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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  November 14, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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this is a fox news alert. i'm brett bare in washington. welcome to our special wrap up of the democratic presidential debate. it was held tonight in des moines, iowa. and it was not without controversy, vounlt surrounding paris terrorist attacks. ed henry joins us live. good evening, ed. >> reporter: it certainly changed the focus tonight. at the beginning all about national security. we're learning about an extraordinary fight that happened before the debate, a conference call which an aide to bernie sanders objected that they were going to focus so much on terror, perhaps suggesting that he was worried hillary
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clinton would dominate. but what we saw in the first 20 minutes or so was clinton on defense about her tenure as secretary of state. john dickerson, who did a strong job, pressed her on whether her legacy as secretary would be that she underestimated the threat from isis, especially given what has happened in paris. she also suggested that america cannot be in the lead in terms of dealing with isis. others have to really step up. that drew an objection from martin o'malley. and then bernie sanders was pressed on how even after paris, does he believe that climate change is our biggest national security threat. >> i think that we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. it cannot be contained, it must be defeated. i don't think we're at war with islam. this cannot be an american fight, although american leadership is essential. >> i would disagree with secretary clinton respectfully on this score. this actually is america's fight.
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>> senator sanders, you said you want to rid the planet of isis. you said the greatest threat to national security is climate change. do you still believe that? >> absolutely. climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. >> reporter: sanders struggled to say how much he would raise taxes to pay for his plans. he said he would not go as high as 90% for income taxes, as we saw under president eisenhower leading to this humorous exchange. [ inaudible ] >> interesting, i asked the republican national committee, shawn spicer, one of the top aides who won tonight. he said the university of iowa is up 12 points right now over the university of minnesota, referring to the fact that the dnc scheduled this against a lot of college football tonight. so the question is whether even a lot of democratic voters saw
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these exchanges. >> ed, thank you. let's bring in our panel tonight. david cantonese, juan williams and charles krauthammer. thoughts on the night? >> hillary clinton surged in the polls between the last debate, her benghazi testimony, joe biden's decision not to challenge her, sanders' dismissal of her e-mails at the first debate, saw such a remarkable surge again for her in the polling against sanders. he's no longer a threat. tonight is not going to change a game for anybody, because she solidified her support among democrats, who just wanted to believe that she could win. that her e-mail problems were not so extensive that she was going to be brought down. she can toss out a line, oh, i answered this in 11 hours. the benghazi testimony had nothing to do with her e-mails. the fbi investigation is not
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about benghazi or anything that happened that tonight. her command of policy details and her ability to just filibuster her way out of any answer talking about her time in the situation room, lots of terms, names, dates, just blows her competitors away, and she runs out the clock as they try to create contrast and differences with her when she's on her way to the coronation. >> speaking of the e-mail issue, bernie sanders told a reporter that maybe there is more to the e-mail investigation. it should be looked into. but he was asked about that tonight and again, kind of let off the hook. >> i was sick and tired of hillary clinton's e-mail. i am still sick and tired of hillary clinton's e-mails. the problem is, the front page every day is dealing with that. after i said that, we're not hearing much about hillary clinton's e-mails. what i would like is for us to be talking why the middle class
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is disappearing, why we have more people in jail than any other country. why we have massive levels of income and wealth inequality and we're the only major country without paid family and medical leave. let's go to the major issues facing america. >> so charles, two bites at that apple and not biting. >> no more apple. it's over. i mean, if he was ever going to undo what he did the first time, it would have been now. he said that's it. the democrats are never going to talk about her e-mails again. it is not an issue in the democratic campaign. of course, it will be in the general election, but it's not, and he ended it. i agree entirely with a.b. she was masterful. she was able to flick off issues here and there. she even had a nugget for martin o'malley when he criticized her on wall street and said, well, didn't you appoint as your first something commissioner, a wall street guy. even a nugget about a candidate who is not a threat was ready to
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be deployed. she is really good at this. she had 26 or 27 of these with barack obama, who is a world class debater. she came out of that reasonably well. lost the primary, but not on the basis of her debates. she won going away, and look, it's not even a contest anymore. this is over. unless hillary is indicted, unless there's a scandal hidden in the e-mails, in the absence of that, it's over. this is the kind of a performance, and for sanders, i don't know why he did it. maybe he's sincere, he doesn't want to raise this, and he is only interesting -- perhaps he wants to be an ambassador to paris and this is the way to do it, stay awake, as you know you're not going to win. so at least be polite. >> the problem sanders and o'malley had tonight is there's no distinguishable difference between them and hillary on the issue facing the country right now, which is isis.
