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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 17, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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attacks, to get them and make sure they're taken out. it's going to be an uphill battle for them. we're going to take a slight break and join at the top of the hour with more fox news alert as we continue to follow this. >> this is a fox news alert. word coming in from france of a shoofting in a northern paris suburb. details are coming in that this is part of their manhunt. there is a unconfirmed report one police officer has been shot and wounded. the video is from twitter. it's the location of the stade de france stadium. shooting broke doubt during a
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police raid. on the phone, walid phares. thank you for sticking with us now. >> sure. >> at this hour we know police are indeed trying to find all of the people responsible for this, including those who aided and abetted in this terrorist attack. as you know, french president hollande says this is an act of war and president obama saying it's an attack of humanity. we know that we also know that france is taking air strikes to the heart of isis in raka, syria. >> let me make a comment about the operation we're now looking like it goes and the incident i imagine has been taking place in the last hour or so. this is early morning.
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this is when police raids against people who are dangerous and have weapons and engagement, military engagement or shooting has to be -- we to have more information about that. if it ended or ongoing. was it short? were they able to eliminate? french authorities have been determined to dismantle the sell which perpetrated attacks of last week. that is a priority for them. and what they'd like to know is who is responsible for the network? so the priority is to find who is at the top. now, what is intriguing is that this exchange of fire, as you watching now took place in an area of french, to go there, this must have been the result
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of long discussions within the french government. they don't like to go there, usually, unless they have to, yes, they have raids striking in syria and elts where. now, we need to see if an evaluation of president obama and what is the next step? striking from the air is something that has to be done but what is the biggest question? >> it's a big question. and of course, we're seeing this video again, coming in to twitter. we're trying to get more information about what is unfolding in this neighborhood as everyone continues to stay with us. we know that the retaliation may unleash more terrorist attacks. that is something all security personnel throughout the western
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states, america, as well as france and uk looking out for the threat of a sort of act of terrorism for isis vowed to do. so at the root of this, we're talking tonight is because of the fact that in this neighborhood, it appears now that they're looking for a suspect who may have gotten away. and walid, the war on terrorism is a difficult war to fight. and will require police taking action like this. what course of action following these air strikes as well as going door to door, how do you take down the terror network of isis? >> from information we have and
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assessment in france, with whom we have followed up over the past few days and since the attack of a journalist two months ago, the priority of the french government now which is going to rise more and more, they need to clean up and make sure that if it was perpetrated, french authorities know that well but there are hundreds of jihadists in the paris area, many have traveled to syria and iraq and got training. you've got to imagine what french authorities and various
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jihadis can perpetrate. images may be part of the offensive to make sure to extract individual who is part of this operation or can be part of the next operation. >> the, isis wants to inflict fear and disrupt our way of life. earlier tonight we talked about two air france flights that confirmed that they had to be diverted due to an anonymous bomb threat. one flight departing from washington to charles de gaulle and another, also, because of an anonymous threat. i spoke with a passenger, keith russo. 26 years old, he was flying to paris at this hour with his
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fiancee to show support for the people as well as take in the sites of the city. and what he said to me they will not scare us or cause us to fear traveling and appreciating our lives and freedom we hold dear. it will take that kind of resolve to go against this kind of ideology. will it not? >> i mean, this is a world of ideas. the isis supporter in general terms demonstrated control of two countries that they have an electronic army on twitter, on facebook, you tube, and other
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forms that is supportive. so i'm not surprised after the videos we've seen before, one of this, which, by the way was threatened washington, d.c. and other american cities. we're examining until now, what they're meaning in the words, some words mean something but they've not used in the past this, is a very serious threat and the authorities in france are taking it seriously. for the french, they need immediate release. >> we, here in the united states do you think we're getting it? we're so weary of war and hearing about terrorism. and it is on our door step. >> i feel national security agencies are doing a job for a
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statement coming from fbi leadership say we're conducting investigations in 50 states. that should be understood by lawmakers that it is very serious now, how are we handling counter offensive on isis in the middle east? that is a different story. we've heard about what should we do? a and the president said this would work while the opposition is arguing that we have to change because it's not working. >> for those of you just tuning in or may not have been updating we're discussing what is unfolding in paris, france. we're waiting to get more details about what we're looking at. this is video from twitter
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showing some sort of gunfire as well as explosions. we do know that there is a manhunt going on in search of suspects related to attacks on paris, france, friday, which killed 129 people, wounded 352 people. and the people of france are resilient and the world is standing with them. if you look here, they're trying to apprehend those who have escaped and linked with the attackers. so walid when you see this now,
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it still strikes fear to realize this is not over yet. as we know, isis will probably retaliate against due to attacks in syria. >> the thing we saw now and yesterday when there was a panic among french people gathering to celebrate or to mourn would make a comparison with what happened after september 11th. the public doesn't understand how far, how large this network is, and would go. we need to wait for information about the location. so if the suspect tried to hide in a remote village outside
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france, or in the area, that would be one thing, but to hide in these suburbs and other areas where the frevenlg authorities know this could trigger other kind of violence with groups and gangs and what have you, is this what the isis element? or perpetrators want to do? i keep fingers crossed this is not the case. and that they'll tell us the operation is done, finished and not a prolonged one. >> stay with us. i'm going to go to another person joining us now, tom roguan, a terrorism expert as well. you've been following the developments in paris, france.
