. you always wanted to be here. at 12 years old, you lose your leg. it was cancer. it was amputated. and you were in a place that was probably really tricky. you had a turning point moment thanks to your dad. what was that? >> so just being home with my dad, him pushing me to live life to the fullest and get back into sports and forcing me to walk with my leg because i didn't like putting it on at first. but because of him, i was able to accomplish the goal and seeing what kind of life he was able to provide for us is something that i wanted to do. >> and you had someone that inspired you as well. correct? >> correct. yeah. when i first lost my leg, my dad
4:55 am
knew and l.a. county fire department firefighter who came and talked to me and showed me that even though he lost his leg, he was able to go back to working as a firefighter. so someone with an amputation is able to go back and do some sort of job that even normal people wouldn't want to do. i saw what he was able to do. that is something that really inspired me. >> the academy, though, the training is excruciating as it seems. tell us about how you got through that, what the challenges were like, what some of the physical testing was like for you. >> sure. so ever since high school, i was, you know, pushing myself and doing the same activities that my other teammates were doing. i never let or allowed my coaches to kind of do something special just for me just because i'm missing my leg. so ever since then, that's been training me for the academy, you know, whether that be running or going to the gym or swimming
4:56 am
which i did in high school. so doing all those things really helped me once i got to the academy. we do running and pushups and cycles of disciplines, mountain climbers and squats and all that sort of stuff. so starting in high school really built me the way that, you know, able physically to do all that stuff. >> why do you want to follow in your dad's footsteps? why do you want to be a member of the law enforcement that gets out there and keeps everybody safe? >> well, i don't want to do a job that, you know, is really behind the scenes. i really want to be out there helping the community and seeing, again, the type of lifestyle my dad was able to provide for us and see what type of person he became from it. it's something that i really want to do. and that's the type of job that i know you can help so many people in one day. so that's the main reason i want to do that. >> it's in your blood, for sure. what a story of resilience and inspiration. robert ram, congratulations to you and congratulations on your
4:57 am
upcoming ceremony. historic. >> thank you for having me. >> you got it. wow. dramatic new video in to fox news. a whale watch turning deadly when the boat actually sinks. the latest on this story at the top of the hour. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. ...are taking charge of their acrotype 2 diabetes...... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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good morning. it is monday, october 26th. a fox news alert for you now. a day of fun turning into tragedy. five people confirmed dead after a whale watching boat filled with tourists capsizes sending dozens into freezing cold water. dramatic video just coming in to fox. >> meanwhile, donald trump spends the weekend taking swipes at his opponents. >> bush has no money. he's meeting today with mommy and daddy. carson is super -- i don't understand the whole deal. i don't know what's going on.
5:01 am
carson is lower energy than bush. >> the divisive words are part of his strategy and they actually help his campaign. bret bear on deck with detail live from d.c. and what would you do if you overheard your kids talking like this. >> i know a bunch of people from the dance team and they say they pretended to be sick so they didn't have to go to your burnlg day party. >> did you audition for the musical? >> people said you sounded like a dying pig. >> how adults reacted and what you should do to deal with bullying. good morning to "fox & friend.". ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> they started in the pitch black this morning. this whole operation started
5:02 am
earlier than this. this is operation jersey cares. this is another reason why governor christie is proud to run that state. >> i'll tell you what, so many of you in the last half hour since we featured this wanted to know how you could help. right there at the bottom of the screen. go to their website. and can you find out how you can donate. the only way they can put things in boxes to send to our service personnel is with money. >> great american hands go into packing the boxes each and every day. they're nearing the goal of nearly 500,000 pounds of care packaged goods heading to those who gift most to this great country. >> it costs money. everything costs money. the stuff in there costs money. sending them costs money. there is no discounts given. >> so operation jersey let's go to our nation's capital. bret baier is joining us. zbh good morning. >> here's a shocker. donald trump is in first and on
5:03 am
the attack. it's pretty much been the way he's been doing things. so let's listen. >> the press was going crazy. they loved it. we had a breaking story. donald trump has fallen to second place behind ben carson. we informed ben but he was sleeping. if you look honestly, carson in iowa. being run by a super pac. bush all over. bush now has got to cut back. because, think of this. think of this. here's a guy -- here's a guy wants to run our country. and he can't even run his own campaign. >> it turns out that's part of the strategy. divisive talk is his strategy. he's going to back off once he gets the nomination. >> then he'll be a unifier. what do you think about that? >> listen this is a tough deal
5:04 am
for donald trump to see himself in second place in any poll. as you know, he touts polls. so he's going on the attack. he's trying to fight for iowa. and whether the strategy works or not, i think will be really telling. i don't think donald trump likes to come in second or third. and i don't think he will. if he is fighting and in the lead, i think he's going to be continuing this campaign. if somehow he drops back, it would be interesting to see what happens with the trump campaign. this is his strategy to go on the offensive. and usually it does pretty well. >> the thing is he's leading in almost every national poll. cbs does a poll and has him tied with carson in iowa, winning by over 20 points in south carolina. and also -- 38-12 over new hampshire. and jeb bush is in single digits everywhere. how do you explain this? >> the jeb bush phenomena is really interesting.
