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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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rather than pale pastels that ronald reagan talked about, the country would be in better shape. if you have a question, use #asksean. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. debate 7:00 p.m. right here. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what you are not going to find with me is somebody who is just going to sit back and let you be completely unfair without letting the american people know what's going on. >> dr. ben carson fighting back against charges he was note entirely honest about his resume of life. here. >> please, turn yourself. in you know you wrong. you know you are number 9. come on now. >> once again it seems that black lives matter except in chicago. this time a 9-year-old boy shot dead in the street. why isn't anything beingpg done? >> did you guys see trump on snl? >> yeah. we saw it. [ laughter ]
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on my cell phone. >> also ahead, watters on reaction to donald trump hosting "saturday night live." >> i didn't think it was funny at all. >> you're fired. >> also, big reaction to the george will interview. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the defamation game, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. right now, it is ben carson and senator marco rubio who are beingu press.rican both men seeking the presidency so aggressive reporting on them is certainly legitimate but defamation is not. talking points well knows the game. back in 2001, michael constituencily a former editor of the "l.a. times" wrote a column that said i faked my working class upbringing. three years later the
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despicable al franken wrote a book accusing me of lying say i did not grow up in leavitt town, new york. gleefully they picked up franken incredible deceit calling me all kinds of names. thankfully, i still have the deed to my parent's home in leavitt town, new york. you see it there on the screen. my mother got a big kick out of the whole thing but i didn't find it funny at all. and, of course, there was never any apologies. that's because franken and kinsley and co- co-coconspirators was trying to destroy my reputation because the factor was becoming successful. same thing last year far left. i presented my evidence and factor ratings went up. now ben carson and marco rubio are experiencing the same thing. let's take marco rubio first. no question he has had financial problems in the past.
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he has two boys and two girls educa
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rubio $22,000, hillary clinton $500 million. now, on to ben carson. there is a bunch of small ball stuff in play. cnn says they can't find anyone to confirm carson was an angry child "parade" magazine article the doctor's mother confirmed attempted stabbing incident by him. the "wall street journal" says it can't corroborate the doctor's claims that he protected white students during a school fracas. finally the journal says carson's explanation of a psychology exam at yale doesn't;c the carson campaign has produced an article by the yale student newspaper that gives dr. carson some cover. okay, fine. but is this really important? remember a couple ofq7 weeks ago hillary clinton testified in front of a house committee that she gave separate of the benghazi terror attack that killed four americans? remember that? privately mrs. clinton told people it was an organized
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terrorist action, publicly she went along with president obama and blamed it on a videotape. so dr. carson is on the defensive about a number of tiny things in his life while mrs. clinton largely got a pass on the entire benghazi situation by the press. does that make any sense to anyone? now, some of you have might accuse me of being partisan, that is false. if dr. carson has proved to be a deceiver i will saya that if marco rubio used g.o.p. money to pay private bills, ill report that, no problem. it is now an industry in america to try to defame individuals with whom you disagree. george will tried to pull that stunt on friday. we confronted him. we will have your reaction in our mail segment a bit later on. on the dr. carson front we from fair people. first columnist kimberly strossel who writes for the "wall street journal." there is a big difference between betting and vendetta and when comes to
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conservative press look at candidates they get this treatment that nobody else gets. and it's. >> well, i'm curious, do you think that examining whether or not he was offered a scholarship to west point, trying to find out the truth of that, is that a vendetta or vetting. >> that's probably something worth looking at. >> and we have looked at it the west point thing is simply a matter of inprecise language. we see no attempt to deceive by dr. carson. could be wrong but i have looked at it pretty hard. as talking points stated on friday it isk simplifying people say anything what happened 50 years ago. evaluating own reporting the "wall street journal" editorialized this way today, quote: our view is that voters will decide what is or isn't a voting issue andbí/ the game of claiming that challenges to credibility are out of bounds. don't strike us as all that danging much less disqualifying and neither one undermines the truth of dr. carson to the pinnacle
