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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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thank you for watching and i'm watters and this is my world right here. live from america news's headquarters. belgium police locking up 16 people followi ining hours of anti-terror raid. military vehicles sent soldiers patrolling the streets hoping to thwart a possible terrorist type attack. brussels remains under alert after warnings of imminent terror attacks on the country. meantime new york city is prepping for the worst case scenario after isis threatened the city.
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the drill featured multiple units including the counter terrorism team. despite this jeh johnson is reiterating there's no credible threat on the city. i'm kelly right. now "justice with judge janine." police conduct 22 terror raids in the country and comb the streets for terrorists. hello. thank you for being with us tonight. let's go right to ben hall who is live in brussels with the latest. ben, what can you tell us? >> judge, just to recap we've had 22 raids and 16 terror arrests. now in one of the districts nearby a suspect tried to run from police. they opened fire and he escaped.
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they found him later shots wounded in the car. we heard helicopters. operations were underway. the media was asked not to report specifics until after the raids were finished. brussels has been on a lock down for the last two days at the highest terror level level four after authorities said there was credible information of a serious and imminent attack. thousands of soldiers have been in the streets. as the public has been remained closed. police told citizens to stay indoors. the government have been warning of an attack like that in paris with multiple gunmen around the city. we don't know if the attack has been foiled. no guns or explosives were found tonight. the authorities announced today that attacks weren't just connected to paris but isis can that believe to be in the city. questions being asked about brussels. have they been infiltrated by
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radicals. we spent time in the infamous district predominantly muslim. it's becoming clearer that concerns were ignored there in the lead up to the paris attacks. we folk friends who said he was talking jihad for the last year watching jihadi videos. we've heard that he has been in contact with friends of his by skype and he's desperate to make his way to syria. and from what we know, that trick is not so hard. the open borders here in europe allowing people to travel back and forth and 500 belgiums have gone to fight isis. and 130 are said to have come back. he's wearing a suicide vest. he's agitated and so this terror threat continues over here. we have to see how it plays out over the next few days. big questions being asked.
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back to you, judge. >> thank you so much. all right. so to recap what ben just told us. 16 arrests in belgium. the main suspect in the paris attacks salah abdeslam still on the loose. it sounds like they didn't find much on the people that they did arrest in terms of weapons at least. joining me now is my friend former assistant director of the fbi. all right, jim. thank you for being with us. belgium continues to be on the highest alert through monday. americans are on edge. yet fbi director comey said on friday there are no credible threats. is it double speak for if it happens they were reliable sources. >> ting means they don't know of my particular thing like they're going to bomb this place or that. they're plotting to do something. but they're there and they have the mentality to do stuff. i think that's what he means.
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they don't have the intel that says something is about to happen in a particular place. >> it's interesting because apparently right before the attack in paris the french officials said that there were no credible threats. >> sure. >> look, i mean, you've been around assistant director of the fbi 25 years. working through 9/11. what are the counter terrorism officials. as you sit here tonight are you comfortable we've learned everything we need to learn. >> the ones in belgium and france learned you can't do it. you can't bring all this up to a personal level after the attack. you have to stay with it. you're going to get sources in these communities. you can't have, like, belgium. the police don't go into the neighborhoods. and the radicals just own the neighborhoods. >> why? >> that can't happen. >> let's talk about the united states. have we been on it? do we stay on top of this stuff? >> well, you know, i think the fbi in this field has done a
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good job. they don't have the resources to really do the super job. they don't have it. we've been talking about this. i've talked about it when i was the assistant director. i've talked about it for eight or nine years on this show and others. they don't have the resources. they need substantially more resources. i don't want to say where they need them. i don't want these s.o.b.s to get any idea where the real weaknesses might be, but believe me, they need it. >> jim comey went before congress saying i don't have what i need. we know the guy looks exhausted. i'm sure there's tremendous pressure on him. but, you know, if we don't have the resources and we -- do we at least have the ability of the agencies and that didn't talk to each other before 9/11 talking to each other now? >> i think that problem solved. the terrorist task forces that were started years and years ago, you know, when i was a mid grade manager in the fbi.
