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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 13, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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i know, it is a travesty. i will get a lost tweets right now. >> deprived she is. we will see you back here in an hour. >> yes. "outnumbered" starts right now. see ya. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today is harris faulkner, andrea tantaros. fox news contributor julie roginsky and #oneluckyguy senior writer for "weekly standard" and fox news contributor steven hayes. >> good to be here. harris: welcome. >> is think anything to talk about? andrea: quiet week. >> lots of news. let's get right to it. major development in the fight against isis. u.s. targeting one of most wanted men in the world, the masked executioner known as "jihadi john." the pentagon saying it is reasonably certain he was killed
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in a drone strike in syria. just needs to finalize verification. if confirmed, it would mark the end of a massive manhunt for the brutal face of isis's savagery. responsible for the horrific beheads of six people including three americans. leland vittert, live from the pentagon with more. leland? reporter: sandra, one source says they are 99% sure they have their mine. still the pentagon is taking a bit of a victory lap. a spokesperson earlier saying the world is a better place without "jihadi john." pretty strong language. it has taken more than a year to find mohamed emwazi. he came on the world stage, what would become symbolic gruesome execution videos. his first victim, american journalist james foley. they followed him in and around the capital of raqqa.
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they drone strike on a car they believe he was in. there were two people in the question is he one of those people. nicknamed "jihadi john" because of his brittish accent. the pentagon called the strike fairly routine the way it was handled and how it was carried out. they admit though it was not a major military victory if they did indeed kill him. more after blow to isis's prestige. it was a joint u.s.-u.k. operation. earlier the british prime minister spoke pretty forcefully why he was okay to kill one of his own citizens. >> he was isil's lead executioner. and let us never forget that he killed many, many muslims too. and he was intent on murdering many more people. so this was an act of self-defense. it was the right thing to do. reporter: timing is very important here. this is one of the few weeks
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where the pentagon has had some positive headlines in the fight against isis. most notably the kurdish success as they have taken on isis forces with u.s. help outside of sinjar. that was a town that isis had controlled. now controlled by the kurds, a key isis supply line they have taken over. reports that the kurds have now raised their flag over the town of sinjar. the pentagon playing that up. playing up number of airstrikes they have carried out in order to help the kurds. sort of saying in one way or another this could be a turning point in the fight against isis. very interesting to watch though, over the weekend, sandra, in the next couple of days, what the decision process will be on possibly releasing the surveillance video, not only of "jihadi john" getting into the car but possibly even the drone strike itself, if the pentagon really wants to spike the football and make a point here. melissa: leland vitter, thank you. we're still waiting verification from the pentagon. if he is indeed dead is this a
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major win. >> no, it is not. it is a good thing particularly happy for the family of his victims. not a big deal. we had from the obama administration and allies this policy of decapitation strikes. we try to cut head off leadership of al qaeda, isis, and it hasn't worked. we've been doing that now for years. you saw the president this morning in an interview with abc news, well, isis isn't gaining strength. that is not really a vote of confidence but i'm not even sure he is right about that. >> speaking of which, julie, let's listen to the sound from the president. >> even your friendly critics, says what you have on the ground now is not going to be enough. >> this is always been a multiyear project, precisely because the governing structures in the sunni areas of iraq are weak and, there are none in syria. and we don't have ground forces
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there in sufficient numbers to simply march into raqqa in syria and clean the whole place out. >> brings up the broader picture, julie, are we doing enough. >> i've been -- andrea and i talked about this repeatedly. what is the strategy? how do you accomplish it? by the way to take out isis, three failed states isis is operating in. iraq is failed state. syria is a failed state. libya is failed state. i would argue lebanon where there is massive refugee crisis is failed state on the border with syria. so you've got three, 3 1/2 failed states where you have this kind of situation exploding, and the question is, can you possibly get it under control unless you say you will put boots on the ground in those three countries. war against terrorism drastically, this would be generational endeavor. this is not something to do in year are two or three.
