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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 14, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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like? >> it's just like certaserendip. it feels like it completes the song. >> i agree with you, fantastic, great job everybody. thank you mr. fisher. >> and bobby's idea to make "o holy night" free. bill: ted cruz versus donald trump as the texas senator surges in a new fox news poll. cruz leading in the iowa at -- at 32% and trump at 25%. martha: good morning, everybody. we have a lot to talk about. >> the new poll, this is a des moines register poll. this gives ted cruz an enlarger
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margin of lead. that doesn't sit well with mr. trump. >> you look at the way he has dealt with the senate, he goats in there like a little bit of a maniac. you are never going to get things done that way. i built a phenomenal business, i'm worth millions of dollars. i have some of the greatest assets in the world. you can't walk into the senate and scream and call people liars and not cajole and not get along with people. he will never get anything done. bill: byron york, iowa has never seen a jump like this before. how has cruz remade the race? >> he's doing it with shoe leather, politicking.
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he's meeting a lot of people, staying after event, shaking a lot of hand. he's also employing new technology to identify people who might be inclined to vote with him. he has done well with evangelicals. he's been mixing old and new and so far it's working for ted cruz in iowa. bill: trump was asked about it, trump called cruz a maniac. that goes to when cruz called mitch mcconnell a liar. you think trump has the more interesting attack. >> you are seeing attacks on cruz from trump and rubio.
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trump decided to go after temperament and suggest ted cruz alienated his fellow senators. i think it's true if you took ae member of the senate they would say ted cruz. but i think voter want somebody to stand up to the establishment in washington. the rubio national security and trump temperament attacks are having a problem. bill: national security is number one. number two right behind it at 32%. who can best handle the economy, it's trump by a lot. but asked who is the best on national security it's trump by
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10 point. remember it used to be pretty much all about the economy. but after paris, san bernardino, the rights of isis republicans were concerned about national security and they are applying that commander-in-chief te to voters. the question is, while they think he's a strong leader, whether they will believe he could be commander-in-chief. in iowa so far ted krut is winning that commander-in-chief. martha: donald trump also addressing reports the republican party isn't happy with his front runner status and the possible bit of a floor fight at the convention this summer. >> i say i'm sorry i did this to
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you but you have got to get used to it. i understand where they are supposed to come from. they were supposed to pick a governor, a senator where they control him 100%. this wasn't supposed to happen. bill: trump gave chris wallace a bit of a tour of his campaign headquarters. an office noticeably lacking in people at that time. reporter: this is your campaign headquarters? >> this is it. reporter: campaign headquarters are usually bustling with hundreds of people. >> we have a number of people in office. other people spend $30 million, $40 million, $50 million and they aren't doing well.
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martha: he also poked fun at hillary clinton's headquarters teeming with people all day long. martha: very interesting. big news this morning. the lineup for the next debate is set. nine candidate will appear on the main stage. chris christie will make his return to the main stage, and rand paul also made the cut, sweating that one out. donald trump keeps his spot front and center. four candidates will appear on the earlier debate. all that stacks up tomorrow night in las vegas. bill: ben carson has clearly taken a drop. the poll in des moines shows ted cruz has higher to go. martha: he said he wanted to
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bring out the base, the evangelical. a fox news alert. president obama trying to ease the country's concerns about isis and the threat they pose after paris and california. the president will go to the pentagon this morning. the first in a series of meetings with his national security team. rich, obviously a lot of trepidation about what is going not world and at home. do we expect there will be a strategy this morning? >> no major policy announcements expected after the president meet with his national security team. the president did address this about a week ago from his office. this has been during a time the white house has been facing questions about it strategy to
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fight isis. he head later this week to the national terrorism center as well. all this part of the effort to show the president is focused on confronting isis. >> we are take out more isis fighters and litres-their weapons and oil tankers. we are going to hunt down these hair rifts wherever they try to hide. the white house says it authorized special operations forces. the white house has been unwilling to commit beyond that saying they don't want a large force in the country. the president says he believes they were contained in that region. what are the critic saying about this? >> they are pointing to the fact
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that the administration has been reluctant. they say despite the offensive from the white house. they say republicans, it's still not enough. >> clearly the strategy we are playing isn't working. if you focus on global warming i think we would get a lot further approach. >> commenting specifically on the administration this weekend. back to you. martha: we have gotten a lot of attention from the white house for sure. bill: a fox news alert. another terror attack in paris, france. a man claiminglings to isis going on a stabbing rampage. martha: hillary clinton accused of trading favors. new evidence she favored a company tied to a member of her
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family. is this a big deal? bill: a suspect firing into the air putting police in the spotlight. >> you have a gun shooting in the air. >> at least 6, 7 times in the air.
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martha: you have got a watchdog group calling for a federal investigation as to whether clinton gave special treatment to a deep sea mining company that's links to her son-in-law. the state department released the latest batch of clinton's emails. her son-in-law forward an amendment from an investor about a treaty that would have benefited the mining company. we'll talk to the judge about what he thinks about that and many more emails still to come. bill: first there is this. >> i think i'm going to win.
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i'm not one of these other guys who goes down. i go up. my whole life has been about winning. i'm going to win. bill: one of his rivals, governor john kasich out of ohio saying not so fast. >> trump will not be president an won't be our nominee. i become more convinced that the reason god invented pollsters was to make astrologers look accurate. bill: governor, good morning. the poments say otherwise. >> a reality show is something unusual that gets promoted and
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hyped with outlandish claims and people get infat waited at first. they start watching it and they discover the wise things the characters are saying are phoney, they are scripted rather than spontaneous. they have find out that it's scripted and they begin to dribble away. donald trump is a reality show. bill: did you have see frank luntz on sunday's show. he had a group of supporters. trump said i have never seen voters so passionate and committed to a candidate after an hour's worth of reasons not to vote for him. >> look at what's happening in iowa. it's beginning to change. people are understanding yes they are angry and just set at
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what's happening in the country. they realize in order to get a policy change, they have to change the president and hold the senate and the house. they are beginning to understand if trump is the nominee the republicans lose the presidency, they lose the senate and have a chance at losing the house, and you don't get policy change that way. if you are truly angry, it's beginning to dawn on you you perhaps have to vote for one of the candidate, support one of the candidates who can win and bring support along to win the senate and hold the house. bill: our poll showed trump was maintaining his lead and maybe even bumped up 2 points in that poll. >> you and the press are so infatuated with trump. bill: i'm trying to figure it out. >> no, you are trying to promote it, bill. the voters are beginning to see it.