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that brings them all together. they do a great job. but again they just don't have enough eyes and ears. there aren't enough people out there. and the community itself here is the big problem. the community itself needs to be calling up the fbi and their local police and saying hey this guy has been radicalized. the muslim community needs to do that. >> but they're not. >> they need to. >> what are we going to do? >> they talk about, you know, that this group is just 1 or 2% but, you know, the rest of them are mum like they got tape across their mouth. they need to step up. in some of these communities where these radicals -- >> the e moms are putting out the stuff. >> most of those -- and that needs to happen. and that has to be a program to get into these. >> as you say this with all the
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passion you're saying it. i couldn't agree with you more. we have the same argument. our arab allies have to join the collision. here is the bottom line. they're coming for us. we don't have the muslim community saying these are radicals. we don't have the other countries saying we're going join. >> you know this nonsense criticizing the fact that we want to do a time out for the refugees. i mean we are the most prolific helpers to refugees. we put $2 billion into the u.n. i wouldn't trust the u.n. with a dollar bill. okay. you know, the notion that they've done a screening. that means nothing. >> all right. okay. so last night at my open i said what are we going to do? call 1800 assad. would you explain to the viewers what you need to do to identify someone. >> you need data bases to begin with. >> exactly. there's no data base in syria. there's no place to check the dmv or the birth records. there are no record over there.
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we don't know who these people are. when you look at photographs, unless someone is staging these. i don't think they are. i don't think the media would do that. they're mainly young men. i mean these groups of young men coming over. what are they doing coming over here? why aren't they over there fighting for their country? >> not only that, why is the president so opposed to a no-fly zone where we can keep the refugees there where they know the climate, the community, the culture, the food. >> two years ago that's what he should have done. behind, you know, his head in the sand the last number of years. >> why? why do you think? >> we have the refugees because nothing was done. no reasonable thing was done overthe over there. >> you would halt the program? >> until we felt good enough to bring people in. they shouldn't be coming to europe and the western countries. they should be going to the culturals they grew up in.
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in europe fvery few of the peope have blended into the normal culture of france and great britain. very few. maybe it'll go a little better in this country. but i don't know. >> you're right. we're multicultural here. >> take those two guys in boston. okay. all right. they came over here as -- >> asylum seekers because they came from a violent -- >> yeah. >> a little bit of checking would have shown they flew back there like a dozen times. why would they fly back to the violent country they left? z>> anyway, it's good to see yo. anyway. with me now is retired u.s. air force director general for operation iraqi freedom. how are you general? >> good to see you, judge. i'm fine. >> terrific. i want you to listen to something. when i was listening to the sunday morning talk shows i thought here is a problem. take a listen.
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>> we have a coalition of 65 members that are coordinating efforts across multiple lines of effort cutting off the finances, contesting them militarily on the ground. >> and this is former defense secretary under president obama leon panetta. >> this effort is not coordinated. people are not working together. everybody is kind of doing their own thing on different targets. we need to unify the command. >> all right. well, there you have it. on the one hand you have the presidential spokesperson this guy who said we're working together. we have multiple lines of effort. we're cutting off the finances. panetta said we're the biggest disorganized. we're not working together. what do you think? >> well, i think it's unfortunate but it's also reflective of a very weak, anemic strategy that really
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needs to be brought together with a central focus. and this central focus needs to be nonrepeating the efforts of the last war where we focussed on the tactics, techniques, and procedures of counter insurgency. instead recognize the islamic state for what it is. a state. if one does recognize one as a state, one can put together a campaign that can take apart the islamic state as a functioning organization >>well, and, you know, today in kuala lumpur the president himself said isis can't beat us on the battle field so they try to terrorize us into being afraid. what is the president talking about? they beat us in areramadi, mosuo i need to go on? >> i think it is to distract people that there's a weak and
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desperate set of operations that have been clujed together that are trying to follow the principles of counter insurgency when in fact they don't apply here. i mean it's reflective. you and others heard me say it before. i'll keep on repeating it. to give your audience of understanding of just how light the effort has been against the islamic state. we're only averaging about five strikes a day in syria against the islamic state. then compare that to the over 1200 strikes a day we focussed on iraq during decembsert storm. so the islamic state can be rapidly taken apart in a matter of weeks. not months or years. but one has to put together a comprehensive focus campaign to do that. >> you know. >> one that dismantles their ability to command and control. one that takes away their
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ability to distribute oil and collect finances. one that shuts off the electricity in the occupied territories and so on and so forth. this can be done and it can be done rapidly. we've got to apply our acementic advantage to our advantage and not set back and try to repeat counter insurgency attacks. >> do you get the sense, general, that the president is more concerned about, you know, the syrian refugees and whether they're islamic terrorists or jihadists as opposed to what you're saying. you've done this. i mean you have done this. why on top of that do we have people going on television saying this is what is going on. when we know it's not going on >>well, again, you would have to ask the president that. i can't answer and explain the approach that is being taken. but we need to get serious about
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stop i stopping the radical islamic terrorists who are using the islamic state as a sanctuary from which to export terror. that is something that needs to be stopped because that is in the united states critical national security interests. and until we do it, they're going to continue to export terror. >> let me ask you quickly before we go. a lot was made this week about a comment by michael flynn. he said that isis in syria that it was down played because it didn't fit into the white house narrative. and then you've got panetta saying, you know, they're not joining. there's no coalition. there's no coordination. you know, we've had all of these people who were in the administration coming out now and saying hey, guys it's not what they say it is. how does it make you feel? >> well, very, very frustrated.
