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tv   Stossel  FOX News  November 22, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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>> we have to stop illegal immigration. it is hurting us economically and every stand point and we lg1 run our country properly an be a çócountry. >> come on, folks, we know you can't pick them up and ship them across the border. >> it is not embracing american values and would tear communities apart. >> and for those of us who know believe peopl.++ enforce the law. we are told it is anti- immigrant. it's offensive.
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>> illegal immigration wreaking ha voc. and also on the republican candidates. >> trump's plan may be compassionate. this is what i don't think is compassionate. it is not compassionate to bring women over in trucks and. couple ofçó companies drive dow wages for americans. and compassion to have felons that are already deported to shoot people in sanctuary cities. >> one of the issues is. there are smugglers that come in through tunnels and launch cocaine over the wall. >> you are trying to kitchen cait while they cataput. >> and it is a catcher. >> and there is different9 issues.
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felons and drugs and people who work here. and you can't send everybody back that came here and speaks english. >> ifi@8lu hillary clinton is elected. they might go on their own because they won't haveñi jobs. >> a build a wall in >> probably not. that's what rubio and others can turn them in to republican voters just like the kilocatcher. they want to turn them to voters. everyone here8oôf is legal on watters world. >> and we checked our papers. >> but here is a problem and this is for the other candidates and i am first generation american. i grew up with a number of imdprants and speak spanish and donald trump talks about
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building a wall. the candidates have to say no. people don't want to hear no. andñi see even if his plan is realistic asyxwnç people know it is it a problem. >> i hear people on the web saying it is mean to break up families, you think they want to go in with a swat team and rip elian gonzalez out of his hands of family him back home. >> hillary clinton will have to grapple with all of the decisions made by her husband on immigration reform. we saw them grapple with the decision on gray marriage. you think of how much changed in the democratic party and it is significant. that's a problem for her and you look at the republican party on immigration right now. what is interesting to me is
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a broad range of view points and makes it hard for republicans to make the case effectively and reach out to the general electorate and for democrats to use anything that republicans say against them. >> hillary changed her position. i remember when she voted to fund the board wall and not in favor of illegal aliens having driver's license. she has changed position. i went to the u.s. open and decided to ask people about illegal immigration and asked if donald trump were to play hillary clinton in a tennis match who would win? >> when a femalezut(w tennis p grunt do you enjoy that? >> i love that. >> if donald trump played a match against hillary. >> trump would win and we
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wouldn't find out because hillary would delete the e-mails. >> hillary is vicious. >> she has tricks up. her sleeve. >> where are you from! >> and how long. and see are you her ball boy. >> it is a fun interview. >> trump wants to build a wall on the southern border. >> for what? >> to keep out illegal aliens. >> we had a wall in germany. >> the wall in germany worked. and no one got across. (v not over staying the visa. >> do you like trump? >> trump is funny. but do you want a funny president. >> we have a funny president. his name is obama. the joke is on us though. >> you sewn celebrities me. hillary and trump played a match
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wh win? >> the women have wicked back hands. and i have to give hillary a nudge on this one. >> nasty back hands. it is about to hit wider. >> and hillary and trump. >> hillary. >> and that is all right. on watters and this is my world right here. >> how are you doing? >> she didn't know she was in watters world. >> and that is creepy. >> and kim kardashian know who hillary clinton and don wouldald trump is. >> she attended a fundraiser with hillary. snshg and yeah, she knows she is running for president. >> she doesn't know i don't think what she has for lunch tomorrow. >> are democrats fired up this
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year. we went to see what harlem thinks about the democratic candidates. >> are you excited about hillary clinton. >> not too excited. banderas
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back to watters' world. >> democrats had a strong hold over minority voters. without obama on the 2016 ticket what will happen? we went to harlem to see what voters had to say about top democrats. >> democrats. >> i am republican. >> you are in harlem. are you you excited about hillary? >> not too excited. >> i love hillary. i love her. >> what is herçó biggest accomplishment? >> i don't think she has that many. >> but you want her to be
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president. >> see there is a female. >> what does she look like to you? >> a grandmother. >> she be all right as long as she stays in her place. >> that is not nice. >> a woman belong it a man. >> do you trust hillary. >> not too much. >> she done much to black america. >> i don't look for politicians to do things for me. >> you want the truth and nothing but the truth. >> good luck with that. >> you you can't handle the truth. >> what is that? >> that is not dick cheney, right? >> that's the opposite of dick cheney. >> this is senator bernie sanders. >> bernie, sounds like weekend in bernies. >> and guess what state. dc? dc is not a state. philadelphia.
