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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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thanks for watching. remember, i am watters and this is my world here. live from america's news headquarters, lauren green. the capital of belgium at the highest state of alert, the government warning of a paris style attack on brussels. the interior minister quoting serious and imminent threat to the city, subways are shut down, so are many stores. heavily armed police are visible. u.s. embassy tells americans in brussels to shelter in place or stay home. people in the midwest of firing up snow blowers and getting shovels out of storage. dropping up to 20 inches on some parts of the midwest. south dakota, minnesota, moving
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to illinois and michigan. colder air is trailing behind the snow. i am lauren green. now justice with judge jeanine. right now on "justice." >> they're playing on fear to score political points. to advance their campaigns. and it is irresponsible. >> sorry, mr. president, but the fear is real. the only thing irresponsible is to ignore it. i take on the white house in tonight's opening statement. plus on alert, what the latest terror warning for brussels means for americans there, here and around the world. from paris to brussels to here in new york, we are live with everything you need to know. "justice" starts now. hello, welcome to "justice."
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i am judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. my opening. his sarcasm is dripping. his disdain of our concern for the safety of our families is palpable at a time when the american people are scared, when we need reassurance. he mocks us. he talks down to us. he divides us. his ability to incite division unparalleled in our history. >> apparently they're scared of widows and orphans coming into the united states of america as part of our tradition of compassion. first they were worried about the press being too tough on them during debates, now they're worried about three-year-old orphans. that doesn't sound very tough to me. >> congressman trey gowdy had the best response.
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>> the president says we're scared of widows and orphans. with all due respect to him, what i am afraid of is a foreign policy that creates more widows and orphans. >> we have seen this kind of division before, haven't we? in ferguson. stoking the flames of racial hatred, chaos, when the ball is in his court, he can't even bring a civil violation. isis is spreading death and destruction in paris, al qaeda doing the same in mali. on the heels of downing of a civilian russian airliner, killing of innocents in lebanon, mr. president, can you not understand? we are scared. all we want is the truth. no unsubstantiated narrative. al qaeda is on the run. isis is a jv team. the day before the paris attack you're saying isis is contained and that genius side kick kerry
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says we're winning and isis is losing. we're not afraid of the truth, we are not afraid of syrian refugees, most of whom are playing isis, we are afraid of radical islamists who hide among syrians to enter our home land. instead of reassuring us, you say we are popping off? you're more angry with reporters who are asking questions on our behalf than you are the isis barbarians, and you preach what our value should be. that we can't slam the door on refugees as if we're cold hearted creatures. you, yourself said we spend more than any other country on humanitarian aid. and don't play the religion card that we're not christian if we don't do what you want. it is the individual who turns the other cheek, not the government. it is the individual who is
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supposed to be charitable, not the government. and you say we don't discriminate against people because of their faith. so tell me why there is a disproportionate number of muslims admitted here compared to christians? more than 59% of the syrian refugees are muslim, only 2% are christian. the truth is christians represent 10%. so why only admit 2.3%? even the preamble to the constitution reads in part we the people in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense establishes constitution for the united states. the first obligation of government is protection of its citizens. that's why you're the commander in chief, yet this is what you
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say. >> but what i'm not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of american leadership or america winning or whatever other slogans they come up with that has no relationship to what is actually going to work to protect the american people. >> you're not interested in pursuing some notion of american leadership or america winning? don't you want us to win? are you ashamed of us? instead you go on and on about how isis doesn't represent islam. stop, stop telling us what islam is not and start telling us how you're going to protect us. this nation was founded on judeo christian principles.
