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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jon: we will see you back here in one hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ andrea: this is " outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros, and with us today, harris faulkner, melissa francis is back, stacey dash is here again, and today's #oneluckyguy, tv's superman dean cain is back from hollywood and, dean, you're outnumbered. welcome. >> thank you very much. i'm very outnumbered and, hashtag very lucky guy, is what i would call it. great, great company. i'm happy to be here. harris: well, we're surrounded by hollywood. little house on the prairie, clueless there -- andrea: harris, we're outnumbered. harris: it's my dream! andrea: and we have a hollywood topic later in the block, but first, or let's have the debate, shall we?
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we are just hours away from tonight's gop debate doubleheader in milwaukee which you can see on our sister network, fox business. the candidates will be duking it out over the economy at 7 p.m.r, rick santorum and bobby jindal. then at 9 p.m., set the table for a party of eight; trump, carson, rubio, cruz, bush, fiorina, kasich and paul. but the fireworks have already started. front runners ben carson and donald trump sparring over discrepancies in carson's biography. we begin with dr. carson on reilly. >> i could spend from now until the election, you know, on the defensive about something that somebody is accusing me of, because i have written a lot of books, and i have given a lot of speeches. or we could talk about the things that are important, the things that are threatening the future of our children and that are threatening the world. >> he wrote in his book that he
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had either a pathological disease or pathological temper. when you say that you're pathological about something, usually you associate it with the word liar, he's a pathological liar. but he wrote that word in his book, that wasn't me saying it. andrea: also to watch tonight, many believe it could be a make or break moment for the once-presumptive front runner, jeb bush. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> i think in the end this debate is all about one thing, jeb bush. he's had three bad debates. one more and he's not going to drop out of the race, but he'll really be dead man walking. he's got to show a spark, and that means a moment. andrea: so tonight is make or break, and joining us from milwaukee someone who is usually sitting with us on the couch, one of tonight's moderators, our own sandra smith. hey, sandra. >> hi, andrea. welcome to milwaukee. andrea: yes. and we're excited to have you on "outnumbered" today, but you're on the other side of this.
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you are moderating that first debate which some candidates have used as a jumping-off point to get on that main stage. we saw carly fiorina use it. now tonight, chris christie, he's going to be at that first debate. and i think a lot of those candidates are going to be using carly's strategy to somehow propel themselves onto that main stage. how are you going to go about tonight's questioning? i know you're focused on the economy, but give us a window into what you're thinking. >> with governor christie, for example, when you've got four people on the stage rather than six or eight or what we've seen in priest debates, you really -- in previous debates, you really have an opportunity to get your message out. so governor christie, governor huckabee, governor jindal's going to be on that stage, senator santorum. that's going to be the first debate that i'll be moderating, and it's an opportunity for these guys to rise above the rest and potentially get into that prime time debate the next debate that happens. but this is going to be focused
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on your money, the economy and, ann andrea, as far as i can tell everywhere i go even walking from the hotel to the theater this morning, people are stopping me with the questions they want answered. and the top of the american people's list is the economy. people are still worried. they want to know what's happening in america, what the future is for jobs and taxes, small business. so that's going to be the focus, and we're going to talk to those guys about it tonight. andrea: all right. dean, what is your focus for this evening? do you agree with some of the people who have asked sandra they want to talk about jobs, the economy? what are you looking for? >> it's all about the economy, stupid. that's the clear line. i want to hear a lot about tax plans because our current tax structure is ridiculous. harris: here here. >> seven million pages, it's ridiculous, so i want to hear a lot about that. i think in the first debate it's going to hear christie dominate that group and maybe have a
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fiorina moment, and i know john kasich is good on the economy, so i'm interested to hear what he's going to say. it's going to be interesting. i'm not going to pick on the former debate, but this should be about the economy, we should hear some really good questions. harris: you know, i look at the engine that drives this economy, and i would ask you, sandra, how much focus you think there might be on small businesses, because we've talked about here on the couch that the person who's in that oval office really impacts the lives of people who run the country when it comes to doing the most hiring. to who's the most friendly to -- so who's the most friendly to small businesses? >> harris, small business, the engine of growth in america, and they want to talk about taxes, regulations that have stifled their ability to do business and hire more workers. so we want to talk about the income tax rate, but we also want to talk about the corporate tax rate in this country. because we've talked about it on the couch. is our corporate tax rate, is our system setting us up for competitive business in america? or are businesses looking at the