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of the medical profession, quote. that logical. no political candidate is perfect. ben carson has written nine books, given thousands of speeches and thousands of interviews. same thing with hillary clinton who also got hammered for misremembering her history. you may remember she told the world she was under sniper fire in bosnia; that turned out to be false. yet, mrs. clinton will security democratic nomination for the presidency because voters know not everybody is perfect and enough far left leaning americans like her so that she will be the nominee. one final thing you may remember that president obama birth certificate controversy. some americans claim without) any evidence at all that the president was not born in the u.s.a. we investigated. the factor investigated and here's what we said four and a half years ago. >> the state of hawaii has once again said mr. obama's birth certificate is on a certificate of live birth
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has been released. factor investigation also showed mr. obama was born in a honolulu hospital and we stand by our reporting. >> so once again, talking points does not analyze from a partisan point of view. we're in the truth business here. and the truth is that barack obama was born in honolulu. his father abandoned the family. his mother kind of a hippy and then took the young boy to indonesia. barack turned to hawaii. raised primarily by his grandparents and raised up to become president of the united states. he is not a muslim and not a man temperaturian candidate. he simply a christian. we believe -- simply a politician. >> we suggest to the left wing press that it follow our example. that's the memo. next on the rundown, dr. carson will reply. then, later, one of the moderators in big tuesday republican debate maria baltimore will give us baltimore will give us behind
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continuing now with lead story. the media trying to diminish ben carson. florida. when we talked on friday i said i'm believing you but i asked you not to let me down you said you have always been truthful. do you stand by that tonight? >> absolutely. it's a core of my belief system. and that's not going to change i would much rather lose an election than to lie. >> how are you dealing with this? i looked over the cliff file which is this high on you today. the usual suspect is are maligning you and defamingy you. i think you should ignore them but there are people who are powerful in this country who are questioning you. how are you hand links that? >> you know, i am trying to move on.
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i -- as i told somebody, one of the reporters this weekend. i could spend from now until the election on the defensive about something that somebody is accusing me of because i have written a lot of books and i have given a lot of speeches. or we could talk about the things that are important the things that are threatening the future of our children. world. it seems to me that that might be something that's a little bit more important. >> now, it's almost a compliment to you that they are trying to smear you. do you understand that? >> i do. i if they weren't afraid they wouldn't be doing that. >> when i was doing inside edition nobody cared about smearing me and it was a successful program. it t. made a lot of money but nobody was caring. once i got into the political arena with this program and once we started to dominate the ratings, here they come. and what they want to do is destroy your credibility.
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marginalize you as a person because they don't like!7es your message. >> absolutely. and the interesting thing is they have been every place that i have lived, i have worked, i have gone to school, trying to find dirt and they can't find any. they are getting really frustrated in a way i kind of feel sorry for them. at some point they might come to the realization that i'm not their enemy and we are trying to find a way to create the american dream once again for everybody. >> they are never going to come to that point because, a, you are a religious man with a faith based story that the secular press will never accept you because of that and, b, you are a man of color who made it on self-reliance and hard work. therefore you blow out the far left narrative that america is a terrible country that african-americans have been victimized and can't make it without the large government apparatus
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up. because of those two things they will never accept you and never give you a fair shake. let's look ahead to tomorrow night in milwaukee. i don't think this debate is important for you as it is for, say, jeb bush and marco rubio. both of whom really have to shine to well, bush has got to turn it around and rubio has to continue to rise up to challenge you and trump. it is important in a way that you are going to get some questions about the press working you over. i assume cavuto and bartiromo are going to ask you those questions. have you been thinking about tomorrow's debate and what is your point of view going to be? >> i have thought about that but i'm very helpful thatr i i -- hopeful i will get a lot of questions about the economy given hot questioners are going to be and i would much rather talk about that. i'm prepared to virtually anything. >> i think theydç might throw one or two at you on a personal front but i think it's going to be economically driven. now you and i went around and around on the flat tax
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thing and i told you i didn't think 15% was realistic because you can't pay down the 20 trillion-dollar debt at that level. i thought you have to rise it up above 22 into the low 20's on a flat tax basis. but that's just -- that's policy. i mean, yougñ respect that right? >> >> very much. chance to talk about some very significant cuts that will go into the program as well. >>om like, give us tonight. >> like, for instance, we have 4.1 million federal employees. we're not going to replace them as thousands of them retire. we have 645 government agencies and subagencies we can count at least 1% out of each one of of fat without any problem whatsoever you know, utilizing things like lean six sigma along the program so we can get real efficiency out of them. that's going to cut
8:17 pm
