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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 5, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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crashes his brand new $1.9 million ferrari. he accelerated too hard, lost control, 14r578d into three parked cars. nobody hurt except maybe the man's bank account. >> probably his ego, too. >> his pride. what a waste. thank you so much for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye, everybody. good morning to you. today is thursday, november 5th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. brand new evidence that a terrorist bomb brought down an airplane killing everyone on board. now the big question, was this a test run for new explosives invisible to the naked eye? meanwhile, quinten tarrantino doubles down on his thoughts on police brutality claiming white supremacy. this morning, law enforcement firing back. >> white supremacy? >> uh-huh. these kids have a message
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for donald trump. >> [ bleep ] you racist [ bleep ]. >> racist [ bleep ]. >> trump, you may be high in the polls. >> you're a racist. >> get the [ bleep ] out of my country. >> wow. the group that's using children to curse out donald trump, are those your kids? mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ okay. why are you in a car? >> remember last month we had a fella, giacomo hakeem drop by, and he measured us for a suit out of the back of the smart cars. the suits have arrived from italy. >> yes. >> and we're going to try them on. some of the swatches right
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there. this is the first time we've been doing the show for coming up on 20 years but to the extreme left, outside one more second, look screen left. do you see that black curtain? brian and i are actually going to be changing behind the black curtain. >> yes. >> here's the thing, it's a very windy day. >> will you need me to hold that curtain down or should i just let it flap? >> wait a minute. it just dawned on me, on the other side of this black curtain where we're going to be changing are windows. >> yes. >> so people inside the building -- >> i don't know about you, but i'm going to the second floor. >> our curtain budget isn't as high as we wanted. you might need a roof. >> did you see people moving on the second floor. >> they can look down, too! we have 57 floors. >> you have to shave your back. >> i have 20 minutes to get on it. great. finally, this is great training for a triathlon. at a triathlon we go for a change of clothes. >> you do. >> we can do this quickly.
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essentially this book a tailor, he's in front of your house and the next thing you know, you get a shirt. >> it's genius. >> a fox news alert. a united states official confirms a bomb likely sent a russian plane crashing to the ground. >> yeah. the big question is how do the explosives make it past airport security and was this a test flight for isis? >> we're live in the bureau with the latest. doug, good morning to you. >> good morning. we're still kind of going through reports here, but there are some indications that u.s. officials say that this, in fact, may have been a bomb that brought down this aircraft and that an isis affiliate operating within the sinai peninsula may have been involved in this. now that's as much as we know at this point other than the fact that this relies not just on physical evidence found at the ground there but also apparently on intercepted communication. that's what we know about at
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this point as this investigation continues, but it's a significant development really expanding the potential reach of isis if, in fact, they were involved in this. >> connect the dots for everybody here. why are they thinking a bomb? >> well t, it's very unusual to have an aircraft break up at high altitudes like this. one would imagine they're looking at some signs from the fuselage itself and the wreckage indicating that there may have been some kind of bomb planted on board and then the question becomes, okay, how did that bomb get on board. did it happen at the airport from an airport employee or was it done by a passenger? we just don't know at this point? >> i hear there are some reports of an american satellite that picked up infrared activity or heat around the russian passenger jet that killed 224. first they were thinking it was too high in the air to be a surface to air missile, something you could fire from your shoulder, but a bomb inside
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would really match up with what the satellite report says, correct? >> yeah. you think a surface to air missile would be 10,000 feet or below. this was significantly higher than that in altitude. that flash that was detected could be a number of things though. it could be simply an explosion the result of a fuel leak, for instance, or it could be a bomb. so some of this evidence may point in a number of different directions. it may be the degree to which you're able to get all of these things to corroborate a single story and potential plot of a bomber. >> thank you very much. some people are wondering whether or not this was a test run to see if they could get some new explosive in or was it an airport person, baggage handler who did it. isis has claimed responsibility. they said we brought it down, we're under no obligation to explain how it came down. which is kind of cagey because either they did do it or they're taking credit for it and they simply don't want to reveal it.
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>> they followed up with a message saying, prove we did it. really doubling down on their comments there. >> british intelligence thinks something's going on there. they stopped all flights to the region. they wouldn't do that prematurely. they're looking at the black boxes. >> there is intel that seems to suggest something bad happened. >> heartbreaking for the 224 families. heather nauer joins us this morning always with a smile. with some heavy headlines. >> yes, but we do have great news to bring you. let's start off with the serious story coming out of chicago area. the police officer whose shooting death sparked a massive manhunt carefully staged his own death. listen. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal. the investigation found gliniewicz had been stealing and laundering money. >> police say lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz made his death look like a homicide after stealing thousands of dollars and allegedly using that money
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on vacations, gym memberships, even adult websites. there's also word coming out of the area this morning that his wife and a son are also under investigation. well, the man who's accused of attacking american hero air man spencer stone is now under arrest this morning. james tran, you can see him right there, accused of stabbing stone outside of a nightclub in sacramento. there's surveillance video. that's, of course, when he and two friends stopped a gunman on a train headed for paris. well, does the ferguson effect exist? the head of the dea says, yes, absolutely. chuck rosenberg now speaking out saying officers are becoming less aggressive because of increased scrutiny. police chiefs telling him that they are worried they will become the next viral video. last week fbi director james comey says a chilly wind is blowing through law enforcement. the stars were shining
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bright in nashville for the 49th annual country music awards. check it out. ♪ ♪ >> super start like brine taking home t -- luke bryan taking down the best artist of the year and taking the stage was justin timberlake. ♪ ♪ >> fantastic. the host carrie underwood. addressing the elephant in the room, blake shelton, miranda lambert's divorce. >> we can't ignore the breakup that rocked our world. kermit and miss piggy, we love you both. >> on a completely unrelated topic, who you hhowdy blake. >> shelton and gwen stefani are
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confirming they're a couple. >> two mentors getting together. >> i guess so on "the voice". >> i had no idea miss piggy and kermit broke up. thank you very much. i got my entertainment news from cma. >> of course. let's talk about this. you know ten days quinten t tarrantino is talking about police brutality. he said it's from white supremacy. >> excuse me. >> white supremacy, the reason there's police brutality. he's also surprised the backlash. listen to this. >> i was surprised. i was under the impression i was an american and that i had first amendment rights and there was no problem with me going to an
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antipolice brutality protest and speaking my mind. just because i was an at antipolice brutality protest doesn't mean i'm antipolice. they would rather -- they would rather start arguments with celebrities than examine the concerns put before them by a citizenry that has lost trust in them. >> first of all, he does have the right. >> sure. >> otherwise he would have been in handcuffs at the end of his comments there. he also has the right to say what he wants to say and everyone has an opinion about it. he seemed to be annoying the nation. >> megyn kelly was spoken to last night and the gentleman said this. >> he has the right to spout all of this ridiculousness. >> correct. >> it's my first amendment right to not go to that movie and every other movie but his. i have a strong feeling cops aren't going to go. we are a tough breed. sticks and stones and bullets can hurt us, but his words, they
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just irritate everyone. >> they motivate him. he went on to say about the boycott. they can call for a boycott in philadelphia, chicago, illinois, new york, nassau county is on board, too, but it doesn't mean the cops will respond. oh, yes it does. >> sure. >> if there's anybody prepared to respond in unison, have you seen the way cops rally for people they've never meant. >> or their families. >> they went over to africa to bury a slain officer who died trying to bury a slain officer who was chasing down a bicycle thief. donald trump will be hosting "saturday night live." ay latino group is offering somebody $5,000 in the audience if they get up and call him a racist. there he is when he was hosting back in 2004. who is this outfit, this activist group support racism,
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they've just released an ad using pint-sized protestor hurling every dirty word in the book at donald trump. listen. >> donald trump, get out of my country using offensive words. >> here's a few of our own. >> [ bleep ] you racist [ bleep ]. >> i'm ricardo. my friends call me rick but you keep calling me anger baby? >> wow. racist [ bleep ]. >> trump, you may be high in the polls. >> take your racist words. >> but you have to come through me. >> if you like our constitution and what it stands for, get the [ bleep ] out of my country. >> oh, my. >> where are the parents? who would ever okay your kid to be in that ad? >> i understand, most people do, some frustration and disagreement with some of the comments that mr. trump may have made. whether you feel about him in a great way or you don't or whether you're someone that is latino and feels the way that
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these kids are expressing to youth kids in this way really undermines any point that you're trying to make. i feel so bad for them because they -- they are now going to be the face of this movement and with this language, i just feel bad for them. i feel bad that they didn't have the guidance of adults to say, i'm not going to have my child used with this language. >> so you feel as if the kids are being used as props? i think this is ultimately going to back fire. >> it is. >> back up with what trump said. >> the message to the kids are not sympathetic in that. i think for the most part that particular group does not speak for most latinos. >> no. >> i don't think they would approve of this particular mode of putting that out. >> these are a small portion of radical groups who want to go after me and they're democrats anyway. that's why he's winning with hispanics in nevada. that's what he's saying. >> i bet those are good, good kids. i feel bad these are good kids being used by grown ups. it doesn't matter what the
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onion line gamers, steve russell is pointing out the ten ways the government is wasting your tax dollars. the oklahoma congressman is joining us. this list, let's go over it. to try to make sense of it if you could. the department of transportation subsidizing street car transit to the tune of $432 million. can you explain? >> no, i can't. in fact, these are things that municipalities can pay for. we need roads and bridges and critical infrastructure for the defense of our country, just for our commerce, and now they want to have these nice to haves. the ridership is low, the expense is exorbitant. another $7,000 for the a port that never got used. now it's been turned over to a wedding company. these are taxpayers' hard-earned dollars and the madness has to stop. >> you've picked up where senator coburn. contractor finishes a military
3:19 am
warehouse two years too late and it costs us $14.7 million. how long does it take to build an empty house? >> well, the sad thing was the contract was no longer needed but yet they built it anyway. >> where was it? >> it was something -- this was in dan hakandahar and it could been built for half of that if it was needed. $15 million later of your hard-earned tax dollars. >> is it because we're dealing with the afghans or because when americans go over there everything gets askew because no one's looking over their shoulder? >> i think we've become immune to dollar figures and we absolutely have to have accountability. we have to do audits. we have to continue to find this waste. the reason we're doing the waste watches quarterly is so we can move legislation on the floor or in the defense authorizations. >> the department of transportation subsidized a huge ritzy public dock facility to
