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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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there is so much behind the scenes going on in social media it's unbelievable on "on the record." see you tomorrow night. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> more global warming controversy as protesters in paris defy the authorities even as president obama seems to make a statement. charles krauthammer will analyze for us. >> we have experienced so much hateful language, hateful speech. >> planned parenthood saying that criticism of its selling baby body parts has led to murder. any have a -- any validity to that? >> are these boys naughty or nice. >> it depends on the day. >> also ahead watters out with the folks shopping for the holidays. >> a perfect christmas gift.
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>> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. snoited ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. politics and murder. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, 57-year-old robert dear, accused of killing a police officer, two other civilians after he stormed a planned parenthood office in colorado springs. dear is a long-time malcontent who has had problems wherever he lived. unfortunately in a free society individuals like dear unchecked we have to report murder after murder after murder. planned parenthood are blaming the killings on harsh criticism directed at the organization after undercover videotapes exposed the sales of aborted baby body parts. >> we have experienced so
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much hateful language, hateful speech, such a negative environment has been created around the work that planned parenthood does around the idea of safe and legal abortion. and we have seen that across the country from all sorts of speakers in the last few months. >> now, what miss coward does not say is that planned parenthood is in the baby body parts business. and deserves much of the harsh criticism directed toward it the situation is reminiscent of the assassination in 2009 of dr. george tiller a late term abortionist in kansas. for $5,000 he would terminate any pregnancy for any reason. he was nicknamed kill tiller the baby killer by organizations who objected to his grizzly practice. i reported extensively on tiller, after he was assassinated by a named
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scott roeder blamed on me. roeder was given life in prison a well deserved sentence. the big picture is the roeder and the colorado killer represent their own sickselves. nothing more. same thing with the murder of tashawn lee in chicago who was gunned down on the street because his father is allegedly in a gang. 27-year-old cory morgan charged with first degree murder. kevin edwards being sought for killing tyshawn. no matter what the circumstance, it would be wrong to demonize all black inner city men for tyshawn's murder. it sex exclusively on it is exclusively on the killers. stop using to advance ideology. demonstrators in chicago are protesting the police department after a teenager,
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17-year-old la quan mcdonald shot dead by chicago officer jason van dyke. videotape shows la quan holding a knife but far away from the police officers who were trying to contain him. la quan was high on pcp and shot dead during the confrontation. officer van dyke charged with first degree murder. chicago protests were largely peaceful unlike baltimore and ferguson, also the chicago pd is a troubled outfit. there is is in question and deserves to be investigated. for years they have allowed mass murder to take place in poor neighborhoods. and although it is wrong to convict anyone on television, the videotape on la quan is very troubling. it is to the credit of the demonstrators in chicago that they are getting their points across without harming other americans. but, again, you can be sure some zealots will use the chicago police shooting to demonize all police officers all over the country. that is flat out wrong. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining chicn
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goolsbee who teaches university there planned parenthood first the guy is a a loon? >> i mostly agree with what you said in your talking point there i think the only thing that i would add is to the extent you are saying let's tone down the rhetoric and tone down the generationization, i 100 percent agree. we don't know that much about what's going on with this guy. it seems to me is probably mentally ill. he did not in and commit these mass atrocities. but we can say things in the public that get people amped up and lead the mentally toil go over the edge. it doesn't put -- it doesn't take any responsibility away from the criminals for us to say let's tone it down a lit. when you see donald trump saying. >> let's stay on this. i'm not toning it down. poord deceitfully, started
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an industry where they were selling the body parts of aborted fetuses or babies, depending on your point of view. all right? they didn't want the public to know it they were doing it for money. and they deserve every single thing they got. all exposure, all the reportage. you just don't do that in a free society. it's barbaric. if they are proud of what they did, doctor -- >> -- there is a lot of dispute that that's what the tapes actually showed. >> that's what the case actually showed. that's what it was. >> i don't know that it did. >> if you are not convinced by words on the videotape, then i can't help you. it was clear that planned parenthood didn't want this to be public. it was clear that executives took a cavalier attitude toward it. it is clear they were doing it for money. so that's clear. there is no doubt about it. so. >> i'm not trying to argue with you with you about the tapes. >> you are telling me to tone it down. i'm not toning anything
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down. >> i think it's in the spirit of your memo which is if someone is mentally ill, and is going to commit a crime, that's on them. >> that's right. >> and mostly it is the criminals. but let us all just try to be a little. >> gun a little 9-year-old in the street are they mentally ill these two guys? >> you know, i hope so. >> okay. fear not. >> demonize all crime all young black men. >> i agree with that are the path your memo. that's by extension you can't blame the pro-life movement or reporters like me for telling the folks the truth. >> and i don't. and i don't. >> that's the point. >> what i'm saying is let's all just take one step back and not -- either side everybody is going to point the finger and blame every crime is due to what somebody else said. mostly, 99% is the criminal themself and they should be tried for their crime.