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we're seeing russia sending jets to conduct air strikes after finding our, confirming the metro jet was down by isis terrorists. we know isis took credit for that and friday attacks have been, there is two bomb scares for two planes tonight. that might have been, we don't know if it's a hoax. what are we seeing here? i asked a young man saying is this the new normal? he said no. we're accustomed to this since september 11th. that young man, keith russo went on to say he will not let any terrorists take away his resolve to live fearly and wonned fully
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made but not afraid of any man. >> the problem is the difference between people in our society is that a lot of people and i speak for people in europe are changing how they operate and feel. that impact, psychologically is a change. and i think it produces an urgency for us. for those of us pushing for a more comprehensive policy against the islamic state. >> walid, stick with us. we're looking at more video now. you can see a, police are there, and i'm going to go to steve harrington in paris, france bringing us updates. what can you tell us? >> we can tell you there is a major police operation underway just north of paris.
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we can say this is linked to the friday attack which more than 130 people were killed. what is going on is a lot of gunfire in the suburbs about eight miles north of paris. people are being told to stay inside of their houses, and police have blocked off areas. the media is abuzz saying there is a link. keep in mind there are major man hunts underway both in france and in belgium for two of the suspects, two of the nine attackers. seven killed, two on the loose, so there is a lot of speculation. this police raid is tied to that manhunt. there are have been 100 raids across the nation. this is the most-violent raid and activity we have seen. france mobilized 100,000 police and military as part of the
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manhunt and things are kicking off just north of paris here. we're seeing gunfire, we're not sure, but there is a lot of speculation at this time that the two are connected. gunfire is linked to at least one suspect still they're hunting for but it has not been confirmed yet. >> video we're looking at shows quite a few police officers there. we're hearing the particular gunfire now but seeing police in the neighborhood, they have the area cordoned to have. you can see nothing but police vehicles and officers and they're well prepared and going in the neighborhood as walid phares says many people with sympathy towards radical islam and jihadists reside. they're going into the strong hold to find possible suspects.
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as you say, it's speculation at this point about what this is about. >> you're right. it's certain suburbs around major cities. france has been attacked, 2005, but a few hundred billion worth of damage. they have had their problems with disaffected youth. it's a tough day for patrols. >> you can see the mood of the people in paris, france. are they trying to get back to the way they've tried to live? people who enjoy their city and life and enjoy going out to the cafes. they're not allowed to do that yet. are they trying to get back to normal? >> there is a hope things will get back. but i think it's still too early. we've seen a lot of false alarms. there are a lot of people running in terror at firecrackers and things like that.
