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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 28, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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we'll take you behind the scenes as we review the star studded movie. >> >> as y as you study him, you re the tremendous amount of pain he was in. playing a man in that kind of pain, was a really significant part of it. >> plus you learn all about the creative process and how the co-author turned our idea into a "new york times" megaseller. >> we knocked down all the spea conspiracy theories, we just debunked them. >> jesse hits the streets to
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find out just how much every day people know about jfk. >> republican or democrat? >> democrat. >> oh, i thought you were asking me, personally. i thought we were getting like a little sentimental here. we just met each other. ant you haven't even bought me dinner. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching this special edition of the factor, "killing kennedy." for the next hour we'll explore john kennedy's impact on the usa. how i came to write the kennedy's final days and how that became a critically acclaimed film. starting with the star of kennedy, rob lowe. >> there's an old saying that
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victory has 1,000 fathers is repeated often. the spofbt is mine. i am the president. >> good job, lowe. thank you. >> it was a good job, when they came to me, and they said i think we want to hire rob lowe, i said are we going to do "the breakfast club 3" here? >> i know that you're never wrong about anything, but i was not in the breakfast club. >> but it was one of those movies that that you were in when you were a kid. >> everybody knows what he sounds lightning and i just spent hours and hours listening to every possible recording, what i got the most out of actually was his private phone calls within the white house and his dictation. >> and then caroline kennedy put that out.
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>> i missed you, kid. >> i missed you too. >> now did you have a coach an allocution coach to help you with the act sent? >> no. >> are you a good mimic? you really nailed the boston accept. >> in a matter of days, those missiles were operational. >> i will not be pushed, not be krushchev, not by you or ning else. one thing is for certain, i'm not going to allow nuclear missiles in my backyard. i want to hear military operations and i want to hear from the secretary of state. >> the other thing lowe does in this movie is this body language. and i told you that on the phone before this, before i saw it, is
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excellent. >> thank you. >> how did you get that. >> as you study him, you realize the tremendous amount of pain he was in with the freedom of information act, hiss medical records are now out. and it's unbelievable between the back and -- so playing a man in that kind of pain was i think a really significant part of it and just the back brace, all of that, i actually thought about using the back brace, but in the end, i just acted it. >> but you also had the -- kennedy is a rich guy, and he carries himself differently than guys like me from levettown. and he carries himself differently. and his body rang when he reacts is differently. and you had it, you nailed it. these pin heads in washington tharks don't like me at all. >> bill. >> come on, lowe, no spin zone here. i'm not going to have dinner with hanks or damon any time
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soon, you know what i'm talking about. >> the truth is you went. and i have already gotten the message from tom hanks, cloonie and -- did anybody tell you, hey, you shouldn't do this? >> no, no, no. i think -- look, even the most partisan person knows -- can't argue with the success of the book and how the audience has embraced it and that's a huge thing to be able to bring that to tell a story, that the country needs to hear. >> when this movie was shot in 18 days in virginia, when you were shooting it, did you know how good it is? did you have an idea how well it was coming out? >> halfway through i had a confidence about it. it just felt magic. >> the guy who was oswald, he's a very young actor, the guy is
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phenomenal. >> isn't he great? >> i want you to take my picture. come here, come, come, come. take my picture. you take this. something for junior to remember papa buy. >> he's phenomenal, not just great and i told him. i said, whoa, because nobody has ever really brought lee harvey oswald into the consciousness before. >> they have never made him a human being. >> this guy does it, he's a vile human being, obviously. >> americans watching this mo, do you think they're going to finally put the kennedy assassination to rest? >> never, of course not. it's the great mystery of all time. and i think the movie is the definitive word on what happened. >> we presented it really factually and so did you guys. >> i honestly believe that, but
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people can agree to disagree. it's such a shakespearean story. >> you know what i like most about this mo with lowe? is that he actually shaved and combed his hair, while he was being -- it's not an easy thing to zblochdo. >> when i come on the factor, i always do it because i know you love it so much. >> i saw you in the west wing, you were shaving there. that was another west wing looney thing that you did zblic. >> coming up, the unique killing kennedy whirlwind tour. >> i'm trying to get my reading glasses to work. >> let me get this straight, you have trouble holding the book and putting your glasses on at the same time? >> getting it the right distance. >> we might be able to hire people to do that for you. mr. imus, shall i t t t t t t