5:05 am
his campaign is reorganizing as trump said. it's cutting back some 40% cut backs. they say it's to make it lean and mean. most people look at it saying there are some real troubles here. i think you're right. across the board, trump is doing very well. even in ap, seven out of ten republicans and republican leaning voters say that if he's the nominee, he has the best chance as a general election candidate. now that's quite telling for the republican party to say that. >> no kidding. >> i think, you know, he's going to continue. but how much he fights for iowa if he starts to slip, i think will be telling. >> you have joe biden explaining on "60 minutes" how he decided not to run and really setting the record straight on how his son beau impacted that decision. here he is. >> is it that you think you couldn't win or that you didn't want to run? >> couldn't win. i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our
5:06 am
supporters deserved and our contributors deserved, i would have gone and done it. >> what was the single most important thing in deciding not to run? >> i said from the beginning that i don't know whether our ability to deal with the loss of beau would reach a point where we could do that before time ran out. and it was nothing we could control. dealing with the loss of beau, any parent listening who lost a child, knows that you can't -- it doesn't follow schedules of primaries and caucuses and contributors and the like. and everybody grieves in a different pace. >> bret? >> yeah. listen, a lot of candor there. and the vice president is known for that. i think everybody can say that emotional toll has really hit him. i do think that there were a lot of people in biden sphere that
5:07 am
thought he was leaning the other way. and even into that final weekend. but he laid it out there on that "6 "60 minutes" interview and his granddaughter called him and said pop, you're not going to leave me, too. i mean that really tugz at your heart. >> of course. >> and he lays it out well in that "60 minutes" interview. >> one thing he goes into a little bit. you addressed it on your show and we talked about it as well. when hillary was at the debate and she was asked, you know, the greatest political threat she said the nra, health insurance companies, drug companies and probably the republicans, when asked about whether -- and joe biden came back and said i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemy. it sounded like he was tweaking her but he made clear last night he was not. and he felt she was joking. >> yes. and i think that, listen, a lot of people read that a different
5:08 am
way. he has said something similar before. he's falling back on that, that he said that. it did come a few days after that debate and that answer. a lot of people read it that way. i should also point out that i'm froggie here. my voice is froggie not because i was cheering for the redskins. not because of that. but because my two kids are petrie dishes from their school. >> of course. >> and i think i have -- i feel fine. >> you got to commit to the cold between september and june. as a parent. >> exactly. >> your goal now is not to bring it to the panel. can do you that? >> they can talk. i'll just say what do you think? >> i got news four, bret, i got kids in their 20s. they still bring that stuff home. >> and we love it. >> yes. >> i do. >> we could not tell. i think you should feel good about the fact that can you pretend to be 100%. >> that's good. >> all right. bret baier is going to be on tv 6:00 p.m. eastern time with
5:09 am
"special report." we'll be watching. >> not a good day to kiss. >> i'm not in the d.c. bureau. don't kiss bret today. >> it's a good day. >> in the meantime, we'll turn it over to heather for headlines. >> it happens to all of us. doesn't it? all right. good morning. we have a fox news alert right now. at least 43 people are dead and hundreds more kurt when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake shakes northern afghanistan. among the victims, a dozen students at a girls school. they were killed in a stampede as they were trying to get out of that building. that powerful quake felt all the way across southern asia reaching as far as pakistan and india. another fox news alert. brand new video just in to our newsroom. it shows a whale watching boat as it sinks off the canadian coast. at least five people are now dead after the boat capsized.