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in iowa they see sit, the -- the "des moines register" knows their state. you are starting to see cruz move and support for christie. jeb bush is beginning to put some ads with bite on the tv. these candidates that are among the handful that republicans recognize can make a good commander-in-chief are beginning to get traction and trump is beginning to erode. bill: here is trump with chris wallace on the possibility of a brokered convention. >> i say folks i'm sorry i did this to you, but you have got to get used to it. it's one of those little problems in life. i'll see if i'm being treated
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fairly. i'm a conservative guy fan i'll make our country great again. this wasn't supposed to happen. they were supposed to pick a governor, a senator, a puppet where they control them 100%. this wasn't supposed to happen. bill: that's a direct shot at the establishment. >> he took a shot at cruz saying cruz made no flentd republican party. let him explain how many friend he made in the republican party with that little snippet. i think he used the word "i" in 20 seconds 12 times. with donald trump it's all about him. he doesn't care about party or policy, only he can exploit policy to enhance his ego. politics is a team sport. if you keep calling people stupid as he often does.
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if you keep denigrating your opponents and creating a climate in which you are trying to convince republican voters there is no value to electing other republicans, then you are going to have a problem in the long run. bill: the 11th commandment in iowa is "be nice." not here to promote anybody. just trying to figure it out. vegas, back on stage. thank you for coming in. john sununu. martha: a tornado tears through texas. the devastation it left behind. then there is this. george w. bush announcing he will run for president. we'll show you this funny stuff over the weekend.
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object behalf of isis. the stabbing was in the same suburb of texas. benjamin hall is live in paris. what do we know here? reporter: not a week goes by that we don't hear of another attack somewhere. today the attack happened at 6:30. a masked man entered the school and attacked the teacher before student arrived. he stabbed the teacher in the neck with a box cutter and scissors. saint-denis is where the supposed ringleader of the paris
6:26 am
attacks was found. there is a clear distinction between those attacks like the coordinated one and today carried out by someone who had no direct contact with the group. the fear here in europe continues. just last week there was a stabbing in london. arrests were made in geneva where chemical bomb making materials were found. authority were urging caution saying they didn't want to jump to conclusions. the fact that this man cape in and he wasn't armed when he came would suggest he had no direct contact with isis. people are wondering where will
6:27 am
the next attack happen, when will it come. martha: thank you very much. bill: donald trump with harsh word for hillary clinton. >> she was truly if not the, one of the worst secretaries of state in the history of the country. bill: then he went further. how does he match up with hillary clinton. martha: police releasing dramatic new video of their confrontation with an armed man roaming the streets. why police say they feel justified. >> he killed my brother while he was crawling on his knees.
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what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at bill: a deadly police shooting in l.a. county.
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deputies firing on a man after they say he was given multiple opportunities to drop his gun. what do police say happened here? >> the sheriff's department wasted no time releasing the surveillance video that they say supports their version of what happened after six people called 911 saying a man was firing a gun. >> there is a black male walking down the street shooting a gun in the air. reporter: when police arrive, the suspect appears oblivious to their demand to drop the gun. police say they only fired wet suspect turned toward them with
6:32 am
the weapon in his hand. >> he was looking in the direction of the sheriffs and had the weapon in his left hand. bill: why did deputies keep firing when he was down? reporter: that's the controversy. relatives and activists want an independent investigation. because they claim police shot nick robertson after he was down. police say he did not have a permit for the gun. he did have prior contact with cops. they claim they only fired because robertson never let go of his weapon. >> it many very troubling any time you have someone shot and killed by police officers, especially those shot in the
6:33 am
back and shot again as they crawl to their death. reporter: that use of force the investigation will be based on the cops' perception of where he had the gun. martha: hillary clinton seems to be the inevitable democratic nominee in 2016. and trump is most likely to be the republican to take her down. the "wall street journal" nbc poll shows her beating trump by 2 points and also beating ted cruz. donald trump says hillary clinton's past he believes in the end will catch up with her. you look at what she did with libya, what she did with syria,
6:34 am
egypt, a total mess. we don't back of any our allies. she was truly if not the, one of the worst secretaries of state in history. she killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity. martha: he was asked exactly what he meant by that and his answer was given hundreds of thousands of people. we'll talk about that in greater detail later. the former staff secretary to president bill clinton and katie is with us. donald trump would be crafting his rebuttal to hillary clinton and what he would say to her if he were to go head-to-head with her in a debate. what do you think about it? >> a lot of democrats revel that
6:35 am
fight that hillary clinton would be set up as a contrast to donald trump. i love the quote from john kasich who said you have might as well do better with fortune tellers. hillary clinton's mission in this general election if she is the nominee, is to reassemble the obama coalition. there is polling that shows she is doing that. but the real question is will there be the same level of turnout in the general we had for president obama. donald trump and ted cruz would motivate legions of democrats to come out and vote for her. martha: until we start seeing if voting in iowa and new hampshire we won't know how people are feel being these folks.
