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tv   First Panel - Republican Presidential Candidates Debate  FOX News  November 14, 2015 2:00pm-3:16pm PST

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we begin with a fox news alert. major developments concerning the wave of terror that swept across the french capitol. paris in mourning for the 129 people killed. their thoughts with 352 wound. a day later we're learning so much more about what the french president, hollande, is calling an act of war. welcome to a special edition of america's news headquarters. i'm julie banderas. >> i'm kelly wright. authorities made several arrests in connection to the deadly paris attacks. authorities able to trace a car with belgium plates seen closest
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to where people were gunned down. the attacks leading to increased security here at home. major cities deploying special police units to guard high profile locations. >> we're also learning that an american student was one of the victims in the attacks. this is her, 23-year-old noemi gonzalez, a junior at california state university at long beach. she was studying design in paris. rick leventhal is there live. rick? >> reporter: the total number of dead and injured is nearly 500, making this the worst attack in paris since world war ii. we're learning more about those terrorists from the french prosecutor who tells us there were seven total, all wore identical explosive vests and carrying ak 47s and all are now dead. we have also learned more about the terrorists themselves. one a 30-year-old french national, a known radical who had been arrested some eight times. another carried a syrian
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passport. and reportedly slipped out of europe with that recent wave of immigrants who were fleeing the trouble there in that war torn region. a third carried an egyptian passport. the string of deadly strikes began at the soccer stadium where the french president hollande was attending an exhibition match between the french and german teams. we're now learning, according to the "wall street journal," one of the attackers had a ticket and tried to gain entrance to the stadium 15 minutes after the game started. he was stopped by a security guard. security was tight because the president was in attendance. that guard frisked him and found the vest. the man stepped back and detonated himself. four people died in those explosions. but it could have been much worse if the man made it inside the stadium where 80,000 people were watching that soccer game. the other four men, according to the prosecutor, used two cars to wage another series of attacks. first on a series of cafes in this trendy paris neighborhood
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where 37 people were killed. then they slaughtered scores more inside the bataclan theater where an american metal band was performing. witnesses say the place was packed and that the terrorists barely stopped shooting for 15 minutes, pausing only to reload their weapons and that gave some of the people who were hiding in there a chance to slip out. when police arrived, they shot one of those terrorists. the other three detonated their explosive vests. paris is stunned and angry tonight. there is a state of emergency in effect. public demonstrations have been banned for the next week here. a number of popular tourists attractions have been temporarily closed, including the eiffel tower, which is dark tonight in mourning for the victims. >> rick listen at all in paris, thank you. authorities in belgium have announced that they have arrested -- made an arrest
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linked to the terrorist attack after a car with belgium license plates was found near the hall where most of the victims were killed. this as isis claims responsibility for what the paris proper describes as three teams of attackers that unleashed a nightmare issue wave of violence across the city. john huddy is live in our middle east bureau with more details. john? >> reporter: kelly, as has been the case in other attacks, isis not only claimed responsibility, but also posted i guess you could call it a statement, if you want to call it that, not only praising the attack, but praising the attackers and was posted on an isis web site online and then circulated on twitter and facebook. it's really long and rambling. but at one point it describes attackers wearing explosive belts, attacking targets and then detonating the belts after finishing their ammunition of the that was something that rick was just talking about. the statement also goes on to threaten more attacks against
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france. there was also an undated video that was posted earlier as a result online purport lead by isis. again, issuing much of the same threats against france. as we know, there has been strong international condemnation about these attacks, including here in israel. couple hours ago earlier, prime minister benefit gentleman anyone netanyahu expressed his condolences to the people in france and said he ordered all israeli intelligence and security agencies to work with french officials and authorities as needed. we've learned, according to our sources that israel has already given france intelligence information. that intelligence officials here have passed on information to their french counterparts. we don't know specifically what that information is. we're waiting for some more details about that. these attacks have really hit home here in israel because