5:10 am
most of the 27 people onboard have been rescued. searchers are still looking for one person. canada's transportation safety board sending investigators to that scene later today. we'll watch that story as it develops. a gunman still on the loose at this hour after police say he shot a student at north carolina central university's campus. we learned the shooter may have gotten into a fight with a victim and his friends before coming back with a pistol and shooting the victim in the leg. that victim expected to recover. the shooting put that school on lockdown. it is back open this morning. and do you remember that awkward shoulder rub and little whisper in the ear from vice president joe bide snen of course he gave it to defense secretary ash carter's wife. oh, boy. well now it is being made into a halloween costume. you can see that one. screen right. biden made that touchy feely move during the swearing in ceremony.
5:11 am
many say the costume just won halloween, meaning it's going to make costume of the year. >> okay. so the big challenge is do you want the joe biden giving you the shoulder rub or do you want sexy donald trum snp. >> i think joe biden. >> or baby donald trump? you have seen the baby donald trump? >> no. >> there is a baby donald trump coming. they'll be at school on friday. >> at schools where they can still celebrate. >> that is true. meanwhile, 11 minutes after the top of the hour. days after that new york city police officer was murdered, protesters hit the streets of new york city again. >> we want to bring police terror to an end. we have to come together and put a stop to it. >> yeah. police terror. sheriff david clark and former directive ron wheeler join us next to talk about police terror. and it could be the best video of the year. a man rescues a baby deer with a
5:12 am
broken leg and nurses it back to health. >> really? >> just wait until you see what happens next. it wouland it turned onif you turned oeverywhere room but that's exactly how traditional cooling and heating systems work. so you pay more than you should. but mitsubishi electric systems give you a better way... with no waste and lower energy bills. control temperatures precisely in one
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5:16 am
they should be held responsible. the police officer, the good ones, as they say, they don't testify against us. so they're all bad. if you're a part of that gang, you need to quit your job. >> wow. a slap in the face to law enforcement just days after an nypd cop was killed in cold blood who was african-american. hundreds descending on the streets of midtown manhattan to march against cops and chant explitives for those who protect and serve and protecting them on that day, too. here to discuss where we go from here, former homicide detective rod wheeler who was out and got the sound bites and did all the interviews and david carr. su since we spoke you to, let's get the sheriff to weigh in. reaction to the sentiments you heard on the streets on saturday? >> well, it's just crazy talk. advertise ignorance in the purest form. i think we need to rethink the
5:17 am
strategy. i don't know why the police even bother policing those demonstrations. they're not protests. those people advocate for the overthrow of our legally constituted government. >> they have a point here. >> let them fend for themselves. let the good law abiding people of new york clash with them for disrupting their lives, disrupting their businesses. then the police can show up and arrest these sub-human creeps for creating a disturbance. that we can do. >> now rod, do you have a different -- you were on the street talking. did the cops play an important role in keeping them safe? and tell me about the sentiment you heard. >> they did. the cops were out. there i must say that police were taking a lot of verbal abuse while they were out there. and it was really unfortunate. but i also must say that police did not turn their backs on the citizens. even the people that had the biggest mouths out, there the folks i was talking to, if they were to cause those police officers today, those same police officers would still be
5:18 am
there to assist them. look, brian, it was last week when a young new york police officer was gunned down in cold blood right here in this city where i'm at now. you know what? this officer hasn't even been eulogized yet and they're out talking about death to cops. i think it's ridiculous. i wish that the politicians would speak up a little bit more. actually, you know what i think? i think a lot of the protesters get their energy from some of these liberal politicians. that's my opinion. >> and i want to bring you to the president. he says these are people are very angry and standing up because this has been a wrong that has not been righted yet. you're reaction? >> you know what? a lot of the people i talk to, they were saying that their frustration, believe it or not, is with the government and they specifically said, brian, president obama. >> wow. sheriff, go ahead. >> first of all, there is no police brutality in america. we ended that back in the '6 0s. you look at the data and research.