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>> i will accept the 99%. >> let's not make the situation worse. >> are you a man of the left then a bit upset by the charlatans who run out and try to exploit tyshawn, the 9-year-old, and the planned parenthood shootings for their own political purposes? i mean, i just think that's sickening. >> i could be for sure. i'm trying not to be a hypocritical or one sided in any way. and there are going to be many circumstances where i will be upset. in some of what i have seen coming out of colorado, they were highlighting how hot the rhetoric was of people on the other side and saying they felt that they were amping up really violent attacks on them. that doesn't excuse the violent attacks. >> violent attacks planned parenthood. >> i want us on all sides to take a step back and try to do less of that. >> i'm emotionally involved with this because i was accused of -- >> -- i know you are.
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>> of tamping that thing up in kansas. and all i did was accurately report on what that guy tiller was doing. it was an industry, 5,000 bucks, you walk, in it doesn't matter if you are going to give birth tomorrow. it doesn't matter for what reason. is he going to terminate if you pay. i reported it it. it was accurate. kansas took action against the assistant, also a doctor, all right. now, i'm sorry he is dead. and as i said, of the guy who killed him deserves what he got. he probably deserves capital punishment. but i'm not tamping down my reporting because of this kind of demagoguery. i will give you the last word. >> okay. i would just make a difference between you can -- whatever reporting you want to do, but many of the events in some of these things i still think ought to lead to us take a step back and cool down our
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rhetoric. not our reporting but our rhetoric and prosecute the criminals for what they. >> all right, doc. always a pleasure to debate with you. thank you very much. next on the rundown, climate change chaoses in paris. why is president obama so a dam mat about the issue? charles krauthammer with the inside story. later, donald trump, is he being treated unfairly. those reports after these message.
