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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 27, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow 7:00 p.m. eastern. go check out my facebook page. i put a special off-the-record just on facebook for you. good night from washington. tonight on "red eye" which republican presidential candidate tried to stab someone when he was 14? it is always the quiet ones. and the comedian who played the president on tv became the real president. could we have a president darrell hammond? and if the show wasn't packed with awesome enough already we have a full sows. bob saggit is in the building. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly white. the white house and congression alleyeders are reaching a budget deal. it would keep them running for two more years and raise the debt ceiling due to expire
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next week. a vote could come on wednesday, but the gop may not be able to convince the most conservative members to back the deal. a prosecutor says it appears the woman who crashed into the parade goers near oklahoma state university did so intentionally. more people were killed and she drove around a barricade and through a red light and then into the crowd. chambers is considered a threat to the community and is being held on $1 million bond. >> a car driving into a crowd -- she's a threat to the community. her acts indicate that. we have no reason to believe if she is released she wouldn't continue to be the same threat to the community her actions have done. >> her family says she suffered mental illness and issues, but that they don't think she had been drinking or doing drugs. a school officer caught on tape tossing a student across the floor has been placed on administrative duties.
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it happened as he tried to remove a disruptive female student from spring valley high school to columbia, south carolina. the officers banned from all schools pending an investigation. 150 baltimore police officers will soon bewaring body cameras in the wake of last april's rioting the officers will test three different types. the cameras will be phased in over two years and cover any cop who interacts with the public. a word to the wise of those who fly. there is a ban on e-cigarettes and battery operated electronic smoking devices. back to "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy. >> just leave me alone. >> what's wrong, andy?
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>> nothing is wrong. just go away. >> clearly something is bothering you. >> you are interrupting me when i am trying to celebrate cranky co-workers day. >> that's not a real thing. >> it is the real thing and this is the day to let your cranky co-workers enjoy the various miseries which i started to do. >> i am really sorry. >> you have ruined cranky co-workers day forever, tom. >> let's welcome our guest. she is an emmy nominated journalist that we are delighted to have stoop to our level. he broke both of his feet while hiking and you can hear about it in the 127-hour special. she is praying donald trump will become the next president. i am just happy democrats finally learned how to pray. fox fuse contributor. and you might have seen him in a movie.
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seven people rated it. ironically too many to fit in his apartment. let's start the show. >> ben carson claims his days of stabbing people are in the past. the gop hopeful who has been attacked for being low nmg -- energy says he hasn't always had a calm demeanor. >> you noy, i am soft spoken and i do have a tendency to be relaxed. i wasn't always like that. there was a time when i was, you know, very volatile. it but i changed. >> when was that? >> as a teenager. i would go up to people with rocks and bricks and baseball bats and ham -- hammers. many know the story when i was 14 and tried to stab someone. >> that's a classic. carson gave a summary of the
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story last summer to the daily caller. one of my friends angered me and i lunged at his abdomen with a knife. probably should have seriously injured or killed him, but he had a large metal belt buckle under his clothes which the blade broke. >> it -- see it is not like he murdered anyone. he was just practicing becoming a large surgeon. >> large belt buckles have saved my life many, many, many times. i won a lot of rodeos. i thought that interview was fascinatinggone on more. i wouldn't be surprised he said everybody knows about the time i burned six nuns alive. i have several girls in my basement right now. i don't want to talk about it. >> you don't know about his past. >> i don't know anything about his past. he shouldn't have brought it up. >> a lot of his fans and followers do know about his past.