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obviously there is a significant french jewish population, including thousands of french jews that emigrated here after the attacks earlier this year in france. so it's hit home and like other historic landmarks and buildings throughout the world, we've learned that jerusalem's mayor says that the old city walls here in jerusalem will be lit up in france's colors. of course, the blue, white and red. >> that's very significant. john huddy reporting from israel. we also know that prime minister benjamin netanyahu has come out to condemn the attacks taking place, stating that they will stand shoulder to shoulder to help support the people in france. john, thank you. more french troops arriving in paris today in the wake of the catastrophic attacks. hundreds of soldiers sent to the capitol from other parts of france. president hollande declared a state of emergency. the military mobilized 15,000
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troops. law enforcement source telling fox the f.b.i. is urging vigilance among its 56 field offices in monitoring isis targets. the u.s. continues to monitor what is described as constant stream of isis chatter online. we are told there are no specific credible threats to the u.s. homeland at this time. >> french president president hollande, no longer attending the g-20 summit in turkey following the terrorist attack in his own country. president obama on his way to the summit right now. the paris attacks likely to be much of the focus of the talks taking place a few hundred miles from syria's border. kevin cork is live in turkey with the very latest and the turkish president there has vowed this will be a central point of discussion beginning tomorrow at the g-20. >> no question about that. unfortunately for the folks who
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will be gathered here, as you mentioned, president hollande will not be here, but his finance minister will be here and obviously the foreign minister will be here as well. i have to tell you, really frankly what's expected to be a summit about economic growth and cooperation has been evolved into a defacto summit for president obama and other world leaders. as you pointed out, the president departed from washington this afternoon enroute to turkey for the g-20 summit. this is an important meeting for him as well and in a readout, we learned that the president's team has been talking a great deal about the attacks in paris. we learned today that the homeland security posture was checked and double checked trying to make sure they're doing everything they can and everything necessary to protect the american people. meanwhile, here, security was already tight. incredibly so. it looks to get even more so in the hours ahead as more world leaders arrive here for the g-20 summit. given turkey's proximity to syria and the ongoing war
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against isis in syria, you figure that would be a major back story here at the summit. certainly that will be the case and i should point out that because russia's president vladimir putin is also going to be here, you have that and the fact that the russians and the iranians are also on the ground in syria. that means that will be a majore g-20. we are told by the white house that while the president does not have a scheduled meeting with vladimir putin, his russian counterpart t is likely the two will have plenty of time to meet on the side lines here at the g-20. should make for a very interesting time here in turkey. back to you. >> kevin, thank you very much. as the world mourns the sense of loss of life in paris, a makeshift memorial is growing outside the french embassy in our nation's capitol. also in washington, people are gathering for a vigil at lafayette park, the french ambassador to the u.s. is one of those in attendance. kristen fisher joins us live with more details.
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>> reporter: the location of this vigil, lafayette square, is symbolic because it's named after a french officer who fought for the u.s. during the revolutionary war. it's also right across the street from the white house. so this is where huge crowds gathered the night that osama bin laden was killed. this is where people came after the massacre at charlie hebdo. this is where hundreds have gathered to pay tribute tonight to the victims of the terrorist attacks in paris. just about three miles away over at the french embassy, i was there earlier today and people have been leaving flowers, letters, even bottles of french wine. most people stopped by to pay their respects to the victims. but some people say they came because they didn't know where else to go to find out if their loved one in paris was safe. one woman told me that her sister lives right next door to this stadium that was hit. she told me that she has been calling her constantly, but so far she hasn't picked up.
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>> i don't know. i don't have no news from my sister. i don't know. it's like a knife in my heart. that's what it is. especially knowing my sister lived so close to that area. >> reporter: the french ambassador to the u.s. just led everyone, a crowd of hundreds now, in a moment of silence. you can hear everyone now singing just right across the street from the white house. what the french ambassador said was he stressed everybody to focus on the individuals, the individual faces of everyone that has been impacted by this terrorist attack. he said think of all the lives that have been destroyed. think of all the victims. think of the families and friends who now have to carry this immense grief e. also said we are allies. we are friends. and all of us are now facing the same threat. kelly. >> thank you for that report. democratic presidential candidate set to square off tonight. that's going on. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley meeting on stage for the second time.
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how the recent attacks in paris could tie into tonight's focus. plus, security on high alert across the world, including france. how world leaders will respond to what france's president is calling an act of war. >> an act of war was committed by a terrorist army a jihad insist army against france, against the values we defend everywhere in the world.