3:20 am
attract cruise ships to detroit instead it was used for private weddings and party boats. >> well, it was not being utilized. they were trying to find a way to see the project. why do these things ever get granted or approved? this is the breakdown. our agencies are absolutely out of control. >> you know, everyone is fighting to get the pentagon fully funded to defend our country. it's hard to rationalize when this money is being wasted and a military guy can get behind it. i hope you're able to do it, congressman. >> we're working hard on it. our brother and sister warriors out there are fighting and they need implements but they don't need waste to this tune and neither do the taxpayers. >> thanks for this. we appreciate it. >> you bet, brian. kate's law was about to get passed but one senator stood in its way. so, who was it? that story next. the huge gray area between a
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24 minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday. quick look at some headlines. senate democratic leader harry reid refuses to allow a vote on kate's law. the legislation of course creating tougher penalties for illegals who return to the united states after being deported. it's named for kate steinle who was killed. the white house is hinting at using an executive order to
3:25 am
close the prison at gitmo. >> we would like to work with congress if we can. if congress refuses i wouldn't rule them out using everything they can and they refuse to work constructively with congress. >> a new plan for closing gitmo will be unveiled in the next few days. >> thanks, steve. do you suffer from mommy brain, that loss of focus and concentration that makes it tough to get through the day. here with natural remedies that are fun for the whole family is the author of "the new york times" best seller "the brain fog fix." doctor, the last time you were here, you said blueberries, a shot of tumeric and black pepper. >> yes. >> that was for individuals. we're seeing an increase in dementia related illness mental
3:26 am
fog. now you're here with eye december for the whole family. i have three kids. tim and i are home. what if we're all foggy? what are we supposed to do? what are your fixes today? >> very common. i have a whole chapter called mommy brain. i brought in simple fixes that you can use every day. >> is there a real thing, first of all, mommy brain? >> it is a real thing. >> okay. >> what's happening in the brain is the brain is reprioritizing. you may be not as good on a spreadsheet but you may be better at other things, more emotional things. this first little game, this is a great game. this helps 80-year-olds retain their memories. you can make this for kids. this helps kids be less fidgety. it can make them smarter. it can help mom. remember that childhood game concentration? >> yes. >> you make your own. you have two squares, two circles. you can make this with anything. you can use family photos. all of a sudden you're making homemade games you and your kids can play. you can make them harder and
3:27 am
harder. >> you're trying to find matches? >> yes. >> recall. >> we can go 2, 3, you can make it harder and harder and get the kids involved. >> meditation is important for kids, too? >> it really is. in studies in ucla they're using mindfulness training. these are my meditation bells. i teach classes. i want to give parents a good strategy. it's hard for kids to sit for a long time. put on your iphone timer, two minutes, then go to three minutes, and you can also sit with your kids and give them a prize at the end. >> motivate them? >> motivate them. whoever can sit can pick what you have as a dinner. >> fish? >> yes. so many women, i think they got scared of mercury, right? >> yes. >> in my book i have a list of foods and fish that are high in omega 3s and the least amount of mercury. moms who eat less fish have
3:28 am
lower iq scores. two fish are fame raised arctic char, farm raised rainbow trout in addition to wild salmon. some fish can actually do wonders for the developing child brain and the mommy brain as well. >> you say go on a hike and bring in religion or something spiritual. >> younger people are becoming less and less religious, but it's so important. i have a bible here. i myself attend church. i also like to hike. being in nature or being religious can actually calm the brain. kids are now spending more time in media than they are sleeping. they're only spending 15 minutes a day outside. isn't that crazy? >> i take the kids on a hike and they seemed settled. i thought that would rev them up. >> it calms them. you are better with creative problem solving. it's amazing natural strategies can help the mommy brain, daddy brain, child brain. >> "the brain fog fix," dr. mike zhou. >> coming up, the phone call is
3:29 am
shocking. a debt collector calling a teacher's school. >> how would the principal feel if somebody came up there and pulled her out because she's under investigation in front of those students? >> is that legal? what you need to know. last month we got fitted for suits, the guys did. this guy was actually selling the suits right out of the trunk of his car. this morning the suits are in and steve and brian are about to reveal the final product. first, happy birthday to brian adams. he's 56 years old today. ♪ you told me that you'd wait forever ♪ ♪ when you held my hand i knew that it was now or never ♪ ♪ those were the best days of my life ♪
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remember this a couple of weeks ago right out here on the plaza brian and i got measured by book a tailor, a company that sells custom suits from a trunk of a fleet of cars in new york city. >> one of the things you should do and everyone talks to you about it. this morning the wait is finally over. our suits are back from italy. the measurements have been confirmed. the ceo is here. giacomo hakeem is here to deliver the final product. he came to our house. he found where we were and you booked us a suit. this is book a tailor. congratulations. >> thank you. >> giacomo, the guys are going to get undressed and get into the suit. hand them their suits. >> take a good look. >> we're going to get dressed this the dressing room. >> we're going to get dressed behind this black curtain. on the other side of the black curtain is a window to the greenroom. the people in the greenroom, much like in an aquarium, will watch brian and i get dressed. >> i'm also worried about people looking down from the 26th flight. >> while they're in there
3:34 am
changing -- >> giacomo, let me ask you this. how does the process work? how can someone find book a tailor and start this process which steve and brian are enjoying? >> they can go online to book a and request the tailor to come to them. we launched an app. you can see where the cars are. you can book a tailor, the same way as book an uber. the smart tailor will show up and it's as simple as that. >> what's the turnaround time for one suit? >> four weeks. we can turn it over quicker than that. >> the suit is here and it brings it back to you? >> it can bring it back to you. >> people in the greenroom are looking at us. >> what are they seeing right now? how's the progress? do you need me to take any of your clothes. >> we've got a tie. giacomo, let me ask you this. the guys, they picked their patterns. >> exactly. >> they selected the pattern, the color. literally --
3:35 am
>> thank you. thank you. >> what i'm used to, picking up laundry. got it. >> i've got a vest. i can't believe i have a vest. >> happy days. >> he wears a vest on the he has to change. >> the vest came from italy. >> brian, do you have -- >> anything else in there i need to take? i'm not looking. >> hold on. hold on, hold on. thank you, elisabeth. >> jackgiacomo, do you find thae people created a suit of their own, they're excited? >> they love it. they're their own designer. >> it's fun. what is the price range, if someone says i can get into a suit for -- >> $450. >> how much? >> $450. >> is it fitting well? we're sitting out here dying to see how it looks. >> i think it's the wrong color. >> this is his new -- >> this is the new -- >> this is the new --
3:36 am
>> get dressed. it's a morning show, my goodness. >> so, giacomo, did the guys suggest anything that you would say, h'm, this won't work together? >> no, it worked out what they wanted. >> they had good taste? >> they had good taste. >> hi there, how are you. this car comes and if you want to take a look -- oh, my goodness me. i'm going to have to do some laundry is all i have to say. you're right here in the car. if you want to take a look at this while the guys are changing -- >> it's amazing. by the way, the best part about it is that this opportunity is available in almost every city. we have agents contacting us that want to start this. >> you do the shirts as well? >> shirts, everything. what's the big deal about a custom shirt? he can walk in the store and get one. >> he can't find the right size in the store and it costs way more money. >> we make it better. >> and it fits so well. >> fits like a glove. >> i want to see how this fits like a glove. boys, are you ready?
3:37 am
>> i'm trying to help him with his pants. >> this is a very familiar feeling. are you guys ready yet? >> the people in the greenroom are getting out dollar bills. >> if you don't come out, i'm coming in. >> are you ready for the unveil? >> yes. >> ladies and gentleman, book a tailor, brian and steve, 2016. >> all right. >> wow! >> wow! okay, brian, steve, how do you feel? >> i feel all italian. >> i feel like i've left my irish behind. >> you look good. >> these are not the regular kind of suits we normally wear. we've got skinny pants. >> finally people will see my quads. >> can i just say, i feel like we've -- i feel like we see your shape. >> right. >> you look good. >> is it a good feeling? >> i like it. i think you look handsome. >> ted, come here. i'm going to show you. the whole time we were getting dressed. take a look at who was looking at us. these are the guys in the greenroom waiting to go on. these are the people who watched
3:38 am
us get dressed. good morning! did you enjoy the show? >> who would put a dressing room in front of a show. how crazy is that? >> it's like a two-way mirror. this is how they caught you shoplifting at macy's. >> you have this custom suit. i was talking to giacomo about how a custom shirt feels? >> oh, yes. it has a little bit of stretchiness to it. >> look at this, what would you call this style? >> it's a modern look right now. you have a peak lapel. >> beautiful. >> i have a nice lapel. monogram. >> monograms on your sleeve. >> right. >> there's my sleeve. >> inside your jacket. if you open it up, it says your name. >> on the garment bag you've got my -- this is brian's information right there. so that if he were to order another suit, all you have to do is push a button. >> you're already measured.
3:39 am
the suits look great. i want everybody to know what you think about this. you can go to >> should we wear these suits the rest of the program? >> let us know. >> or should we -- >> i think, yes. >> yes. >> so handsome. >> how great they look. >> by the way, before we go -- >> my mother. my mother. >> here's your mother and she's actually wearing a -- what's your name? >> dahlia. >> dahlia. this is not only for men but they also have a lady's line, right? >> by giacomo. >> it is beautiful. >> he made this for me. the first suit made for women. >> so nice to meet you in person. >> i'm going to do a helicopter mom in sports but not like in tailoring. >> they're reporting us for indecent exposure. >> do they not look so handsome? >> so handsome. >> is everybody impressed? >> absolutely. >> heather says you look great.
3:40 am
>> right. >> she's going to do some headlines and then -- >> giacomo -- >> i think the hot police are coming to take them away now. 39 minutes after the hour. they look great. we have some shocking video to bring you this morning. a serious story outside of arizona. a vicious attack inside a maximum security prison in arizona. 30 in345i9s brutally beat seven officers. the inmates got upcity set that the officers were walking through the tables. well, one officer was severely hurt and did not return to work after. one female officer was also injured. the feds are cracking down on those illegal debt collectors. the ftc is launching what it calls operation collection protection. it's aimed to find and shut down some of the predatory debt collectors who threaten consumers lives or tell them
3:41 am
they'll go to jail if they don't pay up. a collector tried to get ahold of a woman at her job at a school which, by the way, is illegal. listen to this. >> how would the principal feel if somebody came up there and pulled her out because she's under investigation for bank fraud. >> you're not going to make threats. >> i'm not, i'm not. if you perceive that as a threat you're a shallow individual because it has nothing to do with you. i'm stating to you facts. >> four debt collection companies have already been shut down for using abusive tactics like that. lawmakers banning answers after a new report shows disturbing problems out of the va. thousands of employees, many under internal investigation, are getting paid even though they're not working, some of them for more than a year. the va cannot explain why. the tab adds up to more than $23 million. now the senate judiciary committee wants explanations
3:42 am
behind each extended paid leave. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in just a bit. there's also this. while they make their way back in, i'll tell you what's coming up. are you dreading going to work this morning? you don't have to. how to love your next workplace or your workplace, rather, not your next one. hundreds protesting against donald trump's appearance on "saturday night live", but judge napolitano says this is a great idea. he's here to explain. pete, let's dance. let's go dancing. ♪ ♪
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and my brother ray and i started searching for answers.