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i spoke to a man today who across the street from a coffee shop. and he explains he saw bodies on the ground and he ran to the basement. he didn't know if he is coming for him next. so one minute, making cakes and next, hiding for his life. it's a tough thing to get over in just a couple days, you know? >> yes. it is. steve, i hope you stay with us for a little bit. we'll get back to tom roguan on the phone with us as well. so tom, steve is talking about really underscoring what the people of france have to go through. what many of us here in new york and in the nation had to go through with results of september 11th. how does a community pull together and deal with the post traumatic stress that comes from
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these tragedies that they place. >> one of the things that is to ban together in a sense of urgency to recognize that that impact people absent from streets, the parents afraid to send their kids to school. people are frayed to go to shops and bars and restaurants, that that requires a unity of action. i would say following the french press reports tonight, it seems to be you know i know you can't confirm this until you go through end sources but it seems to be they have a couple terror suspects holed up in an apartment. if there is a terrorism connection, there is a good likelihood there is, the french people can take pride in as much as they've seen grotesque brutality, they have men and
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women willing to reach into the fire and take these people down. there is no doubt the frefrnl will take these people down. i think that, hopefully, a lot of what i have written about is stated the battle over ideas. the islamic state like to present themselves as those who hold all of the powers and are the most tough. anyone who knows anyone in the intelligence special arms and french security services will know it's frankly a joke in every level in arms of skill and capability. i mean, that is our advantage in the sense that not only are we bound up in a manifestly better system of freedom and rule of law, but the people who are standing to usurp that ideology, our values are better and it's a
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long, tough fight. there will be horrible days ahead. i think in the history of the world and of the united states, the islamic state is no match for us. the problem is, when do we end them? we need a leadership that ends the islamic state sooner rather than later. that, in the end, when their banner of death becomes as they perceive it, a magnet for their own demise, and buried in an unmarked grave as they see it a banner of glower kwlee across the world, then, we'll be in a better position and there is cafes and restaurants and parents sending kids to school. everybody will be in a better position of psychological confidence. >> tom, i like the fact you've stated that. the next question is how to deal with the menacing threat we've received from a thug known as isis terrorism. and you have just talked about
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that saying they're no match for us in terms of our ideals and values. i asked walid the same thing. this is the way we go. we're dealing with an ideology that is contrary to ours and that is a good thing because our is about life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and respect each other to you and walid, do we find the right kind of leadership so we have resolve to do what needs to be done with french retaliating by having air strikes to go to blow up those strong holds? what else do we have to do in addition to that? >> well, just to go quickly, i think that the first thing we have to do is recognize that the urgency of threat, to be clear, i know saying this, it's easy to say it from a washington, d.c.
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house, but the urgency of because and because of the predomination of the enemy and psychological impact in terms of damaging peoples confidence in our democratic societies, we have to be more aggressive in terms of changing the rules of engagement and the probabilities, which is to say if we're 80% certain they're going to launch an air strike and 80% or 90% certain there are no civilian casualties we can reduce that to 60% or 70 because of the threat. and we can try to mobilize a resistance as we did against al qaeda and three we have a leadership that then gathers the world in terms of france, europeans who are up to this behind the scenes. gather the world in a comprehensive effort.
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but the president we saw that press conference yesterday. this is what you have when you have valerie jared. >> walid? can you answer that? >> let me come from a strategic perspective to my colleague. in 2005, back to ten years ago he to the month, they projected jihadist woz have two battlefields. one, in the region, at that time it was al qaeda. al qaeda would mutate into other organizations and now, it is isis. what is causing this mutation is an ideology. you eliminate one organization but don't deal with the ideology. then, a second organization will be fuelled by the same ideology. so that is overseas. now, within our own homeland and homeland of our partners in
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europe, there is a second battlefield. the recruitment. and indoctrination of youth. france has the largest number. that is why you're seeing police on the streets of the capitol of france. this is historic what we're seeing now. waging a battle. maybe very limited but idea that there is fire fight in paris, a few days after a terrorist attack to extract individuals who may have been or who are part of the network is an image that did not exist ten years ago. >> yes. walid, tom, stay with me here. i want to bring people in and bring them an update of what is going on here. what we're looking now at is video of authorities in paris suburb, they're telling residents as we heard from our own steve harrigan to stay
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inside. two officials say it's linked to last week's deadly attacks, the deputy mayor of that area told one of the television stations in france that there have been many gunshots, as we're hearing, throughout the evening, gunshots and detonations in the operation that began around 4:25 a.m. their time, in the. the site is less than two kilo meters, 1.2 mielles from you fr the stadium targeted by three suicide bombers and president hollande was at that game. and we saw what happened at the
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bataclan. 89 people gunned down by these cowardly terrorists that went in and shot indiscrime inately. two experts have told us we have to move forward. and earlier today, here in the united states, two air france planes were diverted. they were on their way to paris, france, one taking off from los angeles and another from washington, dulles. they were on their way to paris, france. both flights diverted because of anonymous threats i spoke to a passenger on one flight, the one leaving los angeles and i spoke to 26-year-old keith russo. he talked about the flight
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attendants saying we're diverted because of an emergency landing we have to take. he found out it was a potential threat to what what he said to me heartened me. for those americans who heard that young man speak, i have sons his age and they have always inspired me as well with the way they speak. they speak proudly of america and their values and their sense of purpose in life. and tom, you went to that and they said if we continue to elevate our ideals and values and life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and god and everything we trust, we can deal with isis on a level they can never conquer. that is what that young man is talking about. he was going to paris, france with his fiancee. he was not afraid to go there. so there is a ideological war we have to fight.
