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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 10, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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after you finish watching your other favorite fox programs. good night from washington, d.c. o'reilly is up next. he has donald trump as his tonight on "red eye." after more than two decades crystal pepsi is back. >> a lot has changed since 1992 and now it is a different clinton and different bushnt. and what are the secret talents of the presidential candidates 1234 hillary robot clinton has laser eyes. and an old guy's pants fall down after receiving an award. now you know why larry inning c c -- king wears suspenders. first, a news break. live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. protesters taking it to the streets of chicago last night. marching for several hours clogging streets and blocking traffic and calling for the
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mayor's resignation. the march continued a protest that started with a court ordered release of a video last month. the video from october 2014 is showing a white city cop shooting a black teen analler 16 >> a black teenager 16 times. it forced several investigations and the resignation of the police chief. now there is an investigation by the u.s. justice department. but mayor rahm emanuel will not resign. >> i take responsibility for what happened because it happened on my watch. if we are going to fix it, i want you to understand that it is my responsibility with you. if we will also begin the healing process, the first step in that journey is my step. >> we are learning more about the san bernadino shooters. the fbi director says farook
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and malik were radicalized more than two years ago. >> as early as the end of 2013 they were talking to each other about jihad and martyr dom before they were engaged and married and lived together in the united states. >> the lawyer for the man accused in the colorado springs planned parenthood shootings wants all evidence turned over so he can assess what he describes as his client's mental illness. in an outburst in court he called himself a, quote, warrior for the babies. he said he was guilty and won't go to trial. he is accused of killing three and wounding nine others. i'm robert gray. now back to "red eye." smie welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the "red eye" news
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desk. we are winging the banter tonight. >> i have a question for you. it is wednesday. why do they spell it wed-nes-day? >> that's a great question and the only way i can answer your question is by saying roll banter animation. >> let's welcome our guests. in germany they call her neinsachsky. it is joanne -- joanne though saw chin ski -- joanne nosuchunsky. and her career is blowing up. too soon? the tech expert and the host of the pod cast show. >> and sam i am? no sam he is. sitting next to me is the host of the sam roberts show. sam roberts. let's start the show. none of you asked for it and
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some of you are gonna get it. crystal pepsi is making a come back. pepsi announced that 13,000 unlucky winners will get to party like it is a straight edge party in 1992. that's right. you could be having as much fun as these paid commercial actors. >> ♪ a party over here ♪ a party over there these three words when you're getting busy ♪ ♪ whomp there it is 12340e9. ♪ ♪ whomp there it is >> fans of the 90s drink can win a six pack by going and entering the sweepstakes. it could give hope to other terrible products that were canceled for a reason. like purple catch up. purple ketchup. on a daily basis i watch that show. sam, does anyone really want crystal pepsi? >> what is the problem? there are people who want
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this. the reason they are conditioned, pepsi is creating a secondary market for soda. they did the same thing with the stupid back to the future bottles where only a limited number of people could get it and then you are on ebay and people are selling soda on ebay. more infuriating is people buying sodas on ebay. >> it sounds like you were on ebay and you were on that page. otherwise you wouldn't know about it. >> that's a true story. >> i just want to find out. >> it is supply and demand. >> i am a soda fan. this is a bastardization of soda. >> i didn't know anyone was a soda fan. >> i why do they call it a soft drink? >> it makes people soft on the inside in a good way. >> it is probably because liquor is hard. so it is soft. >> that makes sense, joanne. >> write it down, andy. >> joanne, were you even alive
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when crystal pepsi was out? >> i was. you know what else was out? plantar's crisp. maybe it was because i was a baby and it was my first taste of sugar. it was not really the product that they miss, but who they were. they miss the times. they miss, you know, what it represented. that's more than the actual product. >> you're like don draper or something. >> no, but that was also the plot to ratatouille. >> i watch film. >> it is true. what was it you said? they miss who they were when that product was out. it doesn't matter what the product is. >> it i have to say i am a little surprised at people not bringing up how obviously problematic this is. i mean white soda in this day and age? is donald trump going to build a wall to prevent any dark soda from being imported after this? do we all have to have the clear, pure white soda that goes in on this?