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trish, he has an amazing story. >> it is an amazing american success story. this is a guy who had the entire deck stacked against him. he over came so many odds. his mother over came so many odds. this is a girl who dropped out of school in the third grade and was married by the age of 13 and had two kids and a husband who had another family on the side. she realized it and divorced him and raised these kids as a single mom and he goes on to graduate from an ivy league school to become a tremendous top surgeon. it really is the stuff of american dreams. he over came everything to become the guy who is now running for president of the united states. >> that's it and that's why people love him, shane. he had a rough patch in his teen years, but he straightened out. we love that story. >> it is always a little awkward when republicans try to appeal to the youth. oftentimes it involves a story of trying to hit your mom in the head with a hammer because
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she wanted you to wear something different. i like he somehow hit the one point you can't stab someone. fortunately he got better with the blade. i don't know why if this doesn't work out he can't run as an independent. i can't think of anything more independent than being a surgeon for conjoined twins. if anyone knows two heads don't work as well as one it should be him. i am gonna get a lot of letters from the conjoined twin community. >> he was an amazing surgeon, but some people, julie, think it shouldn't qualify him for office. obviously he is an amazing man. >> he is an amazing surgeon. this makes the mother to a 3-year-old happy.
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he is beating the cra pf out of all of these kids and glad to hear he is growing up to be a doctor. it is warming my heart. >> so you say your kid is a schoolyard bully? >> my kid is the worst schoolyard bully. he is three, but it is great because he will grow up to run for president. >> i would have thought your excides would -- kids would be bullying people. >> he does and beats the crap out of you while doing it. >> kids horse around. >> are you kidding me? he will run for president and be a top surgeon. the jewish mother in me is psyched. >> obama had rough years too. you read his book? >> he had rough years getting high. i don't know if it was a rough time getting shanked. >> he horsed around with some bricks. who hasn't tossed a brick at somebody. >> beat somebody with a
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baseball bat. >> thisy say anyone can become president and no where is that more true than the great country of ours, guatemala. jimmy morales would once played a cowboy who accidentally becomes president became reality. morales unknown until six months ago won the presidency in a landslide victory. i believe we have footage of the comedian's acceptance speech. >> you can see how he charmed the country. the election came molina was forced to resign. and the low voter turnout and hatred of the political elite allowed morales to capture 72% of the vote.
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to summarize, a well known personality and political outsider road a wave of public outrage to become the president. could that happen anywhere else? could it? >> salute for president. >> you never know. >> you know what i love about this guy? maybe we should start a war with belize. what just happened? >> why not? trump will do it. he will get sworn in and say maybe we will start a war with canada. >> i think this is a great story. it is no surprise. people act like this all the time. oh this comedian. he is not being taken serious. >> ronald regan gotti elected. i will -- got elected. i'll get hate mail for that one. >> it is par for the course with julie on the show. taking pot shots at presidents. >> i know. >> you could become a politician, right? the skills you learn as a
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comedian, i mean it is communication. >> that's the easiest audience in the world to give a political speech. you go? where and say i love this country more than the other guy. that is a lay up. do you know how many elks' lodges i have done to drunk seniors who say let's turn off the super bowl. it is comedy time. give me an iowa caucus any day of the week. >> why not? >> i do need to know the word caucus probably before i run for politics. >> i got you covered. >> i am looking for the gal will you gear -- gallagher kanye ticket. >> you think gallagher will be at the top? >> larry is doing well. >> don't you agree? >> this is a great story. it really does -- it is like a
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parallel universe. you have a guy who has super name recognition and you have a population that is fed up. the cooperation in guatemala is off the charts. people have had enough. he is running against a former first lady. the analogy can go on for days. >> i was making a joke and obviously an illusion to trump. they say why not this guy? i know where he hands on things and he never seems -- he seems to be calling it like it is. >> he is definitely calling it like it is. sometimes too much so. he says the unthinkable thing. he is the guy at the end of the dinner that pushes it a little too far, but everybody is kind of like, oh yeah. and it is catching on. he is saying things that
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people otherwise don't say. but people are sick of being polite. as you all know. >> i am never polite on this show. >> are you kidding me? you have been a jerk since the day i met you. >> do you need a moment? >> seth, what if jimmy fallon ran for office. you could do warm up at the office. >> i would be the first gesture. somebody like jimmy could run and would probably win. they are at a stage that they are not far away. >> you have a guy who at least has a business background. >> talking about trump? >> trump. compared to fallen. guatemala is a small country. it shows you the desperation level people who reached
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there. and the analogies are interesting and probably end less. donald trump for all of his faults is a guy who builds a successful ebbet prize. enterprise. you can't take that away. jimmy fallon is successful in his own right. but he didn't create billions of dollars. he is not there yet. >> there could be an outsider who is very funny who captures everyone's attention. >> i don't think that's what it is. i don't think fallen was born into billions. >> what is going on? >> he would make sure everyone got bandaids. they would be universal. >> the skills that make an entertainer -- you have to work an audience like you worveg a constituency. america's entertainers will be america's future politicians.
