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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 27, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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tonight? mets, royals, no one tonight for the world series? andrew tweets, the mets, mostly because of the mets song. i can't get the song out of my head. one writes, the mets, of course. fair and balanced like "the real story." donald trump gets an unwelcome surprise. now, a national poll shows him trailing ben carson. that's happened only one other time since the summer, but trump has an explanation. plus you'll meet the hero soldier, travis mills, a bomb blew off his arms and legs but didn't touch his heart. >> i'm thankful for what i have, tell people, don't pity me, don't call me wounded. i'm a guy with scars. >> pretty awesome scars. ahead, how travis is helping other vets recover from their injuries and telling his inspiring story. let's get to it. >> now "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. >> oh, nelly.
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first from the fox news deck, only the second time since july, ben carson now tops donald trump among republicans in a national poll. the cbs news/"the new york times" survey has carson at 26% ahead of trump at 22% then there's all rest of them down in single digits. four polls in the last week have shown carson taking the lead in iowa, home of the first presidential contest. donald trump says he usually trusts the polls just not the ones coming out lately. >> i believe in polls. i generally believe in polls. the thing with these polls they're all so different, thai co they're coming from all over the lot. one guy's up here, somebody else is up there. you see swings of 10 and 12 points and, you know, like immediately even the same day. so right now, it's not very scientific. >> not very scientific. suddenly he does not like the not very scientific "the new york times"/cbs news poll, but he's tweeting lots of love for a poll that doesn't meet fox news standards for air. we don't even mention it because
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the survey is automated and not live interviews. and the pollsters called only land lines. no cell phones. i mean, like, what? but for what it's worth, see it all over his facebook page here. i believe this is this facebook. "thank you for your wonderful story. new gravis national poll out, 36%." i've never been allowed to say that word at fox news channel because we have standards. that doesn't meet them. carl cameron live in boulder where the gop candidates will debate tomorrow. carson has been booming in iowa, now it's a lead across the nation, carl? >> well, that's "the new york times"/cbs poll certainly suggests it is. as you point out, it's been since in the middle of july when donald trump last did not lead the actual polls. and there is a key cross tab. there's a key demographic that explains why. when it comes to christian conservatives in iowa, the pollsters refer to them as
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born-again christians, and tea party conservatives, ben carson has a big lead. this shows up in the cbs poll. it also shows up in the polls in iowa and elsewhere in the country. and that is essentially the core of the republican primary base. as a consequence, trump who has been beating up on marco rubio and principally jeb bush for the last month or so has now turned his attention to ben carson and has been raising questions about his faith, raising questions about his shifting positions on abortion and it's worth noting mr. trump's position has evolved on the issue of culture of life as well. and, and making a fight with ben carson. it's also worth noting that there is an entirely separate battle going on here with those two at the top of the polls, sort of the battle for the second tier which in the cbs/"the new york times" poll is actually single dint digits bu jeb bush and marco rubio. there's a third candidate in the polls that's kpetivcompetitive,
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to be the top of the second tier. we'll watch both. carson versus trump tomorrow and cruz, rubio, and jeb, how they go after each other. >> that's part of the future. it's windy in boulder. carl needs to get indoors. let's bring in the senior politics writer for "u.s. news and world report." good to see you. >> good to see you, shep. >> interesting to me, inside this poll, it has carson leading, inside it says of carson voters 55% say that they're not going to change their mind. they've made up their minds. that's it. of trump voters, 80%. that -- no, that's backwards. 55% of trump voters say we're all in with trump. 80% of carson voters said we could still change our minds. what does that tell you? >> this race is still fluid. look, this is a national poll that had a four-point difference between carson and trump. and this poll also has a six-point margin of error. >> yeah. >> so the smarter trump argument is to say, look, we're basically tied, he's not ahead of me, he