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but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? pretty much all these international events to cause trouble. so far french police have arrested about 100 of them. what is behind these violent demonstrations. also, president obama using the climate change conference to address terrorism. >> we salute the people of paris for insisting this
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crucial conference go on. an act of defiance that proves nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. what greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshall ling our best efforts to save it. >> i'm not sure i understand that line of thinking. joining us from washington is a man who does charles krauthammer. so, before we get to that i know you want to comment on the debate i just had with dr. goolsbee about planned parenthood, go. >> because this incident reminds me of the instant reaction after the tucson shooter, remember the one that went to a shopping center, shot terribly wounded the congresswoman, killed a 9-year-old girl and within hours the explanation was that this jared loughner had been influenced and driven to kill by the,
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quote, climate of violence that had been aroused by none other than sarah palin. and people then cited her website where she talked about the targeting of certain democratic districts for winning over to the g.o.p. and said that kind of language influenced him. of course, it was obvious from the first hour the guy was a paranoid schizophrenic. anybody could see it. you talked to any of the witnesses who had known him in the past were afraid of him. the guy had this notion that the government was using glamour to control -- grammar to control his mind. he had internal world that had nothing to do with the external world. and, yet the "new york times" had a front page analysis piece talking exactly about that within hours. so, i think we have got to be very careful. it's not as clear that this guy who did the shooting in the clinic colorado was paranoid schizophrenic but there is a lot of evidence that he was a guy who was
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delusional and in many ways paranoid. >> that's the reportage. >> before we blame anybody, learn about the mental history of this guy. i'm quite sure we will find that there was very little connection between the debate about planned parenthood and this guy's deranged shooting. >> okay, now, president obama. >> confronting global warming, climate change, is an anti-terror strategy. >> i heard him say that you know, around the edges before. do you understand that? >> in fact, he said, friday in his press conference, the president hollande of france that it would sandy powerful send a powerful rebuke. >> the idea that the terrorists struck paris in order to prevent or have anything to do with climate change is really so out there that you have got to ask yourself what planet is
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the president living on? i think this is his way of fentding off -- fending off the fact or trying to distract attention from the fact that the paris attack and all the other world terrorism going on for the last several months are a demonstration of the abject failure of his war on terror policy. , he doesn't even believe it's a war on terror. he abolished the very term. this is why it detract. >> he has always been heavily invested in climate change, this is an issue that i believe more important to him than defeating isis. it's more ukraine out of the soviet -- over the russian orbit. i mean, i want a clean planet, i'm sure you do, too. he is almost obsessed with this issue and i want to know why. >> well, here -- once again,. >> a psychiatrist. >> yes. all right. so since i played it in the
5:18 pm
previous little segment, i guess i'm required to play it here. all right. i will give you one hypothesis which is the best i can do. he sees himself grandiosely as he always has as a kind of visionary, a man who sees so much further ahead than the ordinary plea beings in the united states. he is looking generations ahead. he is saving the planet.
