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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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roger ails, a great man. that does it for us on this fox report. thanksgiving, turkey day is coming up. thanks for watching, i'll be back with you tomorrow with outnumber outnumbered. you are in watter's world and i'm jesse watters. the world is still realing from the attacks on paris this last week. savages slaughtered 130 innocent civilians scattered over the streets of paris. everybody is on high alert. these are the facts. the prime minister announced that the mastermind exploited the refugee crisis to slip in. a syrian passport was found next to the body of one of the isis attackers. isis fightires posing as syrian refugees were caught just days ago sneaking into europe. men with fake passports were recently stopped by u.s. customs
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officials and eight syrian nationals were detained this week crossing the mexican border into texas. in order to protect americans from radicals posing as refugees, most governors are calling on president obama to stop, for now, his plan to fast-track 10,000 syrian refugees into this country. but president obama, not taking this seriously. >> these are the same folks oftentimes who suggest that they are so tough, that just talking to putin or staring down isil or using additional rhetoric will somehow solve the problems out there but apparently they are scared of widows and or phans coming into the united states of america as part of our tradition of compassion. i cannot think of a more -- more potent recruitment tool for isil than some of the rhetoric that has been coming out of here during the course of this
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debate. >> the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat, and all of the tourists who pour into the united states every single day just doesn't jive with reality. that is not what our law enforcement thinks. >> but the majority of americans don't feel the same way as our commander-in-chief. a bloomberg politics poll said 53% of americans don't think we should be taking in syrian refugees right now. while only 28% agree with president obama. and on top of all of this, a deadly terrorist attack in the west africa country of mali on friday is copping off the deadly month. attackers killing people who couldn't recite the quran. joining me now are co-host of out numbered, andrea, and tamera hoerld and last but certainly not least, democratic strategist jessica tar love.
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so i think, if obama wanted to help the refugees, he would prevent them from being gassed by assad and stuck with his red line. i'm a compassionate guy but i'm also not suicidal. and the president hasn't been competent, he hasn't been competent managing the border and the v auf and he can't launch a website and now 10,000 refugees, he's not going to make one mistake. this sounds like an isis easy pass to me. what do you think, jessica? >> i don't agree completely with what you said. i do agree you are a compassionate person. >> thank you. >> well, let's not get carried away. >> i don't know you that well. >> okay. thanks. >> but what i would say is that i understand people being on high alert about this. i understand wanting tougher safety and i think we'll hear from the senate democrats to counter the house bill that did pass with 47 democrats backing it to make sure no one to iraq
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or syria in the last five years gets in here and close a loophole where terrorists can't blue guns and explosives within the country. but we haven't had a problem with syrian refugees. over the last years it is just 2%. >> let me stop you there. we haven't had a problem with them yet. they are called super-cells for a reason. maybe they are sleeping. would you feel comfortable having these risky refugees live next door to you. >> i would. >> well not coming over to your house for dinner. andrea, let me get to you. >> i was told you were compassionate. but you are compassionate, but you are smart. and you use logic and reason, instead of mellow dramatic liberal arguments that we have to take them because it is the right thing to do. this country is bankrupt. we have women and or phans and veterans suffering that need care. they should be put first. and the security of the american people. the majority of the american people don't want the refugees here because they don't trust an
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incompetent administration for all of the reasons that you listed, to vet them. and you did forget, in my bio, whenna announced -- whenna announced me, terrorist recruitment tool. >> and you say muslim extremist, that is increasing the ranks of isis and -- >> and rather than talk about how they could how they could effectively vet them which the fbi chief says we can't. it would take up to two years. they spend time going after people like you and me. >> let me get to the vetting situation. how are they going to vet these guys? bring them into the room, draw a cartoon of muhammad and if they shoot people, they don't let them into the country? these people have no background checks. >> that's a good idea. >> how would you vet these guys? >> well, let me start to defend the last. this isn't a left/right issue but a national security issue. regardless if you're a democrat or a republican, we all want this country to be safe. i think that's patently unfair to attack the left in a situation like there because i