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shouldn't trash the poll, or look at the sample size which is 500 people nationwide. that's a way to go at it. but look, the race is fluid. overall in this poll, it's at 70%. of all republicans, are willing to change their mind, only about 20% are with the candidate. so we got a debate tomorrow. we're going to have another debate in two weeks. we're going to have another debate after that. a lot can change this thing. >> who stands to gain back over there? i mean, is it ted cruz, is it marco rubio? does jeb bush have a shot? what's your thinking? >> i think jeb bush is in trouble. you know, advisers are rolling out this new jeb we're going to see tomorrow. it's going to be sort of jeb unfurled. i don't know how he changes perceptions given the last name he's got. and the commuproblems he's had e ba debates and on the stumps. you're seeing the senators oddly
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enough, senator marco rubio and senator cruz trying to vie for that spot if once the support of donald trump or ben carson dissipates, that one of those two are going to be there to pick it up. cruz is more that conservative anti-establishment lane. he's against anything coming out of washington even though he's a senator, while rubio could potentially be the bridge candidate, the candidate that is satisfactory to the establishment but also is good enough for the base who wants something different. >> and what about his stand on immigration? can he still do okay in florida? his own home state despite it? >> i think he can do okay in florida. i think that's more of a problem for rubio in the first state of iowa. i think that's why he's sort of hit 10% and can't get above that. look, the immigration thing is going to be something that rubio has to explain away. that he partnered with some democrats on a comprehensive immigration bill. and if rubio continues to gain in the polls you're going to
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hear more about that. that attack can't come from jeb bush, remember, because he has the same opinion on that as rubio does. >> you look for a path, it would have been fascinating to be a fly on the wall of the two former presidents and all the advisers and the $100 million-plus to try to figure out what do we do and where do we go now? that story is going to be an interesting one to read someday. >> it's going to be very interesting but i think the problem with the bush team is that it may not be reversible at this point. you know, people, a lot -- they know the bush name. this is, you know, they're still getting to know jeb, bullet if you look at jeb's numbers in these polls, he's got lower favorability rating among republicans than donald trump. he's only in the 40s on favorability. whereas even trump, with all his baggage, and all the outlandish stuff he says every day, is still at 50%. so bush has some big hurdles and he really needs to hit it out of the park tomorrow night i think to assure donors they're going to start fleeing him more and more.
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>> david, fascinating. good to talk to you. thanks. >> thanks. john boehner the house speaker for now says he's cleaning out the barn. for the next speaker of the house. he cut a budget deal with the white house that could be a parting gift to his replacement. here's the deal on this agreement. it would keep the country from hitting the debt ceiling next week so the feds can pay the bills. it would also end the threat of a government shutdown at least for the next couple of years. the deal still has to pass the house and the senate. some conservatives, of course, as you might imagine, say they're not too thrilled with this plan because they're not thrilled with any plan. they also admit they can't stop this. mike emanuel is on capitol hill today. mike? >> reporter: shep, the first test is expected in the house tomorrow with debate and vote on this package. on the democratic side this afternoon vice president joe bind expressed his support. >> what he put together is a good deal. no one got everything they wanted but it will last for two years and it will prevent us from lurching from crisis to
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crisis. >> reporter: it is a two-year budget agreement that would raise the debt ceiling. the government's ability to borrow money through march 2017. it would adjust spending caps by $80 billion equally divided between defense and domestic priorities. it would prevent a spike in medicare "b" premiums for millions of seniors and includes some long-term entitlement reforms to the social security disability insurance program. some conservatives don't like the spending adjustment. >> i will not be voting for it because in my view it is financially irresponsible. it increases spending by roughly $80 billion a year. excuse me, over a two-year period of time. as a consequence, i'll not be supporting this effort that further undermines our country's solvency. >> the likely most speaker of the house paul ryan criticized a process of unveiling a last-minute deadline deal but this is in part designed to help him. >> mike, thank you. the head of the cia talking openly and for the first time about how somebody hacked his
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personal e-mail and gave his contact list, his wife's social security number to the world. plus the sheriffs deputy caught on camera tossing a student out of her desk. have you seen this? dragging her across the floor. the sheriffs deputy. the sheriffs office claims it all started because the student was, quote, causing trouble. that's coming up from the fox news desk on this tuesday afternoon.