5:19 am
there is a new harvard study out that shows there is no racism in the hearts of police officers. they go about their daily duty, if you will, to keep communities safe. the president of the united states knows better. he's playing the race game. he's playing race politics. shame on him. he's been very devisive for this country. he has been a nightmare. i cannot wait until january 2017 so that america's nightmare can be over. >> black lives matter, does it play an important role? first you, sheriff? >> no, it's garbage. it's a subversive movement. they advocate the overthrow of our legally constituted government. it is not a protest movement. >> i think it does matter. i think all lives matter. i think what they're arguing about and protesting about is valid. it's just the way that they're going about doing it i think is totally misdirected. >> it's not valid, knock it off. you're contributing to the problem. show me the research that demonstrates or supports that
5:20 am
lie that law enforcement officers use more force against black people. black people use inordinant force against themselves and each other in the american ghetto. it is not true about the american police officers. i'm not going to let anybody come on tv and advocate that. >> some of those people did have -- >> i don't have to be fair. what i have to be is factual. >> police officers are just go out and do things wrong to people. but there are valid argument that's we both on both sides -- >> there is no valid argument. there is no police brutality in the united states. >> sheriff clark, rod wheeler, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all i can tell you is you better show sprekt for peopresps on the streets. they need to be respected. i don't like where it's trending. thanks, guys. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. what you would do if you overheard kids talking like this. >> i know a bunch of people from your dance team. they said that they pretend to be sick so they didn't have to
5:21 am
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5:25 am
booze? experts say salt could be behind that awful headache. salt can dehydrate your body as much as alcohol giving you the same symptoms as if you had too much to drink the night before. and that is the news. >> that's g thank you for. that so what would you do if you saw a child getting bullied right in front of you like this. >> i know a bunch of people from your dance team and they said they pretended to be sick so they didn't have to go to your birthday party. did you audition for the musical? yeah? people told me that you sounded like a dying pig. did you think you were going to get a part? you definitely do need makeup. >> awful. a social experiment by up tv put adults to the test around them to see how they would react. watch. >> how you would like it if somebody that was older than you told you weren't any good?
5:26 am
>> only weird people do that. >> you see those adults jumping in. the psa going viral to help families deal with bullying. good morning. you see this video. and you see these -- the girls bullying, the heartbreaking, uncomfortable nearly making you break a sweat as a mom watching it. but you see the adults jump in which was a good thing. from your experience, how do you know, what are the signs that your kid is experiencing bullying? does it look like that? >> it's hard to detect because that's a very -- that was very blatant. but when your child -- when they come home and they will probably withdraw. they don't want to go to school.
5:27 am
they got headaches. you'll see they want -- a stomach ache. they want to withdraw from what they're doing. that's kind of a sign something is happening. they don't want to go to recess or they make up things they have to do. >> and you're saying this is a pattern. you're saying this is happening more than once a week? >> probably more than once a week. probably with school it is happening at just there's a general anxiety as they go to school. >> so when they get there and though this is happening, what steps should a parent take if they believe this is the case and their kids are being bullied? >> they need to talk to kids and ask what is happening. and really get a clear picture of what's going on. and really importantly, as the child why they think it's happening. and encourage your child to go and talk to the kids. it's hard to get a young kid to have the courage to face someone like that. so as parents and adults, the teachers we really need to be aware that watch for this kind of stuff and step in. and help stop it immediately. >> as a parent, do you -- you
5:28 am
say to identify adults and go to the child so they can seek help. >> right. it's important they feel like there is a teacher or a certain person, a coach that they can go to when this is happening. because part of it is this terrible fear that they somehow deserve it. >> what if they -- what if there aren't feeling comfortable going and adregs the issue themselves. when do you know when to step in as adults and actually reach out to their parents involved, if you know who they are? >> as they're young and into middle school, i think it's really important that you reach out as soon as you can. it's very hard for a kid. we want to teach them to self advocate and go and get in that take care of it. but they really can't when they feel so insecure, they're being put down. the parents need to take a step right away with that. >> i'm big on being pro active. i think as much as possible we say step up for somebody when they can't do it themselves. do you say we should be training our kids to spu up for somebody when they're being bullied? >> that's where it starts. we need to teach them, ask them,
5:29 am
have a conversation. are there kids that are getting picked on? who does it? what do you think? do you step in? really important that we ask them do they step in? will they stand up for someone? and we really have to talk about that and model that so that they do know how to do it. >> thank you for your expertise today. >> thank you. >> now fox news alert for you. murder charges filed against a woman who plowed her car into that crowd killing four people at homecoming. we just learned what happened to that driver just moments before the crash. and it may explain the entire tragedy. and you may have seen the headline new jersey governor chris christie kicked off an amtrak train for speaking on his phone in the quiet car. one problem though, that headline doesn't tell you the truth. we will. americans. we try to live healthy.