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. isis once again dominating headlines with attacks in paris. our department of defense fresh off their takedown of isis executioner jihadi john, but last night's atrocities, another sign that the war is far from over. president obama meeting with the national security council before he left for the g-20 summit meeting in turkey, will tackling terrorism be a big part of the conversation? probably. joining us now to discuss it is colorado congressman mike kaufman, a member of the house armed services committee and a veteran. sir, thank you for your service, first of all. >> thank you. >> the u.s. military successfully taking downey haddie john on thursday and on friday, the u.s. military successfully killing the senior
2:17 pm
isis leader in libya. but isis continues to mount more stunning attacks on innocent people, there by grabbing the narrative and the headlines. what should the united states be doing to respond more aggressively? >> first of all, i think that this is a symptom of a lack of american leadership. this is what the world looks like without america playing a significant role in terms of its leadership. i thinktamerica needs to be much stronger and more resolute. i certainly commend the president of france for calling it what it is, an act of war. whereas this administration has called terrorist attacks on american citizens basically criminal justice problem. we are also in a state of war and i think we need to acknowledge that. >> the president also said -- as you know, he's on his way to turkey to participate in the g-20 summit. they'll obviously be talking about terrorism whereas before this was talking about
2:18 pm
economics. terrorism has to play a major role here. what should the president say to world leaders who all agree that action has to be taken against isis, what should he do to lead them and guide them in a more pro-active and more successful campaign to end the reign of terror by isis? >> i think first of all, he needs to take isis seriously. they are clearly not the j.v. team he described them to be. they are not in retreat as he described them to be, or contained. i think that as we make advances on the ground in isis territory as the kurds have recently done, they're going to reach out and do the kind of complex coordinated attacks that they've just done in paris because they need to demonstrate that -- to their followers that they are still -- they still have the momentum in order to get the financial contributions that's sustained them from jihaddists around the world, or those with sympathies to jihad jihaddists,
2:19 pm
certainly as to gain new recruits. if they're seen as being in retreat, then i think those resources are going to dry up. >> certainly you mentioned the kurds and they had been doing an incredible amount of work there to protect people and defend christians in kurdistan and i can't zitis and other muslim and they need the help and support. i want to ask you, does congress get it? does america get it? are we all prepared to deal with this ugly evil ideology that isis perpetrates? can partisanship end and common ground be found to deal with the real threat to our national security? >> i hope so. as an iraq war veteran, i certainly get it. certainly can convince my colleagues to understand the magnitude of this threat, i don't think the president quite gets it yet. he wants to close down
2:20 pm
guantanamo bay, either release the terrorists out or put the worst of the worst on u.s. soil where they will be afforded all the due process protections that american citizens receive under our constitution. we need to recognize, as the president of france recognizes, as our president needs to recognize that we are a nation at war. not by our choosing. not by our choosing. we are at war against radical islam. >> what should we as the american people do? >> well, i think first of all, we need to understand that what happened in paris can happen to us. obviously it happened to us on 9-11. we need to be vigilant. we need to address this as we are a nation at war. this is more than just a criminal justice problem. terrorism attacks are in fact actually war. >> congressman, we thank you for your insight and again, thank
2:21 pm
you for your service, sir. >> thank you. the terrorist attacks in france are pushing the question of how to handle the fight against isis to the front of the 2016 presidential race. terrorism, national security and foreign relations, all expected to be a major focus, if not the focus for the democratic debate tonight. ed henry is live from des moines, iowa, with more. hi there, ed. >> reporter: good to see you. absolutely. before this debate, many days ago, cbs news was saying the focus would be on the economy, the middle clarks income inequality. the issues that animated the democratic side of this presidential battle. but now cbs executives are making clear it will be mostly about terror, trying to figure out who would be the best commander in chief in very difficult times obviously. that would seem on the surface to benefit hillary clinton as former secretary of state. but as you've been noting this hour, the fact that she served so closely with president obama who had called isis the jv squad
2:22 pm
yesterday said they've been contained. they're not gaining ground, could be a big problem for her. in recent days out on the campaign trail here, clinton has been sounding a lot like the president with some of her comments about isis. listen. >> we're not gonna put our troops on the ground, but we will support others who are willing to fight for themselves. >> reporter: now, you can hear right there similar to what the president has been saying about how we have to have partners on the ground doing the heavy lifting. a lot of people on both sides of the aisle wondering if we have to rethink that. the republicans looking at this pregame to the debate saying look, it's happening on a saturday night in the middle of college football season. will anyone be paying attention? the rnc john spicer saying, quote, hosting a debate in iowa on a saturday night where the fifth ranked iowa hawkeyess will continuities march toward a national championship will insure this has little impact on the state of play in the democratic primary. we'll see if there are any big moments. hillary clinton dominate that had first debate in las vegas.
2:23 pm
this is a chance for bernie sanders, martin o'malley to catch up. she's been pulling away in the national polls. >> thank you very much. greece alarm and resolve spreading across europe and the world at this hour as paris struggles to recover from the horrific attacks, so how will this tragedy change america's fight against the terror group? retired navy captain bob wells will weigh in next. >> i want to make sure that it is absolutely crystal clear that the united states stands with france and the rest of the world in our resolve to eliminate, discourage violent extremist groups from the face of the earth this holiday season, get ready for mystery. what's in the trunk? nothing. romance. 18 inch alloys. you remembered.