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the where, ia director says
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the fact that a reported high school stoner hacked into his personal e-mail account shows everybody information is vulnerable online. thank you for that. john brennan speaking for the first time about the incident. >> i was certainly outraged by it. i certainly was concerned about what people might try to do with that information. >> the cia director says he was dismayed by how some media outlets covered the story. he didn't give specifics but said it didn't do anything wrong. the high school student claimed -- he says he is a high school student. he claims he tricked verizon into getting brennan's aol account numbers and information. the hacker said hoee was protesting u.s. foreign policy. justice department and fbi investigating a sheriffs deputy in south carolina after video shows him flipping a high school student out of her chair and dragging her across the floor.
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>> give me your hands. let's watch it again, why don't we? happened yesterday in columbia. see the officer putting his arm around the student's neck flipping her out of her seat. then, watch after the flip, after the flip here, time for dragging and here we go. across the room in time for acct was using her cell phone in class. investigators say a teacher and administrator told her to hand it over or leave the classroom. the student refused so that's why obviously. the officer's name is ben fields. he's on leave predictably. the richland county sheriff called the incident, quote, disturbing. jonathan in our southeast newsroom. jonathan? >> hey, shep. well, people watching this same video are having very different reactions in fact the chairman
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in district 12 in richland county issued a written statement saying, "i watched the video several times and there's no dwout the video is extremely disturbing. the amount of force used on a female student by a male officer appears to me to be excessive and unnecessary." others say you need to take this video and similar ones that surfaced from this classroom in context because they don't show the events, the allegedly disruptive behavior that led to the confrontation. both the school district and richland county sheriffs office are trying to piece all that together based on stories from witnesses. in addition to the federal investigation the school district and some legislators have requested that the south carolina law enforcement division or s.l.e.d. also look into the matter so shepard, you potentially have state, local, and federal investigations trying to piece together what happened, shep. >> two students got charged, right?
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>> they did, indeed. there was a second student, another female who was arrested after she allegedly started voicing her on sipposition to w the deputy was doing to her fellow classmate. both students were charged with disturbing schools and eventually released to their parents. meanwhile, the deputy in question, ben fields, he's employed by the richland county sheriffs office but had been assigned to work at that school as a resource officer. in addition to his administrative leave imposed by the sheriff office, the school district has banned him from returning to school property until these investigations are complete. >> jonathan, thanks. get ready for a change this holiday season. one major chain is shutting down on black friday. shutting down. telling shoppers skip the long lines and huge crowds and occasional fistfights. skipping black friday. who would do such a thing? part of a trend or a big mistake for one of the biggest sales days of the year? plus general motors is
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recalling more than a million cars because the engines could catch fire. the company already recalled most of those cars for the same problem and mechanics supposedly fixed them, but alas, not fixed. time for the cars to go back unless the engine catches on fire and you have to drag the driver out across the room. what then? jeb bush: this president, with all due respect, believes that america's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world
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when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. the president in chicago after speaking to the families of fallen police officers. including one shot and killed in new york city last week. he's at the nation's largest gathering of law enforcement leaders expecting to talk about chicago's high murder rate along for plans of criminal justice reform. let's listen live. >> story line that says when it comes to public safety, there's an us and a them.
12:21 pm
a narrative that too often gets served up to us by news stations seeking ratings or tweets seeking re-tweets or political candidates seeking some attention. i know that's shocking, but political candidates do that. because your work and your service really has helped make america safer than it's been in decades. and that's something for which every american should be proud. now that doesn't mean that things are perfect, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't have a serious and robust debate. over fairness in law enforcement. over our broader criminal justice system when it comes particularly to communities of color. i was just talking to chief barry before i came out and i know there was an outstanding discussion with the naacp.
12:22 pm
i've talked to enough chiefs and beat cops around the country to know you care about these issues. you want to do the right thing. and i know there are a few people -- there are few people that are more invested in declining crime rates than minority communities that so often historically have been underpoliced. they want more police presence in many of these communities, not less. and that's why i'm confident that in this debate, people of good will can and should find common ground. and many of you have shown that there are actions, specific actions we can take that will make a difference in moving us in that direction. now, first, we do need to get some facts established.