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am an american and i truly care about my personal safety and the safety of my family. let me make that clear because that means a lot to me. this isn't just syrians. if you look at the people who committed terrorist attacks they've been to nigeria, turkey, london, 2010 and 2009, there were attackers throughout all of these different countries that were trained in different countries, not syria. so if we're going to attack the issue of looking into people's backgrounds, it's not a target on syrians. the other issue is, i'm a criminal defense attorney. people who commit crimes, a lot of them don't have backgrounds. just because we put them through an entire background check and 15 layers, they could still be radical extremists. >> i'm not ready to roll the dice with my family's security at stake. >> isn't that more evident if they don't have a background we should profile? if they're coming from all these different countries why aren't we profiling. >> i remember when dissent under george bush was considered
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patriotic. now when you disagree with the president, you're aiding and abetting the enemy. how does that make sense? >> i don't feel that way. i don't agree with president obama's rhetoric on every level. i agree with the argument we are a nation of immigrants. we have to be smart about it. national security comes first. he is correct that the evidence does not support the argument that is coming out largely from the right who these people are. i know there are democrats on that side. all you need to do it look at paris. >> they're all going to go to your house, jessica. >> i'm a terrible cook as a warning. >> up next, do democrats running for president even understand the terror threat in the plus, with all this talk about paris and syria, do people know anything about the world out there. >> point to where we are right now. give me a guess. >> that's russia. now? give me a guess. that's russia. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and
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a moment when something so familiar becomes something so new. (impact on metal) introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. go to for a $4 coupon. the rapid rise of isis under president obama has forced
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democratic presidential candidates to respond to radical islam. take a look at what the socialist senator bernie sanders and former secretary of state hillary clinton had to say just after the horrific paris terror attacks. >> in the previous debate, you said the greatest threat to the national security was climate change. do you still believe that? >> absolutely. in fact, climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. >> marco rubio running for president said this attack showed and the attack in paris showed we're at war with radical islam. do you agree with that characterization, radical islam? >> we are at war with violent extremism. muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing to do with terrorism. repeating the specific words radical islamic terrorism isn't just eight distraction. it gives these criminals, these murderers more standing than they deserve. it actually plays into their hands. >> so radical muslims attacking
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europe, i mean, it's probably the most deadly attack in europe since world war ii. hillary is out there playing word games and bernie sanders is talking about the weather. i mean, hillary is saying muslims don't have anything to do with terrorism. who's been tacking us, the episcopalians? >> no, i'm not going to go with that approach. what i will say is the administration's line on not using the term radical islamic terrorism comes from george bush who declared war on global terror. he said the problem is not islam. if we look at the reaction since the paris attacks to muslims not even using the word radical islamic terrorism we have talk of creating a muslim database, closing down mosques. that's a lot of hateful stuff. jeb bush saying we should only have christian refugees. >> wait a second. bush did use the phrase radical islam and didn't blame the attacks on the weather and youtube video.
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andrea, why can't the left shoot straight on terrorism? >> they're not serious people. they're not to be taken seriously. bernie sanders thinks if we give them solar panels they'll stop killing us. obama wants to give them jobs. this is a multimillennia war. somehow they think if they're kinder or nicer or if the climate's better or maybe more falafel stands, maybe they would stop killing us. it's foolish. >> in terms of bernie sanders, this climate change, i don't get it. what is his plan to defeat isiss? to drive a prius? how many people has climate change beheaded? can you name one person? >> i've never seen a climate change -- i've never seen a cloud behead somebody, a storm cloud or tornado, no. jessica's point, this is not something representative of the entire party. it's unfortunate there are some
5:14 pm
people who think that liberals and democrats aren't serious because we're equally serious as i said earlier about global terrorism, about radical. >> that doesn't sound too serious what we heard from the top two democrats. >> can i fish my point? just because i lean left, doesn't mean i am voting for hillary or bernie. the last election i voted for mitt romney. what i'd like to see is candidates come out and say that global jihad is more serious than global warming. >> that's true. >> just because i'm on the left doesn't mean i'm not serious. >> do you know what happens when the climate starts changing? i crank up the air conditioning. >> jesse,ings, if terrorism caused climate change, maybe they would be willing to fight it. >> that's right. fighting climate change harder than the war on terror. we wondered do people even know where these places are? we headed to the beach to get some answers.