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philadelphia is a city. >> state. >> vermont. >> vermont. never heard of that. nvermont is a state. >> never heard of it. >> bernie wants to raise your taxes. >> he's out of the picture p. >> we can't have that. >> who is this? >> no clou. >> i don't know who he is either? >> can you tell me about him? >> the vice-president of thes united states. >> he looks like you. >> all of us white guys look like. >> you trust biden with the codes to the nuclear football. >> that's what they carry for them. >> what a democrat did for america. >> you satisfied with all of the democrats running for president? >> i guess see. >> i am tired of the bush/clinton, bark bookkeeper obama people. let the politicians go and not put their hopes on white people
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to save them. >> what about abraham lincoln freed the slaves. >> she wasn't white. >> what country are you from? >> do mippican. >> if america is see racist why come here. >> i looked for the american dream and now i found the night mayor. >> ebony. we'll start with you. >> hillary is under a lot of pressure. she turns out single woman and minorities and you know, i don't know if those people are excited. i know the republicans are fired up and enthusiastic. but what do you think? >> it is never going to happen. there is not excitement around her. >> this is exciting for me. i am independent voter. and i think it is it an opportunity for the gop if they
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choose to take it on to appeal. are they going to get 40 or 60 percent of the black vote probably not. but 15rl a difference. >> black americans suffered under this president. joblessness and poverty and race relations are a problem and crime spiking in the major cities. what has democratic party done for black under the obama administration. >> the question is, if you look at a state like florida, jacksonville. 76.4 percent of the democrats approve. and 78.7 approve of hillaries. how much do they approve of versus how many are going to come out. and the other question is, you have all of the swing voters it
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q [3t what are theyif0qt doing. to her point, are the republicans finding a way to snatch them up. >> you think republicans can resonant with black americans? >> washington politics is the last bastion of unbridled racial profiling. voters are diveied up by race. and if any other industry did this, there would be congressional investigations into it. and but the politicians do it and no one bats an eye and they target their white male voter or their black female voter or whatever they do is it up. >> and the asians are a fast growing minority. >> ben carson is on the defensive from attacks. but is hillary clinton held to the same standard. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen.
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>> welcome back. ben carson was forced to beat media attacks. this is how he put to rest. >> i have no being vetted. but i have a problem being lied about and putting that out there as truth. when i look at somebody like hillary clinton, who sits there and tells her daughter and
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a government official that you know it was a terrorist attack and tells everybody else it was a video, where i come from that is a lie. >> but is the media treatingú" differently. donald trump wass correcting a voter at a town hall. >> i like this man. >> we have a problem in this country called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not a american. >> we need this question. >> but just the other day, this happen in hillary clintonary town hall. >> she said she is a great ceo. every time i see her on tv i want to reach through and strangle her. i know that doesn't sound very nice. >> i wouldn't mess with you.
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>> talking about carly fiorina. ande)? let's startñi with carson first now, he is under assault because his biograpy. a young black guy with anger problems and through hard work and faith, and you know, by his own hustle, without government help came to the democrats want to attack the biograpy because they want the black vote. biden is out there scaring people saying they will try to put you back in chains, what about carson under attack. >> last week, it was the ultimate absurdity. you had a candidate for president saying he went after his mother with a hammer and tried to stab his best friend and the media said no, youw÷ didn't. did.
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it reaches a level absurdity. i don't think the media has a clue. we saw the debate on cnbc debate it was a disaster they are moderating a debate with foreigners and they didn't realize what a debacle. >> yeah, they had their heads in the sand. >> and hillary not correcting the report on carly. you don't run is and hide. >> she said republicans are her enemies. n only cares about one woman. herself. the media said the question of the woke. would you go back in time, if you could jeb bush would you
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abort baby hitler. where are they coming. if there was a delowerian. you should say i don't do hypothetical. and what ben carsons thought of archaeologist. and now hillary clinton saying she tried to joan the marines in the '70s. anything scary than hillary clinton is her with a machine gun. you buy that? >> i would have said something. we need to be consistent. john kanye was a class act v'rm how to hanle supporters that say something vicious against the opposition. you put them to bed and that's not true. and this is somebody i disagree with politically. i don't know why trump or hillary didn't get the memo. >> when obama is attacked it is
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racist and ben carson is attacked it is vetting. speaking of the media, we are not strangers to media scrutiny and i decided to see what viewers like you thought of media personalities like us. take a look. >> you know who this is? >> no. >> that is geraldo rivera. >> we call that seasons. you like his mustache. >> it is old school. ÷ style he got his nose broken by the kkk. >> really? >> ben afmrek? >> and she's from ms nbc. >> i never have seen her. nneither as anybody else. >> that is mad cow. >> it is super, super liberal. i don't know her but i wish i
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did. >> she's on fox news. that's megyn. >> and watch it. >> give an answer because you can't because there is not one. >> get that out of my face. >> it is it at alrobinger. >> and who is this? >> i don't know. i have no idea. >> and that is not the donald. >> you have no right to be here. >> and he's in school. >> and you might be thinking of the wrong guy. >> what did you think of the people on the beach? >> i love it and it is great. everyone knows geraldo. >> except everybody on the beach. >> up next. how much respect does president obama have for the military. we will assess the situation. and how much does your fellow americans know about american history. we'll find out after the break. >> what
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veterans day, how do you celebrate it? >> i don't. >> wrong answer. >> drop down and give me 20. >> that is legit. the war we're declared independent what was that called? >> that was called -- you put me on the spot. independence day. it was a movie, right?