5:30 am
5:31 am
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5:33 am
we are back with a fox news alert. the woman accused of killing four people when she plowed right into a crowd at the oklahoma state homecoming parade over the weekend is about to face a judge. >> wow. this thing is anything but easy. now her lawyer says she was not drunk but she is mentally ill. >> is she? that's the question. >> that's right. we're in stillwater, oklahoma, with the latest on this. matt, is the defense still holding to the fact that they're claiming she was mentally ill, not drunk at all? >> yeah, that's right. we spoke with the attorney yesterday who insists she was not drinking and was most likely suffering from some type of mental episode. i'm standing in front of the courthouse where 25-year-old chambers is expected to stand before a judge for the first time today. police tell us they expect to charge her with four counts of second-degree murder. of course the big question now is what caused her
5:34 am
through the crowds killing four people including a 65-year-old professor and his wife and a 2-year-old boy? the attorney told us she -- he does not think she was drippinging. he says some people are now reporting she might have been distraught after being sent home from work early. listen to what her attorney had to say after he spoke with her yesterday. >> my visit with her lasted the better part of an hour. and during that entire interview, i was not satisfied at all that i was communicating with a competent individual. >> do they share a history of mental illness? >> there is some history there, yes. >> now, of course, family, friends, and the entire community are still coming to terms with that terrible tragedy. a few eyewitnesses have come forward. listen to what one had to say about what she saw during that accident. >> i never saw her brake, ever. she never tried to stop. after she passed my dad, you
5:35 am
could hart engine rev and she accelerated. >> now a dozen others were hurt and five people are still listed in critical condition. back to you. >> all right. reporting from stillwater in oklahoma, thank you very much. we turn to heather now. she has headlines for you at home. >> good morning. a couple other things going on. 35 minutes after the hour. a massive strike averted with minutes to spare. the united autoworkers union and general motors growing a tentative four-year contract. the union had been asking for increased wages and also job security. details of that new deal have not been released just yet. union leaders will vote on the agreement on wednesday. a fiery rescue to faulk abotalk about. 36 crew members, imagine this, jumping to their lifeboats after their fishing boat catches on fire. that crew then spending ten hours in the open water before they were able to flag down a
5:36 am
passing boat for rescue. amazingly, everyone is okay. how terrifying. a restaurant owner in indianapolis says customer who's come in to taste his cajun cuisine will get a discount for a concealed permit. now any customer who's show their license to carry will get 25% off as a reward for what they say is responsible gun ownership. what do you think of that? and it is most heart warming story of the day. it is going viral. a man named darius saw this baby fawn near his mountain home. you notice the fawn was sort of limping along right now. she was rejected by her mom. so darius took that deer in, introduced her to the rest of his pets, gave her a little splint to help heal her leg. it healed up in two weeks. she has a friend in the doggy. they eventually released her into the wild. she wouldn't go. she just wanted to hang out with them.
5:37 am
and nuzzle and kiss and lick him. how sweet is that? let's just watch this for the rest of the day. >> i thought he was going to lift his leg. >> darius says he's still, well, sees that deer around a lot. that deer doesn't want to go away. who can blame that sweet little thing? >> tomorrow we're going to get a perspective on deer. willy robinson is here from "duck dynasty." he may have a different approach. adorable. >> great story. >> the buck news stops there. >> in case of bias gone bad, they are feasting on chris christie and this story of him getting kicked off the amtrak quiet train. he walked on the train and a gawker went with this headline. let's start here. chris christie sipping a smoothy was kicked off an amtrak car for screaming on his phone. >> right. so that is what gawker put up online. and here's -- as soon as they did, you know, mainstream media, do they like republicans?
5:38 am
gop, you be judge. a bunch of other media outlets said chris christie talked on the amtrak quiet car. he mistakes the amtrak quiet car for the talking car. chris christie was asked to leave amtrak's quiet car after creating a clamor. there are a couple others. chris christie kicked off quiet car. and the daily news, headline is chris christie bounced for blabbing. and the reason we bring this up is it's not true. >> he went off on his own. he volunteered to go off. samantha smith, a spokesperson for chris christie said on a full train after realizing he took a seat on the amtrak notorious quiet car, breaking the quiet rule there, he promptly left, apologized to those around him for inconveniencing fellow passengers. on his own he decided not to mention there was someone there who was right next to him who tweeted this. >> he was running late. so you have to first say it is possible. he had to be -- >> he didn't know he was on the quiet car.
