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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  November 14, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PST

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accelerate and end the syrian conflict. certainly can accelerate it if people take advantage of this opportunity. based on our shares belief and the necessity of the cease-fire and a parallel political process pursuant to the 2012 geneva communique, we today discussed and laid out a path towards that political process and cease-fire and towards it as rapid a path as possible. we agreed on the need to begin formal negotiations between representatives of the syrian opposition and the syrian regime under u.n. auspices with a target date of the two sides actually sitting down negotiating with each other, no later hopefully than a target date of around january 1st. that's pushing. the group has agreed to work with a special envoy to assemble
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the broadest possible spectrum of the syrian opposition, chosen by syrians themselves to define their negotiating positions and determine who their representatives to the talks will be. we agreed on the steps that the steps outlined in the 2012 genevierava communique present best path forward towards an actual political transition. and we support a syrian-led transition process within a target of six months that will establish credible, inclusive and nonsectarian governance, set a schedule and a process for drafting a new constitution and determine eligibility for voting and candidacy in elections. we also agreed that free and fair elections would then be held pursuant to the new constitution within 18 months.
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these elections, we believe, would take place -- not we believe -- we agreed would take place under u.n. supervision with an emphasis on transparency and accountability and with all syrians including the diaspora eligible to participate. but as we underscored, this political process has to be accompanied by a cease-fire that will help to end the bloodshed as quickly as possible. and i might add that will help rapidly to define who wants to be considered a terrorist and who is not, understanding that daish and nusra are in that category now. we agreed that the cease-fire would come into effect as soon as the representatives of the syrian government and opposition have taken initial steps towards the u.n. supervised transition. the five permanent members of the security council pledged to
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support a security council resolution to empower a u.n.-endorsed cease-fire monitoring mission. and in coordination with our talks today, u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon has ordered the u.n. to accelerate planning for supporting the implementation of that cease-fire and the group agreed that the u.n. should lead the effort in consultation with interested parties in order to determine its requirements and its modalities. we also pledged to take all possible measures to ensure that all parties including those currently supported by nations represented here in vienna that they will all firmly adhere to the cease-fire. in other words, each country that supports or has influence with or supplies anybody in the field will become an enforcer of a cease-fire. we also agreed to press the parties to immediately end the
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use of indiscriminate weapons. let me be clear. the cease-fire, as i said a moment ago, does not apply either to daish or to nusra or to subsequently some group that in the days ahead may be determined by the support group as qualifying as a terrorist organization. so that's where we're at. and i want to thank all of my colleagues. >> so that's the news from the secretary of state, john kerry, speaking live this afternoon now in vienna with talks of a cease-fire and hopes, of course, that the cease-fire will come together. there is breaking news now on three fronts. and i'm going to lay them out for you. we've gotten these in the last ten minutes. we know more about those who have committed these horrible terrorist acts, and i'm going to lay out what we've learned. the reuters news agency has been reporting that a holder of a syrian passport, this dismembered body found near the
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stadium, the stade de france is now being reported from a greek minister and i quote the holder of the passport passed through the island of laros on october 3rd, 2015. in short, the person who blew up outside that stadium was a syrian refugee who was in france. he did not know if the passport was checked by other countries, but we can report that, in fact, that one person who held a syrian passport and was believed to be one of the bombers was a syrian refugee in paris. now, another breaking bit. this from sky news, our sister network in the united kingdom and for europe. this has just come in from sky. they report that three of the paris attackers were believed to have lived in an apartment in belgium. remember, i reported just a short time ago that sources had moved in on a neighborhood in brussels or outside of brussels where they had been searching
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this entire neighborhood for people who knew something. police searching this neighborhood in the belgian capital of brussels in connection with the paris attack. a source told the channel up to three raids were being carried out. now we know that three of the people who carried out this terrorist attack are now being told to sky news that they were -- they all shared an apartment in brussels. and we believe that all of them had come together, according to the bbc, had recently left syria and were part of one gang, one terror cell that was operating independently with three of the people having stayed in this apartment in belgium, and all of them having come to paris to carry out these attacks. so that's the new information as we have it. we can also report that the united states has carried out a strike on an al qaeda leader. i said that that happened in a particular city, and it did, but it was not a strike on the overall isis leader, al baghdadi. this was a strike on a regional leader. and when we know from our pentagon sources the outcome of
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that strike, we'll let you know. fers, though, let's go to correspondent lisa holland for a look book at the details as they unfolded last night. [ explosions ] >> reporter: famed for its culture, parisians enjoying their friday evening were sitting ducks for the terrorists. on a mild november night, this is how three hours of carnage began to unfold. these are the first victims of six simultaneous attacks. a masked gunman opened fire with
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an automatic weapon, shooting three windows at a cafe and restaura restaurant. >> translator: i heard some noise when i was at the bistro which is where i work. i got out. i started running. i was looking for where the sound was coming from. i figured out it was coming from the bush. i arrived at the scene, and there were lots of dead bodies on the ground. lots of dead bodies. lots of dead bodies. >> reporter: by now the number of dead had already reached double figures. there were reports of other shootings. but if there was any doubt paris was under siege, the sound of a massive explosion unleashed to a global tv audience watching france play germany left nobody in any doubt. a second blast threw the crowd
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into panic. and france's president, francois hollande, who had been at the game to be driven away to a secure location. >> the game tied, as far as we were aware, even though we were getting news reports, we thought it was a hoax or something that had gone wrong. we didn't realize. >> reporter: spectators flooded onto the open space of the pitch. an increasingly terrifying night seemingly the only safe place they were prepared to go. a look of fear was etched on some of the most famous faces of international football as players were led away unsure of what was happening.