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>> it is incredibly problematic. >> supply and demand is really disappointing here. i think 13,000 people ever drank it. >> it seems like a big number. why not make it a thousand people and then you will be sure that it is the thousand people who love that drink. >> you have a point. you always have a point. >> have i a point and it is sharp -- i have a point and it is sharp and insicive. >> it is fantastic. i have never been more excited about the come back of crystal pepsi. it mind controlled me to think i do. >> what about that other drink? it was a clear beer. what was it called? >> there were all sorts of -- zima! aren't i lucky i have something in my ear? >> the only clear drink i like is vodka and tequilla. anything else, stay away from the clear stuff. >> what's your problem with the clear stuff, dude? >> i don't know. it freaks me out a little bit. it seems unnatural. >> what about gin?
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that's the clearest of them all. >> i am a fan of gin. >> donald trump isn't the only candidate making news. ted cruz revealed in an interview that his favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a mcdonalds egg white sandwich. yes he loves the mcdonalds egg white sandwich. that nugget of information comes from people magazine. it asks some of the presidential hopefuls a few questions and in this week's issue. here are some of the fun facts. when asked about the secret talent i make amazing chili with deer that i kill. wow. he has to kill them. donald trump when asked about his favorite guilty pleasure responded my favorite guilty pleasure show "snl." the best ratings in years. it was a terrific success. it was 50% more than hillary's
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show and that makes me feel good. sounds like there is no guilt involved. >> and hillary clinton when asked about her favorite thing to eat on the campaign trail said jalapenos. i started during the 1992 campaign and i believe they keep me going. wow. i believe we have video of hillary after eating jalapenos at a rally in iowa. >> that is very, very detailed footage. >> they are hot. they have that affect on me. >> i thought it was interesting that hillary clinton said her show was "madam secretary." which is different from bill's show which is naughty secretary." these are not guilty pleasures. i sometimes do not put socks in the hamper and that irritates my stuff.
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i am very much a real human and not just a politician who is repeating regurgitated my staff wrote for me. >> who was the most free with the answers? trump seemed to be the least. he was most on the campaign trail when answering the questions. >> i think his guilty pleasures are far more interesting than the ones that he admitted to in this context. the guilty pleasure let's be clear is not something like that. it is i sit in the dark in my underwear drinking scotch and chain smoking and reading harry potter. >> i think he does it. >> it came so easy to him. >> may i say what is not a guilty pleasure? chris christie and cracklin oat bran? >> have you ever had it? >> the fact is he said on this thing he didn't eat breakfast usually which he eats breakfast.
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he definitely eats breakfast. that's another thing. he eats krispy kreme. >> he made up a better one. you said it on air. i mean can you take a straight line? they said it to you three times. >> moon ball. >> it is such a contrite thing. to be so out of touch that your guilty pleasures are eggs, "walking dead" and" modern family." >> they are busy people. i like cracrlin oat bran. i don't put it in the bowl. i eat it by hand. >> in college that was my crack. it is not good for you. you think it is oat bran, but it is high in fat because of whatever fat they put in there. i thought it was interesting. ted cruz wants to get that mcdonalds gold card. he wants free breakfast for life. carly fiorina.
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tomato soup is tomato soup. >> they all say they want to spend more time with their family if they were given a day off. again, i mean they are told to say that. the candidate that says i want to go to a casino and drink all day -- -- >> then you feel guilty. >> if anybody has any guts in this whole campaign, somebody has to challenge him to a wrap battle. >> wait, he is a musician. you don't think he can wrap? >> i would love to see it. >> he has sick beats and they are about to drop. >> you and i will get this in a way nobody else in america does. if you are gonna have some sausage you have to till some pigs. if you're gonna have some sausage you gotta till some pigs. we have to do some pig killing. >> that's amazing.