5:39 am
so this is one liberal writer tweeted this out. as everyone is trying to correct him. she says this, i'm no chris christie fan, but this gawker story is close to accurate. he was sitting at my table. >> here's the quotation. after the conductor said you're on the quiet car. the governor said, you're kidding? it's a quiet car. all right. and into the phone he said i have to go, i'm on the quiet car, i'll call you back. does that sound like he was kicked off the quiet car for talking? no. it sounds like he was told, hey, you're on the quiet car. goes, i got to leave. >> do you think gawker may want to watch "face the nation"? he spent 20 minutes on that talking about every issue including donald trump and black lives matter, impactful things. instead, you can understand the frustration of guys like christie and huckabee and kasich, every time i talk about policy, i can't get on buchlt if there is criticism of another republican if, there is some
5:40 am
incident that never happened, become headlines. >> true. >> it's click bait. that's what they call it. anyway, straight ahead, everybody knows about the va health care scandal. hillary clinton says it's not that bad. >> her husband -- there has been. but it's not been as widespread as it has been made out to be. >> really? peter jenson jr. reacts to. that. and ever wonder if your house is haunted? the new website that will help you find out just in time for halloween. did someone die there? are they still there? ♪ centrum brings us the biggest news... in multivitamin history. a moment when something so familiar... becomes something introducing new centrum vitamints.
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5:43 am
candidate hillary clinton brushing off the complaints voiced by veterans from all over the country. listen to this. >> i don't understand why we have such a problem. there have been a number of
5:44 am
surveys of veterans. overall, veterans who do get treated are satisfied with their treatment. more so than people in the regular world. >> exactly right. now nobody would believe that from the coverage that you see and the constant bee raratingst that comes from the republicans. >> but in part because there has been risks. >> there have been. it's not been as widespread as it has been made out to be. >> tell that to the familiar lives all those people who died. hundreds of thousands of vets die waiting for care. is that a possibility? here to weigh in is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. why are we even covering this? hillary says it's not a big problem. >> this is the most incomprehensive thing. this is a big deception. hillary clinton and the last week saying that something is not true and we know pal pably -- palpably that it is true.
5:45 am
they signed a reform of the veterans affairs administration, steve, we remember because we covered it here on "fox & friends" and helped break some of these things. i brought thousands of e-mails down to congress from veterans and their families talking about fraud, talking about the fact dozens of people would die at different facilities, people being given drugs over and over again and not diagnosed, talked about a phoney list. talked about all those things and now to have the democratic party's candidate say this is a phoney this is about ideology, this is not real that, is incomprehensible and insult to veterans. this is about donald trump and the republicans. this is not my constituency. i don't care. i'm blowing it off. evenrachael maddow has a problem. >> doesn't hillary want the votes of the vets and the military people? >> i think she thinks she can
5:46 am
win without those folks. i don't that i is her constituency. i don't think that's her interest. i think she has a mindset that says, well, just like chris stevens, he assumed the risk. he knew the risk better than anyone else in america in libya. and he assumed that risk. i don't want to get off the rails on it. but to say that compassion that presidential conditioned date should not be interested in this and that somehow this is a confabulation of one party when we know thous onands of people e been affected as the result of lack of care that, is absolutely wrong. and that is not moral in my mind. >> maybe to find out how hillary really feels we should get an e-mail she might have sent to chelsea regarding it. >> that was her true emotions. absolutely. >> all right. speaking of emotions, i know it is always emotional at a mock trial. you were at the johnson national mock trial. >> absolutely. yesterday. >> over the weekend.
5:47 am
>> the finals. there is judge fosty who is presiding judge. and hofstra and american university in the finals. this is the only national civil rights trial competition held at st. john's university named after i had father. a great trial lawyer. we see the winners there yesterday. it was a great day in queens, new york, for a great law school and great notion. civil rights are the bull work of our competition. >> it's a wonderful competition that your family sponsored. >> next up on this monday, do you ever wonder if the house you're living in is actually haunted? >> there is a ghost on my bed. >> well there's a new website to find out if your house could be haunted. find out how in a moment. but right now, let's find out how martha is doing and what she has planned for the top of the hour. >> wondering about my house. >> you never know.