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there were reports of at least one suicide bomber at two fast food cafes close to the stade de france, an attack designed to maim fans flocking to a packed game. one told how being on the phone may have saved his life. >> translator: i was crossing the road and there was an explosion. everything went up in flames. i felt the reverberations. i fell down. here's the phone that took the impact, and it saved me. >> reporter: but then as if things couldn't get any worse, it became apparent a major situation was unfolding at one of paris's best-known music venues. security units surrounded the bataclan theater. inside, the 1500-seat hall was a sellout. music lovers had come to watch the american band eagles of death metal.
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this mobile phone footage was filmed just before the attack. ♪ the gunmen stormed the hall, shooting in the air, claiming their actions were revenge for france's intervention in syria. >> translator: the concert had started about half an hour before. we heard and we turned around and saw two young people. two young people, well, we were a bit far away, so two people with machine guns firing into the crowd. so we all laid on the ground. there was panic, screams, shots continued to be fired. as the right of the stage, a door opened and we all rush there had. we got stuck there. it was leading to a staircase. we were stuck there for five to ten minutes. people were trying to force doors open, but they only led to dressing rooms and green rooms. >> reporter: with a hostage situation now well under way, those inside tried to hide or escape from the gunmen. this footage shows the back of the theater and a desperate
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effort of some to flee. trying to climb from first and second floor windows to avoid being picked off by the gunmen. an injured man made it through a back door. "what's happening?" shouts someone. others also make it to safety. dozens more would not be so lucky. as it became clear, the terrorists have started killing hostages. elite police units were forced to move quickly. one witness said the gunman was silent and calm and shot people randomly.
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they would reload and carry on. the attackers in the hall reportedly three of them then blew themselves up when the police raid began. >> translator: we were by the bar. so we heard firecrackers or so we thought. we turned around and saw two young men two older than 25 with kalashnikovs. we all lay down. the whole room lay down. i was completely under other people. and they kept shooting. but they would stop from time to time. >> reporter: the survivors left in submission and in horror. at this one venue alone, 80
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people lost their lives. parisians are scarcely able to believe the multiple atrocities which happened across their city. a state of emergency has now been announced. 1500 military personnel have been drafted into the french capital, now in lockdown. >> translator: i'm registering the pain, the sadness, the horror and the fear tonight. paris is once again in mourning. the death toll is very, very heavy. very, very heavy. the places that were hit were places where parisians liked to go out, where the young people of paris like to go on the weekends or in the evenings. they obviously wanted to hit as much of that liberty, of that youth, as they could. >> sky news correspondent lisa holland reporting. and we've just gotten word out of brussels, i mentioned a moment ago there have been raids that have taken place there regarding three of the suspects
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in the bombing. an arrest has been made in brussels. this is the first picture. it's just into us here at the fox news deck. continuing coverage of the investigation and the outreach coming up next on fox news channel.