6:36 am
this is a fox news poll. 32% say they think donald trump could ultimately beat hillary clinton. >> if donald trump is the gop nominee for president there is no caught hillary clinton will win the presidency. hillary clinton has the ground work struck on the ground nationally to win in very important swing states. donald trump has huge unfavorables. finally, not only were the general public not be voting for donald trump, but republicans are not going to come out and vote for him should he win the general election. here he is, hillary clinton will be the next president of the united states if donald trump is the gop nominee hands down. martha: donald trump was talking about isis over the weekend and
6:37 am
ted koppel on the sunday shows was talking about what he believes represents the greatest recruiting tool for isis. here is what he said. >> donald trump is the recruiter-in-chief for isis. isis wants nothing more right now than to have the world into judeo christian on one side and isis on the other. martha: that line of thinking says if you go after them you stir the hornet's nest. >> i disagree. i think what mr. cop many is saying extremists on one side love the extremists on the other side because they can say, look, they are bad. we need to take away their recruiting power.
6:38 am
we need to show that -- look at the writings of thomas jefferson. the founders of our nation believed in the plurality of religions under one god. isis is saying we are right. >> it's are you deck throws say donald trump or anyone else or any other republican. isis is the extremist here. isis are the terror army at war with the west and any values including muslim values tends to be moderate. donald trump and everyone else are not the ones picking that fight. to say we are the problem or anyone running for president is the problem recruiting isis rather than look at the policies how to defeat them doing nothing
6:39 am
to. >> donald trump should shut his big lying mouth. >> blaming anybody in the united states, donald trump or whoever for being an isis recruiter is like claiming the "charlie hebdo" editors as being recruiters. martha: defeating them and trying to go after them is something we have to do no matter what. thank you very much, katie and david. good to have you here. >> i made a big decision. i'm entering the race for president of the united states of america. the field of republicans out there is so messed up i figure it makes you miss me, doesn't it? and that's saying a lot.
6:40 am
bill: that's will ferrell one of his favorite imitations of the president. he also took some shots at the actual republican candidates running. ben carson was first on the list. >> dr. ben carson. i can barely hear him when he talks. rubio and cruz, sounds like a miami law firm. if you have been injured on the job, call rubio and cruz. bill: he had a bit for every one, including carly fiorina. martha: i's great. he's really funny. collect rest of that out. there was a massive fire that lit you have the night sky. this happened in ohio. two dozen fire trucks responded to that scene.
6:41 am
bill: president obama trying to calm the country. 7 in 10 americans say their concerned about isis today. first marco rubio. >> propaganda has always played a role in every conflict and every war. isis is portraying itself as life is grower yuls under isis rule and nothing could be further from the truth.
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martha: the carolina panthers still perfect clinching a top spot in the playoffs. carolina blanked the falcons 38-0. owners of the top seed in the nfc and a first round bye. tom brady and company routing the texans.
6:45 am
patriots 11-2 and they have a playoff spot as well. the jets had a great day, too. bill: stand by, we have breaking news on the fight against isis. president obama today goes to the pentagon for a meeting with the top brass. said to be part of an effort to refine his strategy for defeating the isis state. what did einstein say? >> if you keep together same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome that's the definition of insanity. bill: from what i read the strategy stays the same. why is he doing this?
6:46 am
>> he's doing it base has to do it. people are rattled. the security and terrorism threat on the homeland, and they don't think the president is keeping them safe. his political advisors are saying you have got to get out there. for the president to go out day after day after day and say the same thing, he's going to get the same reaction. bill: 7 in 10 americans say the risk of a terror attack in the u.s. is high. tomorrow it's the national terrorism -- counter-terrorism center. >> paris like isil are trying to divide us along lines of religion and background. that's how they stoke fear and recruit.
6:47 am
just as muslims have to reject any twisted interpretation of islam, all of us have to reject bigot are you in all of it forms. bill: a lot of it goes to tolerance and religion. why is he doing that? >> he's trying to buy time. part of it is president obama does not want to have this fight. he doesn't want to deal with isis and radical islam. so he has to pretend it doesn't exist and he will do what he has to do in middle east so when he leaves office he can say it was george bush's fault for -- for starting this and the next guy's fault for not fixing it. >> the president thought he was reassuring the american people but the poms and the reaction,
6:48 am
even among democrats, you haven't solved this. we still think we have a big problem and you have not reassured the american people you are on track. that's why he's back out on the road this week. can you imagine what it will be like in the pentagon, the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. it's not working. we are not destroying them or defeating them. we are not even containing them. so for the president to say here is my plan, it's all good, pant real problem is we are hurting people's feeling so we should have a political correctness police. and we are going have a good attitude and they will lay down their arms. do you think the people putting on suicide vests you will win their hearts and mind?
6:49 am
bill: watch careful live with the word today. see if they change. >> that's right, but i think they won't. but let's hope that they do. bill: go navy and congratulations. >> beat army again. martha: the ohio attorney general set to file an injudge against planned parenthood. why the company is taking legal action against one state attorney general. bill: a tractor-trailer tries to make it across the train tracks, instead this happens.
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bill: this is a battle that's tough to win. a tractor-trailer crossing the path of a speeding train. that train going through the trailer. the driver missed a flashing red light. no one injured. happened in the czech republic. martha: planned parenthood executives suing ohio's attorney general saying he's trying to ban abortions. the attorney general says the biomedical companies working with the organization dispose of fetal parts in landfills. the attorney general lodging major allegations against this organization. reporter: its investigation into three planned parenthood locations revealed fetal tissue ended up in a garbage dump.
6:54 am
he says they sent the remains to companies which disposed of fetuses in landfills. >> i think it will come toss a shock to ohioans to find out fetuses are being cooked and they are being put in landfill and mixed in with yesterday's garbage and whatever else goes into a landfill. >> reporter: the ohio a.g. turned his findings over to the department of health. martha: what is the response from plant parenthood. reporter: they are saying it's an attack by republican john kasich.
6:55 am
they say the governor has done everything to stop abortions in ohio. planned parenthood says our vendors are to dispose of tissue according to state law. they say they will file an injunction today to stop this illegal activity. bill: we are learning more about the california killers. especially one of the shooters who spoke with jihad online years ago. martha: donald trump takes a shot at senator ted cruz. trump calling cruz a maniac. cruz responding with this on twitter.