significant amounts of money away. i believe that's going to make a difference. plus, if we can get rid of the unnecessary regulation ares and we look at the cost to benefit ratios. we will be able to get rid of quite a few and that effects things in a gigantic way you in terms of manufacturing jobs, bringing those back. i mean, there is a whole litany of things. this conglomeration is not just a tax program. >> i have got to ask you one more quick question and i should know this but i don't. is your mom still alive? >> she is still alive. she has alzheimer's, but she has happy alzheimer's. >> ino 1997, in "parade" magazine, and i was working for them, i think then, she said she confirmed that you had an anger problem when you were a boy and there was a knife incident. and you know you think the press would be able to find that. parade was no little magazine back then. so anyway i want to point that out. >> i have not been impressed
8:18 pm
by the ability of the impress to investigate when they really don't want to find something. >> but you been impressed by the factor i'm sure you have. >> the factor, that's a different story. [ laughter ] >> all right, doctor, good luck tomorrow night and we appreciate you coming on. >> all right. >> directly ahead, maria bartiromo will tell us about her prep sessions. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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impact segment tonight. tomorrow, tuesday, 9:00 p.m., milwaukee, wisconsin, republicans will debate for the fourth time sponsored by the fox business network. the moderators will be neil cavuto. maria bartiromo and she joins us now from milwaukee.
8:22 pm
good for you. it's a good, good position to be in. tell us how you are prepping for it, maria. >> well, you know, bill, what we have been doing or what i have been doing is making sure that i understand exactly where each candidate is on the major issues so i'm looking back at what they have been saying about things like jobs, wages, trade, all of the economic issues that are sort of pocketbook issues for americans. and i'm making sure that i understand what their positions are so thatur i could help communicate that and help the viewer and the voter get more comfortable with each candidate's plan. >> what 8 individuals have said about is it going to be mostly the economy. would you say 75% the economy? how is it going to break down? >> yeah. i would say at least 75%. we're talking about economic issues. but, you know, as far as i'm concerned, bill, everything well most things are e#j-'/ic issues. when you talk about, for example, fighting is it terrorists and talk about defense spending it comes down to dollars and cents. economic issues is a broad topic that really umbrellas
8:23 pm
a lot of issues out there. >> but you also have to have a vision, i think the next president is going to have to have a-vision on how to improve the dire circumstances thate're n some cases in this country. have you got anybody that you are going to insult right off the bat or are you and cavuto going to work anybody over? >> no, bill. i'm not planning on it because there is really no reason to mock these folks. they are running for president. >> that's good. >> what we really want to know is how they can move the country forward. >> that will be a refreshing change from your colleagues at&o cnbc. you used to work there somebody told me that you told them at cnbc to do all of. that is that true did you tell them to do all of that? >> not at all. you know that's not true. i did the last debate back at cnbc in 2012. i was very pleased with that debated. unfortunately governor perry forgot his third thing in that debate but i thought it went very smoothly. >> not for him but for you guys. >> aside from that.
8:24 pm
>> now do you and cavuto do you like divvy up the questions? are you doing that today it say now cavuto you take this? i will take this? is that how it's going to go? >> what we did really was talk about the most important issues to us. weave came back with necessary. trying to sharpen the questions. we have been sharpening the questions for the last couple of weeks. >> tell the folks how you -- are there other people, there producers and things like that that help you sharpen the questions? >> absolutely. the team here from fox is absolutely spectacular. >> how many people are around the table discussing what you are going to ask? >> we are about 10 people. >> 10, all right. so you and cavuto, you throw the question out. why don't we ask it this way. why don't we ask it that way. now, you have got -- you know, economic. >> jerry baker. don't forget jerry baker the editor and chief of the "wall street journal" is also one of the moderators. >> i don't know him though. he is a newspaper guy. so he is going to have to follow your lead. but, i know you two guys really well. and you are able, both of you, to make economics
8:25 pm
interesting but for two hours you are goingxeyñ have to spice it up a little maria. you have to have a little in there for trump. you have to give him a little jazz. >> i think you make a great point. i actually think you make a great point. you want it to be interesting and resonate with people. you also don't want to be boring. frankly i don't think business and, you know, things about jobs and wages and moving your family forward is boring. but i agree with you that you need something to keep people interested. >> yes, and you have to basically follow up if they don't answer your question, which is the hardest things in these debate. if you are the moderator you don't want to be like me obnoxious you didn't answer what's the matter with you, your pinhead had. you have to follow up if last word, maria. >> absolutely. i think the viewers are expecting that the viewers are expecting to us challenge when things don't make sense and follow up if, in fact they filibuster and don't answer the question. we will do that. >> that makes me very, very annoyed when they filibuster as you know. so we are looking forward to it.