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they basically agreed with her on this. they basically all said this is not an american fight. this has to be led by other countries. if you want to take her on, on her record as secretary of state, you have to do it more directly. they're still fighting about the iraq war vote she made a decade ago. she's apologized for it. democrats have moved past it. and i think sanders and o'malley missed the chance in those opening 30 minutes, which is all we'll be talking about for at least the next two weeks, if not longer. and there's no difference between these three democrats. they want to squabble about immigration and guns and all that other stuff. but this is -- it's commander in chief time right now. and they didn't show that they past that threshold tonight. >> juan? >> i think that clearly this was all about in terms of its substance, the open, which was about what happened in paris. and that's why the cbs thought maybe they would shift it or change the format.
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sanders fought against that, because he wants to stay on domestic issues. this plays to your point, they don't want to have the argument about how we respond in the middle east right now. so what the news out of this is, one, how hillary clinton handled barack obama, especially in the recent statement which he said we have isis contained. i think he was speaking about isis on the battlefield. but the way it's been republicans as if he had control and could have stopped an event what took place in paris. hillary clinton said no, we don't have it controlled, it must be defeated. i think that does stand up a little like the commander in chief you were talking about. so i disagree with you on that point. she looked like she was saying i'm more hawkish than obama and for you republicans as well as democrats, here i am. >> let's listen to president obama, what he said. remember, this was taped before the attacks happened. talking about isis, and then what hillary clinton said tonight. >> i don't think they're gaining
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strength. what is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq, and in syria, they'll come in, they'll leave. but you don't see this systematic march by isil across the terrain. >> i think that we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. '9" cannot be contained, it must be defeated. >> charles? >> look, with -- to give obama his due, he seemed to be talking about progress on the ground, expansion of territory. >> understood. but she talked differently. >> she talked differently. he talked about they're not gang strength, which is not right. they're gaining strength but not on the ground. what she says is right. i thought it was very unremarkable, that entire debate. so i disagree, with all due
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respect, to deflect the tone of the democratic debate. but with juan on this, i don't think that the isis part was important at all in terms of the democratic debate. there was no audience response. it was so little response, in that segment opposed to after, that i assumed at the beginning there was no audience in the hall at all. total silence, nobody cared. there were no differences between them. there was nothing that was said that was new. they were arguing over essentially over wording whether you want to use the word islam or jihadist. we're hours after the worst attack in europe in a decade, and for the democrats, it's an issue to get out of the way in 20 minutes so you can end up -- >> but charles, i think the audience is republicans, and a larger universe, not just the folks in the room and not just democrats, and don't forget, the sunday morning shows are going to play that clip.
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that's the clip out of tonight. >> it's totally unimportant to democrats in the room. i was shocked that there was an audience, given how silent they were on the isis issue. >> what made you think that she made herself more hawkish tonight than obama? she said this was not an american fight. >> she did say it was an american fight. >> she said it's not an american-led fight. >> she said americans have to be in this fight, david, but then to say we have to defeat isis -- >> sure, but that's not -- >> to speak -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> is that boots on the ground? she didn't lay out details. she is very cautious and vague. >> do you think it would have helped her tonight to lay that kind of thing out? >> no. but that's the answer we need. this is the most important debate we're having, what would she do today if she were present different than what barack obama is or is not doing?