12:23 pm
so far, the data shows that overall, violent crime rates across the nation appear to be nearly as low as they were last year. and significantly lower than they were in previous decades. it is true that in some cities, including here in my hometown of chicago, gun violence and homicides have spiked and in some cases have spiked significantly. but the fact is is that so far at least across the nation, the data shows that we are still enjoying historically low rates of violent crime. moreover, over the past few
12:24 pm
years the number of police officers shot and killed in the line of duty has fallen to their lowest levels in decades. in fact, 2013 saw the fewest cops shot and killed in the line of duty since 1887. of course, each victim of crime is one too many. each fallen police officer is one too many. [ applause ] i've spoken to too many families of the fallen including right before i came out here. to not fully appreciate the pain and the hardship, the fear, that so many families go through because police officers are
12:25 pm
putting themselves in the line of fire. moreover because the spike in violent crime in a number of predominantly urban minority communities is real and deeply troubling, and i want to make it very clear this is not something that i just think of as being academic. i live on the south side of chicago, so my house is pretty close to some places where shootings take place. because that's real, we've got to get on top of it before it becomes an accelerating trend. that's why i've asked my outstanding attorney general, loretta lynch, a former prosecutor, to work aggressively with law enforcement and prosecutors and leaders in these communities to find out exactly why is this happening, and then target resources where they will have an impact.
12:26 pm
so for remainder of the time that i am in this office, and then as a private citizen, i will do everything that i can to encourage cooperation and work hard to make sure that the work that's being done by law enforcement is appreciated and supported. and than we maintain this incredible progress that we've made in terms of reducing crime. but in order for us to do that, we do have to stick with the facts. what we can't do is cherry pick data or use anecdotal evidence to drive policy or to feed political agendas. if we stick with the facts and maintain coordination across federal, state agencies we're going to continue the hard-fought progress you and have many law enforcement officers have made over the past
12:27 pm
two decades that saves lives and keeps families in tact. now, to maintain this progress, i've spent a lot of time this year with people of all backgrounds working to reform our criminal justice system, to think about how can we make it work better. i visited a prison in oklahoma. met with inmates and corrections officers. i just last week visited a community in west virginia and met with recovering substance abusers and those working on new solutions for treatment and rehabilitation. i've met with rank and file officers in the oval office. met with police chiefs in the white house. met with chiefs and rank and file officers in camden, new jersey. paid tribute to those who've fallen in the line of duty.
12:28 pm
and listen to families talk about what they're looking for in terms of support. and as i said in my state of the union address this year, i am convinced that progress comes together when we work together, and we work together best when we're willing to understand one another. when instead of having debates over talk radio, we stop and listen to each other so that we can empathize with the father who fears his son can't walk home without being mistaken for a criminal. >> the president's speech continues from chicago. and it will continue for you at streaming live there now. here, there's word that the president is considering a major escalation in the war against the islamic state. president obama has said repeatedly and at every opportunity the united states will not put boots on the ground in the middle of the civil war in syria. we will certainly not put them
12:29 pm
on the ground against isis because that's exactly what isis wants. it said so. so what are we doing now? considering putting boots on the ground. that would bring the united states much closer to, well, what isis wants. plus, an american hero who became a quadruple amputee in afghanistan. i spoke with the retired soldier about how he refuses to give up, and his new mission to motivate other veterans. he has a new book that's out today. you need to meet him. you need to read it. that's next. across america, people... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight.
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with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ...ask your doctor about... ...non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. more head looiclines from t news desk. rescue workers are traveling by donkey to reach the hardest hit areas of the earthquake that hit yesterday. killed 300 people in afghanistan and pakistan. the 7.5 damaged thousands of homes. even the taliban offering help. the los angeles county sheriffs office looking for the
12:32 pm
pilot of a drone that flew into power lines. witnesses in west hollywood told investigators they saw the drone hit the wires. the utility company reports it took out power to only 700 homes yesterday. and vice president -- i should say, and president obama today met with u.s. women's soccer team at the white house honoring the big world cup win this year. he said the women inspired millions of girls to dream bigger. in july the u.s. women's team took home its first world cup in 16 years with a huge win over japan. today they are with the president.