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i don't think there is appetite across america to do that. i don't think there appetite for any administration to do especially after all the time we spent in the middle east. steve, you're write, we can pick at margins. great, glad we got the guy. this guy is significant. the next guy will be insignificant, if you want to get isis, you have to undertake a war that will last probably a generation. the question are we prepared to do that? i guess the answer is no. >> harris, you have a breaking news. a statement from the family? harris: with mohamed emwazi, his real name out of the picture, is symbolic. you used word decapitation what he would do with the hostages. a lot of heartache from the families. one of those speaking out today, art and shirley sotloff. they say this development doesn't change anything for us. it is too little, too late. our son is not coming back. more importantly we remember
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steven's remarkable life and contributions. they listed who "jihadi john" is pictured with, first and fores most fellow american journalist, james foal little. you look kayla mueller, how much we suffered watching that and losing their lives in the hands of such a monster. symbolically it sends a message we're not giving up and go after these guys. i'm prayerful getting many as we can. andrea: does it address the symbol him we saw when foley was beheaded. that was infamous press conference president made, hit his remarks, hit the golf course. i think that is the symbolism represents the administration strategy, spike the football, as you talk about, steven, go back to the golf course and not really care. they don't really seem to care about this problem. they have gotten it wrong. called them jv. also, doesn't it point to the
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fact that sir was has become a front line for terror? julie mentioned failure of arab spring. look at egypt, libya, iraq, where the jihadists infiltrated because the administration made it worse, not better. >> we know they given us happy talk about this from the very beginning. remember back to the christmas day bombing, the president went out and called him a isolated extremist, when we knew at the time he had ties to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. president said al qaeda was on the run. it wasn't. the president said al qaeda was decimated. it wasn't. the president called isis jv. it wasn't. they have been wrong about this from the beginning. i agree with julie's framing of issue. we have to make a commitment to a long war. i'm not sure the american people are willing to make the commitment. we can say for certain the president of the united states is not willing to. andrea: i don't think it erases memory of the families as harris says. harris: their loss is unmeasurable.
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andrea: on to the 2016 race for the white house. new troubles for the democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. according to a new marist poll, 68% of the voters believe the former secretary state did something unethical or illegal in her use of the private email system for government business. this comes as the fbi expands its investigation of clinton's handling of classified information found on the private server. those issues would be front and center at tomorrow's second democratic debate as "new york times" reports that bernie sanders will go after hillary this time but only if he is asked. okay, sanders says it is issue. then he says he is sick about hearing about emails. then he changed his mind, but now he says i will only talk about it if they bring it up. >> he wants a do-over. john dickerson is serious, smart journalist, i would expect he asks a he q.
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68% of the american people think she did something wrong. doesn't mean they are jumping to conclusions about it but it is pretty clear she did something wrong. i would expect john to ask her tough questions. he did so in interview with her a few weeks ago. i would expect him to do so again. andrea: sandra, when i look at the issue, media not covered, we had reporter followed this, right here, steven hayes, you've done amazing reporting. there is debate with the gop, how do we handle email issue? will people get fatigue. shouldn't republicans make this about libya? shouldn't they focus on policy failure rather than missing email. >> to chris christie at the debate other night and looked at his opponentsstage, i don't need to waste my time going after you guys. i need to focus on hillary clinton. he kept saying that is the real threat. he turned his focus and his attacks squarely on clinton. bernie sanders sworn off this
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negative campaigning. this report is saying if he is asked, okay he will have some negative attacks on hillary clinton but how can you not touch that? if you're one hosting or moderating that debate you better be asking it. when you look at conversation on facebook right now about hillary clinton, a lot is focused on the emails. so it has got to be asked at the next debate. andrea: i think it needs to be about terrorism and what was going on at the time these emails were being sent. terrorism, not so much technology. harris: you said a democratic debate, right? i would assume that means a good majority of the audience watching would be those who would be voting in a democratic primary, somebody might want to pay attention to which one they want to vote or on the stage. among those people in recent polling, more than 80% say they love hillary clinton still. i ask the question, that is not a comparison. they asked each, you know for each candidate. i think bernie got still better than 50% support. look at that gap there. do they care about this as much as everybody else? i don't know.