6:16 pm
because once again our enemies radical islamic terrorists only understand power. they don't care about words. so what we need to do is speak in a language that they understand. and that is to apply force rapidly and decisively. as i've said before, we need to start using air power like a thunderstorms not like a drizzle. what is happening, judge, is that there are leaders in our nation today that are looking at this situation not recognizing that our adversaries are using america's humanity to take advantage of that to impose their terror. we need to change our strategy. >> yep. couldn't agree with you more, general. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> you bet. have a great evening. >> you, too. next more on the manhunt for terror suspects in brussels.
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then a former aid to president clinton joins me live and debate the refugee crisis. and talk about president obama's strategy to defeat isis. stay with us. plus, tonight's poll. do you think defeating isis is the president's top priority. if not, what is? facebook or tweet me. how do robots work? it takes all kinds of jobs. and the best place to find the job that's right for you ♪ is on the world's number-one job site. indeed. how the world works.
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they have the right to be here? >> well, i mean if they're admitted as a refugee. >> is there a right in the constitution that says these refugees have a right to come into our country, our homeland? the answer is no. >> we're the united states of america. >> yeah. >> we welcome all immigrants. >> no, we don't. you saw it here first. fireworks during a heated debate during the obama administration syrian refugee program. i haven't changed my mind, but let's see what my next guest has to say. former administration aid to president bill clinton joins me now. good evening, david. >> thank you for having me on
6:22 pm
again. >> good to have you here. why is the president invested in the refugee program. he sends jeh johnson to convince democrats to vote against the whole syrian refugee bill. and then 47 democrats vote for the bill including some of the most liberal democrats in the house. why are they so invested in this? >> well, it's an emotional issue. i think your segment from last night shows that. they're good-hearted people on both sides of the issue. don't expect me to vilify people who voted against the president. they had their reasons. i think that if you roll the clock back a little bit to when pope francis was here in the united states and a little bit after that to when the evangelical christian leadership council voiced its support for accepting refugees, because in their words it's the lesson of the good samaritan when jesus taught us all a lesson. i think there's still a fair
6:23 pm
amount of spoupport as a moral issue given the fact that these are refugees fleeing isis for all the reasons. >> do you understand, david, that the concern of ordinary americans is. and i just had the former assistant director of the fbi saying there is no data base to match these people to. they can say they're mohamed jones but nobody knows they are. can you understand that? >> let me tell you how much i can understand that. every morning i get on the subway with my son here in washington, d.c., and i drop him off at his stop for school and then i keep going on the subway to my office. every morning. if you don't think that i consider terrorist threats during those subway rides, you're crazy. of course i do. and millions of others around the country. i'm not going to vilify somebody for being afraid. here is what i think, if i may,
6:24 pm
judge. >> go ahead. >> i think we ought to all come together. it should be about safety and beating our real enemy here. our real enemy is the terrorist. it is the terrorist organization is isis. what do they want? right. they want to instill in us absolutely irrational fear that's what they want. i refuse to let them win. what i want to hear is from leaders, real leaders, i'm talking about senator bob corker, the republican from tennessee who chaired the foreign relations committee or senator diane feinstein, the ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee. what do they say? they say that refugees are not the big issue here. there's a whole another set of threats that are more immediate that we should be focussed on. i listen to that. instead of trying to score political points who is up and who is down they're talking about safety now. >> with all due respect, nobody is trying to score points. they want to keep americans safe. and if the terrorists are -- >> you don't think donald trump
6:25 pm
