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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 23, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tune in tomorrow. senator ted cruz is here. also former al qaeda member turned cia operative martin storm will be here. go to file. thanks for watching. this is "the kelly file." tonight -- >> these are radical terrorists that want to kill us. >> senator marco rubio confronts radical islam in a brand-new ad. the 2016 gop presidential contender is here with more. >> we have a choice. either they win or we win. >> then hillary clinton attacks republicans over concerns that isis could infiltrate syrian refugees to act like we're going to shut our borders and pull up the gang plank. that weakens us and validates some of what these terrorists are saying. >> 2016 presidential candidate carly fiorina will respond to her. >> i think waterboarding is peanuts compared to what they do to us. >> donald trump promises to get tough on terrorism. is this the right approach to
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keep you safe? >> if you are in this religion, you probably do have values that are at odds. >> plus bill maher rips his fellow liberals. >> this is what liberals don't want to recognize. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." terrorism is the american voters' number one concern according to a brand-new fox news poll. 24% of voters rank terrorism as the issue they're most worried about with the economy coming in second. and contrary to what president obama and the democrats have been saying, according to the same fox poll, 66% of voters think that americans are at war with radical islam. now, despite a large majority of americans recognizing this ongoing conflict with terrorists who are acting in the name of islam, the democrats still refuse to admit this. watch this. >> we must absolutely reject that we are somehow at war with an entire religion. the united states could never be at war with any religion because
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america is made up of multiple religions. we're strengthened by people from every religion include can muslim americans. >> islam is not our adversary. muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. >> now, unlike democrats, 2016 gop presidential candidate senator marco rubio is taking the issue of radical islam head-on in a brand-new ad. let's look at this. >> this is a civilizational struggle between the values of freedom and liberty and radical islamic terror. what happened in paris could happen here. there is no middle ground. these aren't disgruntled or disempowered people. these are radical terrorists who want to kill us because we let women drive, because we let girls go to school. i'm marco rubio. i approve this message because there can be no arrangement or negotiation. either they win or we do. >> all right. here with reaction, 2016
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republican presidential candidate, the great senator from the great state of florida, marco rubio. sir, how are you? >> i'm good. how are you, sean? >> it's always peace and prosperity drive elections. i would argue peace, prosperity, immigration, the refugee problem are going to be really big issues this year. the president continues to insist that we take in syrian refugees even though james clapper and even though our fbi director and assistant fbi director and the chairman of the homeland security committee and the house are all saying that isis is likely to infiltrate the population. why is the president willing to gamble with the lives of the american people especially in light of the fact that this just happened in paris? >> well, first, you just ran clips from hillary clinton and barack obama that just boil my blood. no one -- who is saying that we're at war with muslims? no one is saying that we're at war with an entire religion. we're helping the kurds. they're muslims. we're trying to empower sunnis
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on the ground, they're muslims. we work closely with jordan and egypt. they're muslims. by the way, they consider sunnis that don't agree with them as heretics. they consider all shia as heretics. they consider obviously christians and jos as heretics. we are in a civilizational struggle between these radical lunatics who are motivated by their interpretation of their faith and our values of freedom and liberty for all. >> but there is this conflict of cultures, and i think you're raising a good point. the dnc just came out with a new ad saying that equating islam, all muslims, with terrorists, and they actually quoted you in the ad and they quoted four of your fellow gop candidates. your quote was the same as theirs. we are at war with radical islam. that is not saying all muslims. >> right. >> it contradicts their own ad, but that's the false narrative, just like republicans are racists. just like republicans want to throw granny over the cliff.