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>> i like the idea of a president more scared of the youtube comments than the assassination. >> it is true. he answers them all. next story, sometimes voting feels like a lottery with no prizes and zero chance of winning. one resident will win $10,000 this election day. the editor of the philadelphia citizen has announced an election lottery on november 3rd when the residents decide on a new mayor. the turnout has dropped steeply from 77% in 1971 to only 20% in 2011. they hope the get out the vote gimmick will reverse the trend. desperate times call for desperate measures. do they really? the first question i had, trish, is this legal? it is. >> it is amazing that we are that desperate. i am surprised.
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usually you see people are a little more involved. you also have seen in this election cycle that people are much more involved. we had a 92-year-old woman who said i am voting for the first time in my life and it is because of donald trump. 25 million people are tuning into the fox news debate. that shows you that people are more involved in the political process. this is pretty devastating. >> i want to know more about this woman. nothing got her? world war i? vietnam? i think she was only allowed to vote for the last 10 years. >> she said she never felt so compelled to vote until now. >> i say if home don't want to vote they shouldn't vote. we should get voters -- only motivated voters to the
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polls. they projecting to spend $5 billion on presidential campaigns next year and that's for me to watch a bunch of crappy commercials and billboards. i want to get more of a bonus. i'm going to write in biden. i liked the way he handled that last week race. not worth it. that's someone i can get behind. i will vote why bother in 2016. >> julie, i think obviously i don't think this should be illegal and it is fine when people spend money to take out ads. i don't like lotteries as they are. >> somebody who makes money off the imher shall you will watch it and like it. >> i am all for it. so far it is only illegal if a candidate does it. i can offer you a billion
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dollars to vote. >> what if you get powerful people behind the candidate and they are offering the lottery. >> i don't know. sitten -- it is all illegal. >> who knows where it goes. >> i don't like regular old lotteries. it is attacks on the poor. >> someone else said that. >> i don't see it as attacks on the poor, but this is the ultimate american voter view. i will vote for you. what is in it for me? >> is that your philly guy? >> yes. instead of money you get to be mayor. >> because everyone wants that. >> does that mean you have to live in philly? >> maybe he can be the mayor anywhere else besides philly. >> i don't know where it has happened before. if it has been out there --
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>> you can buy votes that way. >> for instance, you couldn't give away free cheese steaks. why is it illegal to give away $10,000. >> they are buying votes and giving away free stuff whether it is a college education or we are gonna give you tons of time of on for new moms and dads. everybody is trying to give something to the electorat. it is to motivate them. this is a brash way of doing it. >> interesting. coming up, what secrets lie inside a vegetarian hot dog. find out how the sausage is made next.
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enough talking. i am on the air. >> it is a good day when all of the american food is in the news. today we learned from the world health organization along with bacon and sausage and other meats cause cancer. there will be another report saying eating that stuff will make you live to 110. namely, all of you vegetarian types have been eating meat all along. that's because a new study found that 10% of vegetarian hot dogs contain meat including chicken and pork. and 2% of all of the hot dogs sampled meat and vegetarian had traces of human dna in them. and even more had some kind of hygiene problemoe? most of the dna and hygiene issues were in the veggie dogs and not the meat ones.