6:56 am
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martha: we got a lot of brand new polls out this morning and texas senator ted cruz surging in iowa ahead of this week's republican presidential debate, which will be interesting in light of all this shake-up. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. latest fox polling shows cruz at 28% among likely iowa caucusgoers, ahead of donald trump at 26%, with within the margin of error. tomorrow night they have a prime time debate in las vegas. before that, there is under card where four candidates take part. chief correspondent carl cameron
7:00 am
is live in las vegas already. the shake-up in iowa, how do you rate that significance right now? reporter: it is very, very important. we're now seven weeks away from the iowa caucuses and virtually every week has consequence for one of the major candidates. not only does the fox poll show ted cruz inched into the lead although within margin much error in iowa and. they had a literally 10 point bounce a 10-point lead for ted cruz in the first caucus state. worth remembering what caucuses are on republican side. record turnout would be 120,000 votes. not possible there could be few as 30,000 votes. mike huckabee has the high water mark. he won in 2008. des moines poll is resoundingly panned by donald trump. he said it is horrible poll and not trustworthy. took off on it. it is backed up by bloomberg.
7:01 am
rest of the field show the same thing. rubio and carson tailing out there. this sets debate for tomorrow night. things do slow down on the campaign trail with christmas and new year coming up. there is a, not a lost time in seven weeks for candidates to have breakout moment. that is why the poll is so significant for ted cruz and donald trump and marco rubio are pounding him. bill? bill: how does this play out during the debate? what is your guess how they jockey back and forth? reporter: two candidates on the debate on the bubble. chris christie was not in top tier debate on prime time. he has been allowed in. rand paul was on edge of being eliminated but cnn changed it is criteria that anyone got 3% in iowa and south carolina. chris christie will be back with his no-nonsense approach. all expectations donald trump is center stage. ted cruz is next to him. marco rubio on other side and
7:02 am
donald trump will be in crossfire of criticism from cruz and rubio but, so too will cruz. ted cruz is taking a lot of heat from trump and rubio. trump opened up on him. it was if he h inevitable. sassoon as ted cruz took a shot at him he would commodity back at him. cruz mentioned something at a closed fund-raiser. trump let him have it and it was particularly tough. ted cruz, marco rubio and donald trump perhaps someone like chris christie trying to get his name back in national i.d. by being on the national top tier debate stage. bill. bill: interesting stuff. carl cameron leading coverage at this hour in las vegas. martha with more. martha: senator ted cruz responding after donald trump called him a maniac on fox news sunday. saying he is not able to be
7:03 am
president. from "flashdance," writing a tweet on that. donald trump and all good-hearted maniacs everywhere, watch. ♪ so there is that for you this morning. as cruz takes a lead in iowa. we're looking at numbers in carl cameron over front-runner donald trump. that has him none too happy about that. joining us brit hume, fox news political analyst, maniac himself. good to have you with us today. >> hi, martha. martha: hi, there. one of the things pretty standout in these polls, let's look at "wall street journal" one, basically carson's loss is cruz's gain. cruz is up 12 points rather in this one and carson has gone to 11 from 29%. ted cruz finds himself in pretty good spot going into the debate on tuesday night. what do you make of it, bret? >> i think it's real. i think he is now clearly ahead
7:04 am
in iowa. i note that the "des moines register" poll which has sterling track record has him up by 10 over trump. and it's very interesting, martha, to watch cruz react to trump's criticism which is likely to increase if anything in the days ahead. he absorbs these blows. he does not attack trump in return. he doesn't counterattack. the reason obviously is that he thinks he is well-positioned to inherit trump's support if trump falters as he may in iowa, may very well in iowa. no one can say, martha, with any certainty what will happen to trump if this sort of aura of invincibility which he enjoyed so long is pierced which i think a loss in iowa would do. there would be tremendous explosion of coverage of the winner and go into new hampshire with momentum which sometimes causes you trouble in new hampshire. it would change the dynamic of the race and cruz i think is actually quite well-positioned
7:05 am
to inherit trump's support if trump fades, because cruz although sitting united states senator with sterling establishment credentials has been very much an outsider in the united states senate. martha: so true. he is known to be not that well-liked among his senate colleagues which may work as positive for him in the race because seems not liking insiders too much. that is pretty clear. ted cruz in some ways donald trump makes ted cruz more palatable to some people. but i guess the thing that remains, brit, whether or not trump supporters would peel away from donald trump in favor of in favor of ted cruz, right? >> that is the key question and part after broader question, martha, which affects this whole raise which is how many of donald trump's hard-core supporters are available to any other candidate? in other words, and this, relates to the question what happens if he goes third party. if donald trump were not in the
7:06 am
race, how many of these people would look to vote for some other republican candidate? i'm not sure that number is very large. that raises question how much harm it would do if trump fell by the wayside or got pushed out of the nomination or whatever. so this is, this is an interesting question. we don't know the answer to it. my impression however of trump supporters, core trump supporters are very, very loyal. martha: very loyal indeed. look at marco rubio though. he has been long thought of as the person who would likely emerge as one goes up against trump in the end duke it out, look across the states he doesn't seem to be locking in anything, going into february or march? >> he has not a place that is really home base accept possibly florida, and his poll standing there is not all that great but he is acceptable to a lot of
7:07 am
people. in other words he does pretty well on the second choice question. and if he can get his message out to iowa voters many of whom as we know are evangelical christians he delivered a comment the other day what jesus christ means to him and what meaning of the faith is that i think would harm the heart of any evangelical christian. i'm not sure how many people heard it. it kicked around on social media a bit but he has a pretty good, i think he has a claim to some extent on those voters if he gets a hearing from them. martha: i think people will watch interaction of these guys during the course of the debate because it is getting pretty interesting. thank you very much, bret. >> you bet, martha. bill: breaking news from paris now. the hunt is on for a suspected terrorist who stabbed a preschool teacher in france. authorities say the masked man shorted support of isis. was dressed in white from head to toe as he attacked victim with a box cutter and scissors. the teacher suffering non-threatening life injuries.