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that is a really good wrap song. and it has a good lesson. >> did you shazam that? i just saw you shazam it. >> i knew somebody was going to talk smack to huck. i said i'm gonna pull one of his wraps out. >> i think tibber gore will have a -- tipper gore will have a problem with that message. >> and making a sexist comment on facebook. clementine ford put up a facebook page calling out a gross come meant made by some other guy. michael nolan decided to respond by calling her a slut, an offense in some cultures. they discovered that nolan listed his employer in the facebook file. i wonder if the folks are aware that a man listing himself as a supervisor for
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their business likes to leave comments on the facebook pages calling them sluts. three days later they say they messaged her saying they investigated the matter and nolan had been let go. oh my darlin. clementine had it in for him. >> do we have to go back to the basic notion of you don't want it on a billboard in time square. >> what i love about what is happening in this new wave of social media is instead of blocking people or disregarding the comment people are like, you want to throw down? i'll throw down. i applaud her. they go after him. >> she got him. >> but he doesn't -- he's not tech savy. >> but this is a classic example of how they are like schoolyard mean girl activity. you run over to the chalk and say this person over here is bothering me. beat them up. >> that's exactly what this is.
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>> she went after them direct and got him. >> by complaining to his employer? you think calling somebody else a name is okay? i think he loses and she looks like a jerk. >> he started it and she finished it. >> it would be easier to defend her and say you shouldn't be using that language. there is no word that does more damage to you than losing your livelihood does. like as bad as you feel because somebody called you a shut, it -- somebody called you a slut. >> i love it. are we dividing along gender lines, joanne? who do you feel is in the wrong here? >> i think she was. i like sluts, but not snarky snarkysluts. sticks and stones can break my
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bones -- but she did take away a livelihood. why he went after a woman making a post about people who say those sorts of things. why he thought that was a good idea i don't know. the job didn't have to fire him. she made it known. it is not like she was the boss which that would be weird. >> which no one has done. it is a no win situation but this is the nature of social media and you either get on the horse or you get off. >> why didn't she go to his insult page? think of an insult that would match him. how about that, katie? >> i don't think there is any right way to do this. i think the easiest thing to do is to say nothing. we are seeing a new wave of
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people saying it's on. >> the real take away is an adult man does not need a facebook page. >> what is this tough shirtless guy strolling around facebook. >> i don't think he understands the billboard affect. >> they don't understand it is right there. so anyway, coming up uber starts a new program to replace the city buses. he will be after the lucrative petty cab market. the lucrative pedi cab market.
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taxi killer uber has taken another step toward world domination by introducing a few new services. some people
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love to hate uber. i'm sure it will have them fuming. they have been gobbling up transportation all over. they have uber-x and uber black and even uber pool for ride sharing. now they are testing uber hop. and uber commute which is like carpooling which people do a lot in tv commercials, but nobody ever really does. i say let the company have at it. i would go further. they need to turnover their public transportation to uber and see how they do. something tells me they will be able to move more people to less places in less time now we need uber coffee 1k3 uber em paw gnaw do and uber should be quartet. you just need to sing paddlin madeline home with men of good
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character and good disposition. ben, you know why people hate uber? it is successful. >> i am not a big fan of this idea. it is for -- it is like uber, but for bad ideas. >> it is like the crystal pepsi of uber. >> why not? they want you to hop on and hop off. >> the more uber gets away from their original model the more utility of it decays. i am not as excited about this. >> you have to spend more time around people which was supposed to be allowing you to spend time around fewer people which is a thing for me. >> uber pool is cheaper. >> this is the exact reason you take uber. >> well do you say that?