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continuing now with "killing kennedy" an o'reilly factor special. when the book came out, it seemed like everybody wanted to talk to me about it, including my colleague at the fox business network, don imus. >> here's where i am. oswald had just arrived in mention coe city, and he's on his way to the cuban embassy, you know what i'm having problems with? because i read everything off the computer now or off of a -- >> sure. >> so holding a book, trying to get my reading glasses to work. >> so let me get this straight, you have trouble holding the book and putting the glasses on at the same time? >> no, no getting it the right distance and what not. >> we might be able to hire people for you. mr. imus, should i turn the page? >> you're dedicated to your
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ancest ancestors, the kennedys. >> yes. >> so were you related to the kennedys? >> maybe a distant cousin, they would never admit. but my maternal grandmother had two sisters and they loved the kennedy family because they had the name sake. >> you obviously knew all about the assassination and to the mimy nush that surrounding it. >> we don't chase any conspiracy theories. >> and yet in writing the book, the way you guys wrote it. you create scenarios where there are a lot of potential suspects. >> absolutely. >> beginning with the mafia. beginning with the whole frank sinatra thing. >> you bet. >> with allan dulles at the cia.
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maybe even linden johnson. certainly with castro. so there are a bunch of people. >> like abraham lincoln who was the most hated man in the country when he was assassinated. kennedy was the most hated man as well. and he had a lot of enemies and we don't take the evidence any further than what i can prove. but listen to this. there's a guy named george demorn, he's got cia ties. he was around oswald. oswald is a loser. lois rum, what is demornshield doing, getting him jobs and hanging around him. i can not sprain it. and the chicago mob boss, his girlfriend was having an affair with jfk. right before dee somebody walks into his house and puts five in the back of his head.
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right before. so there's a lot of that. a lot of swirling around. but what we have been able to accomplish in "killing kennedy" is, you u know oswald did it. he did it. and we kind of eliminate all the conspiracy theories, but to the ones we can't, we tell you, we don't know that. >> oswald was in the marine corps from 1956 to '59. and i was in the marine corps from 1957 to 1959 "and you roomed with him, i understand, didn't you room with oswald? >> so you write on page 15, the only thing i got on fire about was that oswald was a crack shot. he wasn't. >> you correct me if i'm wrong. in the marines he was a sharp shooter. >> two points. >> designated, he was busted down because he was using his weapon as a baton or something, to a marksman. but when he left the marines, that designation was still in
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place, he was a markman? >> no, when he qualmified in december of '56, he qualified with a 212. and anything above 200 is a sharp shooter, so that's only two points. and he qualified again in may of 1959 and he shot a 191. that's one point, anything below 190 and you don't qualify. so he was barely competent. and he was court-martials. he accidently shot himself in the elbow with a .22 pistol that he wasn't supposed to have. >> but he put two into that car in 3 1/2 seconds, one missed two. bullet into that car, with frighten accuracy, that's what he did. >> i don't believe that. >> what? >> i don't believe that zbluc. t >> you're not up to that part yet. but we walk through the trajectory of the bullet, all of this stuff, you'll find it fascinating, we got the fbi
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ballistics report. they got their own guy to try to duplicate what oswald did. they were able to do it. >> i remember that, it was wonderfully well written. i would like nothing better than to -- no, that's not true. >> you would like to mock the book, i know you would, but you're an honest man and you're give meg your opinion. >> i'm the only person in the building that likes you is not afraid of you. >> was there a little survey? >> that's my lame unfunny observation. anyway, it's a wonderful book. >> i just want everybody to know, to get this man's attention torques actually get him to turn the page because he has the glasses situation, they're on the back of his head usually. then he has a puppet that he talks to. there's a lot of stuff going on. ahead, where were you when president kennedy was shot in
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perm choice segment, november 22, 1963 was an act of terrible violence that shook america to it's core. i remember exactly where i was when it happened. i talked about that recently with fox news's bill hammer. it's very vivid, i'm sitting there in theology class in high school in mineola, new york. and all of a sudden, the loud speaker crackles, and the principal, brother kozar comes
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over and says there's a report president kennedy has been shot. and then they go into the cbs radio report, they put it on the loud speaker. >> president kennedy has been shot by a would-be assassin in dallas, texas. >> in the beginning, we were all confused, although it was a pretty straight forward thing, had never happened before, we never heard radio on the loud speaker. and then everybody just shut up and listened to the report coming in from dallas. >> that had to be a day, moments like these, they are locked into our memory forever and for good reason. and now you have 50 years later, people who still have doubts about the assassination. >> well -- >> why do you believe those doubts still linger for some? >> because there was confusion in the investigation. it wasn't a clean investigation. and i have some unanswered questions that i say in my book, i haven't been able to get to this bottom of this. but there's no doubt that oswald killed him, there's no doubt.