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>> point to where we are right now. give me a guess. >> you're. >> that's russia. >> where is japan? that's spain. that's kazakhstan. >> where is the pacific ocean. >> here? >> that's the atlantic. >> this? >> that's the indian. >> the pacific ocean? here. >> very good. >> you said you're from colombia. >> yes. >> do you know where colombia is? >> nope. >> and you're from colombia. >> but i'm really bad with the map. >> this whole class is going to feel my wrath. >> tell me generally where colombia is. >> around here? >> that's australia. >> country's been giving us a hard time recently. do you know what country has been trying to nuke up? >> anyone, anyone? >> japan? >> not japan.
5:16 pm
where is iran? >> that's india. >> maybe around like here? >> that's europe. >> where is afghanistan. >> that's zimbabwe. >> this one right here? >> that's israel. >> a little different. >> do you ever watch "watters world." >> what's that. >> i'm watters and this is my world. >> oh, i get it. >> you get it? i'm not so sure. >> coming up later in the show, just how much do americans know about the history of this country? >> the civil war. >> okay. >> who won? >> i'm not a fan of history. >> not a fan? >> no. because i don't believe it. >> but up next, donald trump wreaking havoc on the race for the white house with his controversial plans tops stop illegal immigration. >> the world will be successful and if you think they don't work, are all you have to do is
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>> we have to stop illegal immigration. it's hurting us economically. it's hurting us from every standpoint. we have no choice if we're going to run our country properly and if we're going to be a country. >> come on, folks. we all know you can't pick them up and ship them across back across the border? it's a silly argument. it's not an adult argument. >> it's not embracing american values. and it would tear communities apart. >> and i will say for those of us who believe people ought to come to this country legally and we should enforce the law, we're tired of being told it's anti-immigrant. it's offensive.
5:21 pm
>> illegal immigration wreaking havoc all across america. but also on the republican field as you can see. joining the panel now from real clear politics is rebecca berg. so trump's plan may actually be compassionate, tamara. this is what i don't think is compassionate. i don't think it's compassionate to encourage smugglers to bring women over and drugs and guns across a hot desert. i don't think it's compassionate for companies to hire cheap illegal labor and drive down wages for americans. i don't think it's compassionate to have illegal alien felons who have been deported shoot innocent people in sanctuary cities. >> you there are smugglers that come underneath the wall through tunnels. they launch cocaine over walls. >> just on the other side of the wall trying to catch it? like a cat at that time put? it is the university of arizona. >> they call me the kilo catcher. but there's different issues. you have felons.
5:22 pm
you have people who also want to work here and work here illegally. you can't just build a wall and then send everybody back that came here as a kid that speaks english. it doesn't make sense. >> if hillary is elected we might not have the to the deport the illegals. they might go on their own because there's not going to be any jobs. andrea, if there were republican voters pouring across the southern border, do you think the democrats would want to build a wall? >> probably not. pets that's probably what rubio and others are hoping they can turn them into republican voters just like the kilo catcher to my left. wants to turn them into democratic voters. everyone here is legal on watters world. >> that's right. we checked their papers. >> you did check our papers. here's the problem. i think this is for the other candidates, not trump. and i am something to the cause. i'm a first generation american. i grew up in a restaurant kitchen with a number of immigrants. i speak spanish. when trump comes out and says we're going to build a wall and
5:23 pm
does all these things, the other candidates have to come out and say no, we can't do that. people don't want to hear no. they come from a place of no. even if his plan isn't maybe as realistic as people want it to be, because i think a lot of people know this is a problem. >> i hear a lot of people on the left saying it's mean to break up families. do you think rebecca they want to adopt a bill clinton strategy of going in with a s.w.a.t. team and ripping elian gonzales out of the arms of family members and deporting him back home? >> you raise a good point. hillary clinton will have to grapple with all of the decisions made by her husband on this issue. we've seen her have to grapple with his decisions on gay marriage. it's been very dicey for her. you think how much has changed in the democratic party over the last decade or so. it's been significant. so that's absolutely a problem for her. when you look at the republican party on immigration right now, what's really interesting to me is that it's such a broad range
5:24 pm
of viewpoints. so it makes it very hard for republicans to make their case on immigration reform effectively and to reach out to the general electorate and very easy for democrats to paint with a broad brush and use basically anything republicans say against them. >> hillary has changed her positions. i remember when she voted to fund a border wall while a senator and she was not in favor of illegal aliens having drivers licenses at one point. hillary has changed positions. >> that's right. >> before we go net further, i went to the u.s. open and decided to ask folks about illegal immigration and an even more serious question, if donald trump were to play hillary clinton in a tennis match, who would win? >>. >> when the female tennis players grunt. >> yes. >> do you enjoy that? >> i love that. >> if donald trump played a match against hillary clinton. >> come on. >> who would win? >> hillary. you can't play in pantsuits.