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landscape and saying we'll go somewhere else? so corporate tax has to be a huge discussion as well, because we've seen our large corporations unwilling to stay headquartered here because they look at places like ireland that have a 12.5% tax rate while we have a 35% tax rate. this has been a huge point of contention for business in america. melissa: sandra, one of the keys is to force them to give details. when they talk in platitudes about the fact that you want to unleash small business, that you want to lower taxes, and people shout at their television, how are you going to pay for that, how are you going to curb spending in washington? you want them to tell you details of how exactly they're going to get it done. i was talking to rand paul recently, and i said give me your first step in curbing entitlements, and he said i would raise the retirement age for social security. how do you plan to keep to people to the details so that rather than, you know, talk in platitudes they give specifics about their plan? >> well, we have the luxury of
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being the fourth debate, melissa, so we've heard a lot of the generics. we've heard a lot of the broad looks that these guys have on the economy and foreign policy, by the way, will be a big part of the conversation tonight as well. so now it's time to get those specifics. and while we're not out there to get any of these candidates or put them in a corner, we are out to ask ask the question in a way that we can dial it in a little more. people keep saying, all right, so the governor, the senator says they're going to create jobs for america, but how specifically are they going to allow for a business-friendly environment in this country that allows small and large business to hire? so we're going to get those questions answered for you tonight. i can't give away my secrets, my questions. melissa: no, we don't want you to. stacey brierestacey: how are tho
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affect the inner city populace and explain to them what specifically they're going to do for them so they can get a leg up? >> take governor jindal's -- governor jindal has recently said that every american child should strive to be and live in the middle class. well, what exactly does he mean by that? what is the middle class in america today? so it's a great question and a big part of that, by the way, is education reform. so all of this ties in to a system that many people feel is broken right now. i mean, melissa, you talk about that unemployment rate dropping to 5%, but why does everybody still feel so bad? so it's a big point that we're going to be making tonight. andrea: you know, sandra, i've been on the side with the candidates, and i think the real challenge is to drill down without putting the viewer to sleep. [laughter] when you start to give specifics, you're not going to have those memorable moments. donald trump, who really doesn't get into the minutiae, he seems to be on top. i want to also ask you, the two
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issues that have dominated this political campaign have been foreign policy and immigration. are you going to drill into things like the cost of war and the cost of our legal immigration problem? >> absolutely. and defense, yeah, absolutely. foreign policy is going to be a big focus tonight because, guess what? none of us have the privilege to do business in america and work and live in america unless we're safe. and unless we're protecting our front lines. so foreign policy going to be a big discussion. obviously, we're going to also be talking about the syrian refugee situation. a lot of these candidates have very different views on if they would allow refugees into the united states. we'll be asking them about that. but as far as foreign policy, a big part of that is asking these candidates about spending. and by the way, when you talk about spending and where they're going to be cutting back, we also want to know what's the good spending? you know, what's an example of where you do believe we are spending more? so it's been so fun to look back at everything these candidates
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have said and all the previous debates, and what an opportunity to talk to these candidates that are making a run for the presidency tonight. it's going to be -- it's going to be a heck of a night. and, andrea, nobody's going to be falling asleep. [laughter] the specifics are what everybody keeps tweeting me, i'm now on facebook, by the way, and it's amazing getting the response from people who are so tired of just hearing the generic answers. they want those specifics, so we're going to get 'em more you, guys. harris: one thing's for sure that kind of ties this all together is that nearly $20 trillion in debt that we keep hearing about. >> 18 plus. harris: yeah, during the current president's time in office, by the time he leaves, we'll be approaching that ginormous number. and i'm just curious as you talk about war spending and everything else, how will you kind of bring that up in the conversation? because to me, it's like it's raining outside, and if you can deal with the debt, then you get to stand underneath the umbrella. >> and if somebody says they're