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is there not? >> yes. i would say is i'm american, my father is from the state department, grew up in london. a lot of places around the world there is a casual anti-americanism that they're silly or lazy. but moments like this, this is clear to me growing up, people ask after september 11th what is the united states going to do? there is a desire for the united states to lead. people might not want to admit that. when it comes to crunch they know that because as much as we're a nation, we're a exceptional nation in our willingness to stand up and proud in aggression. sometimes, if anyone is the combat infantry will say, you just need to close in and kill the enemy. what makes the united states in a unique position to deal with
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this is the influence we have with diplomatic relations around the world and capacity to bring other nations into alignment with us. it's like going into a fight where if you have the biggest guy in the bar and most honorable guy in the bar with you, and everyone knows this guy ain't going to back down, you're in a much better position to win a position of peace around there. it's a simple argument but going back, and what i'm talking about is influenced around the world is 2011 when the united states withdraw from iran. it wasn't that we withdrew the troops, but what that removal did for our influence in baghdad. because it meant iraqi politicians there, instead of being able to say, actually i'm going to do the right thing for
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the country in terms of creating consensus, they had no choice except to do what the iranians wanted and what the fringe jihadist groups would want them because they'd say you're going to die. in america that wall balance of power and influence kept things together. you saw what's happening. and optimism is there. you see this with the french. there is a big effort now, seeking american leadership. >> well said, tom. and many people have been talking about in the aftermath of the attacks on friday where leadership of the united states and it must be strong and tom made a good statement, when your
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big brother is there, you feel good. but france acting on its own, united states helping in that. and of course we've seen that russia is now doing the same thing because it became clear to the russians that the united states and uk was right, that a bomb did bring down the russian jet flying over the sinai peninsula, leaving to take people back to russia and as a result, vladimir putin vowed to retaliate and find the terrorists responsible for that. you're looking at video from november 1. let's go back to pictures we're getting from paris, france. those just tuning in you're looking at a neighborhood which is near the stadium which came under attack on friday in paris, france. what we're told is that police
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have been able to move in, looking for people who are still connected to or may have aided or carried out some of the terrorist attacks that took place on friday. and walid, it looks like they're assembling again and things seem to be calm do you. we heard gunfire. now we can see a view of what they're experiencing in this neighborhood. so it's seems there has been calm now and we don't hear activity we have before. what might this indicate to you? >> well, just now, we're reading this on the news a number of officers mean this is engagement. we don't know if the operation ended or if it's a standoff, meaning a cease-fire, or
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negotiations. are the individuals or individual holed up? we don't know. >> we're getting it now. french tv is stating the suspects are still holed up in an apartment, having been in a situation where you cover these things, as i have done in the past, police are gathered around like that, it's like they're assembling and getting ready to find out how to go in to pursue those particular people without bringing loss of life, collateral damage. they want to target that. the mes will find ways to wait them out or go in and take them out. >> that is what we're trying to discuss on a half hour ago. >> exactly. >> if armed individuals are inside and shot and wounded police officers, what you can
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see now is that there is an outside circle with road blocks protecting the operation ongoing on the inside. we don't have a feed from the inside. we have a feed now is showing that french tv they're inside of an apartment and there is something about to happen, then, it's going to be there sometime. >> we may be here for a while, depending on how long this takes to bring this under situation. there was unsettling situation that came out of paris, france before this happened and we talked about that before. news is that a second attacker got away following last friday's carnage. and a massive manhunt ensued, and we're seeing some of that right now, how it is come full circle now and we can see that it's like an ambulance moving in
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and police coming in. and then, of course we have been looking for salah abdelsalam. one brother going as far as blowing himself up. so here we are, live, watching this situation unfold as we stick with it. police have to be careful because there could be hostages involved. we don't know details yet. we can see they're moving in with, you can see they're using shields to protect themselves and of course, moving in what police vehicle moving in and blocking a shot there. but apparently we just saw a couple officers armed and ready. using their shields to move in as we just watch this for a little bit to see what they're doing. are they leaving or going in? can't make heads or tail that have since i'm not on the ground