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dear isis, your wish is our command. isis, you said from the very beginning your quest for that caliphate what you want so badly, what isis really, really wants is to draw u.s. ground troops into the fight. today is your day. it's official. president obama is now considering u.s. ground forces into syria and closer to the front lines in iraq. in the battle against the islamic state. the move would mark a dramatic
12:35 pm
shift in u.s. strategy. this commander in chief would be putting boots on the ground for the first time in the war gre against isis, something he said from the very beginning america would not do. the "washington post" broke the story. a senior u.s. official now confirms it to fox news. that official says the proposed steps include putting a limited number, whatever that means, a limited number of special operations forces on the ground in syria. to work with those so-called moderate syrian rebels. and possibly the kurdish fighters who say they don't want us. president obama has repeatedly said he will not put boots on the ground in iraq and syria, but the air war against isis has failed to stop the group's bloody terror campaign. and now russia's military action there may have made the president reconsider. activists today said the islamic state murdered three hostages in the ancient city of palmyra by tieing them to some of the famous roman columns and blowing them up. now if isis gets really lucky,
12:36 pm
it will get some american troops to parade before the cameras for a sort of yesterworld snuff film. gabrielle is here. >> shep, secretary of defense ash carter testified on the hill today and did not say the u.s. would put troops on the ground in some respects to fight isis but certainly alluded to it. take a listen. >> we won't hold back from support ing capable partners against isil or missions directly whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground. >> by direct action on the ground, the proposal the white house is considering could place u.s. troops in the position to assist any potential operations by local forces to free ramadi from isis in iraq and take isis' self-proclaimed capital back in sere wra. meantime, secretary carter said the coalition would be stepping up air strikes with more hitting isis' oil infrastructure and
12:37 pm
high-value targets through improved intelligence. of course, the decision to have u.s. forces serve in some capacity like what we're talking about now would require president obama's approval and s shep, as you mentioned that would be a major policy change. >> we know talks are coming surrounding what to do about syria and how isis relates to it and heard a few minutes ago iran is going to be in those talks. >> right. the plot thickens, shep. you know, those talks are supposed to start back up on thursday. they involve the u.s., russia and diplomats from arab states as well as some european countries, and u.s. officials say that russia actually extended this invitation. now, this comes just a few days after the obama administration announced the delay of the planned troop withdrawal from afghanistan, and after we learned a u.s. special operations soldier died in a raid to free isis prisoners in iraq. a fox news national security expert tells me putin's actions in syria has shaken things up. >> all these things have been happening in the last several weeks.
12:38 pm
the united states caught flatfooted and really as if we had been not just pushed out of the middle east but dumbfounded about what our role was in the middle east, so i think what you're seeing in the last couple of days is an attempt by the administration to get back in the game. >> now, key point of contention will be what bashar al assad's role would be at the end of all this, shep. of course, russia and iran on completely opposite sides of the table from the u.s. on this. u.s. says assad must go. >> a proxy war. leah, thank you. you may have heard about travis mills, american hero. i met the retired soldier last week. on his third tour of combat duty in afghanistan, he set down his pack. it hit a bomb. it blew up. it blew off both of his legs and both of his arms. at the time travis mills was just about to turn 25 year s ol, with a wife and young daughter back home. he could have felt mighty sorry for himself. understandably. he could have just given up. of course, heroes don't do that.
12:39 pm
travis fought to recover. today he's a motivational speaker and advocate for veterans and amputees. as of this morning travis mills is also an author. he has a book out called "tough as they come." and he is. he's also hilarious. and a ham. i spoke to him about his book and his story. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> tell me how you decided to do this. tell me about this book. >> well, at walter reed, after being there a couple months and really trying to help people out with their situation, knowing what i went through and being that peer mentor as they called it, people heard my story, i was invited to go to boston where the bombing went off, talk to the patients there, people who were victims of the explosion. people got so much into my story, thought, let's write a book, inspire people. let people know because the way i look doesn't mean i'm a sob story. >> because you're handsome sm.