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live from new york, it's another protest. this time hispanic groups gathered in front of "30 rock" urging "saturday night live" to dump donald trump as the guest host of this week's show, but our next guest said the combination of free speech and comedy is exactly what makes america great. judge andrew napolitano joins us live. i caught a glimpse of myself without a neck tie. i feel a little naked right now. >> you look -- >> it's a good look. >> -- sort of unique. >> first time i can ever remember where somebody running for president wasn't just on "saturday night live", they hosted "saturday night live." >> you know, whatever you think of his politics, whatever you think of his injection of his personality into the public discourse, he is hilarious and has a terrific sense of humor. >> yeah. >> and humor and satire are
3:47 am
absolutely protected speech. they go all the way back to the time of the revolution when the colonists used to make fun of the king, and in order to preserve that right for future generations, the first amendment was written with broad language. congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, all kinds of speech, particularly speech about government, particularly speech about politicians, and in this case especially mocking and sardonic speech. >> back when they wrote the constitution and other things that are bedrock, there were no broadcasters. it was in the last century where they came up with equal time. if donald trump appears on "saturday night live" for 90 minutes is nbc obligated to give everybody that? >> no. no. nbc is not obligated to do that. public pressure eventually makes these things equalized. i don't know who does this. we see them in our e-mails every week. how many hours donald trump was on, how many hours ben carson, carly fiorina, not just fox but
3:48 am
on all the networks. >> sure. >> that has a way of balancing itself out. but the concept of equal time doesn't exist anymore. if he can grab 90 minutes for himself even though it's late at night but it's the time of the late night when a lot of people watch, good for him. >> sure. we've got a couple of clips we want to show you. first one is nbc released this promo of the upcoming appearance of donald trump. they have since pulled it. they've put something else up. it's not available for you to watch. we've got a copy. watch this. >> donald has promised that for the whole show he's not going to brag or say he's the best at anything, right, donaldonald? >> that's right, sesily. >> you just said it. >> what can i say? i'm the absolute best. what can i say? >> because of equal time rules for television, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> let me just say this, ben carson is a complete and total
3:49 am
loser. >> so they put that off and nbc has since taken that down. they put up another one talking about ben carson. you wanted to show one clip from i think it was 2008? >> yes. this is a very famous one from alex baldwin and sarah palin. watch this. >> i need to talk to you. you can't let tina go out there with that woman. she goes against everything we stand for. i mean, good lord. they call her-what's that name they call her, cara, what do they call her, tina? >> caribou barbie. >> thank you, tina. >> he was acting as if sarah palin, the real sarah palin was tina fey who played sarah palin on "saturday night live." >> next to them was their boss, lauren michaels. he was making that liberal argument how can you let the crazy woman go on air? can you call her crazy? can you mock her to the core? absolutely. it's one of the great things about america. say whatever you want.
3:50 am
i'm sure people may get in trouble because the government can't interfere with your speech. parents can interfere. >> absolutely. >> teachers can interfere, bosses can interfere, but not the government. >> whether somebody likes donald trump or hates him, which this deport racism group is going to pay somebody $5,000 to say you're a racist, donald trump, during the show, you're saying what he does is absolutely great for america? >> it's great for america and great for freedom of speech. their ratings will be through the roof. >> absolutely. judge, thank you very much. >> you look fabulous. >> i feel like i should be asking somebody about bottle service. all right. thanks, guys. coming up, mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most honest of them all? america has spoken. most honest candidate was just named -- we're going to share that with you. and he's one of the greatest turn arnz in enveloounds in nfl
3:51 am
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3:52 am
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3:54 am
one of the most remarkable coaches in the nfl history. he brought the falcons to the most winning estd coach. >> now he is turning lessons from victory to defeat for anyone wanting to build a winning team. went into the locker room with mike smith and his co-author, john gordon. we thank you both for being here. let me ask you, coach, you know winning really well. >> yes. >> how can you create a great team to deal with a loss?
3:55 am
>> you have to be consistent. i think it's very important whether you have defeats, you got to be just the same person as you were when you win. i think it's a very important. >> it's always amazing about your book. you walked in there and first thing did you whethn you took or the falcons is michael vick going to prison, you have to take over a team that is in shamables. you start with the front office. pr people. why, coach? >> well, i think it's important that you involve everybody in the organization. it's just not the locker room. it's not just the 53 players. and john and i had an opportunity to talk before i took the job. and i've known john for many, many years. we knew that the culture in that building was not the type of culture that you want to have that is conducive to winning. we wanted to get everyone involved. >> you talk about seven themes to building a winning team. if they want to build one, culture is ultimately very important. you also say care.
3:56 am
caring is a strategy. >> right. you have to care more. great leaders and great teams and organizations, they care more. i was with the pittsburgh pirates and talking to the team. how many of you believe you can work harder than you already are? every guy raised their hand. we talked about it. to work harder, you have to care more. if you care more, you'll put in the time, effort, focus and passion to be your best. >> here's what stands out about the book. you don't just talk about the wins, but the two seasons that you lost. what did you do wrong? >> well, i think that the first thing is the communication was not at the level that it was in the previous five years. >> you blame yourself? >> absolutely i blame myself. as the head football coach, you're the one that's responsible. you got to look back and evaluate why you made the mistakes that you did. >> accountability? >> absolutely. >> if you want to change your life, home, company, pick up this book. quick, concise and to the point. >> coming up straight ahead -- >> do you keep your money separate from your husband?
3:57 am
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preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. good morning to you. grand new information about what brought down that russian plane. the big question this morning, have terrorists built a bomb that airport security cannot detect? >> that's a big question. mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most honest of them all? america has spoken. the most honest candidate was just named. i have permission to share it. men, are you better off keeping your finances a secret from your wife? what's the deal with this neck tie? does it work? >> i'd take it off, yeah. >> mornings sometimes are better without a tie. >> let's take it off.
4:01 am
>> all right. we look a little different this morning. why? because just about a half hour ago if you missed the show, you missed this. >> brian and steve 2016. >> wow! wow! >> okay. how do you feel? >> i field old italian. >> so here's the deal. book a taylor said we're going to take your measurements. we're going to come you to and give you a suit. we said no way can you do that? what business functions like that? sure enough, they took our measurements and made us suits. >> these are custom shirts and suits and pocket squares. >> they popped open the back of the smart cars and swatches and measured us. >> they have an app where you can track the progress.
4:02 am
you can book them on the website. >> like uber? >> yes. >> i find you look both handsome. you look like male models. great suits. >> finally. >> i would get one for my husband, she says. >> look at this. robin adding this you look awesome in your new suits. keep them on. >> take them off. >> i just heard from my friend eileen hanson out in pennsylvania said they look great. my wife sent me this text. >> i was going to ask you that. zbh sleeves look tight. athletes do that to look more muscular. >> she's right. >> can you see your biceps in these. >> they're skinny pants, too. i mean, i haven't worn straight jeans like that since the '60s. >> my pants haven't had a breath in 45 minutes. >> whether is the last time you change yurd suit snil. >> 1976. >> i went from leisure right to that's it. i wore a leisure suit.
4:03 am
mom put the silk shirts and ties away. should we wear a tie with that type color? >> i don't know if this is the right tie. e-mail us, tweet us. should i wear the tie or the "satday night live" -- sat night fever version. >> or how about this. saturday night fever to someone who is posting "saturday night live." we have a new fox news poll out that says donald trump still is holding the lead. most likely the candidate to beat hillary. but we asked here at fox news, who is most honest and trustworthy and 60% of you said dr. ben carson. >> by a mile. >> and then the other candidates are between carson and trump. and the problem for hillary clin clinton, look at that. she's simply not trustworthy to a majority of the country. meanwhile, here's the part of the fox news quiz -- poll that
4:04 am
donald trump should at the fox business network debate really, you know, announce wildly. when asked among registered voters, who are the candidates that are the most qualified to handle the economy? look at. this donald trump -- what is that, 32 points ahead of ted cruz, ben carson, marco rubio, jeb bush. >> this is important. the economy is first and foremost on everyone's mind, particularly heading into the fox business debate which is a big debate advantage for donald trump moving in there knowing that this is top on everyone's mind. he is top on that poll. >> the cnbc poll should have been about the economy. the other is are you a comic book character? we know about what happened. there is no reason going through it again. it's stunning to see that disparity. when you have governor kasich who helped balance the national budget, he must be so frustrated to be so low in terms of the
4:05 am
quali quality of the economic knowledge and background. honesty, no one in the country is even close to ben carson. he captured america with his candor and honesty which really is the exact, you know, thoroughly explains why he's so high in the polls. >> when you look at the horse race just who you like with republicans, donald trump in the new fox poll is number one. when you combine him with ben carson, what you got is a majority of americans are for the outsider candidate. and then everybody else follows them. >> i think the trust numbers are the most important. >> the trust numbers? >> yeah, i do. >> that's why people in the hillary clinton camp have players going up around the brooklyn headquarters. there is one thing to win the nomination against a 74-year-old socialist and another about winning the general lection. if you look at the democratic side, the only person to win for democrats over the last eight years has been barack obama. the rest has been a disaster. and she failed mizerbly whether going for the nomination
4:06 am
earlier. >> would you hire somebody that you didn't trust? you know, that you didn't trust at all? >> take a look at mainstream media though. after her appearance before benghazi, the committee, the mainstream media said she completed best ten days of her campaign. she's through the woods and going to be fine. >> you look at that number. it's like how do you get elected when three quarters of the country doesn't trust you? or two-thirds. >> and on the debate, there is news. it's not going to be ten people on the stage. somebody could be dropping down off the main stage is governor chris christie depending on the last poll that fox chooses to use in the calculus. >> bobby jindal may be lost off the second tier. >> man. things are thing out. meanwhile, we have a fox news alert. a u.s. official confirms a bomb likely took that russian jetliner out of the sky causing it to crash right there. >> the big question is how did explosives make it past airport security and was this simply a
4:07 am
test flight for isis? >> yeah, what are the latest theories? we have our reporter in jerusalem where getting to the black box is paramount. hey, connor. >> there are still a lot of unanswered questions. even with this american statement that this was likely a bomb, it doesn't answer much in the way of questions. russian and egyptian officials dismissing the uk and american claim that there was likely a bomb that brought down this flight. yesterday the uk suspended all flights because of the fear that there was a bomb a few hours later. american intelligence officials telling fox news that there is mounting evidence that there was likely a bomb. right now according to both american and british officials, isis is the leading suspect. have a listen. >> other information and including secret intelligence
4:08 am
nfc that nfction that we have. >> pun point of information is there was audio intercept from a group affiliated or isis linked in egypt claiming to want to put a bomb on an airplane. that is the main driver of this intelligence leading to u.s. and british authorities saying there was likely a bomb on the plane. one problem right now though, authorities are doing the investigation aren't finding a lot in the way of bomb residue. at least what they're saying publicly. and there are inconsistencies with a bomb at the plane as well raising further questions. and that's part of the reason why american and british officials are hedging bets. there are different theories floating around about how a bomb could have got on the plane.