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going to cut back in such critical areas, are they electable? can you sit there and say you're going to cut back this much and still be elected? so we're going to -- that will be a part of the conversation, but we are looking at $18 trillion in debt and counting. you better believe that they're going to face the tough questions on that as well. andrea: well, sandra, we are going to be watching you. no one is going to be falling asleep. >> no! andrea: and i'm especially going to be watching how you corral them if they get off topic. >> and after me, by the way, you're going to get neil cavuto and maria bartiromo on the prime time stage. it's very exciting around milwaukee, i've got to tell you. all the presidential candidates, i've seen a bunch of them descend on the theater this morning. it's going to be a heck of a night. andrea: all right, sandra, thank you so much. we'll be watching. and you can watch the republican debate tonight on the fox business network. you just saw her, sandra smith, along with trish regan and gerald seib will kick things off
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at 7 p.m. eastern, then neil, maria and gerard baker moderate the second debate. to find fbn, just log on to channel you can also watch me joining some other fox news all-stars with bill o'reilly before the debate and after. we're going live at 11 p.m. right here on if fox news channel. president obama's plan allowing millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s., what does it mean for the future of the president's plan? and the white house praising protests over racism at the university of missouri. will the fallout cause a ripple effect beyond the school's campus? and right after the show catch more from the couch on the web. join us for outnumbered overtime, and it's debate day, go to, fire off your questions. and if they're really good, we'll forward them to ms. smith,
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and maybe she'll use them tonight. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ harris: glad you're watching "outnumbered." the justice department is asking the supreme court to hear the
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lawsuit challenging president obama's action on immigration. just yesterday a federal appeals court upheld the block on him taking executive action to do that. in this latest decision cuts the chances of the measure being put into place before the president leaves office. twenty-six states have already sued to block the president's plan, republicans agree and argue it's an illegal executive overreach. >> the president does not have the unilateral authority to grant amnesty to millions of people. and, martha, that is a big issue here. and that is, do we have the rule of law in the united states of america, or do we not? and what this federal court of appeals said is the rule of law still applies even to the president of the united states of america. harris: so what's next in all this? right now the administration is insisting that the executive branch is within its rights. we've seen this president do what other presidents have, but on some really interesting issues, has he used the executive order. what are your thoughts?
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>> well, i just think we have three branches of government, you know? there's a legislative branch, a judicial branch, and there's an executive branch. he's trying to legislate from the executive office, and that's a problem. i worry about that. i'd like to see congress do its job, and i'd like to see it not be an executive order. harris: do you know what gets lost in all of this? the talk about how to solve the problem with illegal immigration. what we spend our time doing is talking about who's going to use the posturing and the leverage, but what gets left out is those five million people? what are we going to do about it? stacey: this is more of the same. this is what he's always done, nothing. ineffectual dividing. it can't happen, it can't go through. melissa: and at the same time, we've sort of ignored the rule of law. that's one of the things we're talking about here. and really immigration, it's the law of supply and demand. we have a lot of people that want to come to this country.
9:19 am
we should have a system where we're going to pick out the people who are going to contribute the most to society. instead, we have good people that want to come, but they see that the rules keep changing, and cheaters seem like they're winning. harris: but you know when you talk about picking the people -- melissa: who are going to contribute the most to society. i'm not picking the richest, the smartest, like, thoughtful. i mean, that can be in there. i mean, you can say we count refugees, you know should be picking who's coming, not be stuck with who's come in illegally. >> agreed. andrea: but there are currently laws on the books, and i wouldn't say the president hasn't done anything. the president has done a lot. he's used that executive order, and the courts have backed him except this instance. and if you read the decision, it's very clear. this court is saying there is no way that homeland security can reclassify illegals as legal. so your question's a good one, harris. what does the president do next? because if he decides to take this further, that decision's likely to come down when he is out of office. so the question is, what is he
9:20 am
going to do next. but we know he ignores the rule of law, he does it for political reasons, and the courts are now saying, no, you can't. harris: it still doesn't deal with the problem of more illegal immigrants coming into this country though. andrea: which he's okay with. harris: a horrifying display of savagery again by the islamic state. new video online, and the warning coming now from one group that christians could vanish from the middle east within a daled. what happens then? -- within a decade. what happens then? and are democrats trying to hide hillary clinton? while the gop gets set to hold its fourth debate on weekday prime time, a pattern is emerging within the other party. the next two democratic debates are on saturday night, one on sunday during the nfl playoffs. ♪ ♪ this is brad.