12:40 pm
>> appreciate it, i needed that today. i have no arms and legs. people can ask me anything they want to ask me. i'm open about everything. i'm thankful for the stage i have to tell people don't pity me, don't call me wounded. i'm just a guy with scars. pretty awesome scars. i travel around telling people you can still do things you want to do. i have a camp up in maine where i bring veterans like myself we go snowboarding, fishing, biking, boating, tubing, anything you want to do. join read this, you really get a sense of where my life hit a low point and it turned around. my wife after i told her to leave me, she stay ee ee eed by. >> you told her -- >> i'll give you all the money, take the house, everything, take our little girl at 6 months old, you don't have to put up with with this. she goes, that's now how this works. that's the turning point. if she can stay by my side, i'm going to get more independent and recover, the more independent i get the better off we are. >> you fell on a land mine.
12:41 pm
>> yeah, sat my bag down. about 110 pounds. and it blew -- >> 110-pound bag. >> full of ammunition, a little bit of water and stuff. it blew from my right side immediately right arm, right leg disintegrated, never found. severed artery. lost a lot of glove. right arm, muscle and tendon, they duct taped it to my thigh. the left hand was there. my ring and pinky finger were gone. i radioed, i hit a bomb. meds came running up to me. >> were you that casual? >> actually i was. at the end of the day i can't change the situation. i was conscious. my flight crew, ambulance, arrived at the operating table. started yelling at them, don't touch me, leave me alone. as they sat up, you need to go to sleep. my baby girl, i'll never hold her again. i had a 6-month-old at the time. when they took my pants off to
12:42 pm
operate on me, my leg went with it. became a triple amputee. two nurses pumped air into my lungs for nine hours straight. >> nine hours. >> nine hours straight pumping it. to stay alive. april 12th they cut my hand off. april 14th i woke up for the first time in germ nip my 25th birthday. to find out from my brother-in-law the extent of my injury. quadruple amputee. >> what did he say to you? >> the first thing, they asked if i knew my name. kept saying mills. like the movie "brave heart" getting louder. i said how are my soldiers? two guys got hurt with me. i knew that. i said, am i paralyze? no, you're not paralyzed. i looked at him, josh, can you tell me the truth? i can't feel my fingers and toes, am i paralyzed? he said you're not, you don't have your fingers and toes anymore. i went, oh. i was real quiet for a while. i didn't want to call my family. i was pretty embarrassed. >> you were embarrassed. >> i was embarrassed. let down. my family. you know, i wasn't good at my job, something -- they weren't supposed to get me ever. and took me a while to call my
12:43 pm
wife and mom and dad and everything and talk to them. i talked to them, very short, hey, i'm alive. that's it. >> how are you taking to this -- i mean, you're a hero. you're a huge american hero. you're a legendary hero. you lost so much for us and i just wonder if you're able to embrace that yet. >> i appreciate you saying i'm a hero, but i always tell people honestly i didn't do anything more than anybody else. i had a rough day at work. and i don't think my problems are more than anybody else. visually i look different. i get that. i put my pants on without my legs so i have a couple more steps in the morning. i don't hold anybody's problems lower than mine. my problems are on the same playing field. you could be going through something no one knows about. a mother-in-law, anything like that. i just think, like, anybody can really gain from this. it tells a great story of just, you know, before -- >> it tells a great story of a man who's tough as they come and that's the name of -- staff sergeant travis mills, now united states retired. "tough as they come." thousands have been wounded in the wars in iraq and
12:44 pm
afghanistan. five have survived quadruple amputee injuries. this is one soldier's story and it's amazing. >> fortunate to still be here. >> i'm so happy and honored to know you. i hope your brook is a huge success. >> left hand -- >> yeah, don't hurt me. >> i appreciate it. never. >> travis mills. >> thank you for having me. >> i wish everybody in this country could meet him. the world would be a better place. >> but reading "tough as they come" is the next best thing. it's out today. it's drop day. travis is in san diego right now. talking to some high school students or he would be live with us here today. travis mills, american hero. his book is "tough as they come." and you should get it. so washington sent in a destroyer near those islands that china is building out in the south china sea. what do you think china had to say about that? and what the u.s. secretary said about that. there's a lot, and it's ahead.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