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>> yeah. so one of the arguments i've made consistently is that isis needs to be defeated by a ground force that's made up primarily of sunni arabs because these are sunni arab territories that they've taken hold of. we're working with them to defeat them. the egyptian military is someone we need to be working more closely with. they're a key part of the camp david accord security arrangements. they're muslim. they say that these guys are radical islamists because that is what they are. it's important to identify who they are and what they're motivated by. because if you are not going to acknowledge what motivates your adversary, then you can't come up with a strategy to defeat them. they're not motivated by wanting to govern syria and iraq, they want to dominate the world. >> if the top security director in this country, our fbi director, assistant fbi director, homeland security chairman, if all these people are making the case that it's likely that isis will infiltrate the refugee population, i go back to my original question. why would this president gamble with american lives? why would he possibly do that?
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>> well, i don't understand. you'll obviously have to ask him if you ever get a chance. i think, quite frankly, they're very irresponsible and very incompetent on the work that they do. but on the refugee point not that america is saying we don't want any refugees. kaunt come here as a refugee if we can't vet you. all i said is we're not going to be able to vet most of these people. common sense still applies. if it's a 6-year-old orphan, a 90-year-old senior citizen, a caldeon priest from the middle east, you can vet someone like that. but there is no databases. i don't care how many they run these names against, there is no reliable data tp base for to us use to vet thousands coming from an unstable part of the world and where documents are often forged. that's the point we've made repeatedly. we know for a fact that isis is seeking to use the refugee crisis as a way to infiltrate fighters into foreign countries. how can we possibly ignore that? >> if we look at the numbers,
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and we have 66% believe we are at war with radical islamists, that's a pretty significant number. 67% of americans oppose the president's refugee plan to bring syrian refugees here. 65 of americans don't think the president's aggressive enough. there was a poll by the center for research and policy studies. 13% of syrian refugees have at least a somewhat positive view of isis. 50% of democrats oppose the refugee crisis in the fox poll. so my question is, how do republicans stop this? i know he's the commander in chief, but congress has the power of the purse. can it be stopped? >> it can, and i think part of it is the funding mechanism that's used. you woulda athate to use that because it would impact all refugees. to make it stricter in terms of the vetting process. require the fbi director and other agency heads to personally attest -- >> but what if they say based on
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what we know now. i don't have a lot of faith in that language. >> but you know what? they're not even saying that. that's one of the reasons they oppose it. they obviously said the fbi director said and others have said we can't possibly do that, we can't guarantee everybody. well, that's the problem. my point is that if you allow 10,000 people in and 9,999 are good people and one happens to be an isis killer, you have a problem. this is an issue in which you have to be 100% right. because just to be wrong on one person would be enough to potentially trigger an attack within the united states. >> scary. stay right there. more with senator rubio right after the break. then later tonight -- >> and it doesn't work for us to act like we're going to shut our borders and pull up the gang plank. >> hillary copies president obama's attack line claims republicans warning against accepting syrian refugees is somehow helping isis. then later tonight -- >> we have to -- i would bring
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it back, yes, i would bring it back. waterboarding is peanuts compared to what they do to us. >> donald trump, he didn't hold back when he was asked about how he would take on isis. would that be the best way to stop an attack here in america? shop like a pro at bass pro shops thanksgiving 5-day sale. check it out- ladies' jeans for $10. save $30 on the new johnny morris carbonlite spinning reel.