4:09 am
this is information we are still looking for. we're five days past this potential terrorist act. generally this type information would already be out there. right now we don't have the information. >> are officials unable to ask us for help? >> there are egyptian, russian, and irish officials part of this. the irish we heard almost nothing from. the plane was registered in ireland. the crash, obviously, took place in egypt. it was a russian plane. so that's who's running it. one thing we know is that american and british officials aren't really part of this investigation. so that does sort of hinder american's intelligence gathering ability to have concrete information. both the russians and egyptians have political reasons to want to push away from terrorism. obviously the president doesn't want to acknowledge that isis has a significant presence and it could be possible for launching this attack. and also the russians don't want
4:10 am
to acknowledge terrorism either. so there are politics in this as well. but there is obviously this bigamistry, why did this plane crash? >> 244 lives and passengers, thanks for that update. >> let's start out with news here at home. good morning you to all. the police officer whose shooting death sparked a massive man hunt north of chicago. we're told carefully staged his own death. listen. >> he committed the ultimate betrayal. the investigation found glen owe wits had been stealing and laundering money from the police explorer post. >> police say that lieutenant charles joseph glen owe wits made his death look like a murder after he stole thousands of dollars and used that money for vacations, gym memberships and adult web sites. now there is word this morning that his wife and his son are under investigation. we'll watch that story. >> a hispanic group is offering
4:11 am
$5,000 if someone heckles donald trump during his "saturday night live" appearance this weekend. they want someone to shout out deport racism or trump is racist. this is dozens of protesters rallied outside nbc studio demanding that snl dump him as the host. they say that nbc is endorsing what they call racist beliefs by letting him host the show. quinlt entarantino is saying that police brutality is a part of white sesupremacy. >> i made statement as long the way that suggested that i'm on their side when it comes this issue. >> okay. there you have it. police unions across the country boycotting his upcoming movie. and those are your headlines. let's head it back over to you.
4:12 am
>> i was asking all morning, heather, when it comes to couples, what kind of couples? how long you been married? do you have separate accounts? >> yesterday i did an interview with rachael cruz. this is what she said about -- in fact, let's not talk about it. rachael cruz, its financial expert, she said you should merge bank accounts. it makes everybody accountable. >> she did. >> you know what, brian? right now we're on the streets of new york city. look, folks from lubbock, texas. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let me ask you this. when you got married, did you think to yourself, i'm going keep my account separate from joyce's? >> she didn't have one then, just me. >> is that right? >> right. i wasn't working. >> over the years we've had different accounts. i pay the bills, she had the finance money. >> the fun money. >> what does that mean? >> going out to eat, movies that, sort of thing. >> all right. so you pool your money. >> pool your money. >> but it's then hard to hide things you do, right? >> yes.
4:13 am
>> how do you launder money at your house? >> we don't really. >> of course that's what he's going to say in front of us. i can't reveal their technique. meanwhile, we got some folks over here from missouri. what's your name? >> joe. >> margaret. >> and they, obviously, celebrating the kansas city royals. >> yes! >> so do you do -- you know, a lot of people keep the money separate, you know, i got my money. she's got her money. what do you think about that approach? >> it may work for some people but not for us. >> why not? >> well, just we've always just shared our money. his money is my money. my money is his money. >> very good. there are some people that like to keep secrets when they're married. that's a recipe for disaster. >> absolutely. >> elizabeth and brian, the people we talk to, all from out of town, and they say they keep the money together. just like we do at the ducy house. >> and at my house. >> let's find out how much you
4:14 am
both have together and we'll announce that later. coming up straight ahead, a political outsider made history. we'll ask the governor of kentucky some questions.
4:15 am
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4:18 am
well, in kentucky, a stunning election victory. republican businessman and tea party favorite matt bevin wins the governor race becoming the second republican grofrn in four decades in the bluegrass state. >> there is the opportunity for kentucky to be a beacon to the nation, the values that we hold, the principles that we hold, the work ethic that we hold, the high road that we will take. this will change the tenor of what happens in the 2016 race. >> kentucky governor elect matt bevin joins thus morning. it's his first television interview since his amazing victory. thank you for joining us. historic it was with your victory. some say all politics is local. what message do you believe your victory sends for the presidential election season of 2016 moving forward? >> i think the issues matter at the end of the day. the issues matter. you can wrap in all the hype and high penitentiarybly and the fizzle that you want.
4:19 am
but ultimately, there needs to be state there. we stuck to issues. we talked about the economy. we talked about the government programs that while they make you feel good, you have to be able to pay for them. shope a powerful, powerful thing. i think this message resonated with the voters of kentucky. i think it's the same message that will resonate with folks in 2016. >> i think you're right about that. kim davis, huge news story in terms of gay marriage. do you believe that had influence on your election? >> it certainly became topical but then untopical in the final weeks as well. during the summer, it was very much topical around the world. this entire race around the world was executed on fiscal and economic issues my blue print never touched on social issues at all. i'm a socially conservative person and fiscally conservative
4:20 am
person. but my intent was to always talk about the economic issues. that's what we did. then for a period of time, all we talked about is social issues. we got back toward the end of talking about primarily economic but some social. it influenced people's thinking to what degree, i'll leave it to the pundits. >> for the locals watching, are you going to follow-through with your plan to dismantle connect? that's the state's health insurance plan? >> oh, my goodness, yeah. if those that did not follow me closely enough to figure out i made very, very few promises. i made very few claims. the things i said i was going to do, i'm going to do. no question about it, yes. zbh governor, thank you for your time right here today. historic victory for you and message to the nation moving into 2016. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> now this coming up. it's the one food you can absolutely not give your kid. it's a matter of life or death. you're not going to want to miss that coming up. so much for good grades, now you can get a pot scholarship. we're going to explain. that hi i'm heather cox
4:21 am
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4:24 am
. okay. you voted for the no tie look. first, $339 billion that the debt accumulated by america on tuesday. a one day record. the spike coming from the budget deal pass bid congress in the middle of the night. so where is all that money going? well, 23 million of it went to federal employees who are getting paid not to work. according to a new report mshgs are within the va. or 14.7 million. that's how much money the government spent on military warehouses in afghanistan built two years too late.
4:25 am
>> all right. >> all right. sometimes feeding your kids the right foods is harder than you think even if you're looking for an easy fix. there are foods you should never, ever let them eat. carrie glassman set ape list for us. she is a nutritionist. you brought stuff here we should never touch much it's important to go through whether it comes to children. >> absolutely. and, you know, when we say never, i don't want parents to feel bad if they gave their kids one of these items over the past weekend or any of these things in your cabinet. it is really important to be very aware of these particular foods we're talking about today. >> all right. let's start with apple juice. every kid wants apple juice in their sippy cup. >> exactly. the problem is we should not be drinking our calories. it's sugar, sugar, sugar. so what happens is not only is it bad for your children's teeth, but also it can replace, it can displace the calories from good quality foods. if you're drinking this, kids might not want the other food.
4:26 am
the good nutrients or they're having it on top of the nutrients and that's why sugar laden beverages can lead to obesity and diabetes. >> one drink they could have instead besides watter? >> i'm really all about water for kids. i say water with an apple on the side is a much better choice, a little bit of apple juice at a birthday party. don't make it a stap until your home. >> understood. >> canned tuna i thought is great. >> it's a go to for so many parents. it's easy. obviously, it's a good source of protein which we want to get into our kids. however, when do you choose tuna, go for chunk light tuna versus theal about a core because you decrease the amount of mercury. it can be toxic to our nervous system. >> great for thermometers, that's about it. >> fruit snacks, they love them. i'm thinking originally i'm giving the kid fruit. >> exactly. so that's the big problem there. i mean just call a spade a spade. it's candy. so if you're going to give your kid a piece of candy, just think of this in the same category.
4:27 am
and there also have artificial colors in many of these. even the real fruit snacks, ones that are 100% fruit, it's similar to candy. sugar calories. >> parents at home are stripping their kids' lunch box as we speak. my kids are like -- some kids should stay away from honey. >> a little after the age of 2 is okay. it has minerals and anti-bacterial properties. but before 2, kit have bacteria this that can form in the kids's digestive tract. >> and there is one of the easiest things did you get for kids. forget about labels. but this can go frozen stuff that you throw-in and get ready quick for dinner. >> it's fried. it's artificial ingredients and refined processed carbs when they're in here. all not g. >> it's quick and takes 1:45 and the kri the kids are happy. >> couldn't. s, similar to the juice. basically, it's just sugar. then all of a sudden the kids are eating sugar with a little
4:28 am
chicken inside versus the chicken with the sauces. create the sauces with ayo gurt base. >> so what you're saying is the kids want catchup or sal at dressing, we should not give it to them? >> no. have a little bit of a portion on the side. salad, many salad dressings have healthy fat. that is a little different category than a catchup or barbecue sauce. the problem is when kids have it on the side. instead, it becomes the main course of the meal. have you ever seen kids eating chicken strips and then the catchup, you know, they've had mostly catchup with a little chicken in there? >> yeah. >> we want to reverse that. >> and also, added sodium and other preservetives in. there. >> all right. parents. everything you thought is good is wrong. >> sorry. >> you owe us one. >> sorry. >> thank you very much. great job. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. >> coming up, we change gears. a brand flu update on the health and welfare and at tack on
4:29 am
spencer stone much it's the oldest warship in the world. and right here in america, you can see it and feel it and go on it. and it's still sailing. i'm going to take you on a tour of the uss constitution next. 40n detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town, the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school.
4:30 am
and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long.they're coming back.