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i don't know. so you're going to ask the question, as you say, based on news flow, are you going to ask the question based on flow of people in the audience? >> i about the way the question has to be artfully constructed right? she has mastered answering question. andrea: i don't think she gets challenged on this at debate in the weekend. julie, put your strategist hat on, where is she most vulnerable? national security breach, emails, libya, national security, what is it? >> certainly not libya. she spent 11 hours answering question. people have fatigue on issue. in general people think, she spent enough time on this issue. i don't think it is fair to say the media hasn't covered this. "new york times" broke the email story, a-1. "washington post" did something this week. this is extensively covered. if people thought she did something ethically, they still support her. her scandals are baked in. when ben carson struggled
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focusing on him, not her. first they are focusing on her. she is baked in. andrea: libya, it was her decision as she wrote in her book to go into libya, steven. that was her idea to take out gadhafi. she takes out ownership for it. now they we see the swan dive off our embassy. do you think it is relevant? >> i think it is relevant. one of two ways the republican should attack it. one is broad foreign policy failures, two is basic honesty. julie is right, i agree this is baked in to certain extent and doesn't bother democrats but it matters when you look at polls. >> i think this is echo chamber. andrea: following weeks of protest at university of missouri the ripple effect continues. why students at another school say they had to reject a 9/11 event to protect muslim students. a young letter from a young boy to his fourth grade touch. his mom says he was threatened with section you'll harrassment
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don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. harris: new incident on a college campus is raising questions about political correctness at our nation's schools. at university of minnesota twin
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cities, a proposed resolution to recognize the september 11th attacks, each year, was rejected by the minnesota student association. that association's director of diversity and inclusion saying this, quote, the passing a of this resolution might make a space that is unsafe for students on campus, even more unsafe. islamophobia and racism fueled through that are alive and well, end quote. also, we have an update on the university of missouri situation. they have just named former civil rights attorney and professor michael middleton as their interim president but students say they want more. they have been protesting as you know, we've been covering it for weeks now, against how racial incidents are handled on campus. one their demands is for mizzou faculty and staff to be 10% black by 2017, 2018 academic year. that would mean 400 new african-american hires. start with what is happening in the twin cities to get your
9:19 am
stories on this why block a 9/11, just, an event that recognized what happened on 9/11 each year? why do that? >> because you're being held hostage by radicals who want to take over the university basically. that is what happened in missouri. what is happening at amherst. what is happening at yale and university of minnesota. people don't need a safe space. if they don't want to show up for commemoration of 9/11 attacks, stay home. it is insulting to moderate muslims frankly. why would moderate muslims need a safe space when you talk about a an attack perpetrated by radical muslims. harris: julie? >> that is great point. i had exact same point. the president tried very hd to call it radical islam for a reason. what these students is paint islam with the brush. might offend muslim students. muslim students will not be offended by this, i don't know any muslims, i happen to know a
9:20 am
lot who agree with what happened with 9/11. why would you not commemorate this atrocity along with muslim students on campus? this is counterproductive. to your point they did exactly what they want to avoid, which is painting islam with very broad brush that tarnishes in ways that moderate muslims would not want. harris: sandra? sandra: amazing. they're pointing out age of students at which time 9/11 happen. the entering freshman class was born in 1997. which means they were 4 years old when the attacks took place, they're using as an argument to not remember and have this be an honorable day for them? isn't that even more reason? shouldn't they be learning, studies, remembering american history and, gosh, what a turning point all those victims, over 3,000 victims that day? it is appalling really. harris: your quick thoughts. we'll move on to mizzou? andrea: well, i wanted to weigh in on mizzou so move on. harris: okay. let's go.