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abroad. now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." as we continue with 2016 gop presidential candidate senator marco rubio, let's talk a little about the race. put up some poll numbers. fox news poll has you and ted cruz tied at 14%. that seems ben carson, in light of a lot of -- he took a lot of negative hits last week. he's down fairly significantly. then we have a head-to-head matchup. fox news poll. you beating hillary clinton 50-42%, i believe more than any
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other candidate. what is your take on those polls as we now get closer to iowa? >> well, you know, sean, i never get too excited about polls one way or the other. we've been up and down. so for me, it's interesting to read and look at it. but i'm more interested in the direction of the race. this is a race that's becoming increasingly about national security. it's good that it has. that's the predominant job of a president, to be the commander in chief. we have to talk about the millions of americans who feel like outsiders in their own country. millions of americans that feel like they're being left behind. they have traditional values and if they espouse those values they're being called haters. they can't find a job or they're replaced by a machine. then you have students with thousands in loans and they can't find a job because their degree doesn't lead to a job and the economy isn't creating it. those are the issues that are going to allow a republican nominee, who i hope and believe will be me, but to defeat
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hillary clinton who has no answers to any of these problems. her answer to every issue is a tax increase and a government program. >> yeah, if you look at the president and hillary clinton and the foreign policy. they're kind of joined at the hip. one of the questions i've been trying to ask is how can one president be so wrong so often on such important issues, not only the economy, which i make my arguments regularly that he's really been a disaster on, but foreign policy missteps. i put some of it together. let's take a look at it. >> i mean, think about it. iran, cuba, venezuela, these countries are tiny compared to the soviet union. they don't pose a serious threat to us the way the soviet union posed a threat to us. >> we have been very clear to the assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start
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seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. and i'm confident that assad's days are numbered. a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america you said russia, not al qaeda, you said russia. the 1980s are now calling for their foreign policy back. >> isis is gaining strength, aren't they? >> i don't think they're gaining strength. from the start our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. >> this is my last election. after my election i have more flexibility. >> i understand. >> i'll transmit this information to vladimir. >> he's been wrong on syria. assad will outlast obama and he predicted he'll be done. and the infamous quote in the new yorker magazine, the analogy
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we use around here sometimes and i think is accurate is if a jv team puts on a lakers uniform, that doesn't make them kobe bryant, talking about isis. how can one person be so wrong on so many important issues just like he's wrong about this refugee issue? >> think about it this way. in 2016, the american people will have the choice to make and the question's pretty straightforward. name me one part of the world where america is stronger and safer than they were before barack obama was elected president. name me one instance where america is stronger and safer because hillary clinton was the secretary of state. the answer is we're not. terrorism is no longer just al qaeda. they're still around including al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and their spin-off group the khorasan group. but now you have isis, a group that didn't exist in its current form before the president took over. afghanistan's headed in the wrong direction. we've seen what happened in iraq. isis has spread into libya.
10:17 pm
where in the world are we stronger? russia is more of a threat today than they were when the president made those statements back during the 2012 debates. on every single issue we've lost ground in our safety, security and global prestige. >> he'll take on more debt than any other president before him combined. this horrible iranian keel. then millions more in poverty, millions more on food stamps, median income down. this is a pretty severe situation. we saw you in your battles with jeb bush and as much as we saw the research he putyou. donald trump has been pretty outspoken in trying to attack you. headlines today that the trade deal and immigration create a big divide between you and senator ted cruz. what is your answer to your fellow candidate as these -- you know, as we get closer to iowa and new hampshire, things will heat up even more, right? >> yeah, but look, i like my opponents as people.
10:18 pm
i think any of them would be better than hillary clinton. this is not personal. there are policy differences between us and we should debate the policy differences. that's what we need to be doing in a plimary. policy differences are not personal as long as they're done in a respectful way. that's what we'll all endeavor to do in this campaign. we agree on most of the issues, that's why we're running as republicans. but there are issues where there are differences in our opinions and those will be subject to debate in this campaign. that's a normal part of this pain. you can have a normal policy debate without it becoming personal. that's what we'll all endeavor to do, i hope. >> senator marco rubio, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> and it doesn't work for us to act like we're going to shut our borders and pull up the ga gangplank. claims that republicans are helping isis by raising concerns over accepting the syrian refugees. 2016 gop presidential contender carly fiorina is here to
10:19 pm
respond. that's coming up next. later tonight -- >> you would bring back waterboarding? >> i would bring it back, yes. i think it's peanuts compared to what they do to us. >> donald trump is keeping all options on the table in order to fight isis. is this the right move to keep you, the american people, safe? we'll debate that later tonight as "hannity" continues.