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let the muslims tell us who they are and who they are not. and by the way, we're not slamming the door on anyone, not that they have a right to be here in the first place. and why aren't the arab countries, saudi arabia, united arab emirates, qatar taking them? and you tell us, you tell us that these refugees are subjected to rigorous screening and security background checks? that's baloney and you know it. the head of the fbi knows it, director of homeland security, director of national intelligence knows it. how the hell do you vet someone who has no papers or possibly a fake passport that you can buy for 750 euros like one of the paris attackers did. how do you even know the name they give us is true? what are you going to do, call
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1-800-assad and say look, i know we're trying to kill you and i know you're not scared of me, you're busy with a civil war, can you have your clerk check records to see if muhammad is a terrorist? even if you got that call through, i wouldn't believe you because you've already proven you're not capable of protecting us. russia told you twice the tsarnaev brothers were terrorists. the fbi interviewed them twice and said nothing to see here, folks. they were on a terrorist watch list and still went in and out of our country. you never stopped them. be honest for once. this is no different from what you did at the southern border for central americans fleeing poverty. there are no controls. you take their fingerprints, and if you do, they're just on their way.
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god help us. and that's my opening. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter at judge jeanine, #justiceopen. the investigation in paris continues for the search of one of last week's attackers. belgium is on alert for rumors of impending attack. steve? >> reporter: we have the remarkable situation of the european capital on lockdown. belgium officials say there's clear intelligence, precise intelligence that an attack could be imminent in brussels, therefore they put more than 1,000 soldiers on the street, warned their own citizens to stay inside. they shut down the metro, cancelled all public gatherings. keep in mind in brussels there's a large u.s. population, thousands of u.s. military families as well as brussels is where nato is headquarters, so
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real major concern we could see imitation of the paris attacks in belgium. keep in mind, four of the paris attackers were from belgium, one of the attackers is still on the loose. there are concerns the attack could be with multiple shooters, with bombs as well in multiple locations at the same time. amazing security. high level threat in belgium now. meantime in belgium and across france, the manhunt continues for the so-called 8th attacker. salah abdelsalam is on the loose and there are reports he made it from paris to the border, he may have still been wearing the suicide vest on that drive. turkey has made three arrests of people who had contact with the paris killers. apparently one of them, a french citizen, who is moroccan origin may have worked as a scout for
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the killers. he was here in paris, scouting locations to find where would be the most lethal spots to strike. >> steve harrigan, thanks so much. and with me, republican candidate former governor mike huckabee. good evening, governor. >> judge, great to be with you. i appreciate your monologue, you made a great point, it is not the government's job to provide charity. i think what you said a lot of other people need to be hearing. i hope they listened. >> thank you very much, governor. you know, i follow you. yesterday you tweeted this. after today's attack in mali, the obama approved domestic anti-terror plan is give up your guns and memorize a koran verse. are you saying you don't think the president has a plan to keep us safe?
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>> judge, he doesn't have a plan. i don't think he has a clue. this is what's so frustrating. when the attacks happened in france, our president was taking a totally opposite approach than president hollande of france. the president of france, a leftwing socialist, politically correct president was closing his country's borders and saying we are going to war unmercifully against isis. our president says let's open the borders and open a war on governors. he was more interested in protecting islam than americans. and i find that very troubling. >> and clearly the governors, so many of them who said they weren't going to accept some of the refugees, does the president have the ability to stop them, governor? >> obviously the president can put people in states because he doesn't even have to notify
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governors they're coming in. they come through ngos, nongovernmental organizations. but that's one of the problems. here's the question to the president. if you put the refugees in a state, are you going to require the state to educate children? to put them on medicaid? to find housing for them? to what extent are taxpayers of that state going to be responsible for your decision. and i can guarantee you that they're going to be put, the expenses of refugees, on the backs of the governors in these states, many of whom already have very, very tight budgets and can't afford to absorb this. >> you know, governor, you have an interesting background. you're a pastor. how do you reconcile this whole idea unless you think it is a false narrative that because we are christians and american values, we have to take them in, do you have any problem
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reconciling the two? >> well, i was a governor longer than a pastor. one of can tell you is this. being a christian doesn't mean you have to exercise your charity the way someone like president obama would dictate. there's absolutely an admonition to help people, but i get the impression he thinks the only way to do it is bring them 8,000 miles from their home land and put them in our communities. more reasonable is to build a refugee center in the area of the middle east, closer to their climate, closer to their language, their culture. i would give the money to franklin graham samaritan purse organization. >> a great organization. they're terrific. >> they're already there. put that refugee camp closer to the people rather than bring them 8,000 miles. by the way, judge, why are there refugees? because this president's failed foreign policies created an
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absolute disaster in the middle east and people are having to flee for their lives. >> let me ask you this, governor, what would president huckabee be doing now in light of what happened in paris, in light of all of the things we talked about, what could you do as president to keep us safe. >> first of all, unleash the full power of the military. we created such restrictive rules of engagement to go after isis that we have to get the french to come in and do more heavy lifting military action. we spent millions of dollars, $500 million to train four syrian rebels. that was a disastrous program. here's what i would do. i build a coalition, i would include everybody who wants to get rid of these radical islamist extremists, that would include the russians, i know there are some of my republican colleagues that say we shouldn't trust putin.