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you can tell you are a driver. silencio. >> you can also say it in english. >> they know that? >> just saying. >> you have been drinking too much crystal pepsi. >> i don't have to say aeropuerto when i go somewhere. >> you use uber to get around town? i commend them for trying things. they are using the united states as their laboratory. you want to try new things especially if you can make money and if there is demand for it, yes. what scares me about uber commute and why i wouldn't use it is it is the same thing as picking up a hitchhiker. you don't see someone ease credentials and they say we'll put the gps tracking on. we can do the two-way you rate the ride and the passenger and
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the driver. that doesn't help you from being attacked in your car. i get nervous for that. i don't anticipate that would happen much but i watch a lot of crime tv. >> what about the drivers? you don't know them anymore than the carpool. >> that's their job. you are not being paid to do uber commute. >> do you profile your driver? >> you profile the car. it is like no, this is a honda and a toyota. >> why not a honda? >> when you are looking for a car to steal? >> oh, yeah. i was making a joke about uber-empanada. i like what they are doing. >> they are trying to take over the government. no private company has directly competed. they are obviously trying to take out all public
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transportation. >> i love it. >> they are going to open a post office next. >> that's the next. >> would you uber police officers? would you uber the marines. >> who is you guys? >> oh my gosh this is genius. but for northrop grum mon. >> this is uber's mission and we will be dependent on a private company like uber and then we are all in a lot of trouble. >> why are we in trouble? we have proven that private companies do things better than -- >> not when they're in charge of us. >> if they are in charge of getting us from one place to another -- i think you will sport me. a private company would run our buses better thap the city. >> the profit motive will be a
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bigger factor. frankly i have more problems with the current national security superstructure being less responsive shall we say to the constitution and to people's needs than a private company like uber. >> uber does -- doesn't have a constitution. >> you are a technologist and you believe in this stuff, don't you? >> a technologist? >> at the end of the day regardless of what p so int you just made i don't want to sit next to you at an uber. >> no offense. i want my own ride. >> are you kidding me? he was voted most likely to share an uber. >> >> she is an agoraphobic. >> i love uber, but they are getting more like the cabs of ofester year. >> did you ever take a list.
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>> you meet people. pink mustaches. it is fun. coming up, you know him. you love him. it is tv andy levy with tv's andy levy next.
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>> live from america's news
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headquarters, i'm robert gray. we are learning more about the shooters. they were radicalized at least two years ago. >> at the end of 2013 they were talking about jihad and martyr dome before they were married and went to live together in the united states. >> funeral services for one of the san bernadino victims is today. an environmental health specialist for the county was expecting to receive her badge the day she was gunned down. a dozen other memorial services are scheduled over the next week. a federal judge has cleared the way for the scheduled arrival of the last of the refugees. they are expected to arrive in houston and most are chirp. the judge ruled that the state security concerns about
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infiltrating refugees amounts to the larnlly -- largely speculative hear say. and one of the biggest muslims is talking about donald trump's ban. mow ham -- mow am immediate uh -- mohamed ali says the position should be used for understanding. storms have triggered landslide and power outages and flooding in washington and oregon. crews are working to restore power to some 15,000 customers in western washington. the public health officials say lab tests confirm the presence of the nor row virus in a chipotle restaurant near boston college. the restaurant is closed while an investigation continues. i'm robert gray. now back to "red eye.
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>> welcome back. it is time to see what we got wrong. >> did you notice what katie had on her ipad? >> i am your biggest fan and let it be known. >> i heart andy levy. >> ask if she has ever invited me to one of her 74,000 pod casts. >> have you? >> put up or shut up. >> all i'm saying. >> crystal pepsi makes the big return. i see you went with the long i pro pronunciation for short lived. >> they are laughing as if it doesn't exist. i say short lived, but i think short lived is more common in america. it is just something i noticed. >> i thought they were called little people. >> you said pepsi is creating demand by offering a limited
12:34 am
amount of the crystal pepsi and you were upset that 13,000 people were going to get it. i feel like they are doing this because they have the 13,000 six packs left over from the 90s. i think maybe they just found them. i'm pretty sure that's what is going on. >> joanne, you told me to mark something down? >> i can't remember. >> it was about hard liquor. soft drinks. >> don draper was a charter on "mad men." i couldn't tell if you knew that. >> no, i know. i haven't watched the show. i know the man. >> i should have said peggy, shouldn't i? >> ask her, not me. >> peggy was a wonderful woman. >> peggy did all of the writing.