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i heard we have to defeat isis, which every presidential candidate on both sides of the is aisle is going to say. >> by saying we can't contain isis, we must defeat it, it's a little distance from obama. but she will abandon obama when she is in the general election. >> not calling it radical islam will be part of that. this is a little fooisier than what we saw at the debate. up ahead, mike huckabee. but first, live to paris to the attacks that left 130 people esurance was born online and built to save dollars.
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memorials popping up all over paris, as people remember those lost in these terrorist attacks. it's anything but a typical sunday morning in paris right now, as the city sleeps with nightmares of friday's terror massacre. the search for those who planned and assisted the slaughter has gone on through the night. among thevilvictims, 23-year-ol
9:17 pm
american nohemi gonzalez. rick leventhal is live in paris where it's just past 5:00 a.m. sunday. good morning, rick. >> reporter: bret, police remain on guard here outside the bataclan theater, while the hunt for accomplices continues. we know at least three people were arrested in brussels earlier tonight after authorities tracked a belgium license plate on a vehicle used by the terrorist who carried out the worst terror attack in the history of france. still in shock, mourners laid flowers and candles on the pavement outside the site of the terror attacks in paris. the president declared a three-day period of mourning in response to what he referred to as absolute barbarism. >> translator: it is an act of war undertaken by a terrorist army, a jihadist army against
9:18 pm
france, against what we are, a free country that speaks to the entire planet. it was an act of war that was prepared, organized, and planned from abroad. >> reporter: hollande was hustled out of the soccer match last night after an explosion was heard, identified as the first suicide bomber. the bomber had a tick tote the game and tried to enter the stadium, but stopped by security and frisked. that's when backed up and detonated himself. another blew himself up three minutes later, and a third at a nearby mcdonald's. four people were killed in those blasts. at the same time, two other teams of terrorists targeted a string of cafes, spraying bullets in the streets and bars, crowded on a balmy friday night, killing at least 37. but the deadliest scene was the bataclan concert hall, featuring eagles of death metal. the attackers were young, wearing vests, shouting allah
9:19 pm
akbar, executing the innocents for 15 minutes, pausing only to reload. it didn't stop this witness said, it didn't stop. when police stormed the theater, they shot and killed one of the attackers. the other three blew themselves up. in vienna, john kerry voiced support. >> the united states stands with france and the rest of the world in our resolve to eliminate the scourge of violent extremist groups from the face of the earth. make no mistake, that resolve has only grown stronger in the wake of this unspeakable brutality. >> reporter: the times of israel is reporting that the bataclan may not have been picked at random. it was jewish owned for decades and had been targeted for years because of the pro-israel shows that were put on here. and the band that was on stage, the eagles of death metal, had performed in tel aviv in july, which could explain why the terrorists picked this particular location last night.
9:20 pm
bret? >> rick leventhal early live sunday morning in paris. thank you. joining us now to discuss exactly what the next steps are in dealing with isis is dr. sebastien gorka. thank you for being here. >> absolutely. a pleasure. >> next steps here. obviously this is an evolving organization that has become more dangerous to the world. >> absolutely. they have proven that they have now consolidated the territory that they have captured in the middle east, declared their caliphate in more than one country, and in fact, more than one region, if you look at the fact that boko haram now calls itself the west africa province of the islamic state. and it looks as if they're changing their tactics. the estimates are, that over 22,000 foreign fighters, form fighters they've recruited. at least 4,000 are westerners.