is trying to score points? >> let me tell you he's running for president just like hillary clinton is saying there's no-fly zone over syria when she never said it before. >> let's not talk about that. >> isn't that the point? isn't that what the president wants? us focus on something other than are we fighting isis and finishing them off? why is the president saying we're winning the day before the paris attacks? why is john kerry saying, you know, america is winning and isis is losing and isis is contained. well, why? i don't want to talk about the refugees. i want to talk about the war. but what they're doing is they're focussing up on things that are not as important as winning the war. >> judge, i don't have enough on this segment to go into the different ways in which this is extremely complicated, and it doesn't fit well with the sound byte. i can't spit out an answer for you. i'm not going to sit here and defend the word to the president or john kerry or donald trump. what i understand is this united
6:26 pm
states for decades going back to the reagan administration has worked with supporting saudi arabia, for example, saudi arabia which has training camps for radical islamic -- >> what does that got to do with us? >> well, the answer -- >> it's a complicated world. i want to protect americans. >> sure. >> i don't want them in. so why are we still supporting the country in the middle east that is doing the most -- >> i'm not supporting them. i'm telling you what i think. if your president, our president -- why? david? >> right. >> thanks. >>well, i'm sorry did you want me to answer that or say goodbye? >> we're out of time but go ahead quickly. >> we're not going to be able to answer this in a 30 second sound byte and the presidential candidates who are trying instill fear should be ashamed of themselves. >> i didn't ask you about them. but, david, thank you.
6:27 pm
>> thank you. >> next where do these terrorists get their millions? how do we stop the flow? i talk live with the top terror expert from the u.s. treasury department. we're following the money trail. don't go away. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. whether your car is a new car an old car a big car a small car a car that looks kind of plain a car that looks kind of like a plane a red car a white car a blue car a red white and blue car a green car
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good iching. the streets of central brussels looking like an armed camp tonight. security personnel are out in force following a series of 22 raids in which 16 people were detained. 19 of the raids focussed on three houses in central brussels. no explosives or firearms were found. the city remains on a level four alert. salah abdeslam a fugitive from the paris attacks is not among those detained in brussels. meantime homeland security secretary is reiterating there's no credible threat against new york city tonight. still the nypd is prepping for a worse case scenario after an isis threat against the city
6:32 pm
last week. police were holding a drill this morning at a city subway station days before the macy's thanksgiving day parade. now back to "justice." a lot of reaction to my opening last night. here are highlights. >> isis is spreading death and destruction in paris. al qaeda doing the same in mali. the killing of innocents in lebanon. mr. president, can you not understand? we're scared. all we want is the truth. no unsubstantiated narratives. al qaeda is on the run. isis is a jv team. the day before the paris attack you're crowing isis is contained
6:33 pm
and that genius side kick kerry of yours said we're winning and isis is losing. we're not afraid of the truth. we're not afraid of syrian refugees most of whom are playing isis. what we are afraid of is radical islamics. muslim terrorists who think the height among syrians to enter our homeland. and instead of reassuring us, you say we're popping off? you're more angry with reporters who are asking questions on our behalf than you are the isis barbarians. and you preach what our values should be. that we can't slam the door on refugees as if we're cold-hearted creatures. you yourself said we spend more than any other country on humanitarian aid. and don't play the religion card. that's we're not christian if we don't do what you want. it's the individual who turns
6:34 pm
the other cheek. not the government. it's the individual who is supposed to be charitable. not the government. you tell us, you tell us that these refugees are subjective to rigorous screening and security background checks. that's baloney and you know it. and the head of the fbi knows it. the head of homeland security knows it. the director of national intelligence knows it. how the hell do you vet someone who has no papers or possibly a fake passport that you can buy for 750 euros like one of the terrorist attackers in paris. how do we know the name they give us is true. what will you do? call 1-800-assad and say, look, i know we're trying to kill you and i know you're not scared of me and you're busy with a civil war, but can you have your clerk check her records to see if mohamed is a terrorist?