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president hollande is vow ago merciless response to the deadly attacks in paris, as isis
2:28 pm
claims responsibility for the coordinated assault. officials in belgium have said that police have made several arrests in brussels after a rental car with belgium plates was found close to a concert hall, the site where most of the victims were killed. president obama meeting with his national security team this morning reviewing the latest intelligence on the situation in paris before leaving for the g-20 summit in turkey. how will the paris attack change the u.s. fight against isis? let's bring in retired navy captain bob wells, former national security advisor to vice president dick cheney and author of "voices from the bottom of the south china sea." thank you so much for talking to us. >> you're welcome. >> french president hollande has been on the phone all day long today speaking with other world leaders. >> including the german chancellor, king of morocco, u.k. prime minister, egyptian president and others. you say the paris attacks
2:29 pm
underscore the need for a new counter offensive. what do these world leaders need to do now? >> they need to look ahead. they need to really make sure they have the organizational capability and capacity to deal with this threat. we need to keep isis front and center. it is an act of war as president hollande indicated. we need to look at those abilities and capacities where we can help each other together to reduce risk against isis. we need to really, as we have the last ten years with al-qaeda, we need to deny, disrupt and defeat isis and it needs to have certain principles associated with counterterrorism as well as kinetic operation and military affairs. >> deny, disrupt and defeat. if these attacks in paris teach us anything, it is that we have failed at defeating isis and have not launched an all-out war against them, which should have been done on the ground the moment they beheaded the first victim. we have a president telling us the morning of these attacks that isis is contained.
2:30 pm
clearly the wrath isis has coming to them will be better late than never. do you agree? >> i agree. we need a fresh approach. we're not doing as well as we could. we need to look the what all the options are for the president and look at where we were really in 2002. president dwight eisenhower said it best. when you have a really tough problem, you need to enlarge it. the president needs to have the best advisors inside the white house, which includes the existing administration advisors, but also i would bring in some of the combat veterans we've had, general jack keane, general petraeus, to support thinking through the actual strategy that we need to look for to build in a capability to actually defeat these guys. president hollande has the leadership responsibility right now. it's good to see the secretary of state kerry talk about the key support for france. we are with you.
2:31 pm
we've always been with the french. but we need that refreshed effort. we need to look ahead. we need to look inside our own homeland security department, making sure that we have the capability. >> when you talk about a refreshed effort, are you talking about a new effort, because what we have been doing has clearly not been working. today we heard from hillary clinton. she spoke about the fact that we need to go in there and support others that want to fight isis, but that we should not be on the ground. she's echoing what president obama has repeatedly done, which many would say got us into this mess in the first place. now isis is taking control. we have planes beingdommed in midair. when are we actually going to go in and try to defeat as you originally said, because to defeat them, it means we have to go all in. >> we have exceptional military planners down in the u.s. central command and u.s. european command looking at this particular challenge. i think jennifer griffin put it well with regard to certain capabilities and certain
2:32 pm
frustrations within the pentagon with regard to the close air support and j cats targeting capability. we need on the ground to support really weeding out isis in syria and also supporting the effort in iraq. there is some positive momentum, seen it shift with regard to strategy. we need much more and we need that kinetic piece of it and total strategy with the european, as well as even nato capability to really defeat these guys. >> france's new normal is horrifying. isis has essentially said you will never rest. you will never be at peace. paris as we all know has been under a terror watch since the charlie hebdo attacks last january, which has beefed up security at hard targets such as the eiffel tower, which is now closed. but yesterday's targets were soft targets. how does intel protect those and where are the security lapses? where is the intense security at these soft targets? what should the rest of the world learn from yesterday?
2:33 pm
>> the rest of the world needs to learn that you need to have whole of government approach to getting good intelligence not only to your military capability, but also your law enforcement. for the united states in particular, being a hard target, we need to reach out to the key communities we have in the u.s. like minneapolis, which has somali and others. we need to work with our law enforcement. the f.b.i. director recently talked about concerns in all 50 states. we need to have more information and more coordination and really support law enforcement efforts in the local communities and listen to see if we can find where there could be anybody that would be sympathetic to violence and disruption and violence and destruction inside the united states. but every other country needs to use the same type of methodologies to support not only law enforcement, but homeland security, homeland defense capabilities. we know where they're at. we continue to look at what
2:34 pm
transport foreign fighters are coming back to europe. that's a significant concern. the refugees, that's a big issue as well with regard to who is who. so there is quite a bit to do. the good news is we have the organizations to do it. what we must do is we need to look at do we have the right capability? can we scale to have the capabilities we need to reduce risk and finally deny, disrupt and defeat these guys. >> the french president said he's going all in and that he has essentially called war. many have called this world war iii. the key now is that the united states support our ally. not just to be behind them and perhaps help them in the air, but to go in all in. thank you very much for talking to us. we really appreciate you speaking with us. retired navy captain bob wells. thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> the american rock band, eagles of death metal, has canceled its tour in the wake of last night's attacks. the band was performing when
2:35 pm
gunmen opened fire on the crowd. they managed to get off the stage and escape to safety. the drummer calling his brother to tell him they were all right. >> he basically said they were playing about six songs into the set and heard the gun fire, multiple machine guns and hit the stage, hit the ground and didn't think twice. they left back stage out the back of the club and went down the street as fast as they could and they ended up at a police station. >> the concert hall now the site of one of many vigils in paris along with other areas that were under fire last night. after the bloodshed in paris last night, ordinary citizens doing their part to help the victims by giving blood. how the hospitals are handling the sudden influx of hundreds of patients. >> i knew that there was a lot of people killed because they
2:36 pm
were ushering everybody inside. we spent the night there until the final shot because the guys were bombing themselves.