9:21 pm
that's americans, brits, australian, germans, who have those passports and can travel freely. so the expectation is this will not be the last attack of its kind. we have waves and waves of refugees coming out of the region. if you're isis, what would you do? of course, you would penetrate and assault your operatives throughout those refugee streams. we have reports that one if not two killers were so-called refugees coming through greece elsewhere. as a result, they will exploit the geopolitical realities and bring the jihad to the infidel on their own soil. >> i've heard many critics say there's a frustration this administration doesn't call it radical islam. your thoughts on that? >> it's stunning. as i always say to members of the fbi or elsewhere when i lecture, imagine if when we
9:22 pm
stormed the beaches in normandy during world war ii if before the paratroopers deployed in britain, we said to our gis, listen guys, whatever you do, don't call them nazis, because you might offend somebody. you would be court-martialed. why are we doing that now 14 years into the war. if the enemy calls themselves holy warriors, you're not allowed to sensor that. that's called sensoring the intelligence cycle. we didn't rename the soviet union something else. we just didn't say they're communists that are misguided democrats. we used their labels with the raw intelligence. when they say we're doing it for allah, you can't say it's because they're unemployed. that's a political, idealogical distortion of the intelligence cycle and it will lead us to whack-a-mole. this administration uses drones much more than the bush
9:23 pm
administration, because they're ignoring the idealogical aspect of this war. the one thing that links this attack to "charlie hebdo," to ft. hood, to the boston bombing is not operational connections. it's one thing -- shared ideology of global jihad. >> last thing -- how do you get to the heart of this? is the heart of it in syria? and can it be militarily taken back if there's a large operation against isis proper in their home in raqqa and syria? >> i'm convinced the heart of it is what another expert has called the claim to authenticity of these people. the fact that al baghdadi says he's the best muslim and he's fighting for islam. we have to destroy that narrative, with our muslim colleagues in the region and say who made you the caliph? if we can destroy his brand, because it really is a brand. jihadism is now sexy, from the streets of paris to the streets
9:24 pm
of raqqa, then we weaken him. the physical part of the fight, that's easy. we have the best special forces, the best marines, you name it. we have to make the ideology unpopular and that can only be done in the counteridealogical domain. >> definitively, their goal is a caliphate in >> yes, and to spread it until it covers the earth. >> thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. google and facebook on the democratic debate and terror. that's still ahead live from denver. up next, what the republican presidential candidates are saying about paris. >> one of the lessons we should learn from the tragedy in paris is that we have to be very careful and very cautious, extraordinarily cautious about who comes to visit. >> if we do not act, this terrorism, this violence will come to america. >> this is a class of civilizations. either they win or we win.
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the paris attack dominated the agendas today of republican presidential candidates in orlando, florida, and elsewhere. many seized the opportunity to lay blame on president obama's foreign policy. chief political correspondent carl cameron has that story from the sunshine summit. >> we keep the families in paris if our prayers. >> this evil, radical islamic terrorism, needs to be called out and it needs to be defeated. >> around the country and in florida, for the sunshine summit of republican presidential candidates, the gop prayed for paris and a more muscular u.s. policy. ben carson proposed ground troops. >> boots on the ground will probably be important, because throughout that whole middle eastern region, we have been calling for a coalition of the
9:30 pm
people who have a vested interest. >> reporter: in texas, instead of security and foreign policy, trump focused on gun control. >> you can say what you want, but if they had guns, if arab people had guns, if they were allowed to carry, it would have been a much, much different situation. >> isis is not a j.v. team, mr. president. they are not contained. they are at our shores and they measure their victory in body counts. >> we must never allow this cult of evil to take hold of our country or to live amongst us. it is the antithesis of what it means for a free american. >> reporter: rand paul used the paris attacks for a slap at marco rubio. >> rubio and schumer put forth an immigration billion. so i put forth an amendment called trust but verify. the biggest problem to all types of immigration reform is people say, oh, we're going to secure the border and it never comes. >> reporter: before the paris
9:31 pm
attacks, the gop race was consumed by donald trump's attacks on ben carson. >> if you're pathological, there's no cure for that, folks. how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap? >> reporter: carson, who says he was redeemed by christ and overcame his pathological temper, took the high road. >> now that he's completed his gratuitous attack, let's press on and deal with the real issues. >> reporter: there's another battle between marco rubio and ted cruz on immigration, with rubio suggesting cruz shares the same position, which cruz denies. >> i'm frankly surprised by ted's attacks and his position on immigration is not much different than mine. >> for him to say our positions are the same on immigration is like barack obama saying his position and my position are the same on obamacare. that's like the ayatollah saying his position and my position are the same on the iranian nuclear deal. >> reporter: whether it's the outsiders, trump versus carson, or the senators, rubio versus