5:19 pm
there. but he is saving us from our own instincts and our own ignorance. that's what he sees. and that's why he has been absolutely committed to this idea for so many years. >> well, i see it a little bit differently and i see it as a prophecymove. he doesn't have to take any action he has to talk and impose some restrictions on coal or whatever he sees it to be. whereas the other problems like isis and putin, that takes a lot of risk and he is risk adverse. this guy is risk adverse. that's what i think it is is we are going to send charles over to talk about sending u.s. troops to syria and iraq should that happen. jesse and watters talking to the folks about christmas buying. moments away. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear
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from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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for the content of this message.
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continuing now with impact segment charles krauthammer joining us from washington. john mccain in the middle east over 2 othousand american troops to confront isis along with some other nations. do you support that charles? >> in theory i would as a last resort. let me me explain. two caveats, number one i would not do it under this president. and does not want to do it. if he does stuff he doesn't want to do as he admits he did when he tried to arm at least he had the program for half a billion to arm syrian rebels and ended up with 9 syrians trained and then he said oh i really didn't want to do it but did i it because i was told to do it. that's not going to work. or the same way he escalated in afghanistan and announce the withdrawal date in the
5:24 pm
same sentence and a lot of americans have died, i think four out of every five americans who has died in afghanistan has been under obama. a guy who never sought victory and was half hearted. i wouldn't do any operations of this scale under obama because there will be a lot of needless death. now, in principle, yes. but i wouldn't do it right away. the reason is we have not given the air war any kind of seriousness. i would try to do an air war that is more than seven sorties a day over syria. think about that seven sorties a day over in the gulf war in 1991, we flew 1100 a day. in the kosovo war when there weren't any boots on the ground in which we won from the air an average of 139 a day. seven a day is a joke. we haven't touched the oil fields, why? the administration admitted
5:25 pm
last week we don't want to do any damage to the environment as if we are playing a tidally winks game here. >> he doesn't want to confront them militarily, the commander and chief is the architect of this campaign. is he telling them not to bomb the oil fields. is he telling them not to go up. he is sabotaging his own policy. he says we have a coalition of 65 nations. everybody knows that's a farce. he says we are bombing isis and making progress. everybody knows that's a farce. you can't take any military action with him in the seat, can can you? >> no, that's my first one. you can't do. but my second point let's say we got a new president in january. at that point i think a the first thing you do is you try sir sirius air war. we will have arab allies willing to join us. if that does not work and
5:26 pm
this is a last resort at that point i would like to for 50 or 100,000 army -- 100 man army and that would include a lot of allies with america providing, perhaps, 10%. we would have france. we would have nato, probably the east europeans. we would have an arab/sunni contingent. a major one from jordan, egypt and the gulf states. the big trick is going to try to get turkey which would have to be the base for the operation to join. if so, that would be a serious push. >> do you think isis is primary sunni. >> that's because isis attacked them. >> they were already in the coalition. the jordanians and egyptians know that isis is a threat. isis has just shut down the tourist industry in egypt by attacking him. the egyptians have a terrible isis problem in the middle of their own country in sinai. of course they will join.