9:21 am
let's get there. can we watch a little bit of governor christie reacting to what did happening there? we'll come back. watch this. >> i think the president has allowed a sense of lawlessness and divisiveness to settle in over our country. he has not enforced the law in a way both fair and just not perceived that day. when people make that determination they tend to begin to start take matters into their own hands. this is lawless presidency. he picks and chooses which laws he wants to enforce likes he is dictator. harris: first your thoughts on that. andrea: that is absolutely true. the president decided to act more as imperial president, dictator using executive pen than we've seen in recent memory. as far as mizzou goes, you mentioned harris, students are demanding 400, i guess it would be 400 -- harris: 10%. that is long-term goal. andrea: our own jesse watters with his own show this weekend, "watters world, went to mizzou.
9:22 am
he has an incredible package. everyone should tune in to watch it on "o'reilly factor." what he exposed yes, there are real incident of racism on this campus but as you've been saying all week, harris, they have gotten so far away from it. now what was quest for tolerance and acceptance and peace has now become intolerance where white students are getting shut out of events. getting bullied. the first amendment is being stomped on. it really turned dangerous and disgusting and so far away from the organizationnal purpose of all this. harris: julie, real quickly, four of those incidents that were being investigated and reported, my concern is that those will fester. that that situation on campus will fester and be ignored in process of dealing with all these other things. >> two quick points. the first amendment is first amendment. you don't have a right not to be offended. i'm sorry if some of these kids are, life is not a safe space. something i say or anybody else offends you, sorry about that, that is very different from real incidents of racism, very different.
9:23 am
to suddenly think hateful speech equates hate speech is very different paradigm. they need to understand. chris christie, his own administration is being investigated by u.s. attorney. last guy should talk about lawlessness. andrea: please, no comparison. >> let me read you chapter and verse. andrea: ignore all the -- made up bridge scandal. >> much more bridge scandal. we can go chapter and verse on laws he ignored in new jersey. but that is whole another show. harris: commercial break will be interesting. president been prompt problem missing to close guantanamo bay. what will the plan look like? will he use executive power if congress didn't agree. actress jennifer lawrence, ripping into republicans claiming that they don't support women's rights.
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sandra: could get mow soon be strong with the stroke of a pen. that is the big question on capitol hill as we wait president obama's plan on the detention facility. after long delay it is expected to be presented to congress any day now. there is growing speculation that the president may use executive action to shut gitmo down and bypass congress all together. president obama will sign a defense bill that bans sending detainees to the u.s. white house press secretary josh earnest pushing back, saying the president will not invoke executive power at least for now. at the same time he is keeping his cards close to his vest. >> your interest in reviewing plan is certainly understandable. that is something we talked about extensively for her but i wouldn't expect any major plot twists associated with the presentation of the plan.
9:29 am
>> [inaudible]. >> well i think what you can expect though is a carefully-considered, thoughtful plan that will include specifics heretofore not previously been discussed. sandra: all right. so, steven hayes, taking notes, listening to josh ernest. >> i give josh a lot of credit, anybody that works in heretofore in a presser, that is good. look, there is no real reason to believe what josh earnest is saying when he tamps down speculation will do this. president himself saying nearly two dozen times he didn't have the authority to do what he did on immigration through executive power? so i think entirely like lip that the president will do this. i think this puts republicans in a little bit of a bind in terms of constitutional powers. i think the president probably does have the ability to do this. broadly understood as executive powers and commander-in-chief. republicans have, a fight, they can with hold funding.
9:30 am
that is i think the fight that they should be willing to use and politics of this, and are good for republicans. sandra: that is what could happen. maybe you could project, harris, what will happen? will congress go for this or president resort to executive action? harris: i wish i had that find of fortune-telling power. i will say this, they haven't fought so hard so far. is this one, the line in the sand you go for as republicans? i don't know, because nobody can agree what to do with these guys. so i think if you're going to fight, you have to come up with the plan that says, this is exactly what we'll do with those detainees. you say you're worried about republicans. i'm worried about everybody. what happens with these detainees? what is recidivism going to look like for them? everybody is saying not in my backyard putting them in prisons. we need a plan. is the president's plan as he brings it forth, do republicans have their own plan? andrea: i think steven is right on this one. if republicans were to unite on issue, even if he has the right to do, in the court of public
9:31 am
opinion they are not on his side on this one. i think the single most horrifying thing that the president did so far besides the iran deal was that prisoner swap. if i were a republican i would be talking about the "taliban five" for bowe bergdahl every single day. harris: i hear crickets. why isn't it? andrea: should be doing now, the timing and vision all is so terrible, when americans are being killed, christians are being killed and isis on the run he wants to release more, more that we spent men and women, blood and treasure their lives trying to capture these guys the president is just releasing. i think more than just a political issue, it's a moral issue. >> judge napolitano and i agree on this, we talked about it monday. they're here already, zacarias moussaoui, people that tried to blow up the world trade center in 1993. they were tried and convicted and in zacarias moussaoui's case in florence, colorado, in supermax, underground, much worse in gitmo. harris: no daylight down there.