2:37 pm
2:38 pm
2:39 pm
fox news alert. let's listen to the president of california state university at long beach speaking now about the american victim, noemi gonzalez. >> she was in paris
2:40 pm
participating in a study program. she was in a restaurant with other students when she was wounded. we had been in close contact throughout the night with students and families and have confirmed that 16 other long beach state students studying in paris are safe. we have also reached out to our 80 french students currently on campus in international exchange programs. today we mourn the loss of noemi and all the other victims of the tragic attacks. tomorrow there will be a vigil at 4:00 p.m. at friendship walk in front of the student union where we currently stand. thank you. >> mayor of long beach. the entire city of long beach and our community mourn the loss of noemi gonzalez. she was a member of our community. she had friends here. she enjoyed long beach. she obviously loved this university and her classmates.
2:41 pm
we as a city could not be more heart broken at her loss and as well as the loss that the other students here of our community are going through and are experiencing today and will in the coming weeks. as a city, we're committed to supporting obviously cal state long beach, we're committed to supporting her family, her friends, the students that are here, and insure we honor her memory in many ways we can over the course of the coming days and the coming weeks. we're also admitted to insuring that her family is taken care of and supported and we know that here in long beach there is a lot of interest to do that. i also just want to add that as a nation, i think it's important that in the coming days and weeks we come together to support a strong ally in the french people and of course, in paris. i know that we stand for justice. we stand against the fight against hate. most importantly, we support the people of paris during this
2:42 pm
tough and horrible time. i'll also make some comments in spanish for -- i know there is some spanish press here, to i'll make those in spanish. (speaking spanish). >> let's head over to kelly now as we talk more and we'll go back to this when they start speaking english again as we continue to follow this. kelly? >> thank you. back to paris where hospitals there remain in an official state of emergency after last night's terrorist attack. many people lining up to help the victims by donating blood. over 350 people injured in these attacks. about 100 of them in critical condition. how will hospitals deal with the trauma? more on this now with dr. radcliffe, she worked in private practice and as an anesthesiologist. you've also had the misfortune of working emergency rooms where you can get all kinds of cases.
2:43 pm
but the magnitude of 300 plus hitting those emergency rooms is so traumatic. what are doctors doing? what's the first protocol? >> first of all, our thoughts and hearts go out to the people who suffered from this senseless tragedy. it's important to understand what a state of emergency is. it's when the government shuts down normal constitutional procedures in order to regain order and control and simultaneously public health organizations. we're talking about hospitals, first responders, such as paramedics and blood donation banks. they respond accordingly. now it depends upon the type of disaster or the tragedy. it depends upon the reign. what we do know is that it's important for them to implement an emergency plan. >> such a tremendous need. you're a professional, but yet you're dealing with the trauma of what unfolded. some of those first responders, as well as doctors and nurses are probably going through where is my family? how do i deal with my loved ones? yet they don't have time to find
2:44 pm
out because they're dealing with the tragic consequences of having to render aid to those who are showing up at their hospital. >> right. these are trained professionals and they have a calling. one of the things that they report is that so many people were actually just showing up to work to say, what can we do? what do we need? this is where this masterful coordinated response, paris is doing a fantastic job at this. one of the things that happened was near the concert hall where one of the attacks took place, they set autopsy mobile station so it could implement help to those who were injured. this is important because you can stabilize patients before ethen arrive to the hospital. this can prove survival. for example, if someone were to get shot in their arm, they could seriously bleed out. you could save lives. so france is doing a wonderful job. the other thing, they're also doing a great job of coordinating care. there is well over 300 people who have been injured. what they did is sent them to
2:45 pm
over 36 different hospitals. that's important because you don't want to inundate one hospital. there is people who are still doing childbirth. people who are having heart attacks. they still need to administer care to these patients. it's important this coordination, there is triaging resources. >> they're certainly taking care of what's happening right now. but let's look long-term. the post traumatic stress that may result from this. so hospitals have to be at the ready for that as well. >> they do, because imagine, some of these people may not have physical injuries, but they can have psychological that are not just here, but will last for years and decades and maybe a lifetime. these people have witnessed carnage. we don't know what it's like to see it, smell the blood that we don't know how exactly. this is something that they do feed to be prepared and this is going to be years in the making. >> it's what you train for. >> absolutely what we train for. >> providing healing not only physically, but mentally. >> right.