5:25 pm
>> what would happen trump would win but we wouldn't find out about it because littlery would delete all the e-mails that says what happens. >> hillary is vicious. >> hillary has a few tricks up her sleeve. >> absolutely. >> she has a secret serve. >> where are you from? >> kazakhstan. >> borat says hi. >> are you her ball boy? >> this is a fun interview. >> trump wants to build a wall on the southern border. do you think that's a good idea? >> for what? >> to keep the illegal aliens out. >> we had a wall in germany. i wouldn't give you the tip to build a wall. >> the wall in germany worked pretty well. no one got across. you're not overstaying your visa, are you? >> no, i have a green card. >> trump might support you if you're overstaying your visa. >> do you like trump? >> do you want a funny president. >> we had a funny president. his name was obama. >> funny like i'm a clown? >> the joke was on us though. have you seen any celebrities here today besides me? if hillary and trump were
5:26 pm
playing in a match, who would win? >> stay out of that. >> see, women have wicked backhands. i've lived them myself. i have to give hillary a little bit of a nudge on there one. nasty backhands. i think it's about the hips. they're a little wider. >> now you're getting yourself into trouble. >> he can't handle. >> hillary and trump? >> hillary. >> hillary? all right. >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. how you doing? good.w are you? >> kardashian, i don't think she had any idea she was in watters world. dr. oz sexist. the hip action. >> it was a little creepy. does kim kardashian know who hillary clinton and donald trump are? >> she actually attended a fund-raiser for hillary clinton recently. priorities. >> she's running for president? >> i don't think she knows what she's going to have for lunch tomorrow. >> african-americans have been critical of keeping -- we went
5:27 pm
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suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief fox news alert. i'm harris faulkner. heavy show of force on the streets of one of europe's great cities. the capital of belgium remains on the highest alert, alert 4 as police and military carried out 22 raids, most of them in central brussels. arresting 16 people, no explosives or firearms were found we're told in all of this. at one point, the streets were closed, cafes, restaurants people told to stay away. brussels remaining at high alert level. belgium's prime minister saying there is asus attained serious and imminent threat still. the city's subway system also remaining closed as well as schools into tomorrow. salah abda salem was not among
5:31 pm
the people who were taken into custody tonight. he remains at large last seen at the border checkpoint between france and belgium. police questioned him but let him go. i'm harris faulkner. now back to watters world. >> welcome back to "watters world." i'm jess oef waters. >> democratses have had a stronghold over black voters. black turnout as crucial to the obama campaigns. without him on the 2016 ticket, what will happen? we went to harlem to see what voters had to say about top democrats. check it out. republican or democrat? >> democrat. >> democrat, democrat. >> i'm a republican. >> you're in harlem. are you excited about hillary? >> not too excited. >> i love her so much. >> what do you think hillary's biggest accomplishment has been? >> i don't think she has that many.
5:32 pm
>> you want her to be president? >> yeah, i just like her because she's female. >> what does she look like to you? >> a grandmother. >> she would be all right as long as she stay in her place. you know what i'm saying? >> that's not nice. >> no, what do you mean not nice? >> do you trust hillary? >> not so much. >> do you think hillary has done a lot for black america. >> i don't look for politicians to do things for me. >> you want a politician that tells the truth. >> the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> good luck with that. >> you can't handle the truth! >> who is that? >> that's not dick cheney, right? >> no. >> that's the exact opposite of dick cheney. this is senator bernie sanders. >> bernie. sounds like weekend at bernies. >> bernie. >> guess what state? >> d.c.? >> d.c. is not a state. >> philadelphia? >> philadelphia is a city.