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it is believed to have been shot last year but posted online. meantime a new study finds christians in the middle east are being slaughtered at unprecedented pace. you may remember this awful photo of isis beheading 30 christians in libya earlier this year. researchers say christian population could vanish from the region within a decade if the global community doesn't intervene. dean, in the context of that study, when you see what they're doing specifically to christians and seeing 200 children laying on the ground, murdered in cold blood because of their religion, the parallels to the holocaust seem evident and you wonder, is our president, whatever you think he should be doing, he is doing enough?
9:27 am
>> simply no, absolutely not. listen, i know a lot of guys if the figures forces community. i'm wearing, this is delta force guy's uniform. put on a little pocket square for me. those guys i'm telling you want to go out there to end that problem right now. i don't think this president is doing enough. i don't think he is doing anything about it really. things are happening, i have friends in jordan, i have friends everywhere, they're frustrated beyond belief and frustrating to sit and watch as guy who studied history it is frustrating to watch. something needs to be done and clear in forceful way. melissa: i'm glad you bring up history. stacy, when you went through school and studied holocaust, what were people at the time letting this go on? how do you think history will judge everyone this time period? >> i think being weak. we should take a page out of the playbook fdr, when the axis
9:28 am
power were exterminating jews this is genocide. pure and simple. it is evil. there is nothing else about it. there is no gray matter this situation. that means declaring war, which is what he did after pearl harbor. harris: from recent history we know this particular white house is resistant to use the word genocide. we saw kardashian family fight about that and get certain incidents by the white house looked on as genocide. this video was taken, from what we know, in our efforts to make sure it was authentic and this was taken a year ago. this white house was still struggling whether or not this was truly as much of a threat we're trying to put our might behind to fight. this is what they were doing while we were trying to figure out what our quote, unquote complete strategy looks like. the president since told us he doesn't have one. >> andrea: he was remember at the time, downplaying threat as they were slaughtering children as
9:29 am
the jv team. he won't defend christians in country. why would he stand up to defend them in the middle east? in fact what he has done has made it worse. he has supported ousting of hosni mubarak in egypt, which led to the muslim brotherhood up rising that persecuted coptic christians. christians were arguably better off under saddam hussein, under moammar qaddafi, under hosni mubarak. his arab spring led to the slaughtering of christians because it exacerbated it. democracy promotion is ideal on right and left. but not realistic. these strong men they ousted treated christians arguably better, same with bashar al-assad in syria. we're about to make another mistake. melissa: no matter how we got here, people don't dispute we're in a worse position. >> over a million christians in the middle east. now in are only 275,000. harris: yeah. tragedy has arrived no matter how we got there.
9:30 am
pray for these people. as fox business gets ready to air the fourth of those republican primary debates the democrat debate schedule is coming under scrutiny and drawing accusationizations that they might be trying to hide frontrunner hillary clinton. they held a democratic forum but so poorly publicized you may have missed it. there is democratic debate, on saturday night, saturday december 19th. the fourth debate before the primary season kicks off, set for sunday during the nfl playoffs. to be fair three of the 11 republican debates are scheduled on friday and saturday nights as well. those are well at height of the primary season, just days before voters head to the polls. the focus on them, in other words will be quite different than now. what are your thoughts. >> holding debate when there is nfl playoff game -- >> maybe democrats don't like football! >> i know they do. can't imagine being on the air during that.