7:08 am
no one injured. france is on high alert after last month's terror attacks left 130 people dead. france's education minister promising to secure schools across the country. martha: hillary clinton's ties to big business getting another look this morning as the secretary of state could be set for a new investigation. was she doing favor for her son-in-law that could potentially be illegal? that is the question looked at this morning. we will take it on coming up. bill: also is this shooting flames, 100 feet in the air, a warehouse going up in flames? where this happened and why in a moment here. martha: and sorry, mr. santa claus, you have to stay outside of the school. why one school is crushing the holiday spirit for their little kids when we come back. >> i hope we will bring sense back. gives our kid the big imagination to believe and we want our kids to believe that it will be better.
7:09 am
what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at bill: now some breaking news out of jerusalem. at least nine people seriously injured. israeli police say a palestinian driver rammed into pedestrians near the western entrance of jerusalem. that driver was shot and killed. here is the video. the target was a crowded bus stop. police also found a hatchet inside of the man's car. this just the latest in a three-month string of deadly attacks. israelis say palestinians have killed 19 in stabbings and shootings.
7:13 am
and car attacks like this going back to mid september. that is happening moments ago. 12 minutes past the hour. martha: so family ties putting hillary clinton under a microscope once again as a watchdog group is now calling for investigation of some favors they believe she may have done for deep sea mining company that is tied to her son-in-law and that this happened while she was secretary of state. it comes after one of the emails that was released by the state department in the last group that went out showed that she ordered a senior state department official to look into at request that came from none other than than marc mezvinsky who is chelsea's husband who is pictured here. let's talk about what this means. judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. what do you think of this? >> a lot of emails coming out below the radar screen but on top of the screen most people are focused did she or did not
7:14 am
receive national classified material, national security secrets to others and clearly she did and fbi will decide whether or not to recommend prosecution. below the screen we're looking at emails about favors she may or may not have done for the clinton foundation. don't force nor the clinton foundation, foreign donors while she was secretary of state. this one was in the press this morning, what was released last friday is a request from her son-in-law to do a favor for investor in the son-in-law's hedge fund because that investor is also investing in a company that mines the earth underthe ocean. what was mrs. clinton doing while she was secretary of state came in? negotiating a treaty with foreign countries about who gets, mine the earth under the ocean. martha: that would be why they would want to forward that to her. but whether or not there is a connection, whether or not she took any action with regard to that treaty based on that desire
7:15 am
is really what it is all about. >> correct. we do not know what she did. we know she sent it to one of her assistants, please look into this. she could have deep-sixed it or done a favor for the son-in-law or for the investor could have done nothing. martha: full-time job going through this stuff. it will keep them busy for some time. i want to ask you about something else as well. this is based on what donald trump said in interview. this is getting a lot of attention with interview from chris wallace. play some of this and we'll talk about it. >> she is the one who caused all of this problem, with her stupid policies. you look at what she did with libya, what she did with syria. look at egypt, what happened with egypt. a total mess, they, we don't back any of our allies. you look -- she was truly, if not the, one of the worst secretary of states in the history of the country. talks about me being dangerous. she has killed hundreds of thousand of people with her stupidity.
7:16 am
martha: he said killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity. chris wallace said what do you mean? what are you talking about. you think there is some foundation for that comment. >> i do. i don't think if the number is act a the or the number is even measurable. talking about her efforts to destablize president mubarak in egypt, colonel gadhafi in libya and president assad in syria. in order to bring about that destabilization, she succeeded in egypt, she succeeded in libya, she failed in syria. she as secretary of state authorized the sale of american military equipment to qatar. qatar? little tiny country, beholden to the muslim brotherhood? what business would the united states have arming qatar. ah, qatar was delivering those arms and did to rebel groups. some of the rebel groups were al qaeda. so she is responsible for getting trump's, allegation is borne out by emails in the public domain which i have seen, which anybody can see.
7:17 am
american heavy-duty military equipment into some of america's deadliest enemies, that's a felony, provide material assistance to terrorist organization. as a result, people died. it is not unlikely that ambassador stevens himself was killed with one of those weapons. martha: could be. a lot there. judge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> good to see you as always. bill: 17 minutes past the hour. disturbing new information, female terrorist in the california attack, what we're learning about her social media posts about her love for jihad. these posts were not new, years old. we're live with the latest on that in a moment. martha: you know you heard a lot about these things igniting and exploding in the front yard. are they a danger underneath the christmas tree? why the feds are launching an investigation into one of this year's hottest gifts. >> a lot of the manufacturers that are doing knock-off boards,
7:18 am
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martha: this is a scene out of columbus, ohio, warehouse when it finally caught fire, caught fire early this morning. flames shooting 100 feet into the air. over 75 firefighters were called to this scene. many are still there working on fire. part of the building collapsed during the process. fire forced two nearby schools to cancel classes today. no injuries, thankfully so far. we hope they get it under control. bill: a mess. fox news alert. alarming new information on the california killers. we're learning about the woman posting on social media before
7:22 am
she even came to america. tashfeen malik reported report writing on line, passed not one but three background checks before being allowed to enter the country. john than hunt, from san bernardino again today. jonathan, the visa process will be scrutinized after this, one. reporter: certainly will bill. this revelation, that social media posts are not routinely checked for background screening process that tashfeen malik came in. we have her july 27th, 2014 entering the united states at chicago o'hare's airport. we now know she did indeed have murder in mind at that precise moment. she had posted several years before not just her support for jihad but apparently also saying she wanted to be a part of
7:23 am