4:31 am
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from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. ♪ >> is that sammy hagar. >> that shot of the morning that will make you cringe. a man crashes his brand new $1.9 million ferrari minutes after leaving a buddha pest dealership there. >> look at. that the red ferrari is seen swerving across the road and slamming into three parked cars. the driver hit the accelerator too hard and lost control of the 950 horsepower hybrid which can hit 62 miles per hour in three
4:33 am
seconds. look at that. >> no ones with hurt though except maybe the man's bank account. the car is made -- is one of only 499 that has been constructed. >> how crazy is that? >> wow. >> may want to practice first. >> if you can buy a million dollar car, you should have somebody drive. >> but if you can buy a million dollar car, can you probably buy another. >> great point. if you're just joining us, 7:33 in the east. an hour ago this outfit called book a taylor has the smart cars, they drive around and fit guys for suits. brie and i were fitted. i'm wearing a vest for the first time in five years. >> it's painted on. >> actually, the people -- force. >> you did get neighboring will. >> we had a curtain outside so you couldn't see from the outside that we were dressing. but on the other side of the curtain was the greenroom. so we asked what you you thought. and our friend of this program greg norman sent brian and i a text. he wrote, love the european look
4:34 am
instead of the baggy u.s. look. you both finally look like i can invite you to dinner. and i didn't think steve had any muscles to show. see, that was unnecessary. >> that is a good friend. >> this is 170 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal. >> i think you looks great. i love greg norm's text. everyone is saying that looks nice. >> i don't think that's right. from now on, the golfer i like best, gary player. >> really? >> i'm breaking up with greg norman. there you go. i had to make that move. >> also my wife dawn, she likes it. she likes it without the tie. she wants me to keep it on. >> really? >> yeah. >> you're waiife is saying come home wearing. that. >> i walked down the hall and got comments only from keith and ted. i'm like, guys, i'm a little uncomfortable. i rushed back inside. >> i think they're both going to get one of these suits. bookatailor is the website. and elizabeth is going to get a
4:35 am
lady's pant suit? >> i think a skirt suit. >> i think the only guy to see us get dress std coach mike smith who is used to seeing naked men. >> it's the only way to win. >> headed out, you better save us. >> beat that, right? >> i can't wait to go dancing at the disco with you later after the show. good morning you to. i have a serious story to start out right now. 35 minutes after the hour. the man who is accused of attacking american hero airman spencer stone is now under arrest. police have been looking for him for some time now. his name is james tran. he's accused of stabbing stone during a fight outside a nightclub in sacramento. police say the attack was not tied to stone's heroic actions back in august when he and two friends stopped a gunman on a train headed for paris. >> talk about a really close call here. a massachusetts woman narrowly escaped death when a large wood post goes pummelling through her car windshield.
4:36 am
police believe it fell off another vehicle and catapulted into her car after a tractor-trailer ran over it. the woman is 67 years old and was not hurt. and listen to this one. paying for college with pot? really? a colorado county just approved the world's first scholarship that's been funded by marijuana. in and out money will come from an extra tax fund from growers. it's expected to raise $3.5 million per year. high school graduates in the county can start applying for it in the year 2017. and a nice story now. a happy ending for a puppy believed to be lost at sea. sailors plucking this yul low lab out of the cold water after they spotted this little guy swimming off the coast of italy. the puppy's family said that earlier in the day he slipped out of his collar and fell overboard. they were on a ferry. the ferry though refused to stop and rescue that beautiful dog. the family thought they would never see that new pet again.
4:37 am
and those are your headlines. >> what kind of ferry is that? unbelievable. >> a loving moment there to rescue that puppy. cute. >> his name is noodle. >> of course it is. >> noodle is back and so is maria with the weather. hey, maria. >> good morning. let's take a look at the map. we have a busy weather day today. we have a winter storm out across the rockies. that's producing as much as one to two feet of snow along the higher elevations. the radar very busy out. there you can see across colorado, even down into parts of new mexico we're seeing that snow. and northern plains getting that snow early this morning as well. but on the warp side of the storm, we do have the potential for some severe weather. some damaging wind gusts, large hail being the primary concern. anywhere from texas up into parts of the upper midwest and that threat shifts eastward as we head into your friday. so it is going to be a quickly moving storm system. there is that threat for flash flooding as well across parts of texas throughout date today. heads up on. that temperature wise, a very sharp contrast along that frontal boundary. just to the east of it, you're
4:38 am
looking at temperatures in the 50s as far north as minneapolis. as you head west behind the front, only in the 30s in rapid city and missoula. colder, 28 degrees right now. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. >> all right. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. let me tell you this storey. it's the oldest warship in the world and in america. it's right here in america. it plays major role in my brand new book "thomas jefferson the tripoli pirates." i thought i'd give you an idea what it was like serving on the ships and also unbelievable boredom at times. here's a look inside the uss constitution by where she used to live in boston. >> stand by for bell! >> welcome to the uss constitution. 33 battles. 33 victories. it was called old iron side. there was no iron. it was oak. you had white oak, live oak,
4:39 am
white oak again. as far as the ship goes, it is huge. it's prepared to take about 400 sailors, 50 marines. but guess what? a lot of the action wasn't on top, it was below. i want to give you a sense of the ship. it was up to 1805. really through 1815 by giving you a tour of the uss constitution. here is the gun deck tachlt a look. now these openings were actually filled with cannons. at any moment they knew they could be engaged or be engaged in the enemy. they didn't know when it would see some action. notice, the height. it is really low. most sailors were about 5'8." the marines were taller and they would bang their head here. when they bang their head, they would jar their heads. that's why a lot of people believe that the marines got the nickname jar head for this very reason. all the captains that were on the uss constitution listed here. all made major impact in the war. here's where the captain's quarters are.
4:40 am
a little darker as you see. you have a nice dining room table. beautiful little mirror. and i'll tell what you, a very cruise-like bedroom. you're a captain, life was real good. >> when you're on top, you weren't on the gun deck, maybe you were in the birth deck. the birth deck is where the guys live. you see it's even lower than the gun deck. when it came to sleeping, simple. everyone had hammocks. hook to hook. the more senior you were, the closer you got to the port, the window. in the stern, that's where the officers were. you are in the war room. life as an officer on the open seas. they congregated here and they had their separate little rooms over here. now for the officers, they also had hammocks. you can see a little nicer. they were able to spend a little more of their own money to make life on the ship that much more pleasant. right here, might be most
4:41 am
important room in the ship. it's the magazine powder room. gunpowder. up loevent charges, right? this is the water. this is right above the keel. and in this room, they call them powder monkeys. you know who worked in here? 8 to 10-year-old boys. loading cannons. loading the ship. >> great tour. >> yeah. unbelievable. they go weeks and days on end. there is no objection. it was so boring. and to see the uss constitution, they reconstructed it and building it back in the ocean shortly. and to see that they were actually standing on that ship all those years ago. en that ship never lost a battle in 1812. never lost a battle. >> what a great look. i felt like i was crawling through there. >> it was right by you and pretty crowded. >> that is one of the copper bottom boats, isn't it? >> absolutely, steve. that's one of the reasons yes learn from the british. we took them on, we learned from them and one upped them. >> we stole their good ideas.
4:42 am
>> we d but we're not going to tell them. >> we're telling everybody about this great book. >> this weekend i'm going to be in mclean, virginia in the barnes & noble and then fredericksburg at the barnes & noble there. that's where jefferson's birthplace s and tuesday, my only new york stop is at the book review. and then out to santa barbara next week. >> traveling man. >> thanks, everyone, who is get the book. i'm losing to "the diaries of a wimpy kid" and i don't know how to handle that. >> sorry. it's a book dynasty. >> all right. coming up, they're the top productsst year like pizza oven that makes pizza in five minutes. you need one of these. we're going to show you the rest straight ahead live from new york city.
4:43 am
♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪
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♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight.
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power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ hillary clinton may have a commanding lead in the democratic race right now. but she should -- but should she actual wlin the nomination, she faces some real trouble when she faces republicans. in a hypothetical matchup against dr. ben carson, doctor beats her by ten points. he's not the only one. fox news legal analyst joins us to discuss. peter, actually she's beaten by all of the republicans except donald trump and they're essentially tied. >> let's look at the matchups. let's talk about what it's about. against rubio, she loses by five points. ted cruz, she loses by three points. against christie, five points. and then by the margin of error,
4:47 am
she is almost tied with donald trump. but beating him by a couple points there. so all of the pundits, all of the genius class, they've come out and said this is about the outsiders. it's more than the outsiders. it's about honesty and we see ben carson's honesty and integrity numbers through the roof. people think he's the most honest guy of all the candidates. there is a connection. but then there is genuineness. are we hearing the same old b.s.? are we hearing someone that is packaged by somebody in bethesda or new york city and l.a.? is it a slick commercial? are we got netting honest answers? so ideology means less and genuineness means more. and we know that honesty and integrity numbers are in the dumper. >> one thing that in talking to people who lean to the right and about the candidates they like,
4:48 am
the number one thing they say, generally, is we want somebody who can win. >> they can win. and the fox news poll, the best gop candidate to debate hillary, trump at 37%, carson 18, cruz at 7%, bush and fiorina at 3%. the other issue we're seeing is there appears to be -- if you believe these polls, based on these big wins by a whole bunch of republicans against hillary clinton, a shift of democrats and certainly independents from the democratic party at this point to these republican candidates. because based on self-identification, 42% of americans are democrats. 38% are republicans and 18% are independents. and when you look at that number and know that in presidential elections based on party affiliation, democrats vote for democrats 90% of the time.
4:49 am
republicans vote for republicans about 90 or 92 or 93% of the time. how are the republicans beating her so handedly? >> you're saying not even democrats like her. >> dems may be shifting and independents are shifting. independents shifted big for romney last time. there's a seismic shift going on in america. it's about honesty, integrity, genuineness, telling the truth and doing what you say you're going to do. and that's what americans are really looking for. not about ideology. parties are in big trouble. parties are in big trouble. >> peter johnson jr., great analysis today. thank you. >> good to see you. you look great in that suit, steve. >> i feel like i should be opening -- >> you, too. "night at the rocksbury." they're handsome men. they look good. >> thank you, peter -- i think. 30 minutes or less can you have
4:50 am
a pizza in five minutes without even picking up the phone. the top products you have to have for your house coming up. good morning you to. but first, on this date in 1987, tiffany's topping the charts with her hit "i think we're alone now."