8:22 pm
and whether oswald was getting advice from some people, that's possible. but there weren't -- there was nobody on the grassy noll, there was nobody anywhere else, he did it. but he w he could have had somebody helping him some way. the ki to all of this is to understand the j. edgar hoover, the head of the fbi. hoover wanted control of the investigation, but he didn't have it because of the texas authorities, it was the dallas police department's jurisdiction. so hoover told all his fbi agents that flooded into dallas the next day, find a conspiracy, because as long as you can find a conspiracy, then the fbi can run the investigation. so that's what all the fbi guys were looking for. they couldn't find it. >> in your book, you write that hoover's comments about the act
8:23 pm
of many, not one lone individual. you're right about city and the state, they had jurisdiction. but hoover came out and told everybody, jfk, rfk and the media that he was going to take control of it because he felt there was a conspiracy. >> hoover wanted it to be a conspiracy, because he wanted russians to be involved, they wanted all that. but he couldn't find it. >> you think hoover went looking for -- >> there's no doubt, find the conspiracy, find the people who did this. >> president kennedy was wearing a back brace that day. do you think that back brace prevented him from slumping? >> killed him. >> but even before, there's no doubt, he could. go down to the floor, everybody else in the car hit the floor, but he couldn't because he wasi. if he had. had that, he probably would
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have -- very few people know how -- we took painstaking, it was a corset, so he couldn't move. so oswald was able to get all three shots two of which hit him. >> you're saying the back brace kept him up right. >> couldn't hit to the floor. >> jackie was trying to pull him. so he would have death been on the floor. everybody else was. >> because the theorists will look at the zapruder film. >> we go through the whole thing in killing kennedy, how the bullet s landed. >> oswald fires three shots, one miss, two hits, do you believe in a single bullet theory. it's the magic bullet theory
8:25 pm
that went through kennedy and into connelly. the autopsy shows that it happened and all that. so i don't have any doubt that oswald did it. >> the first thing robert kennedy did when he heard that his brother was killed, is call the white house and secure his files. >> oh, you bet. they didn't want -- you don't want johnson or hoover getting those files. huh-uh. kennedy, rfk did not trust lindh on johnson. hated him. and we make that pretty clear in the book. and hoover, huh-uh. so they went in and they got everything out of jfk's office in the white house, everything and spirited it away. what was in there? i don't know. that probably destroyed any kind of stuff that would be embarrassing. but, boy, rk did not want hoover or johnson to see those files. >> someone may look at that and say, that's the first phone call you make? >> protect the family, protect
8:26 pm
the family. they had been taught that by their father, it was always protect the family. >> in your research, did you find that month unusual? >> not knowing, knowing the kennedys the way i know them, they were a veryfamily. and they were used to tragedies happening. and bobby was a very practical man, he was a very tough, tough guy. this is what he thought he had to do to protect the family. >> j. edgar hoover had a man in dallas, who pretty much shouted oswald until tend. did the fbi drop the ball in their tagging of oswald with their president in town? >> the fbi was watching oswald, but they never really took him seriously as a physical threat. but the fbi's evaluation of oswald was a harmless prank, obviously a mistake. and hoskie did, indeed, that was
8:27 pm
his file, oswald was his guy. i can't take it any further. marina oswald and i was the only one who has spoken to mr. we'll and foichbtd out. and that's why killing kennedy is so chock full of fbi's stuff. he told me flat out what happened there. so, yes, the assessment of oswald by the fbi was erroneous, but did they boot him? they were following a lot of people. >> i asked you this before, hoover went into dallas to try and seize control over an investigation, that by law said the city and the state had control. >> he tried to do that. he tried to do it. hoover, he didn't do it completely, because oswald was in the custody of dallas police department. if j. edgar hoover had succeeded in taking over the case, oswald would have been in federal
8:28 pm
custody and never would have been killed. hoover failed and couldn't get control over it and therefore oswald remained in the dallas police headquarters where ruby shot him. hoover was frustrated, he very much wanted to control it. but he couldn't find enough everyday. >> what was hoover hoping he could force in this case? what was he trying to have happen? >> he wanted to peruse that facility that cuba killed the president, because he hated communists but he couldn't find it. next up, what does the everyday american know about president kennedy, jesse watt t ers finds out. my co-author reveals the secret of their collaboration. >> jack ruby left something in his car when he went into the police station, achbltd that was?