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>> ben, you are surprised nobody said how problematic crystal pepsi is. you called it a white soda. it is clear. >> you are removing the pigment. >> but clear embraces all of the color spectrum. >> it is back to the white normal thing. >> and we all want transparency. >> tom, if you still want a zima it is still sold in japan. >> okay, the mix time i go there for my golf game. >> candidates talked to people magazine. i enjoyed the footage of hillary clinton in would you would you. i knots the mainstream media haven't shown in at all. >> it was the hillary rally. >> i can't tell the difference. >> you thought it was interesting that hillary
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clinton's guilty pleasure tv show was madam secretary. >> it is like they based -- it is like they -- >> it is supposed to be her. >> the show is supposed to help her and then she turns around. >> it is an ad for her. i like watching ads for me. >> you said a lot of these are not guilty pleasure. a guilty pleasure is i sit in the dark drinking scotch with a harry potter fan fix. i told you that in confidence. you are upset that that breakfast isn't a guilty pleasure. the other was about the tv show. the others were what do you like for breakfast? >> i sometimes feel i don't.
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i don't. i don't need letters. >> i would like to know every candidate except hillary gave a nonfiction bach. note location. >> a lot of people refer to a pork chop. it is something that embarrasses the jews and he said pork chops. full disclosure, i also enjoy pork chops. you said if anybody had guts they can challenge huck uh be to a bofl battle. i find it hard to believe he is a, quote, gifted wrap artist. >> there was a w in front. >> for transcription is the problem. >> he picked bill maher as his guilty pleasure show. come on. >> all of the guilty pleasures
12:38 am
are there. "walking dead." mike huckabee has hosted "red eye." why is he picking that hack show. guy fired for calling a feminist writer a slut on facebook. you applaud ford foregoing back to this goi cht. >> you said she looks like a jerk. and there is no way it does as much damage as getting fired does. >> ben sam and joanne are correct and -- sen, sam and joanne are incorrect and katie is correct. >> i didn't know it was a true-false. >> why should she have to let it go? >> there is a difference between letting go and getting somebody fired. >> a lot of people will get fired. i will make some calls. >> learn the lesson. >> i think the best would be stop being a diewsh bag on-line.
12:39 am
>> do you try to get them fired? >> i don't. most of the ones that do it to me don't have jobs. tom i enjoyed your -- >> moment with tom? >> yes. >> i think you were so keen on uber replacing everything, how about "red eye" with tom shillue, uber eye with andy levy. where is the app? >> i am an idea guy. >> i am a developer so i will help you out. ben, you don't like the uber hop which is a good idea. i thought it sounds kind of bad. but if there is no bus service. maybe it is good. they are offering a service people want. you may not want it because
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you don't want to be by yourself in a car. if people want it. >> there are markets in anything. >> sam, you said uber is trying to take over the government and they will open a post office next. there is no way amazon -- they will go to war with their drones. >> i feel like amazon and google is fighting for the information part. and people like uber will take the up fro structure part. amazon doesn't have enough cars. >> in the future amazon, google and app will replace all of the world's governments. we may have to choose sides. >> i am going apple. >> it is tough for me between apple and amazon. >> i google myself so much. >> i use duck, duck go and they don't keep record had. . >> i started doing that because you told me about it.
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>> excellent. >> it is time to take a break. oh you're supposed to say that. >> time to take a break. the sell by date. here is what is happening on the next" kennedy." >> up next
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milk, i am told it does a body good. but what about milk past the sell by date? is it still safe to drink? actually, yes. most people don't realize that. a recent survey of over 1,000 grocery shoppers said nearly half said they threw out food fairly often or every time after the sell by or best by date. the "wall street journal" says it is a waste. the dates don't have anything to do with the safety of food. they are set by manufacturers to show when the food is at its peak quality. most are fine after the sell by tate has passed. drink the expired milk, ids c. tom shillue says it is okay. joanne, you made a gag there. >> i am thinking of chunky milk. >> if you look in and something solid. don't look at the date. >> have you have ever taken milt and then had a solid come out you will never want to
12:46 am
drink milk past the date listed on there. it goes to your experiences. the best way to not waist food is not to buy it. i don't do a lot of food shopping because shopping and cooking on one. especially living in the city where produce is so expensive. that's the first step to go. i definitely live by the dates. i am paranoid. i would make myself think over the food i think would get me safe. >> why don't you look at when the milk is junky because it is probably a week after the date on the carson. >> 30 to 40% of food is wasted. that's 161 billion. i think we need a better understanding as a nation as to how the food expires.