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judge, i don't trust putin, but if putin is willing to aim his guns at the same people cutting the heads off americans and killing and kidnapping christians around the world, i would be more than happy to welcome him at least to that battle, and we will fight the other battles later on. we need to take a concentrated effort to stop these animals, to get rid of this savage re. their target is all of western civilization. >> all right. governor mike huckabee, thanks for being with us. good to see you. >> thank you, judge. great to see you. >> thank you. with me now, retired navy s.e.a.l. commander, co-author of the book extreme ownership, how u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s lead and win. good evening. >> how you doing, judge. >> you led the most highly decorated special ops unit in the iraq war. are 50 special ops guys on the ground going to make a difference in syria?
6:17 pm
>> look, i'm sure they'll have some impact, i am sure they're great guys prepared for battle but not the impact we need to help the country. >> when you hear people say maybe we ought to line up with russia, do you think that's something that we should do in the middle east? >> i think when you have a barbaric enemy like isis, anyone willing to step up and fight with us, we should accept. i think the key, what it takes is leadership. we talk about it all the time, takes leadership. america has to lead the coalition, no doubt about it. >> you were also leader of s.e.a.l. team 3 unit that included sniper chris kyle. how did you feel when you saw the decisiveness and intensity with which france attacked syria after the attack on its home land? >> i was impressed.
6:18 pm
you see a country defending itself by going after the enemy. clearly this enemy declared war on all of us, on all of western civilization. they want us all to die. why are we not acting as aggressively as possible to put them down is beyond me. >> what about the syrian refugees, should there be a pause and halt to the program? >> yes, there should be. >> that's a no brainer for you. >> yeah. no question about it. >> all right. and finally, this president and rules of engagement that governor huckabee mentioned, have rules of engagement changed from the time you entered the armed services until today? >> rules of engagement change all the time, depending what's happening in a particular conflict. in a situation like this with giant packs of isis fighters lined up, they need to be
6:19 pm
attacked and attacked viciously by u.s. forces from the air, from the ground, and completely destroyed. that should be the rules of engagement. >> what needs to be changed immediately? >> well, they're very protective over how they're targeting. that's what we need to stop. if we know there's isis on the ground, we need to destroy them. >> thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> thanks for having me on, judge. >> all right. still ahead tonight, a prominent gop congressman is here to talk about legislation he's proposing regarding the syrian refugees. and next, a new report suggests there may be more than just ideology driving suicide bombers to kill themselves. i'm going to get into that and more with a top counter terrorism expert next. and tonight's in sta poll. should we halt the flow of syrian refugees and why. facebook me. the great beauty of owning a property
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isis threatens more brutal attacks while the manhunt continues for the 8th suspect in the terror massacre. joining me from the gorka, expert on counterterrorism and irregular
6:24 pm
warfare. good evening, doctor. >> good evening, judge. >> glad to have you. coming out with a report monday and you have been following al qaeda and isis for years. what are your findings and what is the threat to america? >> finding from the group find the threat from isis is real and it is now, it is not a hypothetical. in the last 20 months we have seen 82 people arrested on u.s. soil or killed on u.s. soil as isis members and the frightening thing, judge, 30% of individuals had no intent to go to iraq or syria and fight for isis in the middle east, they decided the best way to serve the caliphate, to serve jihad, is to kill americans here on u.s. soil. this isn't theory, this is a fact. so it goes with everything the director of the fbi said. we have on-going investigations in all 50 states, upward of 900
6:25 pm
threats being investigated right now. >> all right. you know, do you believe that the fbi has the ability to monitor them? i remember going before congress saying i don't have enough people. he said he would be pressed to probe 10,000 refugees. given that, how does our president say, you know, they're going to go through rigorous screening? >> look, it's impossible, judge. my parents were refugees during the revolution of 1956. they have to stay in a camp for weeks, some relatives months, while they were debriefed from counter intelligence standpoint. you can't just welcome people into the country and let them move, you have no idea who they are, especially if you have no access to databases to cross reference them. and the director said we have no databases to cross reference. then how are you going to vet