5:48 am
>> thank you very much. so there is a very big meeting of the bush presidents and advisors in houston today and some of it happened yesterday. jeb bush blasts the tenor of the campaign and donald trump holds a morning town hall and responds to all that. we'll show what you he has to say. and the doj says no charges for lois learner. she was hounded by the irs for the tea party will respond here live. and breaking news as the day of whale watching turns tragic. we'll bring you the very latest in the on going search when bill and i see you right here a few minutes away at the top of the hour.
5:49 am
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5:51 am
so you found your dream home, great price, love the neighborhood. but did you remember to check
5:52 am
for ghosts? >> just in time for halloween a new site lets you check to see if the house is haunted. >> joining us to explain right now, the founder and ceo of died in ro joins us to day from columbia. what were you trying to accomplish with this idea? >> well, when i got the idea, it was from a tenant that i gave my cell phone number, i usually go through a management company and the air conditioning went out. summers in south carolina are extremely hot. i wanted to make sure she was taken care of. but about six months after fixing her air conditioning, she text me in the middle of the night and stated did i know that house was haunted? so i text her back a asked her what is going on? while ways sitting there waiting, i went on line and did a search for cash facts for homes or for home sites. that's where i found pages and pages of people asking the same question. didn't find the site.
5:53 am
but i did find advice. that said the advice stated from realtors, ask your agent, talk to your neighbors, check government records and look online. >> okay. >> you find out someone died in, there a lot of times they don't go to -- they'll walk around still. >> translates into money, too. it can decrease a home's value by 25% and how does it affect the sale time? >> it can take up to 50% longer to sell. >> right. >> we believe it's haunted? >> well, everyone has a different opinion on it. there is the paranormal community, people that believe in ghosts. then there are people that just don't want to live in a house with that history. and then there are things to consider, safety side of it. it becomes a tourist attraction in that area. for instance, the travis alexander house that jodi arias murdered her boyfriend in phoenix, that house was sold as is and the buyers came in and
5:54 am
they thought the house was just vandalized. they fixed the house up, moved in, and then the trial started. people started driving by that house approaching them in the yard and everything. >> big problem. >> you asked me -- you asked our addresses. i gave you the address of the house i grew up in. and what did you find? >> what did you find? >> well, that house i found -- i didn't find any deaths that occurred in the house. it doesn't mean it didn't happen. so what we also do is provide a list of people that are associated to that house. because easiest thing to do when do you this yourself is find out who bought the house. it's not finding the spouse or the kid and the grandmother and roommates. so we provide you a list of those people and then out of that list who is deceased? in that case we found 30 people associated to that home and i think probably seven or eight of those people deceased. so with that information, you're allowed to expedite your research on your end because we're going to continue doing
5:55 am
manual retch on our end and let you know if we find anything. but now can you go to your town hall, your police department and pinpoint. >> what is the website one more time? >> >> okay. we know what that's about. roy, thank you very much for joining us today. interesting stuff. >> thanks. >> thank you very much. >> now you have a next episode. right? bob never talks about who died in the house. just talks about are why we buy a house. >> i'm going to do the opposite, fwhorn a house. this from new jersey to around the world, one group is going above and beyond to help our heroes out. find out how you can join them next.
5:56 am
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5:59 am
♪ just call on me, brother ♪ when you need a hand >> well, he felt a calling and he has helped many, many people across the world. we're talking about tom cunningham from jersey cares, supporting troops. these aren't just active duty, you're also supporting vets and their families. >> yes, we are. we help our military families and we help our wounded troops and we do that through the marines care program. >> fantastic. >> and jerseycares do is site. >> have you had a good time today? >> yes. >> you've done incredible work. >> gunnery sergeant here has something very special for us today. >> united states marine corps and grateful nation would like to present this little picture to you. this picture was taken two weeks prior to the towers coming down by a marine corps pilot.
6:00 am
we want to say thank you very much for the support you have given us. thank you. >> that will go right in our greenroom. thank you very much. >> all right. thanks, guys. >> thank you very much, sir. if you'd like to help, bill: fox news alert. a desperate search under way for a person still missing after a whale watching boat capsized off the coast of canada. the boat carried 27 when it went down. martha: i'm martha maccallum. there were 21 people rescued after the boat sank off vancouver island. investigators say the water was calm and they don't know why the leviathan


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