9:31 am
clearly they're hiding her, from barbs inside the party, whatever bernie sanders may say who knows. no way i watch that over football game, no doubt. she is the presumptive nominee. she has been given mantle. they're trying to wait until she has to face off with the republican nominee. then a lot of questions people are asking her, you know, really will have to get answered. harris: that makes me scratch my head. what you're say something also supported by some of the polling which shows in some of the polls hillary clinton is out front 62% in some early states. i'm really confused why you wouldn't want your candidate to get up there, swing a few and get sharp? andrea: why? it coronation. she already has over 200 delegates. harris: she will have to fight at some point. andrea: this criticism is coming from the left. this is the left this morning, this headline saying they're trying to hide her, right bernie sanders, headline from slate, leftist organization. they're trying to hide her.
9:32 am
they tried to limit amount of debates. they would put that woman in disguys if they could. she has i mentioned superdelegates. it is done deal, baby. they usher her into the general election. they don't want any eyes on her at all. >> she is disgrace. even the democratic party feels same way. they have no one else to go to? who else do they have? a socialist. harris: joe biden. >> he is not running. melissa: talk to the democrats on last debate hidden on saturday night, they said she did a good job. she was warm. why not have her out there more. i think they thought she would perform worse she did. they made the plan to have few debates. >> they do not want her to be transparent and tell the truth. she didn't do that. harris: if you look at history, hillary clinton traditionally does well in debates. that is what she is really good at. how much her fighting spirit comes through.
9:33 am
you said that is the best part of her personality. andrea: if you're on her campaign you don't want to her to be asked questions. she didn't do sit-down interviews. harris: wouldn't that be friendly room? the. >> she dud do a one woman play on broadway. harris: my goodness. >> that is what she you had should do. andrea: amazing they call themself to the democrats. should change their name to plutocrats or. there is no democracy on their side. they are anointing the queen. harris: she has to get all the way to the white house. she will face somebody on the other side of the political aisle. by the way you can watch the republican debate tonight on fox business network. co-host sandra smith, trish regan, along with gerald seib kick things off at 7:00 p.m. eastern. maria bartiromo, neil cavuto, gerard baker moderate second debate at 9:00 p.m. in conjunction with "the wall street journal." find fbn on your local cable
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provider by logging on to channel this story was breaking over the weekend into yesterday. after weeks of student protests it came to a head as you may know when members of the football team refused to play. the power of the student athlete, whether we see a watershed moment for college sports. [shouting] whatcha doin?
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♪ andrea: the obama administration is praising the protests at the university of missouri that drove the school's president, tim wolff, to resign. the school's chancellor also saying that he will step down from his position at the end of the year. and take on a different role. students had accused them of enabling a culture of racism on campus. white house press secretary josh earnest saying the school is product of the state's history. >> it's a very painful history. it is not ancient history in the
9:39 am
state of missouri. and, again i think it's a testament to the courage of the people on campus at university of missouri who are speaking out, that they are standing up to confront those issues. this debate is going on, this debate is not just occurring at the university of missouri. there are discussions about some of these issues that are taking place in campuses all chaos the country. andrea: much of the changes at mizzou happening after 30 players on the football team refused to play. their coach supporting them, tweeting out this picture. practice resumes today. but had they forfeited upcoming game, it would have cost the university a million dollars. all right, so i'm going to you first on this, melissa, about the cost. remind us how we got into this position in the first place. melissa: this ended over money. it started over morn any as well. i was researching everything that happened along the way because i wanted to see who is
9:40 am
right, who is wrong, who did what. this whole thing started when the university, said they were not going to pay for health insurance for graduate students. that is how it started. they cut their health insurance. those students were protesting, they went and they joined up with the group that was protesting over race. everywhere along the way, there was an opportunity to step in, to talk, to de-escalate this whole situation. that's why tim wolff had to step down. people are talking about, is it fair or not. he lost control of this situation a long time ago. it started actually over money. that is how it ended as well. dean, you were making that point. andrea: you played football at princeton, free safety. a lot of people talk about the power of the student athlete. they were demanding wolff admit he was beneficiary of white privilege. he refused to do that. forced speech which is ridiculous. what about athletic privilege here? >> the truth i was student athlete, no way -- i was so busy being a student athlete i
9:41 am
wouldn't have the wherewithal unless someone guiding me towards something for standing up with something like that unless it was incredibly pervasive. i don't know it was. i didn't pay attention what happened before. if it started over money, i don't know. i guarranty you how it ended, million dollars is a lot of money. missouri is 4-5 football team. i don't know if they would have if they were 9-0 team. i appreciate the coach standing up with the players. i wish this whole thing was de-escalate ad lot earlier. the whole thing is big wild mess. the thing blows me away more than anything when they were having this go on and the young reporter was trying to report on this, and he was forced out, that to me is a very clear violation of someone's first amendment rights. it is like the people overthrew the government and they're more dictatorial than the original government. it was pretty bad behavior. that professor dealing with that should be dealt with.