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welcome back to "hannity." instead of focusing on his isis strategy, the president is choosing to attack republicans because they've raised concerns that isis could, in fact, infiltrate syrian refugees looking to come to america. he's not the only one. 2016 democratic front-runner hillary clinton said this -- >> we got to do what works. and it doesn't work for us to act like we're going to shut our borders and pull up the gangplank.
10:22 pm
that weakens us and it also validates some of what these terrorists are saying. >> joining me now with reaction, 2016 presidential candidate carly fiorina. she really is just as bad as him. and she's making the same accusations as he is. >> oh, absolutely. >> what is your reaction? >> absolutely. well, first of all, hillary clinton continues, i guess, to believe that somehow we're responsible for the terrorists' actions. we're not responsible for the terrorists' actions. they're responsible for their actions. maybe that's why a year ago she said that we needed to empathize with our enemies. whatever hillary clinton says, she has done all the wrong things over and over and over again. i mean, she was wrong about russia. remember the gimmicky red reset button. she was wrong about libya. she wanted to topple gadhafi, then sort of turned away and watched as that country fell into complete disrepair. she was wrong, of course, lied about the benghazi terrorist
10:23 pm
attack. she was wrong when she declared victory in iraq and agreed with withdrawing all of our troops against all military advice, which gave isis the territory, the caliphate, over which they preside now. she's been wrong over and over. she called bashar al assad a positive reformer. remember that? open an embassy. so this is a woman who has been consistently wrong about every single national security and foreign policy threat. >> let me go through all this. because you're hitting a really important point. libya has now descended into chaos. it was better under gadhafi, it is so bad there. >> it is a failed state. >> somalia and yemen. remember, they held those three up -- >> same, same. >> as success stories. >> examples. >> add to that syria. add to that -- you're right -- iraq. add to that this ridiculous iranian deal. and i have a video of hillary giving the foreign minister of russia a reset button.
10:24 pm
watch this. >> that's right. i wanted to present you with a little gift which represents what president obama and vice president biden and i have been saying, and that is we want to reset our relationship. so we'll do it together. >> so there really isn't a success story. and all these disasters, she's as big a part of because she was his secretary of state. >> exactly right. and, no, mrs. clinton, a gimmicky red reset button won't work with vladimir putin. rebuilding the sixth fleet might, rebuilding the defense system in poland might, it might work to actually deny isis territory. she's been consistently wrong about every single foreign policy and national security challenge we have faced. so honestly, sean, i don't pay much attention to her speeches because i know her actions. and i think actions speak louder than words. she's dangerous for the national security of this nation.
10:25 pm
look no further than benghazi. >> let me ask you, she sent out a tweet that women that are victims of sexual assault have a right to be believed. it was on the front page of drudge last week, anita broderick, kathleen willy, paula jones, all have made actions against her husband that he assaulted them. i've interviewed these women, all three and others. would it be a legitimate, fair campaign issue to ask her, hillary, if victims have a right to be believed, do you believe them or do you think that's unfair? >> no, i don't think it's unfair. and, of course, i think it's also true that hillary clinton has demonstrated the same hypocrisy when she talks about women's rights. i mean, let's talk for a moment about what isis is doing to women and young girls. besides the horrors of
10:26 pm
crucifixion and beheading, they are selling them into bondage, into sexual slavery. we can't even imagine the horrors that women and girls go through at the hands of these terrorists. so of course -- but remember all of those were members of the vast right-wing conspiracy. >> carly, the reason i ask is i watched her rise to power in new york and i watch ed rick blazio running against her and he walked across the screen and hand her a piece of paper. you would think he hit her in the head with a baseball bat. it was such a horrible, sexist thing to do. i watched what they did to mitt romney who was carrying around resumes for women and that's a war on women. but she takes money from countries that treat women horribly and nobody in the media talks about that? >> because there's a double standard, sean. we've talked about this before.