5:33 pm
>> state, right? >> vermont. >> what? >> vermont. >> what is that? never heard of that. >> never heard of vermont? vermont is a state. >> never heard of it. >> bernie wants to raids your taxes. >> he's out of the picture. >> we can't have that. >> who is this? >> no clue. >> i don't know who he is either. >> can you tell me about him? >> that's the vice president of the united states. >> okay. >> he look like you a little bit. >> all us white guys look alike, don't we? >> he pretty cool. >> do you trust bidens with the codes to the nuclear football. >> that's what they carry, a football? >> what has the democratic party done for america. >> i don't see anything. >> are you satisfied with all the democrats running for president? >> um, i guess so. >> i want somebody different. >> yeah? >> i'm tired of the same bush, clinton. barack obama people. >> let these politicians go and not put their hopes on white
5:34 pm
people to save them because the white man has never saved the black man. >> what about when lincoln freed the slaves? >> he was a white. he was a white. >> abe lincoln? he wasn't white. >> what country are you from? >> the dominican republic. >> if america is so racist, why did you come here? >> because i was looking for the american dream. what i found was a nightmare. >> joining me eb nil williams, tam ma ral holder. hillary is under a lot of pressure because she has to replicate the winning obama coalition. that is turning out single women, turning out minorities and i just -- and millenials. i don't know if those people are excited. the republican constituency is fired up extremely enthusiastic. i don't think those constituencies are. what do you think? >> i know it's never going to happen. there's not an excitement around her. this is exciting for me because i'm an independent voter. i have an independent mind.
5:35 pm
i think this is an opportunity for the gop if they so choose to take it on. that's a big if to appeal. they're going to get 40, 50, 60% of the black vote? probably not. but if they can tap into 15, 20, 25% that makes a huge difference. >> black americans have suffered a lot under this president. joblessness, poverty. more government dependency. race relations have been a problem. crime spiking in all these major cities. what has the democratic party done for blacks under the obama administration? >> i don't think they've done a lot. i'm somebody who's worked in the inner city of chicago for ten years. and they're very upset about this. the question is though, if you look at a state like florida, jacksonville, 76.48% of democrats approve obama's performance and 78.7 approve of hillary's. so even though you know, the question is, how much of it do they approve of versus how many are going to come out. then the other question is, you
5:36 pm
have all these swing voters it looks like now. what are they going to do? so to ebony's point, are the republicans going to find a way to snatch them up. >> do you think there's any republicans on stage these days that can kind of resonate with black americans? what do you think, charles? >> washington politics is the last baton of unbridled racial profiling. voters are divvied up by race. both party dozen it. if any other industry did this, there would be congressional investigations into it. but politicians do it and nobody bats an eye. because of that, both parties target their white male voter or their black female voter or however they want to dice it up. >> don't forget about asians, too. very, very fast growing minority. >> microtargeted. >> that's right. ben carson has been on the defensive from constant media attacks. but is hillary clinton be being held to the same standards? wait till you see what she's claiming now. fact.
5:37 pm
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ben carson was forced to beat back media attacks on his biography all week. here's house he put it to rest at the debate. >> i have no problem with being vetted. what i do have a problem with is being lied about. and then putting that out there as truth. when i look at somebody like hillary clinton who sits there
5:41 pm
and tells her daughter and a government official that no, this was a terrorist attack and then tells everybody else that it was a video, where i came from, they call that a lie. >> but is the media treating the democrats differently? donald trump was savaged by the press and even the white house for not correcting a voter at his town hall. >> this man, i like this guy. >>s a men. okay. problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. >> right. >> you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. this first question. >> but anyway -- >> but just the other day, this happened at hillary clinton's town hall. >> and she says she's a great ceo. pre time i see her on tv, i want to reach through and strangle her. you know, i know that doesn't sound very nice. >> i wouldn't mess with you.