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julie, i will go to you. i don't think you are a vegetarian, but you are a democrat which is basically the same thing. >> i am all about the meat. give me bacon or give me death. i don't care if it has human dna in it. i don't care what it's got. don't take bacon away. >> that is fantastic. what do you think is in this human dna? >> i don't care. >> look, shane, does it surprise you. >> that there is gross stuff in hot dogs? it is shocking. it is absolutely shocking. it is shocking the hot dogs are bad for you. i'm sure this will turn people around. hot dogs are as american as apple pie. >> they are really german.
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>> they are wieners. >> frankfurters. wieners. >> we know wieners wieners are german. the thing is, shane -- >> baseball, hot dogs. >> i wanted to focus on the vegetarian angle because everyone thinks eating vegetarian is so healthy. they are out there eating the dogs and they are full of dandruff. >> it is pieces of human handling. that's what it is. >> i think these -- anyone. it is not a good sign when you are a vegetarian. >> i saw a study like 60% of vegetarians admit to cheating. they'll get drunk and have bacon cor something. >> we did that story on here. were you watching one night? >> no, i just saw the story somewhere. i mean yes! i was watching. i watch every single night.
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what was i talking about? >> chris, you probably have a lot of vegetarian friend. >> i love the story. it proves i have been right. i eat a steak and salad every night. i am a big steak eater. i try to have chicken and fish, but i like protein. it is a great diet. and yes i have a lot of friends that are vegetarians and veegans dare i say. >> i am from wisconsin and usually vegetarians are city folk who get their information about animals from disney cartoons. of course no one wants to eat daffy duck. >> there is something about the kids, everything is about the animals and then when you find out you chop them up and eat them. >> i went to africa and they gave me a goat. i think that goat is what i
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had for dinner. >> it is you and a pet goat. >> i think he wanted me to take it to america. >> when i was growing up it was colt. he ran them under the faucet because he was worried about colt. >> you ate wet potato chips? >> he could have just dipped them in his beer. why not rub the salt off like this? >> it is hard to downplay the paranoia over salt. there are a lot more strict characters. >> there is always a new thing people were worried about. i tell you, i am not surprised by any of this.
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everything is made poor -- poorly. >> don't eat a salad in a wedding. it is full of bacteria. >> coming up, it is pastime for half time. andy levy gets to it after break.
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>> live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. the death toll is rising after a powerful earthquake rattles afghanistan and pakistan. the 7.5 magnitude quake is now blamed for more than 300 deaths. it could be felt in the capitol of afghanistan, pakistan and india. the u.s. navy is sending a ship within 12 nautical miles of disputed islands in the south china sea. it is an apparent challenge to beijing's territorial claims. the white house couldn't confirm details, but they say ensuring freedom of navigation is critically important to a global economy. one person remains missing after a whale watching boat capsized. it was carrying 27 people and all british nationals died. it is not clear what caused the boat to sink. a teacher caught tossing a
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student across the floor that is been placed on administrative duty. he tried to remove a student from spring valley high school, south carolina. >> the student was asked to leave the class several times by the instructor at the school. the assistant principal was called there as well. then they were to have the student removed from the location. the student refused and the officer acted as you can see on the video. what we saw was a tidbit of what it shows. of course we will have to look at what happened during the incident and what happened afterwards. >> the -- they say hot dogs and ham can cause cancer. they put them in the same category of smoking. that's a look at your news. now back to the overnight show you love, "red eye."
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>> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. >> how are you? >> good. monday feeling good and glad to be back here. >> are you? did you have a bad weekend? >> no, a great weekend. >> do you hate your family? >> no, i don't. we had a good weekend. ben carson stabbed a man. you said thank god for the large metal belt buckles. you know who does president think that? doesn't think that? trump. i am thinking nobody scares but me. >> you will get letters from the conjoined community. shame on you, shane for saying -- that's not what i
12:35 am
wanted to right. shut up. i am in control of the arm. see i will get the letters. part of my job. julie, how as a jewish mom carson tried to stab someone. >> clearly because when my son is there he will do the same thing. didn't your mom wish things for you. >> he can go stab somebody. >> he was impressed when he talked about killing a man at the debate so he figured this is it. >> he can be as awesome as jim webber. >> and i love when he told the story about trying to stab the guys. this was one of his friends and nobody is talking about that. comedian wins guatemala presidency.