9:32 pm
cruz, the paris attacks have put some of their sniping on hold for a while. >> carl, thank you. let's get more reaction to the democratic debate from candidate mike huckabee who joins us tonight from florida. thanks for being here. >> delighted to be here. >> your thoughts on the democratic debate? i know you watched it. i saw some live tweeting going on by you. >> it was a good debate in the sense that we were able to see a very dramatic contrast between what the democrats would do and what the republicans would do. if america chooses a democrat, we know that they're going to continue to try to make apologies for radical islam and they don't went to go where the president doesn't want to go and call it radical islam. they still want to somehow down play that. there's going to be dramatic differences in taxes. they truly believe our taxes aren't high enough.
9:33 pm
there's a real contrast in terms of how do we deal with crime, whether or not we ought to go after gun manufacturers, or maybe we ought to go after criminals. so many contrasts tonight, bret, and i thought it was good opportunity for america to see that this is not sort of the old classic tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. this is somebody on the far left representing the democrats, any one of those three, and people representing more of the main str stream, any of the republicans on the stage. >> she was asked a couple of ways about her e-mails and the controversy around them. secretary clinton's answer had in part, this. take a listen. >> can you satisfy democrats who might worry about another shoe dropping that you and your staff have been totally truthful to them and another shoe is not going to dropsome >> i think after 11 hours, that's pretty clear. [ applause ] >> and then she moved on.
9:34 pm
your thoughts? >> well, the fact is, that 11-hour ordeal in the house committee had nothing to do with her e-mails, it had to do with benghazi. the one thing we learned is that she knowingly lied to the american people. she knowingly lied to the families of those four murdered americans. and she completely deceived the american public. that's what we learned. now, frankly, i thought the house made a mistake by making it 11 hours. then the whole read from the press was, she survived 11 hours. without really pointing out that what she revealed in those 11 hours was a dramatic, just admission that shed a openly said something about a video that did not exist and she knew it didn't the night it happened. >> are you convinced she is going to be the democratic nominee? >> it looks she will be. i don't see that martin o'malley
9:35 pm
or bernie sanders are going to eclipse her. she has the political strength, the power, the super delegates. she has extraordinary money. she has the machinery of the democratic party, at least most of them. and having fought the clintons all of my political life, let me tell you something, i don't see bernie sanders or martin o'malley up to the challenge of dealing with the process that they will go through in that primary. >> i want to ask you about the paris attacks and some of the things you said in the wake of those attacks. the boarders here in the u.s. should be closed. you mentioned martin o'malley. he said tonight the symbol of our country is the statue of liberty, not a barbed wire fence. your response to that? >> that's wonderful rhetoric, but the statue of liberty says bring us your tired and weary, not your terrorists and let them bomb neighborhoods. what we saw in paris is the
9:36 pm
result of open boarders in europe. the eu has proven itself to be a failure in dealing with terrorism. when you see the left wing, socialist president of france, a very politically correct country saying it's time to close our boarders, and he does so immediately, i think it might be a clue to america that this idea of wholesale having people from the middle east come and we have no idea who they are, when in fact one of the paris attackers was one of those refugees, then bret, it's time to wake up and smell the filafal. >> would you put refugees at zero? >> unless we can vet them and the fbi director says we don't have the capacity to do that right now, then let's establish a place for refugees, if they need a safe haven, let's do it in saudi arabia, kuwait, maybe
9:37 pm
dubai, maybe somewhere in jordan. we'll help assist with it. but i'm tired of america having to take care of the whole load. and frankly, it's illogical and irrational to take people out of their culture, their religion, even their climate, and put them in a place where they'll be completely disoriented. it would be much better to find a safe haifen in the middle east. >> and you would put a stop to legal immigration in the u.s.? >> you know, i think we've got to take a new look at this. i said the other day that it's wrong -- even the republicans are clamoring for more h1-b visas. i'm worried about americans losing their jobs. hundreds of disney employees, supposed to be working at the happiest place on earth, and they got the heave-ho, because
9:38 pm
they were supposed to train their replacements that were imported from foreign countries. they came in on those visas. we are creating a low-wage situation for americans, and we're doing it art officially by importing labor to drive wages for american workers lower than the dead sea. that's not a healthy way to build a great country. it's not the way to treat american workers. and this notion that we ought to expand is a huge monumental mistake. >> governor huckabee, thanks for your time tonight. >> thanks, bret. good to be with you tonight. keeping track of the debates, on facebook, twitter, the internet, how are they bringing growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna.