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there. our own steve harrigan talked to us this evening and told us people have been told to stay inside of their homes. so that indicates that people are still in that community. >> well, i have a question. i don't know where we're going to get the answer to. are agencies reporting there is one armed man or more? if you have more, then an operation would be more complicated and more difficult as they say. >> i don't have the answer to that, walid but we'll get them. police were definitely armed and what appeared to be with their shields and they, that indicates they might be planning to go in. as i said they can wait it out or take them out. we'll have to wait and see and three officers have been shot and wounded. we're waiting to bet more
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details. that might change. it's a fluid situation for those of you just coming in to see what we're doing now. we'll bring you up to date on this. we're looking at video frommed neighborhood of paris france where police officers at this hour have been involved in a gun battle. we heard explosions and machine gunfire, we had heavy fire coming from this neighborhood between police and whoever is exchanging gunfire with them. we know police have been searching for suspects related to the terrorist attacks that took place on friday, killing upwards of 130 people. wounding 352 people. people were just minding their own business. people went to a football game. the french president was there at that stadium, then, people at cafes having a good time.
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and at the bataclan enjoying a concert, and being taken out by eight cowardly men who went in there with rifles and began shooting them. when we look at the cowardice, i go back to what tom rogan said earlier, he said that what we have is ability to stand up against isis because our values are greater. >> determination is very important to some said about determination. jihadists and their allies have operated on assumption that their ideology is right and their idea logs told them the more you strike, the more you'll
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be on their enemies. so first thing you do is show determination and strength. second, you are going to go into the population that is being abused by the other side. the other side meaning isis and trying to recruit from and get allies. you need to have religious clerics, and other groups standing up and do what the tunisians have done and egyptians have done. they rose against them in 2013 and 2014. we need to have an alliance between our liberal democracies and democracies within these societies and go on the defensive, not to be in retreat as we have done over the past few years.
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>> walid, pardon my pause there. you're right. we're just getting fresh information now that the deputy mayor of paris is telling residents in the neighborhood to understand that they should stay indoors, this not an attack but a police intervention. that says a lot. so now, we know that police are moving in as we've seen, they're setting up and they're prepared to, as i said, wait them out or take them out, walid. >> yes. i mean confirms a little bit more what we're concerned about. this is what french media calls sensitive areas meaning areas where jihadists tried to count on the sympathies of bands of people or elements and radicals and what have you. but the french government looks like is a challenge to go in.
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this is something they've not done in the past. they have not mobilized to go into sensitive areas. to me that is very important regardless of the outcome of this operation. this is the french government reclaiming security in those areas under the auspicios of looking for those suspects. >> the brother of sala salah abdelsalem, he got away from them getting into belgium. he could have returned to the scene since this is a neighborhood that as we've talked about is a strong hold for people with sympathies
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towards isis and believe in violent jihad and as a result, you're mentioning how these kinds of neighborhoods or people living in these neighborhoods, some of them want police to come into the neighborhoods. perhaps they believe they're set up to cause, inflict violence on the very security forces designed to protect the people of paris, france. >> we'll be careful about the wording of this. we have misinterpretation. these are suburbs like all cities in europe but they have witnessed in 2005, burning the thousands of cars at the hands of networks and bands of people, and what the french call violent youth. the radicals, jihadists are
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trying to provoke an urban clags. an overwhelming majority is against terrorists but terrorists or jihadists would like to see more police going in, stretch it in time, exchange of fire hoping that this will trigger a reaction by these violent youth. that is the equation i see. >> walid, just getting more information and you're right. the information is that schools will not open and this is an area of the pedestrian shops and cafes, pedestrians shops. we're seeing this is a shut down now. people are getting it very clear and serious they must stay indoors so police can go ahead and make this intervention. so it could be, we can see some
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violence unfold again. we have heard gunfire previous to that. then we have a calm, it could be a calm before another storm of violence. >> it could be. the structure of the equation is clearer than before. this was an operation by police and security forces to inquire about individuals. likely, and we'll know later they were shot at and responded. i'm wondering about explosions. were they used to open gates or doors? or were these hand grenades thrown on them? we don't know. when you hear explosions and exchanging fire it means there is a fight, a battle. when you know, from french tv and authorities, that there is a barricaded unit, 1, 2 persons withstanding attacks you know it's going to pick back up. >> walid, you make a good point.