jihad. separately, bill, the fbi wrapped up its search of an urban san bernardino lake over the weekend. apparently several items were taken away from that lake by the fbi. they have not publicly confirmed as yet whether any of those items have anything to do with this investigation and evidence of the attack bill? bill: back to these post, jonathan, what is the inside word on amount of sensitivity government thinks or perhaps privacy concerns government thinks those should have as she was afforded? reporter: there is apparently an ongoing debate about this within official circles, bill, whether it is right and krebs, not only to monitor social media posts from people who are applying visas but also to judge those people on them. there is obviously a privacy concern. but there were certainly are going to be looked at now. the white house acknowledged in fact on friday if somebody comes
7:24 am
in on this kind of visa and that somebody takes part in the murder of 14 innocent people, clearly there is problem with the vetting process, bill. bill: more funerals set to take place today, right, jonathan? >> yes. there were several funerals and vigils over the weekend and one more today. it will get underway in three hours time. the funeral service for bernatta beferdahl. she fled the revolution, in the words of her family, bill, to escape islamic extremism. it is terrible irony, islamic terrorism found her here in san bernardino. bill: another tough day in the town. jonathan hunt reporting on the ground. martha. martha: donald trump turning his attacks to ted cruz as the texas senator continues to rise in the battleground state of iowa. will "the donald" go down in the
7:25 am
hawkeye state? he doesn't think so we'll talk about that. bill: did you know, today, maccallum, is busiest day of the year. martha: no kidding. bill: it could set a new record as everyone gets ready for christmas. ♪ is always blue. and the kids always eat their vegetables. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. and then santa's workers zapped it right to our house. and that's how they got it here. cool. the magic of the season is here at the lexus december to remember sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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♪ bill: we're 50 days away from the iowa caucuses and texas senator ted cruz getting a huge boost in that state. could he be the one to win the first big contest of the race? here is karl rove from "fox news sunday." >> look, cruz will win iowa. this is not, this has been building for a while. and trump is going to have to deal with the fact he based his entire campaign i'm leading polls, i'm winning polls, therefore i'm the winner. bill: we have a political columnist for "the des moines
7:29 am
register.." cathy, how are you doing? she is live in des moines. >> terrific, bill. bill: do you agree with what karl rove said there by the way? that cruz wins iowa and building for some time? >> ted cruz has a really good position in iowa right now. just top line poll numbers, nobody has had a larger top line number than the 31% he is getting in the iowa poll. and you add to that the fact that half of iowa caucus-goers, full half have him as their first or second choice. that gives him room to grow, however, i will not jump on with karl rove yet. this is a volatile race. the iowa caucuses shown in the past four years ago, things can change in the last month. rick santorum was in third place about this time before the iowa caucuses. actually newt gingrich was leading. so things can actually change a lot in the last month.
7:30 am
bill: on that point, i mean, things tend to focus themselves in very, in a very straightforward way come january. here is what the polls said anyway. cruz at 31. trump at 21. ben carson is dropping down to 13%. donald trump's support however has not waivered, correct? he is still has -- >> that is right. bill: that's why you're cautious to give too much credit to cruz. explain that, cathy. >> yeah. so donald trump is, you know, he is not the loser in this poll. he actually, he went up two point from october. it's actually ben carson who is dropping like a stone and that is where cruz is getting his support mostly from ben carson supporters. ted cruz has been very reluctant to go after donald trump to criticize him openly. and trump right now, as you, we've seen in the news past couple days is just bating him. he is like salivating, trying to
7:31 am
get his, you know, the for, that first strike from cruz to get him, sort of to give donald trump an opening to go after him. i think we'll see in the debate donald trump being very aggressive and possibly ted cruz still trying to play it nice and maybe trying to kill donald trump with kindness. bill: your polling find that cruz does really well among evangelicals, where huckabee did so well in 2008. your poll also shows that cruz does very well among tea party supporters. that was pretty evident but iowa's different, kathy, as you know. you have to physically get people to show up at a high school or church or caucus site is, so they will support you. on the trump front has he done that yet? >> so donald trump has some good iowa organizers working for him. the same people who helped rick santorum win the iowa caucuses four years ago.
7:32 am
they're very smart organizers. i don't think they will neglect that part of getting donald trump to the caucuses, but, donald trump has a lot of people who are supporting him right now who never caucused before. that can be an issue. it is a harder lift to explain the process to them and get them out. ted cruz also has a strong organization. that's why i say he is more than a blip on the screen. he does have the ability to get his people out on caucus night. it is snowing in iowa today. you have to be prepared for that and have your people being committed. bill: right. >> both trump and cruz, their people are more committed than the average republican caucusgoer right now. only -- bill: explain a bit more here today. didn't mean to cut you off. want two more things you found in your poll. >> sure. bill: most attractive quality in a candidates. >> 39% say you have to be a government outsider. what is moving on that? >> yes.
7:33 am
so, definitely, this is very anti-washington electorate right now. and the way ted cruz of course is capitalizing on that, he is a washington outsider who happens to hold office. he is against everything that washington stands for. he goes after republicans in congress almost as often as he goes after barack obama and hillary clinton. and so he has managed to plant a boot in each camp of being elected official but also a government outsider. this is big appeal for donald trump as well. definitely, government outsider. he says washington is broken. he will come in and fix it. bill: one more thing here, before we print the headline, okay? really this is the headline. of those you polled, 66% say they could still be persuaded, kathie. we're a long way from home. >> we're a long way. this is a late-deciding caucus and people are still making up their minds.
7:34 am
you would go into the holiday period, talk with their friends, talk with their family. we'll see if more people come out in january out of the holidays with a firmer grasp on who they want to support. but it also means holidays, you will not go african dates with negative campaigning during the holidays. and so we'll see - bill: we'll see. >> donald trump, for example, yeah, you don't want to be a grinch on the holidays, right and go negative on fellow candidates. bill: they say the 11th commandment in iowa is be nice. true? >> exactly. iowa caucus-goers want you to be nice to candidates. bill: "des moines register" giving us a sense what folks in iowa are feeling already, with sevens week to go. thank you, keith think. >> thank you. martha: we're looking at a news out of argentina. it's a deadly bus crash killing at least 41.