6:26 pm
them? >> tell me, doctor, what does isis want? what does al qaeda want? we heard about al qaeda in mali thursday. all of a sudden it is like al qaeda now. you've got isis, you've got al qaeda, both want to kill the infidel. do you see them joining ranks to kill them. >> they're going to do it everywhere, in africa or boston. they have the same ideology. they're competing to be top of the caliphate. isis is in asen dance. the thing that links them, this is the trouble, it is not about man power alone, it is about talking truthfully about what motivates these people, it is religious interpretations of a holy war. that means they get to kill in fiddles, in a shopping mall, in paris, or on the streets of new york. >> how do you feel that we are prepared or are we prepared? you're already answering the
6:27 pm
question. >> look, i was listening to your wonderful intro and then the governor. the commander in chief, all due respect, is not paid to be a theologian. he doesn't run a seminary. so we don't need lectures from the president about what islam is or isn't. we need to talk about the ideology they say they aspouse. if we're not allows to discuss it, which is often the case among the military, we will never win the war. can't talk about third reich and defeating it if you don't talk about nazis, you could offend somebody. this will lead to our losing this war against the jihadis. >> scary stuff. dr. sebastian gorka, thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you, judge, a pleasure. >> all right. let them in, shut it down, or just take a break. the refugee debate ranges on.
6:28 pm
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live from america's news headquarters, i am lauren green. brussels remains at a high state of alert tonight, the government warning a paris style attack is possible. heavily armed police are visible, subways are shut down and many stores. they're telling americans in brussels to shelter in place or stay home. security remains at high levels following the attacks last week that left 130 dead. there's visible presence of armed police throughout the city. more violence in the holy land, a stabbing wounding four people in southern israel. police say the attacker is still on the run.
6:33 pm
this is just the latest in a string of attacks between israelis and palestinians that left over 100 dead. secretary of state john kerry returns to the middle east tomorrow. the paris attacks prompted a fire storm of debate over the u.s. syrian refugee program. my next guest says the president's plan to accept syrian refugees must be put on hold because we can't identify the bad ones. joining me, a member of the house foreign affairs committee among those backing legislation to halt syrian refugees coming to the united states. thanks for being with us. tell us why you co-sponsored the legislation, what do you say to those that say you're uncharitable, unchristian, unamerican. >> we have to halt the program. we know for a fact isis wants to
6:34 pm
use the refugee program to gain access to america and terrorize us. the federal government is unable to properly vet individuals to tell us with certainty that individual a and b and c aren't terrorist threats. we are debating 10,000 syrian refugees. what about millions we could help by doing something greater, the largest humanitarian victory we can deliver is wiping isis off the face of the earth. dropping bombs on their lap, putting rounds in their forehead. >> our commander in chief isn't going to do that. by the way, if we want to spend money on them, why not spend it on the va, on veterans that come back with fewer limbs than they started with? >> we understand if we don't defeat the threat overseas, we will face it more and more here at home. we have to eliminate the threat. step one, we have to be able to identify the threat. you have to crush it. not tread water, take out some
6:35 pm
bad guys, disrupt some command and control. >> why is the president saying there's a rigorous check when the fbi, director of homeland security and national intelligence say we can't. what is going on? >> for the president, winning has to do with popularity contest with domestic politics. winning isn't taking the isis member that wants to meet allah and helping with that introduction. that's the humanitarian victory we could provide for the refugees. >> what do you mean helping them to get there to meet allah. >> that's right. they're asking for, we have highly motivated coalition partners. france, britain, germany, even the russians. >> took down their civilian liner. you have no problem getting the bill through the house. harry reid says don't worry, it's not going anywhere. talk to me, what are the politics of getting this passed? >> with the senate, a lot of people think 54 republicans
6:36 pm