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♪ ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into. and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult... with frosted mini-wheats® welcome back to killing kennedy, an o'reilly factor special. as most of you know, i sent geez see waters to talk to people about stuff. in a jesse watters original, he finds out what people know about kennedy in his final days. >> who's this? >> that's john f. kennedy.
8:33 pm
>> nixon, freightman, very sexy. >> are you attracted to him? >> i mean i would say on a weird emotional level yes. >> what does jfk stand for? >> a good looking president, john f. kennedy. >> what would you ask fo-- >> he was tested in his time with the cuban missile crisis. >> i think he was a good president. my dad really liked him. >> he did a lot for civil rights and building the nation and bringing everybody together as a whole. >> when was john f. kennedy president. >> from 1961 to 63. 1,000 days. >> assassinated around 64. >> 1970? 80? >> 1963. >> he was president from 1962 to
8:34 pm
1965? >> republican or democrat? >> republican, wasn't he? >> he was a democrat. >> oh, i thought you were asking me personally. i thought we were getting like a little sent pmental here. >> we're just getting to know each other. >> you haven't even bought me denv dinner. >> remember his mrs. kennedy. >> jacqueline. >> let's get this model on its way. >> who's that? >> that's not lucky, sit? >> he looks like he wouldn't take me out for dinner. >> john wilkes booth. >> he's a fay mouz criminal. >> i have no idea who that is. >> lee harvey oswald.
8:35 pm
>> lee harvey oswald. bad guy. >> bad guy? >> now where did lee harvey hoz walled shoot him? >> in dallas. >> wasn't it like chicago. >> pittsburgh? >> he shot him on the grassy -- >> i feel so dumb right now. >> that is correct. >> the grassy knoll. >> do you think he killed the president. >> i don't know, we live in such a time where there's so much different theories. >> i don't believe the conspiracy theories, no. >> you never know what really happened, man. you never know. >> who's this guy? >> that's my dad. >> somebody ought to belt you in the mouth. >> linden johnson?
8:36 pm
>> bush? >> not a bush. you don't know? >> i think i'm too young. >> is he on fox news? >> he is on fox news. >> this is still -- >> oh, neil? >> nobody, close. >> will you get serious. >> o'reilly. bill o'reilly. host of fox news o'reilly factor. >> very good. >> he has a nice tie in that picture, actually. >> excel let me threads. >> he's been number one for over a decade. you're obviously a huge fan. >> a congressman, upstate. >> that's rob lowe. >> rob lowe. he's the guy in the commercials for direct tv. >> i'm sigh per creepy rob lowe and i have cable. >> i like rob lowe. >> rob lowe plays kennedy in the
8:37 pm
movie killing kennedy. >> okay. >> do you see where we're going with this? >> they made bill's book, killing kennedy in a movie and rob lowe plays kennedy. did i just blow your mind? >> that's crazy. >> would war 2. >> you going to check it out. >> i will. >> you got nothing else to do, do you. >> i don't. >> do you plan on reading "killing kennedy?" >> no, but i might now. >> there's a barnes and noble right. >> he probably got really rich off of that mo. >> thanks, excellent work, appreciate it. >> i'm going to start watching now and maybe i'll see myself on the show. >> i like how you did that. >> my world view. >> i like the wrist action. coming up, killing kennedy, the whirlwind book tour.