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
this old house found some pretty neat gablg et cetedgets. so this top 100 list, everyone waits for. you want to start about telling about this rug. >> yes. >> the two piece system. >> it is. so now have you ever wanted to
4:54 am
wash your rug? >> yes. >> now can you. >> how? >> this is the rug that is a two piece rug system. underneath is a no slip pad. but what is holding the two pieces together is a velcro-like attachment. so when you're ready to throw the rug into the washer, you simply peel it apart. >> wow. >> there is great for high traffic zones. starts at $79 for the whole system. >> that's right. >> now this -- you want to talk about the shower head. >> this is magnetic by moen. people love the functionality of their hand held shower heads. sometime it's hard to dock. now here there is a magnet. there is a sturdy magnet on the back of the hand held as well as the cradle. snaps together. automatically goes to the wall. now this sits six to eight inches lower than the standard shower head which means it's
4:55 am
accessible for someone who is shorter or sitting in a chair. >> how much would it cost, dear? >> it's about $61. >> all right. everyone loves to make their own pizza. this oven is make it in five minutes? >> right. >> the five minute pizza oven and snack maker by black & decker. this is a pro style oven. >> right. >> so if i use this now, it is gourmet amateur status? >> you would be having parties every night. >> so you can actually do a make your own pizza and have all the pizza ready in five minutes. >> there is a pro style oven. that means that this oven heats up to 625 degrees. >> oh, my goodness. >> is this a mini or full size? we can't tell on tv. >> this is a countertop size. >> it's $150. >> the pizza, though, is the pizza full size? >> it's 12 inches. >> brian is going to have pizza on that fancy new suit of his. >> there is a dimmer and light
4:56 am
switch. >> yes, it's by lutron. you can see that it is -- it has no sliders or knobs. it's an led light bar. >> what does it do though? >> it's a dimmer. >> can you turn your lights on and off. >> you will know that you cannot live without a dimmer. it's custom lighting your home. this is about $67. this lamp right here, this is a big deal. it comes in all the different colors. >> right. >> it's -- this is the lamp from lamp plus from the color plus line. this is handcrafted by artists in california. this comes in 150 dollars. now you can watch the wall paper, fabric or these. >> $130. and also this chalk paint is new. it is $15 a court. >> it is from rust ole yum. >> you did a great job. thank you so much. i'm going to go wash my rug now. >> all right. coming up, breaking this morning, it looks like a bomb brought down that russian plane from egypt. so how the heck did it get
4:57 am
onboard? details of the top at the hour. >> and we'll tell why you nbc pulled this ad. >> equal time rules for television plchlt trmr. trump c speak for four seconds in this promo. >> let me say this ben kars son a complete and total loser. ones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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5:00 am
good morning to you. a fox news alert. blown out of the sky. new intelligence on that russian plane crash in egypt suggesting an isis bomb brought it down. we're live at the very latest with you. >> meanwhile, tarantino doubles down on his comments about police officers. this time blaming white supremacy for police brutality in these united states. law enforcement firing back at mr. tarantino. >> and these kids have a message for donald trump. >> trump, you may be high in the polls --
5:01 am
>> thanks for your racist words. >> get the. [ beep ] out miff country. >> oh, boy. the group that is using children to curse out donald trump z that work for you? you make the call. meanwhile, let me tell you this. you're with "friends." >> welcome to studio e. and last night brian and i didn't sleep on the couch. we look a little differently that's because about an hour and a half ago on this program we had the book a tailor guy pull up. he measured us about two weeks ago. these are our new suits. >> brian and steve 2016. >> wow! >> what do you think? they closed the curtain on me.
5:02 am
i guess i missed my cue. and we get the pocket square. the next thing you know -- >> it's the coolest thing. you can go to you go behind the curtain and nervet greenroom could see. >> the guys in the greenroom watched us dress. for a while i had a neck tie on. i asked what you you thought. we asked what you thought about all these. r.m. myers tweeted out, my opinion is no tie with a vest. besides that, you guys look great. brings back memories. #stayingalive. >> i will say this -- >> here is ed henry. >> is that what he looks like? >> good to see you both embracing the pocket hanky. #muscleshow. >> i think we all have royalties. >> and here's yours. andy tweets this. guys, liberace called and wants his suit back. >> you know what though? can i say this? both of your wives, the love your lives, actually wrote you and said that they like them.
5:03 am
>> also think lance armstrong had looser outfits when he was in the tour de france. aim very tight here. >> fashion should be a statement not a question. you know what? with these outfits though, a number of people suggested that we remind them of -- ♪ lady don't hurt me don't hurt me ♪ >> there you go. >> how do you do it? >> remember the big phone? >> welcome to "morning at the rocksbury" without alec baldwin. >> who knew that suits could do this to us? >> we'll see what is happening at 9:00. >> how many times can you see donald trump on top of the polls? let's do the fashion talking points. thank you very much. keep the comments coming throughout the morning. we'll be reading them. in the meantime, three minutes after the top of the hour, fox news alert. this is really scary. u.s. official now confirms a bomb likely sent that russian jetliner crashing to the ground in egypt on halloween.
5:04 am
meanwhile, the big question this morning, how did the explosives make it past airport security that turns out to be the case? and was this a test flight for isis? if so, it was a success in their twisted eye. >> that is the we do day. connor powell is live from jerusalem with the latest on this. connor, the fact that this could be a test run for isis is really having everybody nodding their head. what are you hearing? >> well this is certainly the fear and sort of growth of isis that we've seen aren't entire region. the base is obviously in iraq and syria. but we're seeing isis get stronger in a lot of other countries and be able to carry out operations in other countries. egypt now the next big fear. what we're hearing according to the u.s. and british officials is that there is mounting evidence that this russian airliner was brought down in egypt on saturday not by accident, not by mechanical failure, but by an intentional bombing.
5:05 am
>> we cannot be certain that russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb. but it looks increasingly likely that that was the case. >> and the uk suspending all of the flights to and from the city where the flight was taking off because of this precaution, because of this fear. now british officials and american officials are pointing to some audio communications that seem to indicate isis or an isis affiliated group has planned or was trying to get a bomb on to a plane. we don't know if that is in fact the only piece of evidence that is linking isis to this attack. but it seems to be the strongest one right now according to american and british officials. russian and egyptian officials pushing back saying it's way too early in this investigation to make any determinations. they say they're not ruling out terrorism as a possible cause. but they're also not ruling anything in either. they want to continue to look at the site. there are some issues about
5:06 am
whether or not there is bomb residue on the plane at the crash site. that is one sort of problem that even american and british officials are saying that they don't know and that's why they're saying it isn't 100% certain it was a bomb. but the evidence is beginningo line up and beginning to mount to indicate a bomb. so a lot of questions. the bigger question right now though is how did any group get this bomb on to the plane through the airport security? egypt's airport is a fairly solid airport. it has decent security. that is a larger question. how isis was able to breach it. back to you. >> good point. connor powell in our mideast bureau. thank you very much. we should point out that isis' claim responsibility but they won't tell us how they did it. we have to figure it out. >> we have to lead this investigation. it affects us right here. for the brit toish do what they did shows they know a lot more than they're revealing. question not sit back and allow egypt to be in control. it's been way too long. >> still early.
5:07 am
>> we have a story trending this morning online. it is a fox news exclusive wlachlt do you have? >> this is quite a story. george h.w. bush, we don't hear a lot of him in terms of talking about other administrations, now he sure s publicly criticizing two members of his son's administration in a new biography. vice president dick cheney and donald rumsfeld singled out. the elder bush says that cheney acted too independently of george w. and responded too harshly after the 9/11 attacks. bush wrote that cheney was very different than the cheney that he had worked with previously. he also suggested that cheney was influenced by his wife and daughter. cheney laughed that off and said that there was no conspiracy. he was even tougher, bush was, on rumsfeld. bush called him arrogant and said he served the pez badly. a fox news special called "destiny and power: the private diaries of george herbert walker
5:08 am
bush" will air tomorrow. that is one to watch. shocking new video coming out this morning of this vicious attack that took place inside a maximum security prison in arizona. nearly 30 inmates brutally beat seven officers who were just armed with stun guns and pepper spray. this happened during meal time back in april. the video was just released. one officer was severely hurt and didn't return to work. a female officer was also injured. and the pictures are stunning. four illegal aliens hidden in a secret compartment in an rv and then smuggled across the southern border. this morning the couple from california now under arrest. border agents in san diego used dogs to find the trapped men who were hiding. this is the second time this week that agents in san diego found illegals hidden in a vehicle. and it was nashville's biggest night. the 49th annual country music aassociation awards. watch this. ♪ i just want to love you so bad
5:09 am
baby ♪ >> sounded great. superstar luke bryant, entertainer of the year for the second year in a row. >> thank you lord, thank you jesus, thank you everyone in heaven looking out for me. >> imagine if he was a football player doing that, right? he'd be taken out of the game. >> the performance everybody is talking about this morning, justin timber lake sharing the stage with newcomer chris stapleton. watch. this ♪ because there's nothing like a love to get me high ♪ >> what a voice there. stapleton winning three awards including best new artist. and the show then took a bit of a political turn. host carrie underwood and brad paisley took a jab at hillary. >> can't ig nort breakup that really rocked our world. >> look, they're not even sitting together. >> kermit and miss piggy. we want you to know that we love you both. >> on a completely unrelated
5:10 am
topic, howdy, blake. >> we have the wrong sound bite there. but they joked about hillary clinton sending her an e-mail and they got an auto response back from the department of justice. then there was this big reveal. blake shelton and gwen stefani confirmed that they are, in fact, a couple after divorces on both sides. and those are your headlines. >> that's like high school. weren't you just going out with her and now you're with her? they go to the same party. >> miranda lambert was there. they went publicly. >> they're both available, right? didn't her husband just leave her? >> yeah. >> that's amazing. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk about this. donald trump is going to host not be this in one state, he's going to host "saturday night live" this weekend. nbc put out a promo yesterday at 4:00. within the hour they took it down. probably because he took a shot at an opponent. watch this. >> donald promised for the whole
5:11 am
show he's not going to brag or say he's the best at anything. right, donald? >> that's right. and i'm going to do the best job anyone's ever done not saying it. >> you just said it. >> what can i say? i'm the absolute best. what can i say? >> because of equal time rules for television mr. frump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> so let me just say. this ben kars scarson is a comp and total loser. >> nbc said that was never supposed to be out there. you just know -- i mean we're going to be talking about this. this is why donald trump does it. everyone is going to be talking about it. they're not going to be judging like a comic. they're judging him as this political frontrunner. >> some people there do not like what he has said. >> what do you mean? >> they're being urged by a latino group that they could win $5,000 if someone heckles trump on "saturday night live." >> live on the air. >> if their voice is heard. they will get $5,000 in prize money. but they've also released this
5:12 am
video using little kids to curse out donald trump. shocking. >> donald trump, screaming get out of my country. he uses offensive words. >> here are a few of our own. >> [ beep ] you racist -- >> i'm ricardo, my friends call me rick. but you keep calling me anchor baby. >> racist. [ beep ] >> you may be high on the polls. >> thanks to your racist views. >> if you don't like our constitution and what it stands for, get the. [ beep ] out miff kof my country. >> is that good parenting to march your parents out there to have them say these words? this backed up with what donald trump has been saying all along. hispanic groups that have a problem with him are left wing groups that have a problem with republicans. >> if you have an opinion on what he said, that's fine. if you're in the hispanic, that's fine. i feel so bad for the kids.