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>> you think he has that kind of relationship with his audience? >> i think anything can happen at this point. julie, you brought up ronald reagan as an analogy. reagan was the head of a powerful state. >> but was he in charge of guatemala? >> i think he was in charge of nicaragua for awhile. >> and parts of iran sm. >> doesn't belize have it coming? >> definitely. they are being smug about it. >> it is about time somebody takes him down. >> it is important he knows where he stands on things. >> that's his appeal. what do you mean? >> i think he means most of what he says.
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>> seth, you said the people who know this word don't know the word. your twitter handle is at the zog. >> yes, the four people watching this show will tweet about that. >> we need to talk about your twitter handle. i go to meetings of the group and we are not happy about that. >> did you end up with a bunch of jews who can control the world? >> seth is jewish so he can make those jokes. >> did you not know i was jewish? have i not made that clear enough? >> you did. >> you said you had a woman call into your show and she is voting for the first time. i haven't decided which candidate i have voted for.
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>> vet and julie, do you -- seth and julie do you want to apologize for your philly bashing? >> no way. >> i love the hour i spent there. i wouldn't apologize. >> you they are great. >> i foe you are backtracking, but i am sticking by it. thank you, andy. >> tom, i was against -- i know you said you were against this and i was too. the group seems to do good work. maybe it is a good idea. >> this is a slippery slope. have you heard that precious? expression? >> you pointed out in five years studies i will will say the exact opposite. these studies are not wrong. they said whole milk is bad for you and we should follow the low fat diet and they said cigarettes are back for you. they say eating food in --
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high in cls roll. >> you made another six points. julie, you don't care about the human dna. >> is there bacon dism? >> that's true. think about how much human dna you come into contact. >> i am 100% -- 96% human dna. >> if it was going to kill me i would be dead. i was trying to be subtle about it, but you had to go -- now i will get more letters. also we had two reports of hot dogs and neither addressed the issue of whether they were sand watches. >> you determined that. >> it is not. >> it seems like a sandwich to me. >> did you eat the bun? >> if it is off the gun or on
12:40 am
the bun it is called a hot dog. >> you're right. it was a great point and it is not a sand witch. trish, you said you are friends that are veegans. >> i am married to one. i just outed him. i eat meat every night. for him it is a health thing. he wants to be healthy. we went to a denar party and good food and and he's a veegan now. >> he's not obnoxious. >> i apparently have to go. >> thank you. it is time to take a break. bob soggit is here when we come back. now say hello to the mercinaries, kennedy. >> hello, "red eyes" willy robertson pro duct tine.
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if you play danny tanner on one of the most successful sitcoms of all time and was the host of "america's funniest home videos" and you are about to make a return to broadway you may be -- >> welcome to "red eye." >> were you singing that just now?
12:45 am
it sounds melodic. sphoat if if you ♪ ♪ return to broadway. >> i say return to broadway and a lot of people don't know. >> i was on the broadway. i was in did the drowsy sharp -- chaperon." i did that and i closed it and i am closing this one as well. >> is it really? >> it could go on without you. hand to god and they are in the part i am and all of the people in it -- >> i people are hilarious. >> he is drill gent. geneva and sara and michael and that's it. i joined them and go to january 3rd. then it hopes in london with a
12:46 am
british cast. >> how will that make sense? >> they will text him. >> when you go and act on something you think it is about you. the point of view is stewart little. i am a lute win minister trying to help a young boy with a puppet that is obsessed. >> the lead character -- >> for the church he puts on the puppet and a possessed puppet. >> it is and it is part his psychological issues. it is up for you to decide highway the story will unveil. it is a well written play and i am in love with it. >> you read it and was attracted to it. >> i was attracted in many ways. >> why? what attracted you? >> the copy that theyent sent me had nude pictures. >> it is about a sweet nice
12:47 am
clean boy and his foul mouthed puppet and a dual personality. >> anything like bob sag get's career. >> you can say there is a duty out. >> have you not thought of this? >> never seen anything like this. >> yes, there are times in my life i have what you you can call a by polar career and i would like to do family and comedy which is disgusting coming in the wrong vein and prong interpretation. can't seen say the wrong vein and not be accused of something wrong. fuller house will be on netflix and playing danny tanner. i am iconic and the show will live forever. people will want to raise their kids that way. something will happen. >> some people are haunted by their successes.