5:27 pm
but they will only join the way they did in 1991 with a president like a george h.w. bush who said this will not stand. i will go it alone if i have to. and as a result of saying that, that's called leadership. about 50 other countries actually joined. >> you are saying we have to tread water for the next, i don't know, 15 months? and isis basically gets a get out of jail free card for 15 months. that's what's going to happen. >> that's our problem. we reelected this man and under our constitution he controls the military and the problem between now and then, you cannot have a campaign that will cost a lot of lives, led by a man who doesn't want to do it it. >> everything changes, of course, if there is an attack here which, you know, the odds are -- >> -- even then, do you want him ordering. >> no. but he has to then. then they have to. all right, charles, as always, thank you. plenty more ahead as the
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factor moves along this evening. is donald trump being treated unfairly by the national press. laura ingraham and juan williams on that. >> shopping with the folks. >> what says christmas like a nice firearm for the kids? >> sure. >> throw it in there. >> all right. >> hope you stay tuned to those reports. (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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donald trump continues to dominate the political news cycle. latest controversy almost a week old now about muslims celebrating after the 9/11 attacks. some militant muslims did that in the middle east. mr. trump says he saw the same kind of reaction in new jersey and indeed the "the washington post" mention as celebratory situation in jersey city. the factor is looking for videotape of the jersey situation. tomorrow we have a truth serum report on that. for now let's bring in laura ingraham and juan williams from washington. laura is the national press in general too hard on trump? >> i think a couple of things, bill. i think on the one hand they are obsessing on their. this time of year it's usually reindeer and santa on the roof. now the scrof muslims okay the roof. did this really happen or not? i get that completely, at the same time trump does benefit from the attention and the focus even if it's on issue. i will tell you where the unfairness comes in though. the bias comes in on the
5:33 pm
substantive questions that they don't really want to engage in, number one have all these global trade deals been really good for the american middle class. number two, has generally open borders and unlimited immigration been good for the american middle class working families. they don't want to talk about those substantive issues which he does address. that's what he devotes most of his time to. try to delegitimize the whole thing. >> trump could steer the conversation to those areas if he wanted to. >> right. >> continues to encage in the small ball what say you, williams? >> look, trump is a master of the press. he has played -- he grew up in the new york media market and he thrived. to this moment no matter what he says, no if it can't be proven, he puts the media on the defensive and i think lots of republicans think oh the mainstream media they are a bunch of democrats and liberals anyway. he goes up by attacking the media. even what he says no basis
5:34 pm
for it don't forget if you are carlie fiorina. the press went after you on hp. hewlett packard. if you are berne car is on the press went after you on west point on this latest thing the thing about muslims as president, his mother, all that if you are marco rubio they go back into your past. it's not just donald trump. donald trump is actually benefiting from all this media coverage support where other people ask for more media coverage. >> there is more of an intensity about the trump attacks, i think. >> bill, you are absolutely right. the establishment in both parties, republicans and democrats are just absolutely until a frothy frenzy about the idea of a nonestablishment candidates winning. you see it with the left, you know. seizing on this issue and covering it to the exclusion of the substantive conversation, of course. that's what they are going to do. also, remember the report about the republican donors in california brad freeman, these guys were big w
5:35 pm
backers, they are good guys but they basically said in one report they raised their hand and said they will vote for hillary over trump. so you have got a big effort out there by the establishment in both parties to say this guy is, you know, completely out of his gourd. he says things that aren't true. yet, they won't engage in the substantive conversation which i think most people do want to have a conversation about. >> to be fair, it's not easy interviewing donald trump. i mean, we are going to have him on wednesday. i think i do a decent job of it a lot of times i have got to say come on. you know, like that. it's not easy. because he has his -- it's not rehearsed but he is fixated on two or three things and he always comes back to two or three things. people running the country are morons. i can make better deals. as you know as an interviewer you can go well, okay, but what about this and then it's right back it
5:36 pm
to i can make better deals. it's not easy to pin him down although on wednesday i have two or three new lines of questioning, williams, which i think you will enjoy. >> okay. >> i'm not going toal'dask him about the muslim stuff. i'm not going to bother because i think that wastes the time as laura pointed out of the viewer. they don't care well, i don't know that they don't care. you are not going to get an answer. trump says he saw it that's it. he says he saw it. >> but, look, the business we're in is journalism. you go and you look to corroborate -- no, there is no corroboration of any such tape in america in the. >> watch truth serum tomorrow. we are looking. we north going to jump until we have looked into every corner. >> laura, i want to say to you -- >> -- let juan have the last word. go. >> i say, laura are a, why doesn't he bring the conversation back to substance. you are saying -- nobody wants to hear him. i think we do want to hear him. he doesn't discuss them.