2:46 pm
>> and many cases spiritually, because i'm sure people are on hand to deal with that as well. >> right. >> dr. knee in a radcliffe, bringing us important points about what goes on in the medical community at this time. thank you. >> the terrorists targeted the bataclan concert hall where an american rock band was performing. they held hostages before killing many of them. coming up, we'll take a look at how to handle a hostage situation like this, what happened in the moments before the shots rang out 129 people total killed yesterday in the french capitol. 89 of them at that concert hall. people in paris singing the french national anthem in honor of the victims. ♪ ♪ ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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ten seconds before the shooting, i was just next -- they start shooting. thank god i'm not in the bathroom. i just remembered people, i saw the people sitting by the lounge, laughing and drinking. >> nearly 90 people killed in the historic bataclan concert hall in paris. after gunmen burst into the venue and took hostages. witnesses say the terrorists mentioned syria and iraq during the attacks.
2:51 pm
let's discuss, though, how a hostage negotiator gets a handle on the situation like this or do they? danny colson is a former f.b.i. deputy assistant director and also a former commander of the f.b.i.'s hostage rescue team. thank you for talking to us. would it have been possible for a hostage negotiator to have gotten a handle on the terrorist hostage crisis at the concert hall? >> absolutely not. this is from its inception, this is a rescue mission. it's a tactical operation that has to be conducted as soon as possible. these guys came here to kill people. they came here to hold hostages and generally what they do in a situation like this is use hostages only to delay the assault upon them. they have no intention of negotiating and one thing to consider is this is an exact carbon copy of the 1988 mumbai, india attacks where 600 wounded and 166 killed. it was done exactly the same fashion.
2:52 pm
it's amazing the similarities to the attacks and the way they pulled them off. these guys have been saying we're going to do it and they did it. it's a terrible situation. the fearful thing here for all of us in my business is they're coming here. they see it's successful and they'll come here and try it in the united states. >> when i first heard that there were some 100 people being held hostage at the concert hall, my immediate reaction was why? i mean, what do they want? because if this were a normal hostage situation, the hostage takers would be making demands. but as you just said and you read my mind, terrorists immediately want to kill. i guess i'm wondering if more was going on inside that concert hall that led the terrorists to hold people hostage before cowardly killing them. >> what they do -- they tell us this, this is exactly in their manifestos that we have from them. they take hostages and they use them to have the time and ability to make stronger fortifications so they can kill more people.
2:53 pm
they have no intention of ever talking to law enforcement. they came there to kill people and they used strength and intimidation to freeze them and hold them. they go along and systematically execute them. one thing that everybody should know here is that the average distance of a shot taken by a terrorist in a situation like this is about eight inches. they close on these terrified people and execute them in cold blood. we have to understand, we are at war. they declared war on us and we still don't get it. we're not declaring war on them. we're still using the criminal justice system for a lot of it, which some of it's appropriate to do that, but we have to strike a balance. if we're at war, we have to know when the constitution applies and when the rules of war apply. >> you know, you go on twitter today and you wonder, a lot of people wondering what is france going to do? what is the united states going to do? what are the world powers going to do? a lot of people wonder if we could have prevented this. that's what everybody says after
2:54 pm
a terrorist attack. the question is what have we done wrong and what can we do right in the future? what do we do with isis? do we go in and get them on the ground? people even talk about a bomb. why don't we just drop a bomb? at what point does the world reach a place where the evil and senseless killings warrant the most ultimate, ultimate price, and that is the bomb? we have it and there are several others of our allies that have it as well. >> do you remember there are videos of isis racing across the desert with that black isis flag flying on our tanks out in the open and there were journalists that filmed that? why didn't we use b 52s? what did we have to wipe them off the face of the map at that point? but we didn't do that. we are doing these little pin prick operations using drones and i like drones. they're great. but every time you use a surgical shot by a drone, you're creating a promotional opportunity for somebody else in that organization.
2:55 pm
you have to use it like it's a war instrument and take out large numbers of them and they've declared war on us and we have the best soldiers and sailors and marines and airmen in the world and we need to let them go and go get these guys. >> i agree. danny colson, thank you very much. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> kelly. >> coming up, the streets of paris somber at this hour. the french nation in mourning still absorbing the deadliest violence on its soil since world war ii. much more to come with our special coverage of the paris attacks just ahead.