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>> test test. >> test test. >> test test. >> test
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continuing now with "killing kennedy" a factor special. durg my book tour, i stopped by fox and friends and i spoke with my pal jon stewart.
8:42 pm
>> killing kennedy, if there was no success in killing lincoln, would you have written that book. >> no, the success of that book, 2 million copies sold, and this is all personal for me. what do i want to know about? and i wanted to know the real story behind not only jfk's assassination, but how he go earned it, what he did in the white house. after this you'll know everything about him, the good and the bad and how he died and who killed him. there it's some questions we can't answer. there's stuff that's not explainable. i'm still working on it. but you read this book, you'll know who john f. kennedy, who his wife was and how he died. >> and you believe in the theory that -- >> we don't do any theories, this is all facts. lee harry oswald shot kennedy to death. he put two bullets in the car in
8:43 pm
2 1/2 second. and he killed kennedy. were there other people around oswald that should have not been around him? did kennedy have other very powerful enemies? yes he did. we go through it, but everything in that book is fact based. >> let me tell you why this is going to be another number one best seller. i was down in dallas visiting my daughter, who's in college there, because it was raining, we went to the sixth floor museum. it was standing room only. so many people. they want, they're hungry for answers. >> it's a very emotional deal. >> we pointed where jfk jim canto cantore -- he changed dramatically. i spent a lot of time on that in the book. after his baby died he was changed. everybody remembers if you were alive back then, where you were when kennedy was skilled. my maternal grandmother,
8:44 pm
willfred kennedy. i'm very happy with it. if you read this book, you will be entertained and you will be informed no doubt. >> one question you can answer, can you tell us now, one question, you close the book, you handed it to the publisher and you said i still don't have an answer to that question. there was a guy named ---he's swirling around lee harvey hoz walled. oswald a loser. no way this guy should be swirling around him. i reported on this guy when i was working at wfaa in class. i can't put that together. i chased demornshield in florida. i was about to knock on his daughter's house where he was in florida, and he blew his brains out with a shotgun. >> you could haven't known. >> the president should know.
8:45 pm
how can i be so stupid. they said i was too young, too soft on communism, and i told them i was ready and they trusted me. >> they still do. >> how do you think the movie turned out, rob lowe? >> yeah, he's good, very tough accent to do, but even more impressive to me than the accent was the body language, kennedy had a ---when you're raised in wealth in america, you carry yourself a bit differently. and lowe who isn't a wealthy guy, who is a midwestern guy, he got it. so i'm very impressed with how lowe handled it. >> why rob lowe? >> i was the executive producer, but i don't really micromanage
8:46 pm
scott freeh. >> what was the most important thing we learned from your book, and what is in this documentary? >> that there was no conspiracy of a magnitude where there are other gun men. americans are still very confused because there's a lot of money to be made in this conspiracy deal. but j. edgar hoover wanted there to be a conspiracy, that's the key to my book and the whole thing, because then he could control the investigation. most people don't know that the dallas police department controlled the whole assassination investigation, because it wasn't a federal crime, it was a murder. >> and they messed in. >> and they messed up big time. and j. edgar hoover said go find a conspiracy so i can run this. and they couldn't. >> a strict quarantine on all offensive military equipment under shipment to cuba is being initiated. >> that's illegal. >> all ships of any kind bound
8:47 pm
for cuba from whatever nation is bound to contain cargo of offensive weapons be turned back. >> "killing lincoln" is a huge success. still on the -- >> i see. you know -- >> humility is an important quality. it's on the best seller list for 54 weeks. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> i just accurately mentioned it and you -- >> no, no, no. i wasn't. >> you were. >> i was merely giggling at something i saw earlier. no. >> this is what you have in common with the president. mocking success. >> yes, we mock success. there should be more americans writing assassination novels.