8:26 pm
>> i won't call them pinheads. >> let cavuto do that because is he familiar with that term. maria bartiromo, we will see you tomorrow 9:00 p.m. eastern time for the big debate. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. house minority leader nancy pelosi does something truly shocking, may even be corrupt. we will tell you what it is also, watters interviewing the folks about donald trump on snl. hope you stay tuned for those reports. ; hey mcmellin' you gellin'? i'm gellin' and zinfandellin'. and so is my new bride, helen mcmellin' i'm so happy my eyes are wellin' dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles are so soft they make your feet feel outrageously comfortable. i'm gellin you're so not gellin' dr. scholl's (vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable.
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factor follow up segment tonight, because of all the controversy surrounding the video showing planned parenthood executives bartering to sell baby body parts there is now a congressional investigation. house energy and commerce committee looking into the situation. now, last wednesday the minority leader congresswoman nancy pelosi appointed six democrats to the committee'sgñ investigatory body. say that five files. but -- five times. shockingl received donations from planned parenthood itself you can believe it? one of them susan delden has received $20,000. another one diana diget was actually a member of the planned parenthood. pelosi assigns them to investigate. so
8:31 pm
on? here in new york city a columnist for the boston herald and juan williams. it's a jock, right? >> no. i think you are applying a double standard. a real double standard. all 8 of the republicans on the committee have a 100 percent ratings pro-life, right? 100 percent. most of them are outspoken rabid critics of planned parenthood and they all gotten donations, just the kind of donations you are talking about the democrats receiving they got donations from the susan b. anthony list or family research council. all pro-life groups. >> you see, i think williams just made a good point, all right. so he he justified bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior what you do in the fifth grade. but, there may be other bad behavior. or am i wrong, ms. colmes? >> i think there is a conflict of interest when you have politicians on the committee who have received. financially benefited from their campaign. >> they're -- off the chart
8:32 pm
because they got money. one of them was on the board. that's absurd. but the republicans as juan pointed out, there ardently against planned parenthood. what kind of a fair investigation screw? both sides are in the tank, are this not? >> that's right. i mean, you know, it's just is a conflict ofix)fç are interest. it seems like they have already made up their minds on both sides of the aisle before they even start this investigation. >> should be congress people -- enough congress people in these committees where if you can't get them then get outside people. in it's okay if you are pro--you wouldn't object to somebody investigating if they are pro-life, would you? >> no. >> it's just that they're taking money from organizationsdr that constitutes the conflict. >> pelosi has got a nerve. >> if i say anything that's spin you are going to jump sides. it's a kabuki cans dance and both sides know.
8:33 pm
boehner appoints people who are strongly pro-life and in anticipation of the 2015 election they stir up debate. >> i think we can get fair people to investigate this, do you agree. >> they need to because, you know, it's like they pulled the game before the first inning. >> that's why congress has like a 12% approval rating. >> there we go that's what's going on. i told him just let me do it, all right? i'm not a member of congress, but i think they can appoint me. this is what these guys want to ask and then i will get to the bought. >> i was young when i first came on this show. he is on the committee i'm running. >> university of missouri, the chancellor, the president of the -- had to resign because kids[ said there was a racist campus and the kids weren't going to play. i don't know much about this. we are looking into it. any reaction to it? >> i think you see the power. it wasn't only the football players. you had the student body and then the head of the house education committee for the state and others saying the president should go. it's like there wasn't much to justify. >> do you know what he did? >> he didn't do anything. >> he didn't do anything. >> not respond when the kids
8:34 pm
wanted him to talk. >> looks like the students overe campus. >> that's right. >> isn't that what this is? >> exactly. my concern is every time somebody gets offended, are they going to be able to hijack the faculty and get them fired? i mean, we have free speech in this country. yes, there are certain things that happen on campus which are objectionable. >> right. i wish i knew more about it. >> at the same time, you know j it looks like the kids have taken over the campus. that's what it looks like. >> well, no, i thinkh people with power exercise some power. and they have some voice here. >> if the students are running the campus you don't want to be in that university. >> i would agree with you. >> i want to point out one thing i don't know much about the story. i heard the list of demands on the rush limbaugh program today they are insane. the student demands are insane. >> exactly like they demanded that the president say that he is white privilege that he acknowledges that.