9:32 am
>> half a hour of daylight a day. it is horrible. try them. give them due process. they will be convicted for the most part. put them in american prisons where they're going to be not able to escape. nobody has escaped from supermax. this concept keep gitmo open because we don't have alternative, of course we do. we're a nation of laws. let's exercise them. andrea: tell that to the president. >> the president should do it. harris: from your saying down on the ground sending them to countries, that is what i am worried if they go to places where nobody is watching them. andrea: actress jennifer lawrence sharing harsh views on the gop. "the hunger games' star tells "vogue" magazine. i was raised republican but i can't imagine supporting a party that doesn't support women's basic rights. it is 2015 gay people can get married and we think we come so far, so yea. but have we. i don't want to stay quiet about that stuff.
9:33 am
25-year-old star slamming kentucky county clerk, kim davis, you remember she is the woman who refused to issue gay marriage licenses earlier this year. lawrence saying, this is lady who makes me embarrassed to be from kentucky. all the people holding crucifixes as well, may be pitchforks thinking they're fighting good fight. i grew up in kentucky. i know how they are. wow, i'm embarrassed for jennifer lawrence, i'm embarrassed to be a woman listening to female spout this idiocy. harris: i'm actually speechless about this, hearing you read it is so different when i read it myself hearing those words out loud, did she practice that? is this script from upcoming movie we don't know about. andrea: movie clot clueless" was already made. we had stacey dash on the couch. harris: i'm starting to get it. they're supposed to be actress
9:34 am
and actors. i'm curious, does this check a box against them for market ability. sandra: in hollywood makes you more marketable. harris: you think so. sandra: i'm afraid to say this now, she is a very good actress. she won numerous awards. her movies do, very, very well. i don't know if she is looking for attention here but i'm just speculating. but i mean, this, for her to speak on behalf of so many people, religions, groups, it's just irresponsible. i don't think it will hurt her though. andrea: she insulted quite a few people in that rant that she did, steven. i want to know what rights does jennifer lawrence not have? >> she is well within her rights to say she doesn't want to stay quiet anymore. obviously she has passionate views about some of these issues. i would say as a matter of helping her, giving her some advice, if you don't have anything intelligent to say, you're better off remaining quiet.
9:35 am
and to suggest that christians wield their crucifixes like pitchforks, really says much more about her ignorance than it does about christians broadly. andrea: she has the right to say these things. she has the right to sound like an idiot. >> i don't think her views on kim davis are idiotic. everybody will disagree. kim davis took her religious views and foisted them on rest of kentucky and her county. reality she was supposed to follow the law. the law is what it was. she chose to say her religion -- >> there are conservatives believe that even for people who believe that, that is one very narrow point that she made inartfully but then to broadly say that christians wield their crucifixes like pitchforks? >> i don't disagree with that the a you will a-listen, let's not forget jennifer lawrence, is 22, 23. >> she is adult. >> who case what jennifer lawrence has to say. she is celebrity. i don't care what george clooney has to say. who cares what these people have
9:36 am
to say. harris: he looked good. >> he looks good saying it. >> she looks okay. >> let her say what she wants to say. you are offended to choose to be offended. andrea: as long as liberals keep saying dumb stuff we'll cover it. >> i will come back -- andrea: threatening a nine-year-old with sexual harrassment charges over a love note to a girl in it is fourth gr telling you it is not a joke. is this threat warned or -- warrant or another example of a pc society out of control? ♪ do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief.