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>> today we celebrate independence day. >> the civil war? >> the civil war. >> you are close. >> revolutionary war. >> who did we declare independence from? >> france? the south. >> iraqis, i don't know. iran? >> what year did we declare in this country. >> 1976. >> it was the civil war. who won. >> new england. i am not a fan of history. >> not a fan? >> no. >> i don't believe it. >> who was the president during the civil war? >> guy with a really small hat. >> lyndon b. johnson? >> george washington. >> kennedy. >> lincoln. >> lincoln. >> if you were a president, you would be babe ra ham lincoln. >> i don't recognize time. >> who bombed us in pearl
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harbor? >> we did. >> it was the asian of some sort. >> allegedly which president dropped the bomb on japan. >> bush? >> reagan. >> nixon. >> harry truman. >> who fought the cold war. >> the person that makes the turkey, the cold cuts. >> cold cuts combo. i eat three a day to keep me strong. >> we called it cold cuts because we won the cold war. >> which country did we pledge the vietnam war in. >> this is my world here. >> i love it. >> former u.s. special forces officer ben collins joins the panel now. it is like that woman, is she a martian? what's your reaction?
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>> past is prolog. the scariest thing looking at that, every one of those people you interviewed can vote. >> if they remember when election day is. >> if you don't understand the cost of war, you don't value the price of peace. i think we look at what we are doing now, about ready to choose a president. presidents are saying my plan moving forward, use historic precedences, if they don't understand the history and the cost of what we are asking, we forget. veterans will be valued less and less if people don't understand why it is important there's a time for peace and a time for war, we should have a leader that understands the difference. i mean, looking at that, that's just deplorable. >> that's shocking. talking about valuing veterans, under this administration you have the va scandal, hillary clinton saying it is no big deal. president obama evacuating iraq where lot of people shed their
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blood and sacrificed and isis took over. they don't lower their flags when it is a terrorist attack here, don't give purple hearts to people at fort hood. do you think there's lack of respect toward veterans these days? >> absolutely. but i don't think it is a left and right issue. >> you don't? >> no. >> why? >> because i think it is a systemic problem that we have seen prior to electing president obama. we also went into a war we shouldn't have, went into a country, started a war where a lot of people shed their blood. the other thing is you can't just talk about or the right can't just talk about military planes and ships and everything. our soldiers wear the junkiest crappiest body armor. i have a friend that's a veteran. he has his friends send him vests overseas because the vests that the military supplies aren't good, they're cheap. this is not a left, right issue. this is america needs to take better care of their soldiers and their veterans.
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>> everybody wants to take care of the veterans. to the point it has been going on a long time, i talked to a lot of wounded warrior guys, they told me at walter reed when president obama comes to visit sometimes they shut their doors because they don't want the commander in chief coming in and talking to them while they're nursing their wounds. >> i agree with tamara about the fact it is not something that happened the last six years and i am not a fan of president obama and a lot of what he has done, none is as despicable as we saw in 2003 vote to go to iraq and when the first election cycle came back around and it was mostly democrats who saw the opportunity to reverse their support and back away. the idea that we have politicians in this country who can get away with voting for a war and as soon as the political
12:56 am
winds change they withdraw that support, that to me is the most damning thing you could do to our veterans. >> and senator harry reid on the senate floor saying the war was lost while men and women were fighting and dying. rebecca, what do you think of this? this is pretty crazy. >> part of the problem i see is that we have fewer and fewer veterans serving in the u.s. government. we have a commander in chief who has never served, on the republican side now only two veterans running, and we don't pay attention to them. lindsey graham, jim gilmore. and in congress, fewer veterans serving than ever before. so you have a basic lack of understanding about what it means to serve and that's reflected in the military policy that you get out of our government. >> that's right. i want to thank all of the veterans, we are very looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating.
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that's it for tonight. follow me on twitter and instagram and facebook. tell me what you think.
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