12:48 am
you love your association with full house and will love it until the day you dye. >> do you guys know about it? you report first and i happen to know that. >> my death is far, far, far away. real daughters and they are human and i love them. no, i love all three. i love watching one the best. no -- but yes i am -- i believe actually to be honest with you that the career i have from this point on will -- those things will never go away. the stand up i have done rose to an occasion that people were sig president can't enough and said -- significant enough saying you're dirty. >> he is filthy. >> rodney dangerfield was a dear friend of mine and he did caddy shack. he did a 10-year run and became a movie star at 58.
12:49 am
i am 59 and a year behind. but i never had respect. >> listen, you were known as an edgy comic. i don't know if you were a dirty comic. >> i was strange. >> and you were out there and you can be as dirty as any of them. >> i didn't want to be dirty as any of them. i used epitaph for the rim shot. you can't even say that. after full house and after america's huynhest -- fun newest. you have to say this is not the bob saggit i know. >> just one canadian woman. i corrected for years. i directed "dirty work" and i didn't want to be on camera because i have been on two prime time shows and you know how actors are. they are complaining if i am working or not working. >> you could have done.
12:50 am
>> they asked me to give up my life and put on a body mic and let me children be exposed, but no. >> at the same time "full house" -- i don't know if some people realize how omni present you were. and then you go ahead and did "how i met your mother" as if you needed another hit show. >> do you want to know what happened? >> we have to go, but we will talk about it on-line and it gives us something to do about in our on-line interview with bob sag get. >> see you on-line after the show. >> we will close things out after the story.
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to quote jeopardy host alex trebek is that your final answer? last week a contestant named beck resullivan gave a doozie of a response. here is the clue. >> take a look. the flower pictured here is called this, also a disparaging term for people on the political left. 30 seconds, good luck. >> and here is her response. >> becky, we will start with you and i have a feeling that you have -- you may have found a way to insult liberals in
12:55 am
this country. let's take a look at your response. what is a pansy? yep, you found a way to insult liberals in this country. >> she was wrong. the correct answer was bleeding heart, of course. becky who is an npr producer said the best part on twitter was when someone said why real life a 5.5, but on jeopardy a 9. >> what kind of answer was that? >> a funny one. >> was she trying to be funny? >> i don't think she was, actually. do you think she was? >> wasn't one of the clues that it was not -- it was a nice way -- a disparaging term. so she came up with something disparaging. >> i don't know if bleeding heart is disparaging.
12:56 am
you probably wear that label proudly. >> what is a bleeding heart flower. i never heard of such a thing. have you in. >> i thought it was my heart bleeds for you which is why you are unfortunate. >> what did you say? what would you have said in. >> i would have said the same thing, pansy. this is one of my suits as a comedian i am just going to sit here like a wall flower. >> look, i thought pinko. >> i was going to say pinko or due caucus. a due caucus flower wouldn't be bad. >> this woman was clearly a liberal. a conservative wouldn't be
12:57 am
called pansy. she thinks conservatives have those hateful words. >> special thanks. tom shillue, and i thank you. need to hire fast?
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"special report" is next it app speaker john boehner has one more big compromise up his sleeve. this is "special report." good evening, welcome positive washington. i'm bret baier. house speaker john boehner's promise to try to clean his plate for his successor may be closer tonight. boehner and his team are working with the white house to come up with a plan that would raise the debt ceiling and seal the deal on a two-year budget agreement that would move past the 2016 presidential election. mike is following the story on


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