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presidential campaigns and debates no longer operate solely in the limited universe of the
9:43 pm
television screen. social media, the internet, including facebook and google, have become a huge part of the political land scape realtime. we're live tonight in denver with a look at how that's playing out right now. good evening, alicia. >> reporter: good evening. we were tracking the trends online as the debate unfolded, both facebook and google helping us out with the highlights. let's begin with the google searches. if you look at this graph, it shows how google tracked its searches in realtime. hillary clinton represented in the color blue, martin o'malley in red and bernie sanders in green. the search breakdown shows senator sanders led the three with the most google interest, followed by hillary clinton. then martin o'malley. then google alerted us to a couple of big moments when it saw noticeable spikes. one was when, on the topic of taxes, sanders made the comment he's not that much of a
9:44 pm
socialist compared to president eisenhow eisenhower, google saw a spike in search for eisenhower tax rates. and then when the candidates debated whether the repealed banking law should be reinstated, that was googled. when it comes to the issues, here is what the people on facebook were discussing. terrorism and isis, climate change, wall street, iraq and the minimum wage. the most talked about candidate of the evening on the facebook, bernie sanders again, then clinton and o'malley. then the most social moment, that is the exchange between bernie sanders and hillary clinton on wall street and campaign finance. we would like to thank facebook and google for helping us out to let you know trending on social media during the debate. bret?
9:45 pm
>> thank you. k.t. mcfarland is in southhampton new york tonight to talk about the debate and also the reaction to the paris attacks. thanks for being here. >> pleasure. >> i want to get your reaction first of all to the answers from the democratic candidates on one, isis. two, not saying radical islam. and three, what to do going forward. >> well, there is no plan for going forward. i think they're all tied to president obama's foreign policies with regard to isis. his policy was never to defeat and destroy isis, it was always to contain it. in other words, buy enough time so whatever happens doesn't happen on his watch. so if it fails, if isis continues to expand, that was going to be somebody else's problem. he could blame bush for the iraq war and blame the next guy for the failure to fight successfully against isis. when i listen to democratic candidates, none of them had a plan. hillary clinton said we're not
9:46 pm
going to contain isis, it can't be contained, it has to be destroyed, but no plan. so i think to the extent that isis is going to now be the surprise element in everybody's campaign, how do you deal with it? if president obama doesn't step up the plan in some way, isis will have another mass casualty attack. they've entered a new level with these mass casualty attacks in the last week. it's going to look completely feckless. >> do you think it will be increasingly difficult for hillary clinton to pull herself away from obama foreign policy on the issue of syria and isis? >> well, the reset with russia, that didn't work. the withdrawal from iraq didn't work. that gave rise to isis. her war, which was the libyan war, ended up in benghazi and it's jihadi chaos in africa.