6:35 pm
and even if you got that call through, i wouldn't believe you because you have already proven you're not capable of protecting us. russia told you twice that the boston bombers were terrorists. the fbi interviewed them twice and said nothing to see here, folks. they were on a terrorist watch list. and still went in and out of our country. you never stopped them. be honest for once. this is no different than what you did at the southern border for central americans fleeing poverty. there are no controls. you take their fingerprints and if you do they're just on their way. god help us. the islamic state may be the wealthiest terrorist organization the world has ever seen. so the idea of cutting off their funding is a very difficult task. but is it the only way to
6:36 pm
finally destroy them? former terrorism finance analyst at the u.s. department of treasury dr. jonathan shanzer. good evening. not only did the president's representatives say we were part of 65 country coalition. we're working to cut off isis' finances. do you buy that? >> i think we're doing what we can. it won't be enough. in other words, we're bombing isis oil installations and trying to attack some of their funding from other outside gulf countries, for example. but what the president and the spokes people neglect to mention is more than 50% of isis significant finance comes from the plunder and tax of the territory they control. so that means the more territory they control the more wealth they have and the fact we have not been able to push them back. that we haven't been able to take back a lot of that territory they conquered is the reason why isis has the money it has today. >> but, you know, when you talk
6:37 pm
about the oil and, you know, the oil fields. didn't it take 15 months to start, you know, attacking and bombing the oil fields? because of the infrastructure? >> it did. there's a lot of concern, obviously, about what it might do to the oil markets. i also understand there is concern about taking out civilians. of course, i disagree with that greatly. what we have to do is we have to hit them where it hurts and they may need to occur civilian casualties along the way. when you talk about the money they're making from taxes and the people living on the land. they started out by going after the banks of mosul and came out with more than a half million dollars. now they're making $500 million a year from the oil fields. yet it was only a few months ago that we started bombing the oil fields. >> that's right. and, you know, you have to i mean you're right. what we've been doing is slow to getting around on all of these
6:38 pm
issues. there are other things, by the way, i don't think we have done good enough job on. there's anticties leveling coming out of isis territory. we're not cutting down on the turks who are buying the oil. the 565 mile boarder is open. and it's a nato ally of ours. we have done barely anything to stop it that. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> and with me now is pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist judith miller. judy, isn't this discussion about pausing syrian refugees a side show? i'm all in favor of pausing the program but we shouldn't be talking about meeting isis? >> absolutely. the best defense of our offense is our homeland. we heard it from general jack kuhn who said we have 3,000 people on the ground now advising and training in syria. we need ten. you cannot win this war just
6:39 pm
through air power. we also have to unleash air power. we have really got to be serious about defeating isis militarily and aid logically. we haven't even begun to start the war against ideology. >> what the doctor said about the money they make from the oil fields. we're pretty smart. why did only a few monthssay mae funding source? they're making a million dollars a day with the oil. >> ting all comes back to the determination that the president lacks to really do something about isis. this was the jv team. these are the guys who couldn't shoot straight. these are the guys who are already contained. >> okay. >> even as they continued to accumulate territory. >> right. and said we're beating them on the battle field. really? you have written books and lived in the middle east. now you just returned from cairo. what you just said about the
6:40 pm
president. what do the egyptians and people in the middle east think of our president and what do they think of us? >> well, you know, the egyptians have been fighting. you were there with me, and this is a war that egypt is deeply involved in. they are fighting on the western desert. they are fighting in the sinai. they had their plane, a russian plane blown up. 224 people killed. they said where was the united states? they asked me when was the expression of sympathy from your president? why wasn't he on the phone with president cisi? why wasn't he the one to demand retribution. they feel a little annoyed and hurt that they have been such a good ally of the united states but they really feel that when something happens in paris the whole world mobilizes and becomes outraged. but when something happens to
6:41 pm
egyptians and egyptian policeman die, russian passengers are blown up in planes. there's not a comparable action. >> not that it's any comfort to them, but our president didn't bother to go to paris. you know, 40 world leaders there were but i think that, look, our president chose a muslim brother -- line up with the wrong person. we wouldn't give them any of the tanks or the helicopters. >> apaches that he needed to fight isis with. the sinai peninsula is the heart of egyptian tourism. their economy depend on it. 90 million people who are our allies and the first arab country to make peace with israel and yet when they really needed us and our help, we weren't there in a serious way. we do what we have to do but we don't do more than that. >> this morning on the talk shows the president sound out an
6:42 pm
envoy. he says, well, we have a 65 country coalition. i said do you believe that? >> sure. we have it on paper. >> all right. >> it's hard -- >> at least now the french have started bombing and they've been bombing intensely with, by the way, intelligence packets prepared by the u.s. government. so i ask you, judge, why weren't we the ones with that intelligence information who were bombing a long time ago? why did it take the death of 130 people in paris to start what we should have done a long time ago? the 9/11 commission said 9/11 commission report said the one thing you cannot do is let isis or al qaeda or any group that believes what they believe seize territory and hold it as a sanctuary. and they completely ignored it. >> judy miller, thank you so much. >> thank you, judge.