.. >> it is all over the media and confirmed by everyone. if you come before this committee and say you won't comment on it? why? >> well, i'm not going to be coy with you. i don't like, in general, the idea of talking about our military operations. but what you read in the newspaper is accurate. but i don't want to say more than that. >> well, the reuters news agency reports that a chinese ship followed that destroyer as it was sailing near the island. this is international waters according to the united states. >> yes, the white house says the ship was operating in accordance
12:49 pm
with international law. this is the destroyer we are talking about. chinese officials say two of their ships issued warnings to this ship as it was near the island. these are the islands right next to the busiest shipping lane in the south china sea. this is a very important waterway. these islands, though, are essentially just reefs. and china has been expanding into the south china sea by dumping sand on the reef, then adding buildings, ports and in some cases airstrips. the vietnam and philippines say the spratly islands belong to it, but you can see there's a lot of activity. u.s. officials say they are worried china may be using the islands for military purposes. and this move from the u.s. shows we are really starting to push back. chinese officials have responded. they say that actions of the u.s. warships have threatened china's sovereignty and security interests, jeopardized the safety of personnel and
12:50 pm
facilities on the reef and damaged regional peace and stability. but again, the white house says everything is okay under international law. >> john, thank you. more trouble in the mideast. israeli officials fired tear gas after a wave of deadly attacks there. 20,000 israelis are suing facebook accusing that company of failing to crack down on, quote, palestinian terror, unquote. a rep from facebook tells the new york post newspaper that the lawsuit is without merit. meantime, the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says israel has launched a mobile app to allow people to immediately report attacks on security forces. meantime, there are so many refugees out there they can now compete in the olympics. no country required.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
nigative tribes from across the world are gathering for indigenous olympics. they hope to raise culture awareness through it and probably will. the opening ceremonies featured colorful dances and songs with people dressed up in their tribe's traditional costumes. 2,000 athletes from some of the world's oldest and most endangered civilizations including the united states are taking part in the event. here you can see a man playing a game of head football. that's when participants get on all fours to use their heads to move the ball around. other games include tug of rope
12:55 pm
and archery, not tug of peace. every athlete gets a medal no matter where they place in the games. hmm. that's because as one participant says, the events are more of a spiritual celebration than a competition really. the games wrap up next monday. meantime, there are now so many refugees trying to escape war and terrorism that those refugees will be able to try out for the 2016 summer olympics for the first time. that's according to the president of the international olympic committee. in the past refugees couldn't compete in the games because they didn't represent their home countries. now the ioc chief says the refue athletes will be welcomed by the olympic flag and anthem. he said he wants to spread hope through sports. the united nations reports there are about 20 million refugees worldwide. we'll be back with a nod to this day in history and an invention that has literally divided the world. literally. and a time when literally is
12:56 pm
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. just into fox news, a congressional panel just said they are starting the process of impeaching the head of the internal revenue service. john koskinen is accused of destroying evidence along with making false statements under oath. it all goes back to the controversy at the tax agency when he was accused of unfairly targeting conservative groups. more on "special report" tonight at 6:00 eastern. on this day in 1863 a farmer filed a patent for barbed wire. this gave farmers a cheep and easy way to keep livestock out west. it also was popular during world war i. the military lined the trenches with devil's rope to slow down enemy forces. today barbed wire surrounds prisons and military camps and construction sites after a farmer found a way to fence in
1:00 pm
the world 142 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world with neil cavuto" starts now on america's choice for news information. a very ugly hearing with the i.r.s. commissioner probably telegraphed what you just reported, shep. we are getting word that the man who overruns the house overnight government reform committee has issued a subpoena and introduced an impeachment process against the i.r.s. commissioner saying, and i quote, the commissioner violated the public trust. he failed to comply with congressionally subpoenaed documents that were destroyed on his watch and the public was consistently misled. impeachment is the appropriate troop to restore public confidence in the i.r.s. and protect the