makes majority. current rules of the senate, rules have been around a long time, 60 votes to vote cloech you are. i would say use the nuclear option. have 51 votes, allows it to pass the senate. otherwise, you need six democrats, that's not going to happen. i would be happy to support the president's strategy to win if i thought he had one. but congress can't with a straight face look at this president, whether it is defeat isis or with regards to the refugee program especially with what we know the director of the fbi and secretary of homeland security and director of national intelligence, we know what the right thing is. voters know what the right thing is. they know this isn't the jv team, they know it is not contained, more jobs isn't the answer, we want a president that's a commander in chief, well respected. >> we don't have it. he is not on the same page with the rest of us. when they start playing politics and saying you're being
6:37 pm
unchristian by not letting them in, do you have enough to override a veto? >> in the house we have enough to override a veto. the legislation that just passed thursday had veto proof majority. >> you did. >> we did. >> democrats came over, were part of the passing as well. didn't obama send in jeh johnson to convince the democrats not to vote for this? why? >> it is all about domestic politics, about getting reelected. i offer to those democrats on the fence trying to choose party loyalty or national security, one mandatory function of the federal government is provide national defense. they need to do the right thing by constituents and by the country and american security. >> congressman lee zeldin, thanks for being with us. with me now, someone with a very different view, liberal talk show host, cocoa sudek.
6:38 pm
hi. >> how are you? >> would i be correct assuming you believe the syrian refugees should be granted asylum? >> due respect to the congressman, i have no idea how he got elected to congress. we should absolutely be granting syrians refugee resettlement status. >> why? >> when they make it through, when they make it through the multi layer screening process that's in place. >> how do you know it is effective? what is the process. you tell me. >> first, they get referred by the u.n. and it is random. to get referred to the united states to be considered for resettlement, then they go through several stages, several interviews, background checks and vetting. if they're coming from syria, they have to prove that they're not associated with terrorists. >> coco, i know you don't get
6:39 pm
this, how do you know, coco, how do you know that they are who they say they are. let's start with that. >> because 784,000 people have been admitted refugees since 9/11, and three have been arrested for even thinking about terrorist activities. >> what about the fact that one of the attackers came in with a fake passport through syria? isn't that good enough for you? >> no, first of all getting into france is not the same as getting into the united states. >> you think it is tougher? >> i think it is easier to get into france because they can walk across turkey and they don't have the same level of scrutiny that the united states has with refugees. >> let me ask you this. >> a syrian passport is not all they need. fingerprint someone and say i got to check all of the databases, the kid is 19 years old, never had a problem in the united states, never even been to the united states, how
6:40 pm
do we know whether or not he is a terrorist. the fbi missed the boston bombers, they interviewed them twice. >> the boston bombers were not refugees. >> yes, they were. you're wrong. >> no, they came in as little kids. >> they came in with a family seeking asylum. you're wrong. >> that's true, but not refugees. that's a separate legal standard and separate examination. people that come in from asylum are already here. >> i am saying i am going to question differently because they're under asylum and refugee. they interviewed adults who had websites that were violent, who swore to violent jihadism. >> but those kids were americans. those kids were americans. they grew up in the united states. we are talking about people who are escaping --
6:41 pm
>> that's not a danger to us? >> we are not talking about that. we are not -- we are talking about admitting for resettlement refugees from a war zone. those people go through a number of checks, not just interviews from the fbi, it is from a bunch of different agencies. >> this better be better than the fbi. don't tell me another civil agency from the u.n. if you have someone that comes here as a refugee and they say they have no records on this person, and that person destroys or kills people here, should we say let's continue to let them in? >> first of all, what are the odds it is going to happen. do you think a terrorist is going to take the odds, take two years to get into this country
6:42 pm
through the refugee program. >> do they have a right to be here? >> well, i mean, if they're admitted as a refugee and haven't committed a crime. >> do they have a right in the constitution that says refugees have a right to come to our country, our home land, the answer is no. >> we're the united states of america. we welcome all immigrants. >> no, we don't. >> the refugees cannot come in if they have a criminal record or other reason. >> are you calling assad to ask if he is a pedophile or -- >> they have other ways of fact checking backgrounds of people. >> if you're from syria, what other way did you tell me whether or not -- they tell me i have to wrap. good-bye. next, talking policy with tom logan. don't go away.