10:27 pm
there's a double standard for liberal women versus conservative women. let's be realistic. this is the campaign she's going to run. she will play the gender card over and over and over. why? because she actually can't talk about how right she's been on foreign policy. why? because she actually doesn't have a track record of accomplishment. and actually that's why it matters who we put up against her. i can beat hillary clinton. i'm here in iowa. i will tell you people cannot wait to see a debate between me and hillary clinton. and the reason for that is they know i can beat her and we must win. >> is there a difference? because i've noticed you probably have been the most aggressive of all the candidates in going after her in particular. i don't think she's a front-runner. i think this is a coronation. she has the nomination. do you think some of your fellow gop candidates saw what happened to rick lazio, know what happened to mitt romney and maybe are a little bit bit more timid and will tread lightly
10:28 pm
because of that? >> i don't know. i can't get inside their head. what i would tell you is having grown up in a man's world, i understand that conservative principles work better to lift women up. >> well said. >> hillary clinton is wrong about what it takes to help women. and so i'm very much looking forward to having that debate with her. because the policies that she wants to pursue for this nation are bad for women and bad for men as well. >> carly fiorina, as always, thank you for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> and coming up next tonight on this busy news night tonight on "hannity" -- >> i would bring it back, yes. i would bring it back. i think waterboarding is peanuts compared to what they do to us. >> donald trump is not opposed to bringing back waterboarding. neither am i. we'll debate the issue. then late tonight. >> this idea that somehow we do share values that all religions are alike is [ bleep ] and we need to call it [ bleep ]. >> bill maher calling out his
10:29 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." 2016 republican front-runner donald trump is vowing to do whatever it takes to defeat isis even if that means bringing back controversial techniques like enhanced interrogation. >> do you think we should bring back enhanced interrogation like waterboarding? >> we have to be strong. they don't use waterboarding over there, they use chopping off people's heads. they use drowning people. i don't know if you see where they put people in cages and they drown them in the ocean and lift out the cage. we're talking about waterboarding. >> would you bring back waterboarding? >> i would bring it back, yes. i think waterboarding is peanut compared to what they do to us. what they did to james foley
10:35 pm
when they chopped off his head, that's a whole different level. and i would absolutely bring back interrogation. >> here with reaction is the senior editor for national review, jonah goldberg from the ahmadiyya muslim community folk spokesman and fox news contributor monica crowley. we waterboarded three people. now, we didn't get usama bin laden because it was the waterboarding of khalid sheikh mohammed, mr. o rodriguez who was there at the time it happened without waterboarding. why is this controversial in light of what isis does, kills, beheads and burns? >> if anyone wonders why donald trump is still leading the pack, it's those kind of comments. behave.american people want the and whether you agree with him or not on these points, what trump is exhibiting is leadership. strong, decisive leadership.
10:36 pm
that's how he would behave as president and as commander in chief. on the issue of waterboarding, look, we're in a war, sean, it's not a war of our choosing, withy better fight it now when we have advantages rather than later when it's too late. sometimes fighting wars require unsavory choices like, say, waterboarding. some times these eits worked, sometimes they did not. but the point was always to keep the enemy off balance. guessing what you do. you don't broadcast what you will do. you keep them guessing and off balance. if you approve eits, you don't have to use them but it will make the enemy second guess before they act that they might be subjected to them. >> if we think they have information that may save the lives of americans, i'm sure if your kids were kidnapped and you caught one of the people that kidnapped your kids, i bet you'd probably do everything in your power to get the information about where your child is, wouldn't you? >> look, the community is
10:37 pm
muslims who believe in a messiah has been clear ta we want our americans to be safe. at the same time we also uphold the united states constitution. we're a nation of laws. and as a nation of laws, we don't stoop down -- >> a nation of laws but these are enemy combatants that have declared war on us. the 9/11 commission report. >> absolutely. >> let me ask the question this way. >> yes. >> three people break into your house late at night, they steal your two children. you race out, you catch one of them and tackle them. the other two get away with your kids. let me ask you, how far are you willing to go as a parent, if it meant waterboarding to get the information about where your two kids are from the one guy you caught, would you do it? >> the beauty of life is we don't have to look at hypotheticals. the reality is that torture does not work, sean. torture does not work. sean -- >> we got the information from the tour icourier.