5:13 am
i think instead of showing their best attributes tleeshgsz good kids being used by adults to put forward their message. have the courage as a grown-up yourself. don't pawn the kids off. they have a bright future. they're amazing, kind, they're amagz little ones. kids are innately good. i really believe. this but whether they're use bade duled by adults to say something that doesn't have the courage to say that's disgusting and unfair to the little ones had a should be loved and now they are the face of this message and it's unfair to them. >> they hurt their own cause. >> yeah. i think it's going to backfire ultimately. i don't know that anybody's going to shout out you're a racist live on the air. they always have a backup at "saturday night live." doubt show two ours early. they tape it if, there's a problem, they hit the backup tape. they never hear it. >> okay. >> what do you think about that ad? effective or not? meanwhile, coming up, tarantino doubles down about his thoughts about cops. now he's blaming white supremacy
5:14 am
for police brutality. not kidding. rod wheeler firing back. >> and mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most honest of them all? america has spoken. which candidate was just named? who do you trust? >> it's no fairytale. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
5:15 am
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5:18 am
tarantino is saying he is shocked at the backlash after he called cops murderers. >> yeah. i'm fully surprised. i was under the impression i was an american. thinking that i went to an anti-police brutality protest and speaking my mind. and just because i was at an anti-police brutality protest doesn't mean i'm anti-police. they would rather -- they would rather start arguments with celebrities than examine the concerns put before them by a citizenry that has lost trust in them. >> really? is that true? have they lost trust in the cops? >> no. i think most americans support police. there is a small segment in the population, as we know, that's
5:19 am
abty police. and then you have individuals such as tarantino and jamie foxx and a few others of those hollywood a listers that want to continue to spew this hateful rhetoric. jamie foxx used the term yesterday, he said all of the haters need to stop hating on tarantino. if you really think about it, it was tarantino that started the hating. wasn't just at that rally to support the folks there. he was there encouraging the crowd to be violent. he was there encouraging the crowd to be anti-police. so it is what it is. and really my message to tarantino is just shut the hell up so we don't have to listen to him anymore. >> amen to. that he said, look, i'm shocked at the backlash because i thought i had first amendment rights. he also said, i want your point of view on this he said the police brutality is from white supremacy. what do you think about that? >> great. so let's blame this on white see premcy
5:20 am
-- supremacy as well. it must be something in the watter in california. they have the a listers thinking they know everything about these topics. this is not a movie. this is real life. there are people that are truly hurting in certain communities. the police really trying hard to bridge that gap. and what he says and others out there in hollywood is not helping the situation at all. >> many companies have called for a boy cost his movies. do you think that is going to work? >> the more he talks, the worse it's going to be for him. this message is resonating throughout the country that we need to boycott this guy's movies. >> all right. rod wheeler joining us from our nation's capital. thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. good seeing you. >> good to see you. >> coming up, 20 minutes after the hour. a h. kate's law was about to get passed but one senator stood in the way. who was that? stay tuned. you fi have millions to study shrimp on a treadmill. now the federal government is at
5:21 am
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welcome back. a look now at some food headlines for you. counting calories could get a bit tougher. a house panel just bill which could loosen nutrition label requirements for restaurants and grocery stores and fast food workers are planning their largest nationwide strike next week demanding $15 an hour. they'll stage events at city hall across the country asking local voters to pressure presidential candidates to support higher minimum wages. and millions of americans will enjoy a free breakfast wrapped from taco bell this morning.
5:25 am
thanks to the stolen base in the world series, they're available at all locations until 11:00 a.m. unless supplies run out, of course. >> they are delicious. >> i bet they are. >> well, from food to fitness, moms, we know that your kids love the playground, right? >> that's right. and now we have a reason for you to lot of playground as well. >> co-host of ""fox & friends" weekend" may have been modelling the moelt sahratian for that opening animation. >> there's a reason for the muscle video. there playground equipment is actually not just great for kids, it's great for busy moms trying to get fit. we went to a new york city playground to see what our options are. check it out. >> swings, a jungle gym, the slide. what most see as playground equipment -- >> sit back into the squat and
5:26 am
hold it. >> bfx studio celebrity trainer sees as a perm outdoor gym. >> lauren is using this playground equipment to do her squats. so she's keeping her chest lifted and shoulders down and back and sticking her butt out. so while little sidney is climbing tshgsz not like mom is just standing there. she is making up for the little amount of free time she has. >> sometimes the workout comes in ways you don't realize. she thinks she is monkeying around on the monkey bars, mom is getting in some shoeulder work. >> you don't have the natural skills that we all feel when we had our kids. you get to spend time with them. >> does anybody ever say this is one crazy mom? >> yes. but it's okay. i mean i'm having fun and i'm getting a little bit of a workout, too. >> step up. >> i know it's important to do cardio. you take your child around and able to get that n but sometimes it's hard to get that strength work in. so here's a great way to do it using the swing. >> a lot can you do. she can come right now and come into a squat.
5:27 am
she is also do a tricep pushup. a whole body workout using the swing. >> dip, baby, dip. >> working triceps here. any platform, any park bench, burn, burn and get strong we are every rep. >> how many do do you? >> as many as you can. >> how you are feeling, mom? >> so great. >> and just because it's nap time doesn't mean you have to hit snoo snooze on getting fit. >> these are walking lunges with a stroller. >> yep. >> so you're working your gluts, pushing from the heels, you're working your quads. >> so even if your baby is sleeping, can you get the lunges in. whether you're using playground equipment, stroller, whatever it, is can you still get a really good workout in. >> wow. >> yeah. working for those hot mommas. those are a few workouts can you do on the playground. pretty nice weather outside. get out there and enjoy it and experiment a little bit. try it for yourself.
5:28 am
that is the fit and fabulous moms from bsx. >> i love her. we've been friends for a long time. she does a great job. i call it the work in. you don't have time to plan a workout, you work it in somewhere. i'm so thankful you showed. that. >> for busy moms, even 20 minutes out, there you know, that was another option she said. go with a friend and you go run around for 20 minutes and come back while they're with the kids. and then switch off. >> a new trend is i notice when parents drop the kids off for practice they used to live. now they're working out while the kids play. >> i'm all for. that. >> and they have a dloons see what they're doing. >> the other thing is moms run around so much, there is a lot of exercise in that. just the daily activity. >> how did you get the biceps? lift mig kid. >> thank you very much. >> all right. first time ever, steve and i have our ties off. >> you look amazing. >> thank you. >> double take for the last 20 minutes. >> i know. >> it's great.
5:29 am
>> it's getting hot in here. >> it's what we look like normally. coming up straight ahead, mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most honest of them all? america has spoken. there is an overwhelming winner. we'll tell you who it is. >> that's right. have you stheen video? a puppy found swimming in the middle of the sea? but the story, oh, zw it hadoes a happy ending. fact. when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain.
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5:33 am
i'm going to stop through. i'm not polling at 1%. i was polling at 1%. i'm now polling at 2%. that's a 100% increase. it's a huge difference. you ever take 1% milk? it's barely milk. it's like drinking white water. you start dumping that 2% milk on the apple jacks, it's like pow! >> that was bobby jindal. they had fun on the tonight show last night. but tuesday there is going to be a very impactful debate going on the fox business network. you're seeing the roster right there. so they're going to be out there. and the question is who are they going to be questioning? because there is going to be some changes to the pregame as well as the center stage. >> great. and what could ultimately happen is bobby jindal and chris christie are polling so low they may not actually make the main stage. >> no. jindal might be out entirely. >> christie would have a chance perhaps. >> they're thinking about having -- they're thinking having about a threshold of 2.5. jindal would be short.
5:34 am
he is doing quite well now. he has 6%. >> quite well? >> no. but nationally. fwhut iowa, he's up to 6%. i think he's in fourth place. and that is where it all starts when you get momentum from. pi tacky and lindsey graham might be out entirely. >> fox business will reveal the names set for that stage at 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> and christie is coming off a huge debate. i know he's in the building. we have to talk to him. >> well, it's all about the polls. everybody knew that going in. ben carson still on top. and some people on the left simply can't stabbed it. star parker joins us from grand rapids. star, what do you make of the people largely in the political left, you can't believe that the republicans would be embracing ben carson. >> right. >> blacks are supposed to be liberal. a third of african-americans keep telling them that they're conservative. so it doesn't fit the narrative of the left that the republican party is rich old white men. and they keep finding this
5:35 am
diversity not just black men and black women but also white women and women, women, women. and young people. >> right. >> i'm getting excited about this particular campaign. the closer we get to that debate between hillary clinton and our side, the more the nation is going to see how diverse the republican party really s. >> so when you look at dr. ben carson, we had a recent poll, 60% answered he was honest and trustworthy. what is it? when you look at the chart here, he's at 23%. just closing in on donald trump. what is he doing right and what is resonating have voters that are drawing them consistently to dr. ben carson. star? >> well, the polling has shown us that americans know something is really deeply wrong in our society. so they're looking for trust. they're looking for someone they can trust. they're looking for honesty. we broke down as a society. look at the discussion you're having about the police. we've got to pull ourselves together.