9:47 pm
the obama foreign policy was they got rid of al qaeda. isis is the j.v. isis now takes over a land mass the size of great britain and it declares a caliphate. oh, well, we have to contain. that's what president obama said, even yesterday 24 hours ago. as he was saying that, isis was planning these mass casualty attacks. isis doesn't do things by accident. why was it friday the 13th? friday the 13th in history, in 1307, friday the 13th is when the christian knight s templar, the christian crusaders were massacred throughout europe. and secondly, the attack was against french, german and americans. isis has laid down their marker and said we are at war with western civilization, and we are killing christians.
9:48 pm
so that's where they go forward. and as they've shown, they continue to up the ante. regardless of what the president said, isis is on the move and they seem to have entered a whole new era with these mass casualty attacks. >> k.t., thanks for sticking around for us tonight. we'll bring back our panel when we come back. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung.
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. >> i i represented new york, and i represented new york on 9/11, when we were attacked. where were we attacked? we were attacked in downtown manhattan, where wall street is. i did spend a lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. it was good for new york, it was good for the economy. it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our can't. >> an interesting response in a question about wall street donations hillary clinton bringing up 9/11 in the wake of these attacks in paris, an interesting back and forth on that issue. we're back with our panel. david, final thoughts on the debate here, and maybe that issue, any other issues that struck you as now we look back at two hours of whatever that
9:53 pm
was? >> right now she's got a huge experience gap over these other two guys who don't have any experience on the world stage. i think both o'malley and sanders needed home runs tonight. i think maybe o'malley hit a double, sanders barely got on base. i think you have a static race going into the next debate, which is five days before christmas. >> i want to give props to john dickerson, who i thought did a nice job keeping things moving. >> i think the key thing to me is the paris attack, and how are they responding? how are they pushed on this issue, despite the fact that sanders didn't want to talk about it. we know that hillary clinton is for the no fly zone, not barack obama. we know now in a hillary clinton says isis must be defeated not contained. i think that's what will be remembered out of this debate is clinton appearing more hawkish
9:54 pm
and i don't see either sanders or o'malley taking advantage of that -- of the fact that she is more to the right, to their right on this issue. and potentially the democratic base could say, oh, is hillary going to take us back to war? >> is there a commercial out of this debate that republicans see? is it the failure to say, radical -- >> it's probably, that would be their favorite line of the night. and she's, like i said, ien wot be surprised if once she's a general election nominee, that she changes her semantics. once she is free of bernie sanders and the left of the democratic party, she is going to sound a lot more hawkish, she's going to talk more specifically about how you defeat isis. and how it hasn't been done and why, and she's enjoying a window right now, where she gets to sound like a real commander in chief without being specific. and she knows that's going to end in april. >> of the sticking points, wall
9:55 pm
street and taking money from wall street, gun control and how far somebody's going to go in that effort, hillary clinton obviously leading that charge it seems on that stage, with martin o'malley, but for the most part, those are the only big risks. >> the only other difference was a $3 difference on the minimum wage. i mean, look, there was no difference to quote george wallace, there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between them. what's interesting is how almost every topic they discuss, is one that republicans don't even discuss and vice versa, no tax reform, no entitlement reform, all the things that republicans wab the to do, reform the welfare state and change it, dependency, none of that even figures. the real debates are going to end up in the general election. i thought the question about her not saying radical islam, the fact that she calls them jihadis neutralizes them. jihadi is a radical islamist.
9:56 pm
i'm not sure that there's any real difference there. the difference in general election will come over what you do with it. and the republicans will depend on who's the nominee, some of them will be to her left. >> panel, thank you. thank you for sticking around on a saturday night. and thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this special edition of america's election headquart headquarters. check out special report every weekday 6:00 p.m. eastern, where we remain fair, balanced and unafraid. we will continue our coverage on fox news channel throughout the coming days on the paris attacks and everything politics. good night, from washington.
9:57 pm
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