12:47 am
>> can i take issue with that. i think america is the greatist nation in the -- history of the world. month said the nation is not the best. it is a horrible way. >> that's how rich we are. >> that is wasteful. >> she did imply that america is on its way up. do you great? >> i did not is say that. >> she's an expert. >> i love america. >> the survey was that you and the other people who do the survey don't like to turn on the air conditioning. >> it is the fine. they deal puts up. i dealt with enough spoiled milk it is not fun. if you put them away they are
12:48 am
fine. >> look at the cheese. use by -- and then you can eat it a week after. you can cut the mold off the cheese. the sandwiches came in different shapes and i thought she was trying to entertain me with it. she was cutting the mold off the sandwiches. >> your mom was great. >> the last people who thought this was okay was chipotle and now. >> they had a bad run but chipotle, they have done a good job. >> the study said your food when it is past the date may not taste great, but it doesn't many there is bacteria. it tastes great and there is bacteria growing in it. >> it is usually not the meat. you know what it socially is? the reg -- the veggies.
12:49 am
they are holier than now, but they have ecoli. the country is going to hell in a hand basket. >> throw the salads away. we will close things out with a bedtime story and i will be on fox and friends tomorrow making rizoto with my wife. she'll be cooking and i'll be looking.
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coming up tomorrow, jonathon and michael moynihan. >> it was a case of bad timing and bad tayloring. tailoring. he had just picked up a human rights award -- i think i got the name close. >> and he was posing with the president of croatia when his pants dropped to his ankles. they served as an excellent ad for success -- suspenders. the embarrassment was so great that he decided to up and leave the country.
12:54 am
>> afternoon. >> it did look like that guy. >> he did. >> katie, do you feel bad for him? should we have shown this on the show? >> you did a great job in accruing additional pr. no press is bad press. he didn't just deserve a humanitarian. but he deserves a -- >> everybody is putting something good. >> everybody is pick p up. >> have you had embarrassing moments? >> yes, many, tom. the one that i am the most sorry about when my little brother was born there was a tv show "lone ranger" and the babysitter who was there at the time forgot to wake me up so i get up and come out and find out oh you have a new baby brother. the first thing i said is why didn't you wake me up to watch the loan ranger? >> that's not embarrassing. >> that's cute. >> you told me and i procured
12:55 am
the clip. >> norman walking dead. >> show him the course. >> we talk about sophia and lori. are you afraid your character ter will get beat off. >> that was awesome. i hope you did that on purpose. >> very embarrassing. >> i think he knew what you meant. >> we had to stop tape. >> you have done things like this. you have to talk on the radio. >> it is much, much worse. >> you know who john walsh is, right? >> yes. >> america's most wanted. you know what happened to his son? an 8-year-old who was murdered brutally. his first name was adam. i greeted john walsh while coming to a live radio show by saying add -- adam walsh and
12:56 am
it was the single most uncomfortable moment. >> why did you say adam walsh? >> i am not a smart man. we were talking about it and the information -- i didn't do it on purpose. >> i wouldn't say those are embarrassing, just major faux-pass. he dropped his pants. i loss -- i also think this is a hoax. how is no one cracking up and dying laughing? there were a slew of people behind him and only one man gave a little laugh. >> yow anne is -- joanne is a pants truther. >> i bring the truth.. >> they were shocked. >> they have no sense of humor. >> he is the one who needs the attention. >> i guess they all do. >> a special thanks to joanne
12:57 am
know saw nosuchunsky. katie and sam roberts. that does it for me. it has been another episode of "red eye." i'm tom shillue. you know what, i'm gonna see you next -- do you see me wasting more time? dvr, never mi
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episode. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm shannon bream in for brett baier. a new fox news poll shows the impact of donald trump's muslim remarks in a key early primary state. that story in a first, but just in new details on the muslim couple who slaughtered 14 people at a holiday luncheon a week ago. we're learning tonight that the two may have planned an earlier assault. and now we can tell you how we're getting the information about the perpetrators of the deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. senior correspondent adam housley has the latest from san bernardino, california. hello, adam. >> yes, enrique marquez, a friend of syed farook, the man who allegedly supplied the


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