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talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today. new fears want to as isis thereto to bes more brutal attacks. with me now is president of the american islamic forum for democracy. good evening, doctor. i want you to listen to this. the prominent muslim and lawyer suggesting today on "meet the press" that the world reacted too strongly to the paris attacks because of racism. take a listen. >> i mean i think racism i think it has a lot to do with it. you have a black predominantly muslim country in mali which is
6:48 pm
92% muslim and a white european country like france. we're horrified athe terrorist attacks. through are terrorist attacks that occur every day. in the same week of the paris terror attacks there were suicide bombings by isis, beirut, baghdad, lebanon. we never saw any sort of -- >> do you agree? >> absolutely not. i mean what the islamists do is that they work with the left to racialize an ideology which islamism and ideology. they want to racialize it so we enact laws in the west. it's about who we are. france is not the same as mali. we were attacked by home grown terrorists. he doesn't want to deal with the threat of radicalization of why the islamics feel they're supremacist over the secular west. why french national cyist.
6:49 pm
that's the difference. they don't want to deal with that. they want to racialize it and say we're the same as one global community. >> and, you know, it reminds me of the syrian refugees is kind of like the side issue and, you know, we're not focussed on the reality. let me ask you, doctor. you're a military man, why brussels? what is going on in brussels? is it so easy to hide there be under the radar or don't people care? >> well, it's bottom line there are areas in europe in which the government has not been monitoring areas that have those preaching pro islamics fall fic -- call fichl, if you will. and they've had over 190 go to syria. 200 have come back. belgium because of its milieu, if you will of not assimilating.
6:50 pm
the u.k. is doing a better job right now of targeting islam schism and as long as you don't target the ideology, you become a cauldron of brewing radicalization in the communities that are supposed to be immigrants but yet sort of keeping the ideologies of where they came from. >> you know you've been talking about this for a long you've beg about this for a long time and we've had you on many times. . do you sometimes feel like a voice in the wilderness, doctor, in that it's going to happen and you're going to say, i told you so? >> well, i mean, obviously that is true. you feel that way. but i can tell we're getting closer to a tipping point. there was a video that went viral yesterday from a french young muslim with millions of hits where he said, this is our country. we need to take it back from the radicals and we need to fight for the republic and eventually i think if we can put enough heat on muslim to fight for reform, to demand that they be honest, to have the courage to stand up not only against the
6:51 pm
imams that are innestisized radicalism, but until then, we're not going to see change and i think we're getting to the tipping point. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back. stay with us. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit ♪ ♪
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before we leave you tonight, we're following breaking news out of new orleans. multiple reports tonight of a shooting inside a park in the ninth ward. several people -- some reports saying ten or more -- have reportedly been shot. no word on what sparked the shooting or the extent of injuries. as always, keep it on fox news and for breaking news updates throughout the night. and now for the results of tonight's instapoll, is defeating isis the president's priority? and, if not, what is? wendy says, "no, his top priority is improving his golf game." lance says, that's an easy question. global warming. and isis will be defeat fd it were a priority. for a super power, he's turning us into a jv team. and, of course national security
6:56 pm
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good evening. belgian police locking up 16 people after raids across brussels. they were hoping to stop a paris-type attack. the city still remains under high alert after earlier warnings of an imminent attack. salah abdeslam, suspected of carrying out the attacks in paris, was not among those arrested. in meantime, a another of chemical suits are missing. they are usually stored in a lock room.


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