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i'm going to get to the heart of this. we know that isis has taken credit and claimed this responsibility for the attacks that took place in paris, france on friday. we also know that there is a video that came out, basically threatening to cause more damage in paris, france as to take on attacks in other targets such as the uk and america, washington, d.c. congressman peter king has gone on record as saying we are number one target. and having said that, what s should be the posture of people in america to ensure we are protecting ourselves?
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we know the police commissioner bratton in new york city are on guard 24-7 to ensure the safety of the people here. but he goes back to what we said all along. we have to be right 100% of the time. and terrorists can just get lucky one time. true. the most important in my view in 15 years of how we respond to terrorism is that public needs to be made aware of the kind of threat. why? because we have law enforcement. they're doing their job. the fbi is doing a great job going after 50 potential threats in 50 states. so it's our security and military. but if the public is engaged it will multiply our resources by a hundred, by a thousand. the slogan, if you see something, say something.
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that is huge. because most of these in the beginning were due to a citizen who saw something, heard something and reported it. >> perhaps that is the case of what we're seeing in this neighborhood and we're going to go there directly now. i'd like you to stay with us throughout the night. we want to see what happens here and watch as it develops. we're hoping for a good outcome. steve harrigan is reporting now from the neighborhood nearby in paris, france. steve what are you seeing there? >> we're in central paris now. and we can report that there has been a gun battle going on in the neighborhood just north of paris in the northern edge. for two hours. it's been one police officer
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slightly wounded, people around that neighborhood have been told to stay inside of their houses. there are elite units there, a heavy presence and there has been heavy gunfire as well, s.w.a.t. teams involved. several people are holed up inside of an apartment. keep in mind this is all happening, there is a major manhunt underway. 100,000 french police and military have been mobilized to try to search for two suspects from the friday killings who are still at large. they're not sure whether people holed up in that apartment are the suspects or what the exact connection is. but we're seeing is a major battle with elite units and two people still barricaded inside of an apartment as operations continue to unfold, kelly. >> we've been watching it develop tonight and thank you for your reporting. so you know if there is any people, or hostages? have you heard anything like
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that? >> we don't know the situation inside of the room. you know police have it surrounded. they have shut down public transportation so whoever is in there is not getting out. certainly, these numbers and the information really changes. we just have to proceed step by
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step with exactly what we know. certainly for a country and a city really on edge where we've seen people, the sound of firecrackers, this real live-time gun fight will put people on the edge again. >> i talked to you earlier and spoke about the fact with people being on edge, i was asking you, is there a chance of them getting back to normal? as you aptly said and rightly said, it's going to take some time. >> i think it's a long way away. i think the nature of these attacks was so shocking and so startling to people, the president called it an attack on our children and that's who it really was, most of the victims under-age 30 and shot as they were taking part in french culture, in listening to music, in dining, in going out at night. the randomness of it all has really stung people like no
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previous attack has, kelly. >> this neighborhood we're talking about, saint-denis, can you tell us what it's like, we understand it's a pedestrian area and we were talking with tom ro gan these neighborhoods also have sympathizers to isis and violence in terms of jihadi movement. you were talking about the 2005 riots that unfolded as well. what kind of neighborhood is it? >> certainly, france has had its probl problems, especially on the outskirts of the major cities where you have massive apartment complexes and disaffected muslim you youths. they have had riots, especially serious in 2005 where there was several hundred million worth of damage. you might remember of some of the video of cars being set on fire. certainly had its problems in
9:53 pm
the past. some of these areas particularly dangerous for police to work in and patrol. that's why a shooting in this area is not automatically necessarily tied to the current situation and the current manhunt. right now at least, french media and french television saying there is a connection. the exact nature who is barricaded inside that apartment bui building, how many people not clear as this siege operation contin continues. >> as you continue to follow the developments there, i want to bring in wally again. this is exactly what we were talking about, steve bringing confirmation on the ground from paris, france. certainly, we know the police are doing all they can and security force trying to do all they can, you spoke earlier here in america, we have this slogan, if you see something, say something. i will get back to steve. is that the case here in paris,