8:35 pm
ridiculous. >> so crazy and these people are v. forced this president to resign and they're going to be the power on this campus? >> there are young people. >> they are young people, juan. >> no. they are young people. and they are trying to give shape to their not being welcomed. >> now they are running the place. >> they're playing politics so you are going to defend the status quo. >> i'm not defending anything because i don't know what's going on but i will find out. i promise. >> the pc has run amuck in these colleges and universities. >> go to boston u, my alma mater, you want pc, whoa. 9-year-old boy shot dead in chicago gang violence against. watters world the trump snl edition. >> i think trump dances better than obama. >> whoa. >> we need to have a battle. >> right back with those reports.
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8:40 pm
years old. >> i have seen something that no parent, officer, anyone should have to see in their lifetime. >> what the sixth district commander saw in this alli he said is the lifeless body of 9-year-old tyshawn lee. he was shot multiple times in the back and head. there was no word of any arrest. the code of silence and fear apparently keeping peoplecá):ipg >> tie sunni's funeral will be tomorrow. authorities have not arrested anyone. tyshawn's father is a gang member. joining us now from chicago harold ward former gang member and now an author and activist and harr mean hartman. newspaper geared toward african-americans. i begin with you. why can't the authorities stop the madness? >> well, i think one of the reasons is they're working top down. and i think you have to work bottom up.( i think people have got to go into the community and this is a question of all hands on deck. everybody needs to be involved.
8:41 pm
this is the parent, this is is the teacher, this is the preacher. but most of all i think it is the kids themselves. this is a pier peer to peer youth violence youth emergency we are looking at. where are these guns coming from? there needs to be some investigation as to how these kids are getting their hands on these guns. the community is quiet about what has happened and we need to look at it from the bottom up not from the top down. >> now, i i have called for chicago and the mayor of chicago and the governor of illinois to put the national guard in these areas just for a while. just to stop the daily carnage. would you support that, mr. ward? >> no i wouldn't. i wouldn't. and i wouldn't support that because, bill, this situation right here, we all know this is by design. all i want to know is one thing. chicago and other areas of chicago it's not happening. only on the south>] side.
8:42 pm
why it's not happening in the other areas was predominantly white folks at? that's what i want know. >> because the drug trade and drug trafficking where these gangs are making their profits that is centered in this neighborhood. you were a gang member at one time. the father of this 9-year-old boy and this is what we understand happened is a gang member, all right? and the other gang that didn't like him shot his 9-year-old son to bring pain to him. i mean, this is barbaric behavior, mr. ward. this is something out of isis. >> i don't condone none of that killing kids, innocent kids i think all of them should fry. my thing is this. how come every time something happen it's about gangs. do we know for sure? i'm not saying. >> that's what the authorities say that it's gang-related and i believe that is9g true. what do you think, ms. hartman? do you think it's
8:43 pm
gang-related? >> it seems to be obviously gang-related. and i think it is time for the national guard. i have written that as you know, mr. o'reilly, and every time i write it i get attacked to say oh you don't want to it do that we are in a state of emergency and i think you do want to do that on a temporary basis. >> that's right. stabilize it and protect the poor law abiding people who are being held hostage. >> that's right. they are being held hostage. people are living in fear. people are scared. they are scared to let their children go to school. it's kind of you are damned if you do and damned if you/ these kids are getting killed in daily normal routine activities going to your grandmother's house. coming from your grandmother's house. standing in front of your school. riding the bus, in the playground. the kids are doing what they should do as kids. but this gang thing, where does it come from? i don't know where it comes from and where could do the guns come. >> from a culture that is
8:44 pm
sociopathic. mr. ward, when you talk to -- >> -- mr. o'reilly, i don't know if it's sociopathic. >> the kids who do this are. >> listen to what your gang member is saying when he says this is by design. this concentrated and targeted in a single community. >> exactly. that's what it is. >> these kids who are doing this have no conscience at all. they get the drugs and they get the guns and they do what they want. >> i want to give you the last word. >> where do the guns come from,6 il bill? >> it doesn't matter where it comes from because it is criminal activity. >> t notf in other areas of chicago? >> because there isn't the active street drug trade that there is on the south side. >> mr. o'reilly, we need to get to solutions. it's not south side. it's inglewood in particular it. we have one -- >> -- it's all over chicago. >> anthony, it's all over chicago is in a crisis. we are in a youth violent violent crises situation. one of the ministers here
8:45 pm
reverend williams has gone to the justice department and come into chicago and please investigate where the guns come from. we need congressional hearings. >> i agree that the feds should go in just like they went into new orleans. we'll continue this conversation. >> that's exactly right. >> we will continue it and we appreciate you guys appearing tonight. watters on deck. the donald trumpf/ snl edition. been a wild mail segment featuring our pal george will. right back. you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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breathe right come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! >>what time is it? it's go time. >>come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. >>i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that makes it all worthwhile. but, hurry, these offers end soon. thank you santa!!!