9:42 am
andrea: what about that, harris. we discussed it on the couch. starting bubble up in other areas. yale university, protesters trying to demand policy changes and administration changes? this is bigger than just a trend that could happen at colleges. i think this could spill into the work place and other areas. harris: bigger problem to me, at least one of the bigger problems, you talk about some things reported to have happened on campus and some students punished for racial incidents, all of that goes by the wayside. those problems don't get worked on. if they're focused on cost-cutting measure and trying not to lose money from the football game supposed to be played at nfl stadium next against brigham young, that is how the money would come by, that is how that is happening, yesterday reported deans of nine of the departments campus, got together in letter, they also wanted the letter out too. if there are problems with racism on that campus, those have now gotten pushed. now it has become more political. and where does, where does
9:43 am
anything get solved if that is the case? by the way, the chancellor says, you mentioned it, andrea, he will be working with many people across the university and system to advance their research mission. he is not leaving that campus. if kids thought they got what they wanted, they did in part. andrea: stacy, very quickly, the headline dean mentioned, issue of free speech, student reporters being shut down. they were forcing speech on the university president. >> liberal hypocrisy. yes they have a point. there were things that were happening should not have happened. it should have been addressed earlier but that is what we're doing now is not dealing with the solution. you have to get to the core, deal with the solution. not all the other fodder that is going on around it. andrea: i don't know when anyone studies, dean. or plays football. harris: we know dean studied. >> i did. andrea: hooray for dean ant others in hollywood unless you're a actress comparing salary to male costars.
9:44 am
gender wage gap in rest of america has nothing on tinseltown. veterans of screens big and small will weigh in. ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever?
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harris: there is more "outnumbered" coming up. first let's go to jenna lee with what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." hi, jenna. >> gop field gears up for the fox business debate in wisconsin. we have rnc chair reince priebus and david can at that niece what we might see. passing the national defense authorization act that provides $600 billion for defense spending and includes provisions making it harder to transfer detainees from gitmo. we'll watch the developing story. protests in several american cities over wages paid to fast-food workers. seven employees walked off the job. protesters want $15 an. industry groups say that will lead to job losses. sounds like a great question for debate. we'll see if it gets included. harris: that is really interesting one, thank you, jenna. melissa: actress sharon stone is the latest leading lady to speak
9:49 am
out about gender pay gap in hollywood the basic instinct star said nobody wanted to pay her after the role. she remembers crying to the manager she wouldn't work until she got paid. when she did it was much less than men. stone says, television, not movies, give actresses more opportunity and better pay. a-list actress maggie gyllenhaal and viola davis have also taken small scree project es. in the u.s., women earn average of 78 cents for a dollar a man makes but in entertainment industry this false to 40 cents on the dollar. i will go to our hollywood vets. stacy, hollywood is run by liberals, right? >> run by liberals, absolutely. there should be a, there needs to be demand for more aspirational female leading roles. this being said, there needs to be understanding of the difference between worth and value. you know, if you become
9:50 am
valuable, if you know what your value is, then you're worth more. so that is what you have to figure out. melissa: you have to demand more, basically what you're saying? >> be a better negotiator. know what your value is. melissa: there always debate whether these things are real. when i look at numbers, if i was writing a study bit and try to submit it somewhere to be taken seriously you would look how much money these stars generated in the past. what was your last box office? how many viewers came into the last show? you would pay them based on that. i couldn't find any studies that crunched those numbers. i don't know if the numbers are real. are they real, dean? >> it is weird thing, statistics -- melissa: can paint it any way you want. >> i don't think that just men's actors and actresses. but if we're talking about actors and actresses, actors and actresses get paid based on their worth. when i first started "lois and clark" -- melissa: you disagree with this. >> i don't know what the entertainment numbers are, when