5:37 pm
>> he can -- if he wanted to. i think he is enjoying the joust. very good debate. thank you both. when we come right back, is president obama hurting hillary clinton? new batch of emails mrs. clinton's tenure at the state department released today. brit hume has got it watters out shopping with the folks. factor is coming right back. i have asthma...
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the hume zone segment tonight. almost 8,000 pages of hillary clinton's email. how would you like to read all that released by the state department today. 328 of those contain classified information which is what the c all about. mrs. clinton continues to walk a very tight rope when asked about president obama. >> do you believe that president obama under estimated isis when he he called it the jv team? >> look, i don't think it's useful to go back and replow old ground. >> sure. joining us now from washington, brit hume. okay. let's take the email dump first. anything in there catch your eye? >> well, the 328 number caught my eye, bill, because mrs. clinton keeps defending herself on this issue by saying that he she didn't send any emails that were
5:42 pm
marked classified. well with, no kidding that's because she was writing the emails and she would have had to mark them classified. listen, information isn't classified because it's marked that way. it's marked that way because it's classified. so she is clearly, according to these state department officials who have been reviewing the matter was trafficking or at least crews using classified information or information that was secret and should have been marked classified by somebody if not her, and was -- it was in her emails. that's her responsibility. she cannot escape responsibility by this by saying these emails weren't marked. of course they weren't marked. >> nobody cares. that's how she escapes responsibility. when i say nobody. it's not people watching this program. but the mass of people they don't understand what this is all about. they are tired of it and i don't see this hurting her one smidgen. the people don't like her are not going to like her and visa versa. >> well, maybe the added effect of this will be minor. she is suffering a problem where people don't find her
5:43 pm
trustworthy and this cannot helper that. >> no i agree her overall persona is one of dubious character. k. that be kind? is that accurate? >> that's something she has to worry about. >> the other thing she has to worry about are the obama questions. the worse a president does and right now he is in another losing streak, the more she is going to be asked well, what will you do differently? and she doesn't want to go up against him. that's clear. >> well with, that is -- i think that describes the problem perfectly. there is a very close association, bill, between the popularity of the departing president of your own party an and the candidate trying to succeed that president. the worse he does, the harder it's going to be for her. on the other hand o, if she tries to to distance herself from him and on some issues she apparently has had some differences with him. if she tries to do that she risks alienating those who supported him and she needs their votes. not most of their votes she
5:44 pm
needs nearly all of their votes and she doesn't want to break with him in a way that would cause hum to break with her. >> he takes it real personally. >> he might, bill, but i don't think he would ever forsake her because whatever chance he has of his legacy continuing on things like the iran deal and this nonbinding climate deal that's being negotiated or worked out in paris depends upon a democrat. >> it's a passive aggressive play. then, you know how it is. and he can do certain things behind the scenes. particularly with the minority communities. it's almost like the reagan and you covered this, bush the elder, transfer of power. in '87, 88 that you had, you know, ronald reagan not really campaigning hard for bush the elder, primarily because he wasn't up to it physically. >> well, that's true. but i might add to that though that george h.w. bush really was very careful while he drew some
5:45 pm
distinctions between himfulself and reagan he didn't draw very many. it was more of tone than substance. >> his campaign would have appreciated reagan doing more. but as i write and as we know now, reagan at the it end of his term was shaky, physically. and couldn't. but they didn't want that, you know, out. so, the transfer from a president to another president in the same party is always fraught, and there is a lot of infighting. i think we are going to see that. >> >> i it i do think on some issues she let it be known that she differed on the speed of the withdraw from iraq on articulating president withdraw. deadline surging from troops and other issues as well and okay some domestic issues as well. i'm not sure particularly pronounced. >> it's the same thing. she gets the nomination she'll be a little bit more. you will see. brit hume, everybody. watters on deck. he is in the holiday mod
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world. the national retail federation stems that americans spent about $300 each on gifts over the thanksgiving weekend. and some folks like me need a lot of help shopping. we sent watters out to the target store in west bury long island to lend a hand. ♪ ♪ >> whether a do you celebrate kwanzaa? >> we celebrate christmas. >> merry christmas. >> do you say happy hooldz other merry christmas. >> i usually say happy hooldz to be be all
5:50 pm
inclusive. >> wrong answer happy kwanzaa. >> what's your budget for the holiday season? >> i don't have one. i just spend. >> you sound like president obama. >> no. please don't do that. >> you are lucky there is nokwa? >> you sound like president obama. >> you are lucky there is no missiletoe. >> you want to ride on my sleigh for a little while? >> what channel is this? what? ♪ >> better. do you know why we celebrate christmas? >> because jesus wants to give us stuff for his birthday? >> reporter: do you know whose birthday it was on christmas? >> santa? >> well, jesus. what are you guys shopping for? >> stuff for grandchildren and christmas and maybe kwanza. >> how about uncle eddie?