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world. as everybody knows donald trump hosted "saturday night live," ratings very good. highest in four years. so we sent watters out to sample public opinion.
8:49 pm
>> ♪ ♪ did you guys see trump on snl? >> yes. >> yes we saw it. >> call me on my cell phone. >> you used to call me on the cell phone. [ laughter ] >> did you know trump could dance like that? >> i think he needs a couple of lessons. >> i think trump dances better than obama. >> whoa. ♪ ♪ >> i thought it was pretty funny the whole thing. >> i thought he was ridiculous. i didn't think he was funny at all. >> you're fired. >> so what did you think about trump on snl? >> i thought he was pretty great. >> i thought he made an ass of himself. >> really. >> yes. >> not everyone can be as funny as bill o'reilly on snl. >> sure. ♪ ♪ >> what was your favorite sketch of the night? >> i like the monologue when he first got on with the two guys flanking him.
8:50 pm
>> they don't have my talent, my money, or especially my good looks. >> i liked the first kit where mexico gave him a check. the wall. [ laughter ] >> biggest ratings in four years. >> i believe it four years. >> i believe it. >> yeah, i mean, i watched it and i don't usually watch "snl." >> when he was making the sound with the laser. >> what did you think about what larry david came out and heckled him? >> it was great. >> trump's a racist. >> would you have said that for 5,000? >> oh, yeah. why not. >> you would have said it twice. >> three times, man. >> 3 for 15. now, all kidding aside, you're excited to see milania as first lady poeblt possiblssibly? >> why not. i like the acsglent how is hillary going to top this? >> got to come back and do her own video. >> the clintons should do "wife swap" on abc new. >> did you like the drunk uncle
8:51 pm
on "weekend update?" >> someone is saying the things that i have been thinking. >> in puerto rico we've got a saying that drunk people tell you the truth. >> completely accurate. ♪ >> so do you guys think that helps or hurts trump's campaign? >> it helps. >> i think both. >> it helped a little. >> someone tells would hurt, like if it was giuliani or a bush, probably would have ruined him but trump this stuff seems to roll off. >> great, great, great, great. >> you did fantastic. >> do you think you're now less likely to vote for trump? >> i would never vote for him, never. >> you don't want to make america great again? >> i'm more likely to vote for anybody that's on "snl" because "snl" is good. >> okay. >> so if ted cruz went on "snl" you'd vote for ted cruz? >> i don't know who that is but probably. >> it's exhausting. >> do you ever watch "watterss world?"