6:43 pm
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brussels on high alert, belgium officials warn of serious, imminent threat. this new threat targets not only europe but the united states. joining me, tom rogue and, columnist from national review. good evening, tom. you have been writing for months now that attacks on europe and the west were very likely and imminent. you were right. what's going to happen to us. >> good to be with you, judge, thank you for having me on the show. the challenges you face, clearly what you see in brussels with the essential critical alert by british counterterrorism standards, where you believe something is going to happen either lost control of a cell or have chatter you can't verify where the people are, the
6:48 pm
problem for europe is that there are a lot of americans there as well, that's a counter terrorism concern that hasn't been talked about. you know they would love to do something against americans. fortunately, one of the advantages we have here is that the fbi has less people to monitor than in europe. but at the same time you've seen the ghrowt of the threat in the past 18 months, and as many other guests testified, it is a serious, growing problem. >> let me ask you, i mean, are we doing enough in this country to protect americans? are we prepared? they're talking about lines in every major city in europe ready to attack. >> yeah, this is the challenge. i think one thing we could be doing in a much more significant and strategically minded sense, take more aggressive action in iraq and syria because as i see
6:49 pm
it, some people disagree. as i see it, the longer this ideology sustains itself and grows, longer they're waving that stupid flag, the more their center of gravity gross and mag any tichl, in their magazine talking about looking forward to the day when slave markets open in rome. they believe this stuff. >> they do believe it. and when you see a socialist president like french president hollande basically saying i want to shut down the borders, we have no civil liberties, we're going to drag you in and question you, we're not going to court, we're not getting a judge's permission, nobody is revolting in paris. they're saying look, we have to protect ourselves. why is our president so -- >> i think president obama sees himself as conducting his own
6:50 pm
truman doctrine in the sense he is fundamentally trying to reshape american foreign policy doctrine. the problem is where truman had keenan and a wide variety of people had keenan and a wide variety of people providing some strategic back drop, the president has ben rhodes and valerie jarrett and not many other people. i want to use profanity when i describe it, but i don't understand where it's coming from. >> it is frustrating, but french president hollande is recommending there be an alliance with the u.s., france, and russia. what do you think of that? >> look, the challenges for me, obviously the russians we've been seeing doing a lot more air strikes against i.s. positions in the last week. i'm skeptical they're doing that
6:51 pm
in a concerted way since the sinai bombing. i think they're trying to placate the criticism that they weren't attacking i.s. to buy space. >> tom roguen, thanks for being with us. coming up, the results of tonight's insta poll. stay right there. (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. directv is so advanced that you could put tvs anywhere without looking at cable wires and boxes in every room.
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now for the results of tonight's insta poll.
6:55 pm
should we halt the flow of syrian refugees and why. thomas says, we're at war, albeit nonconventional. bringing in syrian refugees is like letting the fox in the hen house. katie says the u.s. should do more to help the refugees. hey, katie, are you kidding? are you suggesting that refugees are only women and children and not men? have you watched the news lately? judith says, yes, despite obama's assurances, we cannot fully vet them. i have compassion but i have common sense. and pauline says, we can't afford to house and feed these people. it's time to put americans first. lindsay says, we have to stop unnecessary human suffering in syria, this is a moral moment. america can't turn its back on these people. hey, lindsey, where was your objection and moral moment when 200,000 syrians being slaughtered, where was your compassion then? thanks for the great responses.
6:56 pm
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm lauren green. the capital of belgium is at its highest state of alert, the government warning of a paris style attack on brussels, citing a serious and imminent threat. subways and stores are shut down and armed police are clearly visible. the american embassy is telling americans to shelter in place or stay at home. people in the midwest are getting their shovels out of storage, a system dropping up to 20 inches of snow. the white stuffn


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