5:51 pm
>> who are you buying for? >> family, friends. >> extra kids? >> is there something i don't know about? smr no, not that extra kid. >> what are you looking to get for christmas? >> cash. i don't like check, cash. >> have these boys been naughty or nice? >> it depending on the day. >> one of you turds is getting smacked in the mouth. >> i have family come income from argentina. >> don't overstay your visa, okay? so what are you getting your husband for christmas? >> hot wheels. >> it sounds like you have a great relationship. >> i'm hoping for something flashier. >> flannel pants works are these for? >> my girlfriend. >> how long have you been dating? >> that's a girl. i don't like girls, what, are you kidding me? >> you take things too seriously. >> this is a war on christmas isn't snit. >> to defend myself against these guys. >> someone gets out of line, give them a whack over the head. >> i love him. some day i'm going to knock him
5:52 pm
on his butt. >> do you save money on kids? >> you save money on suntan lotion, they don't go outside. instead of video games, how about some outdoor activities? >> would you like to play tennis in. >> what are you kidding? we can play some competitive sports. >> you got to get him a cup, too. >> for which sport? >> any sport. balls flying around. you can't be too careful. >> hey you guy, oh, my nose. >> try this option. there we go. there we go. >> go! >> oh! >> oh. >> cleanup in aisle 7. >> irve, we were never in aisle 7. >> you guys know how to read? >> yes. >> check this out. better than coal, isn't it? do you know what is this is? >> i do not. >> i want you to throw that in there. he's not going to be happy about that. you got to spend more money than this. you are not a communist, are
5:53 pm
you? >> just intervention. good-bye. have a good day. >> she did not like you? >>. i almost got a black eye on black friday. >> and the lady who threw the book in, she threw it back out? >> she did not sign that out. >> what's the hottest gift at argument? what is really move something. >> besides your book, which are flying a tough shelves? legos are the big ticket items. video games. no one was in the sports aisle. it was empty. everyone is looking at electronics and legos. >> i want to tell you, watters and i play turkey bowl on friday. you into ed to get in shape. you were huffing and puffing out there. we won, it would not be because of him. there is nobody playing sports, the machines and all that. >> that's why everyone is living with their parents. >> knack tin fact, the tip of t
5:54 pm
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back with the tip of the day, new christmas music, check it out in a moment. bill o'reilly store under siege. people are picking up hat, shirt, partchmentings of historical documents. you frame them up. reag "killing reagan" is still number one in the marketplace. i can only sign so many. we can even personalize a greeting for you. tell us what you want. all the killing books including the ones for kids, still are best sellers across the country. we thank you for that. e-mail, bill, your acceptance of donald trump is intolerable. she a racist. >> you don't know him, bob, so
5:57 pm
your accusation is grossly irresponsible. it's my job to cover the campaign and those involved with it. not to sensor or eliminate based upon the opinions of others. no spin. wall from columbus, indiana says today's definition of racist anyone disagreeing with liberal thought who cares what some call trump. o'reilly, neither you nor dana perino mentioned that among the leaders are two people and a black man. i was relieved to hear. you sa i the republican candidates should relax on social issues and economics. whoever wants to be president, both parties, must persuade the folks, the voters that he or she can deal with islamic terrorism. got to fame it. and then they have to convince them that they'll stimulate the economy so more good jobs are created. not part-time jobs, good paying
5:58 pm
jobs. all right. all the other issues are secondary, including global warming, which i think is sixth on the list now in the polls. a minnesotaan, hey, bill, can't wait to see you in phoenix on friday. we will be there. we will see you there. ronald, i finally became a bill o' premium member. it should be there by the end of this week. your pm discount will save you the membership free and much more on christmas and hanukkah. if you are tired of songs like grandma got run over by a reindeer and wrapping around the christmas tree. i love brenda lee, enough, brenda, i love the beachboys ♪
5:59 pm
♪ here's the message we are bringing ♪ ♪ in reality ♪ you'll never alone on christmas day ♪ >> that's little mike with his mom on the cover. so it's a good song. can you hear the whole thing on itunes, whatever that is. itunes. and there's other stuff that i don't understand either. that's the tip of the day. i used to have a little record player. you put it on, the thing it place. itunes. >> thatonight. check out the website, which is different from billo' you can reach me at o' do not be afrighted. brand-new word, when writing to the factor.
6:00 pm
tomorrow's edition, we are investigating the muslim new jersey situation. true serum is on the case. again thanks for watching us. i'm bill o'reilly, remember the spin, stops here. definitely looking out for you want . . breaking tonight the man accused of killing three people in an attack on a planned parenthood clinic in colorado makes his first court appearance as the debate over possible motive and who is really to blame heats up. welcome to the "kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. a man killed a police officer, a mom and an iraq war veteran. while police have been careful not to release information on a possible motive, that has little suggesting this has little to do with political rhetoric from the right and the series