8:48 pm
>> not a novel. >> killing kennedy, killing lincoln. >> not a novel by the way. >> this is not fiction this is real. >> both are nonfiction. >> okay. >> we'll see. >> you got "killing lincoln." "killing kennedy jrn" and i ass killing garfield? >> how did "killing kennedy" go from an idea to a best selling book? a lot had to do with the creative process. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever?
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>> killing kennedy coauthor, martin dugard. he's collaborating with my four history books and many of you asked how that collaboration actually works. tonight marty joins me to reveal our secret formula. killing kennedy was a different situation because it was more investigative than killing lincoln. lincoln was more of exposing the man. kennedy had all of the conspiracy theories. i don't know whether you remember but i called you up and said we have a key into what really happened. one of my colleagues, leais wie. >> her dad was an fbi agent. he was able to give us back information. >> fbi agent sent the day edgar
8:53 pm
hoover was going to dallas and assigned to melina osborn. >> yeah. >> so lis wiehl's father a retired agent giving us stuff he told no one ever. how helpful was that? >> it was great. you dsaw the interview. he talked to you as if he was talking to a close friend. he confided in you. it was all of the little inside baseball all of the extra judge et information. it was finding the extra little nuggets and details and it added layers to it. >> that was the key to that? >> not only did he tell us what his experience was, but he was able to tell us how the fbi did the investigation in total in dallas and the pressure is on them and what was said and what was put out there. little by little we knocked out all of the conspiracy theories. we de bunked them because we were doing the straight on
8:54 pm
narrative about here is oswald here's what happened are you surprised about what we found out in killing kennedy? >> i was surprised we were able to streamline in a way that we didn't have to panneder to all of the conspiracy theorists. we put the facts in there and let the facts tell the story and it just worked. it kinds of exploded like that. >> we were able to get the clutter out of the way because we had all of this new material that we believed. the father was going to be a conspirator he was going to gentlemaned off. >> he is a patriot. let's give the viewers one really interesting jug nugget. we were investigating jack ruby. why jack ruby would kill osborn when he knew he was going to be taken into custody and his life was going to be over. dugard and i came to the conclusion it was spontaneous, it was not a planned act. jack ruby left something in his
8:55 pm
car when he went into the police station and that was? >> his dog. what kind of man leaves a dog in the car. >> his beloved dog. you don't leave a dog in a locked car if you are never going to come back to the car again. those are the kinds of little things that we were able to put together in kennedy and the other books as well. >> also in killing kennedy we were able to get into the minds of not only the president with you jackie kennedy. i changed my mind on jackie kennedy. die know whether you remember in the beginning i was skeptical. i thought you might have been one of the society people with no spine. she emerges a hero. >> she did interviews and she had a spine. she was a tough woman. she put up with it.
8:56 pm
i think she loved jack kennedy. >> she was a real hero when this whole thing came down. we portrayed that. >> you are a big shot now. it is all buecause of me. >> christmas is coming. christmas is coming. >> i have a special christmas message for you. >> we are going to tell everybody. >> it is not a frog you gave me last year? >> it is not the frog. >> martin dugard everybody. i have final thoughts on killing kennedy. quiet! mom has a headache! had a headache! but now, i... don't. excedrin® is fast. with 2 pain fighters, plus a booster, excedrin® ends headaches fast. in fact for some, relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin®. wow, that was fast. presenting excedrin® geltabs.
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quicken loans. home buy. refi. power. official mortgage sponsor of the pga tour. >> national geographic likes to get a right. they didn't deviate much from my book. >> they are saying bad things about you.
8:59 pm
>> i voted for nixon. >> look at you. you got the hyannis look. >> when you watch low not only does he have the accent down and the way kennedy's body language. he has a sense of i am pe imperousness that kennedy has. when bobby ken go goes in and tells his brother, you have a women problem. >> judas campbell? >> instead of defending himself or saying anything john kennedy just says, anything else? turns away. >> that's exactly what he would have done, and lowe played it perfectly. i wrote it, but he played it perfectly. >> thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor. >> coming up next we are going to show you the film based on my
9:00 pm
book "killing kennedy nominated for best tv movie. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out we are definitely looking out for you. buell frazier: morning, lee. what's in the package? lee harvey oswald: curtain rods. morning, hello?