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we reported a short time ago in breaking news that the united states has carried out an airstrike against an islamic state leader in libya. and we're learning more about that airstrike. on an isis branch. right now it is not confirmed whether that airstrike was successful. but i would like to get right now live to rich edsen with the breaking news information from washington. rich? >> reporter: shep, what we do have is that there were two american f-15s flying from a base in england. defense officials tell us they will not tell us the name of the target, though the target was not al baghdadi. he's the leader of isis. defense officials are telling us that this is not related in any way to the attacks in paris last
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evening, that this raid was planned days ago carried out. and so we still don't have information as to whether this was successful and who the target was other than it was not the leader of isis al baghdadi, shep. >> responding in any way there at the white house, rich, to these new reports out of sky news and beyond that three of these attackers were living in a brussels apartment building, that all of them had been part, according to the bbc, of a cell that had recently come from syria into france, any reaction to any of those reports this afternoon or morning? >> reporter: no, we have not gotten any response from the white house or reaction to much of what has happened since the president spoke last evening or concerns as to whether or not there's going to be any change in strategy from the administration, how this changes the game at all. we have heard from secretary of state john kerry. he says that this increases our resolve to fight terrorism, to fight isis. but there is no sense, at least here, as there will be any dramatic shift in strategy from the white house. the president did say yesterday in an abc news interview that he
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was confident that isis has been contained or has been contained. that was later explained before the paris attacks by the white house press secretary as the president that the ground they are controlling in iraq and syria. however, their reach over the past couple of weeks particularly when you talk about that russian jetliner that was brought down and what we've seen in paris over the last 24 hours has grown, shep. >> rich edson at the white house. and breaking now just in from british police, the evacuation of gatwick airport earlier today was indeed connected to the discovery of a firearm in a bin, and a 41-year-old man from france has been arrested. the threat level in britain remains at its second highest level. severe, they call it, after the terror attack in france. the terror attack -- or the attack level in france is now at its highest level as security is tightened. and we'll have much more on fox news channel after this. (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment.
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to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. a massive terror attack like this acts in politics like a push on the political pendulum. extreme voices get heard. and there are many cries for massive changes. mike barrett is with us, former director of strategy for the white house homeland security council. mike, i would expect now that there would be calls for big changes. >> well, there will be, shep. and i think the challenge here is that we clearly need to do something. but our basic plan has been to help that our sunni arab allies will protect the ground forces, and we just see no evidence of that. the saudis, for example, the only people that seem to be willing to use military force against is against the shia in
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yemen. we just don't see them being willing to actually engage in the fight. >> and that leaves who to do the fighting? >> well, that's exactly the problem. we have a vacuum. so you heard secretary of state kerry earlier today say that we're going to have elections. well, you know, that's great. i'm glad we'll try to have elections in 18 pos, but we've had elections in iraq and look at what a mess that is. just trying to use duct tape to put the country back together in terms of syria just seems like a fool's mission to me. >> mike barrett, i hate to cut you short but we have breaking news into us, this from the associated press. i mentioned these raids that have happened in belgium that according to sky news three different people who have been living together in brussels, believed to have been involved in this attack. we've just gotten this. the belgian justice minister just confirmed a, quote, number of arrests made in brussels related to the terrorist attacks. and in my back five, you can see
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one of those arrests which has taken place. well, it was in bat 5. one of the arrests. it's in bat 4. my apologies. the arrest that took place in brussels just a short time ago, and that is the picture of one of the arrests that have taken place in the wake of this horrific terror attack in paris. european union heads of state and institutions have issued a statement. and before we leave you and begin coverage at the top of the next, i'll read that for you. it is an attack against us all. we will face this threat together with all necessary means and ruthless determination. everything that can be done at european levels to make france safe will be done. we will do what is necessary to defeat extremism, terrorism and hatred. france is a great and strong nation. its values of liberty, equality and fraternity inspired and aspire the european union. this shameful act will only achieve the opposite of its purposes which is to divide, frighten and sell hatred. good is stronger than evil, evil
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that can be done at european level, anything will be done to make france safe will be done. i'm shepard smith in new york. our coverage continues next at the top of the hour, and i'll see you tonight in primetime on the east coast. shepard smith, fox news new york. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. xerox personalized employee portals help companies! make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. which allergy? eees.
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good afternoon, everyone. our coverage of the terror attack in paris continues at this hour with a special edition of "america's news headquarters." i'm martha maccallum. the bbc is reporting the attacks were carried out by a self-contained cell that had just returned from syria, possibly training in syria. so that report comes hours after isis has claimed responsibility for these attacks at six locations. and the taking of the lives of 127 people. that number is still likely to rise. some 300 people are hospitalized in paris right now. 80 of them are in critical condition. among the victims we know


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