9:54 pm
france, people began to see something and started saying something so they don't have to endure another terrorist attack. >> steve is right, absolutely right. there will be one outcome of this operation. overwhelming french security presence surrounding one, two, even three or four, we know what the outcome is going to be. the concern is will this lead to other incidents or not? we will see. too early to judge. answer your question, when whole world, we are part of it. we are watching in that city of lights in paris, scenarios that could unfold elsewhere from sidney, london, stockholm, washington, los angeles and new york, we are looking at a possibility of a future scenario. the jihadis who have perspetratd the massacre a few days ago and possibly two orb three three o are surrounded, this is an urban
9:55 pm
clash, something we have to learn from. you're right. the public needs to be aware and educated about these issues and would make a major difference. >> i will come back to you and i know you're trying to gather information. i don't want to detain you from that. if you could give us a concept what the mood is like once again. i want people to understand this is a difficult situation for the police, they have to be very careful and don't want collateral damage. what's the mood and atmosphere like? is this a police controlled situation right now? we're having some difficulty with steve right there. again, as we're looking at the video from saint-denis in paris, france, we can see police have this place locked down. as steve reported earlier, they
9:56 pm
have two, possibly three men in one particular area. they'll wait them out and try to find a way of going in. steve again reported there's been explosions and heavy gunfires earlier. as we continue to watch this situation unfold, you talk about it's a global situation. it is a global war on terror. we have to be vigilant 24/7 now no matter where we live. there was a threat in germany, there was a threat in other countries, germany in particular received a threat. the united states received a threat via video, although there's no credible action going on right now according to jeh johnson of homeland security. nevertheless, our police and security teams and fbi, they are not taking any chances, as we heard from the fbi director, james comey, a couple days ago, he said, look, there are at least 900 cases we're following
9:57 pm
right now related to isis and radical islamic terrorists. our work is ahead of us. we the people, the american people have to become mindful of that fact. >> yes. absolutely. we can make a major difference just by being informed by our government and right now our media and the ngos hopefully inform the public about the daept of the threat. not police incident, this is a worldwide jihad network. the american public -- >> let me -- i can't let that point go without bringing up this question. you stated that well. this is not a crime battle. this is not a fight against mafia, this is a fight against an enemy of our values that wants to attack us and leave us
9:58 pm
dead. >> yes. this is life and death not just of individuals but way of life. the quilt of fight for independence of nations. it's not how the jihadists see it. people have to really understand what these videos are talking about. not just violence and blood, the words sometimes are more powerful. they are being indoctrinated, these thousands of people in syria and iraq and around the world in nigeria, now in the west, we have not seen those numbers in 2005 and '06. now, we see thousands of them. the french government knows after this operation is over, after the dismantling of the cells that perpetrated the crime, the massacre of last week, they know they have to deal with those hundreds if not thousands of french citizens born in france and went to syria and iraq and back and they could
9:59 pm
engage in what we see right now. the intent times 20 is the real challenge. >> what's disturbing about this is the fact they've been able to get to so many young people through online rooms that the dark side of the internet we are still trying to figure out -- our police are still trying to figure out how they are communica communicating. the challenges, it's still very difficult because of the technology isis has been able to take control of and use to get those disaffected and angry and turn those jung men and women to weapons of destruction. >> absolutely. the problem in the west we do not respond to ideology. the war of idea is a clash of
10:00 pm
id ideas. like the violence of the caliphate, the world is divided into -- we have a mission. these are very simple ideas that legitimizes violence against society. when you see jihadist, you see confidence. if you don't respond to these id ideas, then, they're going to continue to radicalize others. look what happened in egypt and tunisia. let's take examples from the arab and muslim world. they responded to the muslim brotherhood, responded to the caliphate. that's how millions of people started to march on the streets of cairo and they got rid of what they believe is a machine of radicalization. in the west, we are not respo responding. unfortunately our government, including our administration have ignored the ideological battle. i think now the public will take on ideology. >> a lot of people listening to you would agree with