7:35 am
still more trapped inside they believe. listen to this, the bus was carrying border patrol officers, driving on a bridge heading to the border in bolivia, lost control and went down into the ravine to a creekbed. 60 people on board. roads in that area are notoriously maintained. there is quite a bit of border dispute in that area. drug trafficking is big issue. trying to get cocaine to europe apparently. also human trafficking of syrian refugees has also sparked border issues in that area as well. that is a little bit of the backstory. we'll get you more on that as we can. ♪ hear the music? you know what a little bit here, good news. americans have more cash in their pockets this holiday season because of low prices at the pump. this gives us leverage with
7:36 am
countries like fuel-based economies like russia and iran. we'll have a look at the current national average, just $2.01 per gallon. that is cheap and a good price. down from 2.5at this time last year. chief washington correspondent none other than than james rosen joins us from washington, d.c. james, is this improving the country's political standing and being able to buy bigger christmas present this year? reporter: in theory all of that should occur, if it doesn't, u.s. policymakers would like to operate under lower oil prices rather than higher. oil prices dropped 4%, plunging to a new low seen not seen almost in 11 years. with fears that the oil producing states will slash prices even further as means of depleting bloated inventories. for the u.s. to derive advantage from this plunge in oil prices analysts say president obama has to let the global free market play out with heads of rival
7:37 am
petro states like russian president vladmir putin whose economy depends on oil for estimated 68% of the its exports. >> in fact, if you talk to a lot of people in russia, they believe that certainly not economic sanctions that the u.s. and europe have put on them that are really causing an economic squeeze. it is the oil price downturn. reporter: some estimates suggested that the russian economy could contract by up to four 1/2 points this year although that hasn't stopped president putin from displays of foreign adventurism over last 12 months, most notely in syria, martha. martha: some of our allies are petro states. they're dealing with a double-edged sword in this pricing issue. reporter: very much so. analysts point to states like nigeria, top 15 oil producer facing domestic terror threat from boko haram. gdp in nigeria grew in the third quarter but was still down 3 1/2 points year to year. and there are other caress. >> with the saudis this can be a very dangerous situation because
7:38 am
at the same time they have also had some very significant increases in national expenditures through the yemen war, through stabilization programs internally. essentially trying to buy off their population from radicalizing and so forth. reporter: follow me on twitter,@james rosen fnc i will tell you where the united states falls on the list of world's top oil producers. martha: we certainly will. james, thank you very much. bill: one of the holiday season's hottest toys and now the government is getting involved. hoverboard apparently has a fire issue. a dozen reports of it bursting into flames. it is all over the internet. that's what you do. get a little fire, put it online. 29 people going to the hospital falling off the motorized boards which will happen easily. feds launching investigation to see if the lithium batteries are the. martha: i thought they were
7:39 am
illegal in new york? bill: never mind. they were doing it. i wouldn't recommend. it is tricky. it takes some balance. martha: takes a lot of balance. yeah there is, got two of them at my house of the following this closely. bill: how are they doing. martha: i haven't taken them out of the box yet. i'm trying to figure out whether or not we should hold on to them. bill: do they know this? are we giving something away. martha: they're cool so we don't have to worry about that. all right, this story coming up hoare you this morning, as a student is shot and killed by police after wielding an axe on a college campus. what was he doing with that hatchet just before they took him down? bill: also santa claus making welcome in your christmas home but better stay out of a public school in new york. he is not the only holiday favorite being banned. there is a long list that a pc principal is changing starting now. that's next. >> we're going to have christmas, we have to do
7:40 am
hanukkah. >> that's okay. >> which is understandable. but if we have to have red and green lights we have to have blue and yellow. that is gnattable. not a problem. we have many cultures in our school. we want to educate everyone with the diversity that we have. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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bill: axe-wielding student shot and killed by police. university of north texas here. happened early sunday morning at a parking garage near campus where a man was said to be breaking car windows. that victim identified as ryan mcmillan who turned 21 on saturday. >> when the police officer got here, he saw a suspect that had a hatchet and, the suspect advanced on him. and so he fired at the suspect in response. bill: he was shot for four or five times. taken to a hospital where he later died. that officer was fired, is on administrative leave, rather, pending the investigation. martha: one public school in new york city is banning santa.
7:44 am
they have already gotten rid of thanksgiving and bunch of other things we'll talk about. this is the principal at ps 169 in brooklyn. put a stop to santa and christmas parties. being called winter celebrations. thanksgiving is also not in anymore at this school. they call it the harvest festival. didn't this i thanksgiving was pretty much universal american holiday. they will not let students also, here is the headline, the students in this school are not allowed to say the pledge of allegiance in their classrooms. the school's pta board president spoke out about the ban earlier on "fox & friends." here she is. >> i would like for the original traditions that were accustomed to our school to continue going on. >> other schools in new york do this. >> why i'm shocked. why is it that our school is banned halloween, you know, was given five days to plan day of the dead. all these new traditions i'm not familiar with i was accustomed to i'm not allowed to have. martha: let's note what she
7:45 am
planned for day of the dead. john gibson, fox news host and marcia sussman, center of american progress action fund. i want to put up on the screen, just in case you were wondering, santa claus is considered a, quote other religious figure, going back to the st. nick guy who started the whole thing. so, john, to me, the most egregious part of this, that they are, they don't allow them to the say pledge of allegiance in public school in brooklyn, new york. >> well it is egregious, martha. it is part of a big overall pc scrubdown of that school. if i can remind you, this book, the war on christmas is now 10 years old. the kinds of things that i described in the book, a decade ago are exactly what is going on at pc, ps 169 in brooklyn. they have declared santa to be and other religious symbol. whatever that means.