5:42 pm
>> talking about carly fiorina. joining me again andrea ebony, tamara and charles. so let's just start with carson first. now, he is under assault because his biography, and his biography as a young black guy had anger problems. but through hard work, faith and by his own hustle, without government help came up to be a huge success. now the democrats want to attack carson's biography because they want to keep that monopoly on the black vote. biden is scaring people saying they're going to try to put you back in chains those republicans. what do you think about carson under attack? >> it became last week the ultimate absurdity when you actually had a president, a candidate for president saying that he went after his mother with a hammer and he tried to stab his best friend and the media was saying no, you didn't. he said yes, i did. it reaches a level of you know,
5:43 pm
absurdity. but i don't even think the media has any clue that they are -- we saw it with the cnbc debate where it was such a disaster. you know, it's almost like they're moderating a debate with like foreigners speaking a foreign language. and but i don't even think they realized till the whole thing was over what a debacle it had been. >> they had their heads in the sand. hillary not correcting that vicious attack on carly by one of her own town hall members. if there's a war on women going on, andrea, you don't run and hide at the first round of shots fired, right? >> republicans are her enemies y she said. she only cares about one woman, herself. what i thought was really messed up was the media asking the hypothetical thetical question of the time machine. the question of the week was would you go back in time. if you could jeb bush, would you
5:44 pm
abort baby hitler? where are these questions coming from? and why are they answering them? if i could give one piece of advice, if the question begins with if there was a delorean, you should probably say i don't do hypothetical theticals and move on into this is on the heels of asking what ben carson's thoughts were on egyptian archaeology. hillary is trying to say she tried to join the marines in the '70s. i don't know anything scarier than hillary clinton with a machine gun. do you buy that? >> that's ridiculous. i would have said something. we've got to be consistent with this thing, right? i think john mccain showed so perfectly, he was such a class act how to handle those something vicious against your opposition. you put them to bed. you would say hey, that's not true. but this is somebody i strongly disagree with politically. he showed the model answer for that. i don't know why trump or hillary didn't get the memo. >> the left only attacks their
5:45 pm
own. when obama is attacked it's racist. when ben carson is attacked, it's just vet package.speaking of the media here at fox news, we are not strangers tomidia scrutiny. i decided to turn the tables around and see what viewers of you thought of media personalities like us. take a look. >> do you know who this is? >> no. >> who is it? >> herr rald doe rivera? >> first of all -- we call that season. >> you like his mustache? >> kind of old school. >> ron burgundy style. >> i'm ron burgundy. >> he got his knows broken by the kkk. >> really? >> ryan smith. >> not smith. >> ben affleck? >> ryan williams? >> makes a lot of stuff up. >> she's from msnbc. >> never seen her. >> neither has anybody else. >> rachel. >> rhymes with mad cow. >> bad cow. >> super, super liberal.
5:46 pm
i don't know her but i wish i did. >> she's on fox news. >> i see you, megan. >> i'm back. >> good. >> watch out, she'll bite your head off. >> give an answer. you can't because there isn't one. >> who is this. >> get that out of my face. >> a weatherman. >> that's not al roker. >> go away. >> who is this? >> i don't know. >> i have no idea. you have no right to be here. >> he seems cool. >> you might be thinking of the wrong guy. >> tamara, what did you think about all those people on the beach? >> i love it. it's great because everybody knows geraldo. >> except everybody i spoke to on the beach. i don't get it. up next, how much respect does president obama have for our military? we'll assess situation. plus, how much do your fellow americans know about american history? we'll find out after the break. >> what year did we declare independence?
5:47 pm
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the most courageous citizens. naturally remembered and respected by thought they fought to protect? right? wrong. those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it. judging the people we asked about our nation's history, it seems like we're in for a bad flashback. >> how do you celebrate? >> i don't. >> wrong answer. >> drop down and give me 20. >> legitimate. >> the war we declared independence, what was that war called? >> that was called, umm -- you put me on the spot. >> independence day, there's a movie, right?