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2:59 pm
>> people around the world showing their support for paris after the horrific terrorist attacks. london's tower bridge lit in the french flag's blue, white and red. in germany, the brandenburg gate illuminated in france's national colors. here in the u.s., the one world trade center spire lit up in red, white and blue in honor of the french victims. and also in sydney, australia -- i'm sorry, that's london right there. that's the london eye. there is sydney there. >> it's absolutely beautiful to see the world come together in a time like this. let's just hope that the world acts together in order to defeat the terror network that's responsible for this so that we don't have to be able to -- >> for those of us who lived through 9-11, it should be painful reminder of what we're dealing with in this country
3:00 pm
right now and also throughout the world. that's the rise of terrorism. we must deal with it appropriately. >> yeah. that is going to do it for us in new york. now to washington for a special edition of "special report" with bret baier. shep picks it up at 7:00 p.m. eastern. it was an acts of war, says the president of france. the u.s. launches an attack of its own with fighter jets going after an isis leader. this is "special report". good evening. welcome to washington for a special saturday night edition of "special report," continuing coverage of the paris attacks. i'm bret baier. france is in a state of emergency for a second night. cities and airports in the u.s. and other nations are on high alert tonight following a multi-facetted highly coordinated terrorist attack that left nearly 130 people dead in paris. at least one of those was an american. isis is claiming responsibility
3:01 pm
in revenge for french air strikes in iraq and syria. french president hollande is calling it an act of war and vowing what he calls a merciless response. rick leventhal begins our coverage tonight from paris. hello, rick. >> reporter: the french prosecutor confirms the death toll has risen to 129 with 352 wounded, 99 seriously. it's the worst attack on french soil since world war ii. we can confirm tonight that among the dead is a 23-year-old american college student from california, noemi gonzalez was here studying design for a semester abroad. but the junior from cal state long beach instead became one of the nearly 500 victims of terror. still in shock, mourners today laid tributes of flowers and candles on the blood-stained pavement outside the sites of friday night's terrorist attack attacks. president hollande declared a three-day period of mourning in
3:02 pm
what he called absolute barbarism. >> it is an act of war undertaken by a terrorist army. a jihaddist army against france, against the values that we are defending throughout the world, against what we are, a free country that speaks to the entire planet. it was an act of war that was prepared, organized and planned from abroad. >> reporter: hollande was hustled out of the soccer match last night after an explosion was heard. later identified as the first suicide bomber detonating his vest. according to the "wall street journal," the bomber had a ticket to the game and tried to enter the stadium, but was stopped by the security and frisked. that's when he backed up and detonated himself. another bomber blew himself up outside the stadium three minutes later and a third at a nearby mcdonald's. four people were killed in those blasts. at the same time, two other teams of terrorists target add string of cafes in a trendy paris neighborhood, spraying bullets in the streets and bars crowded on a balmy friday night, killing at least 37.
3:03 pm
but the deadliest scene was the bataclan concert hall packed for a show featuring the american rock band, eagles of death metal. witnesses say they were young, shouting allahu akbar and support for syria and iraq, ruthlessly executing the innocents for 15 minutes, pausing only to reload. it didn't stop, this witness said. it didn't stop. when french police stormed the theater, they shot and killed one of the attackers. the other three blew themselves up. the french prosecutor says the seven terrorists wore identical bomb vests and carried the same weapons. in vienna, secretary of state john kerry voiced support for the people of france. >> the united states stands with france and the rest of the world in our resolve to eliminate, discourage violent extremist groups from the face of the earth and make no mistake, that resolve has only grown stronger in the wake of this unspeakable brutality. >> reporter: two u.s. military f-15s based in the u.k. conducted an air strike in libya against the cou
3:04 pm
isil leader and long-time al-qaeda operative. the pentagon said the strike was planned in advance of the attacks in paris. in a search for accomplices. in belgium tonight, three men were arrested. apparently involved in the renting of the cars used by the terror suspects. here in paris, the french press is reporting that the brother and father of one of the bombers are also now in custody. bret? >> rick, thank you. let's talk about the implications for u.s. national security. joining me from austin, texas, is house homeland security committee chairman mike mccall. thanks for being here. >> good evening, bret. >> let's start with specific threats to the u.s. in the u.s. or abroad. >> we do not have any specific or credible threats to the united states, but i would argue that the pierce attack was very sophisticated, very preplanned, coordinated attack.