10:38 pm
>> no, that's what you're saying, sean. in reality waterboarding techniques do not work. they alienate people. >> sir, you can say it. but it's not true. >> i believe in our u.s. constitution. >> i interviewed the guy that was there and witnessed it. we never would have gotten the courier had it not been for waterboarding khalid sheikh mohammed. jonah goldberg, what would you do if it were your kids? >> i have no problem with using waterboarding as a last resort in specific circumstances with restraint in order to get pressing, pertinent, immediate information. what i don't like about donald trump's phrasing about all of this -- >> you don't like donald trump so -- >> i'm not a big fan of his. but he compares it to what isis is doing. and to me that's an apples and oranges thing. isis is cutting people's heads off purely out of punishment and grotesque horror. >> are you aware they're cutting people's heads off and burning people alive and they did what they did in paris and
10:39 pm
waterboarding is mild in comparison is what he was saying. >> i guess that. but they're not doing it to get information. they're two completely things. when monica talks about how he's showing strong leadership. i love monnic characters but i don't know what she's talking about. he's constantly changing the subject from one bizarre controversy to another. he talks about muslims and national security in incredibly irresponsible and sloppy ways, then dances to some new controversy whenever he's held accountable for it. >> i love you too, jonah, but whether you agree with him or not, he's projecting clarity. you're saying it might be a little incoherent here and there but there's a moral clarity to what he's saying. the american people understand the president has one job, to protect the constitution and the american people. the current president is doing neither of these things and they want somebody who is unafraid to stand up for the constitution and for doing things to keep us safe. >> i never hear donald trump
10:40 pm
standing up for the constitution. i hear him standing up you for donald trump. >> a lot of people disagree. >> i got to roll. thank you all for being with us. this is coming up next on "hannity." >> this idea that somehow we do share values that all religions are alike is [ bleep ] and we need to call it [ bleep ]. >> hbo host bill maher goes on the attack this time against his fellow liberals. ayaan hirsi ali joins us with reaction and more straight ahead. quiet! mom has a headache! had a headache! but now, i...don't excedrin® is fast. in fact for some, relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin®. now available in geltabs. and then santa's workers zapped it right to our house. and that's how they got it here. cool. the magic of the season is here at the lexus december to remember sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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welcome back to "hannity." left wing hbo host bill maher had strong words for liberals on a show friday night calling them out for not acknowledging that all religions are not alike. watch this. >> if you are in this religion, you probably do have values that are at odds. this is what liberals don't want to recognize. you may be from a country as there are many, many muslim countries that either have shariah law or want shariah law. those values are not our values. this idea that somehow we do share values that all religions are alike is [ bleep ] and we need to call it [ bleep ]. >> joining us with reaction, author of the book "heretic"
10:47 pm
human rights activist ayaan hirsi ali is with us. welcome back. i want to explain what you went through as a woman where you grew up and tell everybody what happened. >> well, i've explained this in depth in my book "infidel" but being a girl and a woman growing up in a muslim household, you have to know your place. and i was growing up in the context before radical islam. so such things as the female genital mutilation, that was, i would say about 98, even 100%, because you purify, you cut the genitals of your child and you have to. >> how old were you? >> i was 5 years old. and my family lived in saudi arabia. i cannot describe to you what kind of a place saudi arabia is. there is gender apartheid. it's a place where using modern tools and modern money and money
10:48 pm
from oil they actually enforced seventh century rules. so then later on in my teens when islamic extremism came into our neighborhood, i became part of that movement and i started to believe in the things. i was 15, 16. i lived in nairobi, kenya. there were people preaching in my school, in my neighborhood. i joined up with them. i'm always surprised to see people of authority here saying what we see, these terrorist acts, the subjugation of women, the hatred of jews and christians, it has nothing to do with islam. i watch that with amazement. i obviously have come to understand that it is a strategic position that if we say these things maybe the islamic extremists will not get their way, but it's just not true. >> are you saying that it is far more pervasive, radical thought, ideology, in the muslim world than anybody is recognizing? that we are being intimidated into saying that this is a very