5:36 am
and so ben carson just is the picture of america. he's the picture of you can start with nothing and become something. >> the black community doesn't know how to handle ben carson because he is not an upper class background. he's can say, you okay k. say, his mom of one of 26 kids and illiterate and dropped out in third grade. he had very little money and what he was able to overcome to become a world renund surgeon and best-selling author, they just -- the black community has trouble with this narrative. is that true? >> they have trouble with the fact that now he is a republican. because remember the black community is always known ben carson. he's been a hero in this particular world. gifted hands was required reading in some black homes whether their children turned 12. yes, they understand the story. the story is brilliant. but now why would he become a republican? so this fears liberals. others might open their minds. blacks that are saying, hmmm, if
5:37 am
he can be a republican, maybe i can, too. >> star in, a word, where is ben carson so popular right now? just a word, if you can do it. >> soft spoken. >> that's two words. >> that's close enough. >> all right. star parker is a star. thank you very much for joining us to day. >> we love to see you, star. >> and he is sophisticated. he has a great social media network going. you look at how well he's doing in iowa and new hampshire. he's not on the ground that much in iowa. >> he's an impactful player. >> i hear he has a pretty good operation on the ground in iowa. and so does trump and so does -- >> but he physically, unlike huckabee and santorum that were on the homes in the farms where ben carson isn't. there he's been there twice. >> he is polling well with young people too. that very interesting. >> true. >> you know what also polls well with young people? >> yeah, because i'm so young. 21. good morning you to all. hope you're off to a great day. i have news out of california right now. the man accused of attacking
5:38 am
american hero airman spencer stone is now under arrest. take a look at this. james tranaccused of staping stone during a fight outside a nightclub in sacramento. at tack was not tied to stone's heroic actions in august whether he and two friends stopped a gunman on a train that was headed for paris. police have been looking for him for a while. they finally got him. the government spent a fortune on a study to, well, watch shrimp on a treadmill. and they are not slowing down. there is a brand new report that details the new ways that government is wasting our taxpayer money. like spending $14.7 million on warehouses in afghanistan. these were supposed to be used by the defense department to store supplies for the military. but there was one problem with this. the buildings were finished two years too late. our military had already moved out. >> sad thing is the contract was no longer needed but yet they built it anyway. it could have been built for half a million dollars fit was needed.
5:39 am
$15 million nearly later of your hard earned tax dollars. >> ouch. another story to bring you now from washington. kate's law about to be passed until larry reid got in the way. the democratic senator blocked the legislation in minutes. it would have created tougher penalties for illegal immigrants who commit crimes. the bill, of course, named for a girl killed by an illegal who had been deported five times. last night our bill o'reilly kold on president obama himself to pass it. >> reid does not want the bill to get to the president's desk because apparently mr. obama doesn't want to sign kate's law. the president of the united states could make kate's law happen. in fact, he could do so by executive order tonight. >> well, speaking of executive orders, the white house now says that it may use an executive order to close good juan tan moan bay. finally, a nice story. a happy ending for a puppy that his family thought was lost at sea. this is a yellow lab named
5:40 am
noodle. he was paddling around by himself in the cold waters off italy. he slipped out of his collar and fell off a ferry. noodle's family thought he was forever gone until a group of heroes came along. listen to this. >> come on. bravo! bravo! >> i love that. well the sailors pulled that soggy dog out of the water and then on to their sail boat. noodle was later returned safe and sound to his grateful owners. well done. love that story. let's head outside with a look at the weather with maria. good morning. >> good morning. we're tracking some snow today from parts of new mexico all the way to north dakota. so a very widespread area looking at the snow showers moving through. and for the rockies, it is accumulating. we're looking at potentially well over a foot of snow in some higher elevations. but on the warm side, we have a different concern. severe weather from texas to
5:41 am
wisconsin. damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes possible. that threat shifts eastward as the storm continues to shift eastward from louisiana to upstate new york. tomorrow we're tracking that risk for more severe storms. temperatures, very warm, very mild ahead of that storm system. take a look at these numbers. already 71 in the city of dallas. 61 in chicago. you're in the middle 60s as well in cleveland. well above average for this time of the year. but behind that storm, your high temperatures won't make it out of the 40s in places like colorado and even up into the dakotas. that's it. back inside. >> all right. maria tracking snow. although here in new york city, it can be 70 something. >> warm today. we like that. >> 18 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up on this thursday, he's the last man to ever walk on the moon. but wait until you hear what he overcame to get to the moon. his story is headed now to the big screen. captain gene sernan is live next. >> and don't buy those pop tarts at the supermarket. make them at home.
5:42 am
food network star ace of cakes ahead. he's been cooking since he was 4 years old. he can share the tricks with us.
5:43 am
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where our next arrival is... red carpet whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain.
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oh, epic moves, big j! fight it! getting ready for your close-up? ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. it's a remarkable story out of this world, literally. a new documentary explores how astronaut captain gene sternon went from the blue collar upbringing to be the last plan to walk on the moon. ♪ >> it's breath taking to watch that. the captain joins me now. good morning. >> good morning.
5:46 am
a pleasure to be here. by the way, that was december. >> oh, my goodness. captain, i had to ask you, as you hear you singing on the moon with the last footsteps there, how does it make you feel today? >> well, quite frankly, very humble. it's -- i'm really not the last. there are kids -- young men, young girls out there that are going to take us back to the moon and be beyond where we plan to go for a long time. it's some of what a misnomer. i tell what you, i wore that label with pride from the time being anyway. >> sounds as though you'd be proud to have someone follow in your footsteps, boy or girl, whoever it may be next. but your steps are the last ones that touched that surface. i did hear recently that nasa is making a bush to recruit astronauts. are there not enough people who want to do what you have done? >> well, i'll tell what you, this may sound a little critical. i don't know how many astronauts they got now. but why we need more at this moment, the unfortunate part of
5:47 am
is we're building hardware which is important. owe rhine wi owe ryan will take us to the moon and the booster to replace the saturn five. but nasa provided no mission, no goal, no timetable like kennedy did almost half a century ago. i don't know what the young men and women are going to do. but it says one thing, you know, it's still an exciting world to live in. >> sure. and eventually they'll get their chance. it's going to be a long wait. >> it sure will. for many. captain, you overcame adversity that to do what you did. a blue collar hard-working family. they encouraged you to get your engineering degree. this wasn't an easy feat for you. looking back, what is the biggest moment you had to overcome to actually do what we're looking at right now? walking on the moon. >> my whole life is a jigsaw
5:48 am
puzzle. i had a dream as a kid wanting to fly a plane off the aircraft carrier. and that dream was farfetched. but, you know, if kids persevere and really are inspired about wanting to do something, they can certainly do it. and i guess the biggest problem -- not a problem. people ask me, what was the most difficult thing snt most challenging thing for me was the 14 minutes of the lunar surface. once you get down there with the noise and vibration and then you shut the vehicle down and you are in some science fiction world. as a human being, you have to comprehend all that. >> i'm just looking at the photos and hearing you describe it. most people could never do that themselves. the last man on the moon is the new documentary. i know your message is one of encouragement to the young kids that wanted to do what you d your final word to a youngster who may be watching right now,
5:49 am
who really wants to be you. >> if i can do it, you can do it. that's the whole point. they have to want to do it badly enough and have enough faith and courage to accept the challenge. let me tell you, growing up in tomorrow's world for these kids is going to be the greatest thing in the world. all i got to do is go for it. >> wow. >> go for it big time. >> what a message. captain, it is an honor to you have join fox and friends today. >> god bless. pleasure to be here. >> what a treat. >> talk about out of this world. coming up next, they're two of america's favorite snack foods, pop tarts and twinkies. make them at home. ace of cakes is going to show you how. but first, we're going to check in with what is coming up at the top of the hour. >> i understand the suits need to be back by midnight. let them know, okay? steve, you never looked better. well done, man. >> see? you get the nod from him. >> we're waiting on you.
5:50 am
bigamistry. terrorists or not? we'll tell what you we know at the moment. brand new fox polling on who you trust and who you do not. chris christie is fighting hard. does he have enough in the tank? we'll ask him live today. and did a cop stage his own suicide? we have now seen the evidence and so will you when we see you in ten minutes. top of the hour. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us
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our next guest may not look like a typical baker. but his skills in the kitchen earned him as a spot as a food network star. we love him. >> smells like the holidays. >> ten bakers are vying for the biggest holiday giftst season. >> $50,000 on the line. >> the peppermint really come through. it's not too dry.
5:54 am
i definitely want to eat that whole thing. i have a lot more to get through. i'm going to salvage really well baked scone. >> thank you. he is out with his very own baking bible. think and bake like a pro at home. he's going to show us how to bake our favorite treats like twinkies and pop tarts. welcome. >> before you start, what's the deal? i know you started cooking when you were 4. what is the deal with the meet cleaver and your mother? >> when i was a little kid, we had a tv in the kitchen. my mom was cooking. and it was food gourmet. >> julia child. >> yeah. >> i would go in the fridge and i pulled out all the vegetables and climbed up on a clair and i got the meat cleaver and bang ago way at vegetables chopping them up. exactly. my mom is like, no. >> so let me talk about twinkies. >> i'm going to do this. >> so you have a twinkie pan. you bake the twinkies. the recipe is in the book. this is the twinkie filling. you jam it in. there. >> that's how they do it? >> yeah.
5:55 am
>> you skis it until it starts to come out. >> i didn't know you were allowed to give up the secrets of twinkie ingredients. that's yes wrote a cookbook. >> is anybody else thinking i need a twinkie pan? i am. >> you need a twinkie pan. >> all right. >> that's delicious. >> wow. >> it tastes just like a twinkie. >> i'm going to stick to my gluten free diet. >> pop tarts, same thing. it's the dough, jam in the middle. >> isn't it cheaper to buy one? >> that's no fun. >> not when you're him. >> can i try some? >> kids would love to do this. >> you make this that in a poster? >> we make it in the oven. >> totally. >> what do you -- >> i can try it? you want to try that? >> it will give you a heart attack. >> i may not fit in my skinny suit tomorrow. >> the new book is called
5:56 am
"duff's bake". >> it's like a cookie but so much better than a regular pop tart. that is really good. >> i can hear your a or aorta closing. "duff bakes" is the name of the cookbook. do what you have a passion for and make a lot of money and be famous. love it. congratulations. >> let's have another bite. >> why not? go for it. enjoy. your e-mails are pouring in on brian and steve's wonderful suits. a lot of you -- oh, no. you're not happy? >> wait! hate e-mail for a change. >> deal it with, america! >> we'll raet them once we finish the pop tarts. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!?
5:57 am
man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. ♪ one for the road. your comments about our new suits. jeff tweets, rat pack 2015. >> stephen tweets, i didn't know
6:00 am
the sopranos were back on the air. >> steve and brian, one of them being me, looked like they stepped off the gq magazine. work it, guys. >> yeah. >> i'll try. >> thanks to book a tailor. see you tomorrow. >> all right. here we go again. bill: new developments on the russian plane crash in egypt. u.s. intelligence sources confirm evidence shows that a bomb was planted on board and could it be isis. martha: the plane's passenger manifest is being run through and watchlists and terror data bases to see who was on that list and had access to those planes. the british authorities whether first


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