9:51 am
i played superman, when i first, my first deal, i wasn't the one making the most money on the show. melissa: even though you were superman and clark kent. >> but i wasn't -- melissa: you were two people. >> i want making most. our salaries were the same. that is the deal. i had never seen it personally. talking about actresses and actresses rhonda rousey and ufc, everyone says, women don't get paid this, she will stand up and say i draw in the most people, most box office, most television eyes. she therefore gets paid. that is the same thing i think in film industry. now we don't negotiate our salaries as actors and actresses. we have representatives that do that. they're all very, very cozy. they know what their worth is. they know what you work for, so on, there is whole dynamic goes on with that. and i just don't know, i have never seen it personally that is the case. i guarranty it is not 40 cents of every dollar to actor. >> before your worth you have to know what your value is, what
9:52 am
makes you valuable. harris: what brings you to the table. can i ask you a real quick question, why does it seem like women waited years and years? sharon stone, terrific, had very long career. >> very long career. it is courage. there is whole women's movement you know, that is going on, this whole feminist movement. melissa: could there be black lash? do you worry about getting black balled by studios? >> i don't worry about backlash, people worry about it because it does happen. harris: you say they're cozy. >> 10 people make big decisions in hollywood as far as casting. melissa: there are -- harris: there are women in that tent. >> there are women. andrea: isn't that why they're fearful of realtation? >> you go over casting directors to get to the executives. andrea: at "glamour" women of the year awards, viola davis, reese witherspoon, spoke out about this. that was on menu at awards show. they're fired up about it but i think they bring up a point.
9:53 am
equal pay -- >> for equal work, sure. andrea: it's a real issue. there are instances and industries where women are not making as much. women take off to have kids and other things. look, i've experienced it myself. you have to go in and got to fight and kick down the door. i will eventually get paid as much as men, but sometimes more but there have been a lot of instances where i have seen with discrimination for sure. melissa: nba superstar lebron james ditching his usual baggie uniform for shorter tighter look. why he says he is doing it, not for the ladies but for the kids. harris: will you put these on next, dean?
9:54 am
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♪ >> i used to love that commercial. nba superstar lebron james now rocking the short shorts. you may have noticed that he is has ditched modern baggie uniform for shorts that fall about two inches higher and are snugger, a snugger jersey. he says, it is all for the kids. he says he wants to be a better role model and influence how kids present themselves you can see the difference as king james stands next to teammate kyrie
9:58 am
irving wearing a longer uniform. the new look does not quite measure up or down to john stockton's shorter shorts from the day, more leg getting buzz. i have to say all the poor decisions he made, including the decision -- [laughter] this is the most hum pell and respectful i have ever seen him be. what do you think, dean? >> if i look like lebron james i would go there with no shorts on. he is a freak of nature. i have met lebron. nicest guy in the world extremely nice. that guy is shredded. as guy who used to wear short sorts back in the day -- harris: do we have photo? >> i hope not. john stockton style. good for him. i despise the saggy look. my sons if his pants were down would get a swift little shot in the back side and pulled up.
9:59 am
melissa: lebron wearing shorter shorts i was expecting to see glorified loin clothe when they wore the short shorts, when basketball players, these are more modest, and they look fantastic, andrea? andrea: they do. we had our one lucky guys display short shorts, jesse watters -- melissa: how did i miss that. andrea: i don't feel passionately from basketball, anytime men wear less clothing i'm all for that. modeling, what was that suit called, harris? harris: j. crew. >> the jorts. >> basketball shorts getting out of control, going past the knee -- harris: they were like leggings. >> not fun to play in. harris: thanks for flying and hanging out with us superman. >> absolutely. harris: congratulations on new show. we'll talk about it another time. people want to know if that was cameo on "super girl."
10:00 am
hold on to it. on the overtime, and click on over time tab. we're back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. right now, "happening now" starts.


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