10:49 pm
small percentage? >> we are self-intimidating. i don't think that we're being forced by outside powers. our president is not being forced by outside powers to take the position that he's taking. he's taken it after a lot of thought. he thinks it's strategic. i just think it's a strategy that's failed. he's not the only one who tried it. all western establishments leaders have insisted we are not at war with islam. that's absolutely true. we are not at true with islam. we're not waging war on islam. that's absolutely true. but within islam and using islamic theology, islamic tradition, islamic philosophy, we have hundreds of thousands of people who are at war with us. now, we have to ultimately respond to that and not only to the latest thing. the islamic state is less than two years old but islamic extremists who want to destroy our way of life, our civilization and our belief system, that is started before
10:50 pm
this election cycle and is going to continue. and we have to come up together with a way of defending ourselves and defeating them honestly. >> is this just the literal lit interpretation of the quaran? of the warrior life of mohammed? >> this is the literal translation, a desire to emulate, to copy mohammed, in the time he became a warrior and started to introduce sharia law and thereafter. there are a lot of muslims, there are millions of peace-loving muslims who want peace, that is true. but when you look at the islamic theology being used by groups like the islamic state, it is there. the answer is to change and
10:51 pm
repudiate the violence, you know, aspect of islam. >> for example? >> there are muslims that are doing that. >> do you think our intelligence officials warn us isis will infiltrate the community, are they naive as to how radicalized many people are? if they bring this that population and isis infill traits that population? >> they're paid to protect american values and they're trying to share with us what they know. so when the intelligence community tries to make us prudent, putting in place checks, they're right and we need to heed them.
10:52 pm
for people that are already here there is an active islamization in america. it's time to see who are the agents? where do the resources come from? this is the kind of thing denying it has anything to do with islam, that is a cover up. then, we find ourselves in a situation where france and belgium and other country was large muslim numbers they've been living in denial. it's demonstrated to us that that doesn't work. we need to heed. we don't have to give up our civil liberties. >> appreciate your insight and sharing your story, thank you, and i hope people listen. >> our ask sean segment is next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life.
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welcome back to "hannity". taiwanese parodies are making hilarious parodies. take a look. ♪ [ music ] >> another is based on journey's "don't stop believing". watch this. ♪ [ music ] >> those are just two, both are funny and it brings us to the question, which of the two
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videos did you like best? let us know what you think. now, it is time for your question to me. our ask sean segment. >> hi, sean. i wonder why the same people who think it's a horrible idea for the u.s. to be the world police think it's our obligation to be the world's homeless refugee shelter, why is that? >> i don't think america needs to be the world's policeman. i think america losing it's influence around the world resulted in more chaos than i think i have seen in my lifetime and i think that that is a big problem and we're $20 trillion in debt. and $120 trillion in unfunded liability. 94.5 million out of the labor force, 46 million on food stamps. take care of americans first and fore most. if we do that, i think that will help a lot of american people. thank you for the question. that is all the time we have
11:00 pm
left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. alalalalalalalalalalalalal unafraid. here is greta. get get this. this is a fox news alert. tonight "on the record" europe on edge. growing fears of another deadly terror attack. today french police finding impact -- intact explosive belt. in fear of virtual lockdown. schools closed and city shut down. warning to stay sheltered. belgium officials warn of a serious and imminent threat. the state department issuing a worldwide travel alert to worldwide citizens. on the team coverage from paris to belgium to washington, d.c. we begin with fox news foreign affairs correspondent benjamin hall standing by in