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sandra: serious case of puppy love landing nine-year-old from boy in major hot water. here is one of the notes to a girl in his fourth grade class.
9:41 am
i like you, inside after heart drawing. he likes her eyes because they sparkle like diamonds. all of this earning the pint-sized romeo a trip to the principal's office where school officials told him his courting was unwanted and inappropriate. they even threatened to get authorities to slap him with sexual harrassment charges. the boy's mother expressing her shock and disbelief. >> he is nine. what little kid doesn't write love notes. >> what i think it is, is something education needs to be provided how to relate to this young girl or how to stay away from talking to her if that is the goal. >> my nine-year-old doesn't even know what sexual harrassment means. sandra: steve is laughing. >> i read -- summary, i read summary of this. i literally didn't believe it had happened. no, no, there has to be something more to the story. he had to have written something about her underpants or something. no, the story happened as you presented it.
9:42 am
it is totally preposterous. sandra: you did love notes when you were nine years old. >> cindy wagner. harris: you remember her name. >> i had a huge crush on jack. >> cindy wagner was cute. and jenny beth. harris: more than one. >> more than one. the only time i ever got in trouble when i kicked clinton carter in the face. in trouble over fighting. sufficient like that. sandra: nine years old is fourth grade, right, nine, 10 years old, girls an boys start passing notes and holding hands. harris: my bella will be nine in just a few weeks. yeah, i hear every now and then about certain little boys in class and conversations that the are going on. it is as a parent i listen to try to guide and what not. but, yes she think as couple of boys are cute. i wouldn't be surprised to write a letter like that. until this story i didn't know it would be looked at untoward.
9:43 am
andrea: julie will be -- >> i have never been more offended by a story. i have a little guy who is three, goes around hugging people. god forbid some crazy mother, when he is not beatings them up. touch-and-go. god forbid some mother comes and says oh, my god, sexually harassing. these kids don't know what sexual feelings are. how do you sexual harass, the sparkle diamonds. where is the 40-year-old version of this guy? andrea: girls love love notes and big girls too. i live nor love notes. still do. they're conditioning boys, little boys, to not say nice, respectful things to women. so you have as julie brings up, women getting older, and now where are all the good men? where are all men complimenting women. they have been conditioned to not offend these women or open doors or give them compliments. the woman said she shouldn't even approach the little girl. guess what happens?
9:44 am
women get older and men don't approach big girls. >> people will stop doing this i held a woman, years ago. and she said to me, i can do it myself. and i said, you know, i still do it. i still do it. but i mean, you know at certain point people will stop doing these nice things. >> can open the door for me anyway. harris: this ask sexualizing something that is innocent. that not acceptable. sandra: choosing to sleep in separate bedrooms. why some are saying it has been the best thing for their relationship. what is behind this and what the experts are saying about it who wants to try? before earning enough cash back from bank of america to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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harris: moreout numbered on this fine friday. let's go to jon scott with what is happening on in second hour of "happening now." >> it is friday, harris, thank you. in the next hour, digging deep into the investigation of the murder of a pastor's pregnant wife. details they're keeping from the
9:49 am
public and why.