8:52 pm
>> no. i'm watters and you're in my world right here. >> till mr. o'reilly i'm a huge fan. you keep it real. >> good choice with the naval -- they were enlisted, right? >> yeah. >> veterans day wednesday, so they are in town. >> and they are in town they were good. out of the people that you culled, c-u-l-l-e-d to interview. >> i got it. >> you didn't talk to anybody. >> trump might not like this. i had a hard time finding people that watched. struck out a lot. a lot of people watch it online but not like the super bowl so it wasn't easy to get people. i worked so hard for you. i culled them, as you would say. >> better than working at arby's. it's a better gig. free clothes. >> i do. >> you get free sandwiches there. >> you have to choice. >> so you would say 30% knew,
8:53 pm
40%. >> i would say about 20%. >> sarah palin got 15 million? yeah. >> he got 5 million, 6 million so it wasn't a blockbuster, big nest four years. >> sarah palin got 15. >> yeah, huge. >> jesse watterss, everybody. there he s.wild male segment starring george will. need i say more. right back. mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for thirty years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in three months. and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems,
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8:55 pm
no tip today because we got many, many letters about the interview with george will on friday. henry, bluffton, south carolina, o'reilly, long time viewer. your aggressive reaction to george will was disgusting. how about a bit of civility? you know, there are two kinds of people in the world, henry. those who confront deceit head on, those who take other avenues. if you do indeed watch me, you know which kind of guy i am.
8:56 pm
every word of "killing reagan" is true. george will chose to attack the book, "the factor" and me and i called him on it. lance newbauer, bend, oregon. bill, it's not easy to make will look like a fool but did it. his comment were bizarre. janet bruner, houston, texas, your conversation with will made you look strident and trumpian. lynn mcginnis, glendale, california, your passion for the truth and will's body language toll the tale. best interview over. bill adams also from houston. i will never watch "the factor." again. george sargent, berlin, new hampshire, bill, i take issue with will. if anything "killing reagan" depicted ronald reagan in an honest way and i think you showed courage in doing that, but you should not have called will a hack. joel, pennsylvania, bill, are you aware that george will and nancy reagan were frequent luncheon paltz at a quaint little restaurant in clifton,
8:57 pm
virginia? we are aware, joel, and mr. will's wife worked for mr. reagan. dennis, colorado springs. bill, both you and will are admired by the same people. please don't make us have to take sides. too late, dennis. too, late. you may have in the mr. will does in the appear on "the factor." that's because i believe his elitist presentation doesn't fit our format, nothing personal. based upon his remarks over the years he sees me as a vul garrian. word of the day, vulgarian, who does not deserve the farm i have so there is little common ground between us. larry, thailand. o'reilly i've read all your killing books and after seeing your evisceration of your books i want to read "killing reagan" more than ever. dave winfield, auchland, new zealand, i'm pleased at "killing reagan" praised the president and raised the president to the status he deserves. reagan and thatcher are among the great leader of our time,
8:58 pm
and i appreciate you setting the record straight. nino, your classless takedown of will was a shameful exhibition of your insecurity. charles rink, la graij grange, ohio. bill, i think the will interview was the most fervid disagreement i've ever seen on "the factor." the barney frank topped it. tom holmes, your interview with will was disgraceful. just because you say something doesn't make it gospel. i backed up everything i said with facts, tom, everything. "killing reagan" is true. first page to the last page. lee chauncey, live oak, florida. will lost me. i read "killing reagan" and found it to be an exceptional tribute to the man a overcame weakness to become one of the greatest leaders of all time. you nail the book, exactly, lee. thank you. cindy clark, kuai, hawaii.
8:59 pm
mr. o, you came at mr. will with the facts and pulverized him. you are definitely not doing the work of the left. close to 10,000 letter. elisa gabler, last summer my husband was in critical condition in the hospital. i purchased tickets to the "don't be a pinhead show" the hard rock show to cheer him up. made the show on saturday night and what a wonderful time we've had. i haven't heard my husband laugh like that in years and you'll never know how many the evening meant to us in years. yours is one of the nicest letters. only one show remaining in tickets, in phoenix on december 2nd. please check out the factor website, didn't than bill o'reilly. word of the day. do not be a vulgarian. tomorrow two factors at 8:00 setting up the debate and 11:00
9:00 pm
live after-debate analysis. thanks for watching us. miss megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly and the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. we're just getting word for some bad news for president obama on his executive action on immigration. that executive action which he had hoped would prevent an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants from being deported. just finding out now that in a 2-1 decision the fifth circuit u.s. court of appeals has ruled against the administration's executive action. uniholding a lower court injunction from a judge in texas. reaction is already coming in fast on this. the texas governor calling the court's decision a, quote, vindication for the rule of law and the constitution. judge andrew napolitano will be here with what it means. he's dissecting the 160-page ruli