7:46 am
in contravention to the supreme court of the united states that has said, a nativity scene is a religious symbol, a cross is, a depiction of jesus is, santa is not. a tree is not. these people are just making it up because he have this the power to do it. unless somebody jumps down their throat. i hope somebody in new york does. martha: emily, i remember sort of as john points out rightly when he wrote that book 10 years ago, everybody talked about this, next it will be the pledge allegiance. everybody said, don't be ridiculous you can always say pledge of allegiance in public school. what do you think about it, emily? >> this country is founded on multiple religions. we're founded on freedom religion. so we don't necessarily want government institutions to be choosing favorite of one over the other. that is generally how i see what is going on here, the principle saying we need to be inclusive of all religions. i believe the pta chair said that. if we include one, include al of them. inclusive of all different kinds
7:47 am
of holidays. >> are you making christmas religious now? are you making christmas religious now? >> well i do consider christmas to be religious holiday. i have never grown up with. >> evidently, the big complaint about christmas in this country it is too mercantile. it is too much involving presents and gifts and so forth. it apparently is a business exercise. kids like to celebrate it. they don't think of santa as jesus, do you? >> sure. that can certainly be a complaint but i don't want any piece of it in a government institution. i don't want the government to be choosing one religion over the other. martha: i want to tell people at home a little more what is going on at the school. i think many people will find it a bit troubling. this principal, kim is her last name, she took down the, she removed the historic murals that had been hanging around the walls of this school. she bought seven, 8-inch sharp
7:48 am
flat screen smart tvs at $3,000 a piece. she parented over historic murals as i said. mounted tvs in auditorium. they're not even being used at this point. she took a whole boxes of brand new books that had been bought, dumped them into the basement of the school. i want to get your thoughts larger issue what is going on. what about the fact that teachers never were told we had option of pledge of allegiance. our understanding we're not allowed to do pledge of allegiance in a public school. >> you know, i think that tvs haven't been used yet because she hasn't got her propaganda film yet. as soon as she does, she will be showing them to the kids. dumping out books she doesn't like. this is 33-year-old woman. if i just might note, well, why are the tvs up there? she didn't like the murals. so she painted them over, put up tvs. of course she will show propaganda films. she doesn't have them yet.
7:49 am
as soon as she does she will be jamming them down the kids's throats. martha: emily, weigh in on the pledge of allegiance for me. is that okay? are you okay with a school not allowing people to say pledge of allegiance having moment we all grew up with in school when you stand up, put your hand over your heart to pledge to the flag of this country, what could possibly be wrong with that? >> i don't know specifics what is happening with this school. did go to school, didn't start with pledge of allegiance i feel to my core patriotic american. i don't feel that is what -- martha: what is wrong with it is my question? what could possibly be wrong with standing up at beginning of school saying the pledge of allegiance? >> look i'm guessing, piece that under god they're having problems given context what we're talking about. that may not be something that a lot of the parent are comfortable with their children being raised in. i do think it is up to locality to decide. that may not be where the community is.
7:50 am
martha: john? >> i think this is an example of a petty tyrant, somebody in a small business with authority who can just start doing what she wants to do. not what the kids want to do, not what the parents want to do. not even what the administration wants to do. to throw the pledge of allegiance out is say we don't pledge our allegiance to this country. >> i don't think it says that. i think that is a little bit far. >> i do. i do. >> it is up to the community to decide. we can't deny the fact that millenials now parents ever young children actually overwhelmingly do not identify with organized religion. a lot of communities may be deciding it is really not for them. martha: we have to leave it there. emily, john, good to see you both. thanks for weighing in. we'll hear a lot more. bill: after an attack on a teacher. attacker shouting support for isis. we'll keep eye on developing story. back in a moment right after this.
7:51 am
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>> coming up on "happening now." new polling confirms ted cruz's surge is happening. analysis on the front runner in iowa and whether he can take it further. plus president obama making a push on national security today with an address from the pentagon. we'll have that live for you. are you developing an i-hunch? mobile phone obsession causing big posture problems, perhaps for your psychology. we'll tell but that "happening now." ♪ bill: going around, jenna. this is considered to be the busiest day of the year. 612 million packages, letters and cardses go out today alone. get your arms around that one. alicia acuna is live in colorado. how goes it, alicia? >> hi, bill. this is the biggest day for the
7:55 am
biggest year for the u.s. postal service. we have tips to make sure your stuff gets there the way it should and on time. first, pretty as this is, and as much as you would like to wrap your gifts, pose office says do not do this. it will get messed up. may not even get there. go for practical instead of pretty. something like this, the u.s. postal service will give you the box for free. now let's get to some christmas mailing deadlines to get your stuff there on time. first if sending by standard post, tomorrow is the cutoff. first class cards and letters, december 19th is the deadline to get it there on time. priority mail packages you can send as late as 21st. the u.s. postal service says it will get there by christmas day. >> for the procrastinator, if you're one of those people, december 23rd, you get to send priority mail express we'll get it there by christmas day. >> no way. >> way. reporter: and if you don't want to leave your home or office, go to you can pay for the posage,
7:56 am
print it, and carrier will pick it up for you. bill: love it. online sales bumped up business, right, alicia in we see it every year? reporter: big time. double digits for entire year. 10 1/2% for the u.s. postalsalone. so much so they have to up great machinery. they have the new machine that will process up to 6,000 parcells an hour. usps is process of buying new bigger vehicles to accommodate packages from online sales. this season, mail carriers are busier than ever. 612 million pieces of mail will be sent. 10 tire season, 15 in billion cards and letters, expected to be a record, bill. better get mailing. bill: no way. way. martha: way. bill: thanks alicia. martha: we're talking about this a lot today. senator ted cruz seems to do something right. polls show he is lead one in iowa right now.
7:57 am
can he go the distance? isil
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> bill: we have been watching the story from paris and the prosecutor is now saying it might the have been invented by the teacher. >> martha: have a good day, everybody. good luck with your shopping. see you tomorrow. >> jenna: president obama chairing a national security meeting at the pentagon on our strategy to beat isis and big news coming up potentially. i am jenna lee. >> and i am eric in for jon scott this morning. we are here to report what the soldiers are doing at home and broad to fight terrorist. national security is rocketing to the top of the list that concerns americans. rich is live with more from the


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