9:50 am
>> if people want to do, that a couple wants to do that, fine with me. i have a theory why we're seeing more of this though. andrea: lay it on me. >> usually people do this when they get older, right? anecdotal evidence suggests, usually people do this when they get older, sleep separately, more frequently, with baby boomers buying second homes and downsizing. maybe more baby boomers sleeping separately. that explains the up tick. sandra: that is not a fun way to think of this. >> too analytical? harris: some of the research was done for this where i live in northern new jersey. there is up tick among the builders. i've been married for a while. i hope that is not a trend or something, my husband and i will be sleeping in what they call the flex suite in this research. >> sounds like a place to do pilates. harris: what is happening in
9:51 am
new jersey that i don't know about? >> you're in the land of mcmansions. harris: i live in the mc part. not the mansion part. >> little mansion part? i read this. i thought it was kind of weird. i thought if your priority is actually get some sleep, it might make sense to you. some people sleep better sleeping with their husband or wife. some people sleep better sleeping alone. i think that is biological response. that is not reflective of your marriage. i don't think it affects physical intimacy. can be intimate and go to another room. to each their own. andrea: i have very strong feelings. if the other person snores they should leave the room to get sleep. if you're tired you will not have a good relationship, so i have heard. harris: it is a great point. sandra: they're citing studies reveal 25% of couples fight in bed being kept awake by the other person. snoring, medical reasons. somebody has to get up at 3:00 in the morning. i don't know whoever had to do
9:52 am
that. it can really cause problems in a relationship. and a household. i'm not really surprised by. i don't think it is just older demographic. because these are -- >> i could be wrong. sandra: they are building new homes. harris: in northern new jersey. sandra: older people are not building new homes. >> i was offering rank speculation. no reporting behind my nearry. harris: if you also look at this, they shadowed one couple. didn't want last names to be used. said the sleeping habits are so different. she likes a lot of books or things in the room. she can't fall asleep because of clutter. they were dating and living together. but she wanted to set the tone for their marriage. andrea: if she snores really, really loud you could be tired or wear a sleep apnea mask look like dark vader. that is not a hot look. harris: that could be hot. andrea: go into another room and be well-rested. harris: i can't tell our secrets.
9:53 am
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harris: fox news alert where we started this hour.
9:57 am
the drone strike on what looks to be "jihadi john," the man who is seen in those videos where americans and others were beheaded. josh earnest, press secretary right now at white house being asked about it. let's watch. >> this is important intelligence that can be exploited. it also serves the purpose of insuring that those isil leaders are devoting a significant amount of their time to their own security, and that is less time that they can devote to insuring that their operation can run successfully and frankly they can devote to plots and plans they may be considering against western targets. >> switch of topic, any comment or reaction to the white house of latest allegation of misconduct against the secret service agent? >> darlene, i'm aware of those reports. the, obviously from reading the reports the allegations included
9:58 am
in them are disgusting. and allegations that the administration including the secret service takes quite seriously. i think the fact that as soon as the secret service became aware of this information that they acted is an indication how seriously they take this matter. but, i'm unable and unwilling to comment much more about, about a personnel matterrer. for additional details you can check in with the secret service. >> one last question. harris: as you heard there, josh earnest also asked about another matter with the secret service but previously the story that started us off this hour, suspicions growing as they try to get through evidence whether or not they hit their target on "jihadi john." the british guy who could be seen behind the mask in those
9:59 am
videos where james foley and steven sotloff, our american journalists and others were beheaded. there are pictures of that now. steven, your thoughts. >> i hope the families of those that "jihadi john" killed can find some measure of comfort he may be gone. we will mourn in our own way and who knows if that will after an effect. that is the probably most significant long-lasting effect of his demise if that's what we saw. harris: the parents of steven sotloff spoke. i shared their statement earlier in the hour, this is too little, too late. >> i believe, it was foleys, i'm not positive about that, but i believe it is them, put out a statement earlier today, essentially i wish the government had spent as much time trying to get our son out as they did trying to kill this guy. i don't think there is much comfort for a lot of these families despite what happened. andrea: or the president didn't go golfing after that. he spent a lot of time on iran deal and doing prisoner swap when he should have been working to get these americans back. harris: everybody have a great weekend. thank you. >> thank you. harris: we are back on tv monday
10:00 am
at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. bomber preparing to argue for a new trial. >> a judge set the court hearing for the terrorist convicted of killing three people and wounding more than 260 others. we're covering all the news happening now. a notorious killer identified as an isis butcher after beheading western hostages, now word that an air strike took out the murderer known as jihadi john. details that it's, quote, 99% sure. >> i know they're working with the husband to figure out what may have been taken and that would lead us down a further path. >> a pastor's wife dead after


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