5:51 pm
>> today we celebrate our independence day. >> the civil war? >> the civil war? >> still don't know. >> revolutionary war. >> who did we declare independence from? >> france. umm, the south. >> iraqis. i don't know. iran. >> what year did we declare independence? 1776. >> the civil war. >> okay. >> who won? >> new england. >> i'm not a fan of history. >> not a fan. >> no. >> why? >> because i don't believe it. >> who was the president during the civil war? >> the guy with the tall hat. lyndon b. johnson. >> george washington. >> lincoln. >> okay. lincoln. >> if she were a president she would be babeham lincoln. >> who bombed us in pearl
5:52 pm
harbor. >> that's great. we did. >> it was the asians. of some sort. >> allegedly. >> allegedly? >> which president dropped the bomb on japan. >> bush. >> reagan? >> eisenhower. >> nixon. >> harry truman. >> who did we fight in the cold war? >> turkey. >> the person at turkey cold cut. >> cold cut combo, i eat three every day to keep my strong. >> we won the cold war. >> which country did we fight the vietnam war in? >> america. >> i'm waters and this is my world here. >> i love it. >> former u.s. special forces officer ben collins joins our panel now. it's like that woman right there. was she a martian. it's like she just dropped into earth. >> like you said, past is
5:53 pm
prolonged. i think the scariest is you have to remember that every single one of those people you interviewed can vote. >> yeah. >> if they remember when election day is. >> if you don't understand the cost of war then you don't value the price of peace. and i think if, you know, we look at what we're doing now we're about ready to choose a president. presidents are always saying my plan moving forward and they use historical precedents. if people don't understand history and the cost of what we're asking, then we just forget. i think veterans will be valued i think, less and less if people don't understand why it's important that there's a time for peace and there's a time for war. we should have a leader that understands the difference. but, i mean, looking at that, that's just -- that's horrible. >> that's shocking. >> and talking about valuing veterans. under this administration, tamara, you've had the va scandal. then you had hillary clinton saying it's no big deal. you have president obama just evacuating iraq where a lot of people shed their blood and sacrifice and isis took over.
5:54 pm
they don't lower their flags all the time when there's a terrorist attack here. they don't give purple hearts at fort hood. do you think there's a lack of respect for veterans these days? absolutely. i don't think it's a left and right issue. >> why? >> because it's a systemic problem we've seen prior to electing president obama. we also went into a war we shouldn't have even gone into or into a country and started a war where a lot of people shed their blood. the right can't just talk about a military planes and ships and everything. our soldiers wear the junkiest crappiest body armor. i have a friend who is a veteran. his friends send him vests overseas because the vests that the military supplies aren't good. they're cheap. this is not a left right issue. this is america needs to take better care of their soldiers and their veterans. >> everybody wants people to
5:55 pm
take care of the veterans. to your point it's going on for a long time. i talked to a lot of wounded warrior guys and they told me that at walter reed president obama comes to visit they sometimes shut their doors because they don't want commander in chief coming in while they're nursing their wounds. >> i agree with tamara about the fact it's not a phenomena that happened in the last six years. i'm not a fan of president obama and a lot of what he's done. but none is as despicable as what we saw within the 2003 vote to go into iraq and when the first election cycle came back around and it was mostly democrats who saw the opportunity to reverse their support and back away and the idea that we have politicians in this country who can get away with voting for a war and then as soon as the political winds
5:56 pm
change they withdraw that support. that, to me, is the most damning thing you can ever do to any of our veterans. >> senator harry reid on the senate floor saying the war was lost while men and women were fighting and dying. rebecca, what do you think about this? >> part of the problem that i see is that we have fewer and fewer veterans serving in the u.s. government. we have a commander in chief who has never served. on the republican side right now you have only two veterans running and we don't pay attention to them. lindsey graham and jim gill now justice with judge jeanine. -- gillmore. >> i want to thank all the veterans. we're proud of you and thankful. everyone, thank you very much. we'll be right back.
5:57 pm
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thank you for watching and i'm watters and this is my world right here. live from america news's headquarters. belgium police locking up 16 people followi ining hours of anti-terror raid. military vehicles sent soldiers patrolling the streets hoping to thwart a possible terrorist type attack. brussels remains under alert after warnings of imminent terror attacks on the country. meantime new york city is prepping for the worst case scenario after isis threatened


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