3:05 pm
we had virtually no warnings about that either. so you don't know what you don't know. i'll tell you what i do know about what's happening in the united states is over the last year, we've arrested over 70 isis followers in the united states. that's more than one per week. we have active investigations in all 50 states and 900 cases taking place as i speak. this is a foreign fighter threat. the person who traveled to the region, who traveled in syria and iraq and go back to europe or possibly the united states. there are 5,000 of these foreign fighters now currently in europe that has a visa waiver countries. we've had hundreds of americans travel to the region and 50 of those have come back to the united states. so that is the threat that paris -- we saw happen in paris. i don't want to see that threat play out in the streets of the united states. >> just to be clear, and i've heard you talk about investigations in all 50 states, the 900 cases you refer to, are
3:06 pm
those investigations of suspicious people in these states or actual operations that have happened and rounded up people? >> it's a total of 900 investigations against potentially isis plotters and isis people who are radicalizing in the united states, either over the internet or foreign fighters who traveled back. so i think that's the greatest threat to the homeland right now, the f.b.i. and homeland have done a great job of stopping most of this. as we saw in chattanooga, they only have to be right one time. >> on the intel you're seeing. >> a belief that it is going to spread with more of these types of coordinated attacks in other places in europe, for example? we know that the migrant situation is very dangerous as far as the specific countries dealing with a lot of different people. >> isis did state this is the beginning of the storm, in their words. i have to take them seriously at that. when you look at the syrian refugee process, two of these
3:07 pm
terrorists actually were part of the syrian refugee process that isis themselves said they want to exploit, infiltrate the west. this causes grave concern about the whole refugee program. as the president of the united states looks to bring tens of thousands of these syrian refugees into the united states. i would hope he would take a second look and suspend this and put a moratorium on this until we've had a better chance to see whether or not we're putting americans at risk. i've had the f.b.i. testify before my committee telling me that this would pose a national security risk to the american people. >> do you think that the country, the u.s. has enough manpower and facilities to be able to screen any number of these people? >> well, we have a lot of screening at last points of departure. i would argue europe is far more wide open. they don't even check their own
3:08 pm
citizens past a watch list and we do. there are major security gaps in europe that we don't have in the united states. we are going to look at legislation responding to this. i had a team over there that just came back examining this very issue of foreign fighters and syrian refugees. i think policy makers need to take a look at. >> yeah. specifically what's happening to shore up national defense here in the home land, you have a lot of nfl games tomorrow. what's happening that you know of that's different than what had been coming into friday? >> well, because as you know, the concert event, the soccer stadium, sporting event, al-qaeda, isis have a history of doing multiple attacks, but also sporting events like the boston bombing. so the nfl commissioner is working with homeland security officials, f.b.i. and state and locals to make sure they're at the games tomorrow that we have a heightened security out there so we can protect all americans going to these football games
3:09 pm
because we know they do like to target sporting events. >> last thing, president obama in an interview with abc, before the attacks, it was tamed on thursday, said that he doesn't think they're gaining strength, isis. he says that they have them contained basically in iraq and syria in specific areas. your reaction to that. >> well, i would argue if isis is really contained, i would hate to see what they could do if they were unleashed. they've launched three major external operations with great sophistication, with great capability, taking down a russian airliner with a bomb, a suicide bomber in lebanon killing over 40 people. now one of the most horrific barbaric events that we've seen and that is these paris attacks. i would argue that this policy of containment is not a policy to defeat and destroy isis. that's what we need. all he talks about is containing the threat. not defeating and destroy it.
3:10 pm
until we can destroy isis, we will continue to have this threat both in europe, the middle east, and the united states. >> mike mccall from austin, texas, mr. chairman, thanks for your time. >> thank you, bret. still ahead, the paris attack changes the focus of tonight's democratic presidential debate. we'll go live to des moines, iowa. first, who were the terrorists and are more still at large? we'll hear from one of the survivors. >> we managed to escape through at that door that was right on the stage and we hid there for two hours. 25 people in a room all stacked one against another, crouching and hearing shots. it was as if people were being tortured. they were hurt because they were being shot
3:11 pm
s .
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3:14 pm
you're looking live there at lafayette square here in washington, d.c. right across from the white house. the french ambassador to the u.s. took part in a memorial vigil a short time ago. ambassador thanked president obama and all americans. he said we are all allies facing the same threat. there was then a moment of silence followed by the singing of the french national anthem. we're getting more specifics about what happened and who was responsible. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: three teams of attackers struck six sites across paris. details are emerging about who the attackers were, their links to each other and isis in syria and iraq. among them, a 29-year-old french citizen who had been arrested eight times between 2004 and 2010, but never jailed. three of the attackers lived in
3:15 pm
belgium. they were not known to french intelligence. the cars used by the attackers were represent bid a french citizen in belgium prior to the attack. a syrian passport was found outside the football stadium. and the greek government said one of the attackers was a syrian refugee who passed through greece on october 3. all seven attackers wore suicide bomb vests. they also used ak 47 rifles according to the french prosecutor. >> three individuals carrying military weapons got out. first into the hall and opened fire while the concert was going on. the terrorists mentioned syria and iraq during negotiations. >> to what impact, if any, will the attack have on the u.s. and nato military strategy against isis in syria and iraq? the u.s. carried out more than 7,000 air strikes against isis targets. the french were the first nato ally to join the u.s. in bombing aice a year ago and recently began air strikes in syria in september.


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